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[00:20.02]Charlie. Charlie?

[00:21.98]Charlie. Charlie?

[00:23.89]- How about you and I go for a walk? - No. 我们出去走走怎么样?

[00:27.16]No thanks, Locke. I'm gonna stay in today. 不了

[00:27.25]不, 谢了, Locke. 我今天就呆在这里了

[00:29.49]Come on. 快啊

[00:31.03]Fresh air will do you good. 新鲜空气对你有好处的

[00:40.34]I take better pictures than that. 我有比那更好看的照片

[00:45.67]Smaller too, if you want something for your wallet. 也有更小的, 如果你想放在钱包里的话

[00:49.51]I just came by for a few things and this was... 我只是回来取点东西, 我只是 --

[00:53.31]This was with my stuff. 无意中找到了它

[00:58.22]So you're not staying? 你不会留下来?

[00:59.72]Call me a broken record, but caves are natural shelter. 不会的


[01:03.59]And a hell of a lot safer than living on the beach. 而且比这沙滩要安全多了

[01:06.93]- You're mad at me. - No. 你生我气了

[01:09.13]Kate, I'm... 没, Kate, 我 --

[01:12.33]I just don't understand why you won't come with me. 我只是不理解, 你为什么不跟我过去 -- 是我们

[01:15.00]Us. It's maybe a mile up there. If that. 那里离这也就1英里

[01:18.17]- I'm not setting up house here. - I want off this island too, 8天前飞机坠毁在这里, Jack.

[01:19.63]- 我不是要在这定居 - 我也想离开这座小岛

[01:21.34]but we know that's not gonna happen soon. 但我们都知道, 在短期内这是不可能的

[01:23.61]Sayid has a plan. Sayid有一个计划

[01:24.68]To find the source of the distress code. 是的, 要找到求救信号的发源地, 我知道

[01:26.92]The signal's coming from the island. 那个信号是从岛上某处发射的 如果我们能找到它 --

[01:29.12]The signal has been running on a loop for 16 years, Kate. 那个信号已经发射16年了, Kate

[01:32.75]And the woman that left it, she wasn't rescued. 发射信号的女人, 她也没有获救

[01:35.32]What makes you think it'll be any different? 你凭什么觉得我们会有所不同?

[01:37.69]I believe it. 我坚信

[01:39.59]I wish I shared your faith. 我希望我也能有你那种信念

[01:41.10]I wouldn't mind sharing a few things with her myself. 我不会介意和她有一样东西的

[01:45.33]What do you want, Sawyer? 你要做什么, Sawyer?

[01:47.04]Heard the doc here was vacating the premises. 听说医生要让出这个地方了

[01:49.57]Thought I'd lay claims to my new digs before somebody else. 我要赶在其他人之前占住这儿

[01:53.71]I could fix this place up. Might find somebody to share it with. 我可以把这建得很好的

[01:57.11]I'll talk to you later. 我还可以找个人和我分享这里


[02:15.00]Locke? Locke?

[02:18.23]Is that you? 是你吗?

[02:37.15]Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. 原谅我, 神父, 我做了错事

[02:42.99]It's been a week since my last confession. 我已经有一个礼拜没来忏悔了

[02:45.83]Go ahead, my son. 继续说, 孩子

[02:48.20]Last night, I had physical relations 昨晚, 我...


[02:53.40]with a girl I didn't even know.

[02:56.40]I see. 知道了, 还有吗?

[02:58.37]- Anything else? - Yeah.

[02:59.92]是的, 呃, 然后, 我又...

[03:01.71]Right after that I had...

[03:05.85]...relations with another girl. 和另一个女孩发生了关系

[03:10.42]Then straight after that, I watched 紧接着, 我又看着他俩...

[03:14.06]while they had...

[03:17.29]...relations with each other. 做了那事

[03:21.90]You see, it's my band, Father. 神父, 是我的乐队 -- Driveshaft

[03:24.53]Drive Shaft. 我们曾在曼彻斯特的俱乐部里演出, 然后, 呃...

[03:26.07]We've been playing the clubs in Manchester

[03:30.37]and we've been getting some heat. 有了些名气

[03:33.74]A following, you know, and... 是一个歌迷, 然后...

[03:38.41]The girls... 女孩们 --

[03:40.62]There's some real temptations that come with the territory... 非常的具有诱惑力

[03:45.49]...if you know what I mean. 你知道我说什么吧

[03:48.19]Well, we all have our temptations, 我们都会受到诱惑,

[03:50.29]but giving in to them, that's your choice. 但是接受它们 -- 那是你的选择

[03:53.29]As we live our lives, 在我们生命中

[03:55.83]it's really nothing but a series of choices, isn't it? 那只不过是一些选择罢了, 是吧?

[04:00.54]Well, then I've made my choice. 好, 那我作出了我的选择

[04:03.37]I have to quit the band. 我要离开乐队

[04:23.12]And "the meek shall inherit the earth." 这柔顺的性情应该传承给大地

[04:25.36]Liam, what are you doing? This is a church. Liam. 你在干什么? 这是教堂, 把腿拿下来

[04:27.70]- Get your boots off. - Relax, choir boy. 别紧张, 小鬼

[04:30.27]I bring good tidings of great joy. 我告诉你个好消息

[04:33.84]We've just been signed. A recording contract. 我们被签约了


[04:37.71]You're gonna be a rock god. 你将成为摇滚天皇

[05:00.03]Nice work, Charlie. 干得好, Charlie

[05:04.57]You make excellent bait. 你做诱饵做得不错

[05:07.57]I'm glad I could oblige. 很高兴能够帮你

[05:11.24]Now give me my bloody drugs. 把毒品给我

[05:28.53]片名:LOST - 迷失 第一季 第七集

[05:36.16]Did you hear what I said? 你听到我说什么了吗?

[05:39.00]I want my drugs back. I need them. 我要我的毒品

[05:41.94]Yet you gave them to me. 我需要它们!


[05:44.17]And I bloody well regret it. 嗯

[05:46.17]I'm sick, man. Can't you see that? 我他妈的后悔了!

[05:46.47]我很痛苦, 老兄!

[05:48.38]I think you're a lot stronger than you know, Charlie. 你看不出来吗?

[05:48.78]我认为你比自己想像中要坚强, Charlie

[05:51.28]And I'm gonna prove it to you. 我要证明给你看

[05:52.91]I'll let you ask me for your drugs three times. 我会让你问我要三次毒品

[05:55.45]The third time, I'll give them to you. 第三次问的时候, 我就给你

[05:57.52]Now, just so we're clear. This is one. 明白了吗, 这是第一次

[06:01.39]Why? Why? 为什么? 为什么? 你为什么要这样做?

[06:03.19]Why are you doing this? To torture me?

[06:05.69]Get rid of them and have done with it. 要折磨我?


[06:07.63]If I did that, you wouldn't have a choice. 如果我那样做, 你就没有选择了, Charlie

[06:09.83]Having choices, making decisions based on more than instinct 做出选择, 做出决定, 这些不出于本能的做法

[06:13.23]is the only thing that separates you from him. 是唯一可以把你和它分开的方法

[06:21.78]Three antennae. 三根天线

[06:23.75]Three points of a triangle. 三角形的三个点

[06:25.85]One here on the beach. 沙滩这里一个

[06:27.48]Another, Kate will position in the jungle, roughly two kilometers in. 另一个, Kate会放在丛林里一公里处

[06:31.82]And the third, I'll take to high ground up there. 第三个, 我会带去高处 -- 那里

[06:36.19]If the French transmission is coming from somewhere within our triangulation, 如果那法语信号


[06:40.56]I'll be able to locate the source. 我就能找到发射地

[06:42.73]- But there are two complications. - Of course there are. 但是有两个难题

[06:45.83]The power cells I've grafted onto the antennas are dry. 当然会有了


[06:49.80]No telling how long they'll last. 谁也确定不了它们会维持多久

[06:51.67]A minute. Maybe more. Maybe less. 一分钟, 也许更久, 也许更短

[06:54.98]So we have to wait until we're in position. 所以要等我们都就位了, 再打开它们?

[06:58.08]How are we gonna tell that we're in the right position? 等等


[07:01.18]We have no way to communicate with each other. 我们没法互相联络

[07:06.09]Bottle rockets? 火箭炮?

[07:07.16]Thank God for firework smugglers. When I'm in position, 要多谢那些偷带烟火的人

[07:10.36]I'll fire off my rocket. 当我就位了, 我会发射我的火箭炮

[07:12.09]When you two see it, you fire yours. 当你们看见了, 你们就放你们的

[07:15.06]As soon as the last one has gone up, we'll all switch on our antennas. 当最后一个发射出去的时候


[07:19.67]- You said two complications. - The battery in the transceiver's dead. 好, 但你说有两个难题


[07:23.50]Without the transceiver, all of this is for nothing. 没有了发射器, 这些都只是废物

[07:26.87]Something from a laptop would probably work, 笔记本电脑里可能会有东西会派上用场

[07:29.31]- But I've not found anything. - I think I might know where to look. 但我找不到


[07:35.12]You've been hoarding like a packrat, and you don't have a single laptop? 自从飞机坠毁, 你一直在到处搜寻东西


[07:39.35]We are testy. 你很容易生气啊

[07:41.39]Still upset about your little breakup? You and Jacko. 还在为分手的事伤心?

[07:44.36]It must be exhausting. 你和Jack?

[07:45.79]- What's that? - Living like a parasite. 你一定很累吧



[07:49.06]Always taking, never giving. 只会获取不会付出

[07:51.90]Boy, you got me pegged, don't you? 你是缠住我了, 是吧?

[07:53.90]I get it. You don't want off this island because there's nothing to go back for. 我知道了

[07:55.45]你不想离开这座岛, 因为没有什么值得你回去的

[07:58.61]Nobody you miss. And no one misses you. 你不想任何人


[08:02.58]Oh, you're feeling sorry for me. 噢, 你是在同情我吗?

[08:05.28]I don't feel sorry for you. I pity you. 我没有同情你


[08:20.26]All you had to do was say please. 你刚才只需要说个"请"

[08:30.10]What's in these things, cinder blocks? 老兄, 里面都放了什么, 砖头?

[08:32.67]Packed everything I thought useful, without leaving the others short-handed. 我把所有可能用得上的东西都带来了

[08:36.84]You guys need a hand? 嘿, 需要帮忙吗?

[08:38.15]I used to lug the band's equipment 我们乐队有管理员前, 我一直负责拖行李的

[08:40.55]before we had roadies, way back in the day.

[08:43.55]- Here, let me... - No, Charlie. The zipper's... - 让我来 -- - 别, Charlie, 拉链...

[08:46.69]...broken. 坏了

[08:50.39]- Sorry. I was trying to help. - I know. It's okay. 抱歉, 我只是想帮忙

[08:52.39]我知道, 没关系

[08:54.56]Hey, you wanna help me grab the rest of those bags? 嘿, 要帮我去拿余下的包吗?

[08:57.27]Oh, could I? 噢, 可以吗?

[09:11.61]What are you doing? 你在干什么?

[09:13.81]Oh, uh... I have a... headache. 噢, 呃... 有点头疼

[09:20.82]Diazepam. 安定片

[09:22.96]It's for anxiety. 这是治焦虑症的

[09:24.76]- I was looking for aspirin. - Pretty strong stuff for a headache. - 我是要找阿司匹林 - 用它治头疼有点过了

[09:29.60]- Yeah, right. - Hey. 是的, 没错

[09:32.30]- You okay? You're looking a little... - It's nothing. It's just a headache. 嘿, 你没事吧? 你看起来 --

[09:33.71]我 -- 不, 没事. 只是有点头疼

[09:37.94]Charlie, leave it. Go get some water. Maybe you're dehydrated. Charlie, 不用了, 去喝些水, 也许你脱水了

[09:41.31]Charlie, I got it. Charlie, 让我来

[09:43.74]Go take care of yourself, man. 去照顾好你自己

[09:46.75]I don't need you right now. 现在不需要你帮忙

[10:03.73]Come on, Charlie-boy, we can't do this without you. Charlie, 我们不能没有你

[10:06.80]You are bloody Drive Shaft. 你是他妈的Driveshaft的一员

[10:10.50]Watch the language. 注意你的语言

[10:13.01]This is our shot at the big time. 这是我们最好的机会

[10:15.31]What? You don't want to be famous? 什么? 你不想出名?

[10:17.48]It's not about that. I only care about the music. 不是因为那个, 我只在意音乐

[10:20.15]Your music, your songs that got us signed. 是的, 你的音乐. 是你的歌使我们签到合约的

[10:22.48]I'm just a clown with a pretty face that sings them. 我只是把它唱出来的一个有漂亮脸蛋的小丑

[10:25.22]You wanna take away my chance to be somebody? 你想夺走我成名的机会吗?

[10:27.79]Liam, it's not about you. Liam, 不是这样的

[10:29.66]It's... I love the band... 只是 --


[10:34.66]It's not who I am. Sometimes I just get lost in it. 但这不是我自己

[10:38.33]Won't happen. I'll be there looking out for you. 有时我会迷失自己

[10:38.56]不会的, 我会看着你的

[10:41.00]We'll look out for each other. What brothers do, right? 我们会互相照看的 -- 这才是兄弟该做的, 是吧?

[10:44.27]Right? 对吧?

[10:46.47]Wait, wait, wait. 等等, 等等! 等等!

[10:48.71]Just promise me one thing. 答应我一件事

[10:50.75]If things get too crazy, no matter what, 如果事情变得很糟

[10:54.15]if I say we're done, we walk away. 不管发生什么



[10:58.82]- We walk away. - Liam, promise. 我们就解散

[11:00.14]Liam, 答应我

[11:04.16]We walk away. 我们就解散

[11:06.79]You're the rock god, baby brother. 你是摇滚天皇, 兄弟

[11:13.10]- You wanker! 啊! 贱人!



[11:28.91]没事, 自己会好的





[11:50.37]Hey, dude, this yours? 嘿, 这是你的吗?

[11:52.51]Oh, yeah. 是的

[11:53.94]I play bass in Drive Shaft. 你可能很奇怪, 因为我是Driveshaft的贝司手

[11:56.28]I wrote a bunch of tunes on that. You All Everybody. 我用它做了好多曲子

[11:59.11]Listen, man. Jack just wants you to find another place for it. "You all, everybody" --

[11:59.43]老兄, Jack想让你换个地方放它

[12:02.62]He's moving supplies and says it's in the way. 他在搬运物品, 放在那很碍事

[12:11.33]You know, a lot of people look up to me. 你知道吗, 很多人仰慕我

[12:14.56]- They respect me, and you... - Charlie... 他们尊重我

[12:16.93]You treat me like a bloody child, some useless joke. 然而你 -- 你只把我当做是个小孩

[12:19.77]- What? - "Charlie's not good enough." 好像我是个没用的人一样


[12:21.97]- "Charlie's in the way." - Let me look at you. "Charlie 不会做这个,"

[12:22.37]"Charlie 碍事了"

[12:24.57]You'll look out for me? We'll look out for each other. 坐下, 让我来看看你

[12:24.87]噢, 你要看看我吗?

[12:27.58]Calm down. You're not yourself right now. 我们互相看看对方吧, 应该是这样的

[12:27.72]Charlie, 冷静下来, 好吗? 你已经不是你自己了

[12:29.81]You don't know me! I'm a bloody rock god! 你不了解我, 我是摇滚天皇!

[12:35.82]Oh, no. 噢, 不


[12:54.14]Charlie, where's Jack? Charlie, Jack在哪?

[12:59.31]Where's Jack? Jack在哪?

[13:09.98]Jack! Jack! Jack, 能听见吗?!

[13:11.95]- Jack, can you hear me? - I don't know what happened.

[13:15.19]We were talking and it came down. 我不知道发生什么了

[13:15.11]我们正在谈话, 就塌下来了, 发生的太快了

[13:16.82]- It happened so fast. - We gotta get help.

[13:19.39]- Go down to the beach and get help! - Okay, I'm on it. 老兄, 我们要找帮手

[13:19.93]Charlie, 去沙滩求助

[13:23.56]And make sure you tell Kate! 好的, 这就去


[13:28.07]What we're doing, 我们在做什么 --

[13:30.20]chasing some phantom distress signal, 追踪一个虚幻的求救信号 --

[13:33.27]what are the odds of this working? 成功的机会多大?

[13:35.18]No worse than the odds of us surviving that plane crash. 不比我们坠机幸存的机会小

[13:38.55]- People survive crashes all the time. - Not like this one. 坠机经常有幸存者的

[13:42.15]The tail section broke off when we were still in the air. 可我们这次不一样

[13:42.70]我们还在空中的时候, 机尾就已经断了

[13:45.19]Our section cart-wheeled, 我们坐的部分在丛林里不停的翻滚

[13:46.95]and yet we escaped with nothing but a few scrapes. 我们却生还了, 虽然身上有几处擦伤

[13:49.89]How do you explain that? 你怎么解释这个?

[13:52.09]Blind, dumb luck. 碰巧走运了

[13:54.40]No one's that lucky. We shouldn't have survived. 没人会那么走运的


[13:58.77]Sorry, Sayid, but some things just happen. 抱歉, Sayid,

[14:01.44]No rhyme, no reason. 有些事就是发生了 --

[14:01.75]没有规律, 没有原因

[14:04.10]Hey! 嘿!

[14:05.74]Hey! 嘿! 我们需要帮助!

[14:07.68]- We need help! - What's wrong, man?

[14:09.71]- It's Jack. He's trapped. - What? - 什么事? - 是Jack, 他被困住了

[14:11.71]- Our cave collapsed. We've got to go. - Hey, Scott? 什么?

[14:11.66]一个山洞塌了, 我们还不知道他是否活着

[14:14.62]- I'm Steve. - I'm Scott. - 快, 快走 - 嘿, 呃, Scott?

[14:15.92]We got an emergency. Let's go. - 我是Steve - 我是Scott

[14:16.02]有急事, 叫上几个人, 我们走

[14:17.92]- We gotta go now. - Come on, go. 现在就走

[14:20.09]Come on, let's go. 嘿, 快, 我们走

[14:22.86]Shannon, you have to be ready to do something important. Shannon, 你要准备好做一件非常重要的事情

[14:26.03]At 5:00 sharp, you need to be ready to turn that antenna on. 5点整


[14:29.93]- There's a switch at the base. - Why? 开关在底部

[14:33.30]Kate and Sayid are triangulating the French signal, 为什么?


[14:36.20]but the antenna's power is really weak, 但天线的能量很有限

[14:38.41]so you have to wait until they fire their bottle rockets. 所以你要等到他们发射火箭炮

[14:41.38]Then you fire this one, then you turn on the antenna. 然后你发射这个

[14:44.08]Got it? 然后就开启天线, 明白?

[14:46.51]- The switch is where now? - Did you hear a word I said? 开关在哪?

[14:49.55]- Can you or can't you do it? - Yeah, I can. 你听到我说什么了吗? 你能不能办到?

[14:52.09]Okay, okay. - 可以的 - 好, 好

[14:56.79]Wait. Kate. 等等, Kate

[14:58.59]- Hey, we have to tell Kate about Jack. - Sorry, sport, you just missed her. 嘿, 我们要告诉Kate关于Jack的事

[15:00.79]抱歉, 你刚好错过她

[15:02.46]Her and Muhammad headed into the woods. 它和穆哈默德10分钟前去丛林了

[15:04.77]- Which way? - Don't sweat it, amigo. 哪个方向?

[15:06.77]- I know which way they went. - But... 别慌, 朋友, 我知道他们往哪走了

[15:08.64]I'll tell her. You just keep doing whatever it is you do around here. - 是的, 但 -- - 我会告诉她的

[15:09.88]你继续做... 你应该做的就好了

[15:28.32]* You all everybody ^You all, everybody

[15:31.66]* You all everybody ^you all, everybody

[15:35.20]* Acting like you're stupid people ^acting like it's stupid people

[15:38.50]* Wearing expensive clothes ^wearing expensive clothes

[15:41.84]* You all everybody ^you all, everybody

[15:45.94]* You all everybody ^you all, everybody

[15:51.05]* You all everybody * ^you all, everybody^

[16:01.26]All right! All right, all right. 好的

[16:03.76]Hey, mate. Thanks for coming in. 好的, 好的

[16:04.60]嘿, 老兄, 干得好



[16:12.27]What the hell was that? 刚才怎么回事?

[16:13.67]Another kick-ass show. You were bloody brilliant. 又一个成功的演出, 你干得太好了

[16:16.54]I sing the chorus to You All Everybody. 应该我来唱 "you all, everybody."的合声

[16:18.67]Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. 噢, 对了, 很抱歉

[16:20.41]I got caught up in the moment. Like the crowd wanted it, you know. 那时我太投入了, 观众们也很高兴

[16:23.91]I know, but if I start and then you come in after... 是的, 我知道, 但如果我开始, 然后你再切入 --

[16:26.68]She's cool. Let her in. 我认识她! 让她进来!

[16:28.15]It won't happen again. I promise. 不会再发生了, 我发誓

[16:32.09]Hello, lovely. 亲爱的

[16:44.93]Chill, baby brother. 冷静, 兄弟

[17:00.71]- Hey. Hey, wait! - Jack's in there. 嘿! 嘿, 等等! 等等, Jack在里面

[17:03.38]Let me check it out before you move things. 移动石块之前, 让我来检查一下它们是否松动 --

[17:05.92]- If it's unstable... - How do you know?

[17:08.06]Eight years of construction work. I don't want you near the rocks. - 你怎么知道 -- - 8年的施工经验

[17:09.64]嘿, Walt, 回去, 不要接近石头, 好吗?

[17:11.59]- Take the dog. - You should get Mr. Locke. 把狗也带走

[17:13.89]Locke's in the jungle killing stuff. Who knows where he is. 你们应该找Locke先生

[17:14.36]Locke在丛林里捕猎, 谁知道他会在哪

[17:21.80]All right. This area here is load bearing. 好, 这里是承重的地方

[17:24.81]We gotta dig where there's no danger of the wall buckling in. 我们要在没有塌陷危险的地方挖洞

[17:32.41]All right, here. We dig in here so the wall doesn't collapse. 好, 我们从这挖, 墙就不会塌了

[17:35.68]Four at a time, by hand, till we can find some kind of shovel. 一次四个人, 用手来, 直到我们找到铁铲之类的东西

[17:39.09]We take shifts and go slow. 一个传一个, 慢慢来

[17:41.26]Whoever isn't digging should be clearing the rocks 没参加挖掘的人负责清理我们挖出的石头

[17:43.99]and bringing water to who is working. Okay? Let's move. 并拿水给干活的人, 好吗?

[17:46.19]开始行动, 快

[17:54.70]Hey. 嘿

[17:56.07]What the hell are you doing here? 你在这干什么?

[17:58.01]Easy. I just came to tell you something. 简单

[18:00.77]What makes you think I'm interested in anything you have to say? 我只是来告诉你件事


[18:13.52]You were right about me. 我只是来告诉你, 你对我的评价是正确的

[18:15.89]That I don't help anyone but myself. 我除了自己谁都不会帮

[18:19.19]Well, here I am. Ready to pitch in. 可现在, 我来了, 来帮忙

[18:22.43]You're here to help? 你来帮忙的?

[18:25.97]Hey, you act any more surprised, I'm gonna get offended. 嘿!

[18:27.68]你表现得很惊讶, 我有被冒犯的感觉

[18:42.28]Something wrong, Charlie? 出什么事了吗, Charlie?

[18:45.22]Yeah. Jack. 是的

[18:47.99]He's... Jack.

[18:48.28]他, 呃...

[18:49.99]There's been an accident in the caves. 山洞那出了点事

[18:52.79]Jack's trapped in a cave-in. Jack被困在洞里了

[18:56.63]- Is anyone trying to get him out? - There's a bunch of people there now. 有人在救他出来吗?

[18:58.52]有, 现在那有好多人

[19:00.87]And why aren't you with them? 你为什么不跟他们在一起?

[19:12.38]You didn't come to tell me about Jack, did you? 你不只是来告诉我Jack的事的吧?

[19:17.38]I want my stash, Locke. 我想要回我的东西, Locke

[19:21.99]I can't stand feeling like this. 我再也忍受不下去了

[19:27.83]Come here. Let me show you something. 过来, 让你看一样东西

[19:37.20]What do you suppose is in that cocoon, Charlie? 你认为这茧里有什么, Charlie?

[19:41.44]I don't know. A butterfly, I guess. 不知道, 可能是一只蝴蝶

[19:43.64]It's much more beautiful than that. That's a moth cocoon. 不, 比那个要美许多, 是个飞蛾的茧

[19:47.58]It's ironic. Butterflies get all the attention. 我说的是反话, 蝴蝶吸引了多数人的注意, 但飞蛾 -- 它们会吐丝

[19:50.28]But moths, they spin silk.

[19:52.55]- They're stronger, faster... - That's wonderful, but... 它们更强壮, 速度更快

[19:55.66]You see this little hole? - 那很好, 但 -- - 你看见这个小洞了吗?

[19:59.66]This moth's just about to emerge. 飞蛾就要破茧而出了

[20:01.76]It's in there right now, struggling. 它现在在里面, 挣扎着

[20:03.83]It's digging its way through the thick hide of the cocoon. 它在里面挖着它的路

[20:07.00]Now, I could help it. 我可以帮它 --

[20:10.90]Take my knife, gently widen the opening, 用我的小刀

[20:14.51]and the moth would be free. 轻轻的开一个小口, 飞蛾就自由了

[20:16.24]But it would be too weak to survive. 但它将很难生存

[20:20.48]The struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. 挣扎是自然的一种加强自己的方法

[20:23.85]Now, this is the second time you've asked me for your drugs back. 这是你第二次向我要你的毒品

[20:30.72]Ask me again and it's yours. 再问我要一次, 它就是你的了

[20:43.27]Keep going. Keep going.

[20:56.45]We're through. We got a hole. 打通了! 挖出洞了!

[20:59.09]Jack! Jack! 能听见吗, Jack?

[21:00.65]Jack! Can you hear me, Jack?

[21:06.56]Come on, dude, answer me. 快, 老兄, 回答我

[21:11.63]- Oh! - I hear him!

[21:13.77]- He's alive. - Jack, bro, you okay? 我听到他了! 他还活着!

[21:14.76]Jack, 兄弟, 你没事吗?

[21:17.80]I'm pinned. I can't move. 我被压住了, 我不能动弹

[21:25.01]I can't move. 我不能动了

[21:28.98]What do we do? How do we get him out? 我们怎么办?


[21:36.16]- Charlie was with me. - He's okay. He made it out. Charlie和我在一起!

[21:38.96]- Listen, Jack? - Yeah? - 他没事, 他跑出来了 - 嘿, 听着, Jack?

[21:41.23]We're gonna get you out of there, okay? 我们会把你救出去的

[21:56.08]We'll place the second antenna here. 把第二个天线架到这里

[21:58.25]You want to help? 想帮忙吗?

[22:03.68]Attach this antenna up in that tree. As high up as you can. 把天线挂到树上, 越高越好

[22:07.92]Golly, thanks, boss. 多谢, 老板

[22:16.13]Five o'clock. Watch for my flare. 5:00.

[22:18.73]Then it's your turn. 看到我的烟火, 就轮到你了

[22:20.70]I don't trust him. 我不相信他

[22:23.20]Who does? 谁会相信?

[22:27.37]I don't trust him with you. 我不放心他和你在一起

[22:30.28]I can handle him. 我能管好他的

[22:40.45]Okay. We can't safely make that tunnel any bigger. 安全起见, 我们不能再扩大洞口了

[22:43.62]But since Jack can't get out, one of us is gonna have to go in and unpin him. 由于Jack自己出不来


[22:47.56]- Crawl through that? - He means someone smaller. 什么, 从那爬进去?


[22:52.23]Dude, we don't understand Chinese. - 老兄, 我不懂中文 - 韩文

[22:54.23]Korean, man.

[22:57.27]- They're Korean. - I'll do it. 他们是韩国人

[22:58.77]- 让我来 - Charlie?


[23:03.41]No, man. You're still too shook up. 不, 你还没完全镇静下来, 我也许能挤进去

[23:05.45]- I might be able to squeeze... - Wait. 等等, 如果有什么意外, 谁来照顾你儿子?

[23:07.55]Who's gonna take care of your son if something happens?

[23:12.82]She's got a husband. He's got a sister. 她有丈夫在, 他有妹妹

[23:15.82]I'm alone here. 我孤身一人

[23:18.79]No one on the island. 没有其他亲人在岛上

[23:22.83]Let me do this. 让我来吧

[23:34.21]Still ain't five, just like the last time you checked. 还没到5点, 就和上次你看表时一样

[23:37.18]I don't want to miss Sayid's signal. 我只是不想错过Sayid的信号

[23:39.38]I'll fire the flare, you set off the antenna. 记着, 我点燃烟火, 你去开启天线

[23:41.98]I just thank the good Lord I got you here to keep reminding me. 我要多谢主, 让你在这不停的提醒我

[23:45.69]It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. 这不是个好活, 但总要有人来作

[23:51.43]So, what is it about that guy? 你觉得那人怎么样?

[23:56.03]Jack. Jack?

[23:57.80]What is it about him that makes you all weak in the loins? 他身上的什么使你们都...


[24:02.80]Do you try to be a pig or does it just come naturally? 你想当猪, 还是你本身就是?

[24:06.94]It's that he's a doctor, right? Yeah, ladies dig the doctors. 他是个医生, 对吧?

[24:09.26]对了, 女人们都喜欢医生

[24:11.61]Hell, give me a couple of Band-Aids, a bottle of peroxide, 给我几条创可贴

[24:14.65]I could run this island too. 一瓶双氧水, 我也可以领导这座岛

[24:16.68]You're actually comparing yourself to Jack? 你是在拿自己跟Jack比较?

[24:22.16]The difference between us ain't that big, sweetheart. 我们之间的差异没有那么大, 宝贝

[24:25.83]I guarantee you if he had survived a few more weeks on this island, 我保证如果他还能在岛上活几个礼拜的话

[24:29.36]you'd have figured that out. 你就会了解了

[24:32.57]What did you just say? 你刚才说什么?

[24:38.71]Ah, damn. Didn't I tell you? 啊, 妈的, 我没告诉你吗?

[24:42.01]Word from the valley is Saint Jack got himself buried in a cave-in. 从山谷传来的消息是, Jack被困在一个山洞里了

[24:48.22]- What? - Look at the bright side, 什么?

[24:50.72]now you have someone else to pity. 往好处想, 现在你有另一个人要可怜了

[25:03.53]Listen, man. Go slow, all right? 听着, 慢慢走

[25:06.10]Try not to nudge any of the rocks around you. 试着不要碰到你周围的石块

[25:09.04]- Anything else? - Yeah. Good luck. 还有吗?



[25:13.77]- Be safe, man. - Good luck, Charlie. 小心点, 老兄

[25:15.82]祝你好运, Charlie

[25:17.48]All right. Thanks, guys. 好, 多谢了

[25:45.54]Drive Shaft! Drive Shaft! Drive Shaft!

[25:52.51]Everybody wants a piece. Everybody wants more.

[25:55.65]Everybody wants another piece.

[25:58.62]They can't leave you alone when you're on top...

[26:01.29]Bloody hell. 妈的

[26:03.96]Hey, baby brother. Grab a bird and sit down. 嘿, 兄弟, 抓一个妞, 然后过来坐

[26:08.60]Get out. You too, get out. 出去

[26:10.52]你也是, 出去

[26:12.27]- Out! - Out? 出去!

[26:13.77]Come on. Now! 快, 现在

[26:15.34]Come back in five minutes. 5分钟以后回来

[26:22.54]Sound check. You missed sound check. 调试音量

[26:25.61]You don't show up for rehearsal. We've got a show in an hour. 你错过了音量调试


[26:28.72]Ooh! A show. I like shows. 一小时后我们就要演出了

[26:28.49]噢, 演出, 我喜欢演出

[26:33.69]Oh, yeah. 啊

[26:37.46]All right. That's it. 好吧

[26:39.09]After tonight, we cancel the rest of the tour. 就这样

[26:39.86]今晚之后, 我们取消余下的巡回演出

[26:42.36]- What? - We walk away. 什么?

[26:44.66]Are you off your head? 然后解散

[26:45.97]Like we said we would if things got... 你疯了吗?

[26:46.42]像我们开始时说的, 我们解散, 如果事情变得 --

[26:48.03]Walk away and go where? 解散然后做什么?

[26:51.34]You're killing yourself with this junk. You're destroying Drive Shaft. Liam, 这些垃圾会害死你的

[26:55.14]I am Drive Shaft! - 你在毁了Driveshaft! - 我就是 Driveshaft!

[26:57.24]No one even knows who the sodding bass player is. 根本没人知道贝司手是谁

[27:00.85]This is it, Charlie. End of the rainbow. 就这样, Charlie

[27:03.75]You really think you can walk away? 彩虹的尽头


[27:06.49]Then what, eh? 然后呢, 呃?

[27:08.05]Face it. If you're not in this band, what the bloody hell use are you? 面对现实吧, 离开了这乐队, 你还有什么用?

[27:17.03]- Liam. - Piss off! Liam.


[28:24.26]Charlie? Charlie?!

[28:26.13]Charlie, move! Charlie, 快走!

[28:28.37]Charlie! 嘿, Charlie!

[29:00.73]I'm, uh... 我, 呃...

[29:02.00]I'm here to rescue you. 我是来救你的

[29:09.08]- We try again. - We can't leave them. - 我们再试试 - 我们不能就这样 --

[29:11.08]- They're gonna run out of air. - Stop talking. I'm trying to think. 如果我们不动, 里面就会开始缺氧的

[29:13.01]嘿, 不要再讲了好吗? 我正在想办法!

[29:14.61]Where is he? 他在哪? 他在哪?

[29:16.05]- Where is he? - Kate. Kate --

[29:17.78]Where is he? Where's Jack? 他在哪? Jack在哪?

[29:26.76]He's in there. 他在里面

[29:32.93]Does anyone know if he's alive? 有谁知道他还活着吗?

[29:36.47]- Is he alive? - We don't know. - 他活着吗?! - 我们不知道

[29:38.20]Charlie went in there through a tunnel that we dug. Charlie从我们挖的洞进去了

[29:41.24]But it collapsed. 但又塌了

[29:46.08]Why is nobody digging? 为什么大家不继续挖?

[29:55.29]Give it to me. Give it to me.

[29:59.99]Okay. One, two... 好, 1, 2... 3!

[30:03.50]... three!

[30:06.57]- Oh! - Sorry, Jack. Sorry.

[30:08.27]抱歉, Jack. 抱歉

[30:09.97]You all right? 你没事吗?

[30:13.81]- My shoulder's dislocated. - What? 我肩膀脱臼了


[30:18.51]- You're gonna have to pop it back in. - No, I can't. 你要把它复位

[30:21.31]- I need your help. - I can't do it. - 不, 我不能 - 我需要你的帮助

[30:23.25]- Yes, you can. - I can't. - 我不能, Jack - 你可以的

[30:24.55]Yes, you can. 你可以的

[30:27.19]Okay. 好吧

[30:28.82]What do I... What do I do? 我该怎么 -- 怎么做?

[30:32.66]- Take my hand. - This hand? Okay. 抓住我的手

[30:35.26]Okay, wait. Okay. 再等一下, 好, 等等

[30:37.50]Now, when I tell you to, pull as hard as you possibly can. 好了, 好了

[30:37.85]当我叫你的时候, 你就用力拉

[30:42.44]I don't know if... Jack, 我不知道我能否 -- 我不能 --

[30:44.27]You can do this, Charlie. 你能做到的, Charlie

[30:47.24]Okay, okay, okay. 好吧, 好吧, 好吧

[30:57.58]Now. 现在

[31:28.98]Charlie. What are you doing here? Charlie.

[31:31.92]A bloke can't pay his big brother a visit? 你来这做什么?

[31:32.39]怎么, 小弟不能来拜访自己的老大哥吗?

[31:34.42]Of course you can. Why didn't you call, you lunatic? 当然可以了, 为什么不给我打电话呢

[31:37.59]What are you doing in Sydney? 你来悉尼干什么?

[31:40.29]It's all lined up, Liam. 全都办妥了, Liam

[31:41.93]Eight weeks on tour, opening for some band called Meat Coat. 和一个叫"Meat Coat"的乐队 8个礼拜的巡回演出

[31:47.63]First gig's in Los Angeles. 首站是洛杉矶

[31:51.14]LA, Liam. 洛杉矶, Liam

[31:53.91]This is a chance to get back on a label. 这次是重新复出的机会

[31:57.28]A real one. 真正的机会

[32:00.91]This is our comeback. 这是我们的复出的机会

[32:03.58]Charlie, I don't want to come back. Charlie, 我不想回去了

[32:08.89]Yeah. Right. Well... 好吧, 不过有件事

[32:11.59]Here's the thing.

[32:13.96]They won't book Drive Shaft without you. 没有你, 他们不会承认Driveshaft的

[32:20.77]So, I'm asking... 所以我来求你..

[32:23.30]...as a brother... 以兄弟的身份...

[32:26.77]...the way you asked me. 和你求我时一样

[32:29.38]You were with me the night I missed Megan's birth. 错过Megan出生那天, 我和你在一起

[32:32.91]You were the one I was stumbling around Dresden with trying to find a fix. 是你和我一起堕落, 一起吸毒的

[32:43.92]- You're still using, aren't you? - Don't change the subject. - 啊, 你还在用, 是吧? - 噢, 别转移话题

[32:47.16]That's why you haven't returned my calls. 所以你才没回我电话

[32:49.50]- You gonna do this tour? - You said you'd get help. - 你要不要和我们参加巡回演出? - 你说你会寻求帮助的

[32:52.13]I lost your number. - 我弄丢了你的电话号码 - 你还在吸毒

[32:53.23]- You're still a junkie. - You did this to me! 是你对我做的这些!

[32:56.00]It was about the music. 我是为了音乐!

[33:01.81]Music, Liam. 音乐, Liam

[33:05.61]You took that away from me. 你把它从我这夺走了

[33:08.08]Listen. 你为什么不在悉尼和我们呆几个礼拜

[33:10.12]Why don't you stay with us for a few weeks?

[33:12.39]Karen and me, we can get you help. Karen还有我, 我们可以帮你的

[33:14.35]- Sydney's got really good programs... - Forget it. 悉尼有很好的治疗课程

[33:17.82]Don't go. 算了吧

[33:19.23]- Thanks for your help. - Stay. Please. 别走

[33:19.63]- 多谢你的帮助, 老兄 - 请别走

[33:21.73]- I was just looking out for you. - You never looked out for me. 我只是要照看你


[33:29.30]I have a plane to catch. 我要赶飞机

[33:42.22]How long has it been? 有多久了, Charlie?

[33:45.08]I don't know what you're going on about. 我不懂你在说什么

[33:47.25]How long since your last fix? 上次吸毒是什么时候?

[33:55.70]Almost a day and a half. 快一天半了

[33:57.83]How's the withdrawal treating you? Any hallucinations? 戒毒的感觉怎么样?


[34:02.50]Apart from the conversation I had with you about an hour ago in the jungle. 除了一个小时前我和你的那段对话之外?

[34:06.34]No, not really. 不, 那就没有了

[34:09.51]Why didn't you say anything? I could've helped you through this. 你为什么不告诉我?


[34:14.75]Yeah. You thinking I'm useless and a junkie to boot. 你会觉得我是个没用的瘾君子吗?

[34:18.15]Useless? You're not useless. 没用的?

[34:21.62]That took a lot of guts getting in here and trying to rescue me. 谁说没用


[34:25.89]I won't forget that. 我不会忘记的

[34:27.83]For the rest of our lives? 今生都不会?

[34:34.50]At the rate we're using our oxygen in here, that won't be too long. 以我们现在利用氧气的速度,


[34:41.81]This place reminds me of confession. 这地方 --


[34:45.34]Those little claustrophobic booths. 在这个又小又封闭的空间

[34:49.92]I wouldn't have taken you for a religious man. 我没看出来你还是信教的

[34:53.85]I used to be. 我曾经是

[34:56.39]You want to hear my confession? 嘿, 你想听我的忏悔吗?

[34:58.93]It might take a while. 可能会很久

[35:01.33]Hey, I'm no saint, either. 嘿, 我也不是圣人

[35:07.13]What's wrong? 怎么了?

[35:09.37]- It's a moth. - A what? 有只飞蛾

[35:12.11]Right behind you. There's a bloody moth in here. 什么?

[35:12.55]在你后面, 看, 看


[35:15.64]Look. 看

[35:19.58]Charlie, what are you doing? Charlie, 你在干什么?

[35:38.03]Kate, you need to take a break. 嘿, Kate, 你需要休息一下

[35:41.80]I'm fine. 我没事

[35:46.84]We've got enough people to dig. 我们有足够的人手来挖的

[35:48.81]You keep going at this pace, you're gonna kill yourself. 如果按这个速度挖下去的话, 你会累死自己的

[35:56.08]There's light. 有光亮

[35:58.25]- What? - I can see light. 什么?


[36:34.35]- Hey, it's the doctor!

[36:36.43]嘿, 是医生!

[36:52.54]Oh! Ow! Easy. 噢, 轻点!

[36:55.11]My shoulder, careful. 我的肩膀

[36:58.64]- How did you get out? - Charlie. 小心


[37:00.98]- Charlie found a way out. - Dude, you rock. Charlie, Charlie找到的出口

[37:02.44]老兄, 太强了!

[37:06.99]You okay? 你没事吧?

[37:07.68]你没事吗? 干得好

[37:16.06]- Nice work. - You did it. - 干得好 - 谢谢, 谢谢

[37:17.76]Thanks. Thank you.

[37:39.32]All right, everyone. Now it's your turn. 好了, 大家, 该你们了

[37:41.92]- We're in Malibu part of the year, 我们常年都呆在Maibu, 但那里的男人都很傻 --

[37:44.52]but the guys there are such idiots...

[37:50.30]Damn it. 该死的!

[37:52.60]Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. 该死! 该死!

[38:06.21]Come on, Kate. Come on. One more. One more. 快, Kate, 快

[38:08.98]Come on, Kate. Come on. 再来一个, 快, Kate

[38:14.89]Yes. Yes. 很好, 好极了

[38:26.73]Where are you? 你在哪?

[38:30.24]Yes! 太好了!

[38:34.07]Where are you? Where are you? 你在哪? 你在哪?

[38:56.66]Dude, you feeling okay? 老兄, 你没事吧? 你看起来 --

[38:58.66]- You look a little... - Flu. 感冒, 他得感冒了

[39:00.53]- He's got the flu. - Oh, man, that's rough. 噢, 真糟糕

[39:03.07]After all you've been through. Take it easy, man. 你经历了这么多事, 别担心

[39:26.56]I think I'm gonna stretch my legs. 我出去伸伸腿

[39:43.64]This place is cool. Can we live here? 这地方太好了, 我们能住在这吗?

[40:02.73]Made you something. 为你做的

[40:04.26]Aw. My very first sling. 啊, 我带的第一个吊带

[40:08.43]How's that? 怎么样?

[40:10.70]Good. 很好

[40:12.91]Thank you. 谢谢

[40:16.04]So these are the safe caves you've been going on about. 这就是你一直在说的安全的山洞?

[40:20.11]This was a fluke. 那只是个意外

[40:21.65]Michael checked out the integrity of the rest, gave them an okay. Michael 查了一下其余的山洞, 他说没事

[40:28.25]- You're headed back to the beach, huh? - Sayid should be back by now, 你要回沙滩去了, 啊?

[40:30.28]Sayd应该已经回去了, 如果他的计划成功了 --

[40:31.92]and if his plan worked, then...

[40:33.63]Then we're one step closer to getting off this island. 我们离逃离这座小岛就又近了一步

[40:46.74]Thanks for the sling, Kate. 谢谢你的吊带, Kate

[40:49.91]You're welcome. 不用谢

[41:13.00]Give them to me. 把它给我

[41:18.84]This is the third time. 这是第三次了

[41:20.91]- Are you sure you really want it? - I've made my choice. - 你确定你真的要吗 -- - 我做了我的选择

[41:56.01]I'm proud of you, Charlie. 我为你感到自豪, Charlie

[42:01.85]I always knew you could do it. 我就知道你能办到的

[42:37.24]“迷失 第一季 第七集” -=结束=-

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