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[00:36.46]Help me!

[00:56.72]Walt, you gotta keep that dog quiet. 嗨, Walt, 让那只狗安静点.

[00:59.49]I don't know what's wrong with him. Come on, Vincent. Cut that out! 我不知道它怎么了.

[01:01.09]Vincent, 别叫了!


[01:06.63]Hey. Sorry. Sorry. 对不起,对不起.

[01:28.25]What's he barking at?

[01:35.49]- What is it? - Somebody's in there. 那是什么?

[01:38.36]- Everyone in there's dead. - Sawyer. 有人在那儿.


[01:41.26]Right behind you, jackass. Sawyer.

[01:41.37]就在你身后, 笨蛋.

[01:49.14]Jack. Jack --

[02:35.52]I'm gonna shed some light on this thing. 我来照亮这个东西.

[02:38.69]- Run! Get out of here! 快跑!

[02:43.69]Oh, crud. Now what? 天哪. 怎么了?

[02:59.77]Come on. 来吧!

[03:07.08]- They've gone. 它们走了.

[03:10.65]What the bloody hell was that? 这到底是什么?

[03:14.12]Boars. 野猪.

[03:23.41]片名:LOST - 迷失

[03:28.41]第一季 第四集

[03:34.78]- Those boars were looking to feed. 这些野猪在寻找食物.

[03:37.75]We have to get rid of the bodies. 我们必须处理掉那些尸体.

[03:39.78]Bury them? There's a whole bunch in there. 埋了他们. 那里有好多尸体.

[03:42.12]More than 20. Digging will be difficult without shovels. 超过20个.


[03:45.49]Not bury. We need to burn them. 不是埋.


[03:50.56]- They're people. - I know they're people, Kate. 他们是人.

[03:52.09]我知道他们是人, Kate.

[03:53.93]Burning the remains. They deserve better than that. 焚烧掉剩余的尸体.

[03:57.03]Better than what? Being eaten by wild animals? That's what's gonna happen. 他们不应该遭此待遇.



[04:01.57]Any bodies we bury are not gonna stay buried for long. 任何我们埋葬的尸体都会被野兽找到.

[04:04.61]Look, I know this seems harsh, but that fuselage in the sun... 看, 我知道这很残酷,但那个飞机残骸 --

[04:09.41]It's not about what they deserve. 这不是他们该受什么待遇的问题.

[04:12.28]They're gone, and... we're not. 他们死了,而我们没有.

[04:16.42]What you say may be true, 你说的也许是对的,

[04:18.82]but for us to decide how these people are laid to rest, it's not right. 但应该由我们来决定这些人死后的栖息之地么?

[04:23.49]No regard for their wishes? Their religions? 不应该这样.


[04:27.00]We don't have time to sort out everybody's god. 他们的信仰?


[04:29.46]Last I heard, we were positively made of time. 真的? 不久前我还听某人说过我们有时间.

[04:32.17]I'm not happy about it. We crashed a thousand miles off course. 我也不喜欢这样.

[04:35.67]They're looking in the wrong place. It's been four days. 但是我们坠毁在航线的一千里以外.


[04:39.11]No one's come. 已经4天了.

[04:40.54]Tomorrow morning we need everyone to start gathering up wood, dried brush. 没有人来过.


[04:44.98]We'll turn that fuselage into a furnace. 干柴.


[04:49.68]Wait until the sun goes down tomorrow night before we set the fire. 明晚太阳下山后开始点火.

[04:55.89]If he's so eager to burn the bodies, why are we waiting till sundown? 如果他这么想要烧掉那些尸体的话,为什么我们要等到日落?

[05:00.70]He's hoping someone will see it. 他希望有人能看到它.

[05:19.31]Looks like I'm not the only one who didn't sleep last night. 看起来我不是唯一一个昨晚没睡觉的人

[05:22.55]There are better things to do with my time than collect firewood. 比起收集木头,我有更重要的事情要做.

[05:26.05]You don't agree with Jack. 你不同意Jack的决定吧.

[05:32.73]- What are you making? - Too soon to talk about. 你在做什么?

[05:35.90]I'm not sure if it will even work. 现在告诉你还言之过早.


[05:38.90]Trying to pick up the transmission? The one we heard on the transceiver. 你在试着寻找信号,对么?

[05:42.80]If the French woman's transmissions have been playing on a loop for 16 years, 我们在无线收发机听到过.


[05:46.74]there must be a power source on the island. 那么这个岛上一定有个电源.

[05:48.94]A significant one. 而且还很大.

[05:50.51]- And you can find it? - Hypothetically, yes. 你能找到它么?


[05:55.08]I'm making an antenna of sorts. 我在做寻找信号的天线.

[05:57.39]With a few of these mounted at different points on the island, 这些天线指向这个岛的不同位置,

[06:00.62]I may be able to triangulate the signal, 我也许可以用无线收发机测量出讯号的位置,

[06:03.79]- Find out where it's coming from. - So, what can I do to help? 从而找到他们的来源.


[06:09.73]It appears you're as anxious to get off this island as I am. 看起来你和我一样急于离开这个岛.

[06:16.64]Catch the ball. Catch the ball, Vincent. Good boy. 抓住这个球.

[06:17.35]抓住球, Vincent.


[06:20.61]Good job, Vincent. 做的好, Vincent.

[06:30.02]Hey, hey, where you going, man? 嗨,你去哪儿?

[06:32.45]Nowhere. I just thought I'd see what Mr. Locke was doing. 没去哪儿.


[06:39.06]Hey, why don't you help your dad with the wood? 你为什么不来帮你爸爸收集木头?

[06:41.66]I'm sure Mr. Locke doesn't want a kid hanging around him all day. 我想Locke先生不喜欢有个孩子老缠着他.

[06:45.23]At least he talks to me. 至少他跟我说话.

[06:47.70]Come on, Vincent. 来吧, Vincent.

[06:49.70]- What's your problem? Hand 'em over! - How about no? 你有什么毛病?

[06:52.54]There's other people here. - 把它给我! - 不给又怎样?

[06:52.81]这里还有其他人, 你不给?

[06:54.58]If one of us wouldn't eat more than his fair share! 好吧,你问问我们谁吃的比较多!

[06:57.15]- That's bull! - Knock it off. - 你胡说, 你知道的! - 别打了.

[06:58.75]You're not happy unless you're screwing... 你不吃光是不会开心的...

[07:01.08]- I'm peachy. - Knock it off! 你这个猪!

[07:02.62]- Stay out of this, metro! - Hey! - 别打了! - 你别管!


[07:07.16]- What's going on? - Jethro's hoarding the peanuts. 怎么了?


[07:09.99]My own stash. I found it in there. 那是我的. 我在那里找到的.

[07:14.60]- What about the rest of the food? - There is no rest of the food, dude. 那剩下的食物呢?


[07:18.33]- We kinda... ate it all. - What? 我们已经... 全吃光了.

[07:21.70]Nothing's left? What are you talking about? 什么?

[07:26.64]- Okay, everybody, just calm down. - We can find food. 大家镇静下来.

[07:31.31]There are plenty of things we can use for sustenance. 我们可以找到食物.


[07:34.22]And exactly how are we gonna find this sustenance? 那么我们怎样可以找到食物?

[07:41.49]We hunt. 打猎.

[07:46.06]How'd you get that knife on the plane? 你怎么从飞机上拿到那把刀的?

[07:48.13]Checked it. 找了一下.

[07:49.86]You either have very good aim, 你不是瞄得很准,就是...

[07:52.57]or very bad aim, Mr... 瞄的很差, ...

[07:55.24]Locke. His name is Locke. Locke.


[07:58.37]Mr. Locke, what is it that we're hunting? Locke先生, 你说打猎是什么意思?

[08:02.11]We know there are wild boar on the island. 我们知道这个岛上有野猪.

[08:04.78]Razorbacks, by the look of them. 它们有狭长的背脊.

[08:07.05]The ones that came into the camp were piglets. 昨天晚上到我们露营地的是小猪.

[08:09.45]A hundred, 150 pounds each. 每只100, 150磅.

[08:12.45]Which means that there's a mother nearby. 说明这附近有一只母猪.

[08:15.06]A 250-pound rat 一只有弯刀般的尖牙,250磅的母猪.

[08:17.26]with scimitar-like tusks and a surly disposition

[08:20.60]who'd love nothing more than to eviscerate anything near. 有什么比到眼前的猎物更好的.

[08:23.76]A boar's mode of attack is to circle and charge from behind, 野猪通常的攻击模式是在周围游走并寻找机会从背后攻击,

[08:26.97]so it will take three to distract her long enough for me to flank a piglet, 所以我估计需要至少3个人引开她

[08:30.97]pin it and slit its throat. 而我则去捕杀小猪.

[08:34.11]And you gave him his knife back? 而你把刀给还他?

[08:36.38]Well, if you've got a better idea... 那么,你有更好的主意么?

[08:38.51]Better than three of you wandering into the forest 比起你们3个在魔法森林里游荡

[08:41.28]to bag a hunk o' ham with nothing but a little bitty hunting knife? 用一把小刀去装一袋子火腿回来?

[08:44.99]Hell, no. It's the best idea I ever heard. 没有了. 这是我听过的最好的主意了.

[09:06.61]- Who is this guy? 这个人是谁?

[09:10.21]- Yes? - Colonel, is this line secure? 你好?

[09:11.44]Locke上校, 这个电话安全么?

[09:16.72]- Line secure. GL-12, go ahead. - Target area is acquired. 安全. GL 12, 请讲.

[09:20.09]Maneuvers are a go for 1300 hours. Repeat: We are a go. 目标地区已获得.

[09:20.57]机动部队13:00出发. 重复, 我们几经出发.

[09:24.66]Roger that. We'll convene at the usual rendezvous point at 1300 hours. 收到. 我们13:00在老地方集合.

[09:28.53]Locke! I told you I need those TPS reports done by noon today. Locke! 我告诉过你我在今天中午前需要这些TPS报告.

[09:33.10]- Not 12:30, not 12:15. Noon. - I heard you the first time, Randy. 不是12:30, 不是12:15.是中午.

[09:37.44]And no personal calls during office hours, colonel. 我第一次听到你讲, Randy.

[09:37.55]上班时不许打私人电话, 上校.

[09:59.56]So... 那么...

[10:01.73]...hunting boar now, huh? 现在去捕猎野猪?

[10:03.53]Who says this is my first time boar hunting? 谁说这是我第一次去捕猎野猪?


[10:08.40]Tell me, how come anytime there's a hike into the heart of darkness, you sign up? 告诉我.


[10:13.37]You know what's in there. 你知道那里有什么么.

[10:15.68]Actually, I don't. 事实上,我不知道...

[10:18.51]And neither do you. 而你也不知道.

[10:21.38]What's your feel on our new friend? 你觉得我们的新朋友怎么样?

[10:24.05]He seems to know what he's doing. 他似乎知道自己在做什么.

[10:26.55]Call me paranoid, but anyone who packs a suitcase full of knives... 可能我多疑,但是谁会带那么一箱刀...

[10:30.22]If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're worried about me. 如果我笨一点,

[10:33.36]If I didn't know better, I'd say you have a problem staying in one place. 会以为你在担心我,Jack.


[10:34.44]我会说你不愿意在一个地方待太久, Kate.

[10:39.87]You wanna tell me why you're really going? 那么,你想告诉我为什么你要去么?

[10:48.54]Sayid gave me this so he can triangulate the distress signal we heard. Sayid给我这个.这样的话他就能测量出我们听到过的信号,

[10:53.08]- Find the source. - This isn't about boars? 并找出来源.


[10:56.92]I'm a vegetarian. 我是个素食主义者.

[11:02.02]- But why can't I come? - 'Cause I said so. 为什么我不能去?


[11:08.20]Hi. Hi. Excuse me. 哦,嗯...嗨.

[11:11.53]Um... 对不起.

[11:12.07]嗯... 嗯...


[11:16.34]Look, I am going off, 看, 我...


[11:20.24]away to, uh, hunt, 去打猎,


[11:24.71]and I was wondering if you... 我想你是不是可以 --

[11:26.98]if you could keep an eye 嗯,如果你可以

[11:30.52]on my boy, Walt. 照顾一下我的孩子.


[11:34.59]And I'm Michael. 我叫Michael.

[11:36.46]Anyway, 你能不能帮我看着他

[11:38.49]could you watch him for me

[11:41.23]until I come back? 直到我回来?


[11:50.04]Sorry, I don't understand, 对不起,我不明白,你是说没问题,对么?

[11:51.71]but you're cool with this, right?

[11:56.58]- I don't need a baby-sitter. - Come on, man. Vincent needs you here. 我不需要保姆.


[12:00.25]This will give me a chance to get to know your friend Mr. Locke. 开心点.


[12:09.76]Yeah. Whatever. 是的,随便吧.

[12:20.84]Excuse me. Doctor? 对不起.

[12:23.44]It's Jack. 医生?


[12:26.31]- Claire, right? - Yeah. - Claire, 对么? - 是的.

[12:28.74]- How's the...? - Oh, he's good. Yeah. Thanks. - 孩子怎么样... - 他很好.谢谢.

[12:34.75]I thought maybe you should see this. 我想你应该看看这个.

[12:37.15]Someone found it in there. 有人在那里找到了这个.

[12:39.19]They're collecting all the belongings. 他们在收集所有的物品.

[12:42.56]They're wedding plans for Steve and Kristen. 这是Steve and Kristen的婚礼计划.

[12:47.16]They were on the plane sitting a couple of rows behind me. 在飞机上他们坐在我后面几排.

[12:51.03]I remember because they looked so happy. 我之所以记得是因为他们看上去那样的开心.

[12:53.97]I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with this. 我不明白你要我做什么, Claire.

[12:56.84]Oh, well, some of us were wondering 我们在想,是不是可以为他们举行

[12:59.54]if maybe we should do some kind 一些纪念仪式或什么的.

[13:01.48]of memorial service or something.

[13:04.55]You could lead it. 你可以主持一下.

[13:07.52]Uh... 嗯...

[13:09.05]- No, I don't think... - Well, you know, just a few words, - 不,我不想 -- - 你知道, 就几个字,

[13:12.29]or even we could just read off names 或者就念一下护照或驾照上的名字...

[13:14.52]from passports and driver's...

[13:16.72]- Look, it's not my thing. - Oh, okay. 看, 这不是我的事情.


[13:22.93]- Maybe I'll do it. - Yeah. Sounds fine. 也许我会去做.

[13:25.47]Whatever everybody wants. 是的,听上去不错. 你们想做什么就做什么吧.

[13:46.19]That woman is still sitting there. - 那个女的还坐在那儿. - 嗯.

[13:49.42]- Her husband was on the plane. - Great. - 她丈夫在飞机上. - 很好.

[13:51.69]- Are you listening to me? - What's a four-letter word 你有没有听我说?

[13:54.70]for "I don't care"? 你知道什么叫 "我不在乎"么?

[13:57.16]- I think somebody should talk to her. - I nominate you, Captain America. 我只是在想,该有人过去跟她说说话.

[13:59.11]我提名你, 队长.

[14:01.20]You just can't help yourself, can you? 你就是禁不住要去帮助人,对么?

[14:03.37]You don't have to worry about starving with me taking care of you. 是的,至少...


[14:07.64]- I'm not gonna starve. - Right. What are you gonna eat? 我不会饿死的.


[14:11.85]Ocean's full of fish. 海洋里面都是鱼.

[14:17.18]Hate to break it to you. 抱歉打破你的美梦.

[14:18.72]The ocean is not gonna take your gold card. 海洋可不会收你的金卡的.

[14:22.26]You really don't think I can catch a fish? 你真的认为我抓不到鱼?

[14:29.40]You find something? 你找到什么了?

[14:32.40]The ground here has been rooted up. 地面被翻起了.

[14:34.84]That's how boars get the majority of their food. They dig. 野猪就是这样找食物的.他们善于挖掘.

[14:38.24]Afterwards, they generally wallow in the dirt and rub up against the trees, 之后, 他们会在泥土上打滚,并在树上,

[14:42.38]scoring it with their tusks. 用他们的尖牙做上标记.

[14:44.38]Okay. So, what's all that mean? 好吧.


[14:47.58]It means we're close. 说明我们已经接近他们了.

[15:02.93]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨. - 嗨.

[15:06.73]- Shannon, right? - Yeah. - Shannon, 对么? - 是的.

[15:10.24]Are you doing anything? 你在做什么呢?

[15:12.41]Me? No, I was just... 我? 我只是,嗯...你在做什么?

[15:15.24]What are you doing?

[15:17.18]Um... 我只是要去走一走.

[15:18.28]I was just gonna go for a walk.

[15:21.15]You want to come? - 你要一起么? - 是的,当然.

[15:23.75]Yeah. Yes.


[15:32.23]Can I ask you something? 我能问你个问题么?

[15:34.93]I wondered when this was gonna come up. 我知道你会问.

[15:37.63]- Yes, I am the bass guitarist in... - Do you know anything about fishing? - 是的,我是个低音吉他手... - 你知道怎么捕鱼么?

[15:41.30]What? Fishing? 什么? 捕...捕鱼?

[15:43.30]My granddad used to take me out. 我爷爷过去带我去过,他把所知道的都教给了我.

[15:45.97]Taught me everything he knows. Everything he knew.

[15:48.84]He's dead now, God rest his soul. Yeah, I'm like a... 他现在死了,上帝拯救了他的灵魂.


[15:51.88]I'm a fishing fiend. You know, I mean, England's an island,


[15:55.48]so I just throw it in and fish. 捕鱼对我来说是轻而易举的事情.

[16:00.89]Good. 很好.

[16:06.13]Hey, doc, you got a second? 医生,你有时间么?

[16:09.83]What's up? 怎么了?

[16:11.60]That woman's been sitting over there by herself. 那个女的一直一个人坐在那儿.

[16:14.57]Maybe she's having trouble dealing with her husband. 也许她对丈夫的死过于悲痛了.

[16:17.54]I don't think she's had anything to eat or drink. 我想她没有任何吃的或喝的东西.

[16:21.21]Think maybe you could go talk to her? 我在想也许你可以跟她说说话?

[16:23.64]Why me? I'm not a psychiatrist. Maybe you should... 为什么是我? 我不是精神病医生.也许你应该...

[16:27.38]Just thought you might want to do it. 我只是想也许你想跟她谈谈.

[16:30.02]You're the one that saved her life. 因为你曾经救过她的命.

[16:47.07]Hi. 嗨.

[16:50.67]Rose, right? Rose, 对么?

[16:57.51]You remember me? 你记得我么?

[17:00.61]Seat 23A. I was... 我坐在23a. 我是...

[17:04.55]...the guy that told you not to worry about the turbulence. 那个告诉你别担心气流的人.

[17:09.76]Everybody's getting pretty worried about you, Rose. 每个人都很担心你, Rose.

[17:13.03]You want to be alone, fine, but take care of yourself. 如果你想一个人呆着也可以,


[17:17.56]You should really drink. 你应该喝点水.

[17:23.14]Okay. 好吧.

[17:25.84]We don't have to talk. Let's just sit... for a while. 我们不一定要说话.


[17:36.55]How's your son? How's he handling all this? 你的儿子...他怎么撑过来的?

[17:40.15]A hell of a lot better than I am. 他比我强多了.

[17:43.49]You must be proud. He's a brave kid. 你一定很自豪.他是个勇敢的孩子.

[17:46.23]Yeah. I can't take credit for that. 这不能说是我的功劳.

[17:48.96]I wasn't part of his life till his mother passed away two weeks ago. 我没和他一起生活过


[17:52.60]- I'm sorry. I didn't know. - That's okay. - 对不起.我不知道. - 没关系.

[17:54.97]They were living in Sydney the past couple of years. 他们在过去几年里生活在城市里.

[17:57.81]- I flew out last week to go get him. 上星期我飞过去...


[18:01.98]- What were you doing? 你在澳大利亚干什么?

[18:04.65]Shh. 嘘!

[19:04.34]Hey, quit giving us the steal signal. 嗨, 别给我们打小偷的手势.



[19:23.42]Oh, God. Michael.

[19:37.27]Oh, God!


[19:42.04]It's bad. 这很糟糕.

[19:46.01]Move. 该你了.

[19:47.65]You've got to move, colonel. 该你走了,上校.

[19:50.52]Your troops are across enemy lines. 你的队伍正在进入敌人的范围.

[19:53.75]Patience, 耐心点...

[19:55.09]a quality which you lack, GL-12, 这正是你所缺的品质,

[19:57.69]is the hallmark of a leader. GL 12, 这是领导人的特点.

[19:59.59]Hallmark, huh? 特点?

[20:04.46]Tell me more about being a leader, Locke. 多告诉我一些怎么成为领导人的事情把,Locke.

[20:08.47]And while you're at it, tell me about this colonel thing. 趁现在,


[20:11.81]I perused your file in Human Resources. 我翻看了你在人事部的档案.

[20:14.68]You've never been in any of the armed forces. 你从来没有在任何武装部队中服役过.

[20:17.14]I'm just playing a game, Randy. 我只是在玩游戏, Randy.

[20:18.81]It's my lunch hour. I can play a game. 这是我的午饭时间.我可以玩游戏.

[20:21.32]Yeah. 是的.

[20:23.18]Tell me, what's a walkabout? 告诉我,什么是丛林流浪?

[20:26.35]"Experience the dream journeys 经历澳洲中部的梦之旅程.

[20:28.59]of the fabled Australian outback."

[20:31.26]You have no right taking that off my desk. 你无权从我桌上拿走这个.

[20:33.63]So you wander around 那么你要四处游荡打猎以及寻找食物,是么?

[20:37.20]hunting and gathering food, right?

[20:40.10]- On foot? - Not that you would understand, 徒步?

[20:42.67]but a walkabout is a journey of spiritual renewal 你不会明白的,


[20:45.94]where one derives strength from the earth and becomes inseparable from it. 是我们从土地上获得力量


[20:50.34]I have vacation days. I'm going, Randy. I already made a reservation. 我有假期.

[20:52.24]我要去, Randy. 我已经订好了.

[20:54.31]Wow, John, you're really doing it, huh? John, 你真的要去?

[20:56.72]You tell Helen yet? 你告诉helen了么?

[20:58.52]Helen? What's this, Locke? Helen?

[21:00.50]她是谁, Locke?

[21:02.29]- You've got a woman in your life. - None of your business. 你生命中终于有女人了?

[21:05.39]What is it with you, Locke? Why do you torture yourself? 这不关你的事情.

[21:05.58]你怎么了, Locke? 为什么你要折磨你自己?

[21:09.46]I mean, imagining you're some hunter? 我的意思是, 假想你是什么猎人? 还有丛林流浪?

[21:12.37]And walkabouts? Wake up.

[21:14.64]You can't do any of that. 醒醒吧,你什么也不能做.

[21:16.80]Norman Croucher. Norman Croucher.

[21:19.14]- What? Norman what? - Norman Croucher. Norman Croucher. 什么? Norman什么?

[21:21.31]Norman Croucher. Norman Croucher.

[21:23.34]Double amputee, no legs. 双重截肢, 没有腿.

[21:25.85]He climbed to the top of Mount Everest. 他爬上了珠穆朗玛峰的顶端.

[21:28.15]Why? It was his destiny. 为什么? 这是他的命运.

[21:31.55]That's what you think you got, old man? 那就是你所想的么,老头?

[21:34.22]Destiny? 命运?

[21:38.49]Just... 不要...

[21:40.86]...don't tell me what I can't do. - John. 不要跟我说我做不到.

[21:44.40]He's hurt. John! 他受伤了.

[21:46.67]- John? Can you hear me? John, 你能听见我么?

[21:50.14]Locke! John, you okay? Locke!

[21:51.97]John, 你还好么?

[21:58.91]Locke? Locke?

[22:00.81]I'm fine. I'm fine, Helen. 我很好, 我很好.

[22:03.15]I just got the wind knocked out of me is all. 我很好, Helen. 我只是摔昏了.

[22:05.35]- Helen? - God! Helen?

[22:07.99]- What? - You called me Helen. 什么?


[22:11.16]Did I? 是么?

[22:16.56]- Which way'd that boar go? - Michael's hurt. 野猪跑哪儿去了?


[22:20.17]- We have to get him back to camp. - Yeah, you take him back to camp. 我们必须送他回营地.

[22:23.67]I'm gonna get that boar. 你送他回去,我去抓野猪.

[22:26.34]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?

[22:29.44]I'm fine. I can do this. 我没事.我可以做到.

[22:33.08]John, you can't. John, 你不能.

[22:35.38]Don't tell me what I can't do. 不要跟我说我做不到.

[22:43.29]- Get it? - Dude, quit asking me that. 抓到了么?


[22:47.16]Sorry. It's just you said you knew how to fish. 别老是问我.


[22:50.40]Yeah, off the Santa Monica Pier with my old man 只是你说你知道怎么捕鱼.

[22:50.79]是的,我曾经和父亲去Santa Monica码头钓鱼.

[22:53.23]and a fishing pole and bait. 但用的是钓鱼竿和鱼饵.

[22:55.44]Never had to try to poke one with a sharp stick. 从来没试过用棒子来戳鱼.

[23:00.61]Well... really appreciate you helping me out. Thanks. 非常感激你帮我. 谢谢.

[23:04.48]Hey... 嗨, 让我离那个飞机远点也是好的.

[23:05.91]...anything that keeps me away from that fuselage.

[23:08.58]And that freakin' redneck jerk! 还有那个怪异的乡下人.

[23:13.39]Damn it! Crap! Crap! Son of a... 该死! 废物! 废物!

[23:16.89]You want me to have a go? 要我试试么?

[23:20.49]- Knock yourself out. - All right. 你自己来弄吧.


[23:26.63]Okay, here comes one. 好,来了一条.

[23:28.54]Put your weight into it. Easy. Wait for it. 把你的体重压上去.

[23:31.64]Wait. Now! 很简单. 等它过来.



[23:37.41]Dude, you got to try to pin it. 伙计, 你要试着钉住它.

[23:39.25]Did you see how close I was? You said not to corner it. 你看到我还差一点儿么?




[23:58.13]Excuse me. 对不起.

[24:00.07]- Your name's Sayid, right? - Yes. - 你的名字叫Sayid,对么? - 是的.

[24:03.54]I found this. It's got your name on it. 我刚找到这个. 上面有你的名字.

[24:10.14]I thought I'd lost this. 我还以为我丢了这个.

[24:12.11]- Thank you. - Sure. - 谢谢. - 没关系.

[24:45.18]His fingers swell. 他的手指肿了.

[24:48.95]Sorry? 什么?

[24:51.12]Bernard. My husband. Bernard.我的丈夫.

[24:53.92]His hands swell up whenever we fly. 每次飞行他的手都会肿.

[24:58.23]The altitude. 海拔高度的关系.

[25:00.49]He started having me hold on to his wedding ring 每次我们要飞行他就要我拿着结婚戒指.

[25:03.50]whenever we took a plane trip.

[25:06.30]I always wore it around my neck for safekeeping, 为安全起见,我总是带着它.

[25:09.00]just until we landed. 直到我们着陆.

[25:16.71]You know, doctor, you don't have to keep your promise. 你知道,医生, 你不用遵守诺言.

[25:21.45]- Promise? - The one you made me on the plane, 诺言?


[25:24.99]to keep me company until my husband got back from the restroom? 陪着我直到我丈夫从洗手间回来.

[25:29.66]I'm letting you off the hook. 我会帮你摆脱困境.

[25:34.93]Well, you're not gonna get rid of me that easily. 你没那么容易摆脱我.

[25:40.43]Rose, you shouldn't be out here alone. Rose, 你不应该一个人在外面.

[25:43.44]You're suffering from post-traumatic shock. 你刚刚受到过外部冲击.

[25:46.64]Aren't we all? 我们不是都受到了么?

[25:51.48]Yeah, I guess we are. 是的,我们都受到了.

[25:56.35]You have a nice way about you. 你走的是一条很好的路.

[26:00.49]A good soul. 美好的灵魂.

[26:03.32]Patient, caring. 耐心,仔细.

[26:05.76]I suppose that's why you became a doctor. 我想那就是为什么你成为了医生.

[26:08.96]Thanks, but... 谢谢, 但是...

[26:11.97]...I was just kinda born into it. 我只是从小就这样.

[26:15.64]Family business. 家族生意.

[26:30.32]I have never felt so alive. 我从来没感到那么真实的活着.

[26:33.75]Getting to finally tell Randy off was... 最终跟Randy这么讲真是...

[26:39.86]...life-changing. I mean it. 嗯... 感觉生命起了变化.

[26:42.30]Now I'm free to do all those things I ever wanted to do, 我是认真的.


[26:47.10]things that I know I was destined to do, 做那些我知道自己一定会去做的事.

[26:50.47]like we talked about, Helen. 就像我们说到过的, Helen.

[26:52.07]It's wonderful, John. I'm happy for you. Really. 太好了, John. 我真为你高兴.

[26:55.78]I haven't even told you the best part. Do you remember the... 我还没告诉你最好的部分呢.


[27:00.78]...authentic aboriginal walkabout? 真正的原始丛林历险?

[27:03.58]Sure. That's all you've talked about for weeks. 当然. 你几星期来一直在说这个.

[27:06.32]Yeah, well, I'm gonna do it. 是的,我要去了.

[27:09.99]I'm flying to Australia at the end of the week. 我要在这个周末飞去澳大利亚.

[27:12.86]And I've... 而且我,嗯...

[27:16.13]I bought two tickets. 我买了2张机票.

[27:22.57]- Helen? - John, we've talked about this. Helen?

[27:26.01]- I like you. - Yeah. I know. - John, 我们谈过这个. - 是的,我知道.

[27:27.54]I've enjoyed talking these past months. 我喜欢你.过去几个月能和你聊天我非常开心.

[27:29.88]- Eight months. - I'm not allowed to meet customers. 我也是. 8个月了.


[27:34.61]A customer? Is...? 客人?


[27:38.49]Is that what I am to you? 对你来说我只是客人?

[27:40.65]This isn't really normal. I mean, it isn't what I do. 这不正常. 我的意思是, 这不是我能做到的.

[27:44.92]Maybe you should find a, I don't know, therapist. 也许你应该找一个...治疗师.

[27:48.60]- I have a therapist. - John... - 我有治疗师. - John...

[27:53.67]I thought you understood. You know me better than anyone. 我以为你明白, Helen.


[27:56.94]If we talk longer, I'm gonna charge you for another hour. John, 如果我们再说下去,


[27:59.74]That's another $89.95. 那是 $89.95.

[28:01.54]I don't care about the money! I just... 看,我不在乎钱!我只是 --

[28:03.91]I'm sorry, John. I got to go. 对不起, John. 我要挂了.

[28:05.78]Helen, Helen. Helen! Helen! Helen, Helen.

[28:07.09]Helen! Helen! He--

[28:20.86]- Hey. Hey, wait a minute. - What? 等一等.

[28:23.20]Just rest here for a minute. 什么?

[28:25.27]I thought the guy with the gimpy leg should be deciding when we rest. 就在这儿休息一下.


[28:30.27]Hey, what are you doing? 你在做什么?

[28:32.67]Trying to boost the transceiver signal. 我试着发出无线信号.

[28:37.34]I'm gonna climb this tree... 我要爬上这棵树

[28:39.95]...and attach an antenna. 系上一跟天线.

[28:42.62]- You're gonna climb that? - Yeah. - 你要爬树? - 是的.

[28:45.95]Don't worry. Climbed a lot worse. 别担心.


[29:33.80]Locke. Locke.

[30:26.72]- Hey. - Hey. - 嗨. 嗯... - 嗨.

[30:29.92]These were... 这些是,嗯...

[30:32.56]I found these the other day when I was... 我前些天找到的...

[30:38.06]- Hell, just take it. - Thank you. 嗯,该死,你就拿着吧.


[30:54.41]What is that? 那是什么?

[30:59.25]Oh, I get it. It's like toothpaste. 我知道了. 这就像牙膏.

[31:11.00]Dad! 爸爸!

[31:16.10]- So, like, what happened out there? - Dad! 发生了什么事?

[31:19.27]Hey! - 爸爸! - 嗨!

[31:20.97]- Your leg's messed up. Does it hurt? - It's okay. Not as bad as it looks. 你的腿受伤了. 疼么?

[31:23.12]还好. 不像看上去那么糟糕.

[31:26.75]The mighty huntress returns. 大力女猎人回来拉.

[31:29.28]- What's for dinner, honey? - Not now. - 晚饭是什么, 亲爱的? - 别问了.

[31:35.26]- It was a boar fight? - Not so much a fight. 是不是和野猪打架?

[31:37.39]It was more, you know, like me getting gored. 也不算打架. 和你想的不一样,


[31:40.96]So, where's Mr. Locke? Locke先生呢?


[31:51.77]I don't think the hunt went well. That bald guy never came back. 我想打猎没有成功.

[31:55.24]- They didn't bring back any food? - Did you hear what I said? 那个光头男人没有回来.


[31:58.54]Somebody might have died. 你没听到我刚刚说的么?

[32:00.05]We'll die if somebody doesn't do something. 有人也许会死的.


[32:02.28]There you are. 给你.

[32:03.92]As promised, you and I will be dining on fresh catch of the day. 就像我保证的,


[32:07.29]- My fish! - Hope you don't mind alfresco. 天哪!

[32:09.56]It was no problem. That one gave me a hell of a tussle, 我希望你不会介意.


[32:10.90]你知道么? 抓它可真费劲,

[32:12.96]but you have to get inside the mind of the fish. 你必须了解鱼在想什么, 你知道么?

[32:15.56]- I don't believe you. - I cornered it. - 我不相信你. - 我在浅滩,把它逼到角落里.

[32:17.63]What's the matter? Can't stand to see me fending for myself? 怎么了? 忍受不了我自己照顾自己么?

[32:20.97]- I am so sorry. I apologize. - What are you apologizing for? - 我对此非常抱歉. - 没什么.

[32:22.55]- 你为什么要对他道歉? - 为了你.

[32:24.34]- For using this poor guy. - Oh, whatever. 为你利用了这个可怜的人,就像你利用其他人一样.

[32:26.81]In your twisted brain, 那又怎样.

[32:28.11]you think this proves you can take care of yourself. 在你扭曲的小脑袋瓜里,


[32:32.21]- I told you I'd catch a fish, didn't I? - That's low, even for you. 我告诉过你我会抓到鱼,不是么?

[32:35.72]Oh, go rescue a baby bird or something. Shannon,为你感到羞耻.


[32:45.63]Rose, after the sun goes down, Rose, 在太阳下山以后,

[32:49.46]we're gonna burn the fuselage. 我们要烧了飞机残骸.

[32:52.13]It's... 我们必须这样做.

[32:53.33]It's just something that we have to do.

[32:55.47]There's gonna be a memorial service back at the camp for those... 他们会举行一场悼念仪式,为那些...

[32:59.97]...for those who didn't make it, for everyone to say goodbye. 为那些没有撑过来的人们,


[33:05.61]- I'd like to be there for that. - Okay. 我会到场的.


[33:16.96]Maybe if you wanted to say something, 也许你想对你丈夫说些什么.

[33:19.56]- You know, about your husband. - What?

[33:23.46]I'm saying, if you wanted to say goodbye to Bernard. 什么?


[33:26.30]Doctor, my husband is not dead. 医生, 我丈夫没有死.

[33:32.27]Rose, he was in the tail section of the plane. Rose, 他在飞机的尾部.

[33:37.21]It broke off in mid-flight. 尾部在途中爆炸.

[33:38.88]I'm sorry, but everyone who was in the rear of the plane is gone. 我很难过,但是在飞机后方的人都死了.

[33:42.78]They're probably thinking the same thing about us. 他们也许也这样想我们.

[34:04.70]Doctor? 医生?

[34:07.07]You coming? 你一起来么?

[34:25.86]I'm sorry. 对不起.

[34:28.33]Guess I should have gotten the warranty. 我应该带保修卡来.

[34:34.07]I suppose I'll just try again. 我想我会再试.

[34:37.04]Of course, I have no welding iron, no rivets, scorched wiring, 当然,我没有焊铁,


[34:41.51]and it seems I must continue to lie to anyone who asks me 电线,


[34:44.74]what I'm actually doing! 我还必须得向他们撒谎!

[34:46.58]Sayid. Sayid...

[34:55.52]We'll try it again. 我们再试试吧.

[35:02.03]We'll try it again. 我们再试.

[35:06.57]Kate! Kate!

[35:10.27]Excuse me. 失陪了.

[35:14.14]Hey. 嗨.

[35:16.61]You okay? 你还好么?

[35:18.98]Is this when you say "I told you so"? 你是不是又要说 "我告诉过你"了?

[35:22.45]No. I'm not big on rubbing it in. 不.我不会反覆提的.

[35:33.09]Locke, um... Locke, 恩...

[35:35.86]Locke's gone. Locke死了.

[35:38.20]That thing, it was moving in his direction. 那样东西... 朝他的方向移动.

[35:43.17]There wasn't time. 当时没有时间...

[35:53.38]What's going on? 怎么样了?

[35:56.72]Fuselage is ready to go. 差不多到点火时间了.

[35:58.72]Some of the others decided... 有些人决定了, 嗯...

[36:00.95]I guess there's gonna be some words said over the fire. 我猜他们会在焚烧是说一些话.

[36:04.02]- That's good. - Names read, I think. - 那很好. - 念一下名字吧,我想.

[36:08.09]I don't think they're ready to hear about some things... 我想还是先别告诉他们这件事比较好...

[36:13.13]Jack? Jack?

[36:16.10]Jack? Jack?

[36:32.65]Locke. Locke.

[36:51.57]Judith Martha Wexler Judith Martha Wexler 从德克萨斯来得.

[36:54.21]from Denton, Texas.

[36:59.51]I guess she was gonna catch a connecting flight. 估计她是要转机.

[37:05.49]嗯... 她戴着视力矫正眼镜,

[37:07.05]She wore corrective lenses,

[37:10.52]and she was an organ donor. 而且她是个器官捐献者.

[37:15.03]Or at least would have been. 至少原先是.

[37:18.56]Steve and Kristen. Steve以及Kristen --

[37:20.30]l-I don't know their last name, but... 我不知道他们姓什么, 但是...

[37:25.10]...they were really in love and were gonna be married. 他们很相爱并准备结婚.

[37:30.41]At least wherever they are now, they're not alone. 现在,不管他们在哪里,


[37:46.26]...must have had children.

[37:49.03]A video store receipt lists overdue charges for Willy Wonka

[37:54.47]and The Little Princess.

[37:58.14]Looks like he hadn't traveled much, 看上去像个先生,从他的护照上来看,

[38:02.64]as far as I can tell from his passport. 他不经常旅行.

[38:06.85]You seen Jack? 你看到Jack么?

[38:14.02]Seat 23C.

[38:32.14]Nice work. 做得好.

[38:35.27]What? 什么?

[38:37.64]The boar. Nice work, you know. 野猪.

[38:40.45]Killing it. 做得好.


[38:42.45]Just thought I should say something. 只是想我应该说些什么.

[38:47.39]So, that thing... the... 那么, 那个东西...

[38:50.82]...monster, whatever, she said it was headed right towards you. 怪物...


[38:55.16]Did you see anything? 你看到什么么?

[38:57.40]Get any kind of look at it? 知道它长什么样么?

[39:01.07]No. 没有看到.

[39:12.75]The walkabouts we arrange here are not just some stroll through the park. 我们安排的丛林历险


[39:16.78]It's trekking across stretches of desert, rafting treacherous waters... 要穿过大沙漠,


[39:20.99]You've got no idea who you're talking to. 你不知道你在跟谁说话.

[39:23.26]I'm well aware of what's involved, believe me. 我很明白这次旅行,相信我.

[39:25.86]I probably know more than you. 我也许比你还明白会发生什么.

[39:28.19]It's a trying ordeal for someone in peak physical condition. 无论如何,这是对一些处于巅峰状态的人的严峻考验.

[39:31.43]I booked this tour a month ago. You've got my money. 看,我一个月前就订了票.

[39:34.40]- I demand a place. - You misrepresented yourself. 你早就收了我的钱.现在我要求上车.

[39:37.37]- I never lied. - By omission. 你没有如实说明你的情况.

[39:37.59]- 我从没有说谎. - 但是有些情况你没说,Locke先生.

[39:39.27]You neglected to tell us about your condition. 你没有告诉我们你的情况.

[39:41.87]My condition is not an issue. I've lived with it for four years. 我的身体情况不是问题.

[39:45.44]Never kept me from doing anything. 我已经这样过了4年了.


[39:47.38]Unfortunately, it is an issue for our insurance company. 很不幸, 这和我们的保险公司有关.

[39:50.55]I can't keep the bus waiting. It isn't fair... 我不能让汽车再等了. 对车上其他人不公平

[39:52.89]Don't talk to me about fair! 别跟我谈公平不公平!

[39:57.82]I'll get you on a plane to Sydney on our dime. It's the best I can do. 我会安排你搭机返回悉尼.

[40:01.13]No, I don't want to go back to Sydney. 这是我所能做的.


[40:03.16]Look, I've been preparing for this for years. 看,我为这个准备了几年了.

[40:05.87]Just put me on the bus right now. I can do this! 让我上车吧.我能做到!

[40:08.30]No, you can't. 不,你不能.

[40:11.24]Hey, hey, don't you walk away from me. 嗨, 别走.

[40:14.37]You don't know who you're dealing with! Don't ever tell me what I can't do! 你不知道你在跟谁讲话!


[40:18.84]This is destiny. This is destiny. This is my destiny. 这是命运.


[40:22.78]Listen, I'm supposed to do this, damn it! 这是我的命运.

[40:22.85]听着...我可以, 该死!

[40:26.35]Don't tell me what I can't do! 别告诉我我不能!

[40:28.79]Don't tell me what I can't... 别跟我说我做不到...

[41:15.40]Help me! Help!

[41:28.15]You! Come on! Come over here! 你! 快点! 快过来!

[41:30.92]Get over here! Give me a hand! 过来! 快!

[41:37.99]Millicent Louise D'Agostino.

[41:42.29]Teaneck, New Jersey.

[42:39.32]迷失 第一季 第四集 谢谢收看

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