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[00:01.73]Previously on Lost: 前情提要:

[00:03.43]Has anyone seen Ethan? 有人看见Ethen了吗?

[00:04.70]He went to get some wood, on the path to the beach. 是的,他去伐木了, 从去海边那条路走的

[00:07.20]- Charlie? - He went after Claire. - Charlie在哪? - 他跟着Claire去了

[00:09.10]Footprints, three distinct sets all over the place. 脚印,三个不同的脚印出现在这周围.

[00:11.77]Looks like there might have been a struggle. 好像曾经发生过搏斗

[00:14.01]I think they've been taken. We need to organize a search party. 我想他们很可能被带走了 我们得做好准备,组织一个搜救队

[00:17.38]Can I help? 我能来帮忙吗?

[00:18.51]Could use a hand, if you're up for it. 要是你想的话我当然希望多一个人手

[00:20.45]This is a deserted island. How are you gonna find them? 这可是个荒岛,你们怎么来找他们?

[00:24.45]- What do you do in the real world? - I was a... - 你在现实生活中是干什么的,LOCKE先生? - 我是...

[00:26.76]...regional collections supervisor for a box company. ...一个盒子公司的地方监督人

[00:32.03]Yeah, right. 啊,是的

[00:34.20]- You should head back. - What about you? - 你得回头了,Boone,回去吧 - 那你呢?

[00:36.23]- I can take care of myself. - No. - l can take care of myself. - 不,我不会回去的

[00:38.30]- I admire your courage, but you... - I'm not heading back. - 我欣赏你的勇气,但你必须得... - 我不回去

[00:43.61]- Where have you been? - What do you mean? - 你们都去哪了? - 你这话是什么意思?

[00:45.67]You and Locke leaving before sunrise 你和Locke连续4天

[00:47.81]and coming back after dark for four days. 都早出晚归

[00:49.94]What are you doing out there? 你们干什么去了?

[00:52.95]- Looking for Claire. - I thought there was no trail, - 我们在找Claire - 我认为现在已经没有线索了,

[00:56.02]no one knew where to look. 没有人知道该到哪儿去找

[00:57.45]It's gonna start raining in one minute. 一分钟之内马上就回会下雨

[01:00.46]- One minute? - Give or take a few seconds. - 一分钟? - 误差不超过几秒

[01:03.02]They aren't back yet. 他们现在还没回来

[01:04.66]I'm sure they just made camp for the night. 我肯定他们晚上已经露营了

[01:07.00]If there's anyone on this island your brother's safe with, it's Locke. 如果说你哥在岛上跟谁一起最安全的话 就只有Locke了

[01:17.74]They teach you how to predict the weather at a box company? 在你那公司有人教过你 怎么预测天气吗?

[01:43.43]I brought you a present 我给你带了件礼物

[01:45.13]for helping me with the translations. 算是你帮我翻译的答谢吧

[01:48.70]I didn't have a chance to get it gift wrapped, so... 我不能把它像礼品一样包装起来, 所以...

[01:56.14]Oh... 噢...

[01:57.31]I found these in the wreckage, and I have no use for them personally. 我在废墟里面找到的 而且这对我来说也没用

[02:01.78]They're actually my size. 刚好合我的尺寸

[02:03.52]Well, half a size off, but I swear, this place is making my feet swell. 恩,大了半个尺寸,但我发誓, 这地方实际上让我的脚肿了半个尺寸

[02:07.72]Another mysterious force on the island revealed. 说明岛上还有另一种神秘的力量

[02:16.00]Yo, Boone. 唷,Boone

[02:17.57]- Question for you, dude. - Yeah. - 问你点事,兄弟 - 好的

[02:19.53]You and Locke are hunting boar every day, right? 你和Locke每天都出去打野猪是吧?

[02:22.04]- What about it? - It's cool, except - 怎么了? - 这很好

[02:23.84]how come you're not coming back with any? 但,呃 为什么你们都没带点什么回来呢?

[02:26.24]We haven't had fresh pork on our plate in about a week. 我们有一个星期 都没吃到野猪肉了兄弟

[02:29.41]It's not like they're domesticated animals. 它们可不是圈养起来的

[02:32.01]- Maybe you aren't trying hard? - We're hunting. - 也许你们还没尽全力吧? - 我们是去打猎了,行吗?

[02:34.52]I hope so, 'cause people need food, man. 希望如此,因为大伙都需要食物

[02:38.79]Solid food. 固体食物

[02:40.02]This isn't a game, man. 这可不是游戏,伙计

[02:51.70]I can't believe you ran down that last ball. 真不敢相信上一个球你居然接住了

[02:53.97]- Then you hit it for a winner. - Lucky shot. - 然后就用那球赢得了胜利 - 运气球而已

[02:56.44]Yeah, I wish it was luck. 是吗,希望如此

[02:58.44]Is that my phone? 是我的电话吗?

[03:01.41]Yeah, hello. 喂

[03:03.04] Boone, it's me. Boone,是我

[03:04.55]- Shannon? - Yeah. - Shannon? - 是我

[03:08.72]What's the matter? 什么事?

[03:10.79]- Things aren't so good. - Where are you? - 恩,不太妙 - 你在哪?

[03:13.09]Get out of here! Get the hell away from me! 离开这儿!离我远点!

[03:15.36]- Shannon? - Stay out of here! - Shannon? - 在那别动!

[03:17.09]Get away from me! 不要靠近我!

[03:18.46]- What's going on? - I can't talk. - Shannon?出什么事了? - 现在不能说

[03:20.30]All right, hang on. 那好,Shannon,等等

[03:21.83]Just tell me where you are. I'll come get you. 告诉我你在哪,我来找你

[03:25.10]- Sydney. - Sydney. - 悉尼 - 悉尼

[03:26.97]Australia. 澳大利亚

[03:35.44]Stay away from my sister. 离我妹妹远点

[03:38.61]For a moment, you seemed to be giving me an order. 刚才,你口气好像在给我下命令

[03:41.15]- It's just a friendly suggestion. - A suggestion. - 只是友好地给你一个建议 - 建议

[03:44.22]Yes, and if I were you, I'd listen. 是的,如果我是你的话,我会接受的

[03:46.45]What if I don't? 如果我不呢?

[03:50.36]Boone! Boone!

[03:52.93]I found some fresh tracks down by the stream. 我在小溪那边发现了新的痕迹

[03:58.10]- I'll see you later. - You know where to find me. - 一会儿我再跟你说 - 你知道在哪找我吗?

[04:09.91]Put aside your differences with Sayid. 你该把你的Sayid的分歧放到一边

[04:12.31]He's hitting on Shannon. 他想泡我妹妹

[04:15.02]He's very competent. We don't want to make an enemy of him. 他很有能力 我们不想与他为敌

[04:18.35]We're gonna want him on our side. 我们要想让他站在我们这边才是

[04:21.69]People are talking about what we're doing, John,人们都在议论 我们每天都在做什么,

[04:24.09]since we never come back with anything. 特别是看到我们什么也没带回去之后

[04:26.19]You mean boar. 你是说野猪吧

[04:27.96]- Yeah. - There's plenty of fruit and fish. - 是的 - 周围还可以找到很多水果和鱼

[04:31.93]What we're doing here is far more important. 我们现在做的事要重要得多

[04:47.65]Right now, this is our priority. 我也很抱歉... 但现在这才是最优先要做的

[05:05.75]片名:lost - 迷失 第一季 第十三集

[05:15.58]So, Jack... 好啊,Jack...

[05:18.25]So, Hurley. 你好,Hurtley

[05:19.85]There's something kind of important 有点重要的事

[05:22.18]I've been wanting to ask you about. 我在等着想问你

[05:24.75]Um... 恩...

[05:27.46]Anything I tell you is, uh, 我想告诉你的事是,呃,

[05:30.22]doctor-patient confidential, right? 医生和病人之间的机密,好吗?

[05:34.33]Yeah. 好的

[05:36.16]The thing is, I haven't been feeling so great. 事实上, 我有点不舒服

[05:40.30]What's the matter? 什么问题?

[05:42.17]Well, it's kinda like, uh, my stomach. 恩,应该是,呃, 我的胃

[05:45.34]I've been having some, um... 我一直都有点,恩...

[05:48.04]...major digestive issues. ...消化方面的问题

[05:50.04]- What have you been eating? - The usual: - 你这几天都吃了些什么? - 跟平常一样

[05:52.61]Bananas, papayas, mangoes, 香蕉,木瓜,芒果,

[05:55.75]guava, passion fruit, 石榴,西番莲果,

[05:57.12]coconut, some of those weird star fruits from up on the hill. 椰子,还有山上采回来的一些奇怪的水果

[06:00.39]Someone said they'd be good for digestion. 有人说那会帮助消化的.

[06:02.66]Let me tell you, they lied. 我告诉你,他们在撒谎

[06:04.06]It might help if you had a little more protein. 如果你事物中多点蛋白质的话, 也许会有用

[06:06.39]What can I do? There's no boar. No boar, no protein. 伙计,我能怎么样呢?没有猪肉 没有猪肉,没有蛋白质

[06:09.20]You can eat fish. Jin's been catching a lot of 'em. 你可以吃鱼啊.Jin捕了很多

[06:12.67]- That guy has it in for me. - Come on... - 我欠他的 - 别开玩笑...

[06:15.14]I'm not kidding. He offered me something to eat, like, 我可不是开玩笑的. 他给我提供了吃的东西

[06:18.41]right after we, you know, got here. 我跟着他,到了这儿

[06:21.21]- Um, that thing with the spikes. - Sea urchin. - 恩, 去刺那些... - 海胆

[06:24.51]Yeah, when I turned him down, it's like 是的,当我拒绝他之后, 就好像,

[06:26.55]I soiled his family honor or something. 我败坏了他的家族荣誉似的

[06:30.28]He hasn't looked me in the eye since. The guy holds a serious grudge. 之后他就再没正眼看过我 那家伙现在还在怨恨呢

[06:33.82]You're not eating those, are you? 你没吃那些东西吧?

[06:37.66]Dude, these aren't for eating. 兄弟,这不是因为吃错的东西的缘故

[06:40.33]Excuse me. 抱歉

[07:16.76]I can see you there, you know. 你知道的,我看的见你

[07:21.37]I wasn't hiding. 我也并没有躲啊

[07:23.54]I just didn't want to disrupt you from doing... 我只是不想打断...

[07:27.38]...whatever it is you're doing. ...你现在做的事

[07:30.91]- It's not like it's a secret. - Hard to tell with you sometimes. - 这又不是什么秘密的事情 - 有时候发现跟你说话挺不容易的

[07:38.95]Ah! Gross, little, grayish yellow things. 小小的,浅灰色和黄色的东西

[07:42.42]- Passion fruit seeds. - What are they for? - 西番莲果的种子 - 拿来干什么?

[07:48.46]I'll show you... if you want to see. 如果你想看的话...我带你去看吧

[07:51.03]Yeah. 好啊

[07:53.80]Follow me. 跟我来

[07:57.21]Please tell me you found a coffee bar. 别告诉我你发现了一个咖啡吧

[08:00.91]Not quite. 也不是那样

[08:12.85]- When did you do all this? - I didn't. - 你们什么时候开始干起这个来的? - 我没做

[08:15.52]It was all Sun. 全都是Sun一个人做的

[08:17.83]I wandered into this place the other day when I was picking fruit. 我也是无意中发现这儿的 那天我出去找水果的时候

[08:24.13]This is beautiful. It's great. 很棒,真漂亮

[08:26.70]She planted some herbs and some low-growing stuff here, 她在这种下了这些草和矮的植物,

[08:29.64]and then she started a grove over there. 然后在那边建了个果树园

[08:32.81]Smart. 明智

[08:34.64]With the boar running out, we're gonna need as much food as we can get. 现在猪肉没有了,我们需要 能找到越多事物越好

[08:38.21]- Maybe it's not running out. - What do you mean? - 也许野猪还没被打猎完 - 什么意思?

[08:42.38]Maybe Locke's just decided not to catch it for us anymore. 也许Locke并没打算继续去给我们打野猪

[08:46.12]- Why would he do that? - A lot of mouths to feed. - 但他为什么要那样做呢? - 岛上有这么多人要养活

[08:48.69]If the boar's thinning out, why should he feed everyone else at his expense? 如果野猪减少了 那他凭什么要打来给我们?

[08:56.36]That glass isn't breaking, and the door is sealed shut. 我们打不破那个玻璃 窗口也被密封得很死

[08:59.67]I think it's cement. 我想是用水泥封住的

[09:03.47]- What is that? - Hmm? - 那是什么东西? - 恩?

[09:06.07]The stuff in the bowl, what is that? 碗里那东西,是什么?

[09:08.14]It's for later. 以后有用的

[09:12.11]Not to be too difficult, 也不是太难,

[09:13.61]but we've been coming here for two days, just staring at this thing. 但是我们到这有两天了 就只是盯着这东西看

[09:17.22]I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing. 连我自己都不知道我们在说什么

[09:20.72]Lodovico Buonarroti. Lodovico Buonarroti.

[09:24.56]Michelangelo's father, Michelangelo的父亲,

[09:27.06]he was a wealthy man. 是一个很有钱的人

[09:28.70]Had no understanding of the divinity in his son, 他不知道他儿子的神奇,

[09:31.97]so he beat him. 所以他就打他

[09:34.00]No child of his was gonna use his hands for a living. 他的儿子中 没有一个会用自己的双手来谋生

[09:36.64]So Michelangelo learned not to use his hands. 所以Michelangelo 也学会了不凭自己力量做事

[09:41.24]Years later, a visiting prince came into Michelangelo's studio 几年后,一个来访问的王子 来到了Michelangelo的工作室

[09:44.58]and found the master staring at a single 18-foot block of marble. 然后发现他 盯着一个18英尺的大理石块

[09:49.95]He knew the rumors were true, Michelangelo had come in every day 所以他就知道谣言是真的了 Michelangelo在4个月里

[09:53.25]for the past four months, 每天都来

[09:55.69]stared at the marble 盯着那个大理石

[09:57.43]and gone home for supper. 然后回家吃晚饭

[09:59.06]So the prince asked the obvious: "What are you doing?" 所以王子就问: "你在干什么?"

[10:01.86]And Michelangelo turned around and looked at him and whispered... 然后Michelangelo就转过身来看他 耳语说...

[10:08.90]"I'm working." "我在工作."

[10:14.88]Three years later, that block of marble was the statue of David. 3年后,那块大理石就变成了David雕像

[10:21.88]We're not gonna stare at this thing for four months, are we? 我们不是来这盯着它看4个月的 对吧?

[10:27.29]How we gonna open it? 我们怎么把它弄开?

[10:28.52]That's what we have to figure out. That's why we're sitting here. 那就是我们得搞定的问题 也就是我们为什么要坐在这儿的原因

[10:33.43]I mean, how do you open a... 我是说,你怎么样来打开这样一个...

[10:36.03]...hatch that has no handle, no latch... ...没有把手或者门闩的舱口......

[10:42.47]...no discernible way of opening it? ...没有什么可用的方法来打开吗?

[10:55.32]Yeah? 谁啊?

[10:57.62]- I'm looking for Shannon. - Who are you? - 我来找Shannon - 你是谁?

[10:59.72]I'm her brother. 她哥哥

[11:08.36]- Boone? - What's going on? - Boone? - 发生什么事了?

[11:10.53]What are you doing here? 你来这儿干什么?

[11:12.60]Fifteen hours. I just spent 15 hours on a plane. 15个小时,我在飞机上度过了15个小时

[11:16.20]"I'm happy to see you." That might work. "很高兴看到你.你来这我很高兴." 说点那些话也许会好点

[11:18.81]Listen, this isn't really the best time. 听着,你来的也许不是时候

[11:21.11]Bryan and I were on our way out to meet some friends. Brayn和我正准备出去见几个朋友

[11:24.25]Give me a call tomorrow. 你明天给我电话怎么样?

[11:31.82]Please. 拜托拉

[11:36.39]Okay. 好

[11:39.23]Enjoy your friends. 慢慢和你朋友玩去

[11:51.34]Jin! Yo, Jin! Jin!唷,Jin!

[11:54.68]Uh, alto. alto.

[11:56.84]I know you don't like me 'cause of the sea urchin thing. 听我说兄弟,我知道你不喜欢我 因为海胆那件事

[11:59.75]That's okay, 'cause I'm not asking for any favors. 没关系,我也不是来寻求帮助的

[12:02.38]Just let me know where you get the fish. 你只要... 告诉我在哪可以抓到鱼就可以

[12:06.62]Fish. 鱼

[12:09.09]Point me in the right direction. 告诉我在哪个方向

[12:11.06]I'll take care of my own business with my own tools. 我会用自己的工具来自己抓的

[12:20.80]You just said something mean, didn't you? 你刚才说了不好听的话是不是?

[12:28.98]You know, we're gonna have to tell 'em. 听我说,我们得告诉他们

[12:31.21]- Tell them what? - What we found. - 告诉他们什么? - 我们发现的东西

[12:35.38]They're not gonna keep believing that we're hunting. 你也知道,他们不会一直都以为我们是在去打猎 他们不会认为我们到这来打猎但什么也带不回去

[12:38.19]They're not ready. They won't understand it. 还不是时候,他们还不会明白的

[12:41.52]- I don't think I understand it. - That's the problem. - 我不这样想,我明白, - 那就是问题所在

[12:44.63]Look, at least... I gotta tell Shannon. 至少,我要告诉Shannon

[12:47.96]- Why? - 'Cause she's my sister. - 为什么? - 还用问吗?因为她是我妹妹

[12:49.73]Why do you care about her so much? 为什么你这么在意她?

[12:52.20]You don't know her, man. 老兄,你不了解她的

[12:54.17]She's smart and she's special in a lot of ways. 她很聪明,并且在很多方面都很特别

[12:58.41]Fair enough. 好主意

[13:01.71]She's been asking me about this. I can't keep lying to her. 她一直都在问我这个 我不能一直撒谎撒下去

[13:06.61]You can't keep lying to her, 你的意思是你不能一直对她撒谎,

[13:08.28]or you can't stand the way she makes you feel 还是你不能忍受她给你的感觉

[13:10.82]because you're lying to her? 因为你在对她撒谎?

[13:13.59]Both. Whatever. 都有.随便

[13:15.46]Look, she can keep a secret. 听我说,她能够保密的

[13:20.80]- You're sure? - Yes, I'm sure. - 你确定? - 是的,我确定

[13:23.63]I mean, are you sure you want to do this? 不是这个,我的意思是, 你真的打算告诉她?

[13:25.67]I gotta get her off my back. She keeps asking me about this, 我得甩掉她 她不停地问我这事,她不停地问我

[13:29.00]about you, about the whole thing. 关于你,还有这整件事

[13:31.14]Are you sure you've thought through the ramifications? 你确定你认真考虑过了?

[13:34.88]Yes. 是的

[13:37.75]So be it. 那么去吧

[14:06.24]Locke... Locke...

[14:10.85]What is this? 这个是什么?

[14:16.35]Do you hear me? 听到我说了吗?

[14:18.22]- Untie me right now. - Or what? - 把我解开 - 为什么?

[14:22.09]I swear I won't tell anyone about the hatch thing, okay? I promise. 我发誓我不会对任何人讲关于 这个舱门的事可以了吧? 我保证

[14:26.13]I'm doing this because it's time for you to let go of some things, 我做这些,Boone,因为是时候 让你放下某些事了

[14:30.16]because it's what's best for you. 因为那样是对你最好的

[14:31.97]And I promise, you're gonna thank me for this later. 而且我保证 以后你会因为这个感谢我的

[14:37.17]Hey, I don't think this is best for me. 喂,我可不认为这样对我来说是最好的

[14:40.57]What is that? 那是什么?

[14:41.91]An untreated wound out here, 一个没处理的伤口,

[14:45.15]it's gonna get infected. 你会感染的

[14:50.65]You're not gonna leave me here. 你不能把我留在这儿

[14:52.35]Whether you stay is up to you. 留不留取决于你

[14:54.59]The camp is four miles due west. 营地在西边4公里的地方

[14:56.29]Which way is west? 西边是哪边?

[15:09.27]You'll be able to cut yourself free once you have the proper motivation. 当你有合适的动力的时候 你就会自己切断走的

[15:20.11]Locke! Locke!

[15:45.21]Help! 救命!

[15:46.47]Help! 救命!

[15:48.38]I'm sorry, Mr. Carlisle, but I'm afraid I can't help you. 很抱歉,Carlisle先生 恐怕我帮不了你

[15:51.31]We'll need a little more to go on. 不走运的是,先生, 我们还得需要点东西才能继续

[15:53.61]I don't understand this. I'm reporting a crime. 我不明白.我在报案

[15:57.08]Look, this is a cycle with her, okay? 瞧,有一个精神病和她在一起,知道吗?

[15:59.52]My sister is attracted to the wrong kind of guy. 我妹妹看起来 正被一个错误的家伙给迷住了

[16:02.02]It was his bottle. I just gave it back to him. 这是他的瓶子.我只是把它还给他

[16:05.43]Hey, yo, croc hunter! 喂,唷,颚鱼猎人!

[16:07.53]How come nobody wants to hear my side of the story? 为什么你们都不想听我讲,啊?

[16:10.97]Now, if that were her mate, see, then I could help you. 如果那是她的朋友的话e, 也许我还能帮你

[16:13.90]Let's finish taking down your information. 我们先把你剩下的信息填了吧

[16:16.27]You were saying she's your sister. 你说她是你的妹妹

[16:18.11]Then why is her name Rutherford and yours Carlisle? 那为什么她的名字是Rutherford 但你的是Carlisle?

[16:21.21]- Is she married? - She was. - 她结婚了吗? - 她结婚了

[16:22.88]She's not married anymore. That has nothing to do with this. 她也不会再结婚 这个完全跟事件没有关系

[16:27.95]Rutherford is her father's name. Rutherford是她父亲的名字

[16:29.72]Our parents married when I was 10, she was 8. 在我10岁,她8岁的时候我们父母结婚的

[16:31.89]- She's your stepsister. - That's right. - 那么她是你的异父妹妹? - 是的

[16:34.69]No blood relation. 没有血缘关系

[16:41.63]Maybe you've heard of my mother, Sabrina Carlisle. 也许你听说过我母亲Sabrina Carlisle

[16:44.37]She owns the largest wedding business in the U.S. 她的婚礼生意是美国做的最大的

[16:46.93]I'm the C.O.O. of the wedding clothing subsidiary. 我是负责婚礼装子公司的C.O.O.

[16:49.74]Would you like to buy my wife's wedding dress? 你想买我妻子的婚礼服吗?

[16:52.17]It cost $2,000 new. It's only been worn once. 新的要2000,现在为止只被穿过一次

[16:54.68]I just want someone to go pay this guy a visit, that's all. 我只是想有人去调查下那人,就这些

[16:57.91]In the absence of physical evidence or a direct complaint from... Carlisle先生,因为没有任何的物证 或者是直接的控告出自,啊...

[17:02.25]- Shannon. ...Shannon... - Shannon. - ...Shannon...

[17:04.39]We can't barge into people's apartments. 我们不能就这样乱冲到别人家里面

[17:06.59]Sadly, we're the police, not the dating police. 可惜的是,我们只是警察, 而不是管约会的警察

[17:16.06]- Bryan, we need to talk. - Huh? - BBryan,我们得谈谈 - 哦?

[17:17.73]I'm not gonna waste your time or mine. 我不会浪费你时间的 当然我也不想浪费我的时间

[17:20.00]I want you to break up with my sister. 我要你跟我妹妹分手

[17:22.47]- What? - I want you to end it today. Right now. - 什么? - 我要你今天就跟她分手,就现在

[17:26.51]- Bugger off, mate. - You don't understand. - 走开,伙计 - 你不明白

[17:29.18]You'll be the third guy I've paid to leave. 你成为第3个我必须给你钱才走的人

[17:31.75]Go to her house, pack your stuff and never have contact with her again. 她不在的时候去她家 收好你的东西,再也不要跟她联系

[17:35.48]- Understood? - So you flew over here to bribe me? - 明白了吗? - 你大老远跑过来找我就是为了贿赂我?

[17:39.09]I'm going to give you 25,000 U.S. dollars. 我会给你25,000美元

[17:43.69]- I love her. - How much? - 我爱她 - 多少钱?

[17:45.49]My love for her? 我对她的爱?

[17:49.93]It's worth closer to $50,000. 至少得值50,000美元

[17:53.90]Can you believe we've been here for over three weeks? 你相信我们都在这儿呆了3个多星期了吗?

[18:00.61]I was on my way to Bali. 我正在去BALI的路上

[18:03.34]I travel a lot. 我经常旅行

[18:06.11]I was looking forward to exploring the island. 我正在计划去开发那个岛

[18:10.32]Somehow I ended up on a flight to LA instead. 但是这个计划在我飞去 L.A.的飞机上就中止了

[18:14.86]I guess that falls under the category "Be careful what you wish for." 我想那就是应了所谓的康德范式 "对你希望的事格外小心."

[18:24.73]You understood me. 你听得懂我说什么

[18:28.74]You did, didn't you? You just understood what I said. 你听的懂,不是吗? 你刚才听懂了我说的话

[18:34.58]You speak English? 你会说英语?

[18:38.98]Please, 求你...

[18:41.22]don't tell anyone. 不要告诉任何人

[19:03.30]Damn it! 见鬼!

[19:10.24]You know what? Fine. 你知道吗?很好

[19:11.65]You win, okay? You happy now? 你赢了,行了吧?你现在高兴了?

[19:14.41]Keep your damn fish. I'm outta here. 保管好你的鱼.我走了

[19:17.75]Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! 嗷!嗷!嗷!

[19:20.55]I stepped on a friggin' urchin! 我踩到一个该死的海胆!

[19:23.22]You understand me? 嗷!你明白我说的吗?

[19:26.19]You understand infection? Gangrene? Amputation? 你明白感染?坏疽?截肢手术?

[19:30.00]Ow! My foot! 啊!啊!我的脚...

[19:39.41]Oh. Ow! Oh, you gotta do something for me. 嗷!噢,你得帮我做点什么

[19:45.21]You're gonna have to pee on my foot. 伙计,你要尿在我脚上

[19:47.18]It'll stop the venom. I saw it on TV. 这样会阻止毒扩散,我在电视上看到过的

[19:49.92]Just do it! Ow! 去做!啊!

[19:51.62]No, just pee on it, man! You need to pee... 不,尿在上面,兄弟!你得尿...

[19:55.02]Pee on it. 尿在上面

[19:56.96]Pee on my foot. I'll lose... 尿在上面.我会失去...

[19:58.79]I'll lose my foot if you don't. 如果你不做的话我的脚就完了

[20:00.79]Just pee on it! 尿!尿在上面!

[20:04.67]No! 不!

[20:26.85]- Hi. - I didn't hear you. - 你好 - 我没听见你来

[20:29.09]Sorry. I'm sneakier than I give myself credit for. 抱歉,别人都认为我是个潜行者

[20:33.63]- What are you doing out here? - We were hunting. - 你来干什么? - 我们在打猎

[20:36.00]Boone thought I should take the afternoon off. Boone认为我得休息一下午

[20:39.23]Boone is hunting? Boone在打猎?

[20:40.90]Boy's eager to learn. 那孩子很好学

[20:45.31]- You think he'll catch anything? - Nope. - 你觉得你们会捕到什么吗? - 不

[20:52.08]What are you doing out here, Sayid? 你在这边干什么,Sayid?

[20:54.08]Orienteering. 越野识图

[20:55.82]I'm trying to make something of Rousseau's maps... 我在试着从Rousseau的地图 上发现点什么,但是...

[20:58.52]There's nothing to make. 没有什么可以发现的

[21:01.32]Exactly. 确实

[21:02.52]Well, you made a compass. I haven't seen one of those 你做了个指南针,自从我还是个weblos

[21:05.26]since I was a Webelos. 开始我还没见过这东西

[21:08.36]What's a Webelos? weblos是什么?

[21:10.20]Halfway between a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. 介于幼年童子军和童子军

[21:12.43]And what does a Webelos do? 那么weblos都干些什么?

[21:16.14]Gets badges mostly. 争取得勋章,大多数时候

[21:19.74]Ties knots, identifies birds. 打绳结,给鸟分等级

[21:24.24]I wasn't the most popular kid. 我不是最受欢迎的小孩

[21:34.15]I'll leave you to it. 我会留给你做这个

[21:36.49]Here. 给

[21:38.19]Maybe this will help your cause. 也许这个能帮你

[21:44.43]- Don't you need this? - Not anymore. - 你不需要了吗? - 不需要了

[22:04.15]Somebody, help me! 来人哪!救救我!

[22:09.09]- Who's that? - Boone? - 谁? - Boone?

[22:13.06]Shannon! Shannon!

[22:14.93]- I'm tied up! - What? - 我被绑起来了! - 什么?

[22:18.43]Can you get over here? 你能过来吗?

[22:19.83]I'm tied up too! 我也被绑起来了!

[22:29.68]Hold on. I'm coming! 坚持住,Shannon,我来了!

[22:33.21]Boone! It's getting closer! Boone! 它过来了!

[22:36.52]Somebody, help me! 来人哪!救救我!

[22:41.12]Boone? Boone?

[22:51.63]Please, Boone! 求你了, Boone!

[22:58.41]Oh! 啊!

[23:02.88]Boone! Boone!

[23:11.22]- Boone! - Shannon! - Boone! - Shannon!

[23:16.22]- Help me! Hurry! - I'm trying. - Boone,救我!快! - 我在努力

[23:18.66]Please. 快

[23:20.46]Please hurry! 求你,快!

[23:23.56]Go! 走!走!

[23:30.10]Come on! 快!

[23:33.14]- Run! - No! In here. - 快跑! - No! ln here.

[24:15.18]No! 不!

[24:25.13]Let me ask you something. 我能问你点问题吗?

[24:27.59]Which way do you think north is? 你觉得北边是哪边?

[24:30.20]- Sorry? - North. Which way is it? - 什么? - 北边.是哪个方向?

[24:32.57]Uh... 啊...

[24:35.24]Okay. 好

[24:36.97]The sun's gonna set there, 太阳从那边下山的,

[24:38.64]so that makes that west. 所以那边就是西方

[24:43.21]That'd be north. 那边就是北方

[24:45.91]Yeah. 是的

[24:47.21]Correct. That's where north should be. 正确.北方就应该在那

[24:54.82]Yet that is north. 既然那是北方

[24:58.02]I'm not... 我没有...

[24:59.09]A magnetic anomaly might explain a variance of two or three degrees, 一个小的磁场变动 也许会造成2到3度的偏转

[25:02.76]but not this. 但并不是这样.

[25:05.03]- What are you saying? - This compass is obviously defective. - 你在说什么? - 我在说这个指南针有点明显的问题

[25:11.27]Where'd you get it? 你从哪得到的?

[25:12.71]Locke gave it to me this afternoon. 今天下午Locke给我的

[25:15.41]Locke. Locke.

[25:18.38]Where'd you see Locke? 你在哪看见Locke的?

[25:20.25]About a mile east of here, walking through the jungle. 大约离这东方一公里的地方, 他正在丛林里边走

[25:24.82]At least I think it's east. 至少我觉得是东边

[26:09.40]What did you do to him? 你对他做了什么?

[26:11.70]- What did I do to who? - Locke. - 我对谁做了什么? - Locke.

[26:14.83]What did you do to piss him off? 你对哪个神经病做了什么让他发火的事?

[26:16.74]I didn't do anything to him. 我什么也没做

[26:18.71]What, he just did it because he was bored? 什么,难道他这样做只是因为无聊吗?

[26:21.61]- Look, I know you guys are... - Let's go back to camp. - 听我说,我知道你们在... - 我们先回营地去

[26:32.05]- You were supposed to come later. - Any bags? - 你该晚点来 - 你有包吗?

[26:34.59]- Anything you want? - Come back. - 有什么东西想带走的? - 你得回去

[26:36.59]No, we're getting out of this country. 不,Shannon,我们要离开这个地方

[26:39.19]Is there anything you want to bring with you? 你有什么要带走的吗?

[26:41.93]What's the matter? 你这是怎么了?

[26:47.77]Oh, look at this. 噢,这是怎么了

[26:49.34]Let's go, please. 我们走,求你了

[26:51.97]Come on. 走

[26:53.51]We can go. 我们可以的

[26:55.48]Hey, mate, you don't get this yet, do you? 嘿,兄弟,你还不明白是吧?

[26:58.35]What's what. 这是怎么回事

[27:10.42]You set me up. 你骗我

[27:12.13]This whole thing was a setup. 这整件事都是个骗局

[27:15.20]- She's getting what she's owed. - What did you say? - 她只是得到她应该得的东西 - 你说什么?

[27:17.93]She told me your mum screwed Shannon over after her daddy died, 她告诉我你母亲 在Shannon的父亲死后勒索她

[27:21.23]kept her father's money for herself. 把她父亲的钱全部据为己有

[27:23.17]Oh, sweet mum you got there. 哦,好妈妈,你做对了

[27:27.67]This isn't the first time, is it? 这不是第一次,是不是?

[27:31.41]- You've done this before, little bitch. - That's enough. - 哦,以前你也做过, 你这小婊子 - 那就够了

[27:34.41]Don't touch me, you lowlife piece of... 好了,够了, 别碰我,你这个卑鄙的...

[27:38.05]Bryan, get off of him! Bryan,放开他!

[27:40.99]Get off of him! Get off! 别打了!别打了!

[28:12.75]Any ships? 有船吗?

[28:14.99]Not yet. 还没有

[28:16.12]But I'm... patient. 但我...有耐心

[28:19.59]Mind if I join you? 不介意我也加入吧?

[28:25.63]Been a while since you and I talked, John. 我们好久都没谈过话了,John

[28:28.74]- Well, you're a busy man. - So are you. - 恩,你可是个大忙人 - 你也一样

[28:37.14]Where's Boone? Boone呢?

[28:39.01]- I haven't seen him today. - Yeah? - 我今天没看见过他 - 是吗?

[28:42.08]You two have been attached at the hip all week. 你们俩整个星期都在一起

[28:44.92]Well, let me just check my hip. Nope, no Boone. 好,让我来检查一下, Boone不在

[28:51.46]How's the boar hunting going? 打猎打的如何了?

[28:54.46]- Between you and me? - Always. - 在我俩之间? - 总是这样

[28:57.66]I'm afraid they're beginning to migrate outside our valley. 很遗憾它们都迁出了我们山谷了

[29:01.13]They're smart animals, and smart animals adapt quickly 他们是聪明的动物, 聪明的动物很会适应环境

[29:04.54]when a new predator's introduced into their environment. 特别是当一种新的食肉动物 闯入了他们的环境中

[29:07.61]You mean us? 你是说我们?

[29:09.94]The most dangerous predator of all. 最危险的猎食者

[29:18.69]Does anybody else know? 其他人知道吗?

[29:21.25]Only Michael. 只有Micheal

[29:22.56]- Not your husband? - Please... - N你丈夫也不知道吗? - 求你,我...

[29:24.22]Don't worry. I can keep a secret. 别担心.我能保密的

[29:30.40]I took English lessons in Korea. 我在韩国学过英语的

[29:33.83]He doesn't know. It's... 他不知道,这...

[29:36.37]...complicated. ...这事很复杂

[29:37.60]- So why don't you tell him now? - I can't. - 那你为什么现在不告诉他呢? - 我不能

[29:39.77]Why? 为什么?

[29:43.01]Because I love him. 因为我爱他

[29:46.21]- I don't... - Have you never lied -我不... - 你对你爱的人

[29:48.58]to a man you've loved? 撒过谎吗?

[29:58.16]You sure you don't speak English? 你真的不会英语吗?

[30:00.46]'Cause there's a rumor that you do. 因为有谣言说你们会说

[30:05.50]Your wife's hot. 你妻子很惹眼

[30:20.85]Oh, I get it. This is some kind of payback 哦,我知道了.这算是某种回报吧

[30:23.08]because I wouldn't eat the urchin the other time? 因为上次我没吃海胆?

[30:26.22]I eat this, you give me a fish, right? 我吃,你给我了一条鱼,是吧?

[30:31.12]Okay, fine. 好,很好

[30:36.06]Over the lips, past the gums, 狠一狠心也就下去了

[30:37.66]yadda, yadda... yadda, yadda...

[30:39.60]Oh, God. 噢,上帝

[31:05.63]Cheers. 干杯

[31:09.53]You need a hand? 想要帮忙吗?

[31:12.00]Yeah. I'd love one. 是的,我得找人帮忙

[31:18.24]I seen you around the caves lately. 最近有看见你在山洞那边

[31:21.64]I needed a change of scenery. 我得换个环境

[31:24.24]How are you doing, Charlie? 你去干什么去了,Charlie?

[31:26.15]How am I doing? 我干什么了?

[31:27.61]With week two of heroin withdrawal, 对付两周的适应戒毒

[31:29.52]or with Claire being abducted by the freak who tried to kill me? 还是我去处理Claire被 那个想杀死我的疯子绑架的事?

[31:33.85]I gave you the aspirin for the withdrawal. 我给你阿斯匹林来对付海洛因吧,

[31:42.70]- What do you think his story is? - Who? - 你认为他的故事如何? - 谁的?

[31:45.47]Locke? Locke?

[31:47.53]The guy's a freak of nature. 那家伙天生就是个异类

[31:49.50]Highly disturbed. 很不正常

[31:50.90]He probably killed all his mates 他也许会把邮局的人都杀了

[31:52.94]the day his mom forgot to put a cookie in his lunch. 而那一天因为他妈妈忘了在他饭盒 里面放甜饼

[31:55.54]That was my first impression, anyway. 不管怎样,这就是他给我的第一印象

[31:58.98]And then he saved my life. 但然后他就救了我的命

[32:02.02]So you trust him? 那么你信任他了?

[32:04.62]Trust him? 信任他?

[32:06.59]If there's one person on this island 如果有那么一个人

[32:09.02]I would put my absolute faith in to save us all, 真有一个人我能完全相信 能拯救我们的,

[32:12.06]it would be John Locke. 只能是John Locke了

[32:31.31]Come on, boy. You want the ball? 加油,伙计.你想要那球吗?

[32:35.78]Go get the ball. Good boy. 去把球取回来.去取球,好孩子

[32:38.89]You found your bag? 伙计,你找到自己的包了吗?

[32:40.32]- That's awesome, man. - Yeah. - 这真是很棒啊 - 是的

[32:42.76]Be nice to get to use your own toothbrush again. 可以再次用你的牙刷是件很不错的事

[32:46.09]- Got some papaya there? - Yeah. - 有木瓜吗? - 是的

[32:48.33]- Yippee. - Hey, you mind if l, uh... - 好啊 - 嘿,介意我,啊...

[32:50.63]Oh, knock yourself out. 哦,自己拿

[32:52.73]Want to wish something on your enemy? 你希望你最坏的敌人发生什么事?

[32:54.83]Hope they step on a sea urchin. 希望他们踩到一个海胆

[32:58.84]Oh, hey. 噢,你好

[33:08.65]Thanks. 谢谢

[33:12.95]Has this already been cleaned? Are you kidding? 伙计,这东西已经给我清理好了? 你开玩笑吧?

[33:36.21]They look happy. 他们看来挺高兴的

[33:38.51]Happy? 高兴?

[33:43.88]Put out your hand. 把手伸出来

[33:48.35]You'll like it, I swear. 我保证,你会喜欢的

[33:55.76]Gross, little, grayish yellow thingies? 小小的,浅灰色和黄色的东西?

[33:58.03]No, these are slimy, little, bluish black things. 不,不,不,不.这些是 小小的,粘稠的,蓝黑色的东西

[34:03.80]Guava seeds. 番石榴的种子

[34:05.44]What's a garden without guava? 没有番石榴还叫花园吗?

[34:15.52]- Are we going the right direction? - If you don't want to follow, don't. - 你确定我们没走错方向? - 如果你不想跟我走,就别来

[34:19.19]I wouldn't have to if you weren't best friends with that nutcase. 要不是你们是我最好的朋友 还有那个傻子,我才不来呢

[34:23.49]You weren't hunting. You were doing something else. 你们不是在寻宝 你们在做别的事

[34:26.26]- Haven't we been over this? - You're a horrible liar. - 我们不是讨论过了吗? - 你是个讨厌的骗子

[34:30.06]- We weren't doing anything. - Why are you keeping secrets? - 我们什么也没做 - 你为什么要帮这家伙保守秘密?

[34:33.13]Do you know who "this guy" is? 你知道"这个家伙"是谁吗?

[34:35.03]He's the only one here that has a clue to what's going on. H他是这唯一 一个有发生了什么事的线索的人

[34:37.94]- What is that supposed to mean? - It means he's smart. - 那代表什么意思? - 我的意思是他很聪明

[34:43.38]He tied us up, Boone. 他把我们绑起来了,Boone

[34:46.95]Why? 为什么?

[34:51.85]We found something. 我们找到了些东西

[34:54.82]What? 什么东西?

[34:56.92]While looking for Claire, we found a piece of metal buried in the jungle. 我们出去找Claire的时候, 我们找到了 埋在丛林里面的金属片

[35:00.76]We've been excavating. That's what we've been doing. 我们在挖掘它 那就是我们一直在干的事

[35:05.06]- A piece of metal. - A hatch buried in the dirt. - 一片金属? - 在土壤下边埋着的舱门

[35:09.17]- Like a door? - Yeah, that's what a hatch is. - 像一扇门? - 是的,Shannon,那个就叫舱门

[35:13.14]Where does it go? 它通向哪?

[35:18.11]I don't know. 我不知道

[35:19.61]I told him I wanted to tell you. That's when he did this. 但我告诉他我想要告诉你 然后他就对我做了这些事

[35:28.55]Come on! 快跑!

[35:48.44]No! Shannon! 不! Shannon!

[35:55.68]Shannon! Shannon!

[35:58.05]Shannon! Shannon!

[36:13.10]What do you want? 你想干什么?

[36:20.21]Bryan took the money. Bryan拿走了钱

[36:23.48]He's gone. 他走了

[36:30.72]So the player got played. That's poetic, don't you think? 那么演员戏演完了 真浪漫,你说呢?

[36:34.52]I knew you'd bring the money. 我知道你会带钱的, 我知道你会的

[36:36.82]- You are drunk. - Do you wanna know why? - 你喝多了 - 你知道为什么吗?

[36:39.09]It doesn't matter. You're going to tell me. 不管怎样,我想你告不告诉我都不重要

[36:41.39]Because you're in love with me. 因为你爱上我了

[36:43.90]What? 什么?

[36:45.50]You brought the money because you're in love with me. 你带上钱是因为你爱上我了

[36:50.20]You show up here plastered... 你喝醉了...

[36:52.21]- You've always been. - You've always been self-centered, - 你一直都爱着我 - 你从来都是一个以自我为中心的小婊子,

[36:55.27]but now you're delusional. 但现在你自己受骗了

[36:57.58]I've always known it. 我一直以来都知道

[36:59.98]You're sick. 你病了

[37:02.42]No... 没有...

[37:08.89]- Stop. - It's okay. - 不要 - 没事的

[37:11.76]Shannon... Shannon...

[37:19.00]It's okay. 没事的

[37:51.56]Boone. Boone.

[37:53.93]What? 什么?

[37:57.14]When we get back to LA, 我们回洛杉机之后

[38:00.84]you should just tell your mom that... 你得告诉你母亲...

[38:04.24]...you rescued me again, just like you always do, ...你又把我救了,就像你从前那样,

[38:07.65]and then we'll just go back. 然后我们就可以回去

[38:09.78]- To what? - To what it was. - 回到哪去? - 该去的地方

[38:14.72]Like it's all up to you. 好像都是由你来决定

[38:18.89]Get dressed. 穿好衣服

[38:27.57]Shannon! Shannon!

[38:50.56]No. 不

[39:06.01]Shannon. Shannon.

[39:08.87]Shannon. Shannon. Shannon. Shannon.

[39:15.41]Shannon? Shannon?

[39:17.92]Oh, Shannon. 噢, Shannon.

[39:51.05]It killed her! 它杀死了她!

[39:57.22]- You made it back. - That thing killed my sister. - 你回来了 - 那东西把我妹妹杀了

[40:01.99]It's your fault. You drug her out there. 都是你的错,你把她拖到那去的

[40:04.10]- Your sister? - Don't play dumb. - 你妹妹? - 别跟我装聋作哑

[40:05.93]- Calm down. - She died in my arms. - 冷静下来 - 她在我手里死去的

[40:09.50]Why is there no blood on you? 为什么你身上没有血?

[40:19.71]What just happened to me out there? 我在那发生了什么事?

[40:21.85]I don't know. 我不知道

[40:25.02]I don't know. You tell me. 我不知道,你告诉我

[40:29.32]- But your sister, Shannon... - I could spend days... - 但是你的妹妹Shannon..... - 我是说,我能够一整天...

[40:34.33]Sorry to spoil it. 对不起我把它弄坏了

[40:43.54]She... She was dead. 她... 她已经死了

[40:46.71]- Is that what it made you see? - What made me see? - 是不是那个东西让你看见这些的? - 什么东西让我看见的?

[40:53.25]That stuff you put on my head. 你敷在我头上的东西

[40:56.28]- You drugged me? - I gave you an experience - 你对我下了药? - 我给你了一个

[40:58.48]that I believed was vital to your survival on this island. 我认为在岛上 生存下来所必须的经历

[41:01.62]It wasn't real? 那不是真的吗?

[41:03.19]It was only as real as you made it. 就好像你真的做了一样

[41:08.69]I saw her. 我亲眼看见她了

[41:12.13]I saw her die. 我亲眼看见她死

[41:15.73]How did you feel 她死的时候...

[41:17.30]when she died? 你有什么感觉?

[41:23.28]I felt... I felt... 我感到... 我感到...

[41:26.15]I felt relieved. 我感觉象重生了一样

[41:31.42]I felt relieved. 我感觉象重生了一样

[41:36.06]Yes. 是的

[41:42.06]Time to let go. 该放下这些事了

[42:04.12]Follow me. 跟我来

[42:37.28]“迷失 第一季 第十三集” -=结束=-

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