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[00:01.96] Previously on Lost: 前情提要:

[00:05.87]- Anyone seen Ethan? - He took off to the beach. - 谁看见Ethan了吗? - 他去海边了

[00:09.00]There might have been a struggle. 这里像是有挣扎过的痕迹

[00:11.01]I think they've been taken. 他们可能被带走了

[00:32.13]If you do not stop following me, 如果你还继续跟着我

[00:35.23]I will kill one of them. 我会杀了他们中一个人的

[00:40.30]- Over here! - Jack! 这边!

[00:42.44]Where's Jack? Jack!

[00:42.25]嘿, Jack在哪?

[00:46.24]- We need the doctor. - Right there. - 我们需要那个医生 - 他在那呢!

[00:48.58]- There. - Find someone! 在那

[00:50.55]What happened? 发生什么了?

[00:52.48]Doctor! - Jack! - 医生!

[00:54.25]- Claire! - Is she alive? Claire! 她还活着吗?

[00:56.45]- What happened? - Is she all right? - 发生什么了? - 她没事吧?

[00:59.49]Is she okay? 没事

[01:01.36]- Where'd you find her? - A mile north, looking for the dog. 你在哪找到她的?

[01:02.87]我不知道, 我们当时正在找狗

[01:04.56]- Conscious? - She collapsed in my arms. - 她当时有清醒着吗? - 她倒在了我的怀里

[01:06.73]- Did she say anything? - Is she injured? - 她说了什么吗? - 她受伤了吗?

[01:11.47]Is she all right? 她没事吧?

[01:13.87]Everybody needs to back off, okay? Just give her some air. 大家都后退, 好吗?


[01:25.55]Claire. Can you hear me? Claire, 你能听到我吗?

[01:30.69]Wake up now. Hey. Claire. 醒醒, 嘿, Claire

[01:34.29]Claire. Claire

[01:36.39]Wake up now. 醒醒

[01:38.96]Hey. 嘿


[01:41.96]It's okay. Claire! 没事的


[01:45.03]Hey, it's okay. 嘿, 没事的

[01:47.00]- It's okay. - Claire. 没事的


[01:51.54]Okay. You're safe. 你没事了


[01:55.91]Who are you? 你是谁?

[02:03.92]Who are you? 你们是谁?!

[02:06.55]Who are you people? 你们都是谁?!

[02:22.29]片名:LOST - 迷失 第一季 第十五集

[02:31.11]I don't understand. 我不明白

[02:32.91]I don't know any Ethan. 我不认识什么Ethan

[02:35.15]I... I don't remember. 我不 -- 不记得了

[02:42.72]I don't remember any of you. 你们大家我都不记得了

[02:44.89]I don't remember any of this. 这一切我都不记得了

[02:48.16]What do you remember? 你都记得什么?

[02:53.50]Um... 嗯, 我 -- 我在一架飞机上

[02:55.30]I was on a plane...

[02:57.64]...um, flying to LA from Sydney. 嗯, 从悉尼飞往洛杉矶的飞机上

[03:05.18]Claire... Claire...

[03:08.08]We were all on that plane. 我们都在那架飞机上

[03:10.45]It crashed here, on this island. 它在这坠毁了, 在这座小岛上

[03:16.99]That was almost a month ago. 那已经是接近一个月以前的事了

[03:20.66]No! I'm due... - 不, 我已经快 -- - 你的孩子很好

[03:22.46]Your baby's fine. He's kicking. 他还会踢你, 一切都很正常

[03:24.30]Everything's normal. Okay?


[03:30.61]Well, if it's been a month, then why hasn't somebody come to get us? 好吧, 如果已经过了快一个月了 那为什么没人来救我们?








[04:16.52]You think she escaped? 你认为她是逃出来的?

[04:18.99]You were right beside me, Boone. You know as much as I do. 你当时就在我旁边 我知道的你都知道

[04:22.12]But where'd she come from? 她从哪来的?

[04:24.33]We were out pretty deep. 我们当时走的很远

[04:25.89]Nothing's out there. 那边什么都没有

[04:29.13]She didn't say anything about Ethan? 关于Ethan她什么都没说?

[04:31.10]She doesn't even remember Ethan. 很显然, 她连Ethan是谁都不知道

[04:33.30]The guy pretends to be one of us, he drags her into the jungle. 那人假装是我们中的一员


[04:36.60]She doesn't remember him? 她会不记得他?

[04:39.94]Apparently. 很明显

[04:45.55]You think he's around? 你认为他在周围?

[04:49.95]I sure hope not. 我当然希望不是

[04:54.02]Claire. Here's your journal. Claire


[04:58.89]It might help. 可能会对你有帮助

[05:02.40]And this is where you sleep. It's quite cozy, isn't it? 你就是在这睡觉的

[05:05.43]很舒适, 是吧?

[05:14.91]When he, Ethan... 当他 -- Ethan --

[05:18.01]...when he took you away, he took me too. 当他把你带走时...


[05:23.58]The others came after us. 其他人去找我们

[05:25.89]They got me back. But you... 他们把我带了回来, 但是 --

[05:29.36]You were gone. 没找到你

[05:32.69]Who is he? Ethan? 他是谁 -- Ethan?

[05:38.23]Ethan... Ethan...

[05:42.60]Ethan's the bad guy. Ethan是个坏人

[05:46.11]So we were together when... 那么当时我们在一起?

[05:49.04]Yeah. 没错

[05:53.21]Well, why did he leave you? 他为什么丢下你?

[05:56.65]Why don't we leave that lovely story for the morning? 我们为何不明早再谈这些?

[06:01.62]You've had enough for one day. 你今天已经经历够多的了

[06:03.49]No, I won't be sleeping. - 我会睡不着的 - 噢

[06:05.49]Oh... lucky for me.


[06:08.86]Not much of a sleeper myself. 我总是睡不着觉

[06:11.60]Finally, I'll have someone to stay up with. 终于有人陪我了

[06:17.67]We're... We're friends? 我们曾是朋友?

[06:22.91]Yeah. Yeah, we're friends. 是的

[06:25.75]没错, 我们是朋友

[06:36.62]How's that feel, mate? 感觉怎样, 兄弟?

[06:39.76]- Sodding fantastic. - Good, 'cause we're almost out. 感觉好极了

[06:41.35]很好, 我们就快没吸的了

[06:43.56]But we're not out yet? Carpe diem, my friend. 但我们还没一点不剩

[06:45.72]Carpe diem (该享受时就享受), 老兄

[06:47.37]Save your French for someone who appreciates it. 把你的法语留给那些懂得欣赏它的人吧

[06:49.84]Latin, Tommy. It's Latin. 是拉丁语, Tommy

[06:52.47]Well, is it Latin for "I've got a pile of money 拉丁语

[06:52.43]在拉丁语里的意思是 "我有很多钱,

[06:55.28]so we can score vast quantities of illicit substances"? 所以我们可以买到很多毒品"吗?

[07:00.01]- No. - I suppose you ought to clean up then. 不


[07:03.22]It's time to put you to work. 该是工作的时候了

[07:14.80]Ms. Lucy Heatherton, 22 and ripe in oh, so many wonderful ways. Lucy Heatherton小姐

[07:16.06]22岁, 各方面都很成熟

[07:19.23]Just graduated from Oxford, 刚从牛津大学毕业 现在住在Knightsbridge

[07:21.67]lives in Knightsbridge with dear old dad, Mr. Francis Price Heatherton, 和她亲爱的父亲, Francis Price Heatherton先生住在一起

[07:26.04]who, my friend, is bloody loaded. 非常的富有

[07:28.94]How you amass this information never ceases to amaze me. 你的信息从来都没停止让我吃惊过, Tommy

[07:32.98]Ready to fall in love, Mr. Charlie Pace 准备恋爱吧, 传奇的摇滚乐队Drive Shaft 中的Charlie Pace先生

[07:35.35]of the legendary rock band Drive Shaft?

[07:40.86]Absolutely. 完全正确

[07:53.47]Oh! Seriously, ladies, I demand you stop buying me more drinks. 噢, 说真的, 女士们


[07:58.01]I'm a man of high moral standing. 我是个道德高尚的男人

[08:01.11]Your obvious plan to take me home and ravage me will not work. 你强行带我回家的计划是不会得逞的

[08:04.48]Saucy sirens. 美女们

[08:06.51]I believe in monogamy. I will not be shared like a curry. 我相信一夫一妻制


[08:09.58]- Are we that obvious? - Dreadfully. - 我们意图那么明显吗? - 非常明显

[08:12.39]Call yourself ladies. Jane Austen would be ashamed. 叫你们夫人? Jane Austen会感到惭愧的

[08:16.52]I personally feel misunderstood. I'm sensitive.

[08:24.37]The girl is pregnant. Very pregnant. 那女孩怀孕了

[08:27.54]Are we to believe that she escaped from him? 我们该相信她从他那里逃出来了吗?

[08:29.84]- What're you getting at? - Ethan infiltrated us. - 你什么意思? - Ethan要打入我们

[08:32.41]Whoever he is and wherever he comes from, he's intelligent. 不管他是谁, 无论他从哪来


[08:36.21]- Who's to say he didn't send Claire? - You're off your head, mate. 谁能确定不是他放Claire来的呢?

[08:38.04]- 你神经病啊, 老兄 -- - Charlie, 冷静

[08:39.58]Charlie. Calm down. That's a stretch, Sayid.

[08:42.42]Tell me, doctor, how many times have you diagnosed amnesia? 有点过头了, Sayid

[08:42.46]那告诉我, 医生, 你诊断过多少起真正的健忘症

[08:45.62]- And such a selective brand of it? - Okay. It's rare. 这种选择性失意呢?

[08:48.52]She's been through a trauma. 好吧, 是很少见, 但她受过严重的外伤

[08:50.06]It is possible that her memory reset to the crash. 她的记忆重回到失事前是可能的

[08:55.03]And the chances of that memory returning? 那恢复那段记忆的可能性呢?

[08:59.43]- I don't know. - You know what? 我不知道

[09:01.64]Talk about Claire all you want. I'm gonna spend time with her. 你们知道吗? 随你们怎么谈论Claire吧


[09:04.81]I get the impression she might be a tad upset. 我觉得她还是有点迷糊

[09:13.68]Oi, Jin. 嘿, Jin!

[09:15.58]You heading back to the caves? 你要回山洞吗?



[09:21.89]Safety in numbers, right? 感觉很安全, 是吧?

[09:24.03]Of course, you have no idea what I'm talking about. 当然...


[09:28.56]How nice it must be to not be involved in the bloody insanity 没有被卷入我们周围

[09:31.63]that surrounds us at every turn. 这些疯狂的事情是多么好啊

[09:34.24]It's quite beautiful really. 真的很美好

[09:36.17]You take care of your wife. 你照顾好你的妻子

[09:38.07]Everything else is someone else's problem. 其它的都是别人的事了

[09:40.81]No need to be involved in the decision-making process. 不用参与作决定

[09:44.21]No tree-shaking behemoths, French transmissions. 没有巨兽的袭击

[09:48.08]Just sweet bloody ignorance. 法语求救信号


[09:50.62]You don't know how lucky you are. 你不知道你有多幸福, 知道吗?

[09:52.39]Must be nice. You wake up and... 真好啊, 你一觉醒来 --

[10:00.60]What? 什么?


[10:18.61]Charlie, I want her back. Charlie, 我要她回来

[10:22.28]- What? - I want you to bring her back. 什么? 我 --


[10:26.89]What did you do to her? 你对她做了什么?

[10:31.19]What did you do? 你做了什么?!

[10:39.37]You bring her here. 你把她带来

[10:42.40]If you don't, I'm going to kill one of them. 如果不的话


[10:47.04]Then if you don't bring her back before sundown tomorrow, 如果你在明天日落前不把她带来

[10:50.14]I'll kill another. 我会再杀一个...

[10:51.98]And another. 再一个...

[10:55.32]And another. 再一个...

[10:57.42]One every day. 一天一个

[10:59.75]And, Charlie, 然后, Charlie...

[11:02.99]I'll kill you last. 我会最后杀你

[11:24.88]What do we do? 我们该怎么办?

[11:26.61]- We go out and we kill him. - Calm down. 我们出去, 然后杀了他

[11:28.78]We don't want the others to get upset. 冷静, Charlie 我们不想让其他人感到不安

[11:30.79]- Forget them. He's out there now. - I think he's right. 不, 别管他们 他就在那里, Locke


[11:35.19]The man threatens to kill one of us, and what? 一个人威胁要杀了我们中一人 除非我们把Claire带给他

[11:37.83]We just wait for that to happen? 我们就这样等着那一刻的到来?

[11:39.83]We tracked him once before. We can track him again. 我们曾追踪过他, 我们可以再试试

[11:42.80]You've forgotten how that turned out. He bested you. Physically. 你们好像都忘了发生过什么

[11:46.17]He hung you from a tree. 他身体比你强壮


[11:48.40]Running into the jungle is not gonna get it done. 徒手进入丛林是不会有效果的

[11:50.84]- So, what does get it done? - We circle the wagons. 那怎样才会有效果?

[11:53.61]Tell a select few, we post them as sentries here and at the caves. 我们大家严阵以待, 并选择性的告诉一些人


[11:57.18]"Tell a select few"? 选择性的告诉一些人?

[11:59.35]He does what he says he's gonna do, and that blood's on our hands. 他说到做到的, 将受到伤害的是我们

[12:06.69]Okay, Jack, we tell everyone. 好吧, Jack, 我们通知所有人

[12:09.32]But you wanna protect them, you need to think defense. 但如果你要保护他们, 就要先想想怎样防御

[12:12.19]We move everybody off the beach back up into the caves. 我们把沙滩上的所有人都叫回山洞

[12:15.26]What if Ethan isn't alone? 如果Ethan不是一个人呢?

[12:18.60]What if he delivered his threat so that we would gather like sheep 如果他们可以

[12:19.91]就像屠夫杀绵羊一样, 突然袭击

[12:22.14]in a space where they could roll in and take us all in one fell swoop? 被限制在一个狭小空间的我们

[12:29.18]Okay, John. 好吧, John

[12:30.68]I mean, obviously you have a plan, so let's hear it. 很明显, 你有计划了, 那么...





[12:47.22]也许其他人知道 --



[12:59.81]- The others are avoiding me. - Sorry? 大家都在躲着我

[13:03.24]No one will talk to me. - 什么? - 没人肯跟我讲话

[13:05.65]You know, it just feels like something's going on. 感觉好像发生了什么事

[13:11.99]Anything coming back? 记起什么了吗?

[13:14.86]After the crash, no. 飞机失事后的还没

[13:17.06]Some of this stuff is probably better forgotten. 有些事可能还是忘记比较好

[13:20.46]I don't know about you, but the rest of us been having a wonderful time. 不知你怎样


[13:25.93]We even built a golf course. 我们甚至建了座高尔夫球场

[13:32.24]You sure there's nothing going on? 你 -- 你确定什么都没发生?

[13:38.45]Absolutely. 当然了

[13:43.08]Okay. 好吧

[13:50.62]You're quite enamored of yourself. 你很自恋, 是吧?

[13:52.69]Now, Lucy, I know it's our first date, and you need to appear demure, Lucy, 我知道这是我们第一次约会 你要表现的端庄一点

[13:56.33]but if you want to invite me for sex, 但是, Lucy, 如果你想和我上床 不要说"茶"

[13:58.17]don't say "tea," say "sex."

[14:01.90]- Do you want tea or not? - I'd love some. 说"性"


[14:04.37]Brilliant. - 来点吧 - 很好

[14:05.87]So where is the old man? 你家父亲呢?

[14:08.31]I don't know. 不知道

[14:09.98]I think he's buying some paper company up in Slough. 我想他可能去Slough收购一家造纸厂了

[14:13.88]Oh, yeah? 噢, 是吗, 你们相处的好吗?

[14:16.48]You two get on? 实际上, 我爸爸很酷

[14:18.09]Dad's quite cool, actually.

[14:20.92]He was proud when I told him I was going on a date with a bona fide rock star. 当我告诉他我和一个摇滚歌星约会时


[14:30.30]It was Winston Churchill's. 那是邱吉尔的

[14:34.30]Dad collects all sorts of rubbish from the great leaders of the Empire. 爸爸喜欢收集领袖们的各式各样的废品

[14:38.34]- Hey, you should meet him. - Winston? No, thanks. 嘿, 你应该见见他

[14:41.21]- I heard he's quite moldy. - My father. 邱吉尔? 不了, 听说他已经腐烂了


[14:44.78]He's coming back tomorrow. You should come around for dinner. 他明天就回来


[14:50.28]I'd love to. 很乐意

[14:53.05]Excellent. 好极了

[15:03.73]You look hungry. 你看起来很饿

[15:08.64]Thanks. 谢谢

[15:17.78]Locke told us what happened. Locke告诉我们发生什么了

[15:22.75]Why do you think he wants her back? 你觉得他为什么要她回去?

[15:26.72]I don't know. 不知道

[15:32.93]Maybe it's time you used that key you've been wearing around your neck. 也许是该用到你脖子上钥匙的时候了

[15:37.60]There are four 9 millimeters in the case... 箱子里有四把9毫米口径手枪

[15:40.03]Uh-uh. No. 呃-呃, 不

[15:41.64]I hand them out, someone hears something, gets scared... 我把它们拿出来

[15:42.79]有人听见丛林中有动静, 受到惊吓后

[15:44.77]Chance of shooting each other is higher than shooting him. 射到自己人的几率


[15:47.74]We're beyond knives. 我们这里只磨刀已经不够了

[15:49.24]I'm not putting guns in untrained hands. 我不会把枪交给未经训练的人的

[16:00.96]Trip it. 放!

[16:04.56]Not bad. 不错

[16:05.83]Four around the perimeter will do the job. 在这周围放四个就够了

[16:08.10]- I have fires at 20-meter intervals. - Excellent. 每隔20米我都生了火

[16:11.73]Some have volunteered for sentry duty. I'll put them on shifts. 很好



[16:15.07]I'll take a shift. 算我一个

[16:17.37]Okay. 好

[16:19.94]Absolutely. We're counting on you. 好极了, 靠你了, Boone

[16:28.95]- Maybe we should move her. - She's safer here. 也许我们应该把她移走

[16:32.22]What about the mountain? Another cave? 她在这比较安全


[16:34.32]- She's safer here. - Nobody's safe! - 那里可能还有个山洞 - 她在这很安全, Charlie

[16:35.89]- 没人安全! - 嘿


[16:41.36]It's my fault he took her. I was responsible. 他把她带走是我的错

[16:43.90]I should've taken care of her. I should've... 我有责任, 我应该照顾她 我应该 --

[16:45.51]Charlie, 她不会有事的, 知道吗?

[16:47.20]Nothing's gonna happen to her. Okay?

[16:53.27]Yeah. Okay. 是的, 好吧

[17:06.75]I think my daughter would agree that Charlie, 我想我可爱的女儿应该会同意

[17:09.32]you are the most impressive person who's ever had dinner with us. 你在同我们吃过饭的人中 是给人印象最深刻的

[17:14.19]My condolences, sir. 很抱歉, 先生

[17:16.10]I don't know if Lucy mentioned it, but I was in a band once, you know. 不知Lucy跟没跟你提起过


[17:19.97]Oh! 噢

[17:21.40]They were called The Protestant Reformation. 嗯, 名字是Protestant Reformation

[17:23.87]Yes. Ouch! Dreadful. 是的 -- 噢, 很震惊吧, 呃?

[17:26.37]You gave it up, then? 你后来放弃了?

[17:27.88]Well, I was married, Lucy was on the way. 我结婚了, 并且有了Lucy

[17:30.61]Her mum, God rest her soul, wanted me to keep trying, 他去世的妈妈想让我继续

[17:33.38]but I always wanted to be more practical. 但我想实际点

[17:37.22]Responsible, I guess. 要负起责任

[17:39.15]You know, a man has to provide, take care of his family. 一个男人要养活并照看好自己的家人

[17:42.66]A man has to think about the future. 要考虑自己的将来

[17:44.83]And, of course, your band was bloody awful. 还有, 当然, 你的乐队确实很差

[17:47.06]Yes, there was that too. Small detail. 没错, 也有这个原因, 仅仅一点

[17:49.53]So, are you working on a new album? 你在准备新专辑吗, Charlie?

[17:53.43]We're in a bit of a hiatus right now. 我们现在分开了

[17:58.64]Liam, my brother, just had a daughter. Liam, 我的兄弟, 刚有了个女儿 所以, 我们就...

[18:02.38]So, you know, we're taking some time off.


[18:12.02]Quite a lot of time off. 其实是很长一段时间

[18:13.52]It's been a year since we were together. 我们分开已经一年了

[18:21.13]I'm thinking of doing a solo project. 我在考虑出个单曲

[18:23.20]Liam and I don't exactly keep in touch, Liam和我不很经常联系

[18:26.57]and there's been some problems with... 在版税上..

[18:31.17]...royalties. 还有些问题

[18:37.95]The fact of the matter is, sir, uh, 实际上是, 先生, 呃...

[18:41.62]I think that Drive Shaft 我想Drive Shaft就快消失了

[18:44.42]might be dead.

[18:52.63]- You took a sodding what? - A job. 你接了个什么?

[18:55.63]A job? Doing what? - 一个工作, Tommy - 做什么的工作?

[18:59.53]- Selling copiers. - You took a job selling copiers? 卖复印机


[19:02.34]- I like her. - She's a moose. 我喜欢她

[19:04.57]- Don't say that. - Are you off your bleeding chump, man! - 她只是你的猎物 - 不要那么说


[19:07.57]I've been getting you off on my scag for over a week now, on spec. 一个礼拜以来, 我在冒险为你提供海洛因

[19:10.94]- Spec means "speculation." - Yes, I know what... 冒险, 知道吗

[19:13.58]In this case, the speculation that you'll execute your end of the plan 是的, 我知道


[19:17.48]and steal something of value which I can in turn sell. 你应该去偷些值钱的东西卖掉

[19:20.65]By the time the bird realizes it's missing, 当那可怜无助的小鸟发现东西丢了的时候

[19:23.06]it never even occurs to her that rock star Charlie bloody Pace 她怎么也不会想到

[19:25.59]Charlie Pace 会和这起盗窃案有关

[19:27.29]could be responsible for such larceny, and the bloody party continues.


[19:34.37]Look, I... 听着, 我 --

[19:37.20]I don't think Liam's coming back. 我不认为Liam会回来

[19:40.34]- I have to think about my future. - Future? 我要考虑一下我的未来

[19:42.58]- Yeah. - Really? 你的未来, 是的, 真的?

[19:43.64]- Yes. - When do you start this job? 是的


[19:46.28]- Monday. - Well, today's Friday, isn't it? 礼拜一

[19:49.32]A full weekend without a fix. Monday should be bloody wonderful. 今天是礼拜五, 是吧?



[19:53.45]Let's see how the future treats you then, eh, Charlie? 让我们看看你的未来会是如何

[21:30.75]Over here. 这边!

[21:32.82]The tree line. Something tripped the alarm. 三号线, 有东西绊到警报了

[21:47.30]I think we found another missing castaway. 我想我们又找到一个遇难者

[21:57.71]- What happened? - Is he alive? - 发生什么了? - 他还活着吗?

[22:00.18]- Oh, God. - How did he get past us? 噢, 天啊


[22:17.80]I thought those guys had the full-on perimeter set up. 我以为他们已经把整个都围上了

[22:21.54]Locke said it didn't matter. Locke说没关系

[22:24.27]He came in from the water. 他从水里来的

[22:30.08]You sure it wasn't an accident? I mean, maybe the guy just drowned. 你确定这不是意外吗?

[22:31.84]我是说, 也许他自己溺水的

[22:34.92]His neck was broken. Both arms. All bones in his fingers. 他脖子断了, 他的两只胳膊, 他手指的所有骨头 --

[22:38.12]Yeah. Okay. Got it. 好了, 我知道了

[22:43.46]Guess old Steve drew the short straw. 我想是Steve被选中了

[22:47.76]Dude, that was Scott. 老兄, 是Scott

[23:01.88]Scott Jackson worked for an Internet company in Santa Cruz. Scott Jackson曾在圣克鲁斯的一家网络公司工作

[23:05.78]He won a sales prize. 他得了销售奖

[23:08.28]Two-week Australian vacation, all expenses paid. 赢得两个礼拜去澳洲的假期 报销所有开支

[23:12.65]He was a good guy. 他是个好人

[23:15.29]I'm sorry I kept calling you Steve, man. 抱歉, 我总是叫你Steve

[23:20.36]- Um... Amen, I guess. - Amen. 嗯...


[23:25.10]I don't know how to end these. 我不知道该怎样结束这个

[23:44.92]Hi. Um... 嗨

[23:46.75]Why is everyone staring at me? 为什么大家都盯着我?

[23:49.52]- I'm not staring at you. - What's your name? 我没盯着你


[23:53.69]- Shannon. - Shannon, you're staring. Shannon

[23:54.98]Shannon, 你在盯着我

[24:00.03]- You mean nobody's told you? - Told me what? 没人告诉过你?


[24:05.24]Why? Why did you lie to me? 为什么?!

[24:08.61]- Okay, look... - What else didn't you tell me? 你为什么骗我?!

[24:09.28]好吧, 听着 --


[24:12.25]I thought there wasn't anything that you could do. 我只是想以你现在的记忆 没什么你可以做的

[24:14.92]Nothing I could do? 没什么我可以做的

[24:18.45]Why would you keep me in the dark? 你为什么对我隐瞒真相, Charlie?

[24:22.29]I'm already in the dark. 我已经有好多都不知道了

[24:25.39]Sorry. 抱歉

[24:27.99]I just wanted to take care of you. 我只是想照顾好你

[24:30.26]I can take care of myself. 我会照顾好自己的

[24:41.17]Look at you. Charlie Pace, respectable businessman. 看看你 -- Charlie Pace, 令人尊敬的商人

[24:45.88]You didn't have to buy me this suit. 你不必为我买这身西服的, Luce

[24:48.25]Mm-hmm. What did you intend on wearing for your first day? 嗯


[24:52.09]I have shirts with buttons. 我有衬衫...


[24:56.62]- You okay? - Yeah, just nervous. 你没事吧?

[25:00.23]Don't be. Dad's put the fix in. 是的, 只是 -- 有点紧张

[25:00.57]不用紧张, 爸爸已经都安排好了

[25:02.26]He's demanded they buy two copiers to boost your confidence. 他已经要求他们买两台复印机了 好让你增加信心


[25:09.77]- You memorized the manual? - Backwards and forwards. 你记住操作指南了吧?


[25:15.24]Say something impressive. 说点使人印象深刻的话


[25:20.55]The Heatherton C815 Copy Center's leading scan offerings Heatherton C815 复印机的

[25:25.55]combine the benefits of document capture 领先的扫瞄设计结合了

[25:28.36]with instant delivery anywhere, anytime. 文档读取与瞬时输出于一身 随时, 随地

[25:32.99]- Anywhere? - Anytime, baby. - 随地? - 随时, 宝贝

[25:36.90]You've been on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. 你曾在几千名尖叫的歌迷面前演出

[25:40.53]This is just some men who want to buy a silly copy machine. 而这次只是一些笨蛋要买复印机

[25:43.80]You're gonna do great. I believe in you. 你会做的很好的, 我相信你

[25:48.31]Oh! I almost forgot. Wait here. 噢, 我差点忘了, 在这等我

[25:51.01]Okay. 好的

[26:06.76]All right, I know you'll protest, 我知道你会反对

[26:08.80]but you simply can't be respected unless you have one of these. 但如果没有了这个 你不会被人尊敬的

[26:12.73]Oh, Lucy. 噢,Lucy

[26:17.24]You're welcome. 不用谢

[26:19.34]Okay, well... 好, 那...

[26:21.74]I'm gonna be late. The bus... 我要晚了, 巴士 --

[26:23.78]The bus? Are you daft? 巴士?

[26:25.71]- I'm driving you. - Oh, no, I'd rather you didn't. 我载你去

[26:28.88]No arguments. You have everything you need? 噢, 不, Lucy, 我宁愿你不用

[26:29.68]不要说了, 你东西都带齐了?

[26:33.65]- Yeah. - Then let's get you to work. 是的


[26:43.96]John. John...

[26:46.10]Wanna take a walk? 要出去走走吗?

[26:50.87]What happens after the sun sets? 今天日落前你想会发生什么?

[26:52.87]Well, if we don't bring Claire to him? 如果我们不把Claire带给他...

[26:55.71]Rhetorical, Jack. 很难说, Jack

[26:57.44]Same thing happens tonight happened last night. 今晚会发生的事 昨晚已经发生了

[27:00.08]- You think you can track him? - What, I'm sorry? 你认为你能追踪到他吗?

[27:02.55]We know where he attacked Jin and Charlie. 什么? 抱歉?


[27:04.75]You think you could pick up the trail? 你认为你能追踪他的足迹吗?

[27:06.75]- Maybe, but I wouldn't. - Wouldn't? 也许吧, 但我不会...


[27:10.79]Jack, I'm not a cold man. Jack, 我不是冷血的

[27:14.06]I feel for the loss of one of our own. 我也为失去了我们的一员而难过

[27:15.96]But nothing fundamental's changed. 但基本原则没有变

[27:17.93]Whoever he is, wherever he comes from, we're on Ethan's turf. 不管他是谁, 不管他从哪来 我们在他的地盘

[27:21.27]He has the advantage. 他有优势

[27:22.77]To him we're nothing more than scared idiots with sharp sticks. 对于他, 我们只是一群 ...

[27:25.18]拿着尖木棒, 受了惊吓的笨蛋

[27:29.18]What if I told you that I had a way to get the advantage back? 如果我告诉你我们能把优势夺回来呢?

[27:33.38]Then I would ask, "What way might that be?" 那我就要问问是通过什么方式?

[28:03.81]Why, doctor, you've been holding out on us. 为什么, 医生, 你一直对我们隐瞒了这个

[28:11.18]I'm guessing you know how to handle one of these. 我猜你会用这东西吧

[28:35.38]Are you insane? 你疯了吗?

[28:36.54]- It's the best chance we have. - No bloody way. 这是我们最好的机会, Charlie

[28:39.68]To capture Ethan, we have to ensnare him. The only way to do it 办不到

[28:39.45]要想抓Ethan, 我们就要引诱他出来

[28:42.75]- Is by giving him what he wants. - You have no idea. 唯一能办到这点的就是 给他他所需要的

[28:45.59]This guy, he will kill all of you. 你们根本不知道自己在说什么

[28:45.64]这个人 -- 他会杀了你们全部的

[28:48.15]- You can't protect yourself... - Charlie! I can talk for myself. - 你连自己都保护不了 - Charlie


[28:52.33]Claire. They want to use you as bait. Claire, 他们想拿你做诱饵

[28:58.13]I don't remember Ethan. 我不记得Ethan了

[29:00.07]I don't remember what he did to me. 我不记得他对我做了什么

[29:02.80]But if I can help stop him from hurting anyone else, 但是如果我可以帮忙 使他不再伤害大家了

[29:05.91]I have to do that. 我就要这么做

[29:10.24]I'm coming with you. 我和你去, 你说有四把枪吧

[29:11.71]You said there were four guns.

[29:13.75]You ever fire a weapon, Charlie? 你以前用过枪吗, Charlie?

[29:23.86]All right, we should do this. 好吧, 我们该这么做

[29:26.03]Let's figure out a game plan. All right, Sayid, soldier. 我们先定个计划

[29:27.39]Sayid, 军人

[29:30.30]Locke, you're the hunter. Locke, 你是猎人

[29:32.43]Allow me to demonstrate the awesome speed 请允许我来示范一下C815的神奇速度

[29:35.10]of the C815 using...

[29:38.17]...one of your... 拿你们的操作手册 --

[29:40.41]...technical manuals. 做示范

[29:58.12]Not a problem. There's probably... something in here. 不是问题, 可能是


[30:09.90]One second. One second. 没事...

[30:10.30]一分钟, 一分钟

[30:12.07]Bear with me. 原谅我

[30:29.69]Charlie's right. Charlie是对的

[30:32.36]About what? 什么?

[30:33.93]We have four guns. We should have four men. 我们有四只枪, 应该有四个人

[30:42.40]Help? Moi? 帮忙?

[30:45.57]You know how to handle a gun or not? 我?


[30:48.01]I know at least one polar bear seems to think so. 我想至少有只北极熊会这么认为

[30:57.78]Where'd you get the hardware, hoss? 你从哪搞到的?

[31:02.16]I wanna come. 我想去

[31:04.12]Sorry. We're out of guns. 抱歉, 枪不够了

[31:05.49]And no one goes out there unarmed. 不可以无装备就去

[31:09.30]How much ammo you got? 你有多少弹药?

[31:15.13]- Hundred rounds, give or take. - All nines, right? 差不多100发

[31:16.90]都是9毫米的, 是吧?

[31:19.67]Nine millimeters? The guns? 9毫米口径? 手枪?

[31:21.81]Yeah. Why? 是的, 怎么了?

[31:23.54]'Cause if the lady wants to come... 因为如果这女士要去...

[31:32.25]Lifted this off the marshal back in the old days. 很久前从那警长手里拿的

[31:36.02]You remember him, don't you? 还记得他吧?

[31:37.86]Surly guy, kind of a square jaw? Carried a Sig nine? 板着脸的人, 方下巴

[31:41.39]Yeah. I remember you shot him. And missed. 带着一把9mm手枪

[31:41.33]是的, 我记得你向他开了枪...


[31:45.77]Yeah, well... bygones. 是的...


[31:50.94]And, hell, five guns are better than four. 还有...


[32:11.39]You'll be surrounded at five points. 你们要分散在五个位置

[32:13.59]Everyone will be in visual contact. 所有人都会直接看到你

[32:15.60]Make sure you stay in the area I've shown you. 你要确保呆在我告诉你的范围

[32:19.43]And remember, the guns are a measure of the last resort. 还要记住 -- 枪是最后的办法

[32:22.27]We want him alive. 我们要活捉他

[34:48.11]Over here. 在这! 在这!

[34:50.72]Jack's got him. Jack搞定他了!

[34:56.69]Hold your fire. Don't shoot! 别开枪, 别开枪

[34:58.59]We want him alive. 我们要活的

[35:09.74]Claire! Claire!

[35:11.87]- You all right? - Yeah. 你没事吧?


[35:15.88]Over here. 在这!

[35:17.58]- Hey! Hold your fire! - Easy! - 嘿! 别开枪! - 放松

[35:36.63]Winner by a knockout. Nice one, doc. 击倒胜出 干得好, 医生

[35:39.63]Maybe somebody can tell me who or what this son of a bitch is. 现在也许有人能告诉我 这个狗娘养的是谁

[35:44.17]Uh-uh-uh, jungle boy, not even for one sec. 呃- 呃-呃, 丛林的孩子 一动也别动

[36:01.19]Charlie? Charlie!

[36:48.07]Why did you do it, Charlie? 为什么要这么做, Charlie?

[36:54.47]'Cause he deserved to die. 因为他应该去死

[37:00.08]He could've told us where he came from. 他可能会告诉我们他从哪来

[37:02.75]What he wanted with Claire. 他为什么要Claire, 他带她走是为了什么

[37:04.58]Do you really think he would've told us anything? 你认为他会告诉我们吗, Jack?

[37:11.92]I wasn't gonna let that animal anywhere near her again. 我不会再让那个禽兽靠近她了

[37:16.63]Ever. 再也不会了

[37:38.25]Lucy. Lucy

[37:40.05]I'm sorry. I've been having some problems. 很抱歉, 我出了点问题

[37:42.82]- If I could just explain. - Leave, Charlie. 能让我解释吗 --

[37:45.06]Lucy. 走开, Charlie


[37:47.23]- I made a mistake. - You made a mistake? 我犯了点错


[37:50.60]My father's sales manager comes to my house 我父亲的销售经理来到我家

[37:52.97]to return a cigarette case the EMTs pulled from your pocket 返还了一个在医院里从你西服口袋里

[37:56.04]at the bloody hospital, and it still smells of your sick. 拿出来的烟盒


[38:00.54]- I didn't mean... - Oh, you meant to. - Lucy, 我不是有意的 -- - 噢, 你是有意的, Charlie

[38:03.41]You meant to from the start. You're a liar. 从开始你就是有意的

[38:06.61]I believed you, and you lied! 你是个骗子

[38:06.74]我相信你, 你却骗我

[38:08.45]I thought you wanted to... 我以为你要 --

[38:10.95]You said... 你说过 --

[38:13.15]You selfish bastard! 你这个自私的杂种!

[38:15.19]- If I can just explain... - Just tell me one thing, Lucy, 听我解释 --

[38:17.76]and don't you dare lie to me. 就告诉我一件事


[38:19.89]I get why you pretended to like me. 我知道你为什么假装喜欢我

[38:24.20]I understand why you stole, 我知道你为什么偷了 --

[38:26.10]because you're a junkie, 因为你吸毒

[38:30.94]but I don't understand why you took the job. 但我不理解你为什么接受了那份工作

[38:36.31]Why did you take the job, Charlie? 你为什么接受那份工作, Charlie?

[38:44.12]I guess I... 我想...


[38:52.16]...wanted to be respectable. 我想要受人尊敬

[38:58.76]I wanted you to think that I could take care of you. 我想让你觉得我可以照顾好你

[39:04.80]You'll never take care of anyone. 你永远不会照顾好任何人的

[39:52.45]I remember peanut butter. 我记起花生酱了

[39:57.19]Why do I remember peanut butter? 我为什么记起花生酱了?

[40:04.23]It was imaginary peanut butter, actually. 实际上, 那只是假想的花生酱

[40:11.80]I don't know what happened to me. 我不知道在我身上发生了什么

[40:19.61]I'm scared. 我很害怕

[40:28.22]I want to trust you. 我想相信你

[40:41.50]Good night, Charlie. 晚安, Charlie

[40:44.37]Good night, Claire. 晚安, Claire

[40:57.29]“迷失 第一季 第十五集” -=结束=-

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