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[00:18.75]Anything? 有信号吗?

[00:20.38]You keep asking if there's anything. 你一直问有没有信号

[00:22.52]Pardon me for appearing desperate, 很抱歉我显得这么焦急

[00:24.69]but before the pilot was ripped from the cockpit, 但在驾驶员被害之前,

[00:27.49]he did say that no one's gonna find us unless we get that transceiver working. 他说没人会找到我们的 除非那无线电接收器好用了

[00:32.79]So... is there anything? 所以, 有信号吗?

[00:35.70]- No. - Okay. - 没有 - 好吧

[00:39.67]What were you doing in the bathroom? 你当时在厕所干什么?

[00:43.30]Thought you could tell. I was getting sick. 我以为你知道呢 我病了

[00:46.57]Puking. My one tangible contribution to the trek. 呕吐 这是我这次行动唯一的贡献

[00:51.58]No, I'm glad you came, Charlie. 不,你来了我很高兴

[00:55.92]- Every trek needs a coward. - You're not a coward. - 每次行动都需要有胆小鬼的 - 你不是胆小鬼

[01:16.74]- Are you all right, sir? - I'm good, thanks. - 你没事吧,先生? - 我很好

[01:20.81]- Can I get you a water or...? - I'm fine. Thank you. - 要杯水吗 - 我没事,谢谢

[01:27.38]Please? 真的

[01:31.62]All right. 好吧

[01:59.15]- Excuse me. - Guess he really had to go. 抱歉

[02:02.25]Sir? Excuse me! 先生,抱歉

[02:05.35]Sir, excuse me. 先生,抱歉

[02:17.13]Excuse me. 先生!

[02:31.08]Ladies and gentleman, the captain has turned on the "fasten seatbelts" sign. 女士们先生们...


[02:35.12]Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. 请回到你的座位并扣好安全带

[02:52.43]Sir? Are you all right? 先生,你没事吗?

[02:55.60]Just a minute. 等一会!

[03:04.21]Just a minute. 等一会!

[03:05.85]I'm gonna have to ask that you open the door. 我能请你把门打开吗?

[03:19.13]Open the door now, sir. 请打开门,先生!

[03:23.16]Sir? 先生

[04:17.85]Hey. We're going through some clothes. Sorting them. 嘿,我在整理一些衣服

[04:21.66]I see you found your bag. 看能否找到你的箱子

[04:25.09]- Come on, you wanna give us a hand? - Not really. - 来,想来帮忙吗? - 不太想

[04:29.00]You're wasting your time. They're coming. 你们在浪费时间,他们会来的

[04:34.70]Is that your boyfriend? 那是你男朋友吗?

[04:42.18]My brother. Boone. 是我哥哥,Boone

[04:45.45]God's friggin' gift to humanity. 上帝给人类最可怕的礼物

[04:56.52]I used to have a stomach. 我原来小腹很好看的

[05:05.73]- Do you know what it is? - Not yet. - 知道是男是女吗? - 不知道

[05:14.24]I haven't felt the baby move since yesterday. 从昨天起,我就没感到他在动了

[05:45.61]Excuse me. 哦,抱歉!

[05:51.98]Hey, uh, have you, uh...? Have you seen my boy? 嘿,你看到我儿子了吗?

[06:21.58]Sorry. 抱歉

[06:25.25]Walt! Walt! Walt! Walt!

[06:37.06]Vincent! Vincent!

[06:42.33]Vincent! Vincent!

[06:57.71]Come here, boy. 快过来

[07:27.11]Hey! 嘿!

[07:29.88]What did I tell you after what's happened? 我告诉过你什么? 你搞清楚情况没有!

[07:32.21]- I thought Vincent would be around. - Stay on the beach. 我以为Vincent会在这


[07:35.32]I thought this would be okay. 这离海滩不远,我以为没事的

[07:37.35]Don't do that. You listen to me, I mean what I say. You understand? 不要那样做


[07:43.49]- What is this? - I just found 'em. - 这是什么? - 我刚找到的

[07:57.31]Come here. 过来

[08:04.68]- Hey, guys, come on. 嘿,我说,嘿!


[08:14.06]Hey! Break it up!

[08:16.72]- Break it up! Get off! - Hey, come on, break it... 嘿,别打了!

[08:16.70]别打了! 好了!

[08:19.33]- You son of a bitch. - That's it. It's over. 别打了! 够了! 够了!

[08:21.90]- Come on. - That's it!

[08:24.43]- I'm sick of this redneck! - Want some more? - 我受够这个乡下人了! - 你还想继续挨打吗?

[08:26.90]Tell everyone what you told me! Tell them I made the plane crash. 告诉大家你告诉我什么了!


[08:30.67]- The shoe fits! - What is going on? 发生什么了?

[08:34.84]- What's going on? - My kid found these in the jungle. 发生什么事了?


[08:38.38]This guy was in the back row of business class the whole flight. 这个人坐在商务舱的最后一排

[08:41.82]Never got up. Hands folded underneath the blanket. 手藏在毯子下面,从没起身过

[08:44.62]And for some reason, just pointing this out, 由于某些原因 -- 我把它说了出来 --

[08:48.12]- The guy next to him didn't make it. - Thank you for observing. 坐在他旁边的人没有幸存

[08:51.39]Don't think I saw them pull you out of line before we boarded? 多谢你注意了我的一举一动

[08:51.41]你以为我没看见在我们登机前, 他们把你从警车里送上去的吗?

[08:54.60]- Come on! Bring it! - Stop! 来吧,交待了吧


[09:01.54]We found the transceiver, but it's not working. 我们找到了无线电收发器,但它坏了

[09:05.41]Can anybody help? 有人能帮忙吗?

[09:10.98]Yes, I might be able to. 有

[09:13.95]Oh, great! Perfect. Let's trust this guy. 我也许可以

[09:14.30]噢,很好! 好极了!

[09:16.82]Hey, we're all in this together. 让我们相信这个人吧

[09:18.72]- Treat each other with respect... - Shut up, lardo. 嘿,我们现在是同一阵线的


[09:21.59]Hey! 闭嘴,Lardo


[09:24.23]Give it a break. 歇一会吧

[09:27.83]Whatever you say, doc, you're the hero. 听你的,医生


[09:36.34]You guys found the cockpit? 你们找到驾驶舱了?

[09:42.21]Any survivors? 有幸存者吗?

[09:47.38]No. 没有

[09:49.35]Dual-band. Military spec. 这是两波段军用接收器

[09:51.25]Chances are the battery is good, but the radio is dead. 电池足够


[09:55.22]- Can you fix it? - I need some time. 你能修好吗?


[10:00.26]Doctor, that man with the shrapnel, I think you should take a look at him. 医生,那个中了弹片的人 --


[10:15.21]Chain-smoking jackass. 什么都不懂的笨蛋

[10:18.68]- Some people have problems. - Some people have problems. Us. Him. 有些人有问题

[10:20.66]没错,有问题的人是我们 --


[10:28.22]You're okay. I like you. 你不错


[10:33.33]You're okay too. 你也不错

[10:38.27]Hurley. Oh, just... Hurley

[10:43.34]Sayid. Sayid

[10:49.71]- How do you know how to do that? - I was a communications officer. 你怎么学会这些的?


[10:53.68]- Oh, yeah? You ever see battle? - I fought in the Gulf War. 是吗?


[10:57.59]No way. I got a buddy who fought over there. 我参加过海湾战争

[10:57.70]真的? 我有个朋友也参加过

[11:00.62]He was in the 104th Airborne. What were you, Air Force? Army? 他在104空降部队

[11:03.08]你是哪个军种 -- 空军,陆军?

[11:05.69]The Republican Guard. 共和国卫士

[12:28.44]Is it working? 能用了吗?

[12:29.61]It seems to be, except we're not picking up a signal. 好像是...


[12:32.51]Why? Aren't we trying to send one? 我们为什么要接收信号?

[12:34.32]Yes, but what you want to see here is little bars. 我们不是要发射信号吗?


[12:36.98]The bars show it's getting reception. 有横条就表示这东西在接收信号

[12:39.15]- We need the bars? - We could broadcast blind, 我们想见到横条


[12:42.19]hope that someone, maybe a ship somewhere picks up our distress call. 希望有人--也许哪条船--能够收到我们的求救

[12:45.99]But that would be a waste of the battery, which might not last for long. 但那会浪费电池


[12:51.23]- There is one thing we could try. - What? 还有一点我们可以尝试

[12:54.10]- Get the signal from high ground. - How high? 什么?



[13:33.61]How is he? 他怎么样了?

[13:36.21]Can you do anything? 你能做什么吗?

[13:39.11]- I can pull out the shrapnel. - But you said if you took it out... 拔出弹片

[13:41.36]但昨天你说,如果把它取出来 --

[13:43.05]That was yesterday. I was hoping he'd be at a hospital by now. 我知道,但那是昨天


[13:47.45]If I leave him like this he'll be dead within a day. 如果我就让他这样下去,他可能活不过今天

[13:50.62]If I open him up... 如果我对他手术 -- 如果我能控制住流血

[13:52.59]If I can control the bleeding, and if he doesn't go into sepsis,

[13:56.23]and if I can find some antibiotics, he might be all right. 如果伤口不会化脓



[14:06.67]I'm going on a hike. 我要去远行了

[14:11.11]- Sorry? - Sayid fixed the transceiver, 什么?

[14:13.48]- But we can't use it, not from here. - Wait. Sayid修好了无线电收发器,但我们用不了

[14:15.82]You said we had to send a signal. 在这用不了


[14:17.62]- You saw what that thing did. - Yeah, I did. 是你说我们需要发射信号的



[14:22.26]What makes you think we're any safer here than we are in the jungle? 你凭什么觉得我们在这比在丛林安全?

[14:27.93]- Wait for me. I don't know how long... - Sayid said the battery won't last. 等等我,我不清楚处理他会用多长时间


[14:36.80]All right. 好吧

[14:38.41]If you see or hear anything... Anything... 如果你见到或听到什么 --

[14:41.42]不管什么 --

[14:46.45]Run. 尽管跑

[15:42.07]- What's up? 什么事?

[15:48.88]- What, that? 什么?

[15:55.65]What, eat that? 什么 -- 吃这个?

[16:01.46]Dude, dude, I'm starving. 老兄


[16:05.93]But I am nowhere near that hungry. 但我还不至于那么饿

[16:09.80]No. No. No, thank you. 不,不用了,谢谢

[16:14.00]No way. No. 不用了

[16:33.85]The comic's in Spanish. You... 这漫画是西班牙语的

[16:36.39]...read Spanish? - No. I found it. 你懂西班牙语?



[16:52.04]Tell you what, we get home... 告诉你,当我们回到了家

[16:55.84]...l'll get you another dog. 我再给你买只狗

[17:19.53]Hey! 嘿!

[17:21.50]- I need your help. - Okay. 我要你帮忙

[17:23.80]Help me go through the luggage. I need any prescription medications you find, 好




[17:28.04]especially drugs that end in "mycin" and "cillin." Those are antibiotics. 和青霉素类的,他们都是抗生素

[17:33.25]What's this for? 为了做什么?

[18:01.91]What are you doing? 你在干什么?

[18:07.05]I think I was mean to him. 我想我对他态度太差了

[18:09.52]What? 什么?

[18:11.29]He's that guy from the gate. 他是通道口我们遇到的那个人

[18:14.92]He wouldn't let us have our seats in first class. He saved our lives. 他不让我们坐在头等舱


[18:26.27]Shannon, we're trying to clear the wreckage. You should help out. Shannon,我们在清理飞机残骸


[18:30.84]You're just being worthless over here. 你呆在这显得很没用

[18:33.27]- Being what? - What do you want me to say? 我怎么了?

[18:35.48]- You're sitting staring at bodies. - I've just been through a trauma. 你想让我说什么?



[18:39.68]We all have. The difference is you've given yourself a pedicure. 我们都受过伤


[18:43.48]You know what? 你一直在接受所谓的治疗

[18:44.55]- It is easy to make fun of me... - I wish I didn't waste my time. 取笑我太容易了,并且你很在行

[18:47.86]I wish I didn't have a reason! It is easy. 我不想浪费我的时间了

[18:50.06]Screw you. You do not have the slightest idea what I am thinking. 我倒希望我找不到理由 是很容易,Shannon

[18:50.50]够了! 你跟本不知道我在想什么


[18:54.66]- No, you don't! - Okay, Shannon, what are you thinking? 不,你不知道!

[18:55.76]好吧,Shannon 你在想什么?

[19:08.48]I'm going with them. On the hike. 我要和他们一起去

[19:11.58]- Oh, yeah? - Yup. I'm going. - 是吗? - 没错

[19:13.71]- No you're not, Shannon. Shannon! - I'd like to come with you. 不,你不能去,Shannon



[19:19.05]- She's not going. - The hell I'm not! 她不去

[19:21.05]- This is what she does. - You don't know! - 她不想去 - 什么叫我不想!


[19:23.19]Makes bad decisions to upset her family, me. 这个家人就是我

[19:25.66]Shut up and stop trying to be charming. I'm coming with you. 闭嘴,不要再胡说了


[19:30.20]- I don't know if that's a good idea. - What are you, two years older than me? 我不知道这是不是个好主意


[19:35.20]- You're going, aren't you? - Yeah. Are you? - 你也去吧? - 是的,你呢?

[19:38.31]- Yup. - Yeah, I'm definitely going. - 我去 - 好的,我也一定去

[19:41.07]Look, everybody can come. But we're leaving now. 大家都可以去,但我们要走了

[19:44.78]You couldn't tell from that, but she's really nice. 你不能凭那个来判断,她其实人很好的

[20:30.96]You decided to join us. 你决定加入我们?

[20:33.83]I'm a complex guy, sweetheart. 我是个很深奥的人,甜心

[21:42.43]What are you looking for? 你在找什么?

[21:45.33]Some sort of blade. 刀片

[21:48.54]How's your son? 你孩子怎么样了?

[21:50.67]Walt? Walt? 他会没事的

[21:52.67]Yeah, I think he'll be all right.

[21:55.98]- How old is he? - Nine. Ten. 他多大了?



[22:04.79]Walt's more worried about his dog than anything. Walt现在非常担心他的狗

[22:08.26]The dog was on the plane, so... 那狗也在飞机上,所以...

[22:10.86]- Kids, you know. - Is it a lab? 孩子吗


[22:15.70]- Yeah. - Yeah? - 是的 - 是吗?

[22:17.50]- I saw him yesterday. In the jungle. - What? Where? 我昨天在丛林中见到了


[22:21.50]Over there... 在哪?


[22:23.74]...a couple hundred yards in or so. He looked good. 几百码以外


[22:49.60]What is it, like checkers? 这和跳棋一样吗?

[22:53.43]Not really. It's a better game than checkers. 不太一样,这比跳棋好玩

[23:07.91]Do you play checkers with your pop? 你和你爸下跳棋吗?

[23:10.52]No. 不

[23:12.15]I live in Australia with my mom. 我和我妈住在澳大利亚

[23:15.59]You have no accent. 你没有那的口音

[23:17.82]Yeah, I know, we move a lot. 是的,我经常往返两地

[23:21.46]She got sick. She died a couple of weeks ago. 她病了


[23:27.67]- You're having a bad month. - I guess. - 你这个月很不顺 - 差不多

[23:41.98]Backgammon is the oldest game in the world. 双陆棋是世界上最古老的游戏

[23:45.19]Archaeologists found sets when they excavated the ruins 考古学家们在挖掘

[23:48.59]of ancient Mesopotamia. Five thousand years old. 美索不达米亚遗迹时发现过它们


[23:53.89]That's older than Jesus Christ. 比耶稣还要早

[23:57.43]Did they have dice and stuff? 他们当时有骰子吗?

[24:00.77]But theirs weren't made of plastic. Their dice were made of bones. 嗯,但不是塑料做的


[24:04.50]Cool. 真棒

[24:07.51]Two players. Two sides. 两个人游戏,分两边

[24:11.14]One is light. One is dark. 一方白子,一方黑子

[24:21.82]Walt... Walt...

[24:27.09]...do you wanna know a secret? 你想知道个秘密吗?

[24:39.47]No, thank you. No, that's fine. 不,谢了



[24:51.52]Okay. Thanks. 好吧,谢谢

[25:07.10]- Mmm.

[25:15.28]Oh, God. 天啊

[25:18.25]I just felt it! 我刚感觉到了

[25:20.31]I just... Come here, feel this! 过来,感受一下! 感受一下

[25:23.95]Feel this. Please.

[25:27.89]Do you feel that? That, right there. 感觉到了吗?

[25:30.76]That's a kick! 他踢了一下!

[25:34.23]There, right there's a foot! 那是他的脚

[25:36.36]Oh, my God, wait, he's moving around. 等等,他在移动

[25:40.17]He. He. 他,他

[25:43.14]I guess I think you're a he. 我猜你是个男孩

[25:55.72]Okay. Wide open space. Check the radio, see if we're good. 好,开阔地


[25:59.99]- We're not gonna have reception. - Just try it. 在这不会收到信号的

[26:02.79]- I don't want to waste batteries. - I'm not asking to keep it on. 试试吗



[26:06.39]- We're blocked by the mountain. - Check the damn radio! 我们仍被山阻挡着

[26:09.50]We might not have any juice left when we get to... 就试一下不行吗!

[26:09.86]如果我试了... 到时候我们也许就不能 --

[26:22.28]Oh, my God. 天啊

[26:23.94]- What the hell's that? - Something's coming. 那是什么?


[26:30.45]Coming towards us. 朝我们来了

[26:32.75]- Come on, let's move. - I shouldn't have come on this hike! 快,快走


[26:39.66]- Go, go! - Sawyer! - Sawyer! - 由他去!

[26:41.63]- Let him go!

[27:11.09]That's... 那是 --

[27:14.09]That's a big bear. 是只大熊

[27:16.56]You think that's what killed the pilot? 你认为是它杀了那个飞行员吗?

[27:19.57]No. No, that's a tiny, teeny version compared to that. 不


[27:24.90]- Guys, this isn't just a bear.


[27:33.01]It's a polar bear. 这是北极熊

[27:40.42]You sure he's out? 你确定他昏过去了?

[27:43.02]He's out. 他是昏了

[27:45.99]How do you know he won't wake up when you yank that thing out? 你敢保证当你拔出那东西的时候他不会醒?

[27:49.30]I don't. 不敢保证

[27:55.17]Hey, guy, you awake? 嘿,你醒着吗?

[27:58.17]Yo! There's a rescue plane! We're saved! Yay! 呦,那是救援飞机! 我们得救了!

[28:03.08]Yeah, he's out. 是的,他昏过去了

[28:07.58]So, what do you want me...? - 那么,你想要我 -- - 他恢复知觉的可能性很小

[28:09.88]It's unlikely he'll regain consciousness,

[28:12.25]but the pain might bring him around. If it does, hold him down. 但疼痛也许能使他惊醒, 如果他醒了,我要你把住他

[28:20.29]Uh... I'm not so good around blood, man.


[28:25.30]Then don't look. 那就不要看

[28:26.90]Yeah. But... 好的,但是...

[28:29.50]I'm not so good around blood. 见到血我感觉真的不好

[28:31.94]Just do the best you can, okay? 那就尽力而为吧,好吗?

[28:41.38]- Don't look. - Okay. 不要看


[28:59.27]Dude. 老兄...

[29:02.64]- Hand me those strips. - Dude. 把那些布条给我

[29:04.60]- I need to get this bleeding stopped. - I don't think I can. 老兄 --

[29:04.26]把那些布条递给我 我要为他止血


[29:08.14]- What? What's going on? - Just hand me the strips. - 噢 - 什么? 怎么了?

[29:10.91]Give it to me. Don't even think about it. 递给我布条!


[29:13.18]Don't even think it. Hurley, hey! 嘿,不要去想它,Hurley

[29:13.39]不要想 -- Hurley,嘿!

[29:15.82]Damn it. 妈的!

[29:19.19]- That can't be a polar bear. - It's a polar bear. 这不可能是只北极熊

[29:21.79]Wait a minute. - 这是只北极熊 - 这是只北极熊

[29:23.16]- Polar bears don't live in the jungle. - Spot-on. 等等


[29:26.66]- Polar bears don't live this far south. - This one does. 说对了


[29:29.80]Did. It did. 但这只在


[29:33.20]Where did that come from? 那个从哪来的?

[29:35.03]Probably Bear Village. How the hell do I know? 也许是熊的村落,我怎么知道?

[29:37.60]Not the bear, the gun. 不是熊 -- 枪

[29:41.67]- I got it off one of the bodies. - One of the bodies? 从一个死尸的身上找到的

[29:44.54]- One of the bodies. - People don't carry guns on planes. - 死尸身上 - 是的,死尸身上


[29:47.68]They do if they're a U.S. marshal. There was one on the plane. 如果是美国警察就允许了

[29:50.98]How do you know that? 飞机上就有一个

[29:52.62]I saw a guy lying there with an ankle holster, so I took the gun, 你怎么知道的?


[29:55.99]thought it might come in handy. Guess what, I just shot a bear. 所以我就拿了他的枪

[29:56.79]thought it might come in handy. Guess what, I just shot a bear. 觉得以后可能会有用



[30:00.99]- So why do you think he's a marshal? - Because he had a clip-on badge! 你为什么说他是警察

[30:04.66]- I took that too. Thought it was cool. - I know who you are. 因为他有徽章



[30:08.94]- You're the prisoner. - I'm the what? 你是个罪犯

[30:11.04]You found a gun on a U.S. marshal? 我是什么?


[30:13.04]You knew where it was because he was bringing you back to the States. 是的,我相信是你找到的

[30:14.33]可你知道他把枪放在哪, 因为你是他要带回美国的罪犯

[30:17.31]The handcuffs were on you. That's how you knew. 那手铐是带在你手上的

[30:19.81]- Piss off! - That's who you are. 所以你才知道枪在哪的

[30:20.00]- 滚 - 这才是你的真面目,狗娘养的

[30:21.58]Be as suspicious of me as I am of you. 像我怀疑你一样怀疑我吧

[30:23.88]- You are the prisoner. - Fine, I'm the criminal. 你才是罪犯

[30:26.39]You're the terrorist. We'll all play a part! 好吧,我是罪犯


[30:28.72]Who do you wanna be? 我们每人都可以扮演角色


[30:34.43]- Does anybody know how to use a gun? - I think you just pull the trigger. 有人知道怎么用枪吗?


[30:38.53]- Don't use the gun. - I want to take it apart. 不要开枪


[30:43.40]There's a button on the grip. Push that, it will eject the magazine. 枪柄上有个按钮


[30:47.97]There's still a round in the chamber. 枪膛里还有一颗

[30:50.88]Hold the grip, pull the top part of the gun. 握住强柄,拉一下枪膛

[31:07.79]- I know your type. - I'm not so sure. 我知道你喜欢的类型

[31:11.87]Yeah, I've been with girls like you. 我不知道


[31:16.80]Not girls exactly like me. 没有真正和我一样的女孩

[31:39.46]Can I get you a refill? 需要加水吗?

[31:42.53]- I'm fine with this, thank you. 不了,可以了,谢谢

[31:44.93]You, sir, can I get you anything? Cocktail, soda? 先生,需要点什么吗?

[31:47.34]鸡尾酒? 苏打水?

[31:49.14]Just coffee, sweetheart. Black. 咖啡就行了,不加糖

[31:51.40]Coffee, sure. 咖啡,好的

[31:56.81]You look worried. 你看起来闷闷不乐

[31:59.25]I'd be worried too, I was you. 如果我是你的话,我也会的

[32:01.71]But you gotta stay positive, kiddo. 但你应该保持乐观

[32:04.08]There's always that off-chance that they'll believe your story. 让他们相信你也不是不可能的

[32:07.95]I know I sure do. 我就会相信

[32:11.06]- I don't care what you believe. - Oh, I know that's true. 我不在意你是否相信


[32:14.66]That has always been true. 这的确是事实

[32:19.17]You sure you don't want some more juice? 你确定你不想再加果汁了吗

[32:26.77]Yeah, I'm sure. 是的,我确定

[32:49.33]Ladies and gentleman, 女士们先生们...

[32:50.96]the captain has switched on the "fasten seatbelts" sign. 驾驶员刚刚开启了"扣好安全带"指示灯

[32:53.87]Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. 请回到你的座位并扣好安全带

[33:02.21]I have one favor to ask. 我想要你帮我做件事

[33:04.18]Really? This oughta be good. 真的?

[33:06.25]这很好,什么 --

[34:29.00]We should keep moving. 我们应该继续前进

[34:43.71]No. 不

[34:52.79]Where is she? 她在哪?

[34:57.26]Who? 谁?

[35:15.14]Oh, now's a good time to check the radio. Not before, but now. 现在是试试无线电的时候了


[35:19.38]- We're up higher. - Yes, we are. - 我们比先前地势高了 - 是的,没错


[35:31.52]Hey, we've got a bar! 嘿! 横条出现了!

[35:37.63]- Mayday, Mayday! 求救! 求救!

[35:41.13]- What is that? - Feedback. 那是什么?

[35:43.07]- From what? What would do that? - I don't know. 反馈

[35:43.03]什么的反馈? 是什么?

[35:45.61]I'll tell you what. This guy not fixing the radio. The thing doesn't even work. 我不知道

[35:44.95]我告诉你是什么吧 --



[35:50.68]No. No, no, no, no, it's not broken. 不,不,它没坏


[35:56.42]We can't transmit because something else is already transmitting.

[36:00.15]- From where? - What? - 从哪发射的? - 什么?

[36:01.92]Close, the signal's strong. 离这很近,信号很强

[36:04.16]Somewhere close? On the island? That's great! 很近的地方

[36:05.18]你是说在这岛上! 太好了!

[36:06.93]- Maybe it's other survivors. - From our plane? How...? 也许是其他幸存者

[36:08.30]- 我们飞机的? 他们怎么可能 --- - 这是什么信号呢?

[36:09.83]- What kind of transmission? - Satphone, radio signal. 可能是手机,可能是无线电信号

[36:12.87]- Can we listen? - Let me get the frequency. Hold on. 我们能听听吗?


[36:15.64]- There's no transmission. - Shut up! - 这没有信号的 - 闭嘴

[36:17.70]- The rescue party, it has to be. 是救援队,一定是

[36:22.34]French. The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French. 是法语!法国人来了


[36:26.91]I never took French. What is she saying? 我没学过法语,她说什么?

[36:29.12]- Does anyone speak French? - She does. 有人会说法语吗?

[36:31.68]No, I don't. What? 她会


[36:33.29]What? You spent a year in Paris! 你在说什么? 你在法国呆过一年!

[36:35.42]Drinking! Not studying! 喝酒去了,不是学习

[36:36.96]Iteration 7-2-9-4-5-3-1. 1-7-2-9-4-5-3-1...

[36:41.86]- Okay, what's that? - Oh, no, no, no. 那是什么?

[36:44.46]- What? - Batteries are dying. 噢,不,不,不,不,不,不

[36:46.63]- How much time do we have? - Not much. - 不,不,不什么? - 电池没了!

[36:47.18]- 还能用多长时间 - 不长了

[36:48.87]- I've heard you speak French. Listen. - I can't! 我听过你说法语,你听听

[36:51.97]Do you speak French, because that would be nice. - 听听! - 我不能!

[36:51.97]你会不会法语? 如果会就对我们很有帮助的

[36:54.61]- Iteration 1-7-2... - That voice is weird. What is that? - 重复1-7-2-9-4-5-3-2. - 这声音 -- 真奇怪


[36:59.65]Come on, come on. 快,快

[37:01.75]- It's... It's repeating.


[37:06.92]- She's right. - What? 说的对

[37:09.09]It's a loop. "lteration." It's repeating the same message. - 什么? - 是个循环

[37:10.62]重复- 它在反覆说着同样的话

[37:12.99]- It's a counter. - Iteration... 在计数

[37:15.96]- The next number will end 5-3-3. - ... 9-4-5-3-3. 下一次的结尾会是... 5-3-3.


[37:21.40]Does anyone know what he's talking about? 有人知道他在说什么吗?

[37:23.74]It's a running count of the number of times the message has repeated. 它在运行一个计数器,计算信息重复的次数

[37:27.97]It's roughly 30 seconds long, so... How long...? 大概有30秒钟,所以...


[37:32.81]- Don't forget to carry the one. - ... 5-3-4. 不要忘了那个

[37:37.32]- She's saying..."Please." 她在说...


[37:41.55]She's saying, "Please, help me. Please, come get me." 她说,"请救救我


[37:46.36]Or she's not! You don't even speak French! 她不是这么说的! 你跟本就不懂法语!

[37:48.59]- Let her! - Shut up! - 让她听! - 闭嘴!

[37:50.63]Guys, the battery. The battery. 电池,电池

[37:52.97]... 7-2-9-4-5-3-5.

[37:57.60]- I'm alone now.


[38:01.77]I'm... on the island alone. "在岛上独自一人

[38:05.54]- Please, someone come.


[38:11.75]The others, they're... They're dead. "其他人都 -- 他们都...


[38:18.32]It killed them. "它杀了他们

[38:22.30]It killed them all." 它把他们都杀了"

[38:35.04]- That was good. - Sixteen years. 那很好

[38:36.91]- 16年 - 什么?


[38:40.78]Sixteen years... and five months. That's the count. 16年...


[38:45.65]- What the hell are you talking about? - The iterations. 你在说什么?


[38:49.32]It's a distress call. 这是个求救信号

[38:52.02]A plea for help. A Mayday. 求救的信号,遇难信号

[38:55.43]If the counter's right... 如果计数没错的话

[38:58.50]...it's been playing over and over... 它已经反覆放了16年了

[39:01.83]...for 16 years.

[39:04.67]Someone else was stranded here? 有其他人...也被困在这了?

[39:12.24]Maybe they came for them. 也许有人来救他们了

[39:13.88]If someone came, why is it still playing? 如果有人来过,它为什么还在发送

[39:23.69]Guys... 朋友们...

[39:26.56]...where are we? 我们到底在哪?

[39:37.83]“Lost 第一季 第二集” -=结束=-

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