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[00:02.00]Previously on Lost: 前情提要

[00:03.67]- Mayday! Mayday!

[00:06.40]French! The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French! 是法国人!有法国人来了!


[00:09.90]- Does anyone speak French? - She does. - 有人会法语吗? - 她

[00:15.84]I'm alone now. 我现在一个人

[00:17.68]On the island alone. 一个人在岛上

[00:19.51]Please, someone come. 拜托,请来救救我吧

[00:22.58]The others, they're... They're dead. 其他人,他们都--

[00:26.02]It killed them. 他们都死了


[00:29.32]It killed them all." 全都死了

[00:34.43]- I can't stay here. - There's nowhere to go. - 我在这呆不下去了 - 但你哪也去不了

[00:37.40]Someone has to walk the shore and map the island. 总得要有人要沿着海滩把小岛的地图大致画出来

[00:39.73]See what else there is. 看看还有什么其他东西

[00:42.04]I hope we meet again. 希望我们能再见面

[02:35.88]- What's happening? - You know what's happening. 发生了什么事?


[02:38.85]- But I don't understand. Why...? - It was your responsibility, 但我还是不明白,为什么 --

[02:43.02]but you gave him away, Claire. 你得对他负责,Claire,但你把他抛弃了

[02:47.26]- Everyone pays the price now. 现在每个人都得付出代价

[03:41.62]Hey, hey, hey, hey! It's Charlie! It's Charlie!

[03:46.42]Wait, wait, wait a minute!

[03:50.19]It's okay! It's okay.


[03:54.76]- It's all right. You were dreaming. 喂,喂,你在做梦呢

[04:00.40]You were sleepwalking. All right? 你在梦游呢,知道吗?

[04:04.41]Okay. 好了好了

[04:07.68]Claire, what happened? Claire,发生了什么?

[04:25.53]片名:LOST - 迷失 第一季 第十集

[04:33.13]Must have been a hell of a nightmare. 你肯定做了个噩梦

[04:36.87]Who said it was a nightmare? 谁说是噩梦?

[04:39.91]When someone makes a fist so tight 我得说有人把拳头攥得如此之紧

[04:41.78]they dig their nails a quarter of an inch into their palms, 指甲都深进了掌心

[04:44.65]they probably weren't dreaming about riding ponies. 那他可能不会是在做美梦吧

[04:48.22]- Did you ever sleepwalk before? - No. I don't think so. - 你以前也曾经梦游过吗? - 不,应该没有过吧

[04:52.69]- How would I know? - It'd get back to you. - 我怎么能知道呢 - 那就是你的事了

[04:56.09]I had a girlfriend once that, uh, told me I talked in my sleep. 我以前的一个女友告诉我说我睡觉的时候要说梦话

[04:59.49]- What did you say? - Don't know. - 都说了些什么? - 不知道

[05:02.56]Whatever it was, she didn't like it. 不管说了些什么,她都不喜欢

[05:08.40]- How was your OBIG YN in Sydney? - Good. She was good. 你在Sydney的妇产科医生怎样?


[05:12.87]She was okay with letting you fly in your third trimester? 她同意让你在怀胎9个月的情况下坐飞机吗?

[05:17.31]Yeah, I went for a checkup a week before, and she said it would be fine. 是的,我一周前做过检查,她说不会有事的

[05:21.52]- Ultrasound was cool? - Mm-hmm. Very healthy. - 超声检查如何? - 恩,非常健康

[05:27.79]- How you been feeling? - Okay. Back's pretty sore, - 这段时间感觉怎样? - 还好


[05:32.49]but probably just from sleeping on the ground. 估计是睡在地上的缘故

[05:35.43]I get dizzy if I stand up too fast. 起身稍微快一点的话,就会感到有点头晕

[05:38.93]- And I have to pee all the time. 小便非常频繁

[05:42.64]- You eating enough? - Boar and bananas. - 吃得够吗? - 野猪和香蕉

[05:46.34]How many weeks in are you? 你怀上多久了?

[05:47.84]What was the date that you found out that you were pregnant? 什么时候发现你怀孕的?

[05:54.05]- Is it pink? - I don't know. - 是粉红色的吗? - 我还不知道呢

[05:55.75]I mean, did you actually pee on it? 我的意思是,你真的做了测试了吗?

[05:57.45]- Just give me a second. - Maybe you didn't do it right. - 恩...等等 - 也许你并没做吧?

[06:00.09]- Thomas, I can pee on a stick. - What color is it? - Thomas,我能尿在试纸上 - 什么颜色?

[06:02.42]How long's it been? - 多久了? - 啊,6-- 66秒吧

[06:03.76]- Six... 66 seconds. Oh, gosh. - Shh.

[06:06.49]- 噢,天-- - 嘘,嘘

[06:08.83]- Okay, there's definitely two lines. - Two pink lines? 好了,这上面清楚的有两条线

[06:11.60]Pink? No, no, no. These are, like, red. - 两条粉红色的线? - 粉红色?不,不,不,看起来更像红色吧

[06:14.14]What? 什么?

[06:15.97]They're pink. 是粉红色的

[06:17.14]These two lines... First of all, these tests are not always accurate. - 这两条线 -- - 是粉红色的


[06:20.94]No, no, no. My uncle, you know, we thought he had testicular cancer. Thomas!


[06:24.28]- You remember that? - He did. He's dead. 我们曾经以为他得了睾丸癌,还记得吗?

[06:25.05]- 是的,他得了,现在已经死了 - 恩,是的--

[06:26.98]Well, yeah... I mean, no, no. It was like a wrong... 我的意思是,不,不,结果后来发现错了--

[06:29.78]It was a bad diagnosis. This thing doesn't mean for sure you're pregnant. 诊断错误了


[06:33.59]- Thomas! - Get another. - Thomas! - 我们该去另外再做个测验

[06:34.96]I am six weeks late, okay? Six weeks. That never happens. 我的例假已经晚了六个星期了,知道吗?六个星期

[06:39.66]I'm pregnant. 不会来了,因为我怀孕了

[06:44.77]Okay. Okay, look, it's all gonna be okay. 好了,好了,听说我,一切都会好起来的

[06:49.57]I know. I know. 我知道,我知道

[06:55.41]Hey, Claire... Claire...

[06:59.05]You know, if we wanted to, we could do this. 我说,如果我们想要的话,也许我们可以要这孩子

[07:03.15]- Stop it. - No, I'm not kidding. 别说了

[07:05.62]- My mom would disown me. - She basically has already. - 不,我没有在开玩笑 - 我妈妈不会认我了


[07:10.99]Yeah, and but with what? I mean, my $5-an-hour job at Fish 'n Fry? 上的,但还有什么?我是说,我在Fish n' Fry那个5美元一小时的工作?

[07:15.53]You're not the only one with a job, you know? I mean, I've got my painting. 但并不是只有你一个人有工作,知道吗?


[07:21.57]That's sweet, but... 听起来不错,但...那并不是我们想要的

[07:25.17]- This isn't what we want. - Maybe it is.


[07:31.45]You know? 知道吗?

[07:33.71]This could be like, uh... 可能会像,啊...

[07:38.29]I don't know. It could be, like, the best thing ever. 我也不知道


[07:45.49]You'd really want to try? 你的想要试试吗?

[07:48.46]Yeah. 恩

[07:58.04]Claire, I love you. Claire... 我爱你

[08:19.49]Well, this is a first. 啊,这可是第一次

[08:22.43]You standing still, middle of the day, doing nothing. 你大白天就这样站着,什么也不做

[08:28.20]- Amazing. - I'm doing something. 很奇怪


[08:31.64]Yeah? What's that? 是吗?什么事?

[08:35.01]I'm sinking. 我在下沉

[08:37.85]Water goes out, takes the sand with it and you sink. 水退回去,带走了沙子,所以你就在下沉

[08:46.72]I used to do it with my mom when I was a kid. 我还是个孩子的时候,就曾经和妈妈一起这样

[08:55.23]Ah. New plan. You're gonna just sink your way right off the island. 啊,新计划


[09:00.10]Sayid would be proud. Sayid会感到骄傲的

[09:04.54]He's been gone for almost a week. 他已经走了差不多一个星期了

[09:07.41]Something tells me he'll be okay. 有东西告诉我说他会没事的

[09:12.51]So, what are you doing this far from the caves? 那么你一直在洞那边干什么

[09:15.42]Bringing water down. Bringing fish back. 把水带过来


[09:24.83]Claire's gonna have the baby soon. Claire马上就要有小孩儿了

[09:39.74]Dear diary, 亲爱的日记

[09:41.51]still on the bloody island. 我们还在这个可恶的岛上

[09:44.41]Today, I swallowed a bug. 今天我吞掉了一条虫

[09:48.98]Love, Claire. Claire

[09:52.72]Here. 给

[09:56.09]What separates us from these savage Yanks if we can't drink tea? 只有喝茶才能把我们和那些野蛮的美国佬区分开

[10:02.00]- Feeling better? - It was just a dream. - 感觉好些了吗? - 那只是一个梦而已


[10:08.60]I have this dream. 我做了个这样的梦

[10:11.71]I'm driving a bus, 我正在开车的时候,我的牙齿开始掉了出来

[10:13.81]and my teeth start falling out.

[10:17.21]My mum is in the back, eating biscuits. 我妈在后座吃饼干

[10:21.35]Everything smells of bacon. 到处都是咸猪肉的味道

[10:24.55]It's weird. 很奇怪

[10:26.89]Of course, I don't wake up screaming. 当然,我没有惊叫着醒过来

[10:29.52]I'm all right, Charlie. 我没事了, Charlie.

[10:31.66]Mmm. No, of course you are. 不,你当然有事

[10:36.56]It's just... 这只是...

[10:39.47]...I think about you... 我在想...

[10:42.00]...in this place. 你在这个地方

[10:44.17]How hard it must be for you, 对你来说有多么的艰苦

[10:46.91]without your family and your friends. 又没有你的朋友和家人

[10:49.91]And I think, we could be friends. 我在想,我们也许可以成为朋友,我也许可以做你的朋友

[10:53.48]I could be your friend.

[10:58.15]We don't have to do each other's hair or anything. 不是那种,嗯,一直形影不离的那种

[11:00.66]I just mean that, you know, 我的意思只是,嗯,如果你想要有人跟你说话的话

[11:03.66]if you needed someone to talk to about anything,

[11:10.26]I'm here. 就来找我

[11:16.54]Charlie... Charlie...

[11:26.45]Okay. 好的

[11:29.02]- I didn't mean that I... - It's cool, Claire. It's cool. - 我的意思不是说我 -- - 很好,Claire


[11:40.53]Thomas cleaned out his whole loft. Thomas把他的顶楼全部打扫了一遍

[11:42.80]- I'm officially moving in on Tuesday. - That is great! 我周二就可以正式的搬进去了

[11:46.07]I know. He's awesome. - 太棒了 - 恩,他简直太棒了

[11:50.50]- You know, maybe we shouldn't... - No. - 恩,也许我们还不该-- - 不,你现在可不能退缩

[11:52.87]- You're not backing out now. - It seems silly.

[11:55.31]He's just a psychic, Claire. - 这有点可笑吧 - 他只是个通灵者,Claire

[11:56.98]I thought you were into this, all your astrology stuff. 我是说,我以为你完全钻进去了呢--你的占星学

[11:59.75]Yeah, I know, but I don't need somebody telling me 恩,我知道


[12:03.15]what's gonna happen or how to live my life. 或者怎样来生活

[12:05.52]It's not about what you need. It's about what's fun. 这是不关于我们需要什么,而是什么是快乐

[12:08.09]So unless you have another excuse... 那么除非你有一个其他的借口...

[12:12.39]I'll need your hands for this. 把你的手拿过来给我看

[12:45.13]So when did you find out? 那么,你什么时候发现的?

[12:47.96]- What? - About the baby. - 什么? - 孩子的事

[12:57.30]Um... Two days ago. 恩... 两天之前

[13:08.98]- She hasn't told her mum yet... - Shh. - 她还没告诉她妈 -- - 嘘!

[13:15.56]What, should I not tell her? 什么,我不该告诉她吗?

[13:22.33]What? What is it? 什么?什么事?

[13:28.27]I'm sorry. Um... 抱歉,恩...

[13:30.27]I can't... I can't... 我办不到 -- 我办不到 --

[13:33.97]What were you gonna...? What did you see? 你要 -- 你看见了什么?

[13:36.04]- I'm not doing this reading. - No, you were gonna say something. 我不占了

[13:39.48]You'll have to leave. Now. 不,你刚才好像要说什么


[13:44.42]Thanks, thanks very much. 谢谢-- 非常感谢

[13:52.69]What a freak. 真是个白痴

[14:14.05]Help me! 救救我!

[14:16.85]Somebody's trying to hurt me! Please! Help me! 有人想要伤害我!救救我!

[14:23.12]- Someone attacked her! - What? - 有人袭击了她? - 什么?

[14:24.93]- He held me down! - Which way did he go? - 他把我弄倒了 - 他往哪个方向跑的?

[14:27.33]- I couldn't see... - What's going on? 我不知道,我什么也看不见--

[14:29.26]Just now! He just ran away! - 多久之前? - 发生了什么?


[14:31.47]Fan out, check the surrounding caves. 我们得分头去找周围的其他洞

[14:33.40]- Wait, wait, hold on. - Hurley, come on, let's go. - 等等,别动 - Hurley,来,我们走

[14:36.30]Come on. Come on. Let's sit down here, okay? 来,来,先在这儿坐下来好吗?

[14:39.54]- Can you get her some water? - Sure. - 能给她点水吗? - 当然

[14:41.84]Claire, look at me. It's okay. You're safe now. Claire,看着我,没事了,你现在安全了

[14:44.91]- Did you get a look at him at all? - It was dark. I couldn't see. - 你看到他了样子了吗? - 没有,四周很黑,我什么也看不见

[14:47.95]- Where did this happen? - He was here! - 在哪发生的? - 就在这儿!

[14:50.62]I mean, I was sleeping, and I woke up, 我的意思是,我正在睡觉,突然我醒来,他正想伤害我的孩子!

[14:53.59]and he was trying to hurt my baby!

[14:56.42]He had this thing, like a needle, 是的,他拿着这东西,像针一样

[15:00.09]and he stabbed me with it! 然后用这个刺我!

[15:05.03]He was trying to hurt my baby. 他想要伤害我的孩子!

[15:08.64]It's okay. It's okay. 没事了,没事了

[15:16.54]We hoofed around the entire perimeter, man. 我们把这周围都走遍了

[15:19.28]- Nobody saw or heard anything? - Uh-uh. Nada. Everyone was asleep. 没人发现什么吗?


[15:23.78]So, I had an idea. 所以,我有个主意

[15:26.35]I'm out here looking for some psycho with Scott and Steve, right? 我和Scott,Steve一起去找那个精神病怎样?

[15:29.96]And I'm realizing, who the hell are Scott and Steve? 我理解,但Scott和Steve又是谁?

[15:33.13]- I'm not following you. - Look, if I was a cop, 我没听懂

[15:35.66]and some woman got attacked, we'd canvas, right? 听我说,如果我是一个警察的话, 如果有妇女被袭击了,我们应该仔细地调查对吧?

[15:38.43]Knock on doors, find witnesses. But we don't even have doors. 挨家挨户地寻找目击者

[15:41.64]You're not helping me understand... 但我们这儿连门都没有!

[15:42.20]Hurley,你没有在帮助我理解你的立场 --

[15:43.70]We don't know who's living here, 我们不知道有哪些人在这儿,有哪些还在海滩

[15:45.84]and who's still at the beach.

[15:47.57]I mean, we don't even know each other. 我的意思是,我们互相都并不认识

[15:49.54]My name isn't Hurley. It's Hugo Reyes. 我不叫Hurley,我叫Hugo Reyes

[15:52.71]Hurley's just a nickname I have, all right? Hurley只是我的一个外号,知道吗?

[15:55.45]Why? I'm not telling. 为什么呢?我并没有告诉你们

[15:57.32]The point is, we got to find out who everyone is. 关键是,我们得弄清楚谁是谁

[15:59.95]- You want to start a census? - A registry. 你想来个人口调查吗?

[16:01.99]Names, what people look like, who's related to who. 是的,一个人口注册,他们的名字, 长什么样,以及和谁有什么关系

[16:04.56]We lay down the law, people will stop attacking each other. 如果我们建立个法规的话,也许人们就不会互相攻击了

[16:07.73]Seems like someone's punched or stabbed every other day. 这儿每天都有人被袭击

[16:10.86]We got to find out who did this to her. 我们要找出来是谁对她做了这些事

[16:24.68]You all right? 你还好吗?

[16:34.05]Don't worry. 别担心

[16:36.06]If you want to close your eyes, I'll be here all night. 如果你想睡会儿的话


[16:40.96]I won't let anyone get to you. 我不会让任何人接近你的

[16:46.00]I won't leave you, Claire. 我不会离开你的,Claire,我保证


[16:59.88]- Wow, we have drapes now. - I know. - 哇,我们现在有帘子了 - 是的

[17:03.28]I feel all grown up. 我觉得现在我们完全长大了

[17:05.55]- You like 'em? - Yeah. They're good. 喜欢吗?


[17:09.56]I don't know why drapes represent age for me. 我不知道对我来说为什么帘子代表年龄

[17:13.33]I guess it just feels like something my mum would do. 我想这就感觉是像我妈做的事情一样

[17:16.33]Oh, um, Sasha called. 噢,嗯,Sasha刚才打了电话

[17:18.40]They're going out tonight. They wanted to know if we'd go. 他们今晚要出去问我们去不去

[17:26.74]What? 什么?

[17:27.88]I didn't eat all the chips. There's another bag. 我没把薯片吃完,还留了一包

[17:35.08]Claire? I can't do this. Claire?


[17:40.49]Do what? Did you have a bad day? 做什么?


[17:49.16]This isn't working. 这样子不行

[17:52.40]- Come on, you knew that. - I what? 你知道的


[18:03.91]Just so I'm not overreacting here, 恩,是不是我反应有点过火...

[18:08.48]are you breaking up with me? 你要跟我分手吗?

[18:10.58]For the past three months, it's just, there's some plan, some responsibility, 过去的3个月,只是 --


[18:14.49]somewhere we have to be, someone you have to talk to. 得去某些地方,得和某些人谈话

[18:17.22]I'm trying to make sure when the baby comes... 恩,是的,我正在努力保证当孩子降生后--

[18:19.53]"When the baby..." Yeah. I mean, that is just not... "孩子..."?哦是的,我的意思是,那不是--

[18:23.30]If it's like this now, you know, 如果就像现在这个样子的话,孩子出生了会成什么样子?

[18:25.87]what's it gonna be like when the baby comes?

[18:28.67]- But you said we should do this. - Yeah. 但这是你说的我们得这样做

[18:31.94]Yeah, well, now it's real. 是的


[18:35.14]You can't just change your mind. 噢,你不能改变主意!

[18:37.01]How in the hell am I supposed to be a dad, Claire? 我现在怎么能做一个父亲呢?Claire?

[18:40.11]How about my painting? My life? 我的绘画怎么办?我的生活怎么办?

[18:41.98]I knew... I knew this was gonna happen. 我就知道 -- 我就知道总有一天会成这样的

[18:44.38]I told you so. Perfect. Now I get all your daddy abandonment crap. 我就是这样给你说的,很好


[18:47.99]Hey, you bastard, don't you dare try and justify what you're doing! 嘿,你这混蛋,你敢说你做的很有道理吗?

[18:51.66]I have done nothing! I've done absolutely nothing. 我什么也没做好不好?

[18:54.19]What, I have? - 我绝对什么也没做! - 什么?那是我做了什么?

[18:55.50]You don't think I've seen what you've done? 你以为我没看见你做了什么?

[18:57.66]- Excuse me? - You were supposed to be on the Pill. 什么?


[19:01.60]- You think I got pregnant on purpose? - I don't even care. - 你认为我怀孕是有什么目的? - 我才不关心呢

[19:05.07]Or that this was some kind of plan? You are out of your mind! 或者是有什么计划?

[19:07.94]- It's over, Claire! - No, it's not over! - 你已经疯了! - 我们完了,Claire!

[19:10.34]- I'm out of here. - Thomas! 不,还没完!

[19:10.36]- 我走了 - Thomas!

[19:26.76]John, right? John Locke? John,是吗?John Lock?

[19:30.26]Is this about your census? 这就是你的调查吗?

[19:32.13]Yeah, you know, I thought it would be a good idea, you know, 是的,你知道,我觉得这会是个不错的主意--

[19:35.37]get everyone's name and place of residence. 记下每个人的名字和住处

[19:38.84]And who's checking on you? 那谁来检查你自己呢?

[19:41.74]Uh, me. 啊... 我自己

[19:44.68]It was a joke. 开个玩笑

[19:49.28]- Uh, good one. - Yep. 啊,好玩笑

[19:53.05]You already know my name. 好了

[19:54.76]I lived most of my life in Tustin, California. 你已经知道了我的名字


[19:58.46]Cool. And reason for travel? 很棒,还有,啊,你这次旅行的原因是?

[20:02.33]The reason you were in Australia? 你在澳大利亚的原因

[20:05.53]- I was looking for something. - Looking. Uh-huh. 我在寻找某样东西

[20:07.33]寻找 -- 恩

[20:09.07]Right on. 继续

[20:11.04]Something. 某些东西

[20:13.51]So, did you find it? 那么,你找到了吗?

[20:17.98]No, it found me. 没,它把我找到了

[20:22.88]- Anything else? - No, no, that's good. 还有什么其他的吗?


[20:26.39]Uh, thanks. 啊,谢谢

[20:28.06]Hey, uh, I know I already talked to you, 嘿,啊,我知道我已经跟你谈过了

[20:30.42]but I just wanted to get away from him for a second. 但我只是想离开他一会儿

[20:32.86]Did you see anyone leave the beach last night? 昨晚你看没看见有人离开海滩?

[20:35.66]People come and go, but... 人来人往,但是 --

[20:37.86]No, I don't know. 不,我不知道

[20:41.07]What? 什么?

[20:42.70]- I'm not sure anything happened. - Wait, what? 我也不能确定是不是有什么事发生过


[20:46.47]Claire told Michael and I that this attacker Claire告诉Michael和我说那个袭击 她的人想要给她注射什么东西

[20:48.71]tried to inject her with something. But there was no mark on her stomach.

[20:52.25]She wakes up two nights screaming. First time, sleepwalking. 但在她的肚子周围没有痕迹



[20:55.52]Think she's making this up? She was terrified. 你认为她是编出来的吗?她是被吓着的,兄弟

[20:57.92]She said he was hurting her baby. Why would someone do that 听我说,她说那人想伤害她的孩子

[21:00.85]- With us 20 feet away? - You think she's lying? 那他为什么不在现在我们在一旁睡觉的时候动手呢?

[21:03.02]No. Pregnant woman have extremely lucid... - 你是说她在说谎? - 不

[21:03.56]- 孕妇往往非常的神经质-- - 神经质,好吧

[21:05.46]- Lucid. - Textbook anxiety nightmares. 那种是书上所说的因为焦虑引起的噩梦

[21:07.49]You know everything that's going on with everyone? 每个人发生了什么你都知道对吗?


[21:13.83]So, what do we do? 那么我们该怎么办?

[21:15.00]Claire's due in a little more than a week. Maybe two. Claire的预产期距现在只有一周多一点了,最多两周

[21:18.44]But if she stays stressed out like this 如果她还是像现在这样不安,或者又遭到了袭击

[21:20.57]or has another panic attack, it could trigger an early labor. 那样就会引起早产的

[21:23.71]Out here with no instruments, no monitors, no anesthetic... 在这儿没有医疗器材,没有监视器,没有麻醉剂

[21:29.65]That would not be good. 那样结果不会好的

[21:32.62]It's not all in her head. 但她的脑子里不只想的是这些

[21:41.63]- Hey, Lance. - Sorry? - 你好,Lance - 打搅

[21:44.56]Lance. Your name's Lance, right? Lance,你叫Lance是吧?

[21:47.13]- Ethan. - Dude, that's right. - Ethan. - 好的,伙计

[21:49.64]Lance is a skinny guy with glasses and red hair. Lance是个红头发,戴着眼睛的瘦瘦的家伙

[21:51.97]I can see how you'd confuse us. 你居然把我们也搞混了

[21:54.61]Sorry, dude. Lots of names and faces. 对不起,兄弟,人太多了,这还是值得同情吧?

[21:57.68]Pathetic. You'd think after a couple weeks on the island 你得想想过几个星期之后,岛上还是这些人

[22:00.45]with the same people, we'd know each other. 但我们互相都认识了

[22:02.55]- You're right. You would think so. - So we're doing this list, 恩,你是对的,你也许会这样想

[22:06.02]all the survivors' names, home addresses, stuff like that. 所以我们正在做这个名单 --


[22:08.99]Okay, well, you already have my name. 那好,现在你已经知道我的名字了

[22:10.89]- All right, not Lance. - Definitely not. - 好的,不是Lance - 当然不是

[22:13.56]- Last name? - Rom. - 名呢? - Rom

[22:16.03]- Rom, R-O-M? - That's right. - Rom -- r-o-m? - 对

[22:18.50]- Great. Where you from, Ethan Rom? - Ontario. 很好,你是哪人?Ethan Rom吗?

[22:20.90]Right on. Love Canada. Great, uh... - Ontario - 继续,我喜欢加拿大


[22:26.84]Well, that should do it. Thanks for your time, dude. 恩,好像就这些了,谢了兄弟

[22:29.44]- Hey, what's this for? - Oh, it's nothing. 喂,但做这个来干嘛呢?

[22:31.78]Just, you know, thought it'd be a good idea. 哦,没什么,这是,呃,认为是一个好主意

[22:39.95]Claire? Claire?

[22:42.02]Did you find him? 找到那个人了吗?

[22:44.46]- Um, no. - What if he comes back? 恩,没有


[22:50.06]Claire... Claire,我们现在处在这种情况下--

[22:53.30]This situation that we're in,

[22:55.10]the crash, that no one's coming, this place, 坠机,没有人来施救,在这种地方 --

[22:59.44]it can kind of mess with your head a little 也许会搅乱你的思想

[23:01.84]and make you see things that aren't actually there. 也许会让你看到一些本来不存在的东西

[23:04.41]Now, I know it feels very real... - 我知道,那可能感觉很真实 -- - 我不懂--

[23:07.15]- I don't under... - Look, your baby's coming.

[23:09.79]你的孩子就快出生了 -- 很快了


[23:13.95]And I can't even imagine how scary that must be for you. 我甚至不能想像对你来说有多可怕

[23:16.82]But the more upset you are, the more dangerous it is for you, and your baby. 但你越不安的话,对你来说也就越危险...


[23:23.40]So I want you to take these. 所以我得让你把这些吃了

[23:27.00]- What are they? - It's a sedative. 什么东西?

[23:29.90]Very mild, commonly used in situations like yours. 镇静药


[23:33.94]It won't harm the baby. I promise. 我保证它对孩子没坏处

[23:38.15]You don't believe me. 你不相信我

[23:41.11]- Claire... - You think I'm making this up? Claire --


[23:45.65]I get attacked, and you want to give me sleeping pills? 我被袭击了,你们还要我吃安眠药?

[23:48.36]They're not sleeping... Look, it's a very mild sedative. 不是安眠药--看吧,只是很温和的镇静药,Claire.

[23:51.49]- I'm leaving. - What? No! Claire. Claire... - 我走了! - 什么?不! Claire. Claire --

[23:53.83]It was safe at the beach. It's not safe here. 海滩上会比这儿安全

[23:56.80]- Don't do this. Think about the baby. - Don't talk to me about the baby. 别这样,你得为你孩子想想,Claire.


[24:01.77]I'm sick of everyone telling me what to do. Let go of me. 我讨厌有人告诉我该怎么做

[24:03.37]- 拜托 -- - 让我走

[24:06.17]You okay? 你没事吧?

[24:10.81]What did you say to her? 你跟她说了些什么?

[24:30.16]- Yes? - Mr. Malkin, we met before? 什么事?

[24:31.62]- Malkin先生,我们以前见过 - 是的,我记得

[24:33.67]- Yes, I remember. - You wouldn't give me a reading.


[24:37.97]I was hoping you would now.

[24:49.88]If you're a psychic, why do you have to count it? 如果你是一个通灵的人,还用数吗?

[24:52.22]- That's not how it works. - I was just joking. 并不是这样来的


[25:08.60]So... how does it work? - 那么,是怎么来的? - 我也不知道

[25:12.37]I don't know.

[25:23.12]When did he leave you? 他什么时候离开你的?

[25:27.32]Last week. 上星期

[25:30.79]Is that why you didn't want to do my reading? 这是不是上次你不给我占的原因?

[25:32.86]No, no, no. I saw something, sort of a blurry thing. 不,不,不,我看到了些东西,模糊不清的东西

[25:36.90]And blurry's bad? - 那么看到模糊不清的东西不好吗? - 那表示有不好的事吗?

[25:40.07]Blurry's bad.

[25:42.30]That's why I stopped the reading. 那就是我为什么停止占的原因

[25:44.80]Are you sure you want to go on now? 你确定你现在要继续占吗?

[25:51.21]Yes, please. 是的,请占吧

[26:15.44]I can tell you, 我告诉你...

[26:17.80]this is important. 这是很重要的

[26:20.54]- Okay. - It is crucial that you, yourself, 好的


[26:25.21]raise this child.

[26:27.78]You mean with Thomas? Is he...? 你的意思是和Thomas一起?他--

[26:29.48]The father of this child will play no part in its life, nor yours. 孩子的父亲不会在你或者你孩子的生活中扮演任何角色

[26:34.49]- So, what exactly are you saying? - This child parented by anyone else, 那么,你到底想要说什么?


[26:38.86]anyone other than you...

[26:43.33]- Danger surrounds this baby. - Danger? 危险围绕着这孩子

[26:46.53]Your nature, your spirit, 危险?


[26:49.04]your goodness must be an influence in the development of this child. 你的优点等等,都对孩子的发展有影响

[26:57.21]Look, if Thomas and I don't, you know, get back together, 如果Thomas和我不,不和好的话

[27:02.35]I'm putting this baby up for adoption. 我会把这孩子送去给人领养

[27:05.45]I just wanted to find out what would give the baby the happiest life. 我只是想知道怎样才能让给这个孩子最大的幸福

[27:09.46]There is no happy life. Not for this child, not without you. 那样不会有幸福的


[27:14.46]- I don't... - There can't be another. - 我不-- - 没有其他办法

[27:17.70]You mustn't allow another to raise your baby. 你不能让其他人来抚养你的孩子

[27:20.03]Okay. Great. Thanks for taking my 200. 好,很好

[27:21.66]- 谢谢你收下我的200块 - 噢,你拿回去吧

[27:23.64]Look, take it. Miss Littleton, I am begging you just to consider... Littleton小姐,我求你考虑一下 --

[27:27.97]- I can't raise this child by myself. - You have to listen to me! 我不能一个人抚养这个孩子!

[27:31.51]Thanks for your time and my money back! 你必须得听我的!


[27:33.55]The baby needs your protection! Littleton小姐,不要这样!孩子需要你的保护!

[27:38.32]Miss Littleton! Please! Littleton小姐!


[27:53.60]- Hello? - Miss Littleton, it's Richard Malkin. 喂?

[27:54.71]Littleton小姐,我是Richard Malkin.

[27:56.60]- Oh, my God. - Listen to me. I have a plan, 噢,我的天


[27:59.81]something that will make this all better.

[28:02.01]You've got to stop calling me. It's too late, all right? 不要再给我打电话了

[28:05.18]I'm going to see Adoptive Services tomorrow. 现在已经太晚了,知道吗?我明天就去联系领养服务

[28:07.48]I've been telling you for months, you cannot do that. 我一直都在告戒你,你不能那样做

[28:10.45]What I do with my baby is none of your business. 我的孩子不关你的事

[28:13.05]If you don't do what I'm suggesting, 如果你不照我说的做的话

[28:14.89]great danger will befall... 在你和你孩子身上会有更大的危险

[28:16.62]Great danger will befall you if you don't stop calling me 不,如果你还继续在半夜给我打电话的话

[28:19.69]- In the middle of the night. - I know what you're feeling inside. 你才会有更大的危险


[28:22.86]You're doubting your decision to give up the baby. 你自己也在怀疑要放弃孩子的决定

[28:25.37]Look, I'm begging you, don't do it. At least hear my plan first. 听我说,我求你了,不要这样做,至少把我的计划听完

[28:28.94]Good night. 晚安

[28:36.84]Hi. 你好!

[28:39.51]- Where are you going? - Back to the beach. 你去哪?


[28:42.82]- Well, what happened? Did Jack...? - Jack tried to dope me. 发生什么事了?

[28:44.12]- jack -- - Jack想给我吃安眠药

[28:47.09]He thinks I'm making all this up, that none of it really happened. 他认为我说的这些都是编出来的

[28:50.56]Right. So, to prove your sanity, 那些从来都没发生过


[28:53.33]you go tromping through the jungle alone. Well done.


[29:02.04]I'm not crazy, Charlie. 我没疯,Charlie.

[29:13.18]You want my information? 你想知道我的资料?

[29:16.05]Name: Shannon Rutherford. 姓名--Shannon Rutherford

[29:18.18]Age: 20. Address: Craphole Island. 年龄--20

[29:19.69]地址--Craphole Island

[29:22.02]So, uh, where were you guys last night? 那么,啊,昨晚你在哪?

[29:26.03]Um, the beach. 海滩上

[29:29.13]Why the interrogation? 为什么要这样询问呢?

[29:31.16]You're like the twentieth person to ask me that. 你差不多是第20个这样问我的

[29:33.80]Why is everyone uptight about answering questions? 为什么每个人回答这些问题都这样激动呢?

[29:36.44]Well, maybe we're just not cool with you 也许我们对你那些爱国行动都没有兴趣吧兄弟

[29:38.71]setting up your own little Patriot Act, man.

[29:41.51]He's a liberal. 他是个自由主义者

[29:44.71]- Seriously, why the list? - It's nothing. 但说真的,为什么要做这个名单?

[29:46.85]We had an incident in the valley last night. 也没什么,只是昨晚在山谷里发生了点事

[29:49.02]- An incident? - Yeah, Claire, the pregnant girl. 一件突发事件?


[29:51.48]You know her? She, uh, kind of got attacked. 她,呃,好像是受到袭击了

[29:56.19]- What? - She okay? - 什么?! - 她没事吗?

[29:58.63]- Yeah, she's a little shook up, but... - I am not moving to the Rape Caves. 是的,她被吓坏了,但 --


[30:04.03]Your life would be much easier if you just had the manifest. 如果你有那个编组顺序单的话你就会轻松的多

[30:07.00]We crossed out names of the dead after we burned the fuselage, 我们烧掉机身后就把所有死去的人的名字划掉了

[30:10.04]so should be a full roster of the rest of us. 所以还有一个我们所有生还下来的人的名单

[30:12.21]What? Really? Who has it? 什么?真的吗?在谁那?

[30:15.18]Who do you think? 你想呢?

[30:27.22]I'm just gonna lay it out straight. 我也要这样平躺下

[30:30.06]Okay, you do that. 好啊

[30:31.72]I hear you have the flight manifest, 听说你有飞机的乘客人员名单

[30:34.06]and I need it and want you to give it to me. 我想你把它给我一下,我拿来有点事

[30:37.93]- That so? - Now, you could do what you normally do 那么?


[30:41.07]when someone asks for something, tell me to screw off.

[30:43.74]- Screw off? - Or you could just give it to me. 告诉我它在哪



[30:50.28]'Cause, dude, you could use the points. 因为,兄弟,你也有好处啊

[30:56.35]Well, gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up, Stay-Puff. 噢,天,你可真是个会拍马屁的人啊

[30:59.62]It's a gift. 那是种天分

[31:06.19]Manifest is in the brown suitcase. Take it. 名册在棕色的箱子里,自己去拿吧

[31:12.20]- Please let me carry your bag. - I'm fine. 让我帮你拿包吧

[31:14.57]I know you're fine, but I can carry your bag. 我自己可以


[31:16.74]Why did you come after me? 为什么要跟着我

[31:18.54]Well, it's probably because I like you. 可能因为我喜欢你吧

[31:22.94]- What? - You don't like me, Charlie, okay? 什么?


[31:26.88]You just want to rescue me because I'm... 你只是想救我因为我--

[31:29.75]Because of this. 因为这个

[31:31.95]But I'm fine, okay? I don't need rescuing. I don't need... 但我现在没事好吗?我不需要谁来救我,我不需要--

[31:36.52]- Claire? What is it? Claire?

[31:39.29]What? Claire, what? What is it? 怎么了?怎么了?Claire,你怎么了?

[31:49.07]- Was that another one? - Yeah. - 又有反应了吗? - 是的

[31:51.00]We need to time the contractions. That's what you do. 好,现在要计下痉挛的次数

[31:53.64]Time the contractions, okay? One sugar plum fairy, two sugar plum fairy... 现在要做的就是这个--计下痉挛的次数,好吗?


[31:57.81]You just need to calm down, all right? Big deep breaths. Charlie!



[32:03.82]- Bloody hell. - I need you to go get Jack. 哦


[32:05.99]- I'll be all right. - I'm not leaving you alone. - 什么? - 我会没事的

[32:08.42]- I can deliver a baby. I can do this. - Please, go! 我不会丢下你的,我会助产的

[32:08.57]- 我能做的 - 求你了,走吧!

[32:10.92]- You don't know how to... - Listen. Charlie,你不知道怎样助产--

[32:12.83]I might not know what I'm doing, but I'll figure it out. 等等,不,听我说,我不会让你发生任何事的

[32:15.40]If I can kick drugs, I can deliver a baby. 我也许不知道我在做什么,但是我会搞定的


[32:18.53]Let me explain. I'm a drug addict. I was a drug addict. I'm clean now. 听我解释,我是个吸毒者


[32:23.14]- Get Jack! - Right. 去叫Jack!


[32:37.95]Arlene and Joseph will bring you to Melbourne. Arlene和Joseph会带你去Melbourne.

[32:40.82]They'll pay your living and medical expenses. 我们会付你生活费和医药费

[32:43.99]We found you an apartment. It's a really nice two-bedroom place, 我们会给你提供一套房子,有两间不错的卧室

[32:47.89]and we think you're gonna be really comfortable in it. 你肯定会在那住的很舒服

[32:50.83]As discussed, once the baby's born and handed over to the Stewarts, 根据谈论的结果,孩子一旦出生并且交给了Stewart一家

[32:54.53]you'll have no right to see the child again. 你将没有再见孩子的权利

[32:56.84]You'll have no right to correspond with the child, 你将没有权利和孩子交流

[32:59.54]it will be entirely up to Arlene and Joseph 是否跟孩子提起你

[33:01.64]to decide whether to tell the child anything about you. Understood? 将完全取决于Arlene和Joseph


[33:07.38]- Yes. - Upon your discharge from the hospital, 是的

[33:10.18]you will be given an additional payment of $20,000. 你出院后


[33:16.99]I just want to make sure that you're gonna take really good care of the baby. 我想确认你们能保证照顾好这个孩子

[33:20.66]Of course we will. 我们当然会的

[33:23.90]Now, I'll need you to sign and date here where indicated. 现在,需要你按照上面的指示签下你的名字和时间

[33:36.54]Do you know Catch a Falling Star? 你听过"catch a falling star"吗?

[33:40.88]It's a song, like a lullaby. 那是首歌,像摇篮曲那样的

[33:42.85]"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket." "抓住掉下的星星,放进你的口袋"

[33:47.52]My dad used to sing that to me when I was little. 我小时候我父亲也给我唱这首歌

[33:52.29]Do you think you could sing it to the baby once in a while? 你能不能偶尔也唱这首歌给孩子听

[33:57.30]Of course. 当然

[34:14.75]It's not working. - 写不出来 - 给


[34:49.88]I'm... 我--我--我很抱歉,我做不到

[34:51.75]I'm... I'm sorry.

[34:53.95]- I can't do this. - What? No! No!


[35:05.47]Okay, what is it? What's your offer? 好了,你的建议是什么?

[35:17.91]- Thank God! What's your name? - Ethan. Are you all right? 啊,谢天谢地!你叫什么?

[35:21.55]Go the caves. Run to the caves. Get Jack. Ethan,你没事吧?


[35:23.68]- Tell him Claire... - Claire. She okay? - 告诉他Claire -- - Claire,她怎么了?

[35:25.65]She's having the baby. Go fast, okay? I'll be with her, on the path there. Go! 她就要生孩子了,快点,好吗?



[35:45.61]- Claire! - I'm here! Claire!

[35:48.01]Claire! Okay, Jack's coming. 我在这儿!


[35:50.81]- How you doing? - It hurts. 你怎么样?

[35:52.91]Okay, just take my hand. Squeeze. Okay, breathe. 很痛


[35:56.05]Inhale. Exhale. Good. Just breathe. 压一下




[36:02.69]Inhale. Okay, good. 吸气,好的,好

[36:04.99]- Oh, I'm not supposed to be here. - We all feel like that a little bit. 也许我不该在这儿的

[36:08.83]I know. It's just... 我想我们大家想的都是一样的


[36:11.76]Someone promised me it would be different. 有人向我保证说这样的话会好点

[36:14.23]Well, he was wrong. 那他错了

[36:19.31]Yeah. He was wrong. 是的,他错了

[36:21.77]You spent the last four months telling me 你过去四个月都在叫我要自己抚养孩子

[36:24.48]I have to raise the baby myself.

[36:26.85]Now you're giving me money and saying I don't have to? 但现在你给我钱,又叫我不必这样了?

[36:29.58]I found a couple in Los Angeles who are very eager to adopt. 我找到了一对在Los Angeles的夫妇,他们很希望领养这孩子

[36:33.22]The baby will be safe in their care. 在他们的照料下孩子会没安全的

[36:36.12]- Now, I've foreseen... - You've foreseen. - 现在,我已经预知到了 -- - 你已经预知到了

[36:38.96]I don't even know why I'm here. I'm sorry. 我不知道我为什么会在这儿,抱歉

[36:41.23]I know this sounds ridiculous, Claire, all this psychic business, 我知道这听起来很荒唐,Claire --所有的这些占卜--

[36:45.16]and I appreciate that you must think I'm a raving madman. 我知道你肯定认为我是个胡乱说瞎话的疯子

[36:49.27]But this is what must happen. 但这是必须发生的

[36:55.27]So you're giving me $6,000 所以你就给我6,000美元

[36:59.48]to give my baby to a couple of strangers in Los Angeles? 然后把我的孩子交给一对陌生的Los Angeles的夫妇?

[37:03.45]$12,000. The other six when you arrive in Los Angeles. 12,000美元

[37:05.36]等你到了Los Angeles再给你剩下的6,000美元

[37:07.95]And they're not strangers, Claire. They're good people. 还有,Claire,他们也不是陌生人,他们是好人

[37:14.96]- A psychic? - I know. It's embarrassing. - 一个通灵的人? - 我知道,这很尴尬

[37:19.80]And after everything, he was just full of it. 这每件事,他都知道的一清二楚

[37:30.38]Or not. 也许不是

[37:33.28]I mean, all he wanted 我的意思是,他所想的就是不让其他人抚养你的孩子是吗?

[37:36.65]was that no one else raise your baby, right?

[37:42.66]Maybe he knew. 也许他知道

[37:45.29]I mean, if you wanted it bad enough... 我是说...


[37:48.69]You know, if he had the gift, 如果他有这个天赋 --

[37:52.33]and I believe some people do... 我-我也相信其实有人真的有 --

[37:55.87]Maybe he knew, Claire. 那么也许他知道,Claire

[38:11.45]I can't go tomorrow. I have to get my... 我明天走不了,我还要去--

[38:14.22]It has to be this flight. It can't be any other. 只能是这班机,其他的都不行

[38:16.89]They're already scheduled to meet you when you arrive. Flight 815. 你到了之后他们把见你的时间都安排好了


[38:21.06]Flight 815.

[38:32.24]There was no couple in Los Angeles. 在洛杉叽没有那样的一对夫妇

[38:38.34]He knew. 他知道的

[38:40.95]He knew about the plane, 他知道这飞机会...

[38:43.35]what was gonna happen... 他知道会发生什么...

[38:47.65]Oh, my God, he knew. 噢,天哪,他都知道

[39:03.34]- You feel another one coming? - I don't think so. 又要来了吗?


[39:10.28]Where the hell is Jack? Jack在哪?

[39:14.25]You know, I think... 我想...

[39:19.19]- I think I'm all right. - The contractions? 我想我没事了

[39:22.25]Maybe that was the last one. 痉挛?


[39:24.96]Please, let that have been the last one. 希望这是最后一次

[39:29.30]Jack said that stress can cause a false labor. Jack说过压力会导致,嗯,流产

[39:35.13]You sure you're all right? 你确定你没事了吗?

[39:38.24]No pain. 不痛了

[39:42.17]Birthing emergency averted. 生产的紧急情况过去了

[39:45.58]I told you I'd take care of you. 我说过我会照顾好你的

[39:48.08]- Thanks, Charlie. - You're quite welcome. 谢谢,Charlie


[39:54.45]You think you can make it back to the caves? 你认为你能好好的回到洞那边去吗?

[39:59.79]I won't let anything happen to you. 我不会让你发生任何事的

[40:06.33]- Okay. - Okay. 好的

[40:08.43]Let's go. 好


[40:13.64]Sayid. Sayid

[40:15.47]Listen to me. 听我说

[40:22.85]I found her, the Frenchwoman. 我找到了--那个法国女人

[40:25.89]I need some water. 拿点水来

[40:27.99]- What happened? - The woman on the island... 怎么了?


[40:35.16]I had to come back. I had to come back. 我得回去,我得回去

[40:47.64]We're not alone. 并不是只有我们在这

[41:06.69]- You okay? - Yeah, yeah, he just kicked. 你还好吧?


[41:11.26]Here. 这儿

[41:21.64]We got a problem. 有麻烦了

[41:24.31]The manifest. 那个名单

[41:26.51]Jack, the census, the names of everyone who survived. Jack,那个调查 --

[41:29.75]All 46 of us. 生还的每个人的名字

[41:31.15]I interviewed everyone, here, at the beach. 我们全部46个人


[41:34.05]I got their names. One of them... One of them isn't... 我得到了他们的名字


[41:37.89]Jack. Jack

[41:40.49]One of them isn't in the manifest. 有个人并没有在名单里面

[41:43.70]He wasn't on the plane. 他并没有在那班飞机上

[41:46.90]Hello, there. 你们好

[41:54.24]Ethan, where's Jack? Ethan,Jack在哪?

[42:05.58]“迷失 第一季 第十集” -=结束=-

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