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1. 答题前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号填写在试题卷和答题卡上,并将准考证号条形码粘贴在答题卡上的指定位置。用2B铅笔将答题卡上试卷类型B后的方框涂黑。
2. 选择题的作答:每小题选出答案后,用2B铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如需改动,用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案标号。答在试题卷、草稿纸上无效。
3. 完成句子和短文写作题用0. 5毫米黑色墨水签字笔将答案直接答在答题卡上对应的答题区域内。答在试题卷、草稿纸上无效。
4. 考生必须保持答题卡的整洁。考试结束后,请将本试题卷和答题卡一并上交。
第一节(共5小题;每小题1. 5分,满分7. 5分)
例:How much is the shirt?
A. £19. 15. B. £9. 15. C. £9. 18.
1. What will the man probably do?
A. Take a rest. B. Go to a party. C. Meet his boss.
2. What do we know about the man?
A. He has been caught copying a report.
B. He is not free at the moment.
C. He won’t leave till the last minute.
3. What is the woman concerned about?
A. Her health. B. Her character. C. Her appearance.
4. What does the man mean?
A. The fridge will be fixed.
B. The room will be warmer.
C. The lights will be switched on.
5. What does the man imply?
A. The woman already has too many shoes.
B. The new shoes do not look good enough.
C. He doesn’t care where to put the new shoes.
6. Why doesn’t the man want to fly?
A. He wants to enjoy the scenery.
B. He thinks it’s dangerous.
C. He likes taking the bus.
7. Which means of transport does the woman prefer?
A. The bus. B. The train. C. The car.
8. Why is the woman worried?
A. She doesn’t know what to read.
B. She hasn’t finished her task.
C. She has no time to write her book.
9. What do we know about the man?
A. He has been to Europe with the woman.
B. He has forgotten to write his reports.
C. He has finished reading all the books.
10. What helps to impress the interviewer in the first place?
A. Appropriate body language.
B. Excellent memory.
C. Natural voice.
11. What should the man do before the interview?
A. Practice handshaking.
B. Recite the answers to possible questions.
C. Get some information about the company.
12. What advice does the woman offer about the topic of salary?
A. Not to mention it at the first interview.
B. Not to bring it up in a roundabout way.
C. To let the interviewer mention it next time.
13. How does the man kill time?
A. By eating potato chips.
B. By watching TV.
C. By taking a walk.
14. What does the woman dislike?
A. The square. B. The parks. C. The city.
15. What does the man think is the most important?
A. Entertainment. B. Income. C. Quietness.
16. What do the man and woman disagree on?
A. Whether the city needs a symbol.
B. Whether the amusement park should be built.
C. Whether the square is a good place for a walk.
17. What kind of English lessons does the speaker recommend?
A. Examination skills.
B. Reading and writing.
C. Listening and speaking.
18. How can a learner take the lessons when he is not online?
A. By using the downloaded sound files.
B. By making conversations with others.
C. By reviewing words, phrases and idioms.
19. What is mentioned as an advantage of the speaker’s online course?
A. It improves learners’ English skills quickly.
B. It offers learners better study methods.
C. It helps learners to make friends.
20. What’ s the speaker’ s idea about learning English?
A. Being confident in learning.
B. Learning English little by little.
C. Having clear learning goals.
第一部分:听力(每小题1. 5分,满分30分)
1. C 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. A
6. A 7. B 8. B 9. C 10. A
11. C 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. C
16. B 17. C 18. A 19. A 20. B
Text 1
W: You look tired. Did you sleep well?
M: No. My Friend and I had a party the whole night.
M: You should go home and take a rest.
M: I know, but my boss wants to see me right now.
Text 2
W: May I have a word with you?
M: You’ve called me at a bad time. I’m writing a report and have to finish within an hour.
W: You really like leaving things to the last minute.
M: I know this is terrible habit.
Text 3
W: Steven, I finally deicide to go on a diet.
M: Good for you, but don’t push yourself too hard, Lucy.
W: You are right, but summer is coming, and I do wish to look smart sooner.
M: You are smart already. You see, you are clever and quickly mind.
Text 4
W: My goodness! It’s freezing here in the room.
M: I’m sorry, man, it’ll be OK as soon as I turn the heating on.
Text 5
W: Darling, what do you think of these new shoes?
M: Hmm, I’m wondering where you are going to put them when you are not wearing them.
Text 6
M: How are we going there? Have you deicide yet?
W: Should we fly? It’s fast.
M: But if we fly, we’ll miss the beautiful scenery.
W: You are right. Then forget about airplanes.
M: Let’s drive then. We can rent a car.
W: Drive? That sounds dangerous.
M: Then the only other choices are train or the bus. I’d like to see what American buses like.
W: They are not as nice as trains.
Text 7
W: How are you, John.
M: I’m OK. And you, Carol?
W: Oh, busy. I’ve been working on those book reports for ages.
M: Me too. Have you finished reading the books?
W: I haven’t, and I’m so worried. What about you?
M: I already have, but writing is going so slowly. I feel like I’ll have to read all the books again. I’m so forgetful.
W: Really? Well, what are you going to do after you are finished?
M: I don’t know. I hope I can go to Europe and relax.
W: So do I.
Text 8
M: Can you give me some tips on my coming interview?
W: The first thing is try to make a good impression.
M: How do I do that?
W: First, firmly shake the interviewer’s hand while greeting him or her with a smile. Be sure to keep eye contact.
M: Ah, body language is really important, isn’t it?
W: Yes. The second thing is to have confidence. You get confidence from being prepared.
M: What should I do for that?
W: Learn a little bit about the company before the interview. Also think of possible questions and answers.
M: Should I recite my answers?
W: No, you should sound natural when you speak.
M: Should I ask about the salary?
W: No. You’ll let them bring up the topic of money, or else wait for a second interview.
Text 9
M: Hi, Windy.
W: Oh, Jonny. How are you doing, busy?
M: No, not at all. I’ve been a couch potato lately, killing time by watching TV. Oh, by the way, did you hear the news?
W: No, what is it?
M: They are going to turn the city square into amusement park.
W: Wonderful! I’m glad that big ugly thing will be gone.
M: You really are? In my opinion, the square is 100 times better than an amusement park.
W: I don’t see why.
M: The Square is a symbol of our city and it is a nice place to have a walk for everybody.
W: Well, I don’t know if that huge and boring thing can be our symbol, but I know for sure the city has tens of parks where you can take a nice walk.
M: I know what you mean, but don’t you think we will no longer have peace and quiet once the amusement park opens?
W: Does that matter? To me, more importantly, the amusement park means employment.
M: So what?
W: Income. If you have income, you have money to spend, and in turn, it’ll create more jobs.
Text 10
Hello. My name is John Williams. I am English teacher, and I have started an English website to help you improve English listening and speaking skills as soon as possible. My online English lessons take just 5 to 10 minutes each day to complete and there are no advertisement to take your attention away. You can also download some files to the computer and exercise them and take you lessens again anytime. I’ve designed the online English course to be a very easy, cheap and quick way to improve your English speaking, listening and comprehension skills, and also to improve your listening scores in English exams.
Every day you’ll learn some new English vocabulary, idioms and phrase of verbs, and you’ll feel more confident in working and making friends in English. You also learn correct English pronunciation.
I always make sure my online English lessons are short, interesting and easy to remember. My idea of learning English is that it is best for you to learn a little each day and remember it clearly. This idea doesn’t mean a new method, but instead, it is concept I hope you can accept. Whether you are taking other English classes or not, and no matter what method you use, it can help you to achieve your English learning goal.
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