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[00:10.17]Stay down. 别起来

[00:20.75]Your choice, man. Walk away now, you won't get your ass kicked. 你自己选...

[00:22.08]现在离开这, 你就不会被揍

[00:33.09]You should've stayed down, Jack. 你不该起来, Jack

[00:35.53]Jack! Jack! Jack!


[00:41.24]Jack! Jack!

[00:43.14]Hey, Jack! 嘿, Jack!

[00:44.57]There's someone out there! 有人在那里!

[00:46.07]- You gotta... The current! - What? 你要 -- 那急流 --

[00:48.04]There's someone there! Look! - 什么? - 有人在那里! 看!

[00:49.58]Help! 救命!

[00:51.71]- Help! - I woke up, and she's... 我醒来就 -- 我不会游泳!

[00:53.65]I don't swim. I don't swim.


[01:49.54]You're okay. 你没事吧

[01:51.71]Just deep breaths now. Come on. Just breathe. 深呼吸


[01:55.88]Just breathe. Yeah. 呼吸


[02:00.88]Did you get her? 你救到她了吗?

[02:02.95]What? 什么?

[02:05.89]There was a woman. I was trying... 有个女人 -- 我试着要 --

[02:08.16]Did you get her? 你救到她了吗?

[02:12.83]Help! 救命!

[02:15.66]- We gotta go back. - Help! 我们要回去

[02:21.64]Help! 救命! 救命!

[02:25.01]Come on.


[02:29.68]Come on.

[02:46.16]- Jack! - There's someone else still out there. Jack!


[03:10.62]片名:LOST - 迷失 第一季 第五集

[03:50.19]Hey. 嘿

[03:53.36]So, what'd they say? 他们说什么了?

[03:56.46]- Jack, maybe you should... - Who was she? - Jack, 也许你应该 -- - 她是谁?

[04:01.24]Her name was Joanna. 她叫Joanna

[04:04.04]She wasn't supposed to be on the plane. 她本不应该在飞机上的

[04:06.77]She was scuba diving off the Barrier Reef and got an ear infection, 她在堡礁周围潜水时, 耳朵感染了

[04:10.31]and so the doctor grounded her for two days. 医生隔离了她两天

[04:13.38]She bumped her flight. 她就把机票改期了

[04:15.45]That's how she ended up with us. 所以就和我们在一起了

[04:18.29]She was just swimming this morning. 今早她只是去游游泳

[04:21.02]Got caught in the riptide. 却遇到了激流

[04:25.16]We've been here six days. I never talked to her. Never said a word. 我们来这已经6天了, 我从没跟她讲过话

[04:28.70]- Jack, don't... - There are 47 of us. Never said a word. 一句都没讲过

[04:28.96]- Jack, 不要... - 我们这里有47个人

[04:31.60]- You tried. - No, I didn't. - 我一句话都没跟她讲过 - 你已经尽力了

[04:32.00]不, 我没有

[04:35.50]I thought maybe I could... 我以为我可以...

[04:37.57]I thought I could bring him back and still have the time. 我以为如果我把他送回来, 仍然会有时间救她的

[04:40.81]I was there... in the water. 我当时是在...


[04:45.85]I didn't try. 我没有尝试

[04:48.58]I decided not to go after her. 是我打算不救她的

[04:58.63]Jack? Jack?

[05:03.23]Jack? Jack

[05:07.24]Are you okay? 你没事吗?

[05:08.64]- Did you see that? - What? 你看到了吗?

[05:11.04]Standing there in the water, there was a man. 什么?

[05:11.51]那边的水里, 站了个人

[05:15.98]You didn't see that? 你没看见?

[05:19.05]Jack, when was the last time you slept? Jack, 你上次睡觉是什么时候?

[05:27.32]I need to put this with the rest of the gear. 我要把这些和其它的设备放在一起

[05:39.87]Who taught you that? 谁教你的?

[05:42.74]Sun. The Korean lady. Sun


[05:46.54]- Don't swallow it. - Why not? 不要咽下去

[05:49.44]- Ocean water will make you thirsty. - Why? 为什么?



[05:55.18]Just don't swallow it, man. All right? 不要咽就对了, 好吗?



[06:22.50]不, 我没事










[07:12.99]Have you got it, or what? 你找到了吗?

[07:15.26]You're in my light, sticks. 你挡住我的光了, 细棍

[07:17.00]- What the hell is that supposed to...? - Light, comma, sticks. - 什么? 你叫我什么? - 我叫你细棍

[07:21.64]As in those legs of yours. 像你的腿一样

[07:23.87]While I love my new nickname, and I think it's sweet... 我很喜欢我的新称呼

[07:26.84]Calm down. - 听起来很美 -- - 冷静点

[07:29.08]I got your damn stuff. 我弄到你要的东西了

[07:31.41]- It'll keep off sand fleas? - You bet. 它能驱走沙蚤吗?

[07:34.92]Even has aloe. 当然了


[07:38.95]How much? 多少钱?

[07:41.59]- Your money's no good here. - Then what the hell do you want? 你的钱在这是不好用的


[07:48.43]- If you really think I... - Five grand. - 如果你真的认为我 -- - 5千元

[07:51.03]I thought you said my money was no good here. 你不是说我的钱在这不好用吗

[07:53.50]I was negotiating. 我只是在和你还价

[07:55.54]I can take an IOU. Something tells me you're good... 你也可以先欠我一个人情


[07:59.71]...for it. 这个吧

[08:15.36]Hey. 嘿

[08:17.06]You haven't found a hairbrush in there, have you? 你找到梳子了吗?

[08:19.76]No. Sorry. 没有, 抱歉

[08:21.10]God, I must've looked through 20 suitcases. 我都找了20多个箱子了

[08:23.56]Can't find one. It's weird, right? 一个梳子都没找到, 很奇怪吧?

[08:25.97]I mean, you'd think that everyone packs a hairbrush... 我是说, 每个人都不带梳子?

[08:29.20]Whoa. 噢

[08:31.51]- You all right? - Yeah, it's just the heat. 你没事吧?

[08:33.09]没事, 我有点发烧

[08:35.74]Oh. 要知道, 我还在怀孕

[08:36.91]- And I'm pregnant. - Really?


[08:41.35]Thanks. 谢谢

[08:45.15]What are you doing? 你在干什么?

[08:46.65]I'm sorting the practical clothes from the impractical. 我在把能穿的衣服从不能穿的衣服里整理出来

[08:51.26]- Wanna help? - Sure. 想帮忙吗?


[08:55.36]- Can I ask you something? - Sure. Shoot. 我可以 -- 问你个问题吗?

[08:58.87]Are you a Gemini? 可以, 说吧


[09:03.44]- Yeah, I am. - I thought so. - 是的 - 果然没错

[09:06.04]Restless. Passionate. 永不疲倦, 充满激情

[09:08.61]Everyone thinks astrology is just a load of crap, 很多人都认为占星术只是一堆废话

[09:11.55]but that's because they don't get it. 那是因为他们都没有理解它

[09:14.35]I could do your chart if you wanted. 需要的话, 我可以帮你画一张占星图

[09:17.92]Or not. 或者不用了

[09:20.72]Geminis. 双子座

[09:27.13]Hey, Jack? 嘿, Jack

[09:30.30]Whoa. 喔

[09:32.83]You look tired, brother. 你看起来很累, 老兄

[09:35.30]I'm fine. 我没事

[09:36.64]- What's up? - We've got a problem. 发生什么了?


[09:40.91]- That's it? - That's it. 就这些?

[09:43.64]- How many? - Eighteen. 就这些

[09:43.86]- 多少瓶? - 18

[09:45.75]People just kinda took what they needed 'cause... 大家都各取所需, 因为...

[09:48.92]...we were supposed to be rescued. 大家都认为我们很快就会被救...

[09:51.69]But we weren't. 但事实不是那样

[09:53.12]Even if we divvied it up, it wouldn't be enough for 47 people. 即使我们均匀的分配, 每瓶分成两份

[09:57.33]Forty-six. There's 46 of us now. 也不够47个人喝的



[10:02.10]If people find out this is all we have, they'll freak out. 如果大家知道我们只剩这些了, 他们会疯了的

[10:05.17]The boar's running low. What should we tell them? 如果不再抓一只的话, 野猪也快吃完了

[10:08.00]- I don't know. - Make water-finding sticks. - 我们应该怎样对他们说? - 我不知道


[10:10.77]- What should we do with what we got? - I don't know. 应该怎么处理这水?


[10:16.51]- We should put it in the tent, yeah? - Maybe the dog can find water. 把它放在帐篷里, 行吧?

[10:19.71]Better if no one knows how little is left. 也许狗能找到水


[10:22.02]Dogs can find pot and bombs, so I'm sure they can find water. 狗都能找到炸弹, 它们也应该能找到水的

[10:25.32]We tell the others we're running low, we can ration it. 如果你告诉大家我们水不足了 我们就可以合理分配了

[10:28.02]- Then you can decide... - I'm not deciding anything! - 那你就可以决定 -- - 我什么也不会决定

[10:32.33]Why not? 为什么?

[10:50.21]You wanna come in? 怎么不进来?

[11:02.99]So... 那么...

[11:05.39]You wanna tell me what happened? 想告诉我发生什么了吗?

[11:08.13]A couple of guys jumped Marc Silverman. 几个家伙打了Marc Silverman

[11:11.10]A couple of guys jumped Marc Silverman. 几个家伙打了 Marc Silverman

[11:13.67]But they didn't jump you. 但他们那时没打你对吧

[11:17.67]No. 没有

[11:24.65]I had a boy on my table today. 今天我接了一个男孩 --

[11:27.68]I don't know, maybe a year younger than you. 我不清楚, 也许比你小一岁 --

[11:31.22]He had a bad heart. 他的心脏不好

[11:33.49]It got real hairy, real fast. 当时情况十分紧急

[11:36.49]Everybody's looking to your old man to make decisions. 每个人都等着你爸爸来作决定

[11:39.29]And I was able to make those decisions 我可以做那个决定, 是因为...

[11:41.76]because, at the end of the day,


[11:45.23]after the boy died, 当那男孩死去以后

[11:48.04]I was able to wash my hands 我可以把手洗干净, 然后...

[11:49.84]and come home to dinner,


[11:53.31]you know, watch a little Carol Burnett, laugh till my sides hurt. 然后看电视剧, 笑到我肚子疼为止

[11:57.65]And how can I do that? 我怎么可以这么做, 嗯?

[12:00.82]I mean, even when I fail, how do I do that, Jack? 即使我失败了

[12:03.95]我怎么可以这么做, Jack?

[12:08.16]Because I have what it takes. 因为我有这个资格

[12:12.93]Don't choose, Jack. 不要选择, Jack, 不要做决定

[12:15.40]Don't decide.

[12:18.67]You don't wanna be a hero. You don't wanna try and save everyone. 你做不了英雄


[12:22.47]Because when you fail... 因为, 如果你失败了...

[12:30.21]You just don't have what it takes. 你不具备那种条件

[12:39.52]Why didn't you leave me? 你为什么不丢下我?

[12:43.86]Hey, I'm talking to you. 嘿, 我在和你讲话!

[12:49.36]- Not now, man. - I could have made it back. - 以后再说 - 我可以自己游回来的

[12:54.07]What? You're not gonna answer me? 什么, 你不回答我是吗?

[12:56.14]- I told you to leave me. - You were drowning. 我告诉你别管我的

[12:59.31]- You should've saved her. - But I didn't save her. 当时你在溺水



[13:04.04]And neither did you. 你也没有

[13:06.65]You think you're all noble and heroic for coming after me? I was fine. 你以为去救我很高尚, 很英勇吗?

[13:10.42]You're not the only one who knows what to do around here. I run a business. 我没事的

[13:10.68]知道吗, 你不是这里唯一一个知道该做什么的


[13:15.62]Who appointed you our savior, huh? 是谁指定你是我们的救星了?

[13:19.79]What gives you the right? Look at me. 你有什么权利?


[13:23.36]Hey, I'm talking to you. 嘿, 我在和你讲话!

[13:26.30]Look at me, Jack. 看着我, Jack!

[13:28.77]Where are you going? 你去哪?

[13:32.21]Hey, where are you going? Hey! 嘿, 你去哪?


[14:11.78]Dad? 爸爸?

[14:32.17]Your father's gone, Jack. 你爸爸走了, Jack

[14:36.27]Did you hear what I said? 你听到我说什么了吗?

[14:40.57]He's gone, Jack. 他走了, Jack

[14:44.14]- He'll be back. - This time it's different. - 他会会来的 - 这次不同

[14:51.22]I want you to bring him back. 我要你把他接回来

[14:56.32]- What? - He hasn't talked to me in two months. 什么?

[14:57.65]他已经两个月没跟我讲话了, 妈妈

[14:59.56]You haven't talked to him in two months. 是你有两个月没跟他讲话了

[15:01.56]He doesn't want me to bring him back. Trust me. 他不想我接他回来的, 相信我

[15:03.86]- Let one of his friends. - He doesn't have friends anymore. 让他朋友去吧


[15:07.60]Why do you think that is? 你为什么那样想?

[15:12.91]He was right about you. 他对你的评价是对的

[15:16.88]Right about what? 什么的评价?

[15:18.45]- You don't understand the pressure... - I understand pressure. - 你不理解他所面对的压力 - 我理解

[15:26.35]Jack, please, you know how he gets. He doesn't... Jack, 去吧, 你知道他的

[15:28.69]他不会 --

[15:30.29]He won't take care of himself. You have to go after him. 他不会照顾自己, 你要去接他回来

[15:35.46]I'm sorry. 很抱歉

[15:38.57]I can't. 我不能

[15:41.57]"I can't"? "我不能"?

[15:46.24]You don't get to say "I can't." 在你去做之前

[15:48.88]Not after what you did. 你不可以说"我不能"

[15:56.85]You bring your father home, Jack. 接你爸爸回来, Jack

[16:09.33]Where is he? 他在哪?

[16:14.27]Australia. 澳大利亚

[16:27.72]Hey, hey! 嘿, 嘿!

[16:29.48]- What's the matter? - That pregnant lady fell down. 发生什么了?


[16:37.46]- What happened? - She just dropped. - 什么事? - 她晕倒了

[16:39.36]It must be the heat. Is she breathing? 一定是因为发烧

[16:41.30]I think. - 她有呼吸吗? - 我想有

[16:42.73]Let's get her inside. 快, 抱她进来


[16:50.54]Claire? Claire, honey, wake up. Claire?

[16:52.30]Claire, 宝贝, 醒醒

[16:54.38]Claire, can you hear me? Claire? Claire, 你能听见吗? Claire?

[16:56.28]Come on. Wake up. Come on. 快, 醒醒, 快

[16:58.71]Come on. Please, wake up. Come on. 醒醒啊

[17:01.42]Claire, can you hear me? Hi, it's me. It's Kate. Claire, 能听见我吗?

[17:03.14]是我, Kate

[17:05.22]- What...? - You passed out. - 什么? - 你晕倒了

[17:06.79]Just take it easy, okay? She needs water. 不要紧张, 好吗?

[17:09.72]- Water. - Don't move, okay? 她需要水

[17:09.69]- 水 - 不要动

[17:12.29]She's burning up. She's really hot. Honey, I think you have a fever. 天啊, 她很烫

[17:15.70]You need to stay really still. It's okay. 宝贝, 我想你发烧了 躺着别动, 好吗?

[17:18.97]- Just rest. - What the...? 没事的, 没事的, 放松

[17:20.21]什么 --

[17:22.64]The water's gone. 水不见了

[17:27.14]Someone stole it. 被偷了

[17:30.11]- Where is the doctor? - I don't know. No one can find him. 医生哪去了?

[17:31.83]我不知道, 找不到他

[17:33.45]Was this the last of the camp's water supply? 那些是营地里仅存的水吗?

[17:36.58]Keeping it all in one place. Foolish. 是的

[17:36.63]把水都放在一起 -- 真蠢

[17:38.82]I can go into the jungle to find fresh water. 我可以去丛林, 试着找些水

[17:40.99]You're not going alone. 你不能自己去

[17:42.32]When the others find out the water's gone, it's gonna get ugly. 当大家发现水没有了, 场面会很难堪

[17:45.49]And when they find out that someone pinched it, it's gonna get uglier. 当他们发现水是被偷走的


[17:52.87]I'll go. Camp needs you two here. Especially with the doctor gone. 我去吧

[17:54.36]营地里需要你们两个 特别是当医生不在的时候

[17:58.24]And besides, I know where to look. 另外, 我知道去哪找

[18:40.35]Where are you? 你在哪?

[18:49.89]Where are you? 你在哪?

[18:53.79]Where are you? 你在哪?

[18:56.16]The maid says he hasn't used the bed in the past three days. 服务生说他已经三天没回来睡了

[19:06.87]- Did he rent a car from the concierge? - No, sir. 他向服务台租车了吗?


[19:12.48]Quite honestly, Mr. Shephard, 老实说, Shephard先生

[19:15.05]I don't think your father rented a car at all. 我不认为你父亲租过车

[19:18.55]Yeah? Why's that? 是吗? 为什么?

[19:20.02]There was an incident a few nights ago, here at the hotel bar. 几天前在我们酒店酒吧里有人闹事

[19:23.32]I had to get security to escort your father to his room. 我是叫保安送你爸爸回屋的

[19:27.49]What's that have to do with renting a car? 那和租车有什么关系?

[19:29.56]Sorry. I shouldn't have... - 很抱歉, 先生 -- - 快, 那和租车有什么关系?

[19:31.20]What's that have to do with renting a car?

[19:33.77]Mr. Shepherd, I don't think any rental agent in Sydney Shephard先生, 我认为悉尼任何一家租车代理

[19:36.87]would lease your father a car in his condition. 都不会租车给一个他那样状况的人的

[19:39.21]My father is the chief of surgery. 我父亲是外科主任

[19:42.81]Of course, sir. I apologize. 当然, 先生, 很抱歉

[19:52.49]He left his wallet. 他没拿钱包

[19:57.79]Who leaves a wallet? 谁能不拿钱包呢?

[20:00.13]Perhaps you should talk to the police, Mr. Shephard. 也许你应该和警方联系, Shephard先生

[20:07.27]Where are you? 你在哪?



[22:02.98]Take my hand. 抓住我的手

[22:10.29]Come on. 快

[22:32.95]You okay? 你没事吧?

[22:53.90]Hey. 嘿

[22:58.07]Hey. 嘿

[23:00.77]- How long have I...? - A couple of hours. Here. - 我睡了多久了-- - 几个小时了


[23:06.21]It's not much, but it's what we have. 不是很多, 但我们只有这些了

[23:10.85]Just relax. 放松

[23:12.49]You have to think about the little one now. 你还要想想你的小生命, 是吧?

[23:15.79]Thanks for the water, Charlie. 多谢你的水, Charlie

[23:18.43]There'd be more if some git hadn't nicked it. 如果不是被哪个混蛋偷了, 会有更多的

[23:22.93]- Is Jack back yet? - No. - Jack回来了吗? - 没

[23:26.97]No one's seen him. 没人见过他

[23:32.84]But I wouldn't worry. 但我不担心

[23:34.91]Good ol' Mr. Locke's gone into the jungle to get some water for you. Locke先生去丛林为你找水了

[23:38.18]Great. Our only hunter's gonna get eaten 我们唯一的猎手能搞到吃的

[23:41.52]just so he can get the pregnant girl some more water. 但他能够为孕妇找到水吗

[23:44.08]I wouldn't worry. You tell me, who would you rather meet in a dark alley, 我不会担心的, 我是说 --

[23:47.82]whatever's out there, or that geezer with his 400 knives? 在一个黑暗的小巷, 你更希望遇到谁?


[23:51.29]I mean, who packs 400 knives? 我是说, 谁会带400把刀?

[23:54.03]Personally, I can only have space for 200. Three hundred, at most. 就我而言, 我最多也就带200到300把

[24:04.04]When are they gonna rescue us? 他们什么时候会来救我们?

[24:09.18]Soon. 快了

[24:13.05]- Thanks, Charlie. - For what? 谢谢, Charlie

[24:16.05]People don't seem to look me in the eye here. 谢什么?


[24:19.75]I think I scare them. The baby. 我想可能是我会吓到他们

[24:23.79]It's like I'm this time bomb of responsibility 我的婴儿 -- 就像个定时炸弹一样, 随时都会使大家多一份责任

[24:26.53]just waiting to go off.

[24:33.63]You don't scare me. 你没吓到我


[24:45.71]The Chinese people have water. 那中国人手里有水

[24:51.69]Where did you get this? 你从哪弄的?

[24:55.22]Where did you get this? 你从哪弄的?

[24:58.76]- Where did you get...? - She doesn't understand, Sayid. - 你从哪 -- - 她听不懂, Sayid

[25:02.10]She understands me. Did you steal this water? 她能听懂


[25:12.41]Okay, just take it easy. All right? We just want to talk. All right? 好吧, 好好说, 好吗? 我们只想谈谈

[25:16.74]This had water in it. Is it yours? 这瓶子里有水, 是你的吗?

[25:22.78]Who gave you this? 谁给你的?

[25:33.13]- I don't see the water. - And? 我没看到他有水

[25:36.40]You go after him now, he'll give you nothing. 那么?

[25:36.79]你现在去问他, 他什么都不会给你

[25:38.63]But if you wait... 但如果你等

[25:40.90]...a rat will always lead you to its hole. 老鼠总会把你带到他的洞边的

[26:08.63]- Well, it's about time. - For what? - 好, 正是时候 - 什么时候?

[26:10.60]I made this birthday wish four years ago. 我四年前生日时, 许过这个愿

[26:12.63]Where's the water? 水在哪?

[26:19.01]- This is better. - Get off of me. 这下好点了


[26:23.84]- Give us the water now! - Yeah, touch me again, huh? 把水给我们

[26:26.48]You really think I stoled your damn water? 再碰我一下, 啊?


[26:28.75]- You gave two bottles to the Koreans. - I don't give nothing to nobody. 我们知道你给了韩国夫妇两瓶


[26:32.85]- It's not here. - I traded Mr. Miyagi 不在这

[26:33.98]我用仅存两瓶水和Miyagi先生 换了一条他抓到的鱼

[26:35.59]the last of my water for a fish he caught.

[26:37.69]- We worked it out caveman-style. - You gave him your last two bottles? 他用原始人的方法捉到的

[26:41.49]Water has no value, freckles. 你给了他你最后的两瓶水?

[26:41.78]水不值钱的, 笨蛋

[26:43.63]It's gonna rain sooner or later. 不久就会下雨的

[26:45.70]And, hell, I'm an optimist. 还有, 我是乐观者

[27:00.65]Hey. You forgot something. 嘿


[27:04.48]Seeing as you're the new sheriff in town, 看起来你是城里的新警官了

[27:06.95]might as well make it official. 这个会使你更正式

[27:17.30]How are they? 他们怎么样了?

[27:20.13]- The others. - Thirsty. 其他人?


[27:24.70]Hungry. Waiting to be rescued. 饥饿


[27:27.81]And they need someone to tell them what to do. 他们需要有人告诉他们该做什么

[27:31.24]Me? 我?

[27:35.98]- I can't. - Why can't you? 我不能

[27:38.39]- Because I'm not a leader. - And yet they all treat you like one. 为什么不能?



[27:42.26]I don't know how to help them. 我不知道该怎么帮他们

[27:44.82]I'll fail. I'll... 我会失败的

[27:48.06]I don't have what it takes. 我没有这方面的条件

[27:52.47]Why are you out here, Jack? 你来这做什么, Jack?

[27:57.17]- I think I'm going crazy. - Oh, you're not going crazy. 我想我是疯了

[28:01.11]No? 不, 你没疯

[28:02.18]Crazy people don't know they're going crazy. 没有?


[28:04.34]They think they're getting saner. 他们认为自己很正常

[28:07.65]So... 那么...

[28:11.22]...why are you out here? 你为什么来这?

[28:16.59]I'm chasing something. 我在追一个东西

[28:19.89]Someone. 一个人


[28:23.23]The White Rabbit. 一个白兔

[28:25.37]Alice in Wonderland. "爱丽丝梦游仙境"

[28:27.07]Yeah, Wonderland, because who I'm chasing... 是的

[28:29.08]是"仙境", 因为我追的人,

[28:31.94]...he's not there. 根本不存在

[28:33.31]- But you see him? - Yes. - 但你见到他了? - 是的

[28:36.41]But he's not there. 但他不存在

[28:39.35]And if I came to you and said the same thing, 如果我向你说同样的话

[28:42.15]then what would your explanation be, as a doctor? 作为医生, 你会怎么解释?

[28:44.95]I'd call it a hallucination. 我会称它为幻觉

[28:47.12]Result of dehydration. Post-traumatic stress. 脱水, 和精神压力造成的

[28:50.32]Not getting more than two hours of sleep a night. All of the above. 上个礼拜, 每晚睡眠不足两小时 都可以是原因

[28:53.66]All right. Then you're hallucinating. 好吧, 那么你产生了幻觉

[28:57.00]- But what if you're not? - Then we're all in a lot of trouble. 但如果它不是呢?


[29:06.44]I'm an ordinary man, Jack. 我是个普通的人, Jack

[29:08.58]Meat and potatoes. I live in the real world. 吃肉和土豆, 我生活在真实的世界里

[29:10.78]I'm not a big believer in... magic. 我不是很相信...


[29:15.95]But this place is different. 但这里不同

[29:20.05]It's special. 这里很特别

[29:22.32]The others don't want to talk about it because it scares them. 其他人不愿意讨论这个, 因为他们会害怕

[29:26.66]But we all know it. We all feel it. 但我们都知道, 我们能感觉到

[29:30.96]Is your White Rabbit a hallucination? Probably. 白兔是你的幻觉吗?

[29:34.43]But... 也许是


[29:36.40]...what if everything that happened here

[29:40.17]happened for a reason? 都是有原因的

[29:43.01]What if this person that you're chasing is really here? 如果你追的人真的在这呢?

[29:46.95]- That's impossible. - Even if it is, let's say it's not. 那不可能

[29:48.93]即使不可能, 我们先当它可能发生

[29:55.09]Then what happens when I catch him? 如果我追到他会怎么样?

[29:57.19]I don't know. 我不知道

[30:00.69]But I've looked into the eye of this island, 但我仔细看了这座小岛

[30:03.96]and what I saw... 我所看到的...

[30:09.54]...was beautiful. 都很美

[30:19.05]- Where are you going? - To find some more water. 等等, 你去哪?

[30:21.75]- I'll come with you. - No. 继续去找些水

[30:23.22]You need to finish what you started. 我和你一起去

[30:22.96]不, 你要去完成你起头的事情

[30:26.42]Why? 为什么?

[30:28.25]Because a leader can't lead... 因为一个领导者在领导别人之前 首先要清楚自己要做什么

[30:30.66]...until he knows where he's going.

[31:09.33]Police found him in an alley in Kings Cross. 警察在Kings街的小巷里找到他的

[31:11.66]Our tox screen showed a blood alcohol content 我们测量了他血液的酒精浓度

[31:14.37]which, for a man of his size, probably brought on myocardial infarction: 可以导致他这年纪的人心肌梗塞

[31:18.94]a sizable and fatal heart attack. 很大程度的, 致命的心脏病发作

[31:56.48]That's him. 是他

[34:34.73]... Oceanic Airlines, flight 125 nonstop to Singapore, 125号直航新加坡的航班将于9:40起飞 请从14号登机口登机...

[34:38.30]leaving from gate 14...

[34:40.01]You won't put it on the plane? 你说不能带上飞机是什么意思??

[34:42.21]I'm sorry. 很抱歉, Shephard先生, 但我们的原则是

[34:43.34]Our policy is that the body must have proper documentation.

[34:46.28]There is no latitude to... 你一定要有合理的文件才可以

[34:48.01]No latitude? No latitude? - 我们是不允许 -- - 不允许

[34:49.58]- Without the proper documents... - You can't do this to me. - 不允许 - 没有合理的文件 --

[34:52.49]- I'm ready to go now. - Perhaps another carrier... 听着, 你不能这样对我, 我已经准备走了

[34:55.25]No! - 也许换一架航班 - 不!

[35:02.26]I want you to listen to me. Okay? Because I'm asking you a favor. 你听我说, 好吗?

[35:06.30]Chrissy, I'm standing in front of you in the same suit 我需要你的帮助

[35:06.77]Chrissy, 我站在你面前穿的是

[35:10.74]that I'm wearing to my father's funeral, and I'm asking you a favor. 我参加我父亲葬礼时同一件西服 我想让你帮帮我

[35:15.27]In 16 hours, I need to land at LAX. 16小时之内, 我要飞回洛杉矶

[35:18.51]And I need that coffin to clear customs 我想要棺材通过海关, 因为有灵车在那边等待

[35:20.55]because there's gonna be a hearse waiting there.

[35:23.02]And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Why, Chrissy? 我想要那灵车载我和那棺材去墓地, 为什么?

[35:28.12]Why can't I bring him to a funeral home and make all the arrangements? Chrissy, 我为什么不把它带去殡仪馆 然后再做安排?

[35:31.49]Why can't I really take my time with it? Because... 我为什么要这么着急? 因为 --

[35:34.73]Because I need it to be done. 因为我想要尽快解决这事

[35:38.16]I need it to be over. 我想要它尽快结束

[35:42.80]I just... 我只是 --

[35:45.47]I need to bury my father. 我要葬了我父亲

[37:17.93]Hey. Hey, Claire. 嘿

[37:19.55]嘿, Claire

[37:26.27]- How did you get...? - Shh. - 你怎么弄到 -- - 嘘, 嘘

[37:30.11]Where'd you get that? 你从哪弄得?

[37:33.15]- Here's your thief. - Where'd he hide it? 这就是小偷!

[37:35.25]I don't know. This wanker had three bottles. - 他藏到哪了? - 我不知道

[37:37.58]Why did you do it, pretty boy? 这个贱人有3瓶水

[37:39.35]It was just sitting... It was just sitting in the tent. Jack just took off. 你为什么这么做? 呃?


[37:43.29]- Claire could've died. - I tried to give her some sooner. - Jack刚离开 - Claire差点死去

[37:44.39]我想过去给她一点, 我也不想的

[37:45.99]It got out of hand. - 没人会理解的 - 发生什么了?

[37:47.69]- What is going on? - Someone had to take responsibility. 需要有人来保管它们, 不然就会被喝光的!

[37:50.53]Forty would have never last...

[37:52.13]Leave him alone! 放开他!

[38:05.71]It's been six days, 已经6天了

[38:08.61]and we're all still waiting. 我们还在等待...

[38:11.78]Waiting for someone to come. 等待有人会来

[38:15.09]But what if they don't? 但如果他们不来呢?

[38:23.96]We have to stop waiting. 我们不能再等了

[38:28.83]We need to start figuring things out. 我们要好好想想了

[38:32.97]A woman died this morning just going for a swim. 一个女人今早死了 就是因为去游了个泳

[38:36.48]And he tried to save her, and now you're about to crucify him? 他试着去救她, 但现在你们却要攻击他

[38:42.45]We can't do this. 我们不能这样下去了

[38:44.88]"Every man for himself" is not gonna work. 人人为己已经行不通了

[38:50.86]It's time to start organizing. 是该组织起来的时候了

[38:53.63]We need to figure out how we're gonna survive here. 我们要开始考虑怎样才能生存下去了

[38:59.67]Now I found water, fresh water, up in the valley. 我找到水了

[39:02.66]新鲜的水, 在山谷里

[39:05.37]I'll take a group in at first light. If you don't wanna come, 明早我会带人去打水

[39:08.37]then find another way to contribute. 如果你不想去的话, 找别的方法做点贡献

[39:14.51]Last week, most of us were strangers. 上个礼拜, 我们大多数人都不认识

[39:20.25]But we're all here now. 但现在我们都走在了一起

[39:22.39]And God knows how long we're gonna be here. 天知道我们还要在这呆多久

[39:28.39]But if we can't live together, 但如果我们不能和睦相处

[39:33.83]we're gonna die alone. 我们会死去的




[40:20.51]So how's it feel? 感觉怎样?

[40:23.58]How's what feel? 什么感觉怎样?

[40:26.09]Taking my place at the top of everyone's most hated list. 取代我成为大家最恨的人

[40:33.39]Sucks, don't it? 很难受, 是吧?

[40:50.14]Thanks. 谢谢

[40:58.48]So where were you today, Jack? 你今天去哪了, Jack?

[41:06.06]Just had to take care of a few things. 去处理几件事

[41:12.40]That's all I'm gonna get, huh? 只能告诉我这些, 嗯?

[41:18.77]My father died. 我父亲去世了...

[41:21.41]In Sydney. 在悉尼

[41:27.61]I'm sorry. 很抱歉

[41:32.69]Yeah. 是的...

[41:36.02]I'm sorry too. 我也感到很抱歉

[41:52.22]“迷失 第一季 第五集” -=结束=-

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