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CNN News:用玛雅金字塔碎石填路 专家称无知的难以置信






A king-size conundrum ruins ruined, twins who are both first,

that's all coming up at this Thursday edition of CNN STUDENT NEWS.

We start with a threat of severe weather.

The tropical cyclone, which is the same kind of storm as a hurricane,

and the United Nations agency says more than 8 million people in Bangladesh and Myanmar could be in danger from this one.

The storm is moving through the Gulf of Bengal.

Forecasters think it will hit land late today early Friday.

When it does, it's expected to bring strong winds and very heavy rain.

Authorities in aid groups are trying to help people prepare before this thing hits.

One official says it's really a race against time.

These storms have different names,

based on what part of the world they are in.

Ivan Cabrera has more on that and explains some of the science behind them.

When tropical cyclone is an area of low pressure that forms in the tropical regions of the world.

Cyclones are actually very important,

even though, of course, they can be deadly,

they help essentially balance out the temperature across the globe.

They are an equalizer,

so they take the heat energy from the tropics and they translate that where we need it into the colder climates.

The generic term for it is a tropical cyclone.

That can refer to any cyclone that has a closed center circulation anywhere in the world,

like in the Atlantic when it gets strong enough to a certain wind speed,

we call them hurricanes.

But if you're in the western Pacific, a hurricane is called the typhoon.

There is no difference between a hurricane and a typhoon except in the name.

They're both tropical cyclones.

Next up today: anger.

It's about the materials being used to build the roads,

specifically where these materials came from a pyramid.

This happened in the Central American country of Belize.

The northern part of this nation was home to Mayan civilizations thousands of years ago.

Those civilizations included pyramids that looked like this one,

some of them are still standing,

like one that was the center of a settlement around 250 B.C.

The pyramid was more than 60 feet tall.

I say was.

This is what's left of that Mayan pyramid.

Someone came in with bulldozers and destroyed it,

so they could use the limestone from the pyramid as road building material.

The pyramid was on private land,

but there are laws in Belize that protect these ancient ruins.

Local officials says whoever's responsible should be prosecuted.

A local archeologist called the pyramid's destruction an incredible display of ignorance.

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