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[00:02.00]Previously on Lost: 前情提要:

[00:03.37]- How many drinks did you have, Dad? - Are you lecturing me? 你午饭时喝了多少酒, 爸爸?

[00:06.67]The nurses told me that your hands were shaking. 你在教训我吗?


[00:09.17]In my professional opinion, 以我从专业角度看, 各位

[00:11.37]by the time I was called in, 当我被叫去的时候,

[00:13.68]the damage was irreversible. 已经无法挽救了

[00:15.91]I need to... revise my statement. 我需要 --

[00:19.35]I didn't come into the OR until well into the procedure. 修改一下我的陈述

[00:19.49]手术已经进行了一段时间后, 我才进手术室

[00:22.22]- This is not... - It was clear that my father Jack, 这不是 --

[00:22.94]当我进去的时候, 很明显,

[00:24.79]severed the patient's hepatic artery, 我父亲已经切断了病人的肝动脉

[00:28.29]which, in my professional opinion, 从我专业角度来看

[00:30.59]led to her death. 导致了病人的死亡

[00:34.10]"Dear Mr. Sawyer, you don't know who I am, "亲爱的Sawyer先生,

[00:36.87]but I know what you've done. "你不认识我, 但我知道你做过什么

[00:38.67]You had sex with my mother, "你和我妈妈上过床

[00:40.64]and then you stole my dad's money all away. "然后偷走了我爸爸所有的钱

[00:43.27]I'm going to find you and give you this letter "不用多久我就会找到你的, 然后我会交给你这封信

[00:46.21]so you'll remember what you done to me." "好让你记住你对我做了什么"

[00:48.28]I looked at the envelope. 我看了这信封

[00:50.88]You wrote this letter. 这封信是你写的

[00:52.61]Your name's not Sawyer, is it? 你名字不是Sawyer吧?

[00:55.15]It was his name. He was a confidence man. 那是他的名字, 他是个骗子

[00:57.99]Romanced my mama to get to the money. 为了骗钱, 勾引我妈妈

[01:00.42]Wiped them out clean, left a mess behind. 骗走了一切, 剩下一堆烂摊子

[01:02.82]You were just a kid. 你当时只是个小孩

[01:11.53]- Wake up. - Open this door! - 醒醒 - 开门!

[01:13.60]- He's here. - Open this door! - 他来了 - 开门!

[01:15.60]Come on. Got to get you up. 快

[01:18.67]He'll think you're still with your grandparents, okay? 快起来

[01:18.74]他还以为你仍然和外公在一起, 知道吗?

[01:21.91]Get under the bed. 钻到床底下

[01:23.68]Let's go. Okay. Listen to Mommy. 快去

[01:25.85]This is important. Get under the bed. 听妈妈说, 这很重要

[01:28.08]- Don't make a sound. Don't come out. - Open this door! 钻到床下, 别出声, 也别出来

[01:30.82]No matter what happens, don't come out, okay? 不管发生什么事也别出来, 好吗?

[01:34.32]- Okay. - Oh, God. 好

[01:35.85]噢, 天啊

[01:38.43]- I love you. - I love you too, Mommy. 噢...

[01:38.61]- 我爱你 - 我也爱你, 妈妈

[01:40.46]Let's go. Down you go. 快, 钻进去

[01:43.16]- All right. - Brooke, open this door! 好了, 别出声

[01:44.55]Laura, 开门!

[01:46.47]Stop it! 住手!

[01:49.34]Stop it! 住手!

[01:52.51]Go away! 滚开!

[01:55.74]Stop it! 住手!

[01:57.25]What the hell is wrong with you? 你怎么了?

[01:59.71]I'm calling the police! Get out of here! 我要叫警察了! 快走开!

[02:02.02]What are you doing? 你要干什么? 你拿枪干什么? 出去 --

[02:03.65]What are you doing with a gun?


[04:07.98]It'll come back around. 会有报应的

[04:23.29]片名:LOST - 迷失 第一季 第十六集

[04:36.10]Boar took your tarp? 野猪把你的帆布拿走了?

[04:37.64]It was dark, but, yeah, pretty sure it was a boar. 当时很暗, 但, 应该是头野猪

[04:40.64]I thought the boar had vacated. 我以为野猪已经离开这里了

[04:42.48]Well, genius, I think we got some bad info. 好吧, 天才, 我们可能有坏消息了

[04:46.48]What was it doing inside your tent? 它在你帐篷里做什么?

[04:48.35]It was staring at me. 它盯着我

[04:50.62]Then it came at me, so I hit it, and it ran off into the jungle. 然后扑向了我, 所以我就打它, 之后它就跑进丛林里了

[04:53.79]With your tarp. 带着你的帆布跑了

[04:56.12]Perhaps he wanted to go camping. 也许它想去野营

[04:59.09]You enjoying yourself? 你觉得很有趣?

[05:01.70]Yes. 是的

[05:05.30]Well... 好吧...

[05:07.60]Laugh it up, Mohammed. 尽管笑吧, 穆哈默德

[05:10.77]But I come back and find my stuff's gone, I'm coming after you. 但如果我回来发现东西少了


[05:22.12]Sayid. Sayid?

[05:30.36]What did you hear? 你听到什么了?

[05:33.96]After you ran into the Frenchwoman, you heard something in the jungle. 从法国女人那回来时,


[05:39.20]I was injured and I was exhausted. 我当时受伤了并且很疲惫 应该是幻觉

[05:41.07]- My mind was playing tricks. - What did you hear? 你听到什么了?

[05:45.87]I thought I heard whispering. 我觉得我听到耳语声了

[05:50.24]What was it saying? 说的什么?

[05:52.81]Why? Did you hear something? 为什么要问这个?


[06:01.02]Forget it. 算了, 我什么都没听到

[06:02.52]I didn't hear anything.

[06:17.00]What are you so afraid of? 你怕什么?

[06:20.11]You're the one trembling, sweetness. 颤抖的人是你, 宝贝

[06:32.65]Okay, this is really awkward. 这好尴尬啊

[06:36.59]But if I don't say something now, 如果我现在不说话

[06:39.33]things are liable to get downright embarrassing. 事情会搞的更加尴尬

[06:41.96]- Hibbs. - Hello, Sawyer. Hibbs

[06:43.39]你好, Sawyer

[06:45.30]Ma'am, I must apologize. 很抱歉, 小姐

[06:46.73]I figured my good friend Sawyer here would be alone. 我以为我的好朋友Sawyer会一个人

[06:49.44]I just need a few minutes. 给我几分钟就好

[06:52.74]- Listen, baby... - Baby, who is this? 听着, 宝贝 --

[06:55.11]Listen. You go down to the bar. You get a drink. - 宝贝, 他是谁? - 听着


[06:58.18]I don't want to leave you. 不, 我不想把你丢在这

[06:59.75]As soon as I get rid of him, then I'll come get you 我把他搞定后

[07:02.68]and I'll explain everything. 我就去找你, 然后再向你解释

[07:04.35]- But... - Listen. Just trust me on this. - 但是 -- - 听着

[07:05.90]相信我, 我会去找你的

[07:08.22]I will find you. I promise. I promise. 我发誓, 发誓

[07:14.00]I got to hand it to you, Sawbucks, 我不得不佩服你了, Sawyer --

[07:15.76]how you find women that beautiful to work your grift. 你是怎么找到那么漂亮的女人的

[07:20.90]Now, if I'm not mistaken, I'm fairly certain 如果我没记错的话

[07:23.50]I said I'd kill you if I ever saw you again. 我说过如果让我再见到你, 我会杀了你的

[07:25.91]That's why I'm here. To make things right. 那就是我来这的原因

[07:28.84]Besides, we both know you ain't the killing type. 来解决这事的

[07:28.92]另外, 我们都知道你是不会杀人的

[07:41.76]Here. 给

[07:44.46]Figure that makes us even for the Tampa job. 这样, 在Tampa那单事, 我们就互不相欠了

[07:46.73]What could possibly make us even for the Tampa job? 什么东西能让我们在Tampa那单事上互不相欠?

[07:51.40]How about the known whereabouts of the man who ruined your life? 那个毁了你一生的男人的行踪怎么样?

[07:55.84]I'm gonna make myself a drink. You want one? 我去弄点喝的, 要来点吗?

[07:59.41]You remember old man Parks, right? 你记得老Parks吧?

[08:01.71]Ran capper for us on that gig in Atlanta? 我们在Atlanta行骗的同伙?

[08:04.35]Yeah, what about him? 是的, 他怎么了?

[08:06.15]He's been working at an off-track parlor in Sydney. 他负责联系一些外围的赌注

[08:09.85]So last week, one of his regulars 上个礼拜

[08:12.32]gets too sauced, runs his mouth off about his glory days as a grifter. 他的一个常客当时喝大了


[08:18.23]That guy. Frank Duckett. 那个人, Frank Duckett

[08:19.69]Hard-luck case, gambling addict, alcoholic. 运气很不好 -- 赌鬼兼酒鬼

[08:22.20]Runs a shrimp truck. 开一个炒虾车

[08:25.10]Back in the day, this guy Duckett was quite the hustler. 在过去, 这人Duckett很会行骗

[08:28.67]He ran the romance angle. 他色诱女人

[08:30.61]Hook the wife, take the husband for the money. 勾引别人的妻子, 骗走她丈夫所有财产

[08:33.51]Was pretty good at it too, from what I hear. 我听说他很擅长这个

[08:36.18]Until sadly one of his marks, in despair, 直到有一天, 他的一个猎物绝望的

[08:39.35]took a gun, shot up his wife and blew his own head off. 在他的孩子面前

[08:43.85]All in front of their little boy. 开枪射死了他的妻子 并举枪自杀

[08:46.55]I paid Tony to pull his jacket. 我雇Tony弄清了他的底细

[08:48.72]Turns out Frank Duckett used to be named Frank Sawyer, 发现Frank Duckett原名叫Frank Sawyer

[08:51.59]a name I believe you appropriated for yourself. 一个为你而准备的名字

[09:01.34]This is him? 是他吗?

[09:03.24]That's him. 就是他

[09:17.85]Thanks for the loaner. 多谢你借给我

[09:20.32]Always a pleasure. 很乐意效劳

[09:23.89]Is anyone curious where they came from? 有人对它们的来历好奇吗?

[09:26.13]They knew there was a marshal. They assumed he was traveling alone, 大家都知道飞机上有个警长


[09:30.40]protecting them from terrorists. 为了保护他们不受恐怖袭击

[09:35.14]Sounds like a good theory to me. 听起来是个不错的解释

[09:42.11]- Did you get all the guns back? - All except one. 把所有枪都要回来了吗?


[09:45.28]Who? 谁的?

[09:46.78]How about I give you three guesses? 给你三次机会猜?

[09:48.72]Sawyer. I can get it back. Sawyer


[09:52.09]Really. 真的?

[09:53.22]How are you gonna do that? 怎么要回来?

[09:55.06]I speak his language. 用他的语言和他沟通

[09:58.09]You've done this before, and if I remember it right, 你曾经做过了, Kate


[10:01.03]you made out with him, 你和他亲密过

[10:02.46]and he never even had what you said you could get. 他甚至连你想要的东西都没有

[10:05.17]Well, I only made out with him because torturing him didn't work. 我和他亲密是因为拷问他不好用

[10:12.07]Let him keep the gun. It's not worth it. 让他留着枪吧, 这不值得

[10:14.21]Worried he's gonna shoot me if I ask? 你担心如果我问他要, 他会开枪射我?

[10:16.18]I just don't want you to owe him anything. 我只是不想让你欠他任何东西

[10:29.09]- Hey. - Hi. - 嘿 - 嗨

[10:45.44]How you feeling? 你感觉怎样?

[10:48.01]Very pregnant. 怀孕的感觉

[10:54.12]l, um, had some dreams last night. 我昨晚做了个梦

[10:56.62]Actually, more like memories. 实际上, 更像是过去的记忆

[11:00.96]You were in them. 里面有你

[11:02.66]Sorry. 抱歉

[11:04.89]Thought I'd see if you wanted to go for a walk. 我们出去走走吧

[11:10.16]Sorry. 抱歉

[11:11.53]I have to... 我...

[11:13.43]...do something. 有事要做

[11:15.50]Sure. 好吧

[11:16.87]See you later, okay? 以后见?

[11:54.84]It'll come back around. 会有报应的

[12:26.17]Son of a bitch! 狗娘养的!

[12:28.01]A boar did all this? 都是一头野猪干的?

[12:30.61]Last night, it wrecked my tent. 昨天晚上, 它破坏了我的帐篷

[12:32.95]This morning, when I went to get my tent back, 今早, 当我去取回我的帐篷时

[12:35.35]it attacks me from behind, 它从后面袭击了我

[12:36.85]runs off into the jungle like a coward. 然后像胆小鬼一样跑进了丛林

[12:39.69]A boar wouldn't just attack you for no reason. 一头野猪不会无缘无故袭击你的

[12:43.46]Thank you, boar expert. 谢谢你, 野猪专家

[12:46.03]This one did. 这头猪这么做了

[12:48.40]It's harassing me. 它总来烦我

[12:52.93]What are you doing? 你要干什么?

[12:54.97]- Getting even. - Would you listen to yourself? 报仇

[12:57.57]It's a boar. 理智一点好吗? 它只是头野猪

[12:59.07]Just go tell Locke, and he'll kill it. 告诉Locke, 他就会去杀了它的

[13:01.11]- Nope. This is my fight. - Do you know about hunting boar? 不, 这是我的事


[13:04.95]You are gonna get yourself lost or worse. 你可能迷路的, 甚至更糟

[13:08.82]- Since when do you care? - I don't. 你什么时候开始关心我的?

[13:11.69]Good. Then if you'll excuse me, I've got some revenge to tend to. 我不关心

[13:11.88]很好, 那就请劳驾


[13:45.32]You must be Hibbs's mate. 你一定是Hibbs的朋友吧

[13:48.39]I did a few jobs with Hibbs back in the States. 还在美国时, 我和Hibbs干过

[13:52.13]- Nice enough fella. - He's a son of a bitch. 不错的人

[13:55.03]Right. Indeed he is. - 他是烂人一个 - 没错, 他确实是

[13:57.43]A few disclaimers. 几点免责声明

[13:59.13]Australia doesn't allow its citizens to carry handguns. 澳大利亚不允许公民持有手枪

[14:02.14]You get nicked with this... 如果你被抓...

[14:03.74]I'm not gonna rat you out. 我不会供出你的

[14:08.28]Secondly, you know, I've been doing this for a while, 其次, 我做这个有一阵了

[14:11.11]and a man who buys a compact.357 with hollow-point loads, 一个人买了把357式手枪配有空尖子弹 --

[14:15.65]he's not looking to scare or steal. 他目的不是恐吓或是偷盗

[14:17.75]He's looking to kill. When it comes down to it, 他要去杀人

[14:20.19]if he finds he doesn't have what it takes to do the job... 但当他要下手的时候


[14:23.56]Your sales pitch needs some work. 你的推销方式需要改进

[14:25.56]What I'm saying is, 我要说的是...

[14:27.76]you look a man in the eye and point a gun at him, 当你直视那个人的眼睛, 并且用抢指着他时

[14:30.10]you find who you really are. 你会发现你真实的自我

[14:32.67]And should you find you're not a killer, 你会发现你并不是杀手, 这是没有报酬的

[14:34.87]there's no refund.

[14:37.71]Won't be a problem. 这不是个问题

[14:45.58]Hurley, I appreciate the help, Hurley


[14:48.75]but you don't have to. 但你不必的...

[14:50.52]I killed Ethan. I can bury him. 我杀了Ethan

[14:52.92]Yeah, until he rises from the dead. 我可以埋了他

[14:53.16]是的, 直到他死而复生

[14:57.36]Dude, I know how this works. This is gonna end 老兄, 我知道该怎么做

[14:59.76]with you and me running through the jungle, screaming and crying. 结果会是我俩会跑入丛林


[15:03.20]He catches me first because I'm heavy and I get cramps. 他会先抓到我的, 因为我很胖


[15:21.82]Are you all right? 你没事吧?

[15:35.16]Yo, Sayid. 呦, Sayid

[15:37.60]Can I ask you a question? 我能问你个问题吗?

[15:39.53]Of course. 当然

[15:40.80]Did you ever get that Gulf War Syndrome? 你得过海湾战争的综合症吗

[15:44.14]- That was the other side. - Oh, right. 对方才会得

[15:45.82]噢, 好吧

[15:50.01]Then what's the one when you're all shell-shocked? 那他们都什么样, 战后疲劳状态?

[15:52.98]- Post-traumatic stress disorder. - Yeah. Did you ever have that? 受伤后精神混乱

[15:54.76]是的, 就是它, 你得过吗?

[15:56.35]Why do you ask? 问这个干吗?

[15:58.12]- I'm worried about Charlie. - What's wrong with Charlie? 因为我担心Charlie

[16:01.49]I mean, he killed a guy. He shot him in the chest four times. Charlie怎么了?

[16:01.92]我是说, 他杀了人


[16:05.76]Maybe you should talk to him? 也许你该和他谈谈?

[16:24.28]It's a footprint. 这是个脚印

[16:27.85]Based on the weight and the distance between strides, 从步幅重量以及距离来看, 我要说...

[16:30.65]I'd say you've been following Boone for an hour. 你已经追踪Boone近一个小时了

[16:33.65]- Look. - Could be Charlie, I suppose. 听着 --

[16:36.02]I'm tickled you have an interest in my affairs. 也可能是Charlie,


[16:38.49]I really am. 真的高兴

[16:40.39]Don't take it personal when I tell you to... 别太在意, 当我跟你说 --

[16:42.66]I want carte blanche. - 我要一张空白支票 - 什么?

[16:44.67]- What? - It's simple. 很简单

[16:46.03]You can't track this boar without help. 没有我你追不到那头野猪的

[16:48.64]Over the last few hours you have managed to follow the tracks 在过去的几个小时里...

[16:50.42]你追踪过的足迹有人的, 鸟的,

[16:52.17]of humans, birds, a rock slide, yourself... 落石的, 你自己的 -- 除了野猪外基本上所有的足迹

[16:55.58]Basically everything except boar.

[16:58.88]You have no idea what you're doing. 你都不知道自己在干什么

[17:02.18]- Carte blanche... - "Blank check." 空白支票...

[17:04.22]- I know what it means. - Anytime I want something from you, 开给我一张空白支票


[17:05.59]每次我向你索要东西的时候 -- 药物, 肥皂, 或者别的东西

[17:07.29]medicine, soap, whatever, I get it, no questions asked. 你都要给我, 不可以过问

[17:12.76]Take it or leave it. 接不接受由你

[17:19.97]All right. 好吧

[17:21.84]You got a deal. 成交了

[17:37.05]- Where'd you get that? - The plane. - 从哪弄来的? - 飞机上

[17:39.79]Jack was looking for the liquor cart. Jack找过装酒的推车

[17:41.96]It's a good thing I found it instead, then. 被我找到不是更好, 呃?

[17:47.63]- Got any more of those? - I got a lot more of everything, 还有吗?

[17:50.43]but you ain't got carte blanche yet. 我还有好多东西呢


[17:53.50]Is that a no? 那就是没有了?

[17:57.44]All right, sassafras. 好吧

[18:01.24]But if you want a drink, you gotta play. 但如果你想喝, 就要玩个游戏

[18:05.01]- Play what? - I never. 什么游戏?

[18:07.45]What? "我从没"


[18:10.12]I never. "我从没"

[18:11.35]Am I supposed to know what that means? 我能知道那是什么意思吗?

[18:16.46]Call it a way to get to know each other better. 一种了解对方的好方法

[18:20.73]For example, 比如,

[18:22.10]- I know you've never been to college. - And how do you know that? 我知道你从没上过大学

[18:25.43]If you had, you'd have heard of "I never." 你怎么知道的?

[18:25.59]如果你上过, 你一定听说过"我从没"

[18:29.34]It's simple. 很简单

[18:30.44]You say "I never," and then you finish the sentence. 你用"我从没"完成一句话

[18:34.17]If it's something you did, you drink. 如果说的是你做过的, 你就喝酒

[18:36.14]If it's something you never did, you don't drink. 如果是你没做过的

[18:38.65]That makes absolutely no sense. 就不用喝


[18:40.95]Learn by example. 举个例子就懂了

[18:44.79]I never kissed a man. 我从没吻过男人

[18:48.02]Now you drink, 你就该喝酒了

[18:50.32]'cause you've kissed a man. 因为你吻过男人

[18:55.33]Your turn. 该你了

[18:59.87]I never implied that I've been to college 我从没暗示过我上过大学 而事实上我却没上过大学

[19:02.80]when I never have.

[19:10.28]I never been to Disneyland. 我从没去过迪士尼乐园

[19:13.65]Oh, that's just sad. 噢, 这太不幸了

[19:19.42]I never wore pink. 我从没穿过粉红色的衣服

[19:24.83]I knew it. 我就知道

[19:27.36]- The '80s. - Mm-hmm. - 在80年代 - 嗯

[19:30.60]I never voted Democrat. 我从没投过民主党的票

[19:32.10]I never voted. 我没投过

[19:41.74]I've never been in love. 我没恋爱过

[19:44.44]- You've never been in love. - I ain't drinking, am I? 你没恋爱过?


[19:55.16]I've never had a one-night stand. 我从没有过一夜情

[20:00.76]Bottoms up, sailor. 喝光它

[20:04.97]- I gotta drink for each one. - Your turn. 每次我都要喝?


[20:08.80]I never been married. 我从没结婚过

[20:15.58]It didn't last very long. 没维持多久

[20:21.01]I've never blamed a boar for all my problems. 我从没因为我的事责备过野猪

[20:31.69]I never cared about having carte blanche 我从没在意过什么空白支票

[20:34.63]'cause I just wanted to spend some time 因为我只想和一个

[20:36.83]with the only other person on this island that just don't belong. 本不属于这个岛的人


[20:51.61]I never carried a letter around for 20 years 我从没带一封信20年之久

[20:54.21]because I couldn't get over my baggage. 因为我一直放不下它

[21:14.07]I never killed a man. 我从没杀过人

[21:46.07]Well... 好吧...

[21:49.17]...it looks like we got something in common after all. 看起来我们有相像的地方

[22:15.63]It'll come back around. 会有报应的

[22:22.74]Are you okay? 你没事吧?

[22:24.81]You're shaking. 你在颤抖

[22:31.85]I'm fine. 我没事

[22:33.71]I was just having a... 我刚做了个...

[22:43.02]I can't believe this. 真不敢相信

[22:45.53]There are hoof marks everywhere. 四处都有蹄印

[22:49.33]It ate all our stuff? 它吃了我们所有的东西?

[22:50.70]Nope. It ate your stuff. Mine's fine. 没, 只吃了你的


[22:55.90]Oh, that hog is gonna suffer. 噢, 那东西要倒霉了, 我发誓

[22:58.27]I swear to God...

[23:10.42]Morning. 早安

[23:16.62]What happened to your campsite? 你们的露营地怎么了?

[23:21.86]What are you doing all the way out here? 你大老远跑来做什么, John?

[23:24.23]- Looking for salvage from the crash. - Find anything useful? 寻找坠机的残余物品

[23:27.40]The occasional scrap of metal, a few bags of coffee. 找到有用的了吗?

[23:27.51]一小片金属... 两袋咖啡

[23:31.47]I picked up your path a mile back. I thought I'd say howdy. 我在大概一公里以外发现了你们的足迹 所以过来向你们问好

[23:34.57]Oh, son of a... Oh! 噢, 妈的 -- 啊!

[23:37.61]Peed on my shirt. Took my shirt out of the bag 他在我衣服上撒尿

[23:40.21]and peed on it. And you say this ain't personal. 他把我衣服从包里翻出来 然后尿在了上面

[23:42.68]He thinks the boar we're after has a vendetta against him. 你说这不是私人恩怨


[23:45.82]- Uh-huh. - That's three times it's attacked me. 噢, 呃


[23:48.92]Maybe it's got your scent. Doesn't like your cologne. 也许它闻到你的味道了 它不喜欢你的古龙水

[23:52.29]- I don't wear cologne. - Yes, you do. 我不喷古龙水的


[23:57.76]Yeah, well... 是的, 好吧...

[24:00.27]- The thing's got it in for me! - It's a boar, Sawyer. 全都是针对我的!


[24:05.81]My sister Jeannie died when I was a boy. 我妹妹Jeannie在我还是个孩子的时候过世了

[24:11.85]She fell off the monkey bars and broke her neck. 他从单杠上摔了下来, 弄断了脖子

[24:14.82]And my mother, well, my foster mother, 我妈妈 -- 我的养母 --

[24:17.95]she blamed herself, of course. 她很自责

[24:20.15]Thought she wasn't watching close enough. 怪自己没有看好她

[24:22.66]So she stopped eating, stopped sleeping. 所以她停止了进食以及睡觉

[24:27.33]The neighbors started talking, 邻居们开始议论

[24:29.36]afraid she might do something to herself, I guess. 怕她做什么傻事

[24:32.87]Ooh, that's good. 噢, 很好喝

[24:37.24]Anyway, about six months after Jeannie's funeral, 在Jeannie葬礼六个月之后

[24:40.91]this golden retriever comes up our driveway, 一只金毛寻猎犬走入我家的车道

[24:43.38]walks right into our house, sits down on the floor 径直走进我家, 坐在地板上

[24:46.95]and looks right at my mother there on the couch. 眼睛盯着沙发上的妈妈

[24:49.45]And my mother looks back at the dog. 我妈妈回望了一眼那只狗

[24:51.42]After about a minute of this, them staring at each other like that, 他们互相对看了

[24:52.87]大概一分钟之后 --

[24:54.82]my mother... burst into tears. 我妈妈便泪流满面

[25:00.69]Beautiful dog, no tags, no collar. 很漂亮的狗 -- 没有狗牌, 没有项圈 健康又可爱

[25:03.36]Healthy and sweet.

[25:07.17]The dog slept in Jeannie's old room on Jeannie's old bed 那条狗睡在Jeannie原先的床上

[25:10.90]and stayed with us until my mother passed five years later, 她和我们一直相处到5年后我妈妈去世

[25:14.81]then disappeared back to... 然后她就消失了

[25:18.14]...wherever it was she came from in the first place. 回到了她原来属于的地方

[25:23.35]So you're saying the dog was your sister? 那么...你是说那狗是你妹妹?

[25:27.82]Well, that would be silly. 可能很荒唐

[25:31.16]But my mother thought it was. 但我妈妈是那样认为的

[25:33.86]Thought that Jeannie had come back to tell her 她认为Jeannie回来告诉她

[25:36.60]the accident wasn't her fault, 那起事故不是她的错

[25:39.20]let her off the hook. 让她摆脱自责

[26:26.15]Good to go. 好了

[26:37.49]Only two choices: 两种选择 -- 辣的还是不辣的虾

[26:39.53]Shrimp in mild sauce, shrimp in hot sauce.

[26:52.24]Pal? 朋友?

[26:58.95]I'll go with the hot. 辣的吧

[27:02.08]Hot it is. 就辣的了

[27:10.69]Ah, a fellow American, huh? 呃...美国朋友, 啊?

[27:13.99]Good for you. You missed the lunch rush. 很好


[27:21.23]Whereabouts you from? 你从哪来?

[27:26.04]Tennessee. 田纳西州

[27:27.17]Yeah, I love the South. 是吗... 我喜欢南部

[27:30.94]Miss those Southern women. 想念那些南部美女

[27:35.65]Been in Australia long? 来澳洲很久了?

[27:39.72]Not really. 没很久

[27:40.82]For what it's worth, we have a special at the truck here, 不论价钱怎样

[27:42.02]这个售货车有个优惠 --

[27:44.59]half-price for all Americans. 对美国人半价

[27:56.70]Name's Frank, by the way. 顺便说一下, 我叫Frank

[28:01.68]James. James

[28:03.74]Good to meet you, James. 很高兴见到你, James

[28:19.59]One shrimp in hot sauce... 一盘辣酱的虾

[28:34.51]- Again. - Are you sure about that, mate? 再来

[28:35.45]你确定吗, 老兄?

[28:39.28]- Again. - You tell him, cowboy. 再来

[28:40.78]你告诉他, 牛仔

[28:42.48]These bastards think Americans can't hold their liquor. 这些杂种认为美国人承受不了他们的酒精

[28:48.09]Look, I... 听着, 我, 呃...

[28:49.96]I hate to hold my hand out, 我不愿向别人张口 但我好像没带钱包

[28:51.56]but I seem to have misplaced my wallet.

[28:56.13]Set him up. 给他倒上

[28:59.03]I drink to you. 为你干杯

[29:01.63]- What's your name, cowboy? - Sawyer. 你叫什么, 牛仔?

[29:04.60]To Sawyer. Sawyer


[29:06.77]May he find whatever he's looking for at the bottom of a glass. 祝他在杯底找到他所需要的

[29:15.42]So, Sawyer, 那么, Sawyer...

[29:17.62]what brings you to Sydney? 为什么来悉尼?

[29:22.42]Business. 做生意

[29:27.56]You know why they call Australia "down under," don't you? 你知道他们为什么叫澳大利亚"down under"吗?

[29:31.30]Because it's as close as you can get to hell 因为这里离地狱是那么的近

[29:34.00]without being burned. 还能不被烧到

[29:41.37]How about you leave the bottle, Slim? 把瓶子给我好吗, 服务生?

[29:53.15]So, what's your handle back in the States? 你在美国是做什么的?

[29:58.86]I was a... 我曾是个...

[30:01.26]...chief of surgery. 主治外科医师

[30:02.73]Was? 曾是?

[30:05.06]Yeah, was. 是的, 曾是

[30:09.20]So we're in hell, huh? 所以我们来到地狱了, 呃?

[30:11.67]Don't let the air conditioning fool you, son. 别让空调骗了你, 孩子

[30:14.11]You are here too. 你也在这

[30:16.01]And you are suffering. 你在受苦

[30:21.75]But don't beat yourself up about it. 但别被自己打败了

[30:25.42]It's fate. 这是命运

[30:27.05]Some people are just supposed to suffer. 有些人注定就要受苦

[30:31.49]That's why the Red Sox will never win the damn Series. 所以红袜队永远也拿不到冠军

[30:42.64]I have a son. He's about your age. 我有个儿子 -- 和你差不多大

[30:48.24]He's not like me. 他不像我

[30:51.31]He does what's in his heart. 他会做他想做的事

[30:54.55]He's a good man. 他是个好人

[30:57.28]Maybe a great one. 也许是个很好的人

[31:03.42]And right now, he thinks that I hate him. 但现在...


[31:09.96]He thinks I feel betrayed by him. 他认为我觉得被他出卖了

[31:14.03]But what I really feel 但我的真实感受是...

[31:16.40]is gratitude 我对他对我做的事

[31:18.71]and pride

[31:21.04]because of what he did to me. 感到感激和自豪

[31:24.64]What he did for me. 是他为我所做的

[31:28.58]It took more courage than I have. 他比我要有勇气

[31:32.29]Hmm. There's a pay phone over here.


[31:37.09]I could pick it up, and I could call my son. 我可以打个电话给他

[31:42.70]I could tell him about all of this. 我可以把这些都告诉他

[31:45.67]I could tell him that I love him. 我可以告诉他我爱他

[31:49.24]One simple phone call, and I could fix everything. 一个简单的电话, 所有问题都可以解决

[31:52.81]Then why don't you? 那你为什么不打?

[31:54.77]Because I am weak. 因为我很懦弱

[32:07.25]This, uh... 这个, 呃...

[32:08.99]This business that you have, 这笔生意...

[32:12.09]will it ease your suffering? 会解脱你的痛苦吗?

[32:17.13]- Yeah. - Then what are you doing here? 是的


[32:24.07]- It ain't that simple. - Of course it is. 不是那么简单的


[32:28.04]Unless you want to end up like me, of course it is. 除非你想和我一个下场

[33:11.35]You're developing quite a talent. 你很聪明啊

[33:13.85]Yeah. 是啊

[33:25.50]I get it. 我知道了

[33:27.37]You're here to check up on me. 你过来开导我了

[33:30.44]You killed a man. 你杀了人

[33:32.97]A man who killed one of us. 一个杀了我们一员的人

[33:35.04]Who kidnapped Claire. Who strung me up and left me for dead. 一个绑架了Claire的人

[33:38.11]He deserved to die. I'd do it again in a minute. 一个想要吊死我的人 他该死


[33:41.61]Pardon me if I'm out of bad feeling. 请原谅我刚才表达出的坏心情

[33:48.76]When I was in the army in Tikrit in Iraq, 当我在伊拉克提里克当兵的时候

[33:52.19]the man who lived next door was a policeman. 住我隔壁的是一个警察

[33:55.16]One day his car was rigged with a bomb. 一天他的轿车被安置了炸弹

[33:57.76]It killed his wife and three young children instead. 却炸死了他妻子和他的三个孩子

[34:01.17]They caught the man who did it. 他们抓到了安置炸弹的人

[34:03.94]I volunteered to be on the firing squad, 我自愿加入了行刑队

[34:06.04]and I did my duty without a single ounce of remorse. 我没有任何怜悯的执行了我的责任

[34:10.34]Then for no reason, I found myself waking up at night, 然后没有任何原因


[34:14.11]replaying what I did in my head. 脑海中重放着我的所作所为

[34:18.08]You're the one who needs checking up on. 看起来你才是需要被开导的人

[34:22.39]What happened with Ethan 我想说的是在Ethan身上发生的事

[34:24.19]will be with you for the rest of your life. 将会伴随你一辈子

[34:35.60]Any suggestions? 有什么建议吗?

[34:37.60]You're not alone. 你并不是独自一人

[34:44.88]Don't pretend to be. 不要扮成那样

[34:54.92]I take comfort knowing someday 当我意识到某一天, 这里将会变成

[34:57.52]this is all gonna be a real nice shopping complex. 一个大购物中心时, 我就感到欣慰

[35:00.79]Maybe even an auto mall. 也许是条商业街

[35:02.93]Where you going? 你去哪?

[35:04.70]Know what that is? 知道这是什么吗?

[35:07.53]A hole in the mud. 泥潭里的一个洞

[35:09.07]- It's a wallow. - What the hell's a wallow? 是个泥坑

[35:11.67]Boar's wallow. It's his den where he sleeps. 泥坑是什么东西?



[35:14.94]Look at these tree rubbings from his tusks. 这些树是被它的獠牙磨光的

[35:18.18]- You mean he's around here? - Maybe. 你是说它就在周围?


[35:26.39]Wait... Sawyer! 等等, Sawyer --

[35:29.19]Gotcha. 抓到你了! 啊!

[35:33.89]- I thought it'd be bigger. - Funny. 本以为会大点的

[35:36.23]We know daddy's got to be around here. 很好, 现在我们知道爸爸应该会在这附近了

[35:38.20]- Here, piggy, piggy, piggy! - Hey. 这呢, 小猪, 小猪!

[35:40.13]Put it down! That's not funny! Sawyer, 放下它! 这不好笑!

[35:41.90]Here, piggy, piggy, piggy! 这呢, 小猪!

[35:43.37]Hey, what is the matter with you? 嘿, 你怎么了, Sawyer?

[35:45.47]- You'll hurt it! - Over here! 你会伤了它的!

[35:47.01]- Not funny! - Here, piggy... Ow! 我们在这呢!


[35:48.37]- 在这, 小猪 -- - 噢! 啊!

[35:51.01]You're sick. - 你好变态 - 我没伤着它

[35:53.08]I didn't hurt it.

[35:54.65]Find your own way home. 自己找路回去吧

[35:59.95]No problem! 没问题!

[36:15.30]Sawyer. Sawyer

[36:25.44]I got a letter for you. 我有你一封信

[36:39.79]- "Dear Mr. Sawyer..." - Who? "亲爱的Sawyer先生..."


[36:44.36]You used to go by the name of Sawyer. 你曾经用过Sawyer这名字

[36:47.80]What the hell are you talking about? 你他妈的在说什么?

[36:52.54]You didn't have to. 你不用这样的

[36:54.41]Tell Hibbs I would have paid. 告诉Hibbs, 我本要还钱的

[36:57.98]How do you know Hibbs? 你怎么知道Hibbs的?

[37:02.48]You don't... 你不知道 --

[37:03.98]You don't know what you're doing, do you? 你不知道你在干什么, 是吧?

[37:07.09]You borrowed money from Hibbs? 你跟Hibbs借了钱?

[37:12.49]I was gonna pay. 我本来要还的

[37:22.34]It'll come back around. 会有报应的

[37:57.97]Kate! Kate!

[39:05.14]It's just a boar. 它只是头野猪

[39:08.64]Let's get back to camp. 我们回营地吧

[39:31.50]Go get it! Go, Vincent! Go get it!

[39:33.87]Go, boy.

[39:48.65]Here we go.

[39:53.85]Hey. 嘿

[39:57.92]Hey. 嘿

[40:00.79]Want to take that walk now? 想现在去走走吗?

[40:04.50]Sure. 当然

[40:34.43]Stick 'em up. 别动

[40:42.44]Trying to be funny? 试着搞笑吗?

[40:46.07]Yeah. 没错

[40:49.07]I was fresh out of pies to throw at you. 我找不到派来扔你了

[40:54.01]Here you go, sheriff. 给你, 警长

[40:56.75]- I asked you for this two days ago. - And I told you to stick it. 我两天前就管你要了


[41:01.52]But I made a deal with your girlfriend. 但我和你女朋友做了笔交易

[41:03.99]What did she give you? 她给你什么了?

[41:07.13]Kate. What did she give you? Kate. 她给我什么了?

[41:11.53]Nothing she wasn't willing to part with. 没有什么她不舍得卖掉的

[41:16.17]That's why the Sox will never win the Series. 所以红袜队永远也得不了冠军

[41:19.91]- What's that? - Huh? 你说什么?

[41:22.78]What'd you just say? 啊?


[41:24.74]I said that's why the Red Sox will never win the Series. 我说所以红袜队永远也得不了冠军

[41:28.08]What's that supposed to mean? 那是什么意思?

[41:29.72]It's just something my father used to say... 只是我父亲的口头语

[41:33.59]...so he could go through life knowing that people hated him. 所以他可以在知道人们恨他的时候 仍然好好的活下去

[41:37.16]Instead of taking responsibility for it, he just put it on fate. 用命运来解释, 而不是要负起责任

[41:41.69]Said he was made that way. 他会说他注定就是那样的

[41:45.53]Your daddy, 你父亲 --

[41:47.37]he a doctor too? 也是个医生?

[41:51.00]Was. 曾经是

[41:53.51]He's dead. 他去世了

[42:00.95]Why do you want to know about my father? 你为什么想了解我父亲?

[42:15.16]No reason. 没原因

[42:36.29]“迷失 第一季 第十六集” -=结束=-

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