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[00:00.42]Previously on "Lost"... 剧情回顾...
[00:01.76]- Good luck. - Same to you. - 祝你好运 - 你也是
[00:13.41]- We have to fire the flare. - It doesn't make-- - 我们得发射闪光弹 - 这毫无道理...
[00:15.72]Look, are you gonna give me the damn gun, or am I gonna have to take it? 听着 你到底是把枪给我
[00:21.76]Please, god. 我的天那
[00:25.71]It's coming back! 回来了 回来了
[00:26.70]It's coming back!
[00:32.99]We're gonna have to take the boy. 我们得把那个男孩带走
[00:35.13]What? What'd you say? 什么? 你说什么?
[00:37.05]The boy-- we're gonna have to take him. 那个男孩 我们得带走他
[00:44.06]- Hey! - Dad! 嘿 爸爸
[00:46.08]- No! - Dad! - 不 - 爸爸
[00:49.81]Dad! Help me! 爸爸 救我
[00:52.74]- Walt! - Help me, dad! - Walt - 救我 爸爸
[01:02.68]No, no, no. 不 不 不
[01:03.91]Stop it! 停下
[01:05.12]Stop it! We can't! 停下 我们不能这么做
[01:14.64]Locke found a... Locke在地下...
[01:17.29]a hatch in the ground. 发现了一个舱门
[01:19.79]Sun comes up in three hours, 太阳在3小时内就会升起
[01:21.27]and we're all gonna be here to see that happen. 我们一定会在这里看见那一刻的
[01:23.73]We're gonna stay here tonight, okay? Together. 我们大家今晚一起呆在这儿 好么?
[01:28.03]- John, what are you doing? - I'm going in. - John 你在干什么? - 我要下去
[01:31.03]Locke's going into that thing whether you like it or not. 不管你反不反对 Locke还是准备下到那里面去
[01:34.55]I'm going in the hatch. 我要下到舱门里去
[01:36.98]Live together, die alone, right? 一起生 单独死 对么?
[01:39.35]Right. 是的
[01:48.39]John! I think there's something down here! John 我想下面好像有东西
[02:01.50]迷 失 第二季 第二集
[02:05.20]Dad, please! Dad! 爸爸 救我 爸爸
[02:08.53]Walt! Walt!
[02:13.77]Walt Walt
[02:17.67]Mike?! Walt
[02:22.27]Sawyer! Sawyer
[02:53.21]Hang on, Mike! 坚持住 Mike
[02:56.25]Hang on, Mike! 坚持住 Mike
[02:59.12]Hang on! 坚持住
[03:04.55]Mike! Mike
[03:14.44]Mike. Mike
[03:18.19]Mike? Mike
[03:20.25]Mike! Mike
[03:33.14]Kate! kate
[03:36.17]Kate! Kate
[03:37.89]Kate! Kate
[04:46.34]- Where's Walt? - I don't know.
[04:48.71]- Where is he? - I don't know. - Walt在哪儿? - 我不知道
[04:51.45]Where the hell is my son?! - 他在哪儿? - 我不知道
[04:54.22]Walt! 我儿子到底在哪儿?
[05:01.67]How'd you hurt your leg?
[05:04.87]Got hit by a car. 你怎么伤到腿的?
[05:08.14]Yeah. 被一辆车撞了
[05:09.73]So this is the paperwork your ex-wife sent over.
[05:12.63]She's not my ex-wife, man, she's-- 恩
[05:14.19]she's just Walt's mother. 那么这是你前妻发来的文件
[05:16.82]她不是我的前妻 她是...
[05:18.65]She, uh-- Susan-- she just got a job in Rome with her boyfriend. 她只是Walt的母亲
[05:23.13]They wanna take Walt with 'em. 她 呃...
[05:24.60]Oh, don't worry. I'm gonna take real good care of you, Mr. Dylan. Susan...她刚刚和她的男朋友在罗马找到工作
[05:27.73]Dawson. 他们想让Walt跟他们在一起
[05:29.86]Right. Sorry. Dawson. 哦 别担心 我会尽力帮助你的 Dylan先生
[05:33.03]So this boyfriend-- this is this guy Brian Porter? 是Dawson
[05:34.01]哦 是的 对不起 Dawson
[05:36.56]Yeah. Why? What's it say? 那么她的男朋友... 是叫Brian Porter么?
[05:37.98]It seems that Susan wants you to
[05:41.11]relinquish your rights 是的 怎么了? 上面写了什么?
[05:43.20]as Walt's father so that Mr. Porter can adopt him. 看起来好像Susan想让你放弃作为Walt的父亲的权力
[05:46.70]She wants me to sign my son away? 这样Porter先生就能领养他了
[05:48.56]It's the only way they can proceed with the adoption, yeah.
[05:51.79]Listen, if you sign this document, legally, 她想让我放弃孩子?
[05:52.67]是的 这是他们想领养你的孩子的唯一途径
[05:54.77]he'll be no different than any other kid you pass on the street. 听着 如果你签了这个文件 从法律上来说
[05:57.63]You'd be giving up your paternal rights-- all of them. 他对你来说就和在街上遇到的 所有其它孩子没什么区别了
[06:01.91]Yeah, so then can I stop her from going? 你等于放弃了你所有作为父亲的权力
[06:04.61]Ooh, I guess we could file an injunction 哦 那么我能阻止她离开么?
[06:06.80]so she couldn't leave the city, but--
[06:08.55]Yeah, that. I wanna do that. 噢 我想我们能申请一个禁令
[06:10.88]那么她就不能离开这座城市了 但是...
[06:12.69]Right. 对 好的
[06:14.25]Um, Mr. Dawson. 我就要那么做
[06:18.09]The fact that you came in through these doors-- 好的
[06:18.44]呃 Dawson先生
[06:21.09]that tells me something. 你这么辛苦得赶来让我知道了
[06:21.89]It tells me that I'm the best that you can afford.
[06:26.98]If we go forward with this, 我是你能负担得起的最好的律师
[06:29.03]it's gonna take money-- a lot of it,
[06:31.73]even at my rates. 如果我们继续这件事的话
[06:35.88]This is David and Goliath, so I gotta ask you, 即使是在我这样的价位上
[06:38.93]are you sure you wanna do this? 现在我们处在弱势 所以我得问你
[06:42.59]They're not taking my son away. 你真得想要这么做么?
[06:47.16]Walt! 他们不能带走我的儿子
[06:53.17]Walt! Walt
[06:54.49]Mike! You should save your energy.
[06:56.24]They took my son. Walt
[06:57.65]Yeah, I saw that-- onto a boat, which means he's not in shoutin' distance. Mike 你省点力吧
[07:01.12]You don't know that. 他们带走了我的儿子
[07:02.10]Well, I got a pretty good sense. 是的 我看见了...上了一艘船
[07:03.67]And even if he was, there's nothing you can do. 这就意味着任你怎么叫他也听不到
[07:05.51]Look, if he can hear me, - 你不会知道的 - 呃 我能感知到
[07:06.93]he knows that I'm alive, 并且即使他听见了 你又能怎么办呢?
[07:08.50]that I'm coming for him, that I'm going to get him back! 听着 如果他能听见我叫
[07:11.97]Right now all I've got is that maybe my son can hear me. 他就知道我还活着
[07:15.35]Does that make any sense to you? 现在我唯一的希望就是他能听见我喊他
[07:27.56]Walt! Walt
[09:13.11]- John. - Easy. Easy. Easy.
[09:16.19]Behind you. Kate
[09:18.13]放松 没事 没事的
[09:21.64]Are you him? 你后面
[09:26.58]Are you him? 你是他么?
[09:35.82]Jin! Jin
[09:40.47]Thought we had to save our energy. Jin
[09:44.52]Yeah, well... 我们省点力吧
[09:46.74]Jin's still out there in the water,
[09:48.30]so if it's okay by you, I'm gonna keep shoutin' awhile. 噢 呃...Jin还在水中
[09:53.59]Jin! 如果不影响你 我打算再叫一会儿
[09:55.20]Feeling guilty?
[09:57.23]What? Jin
[09:59.61]You made me fire that flare. 心虚了么?
[10:04.04]I made you fire... 是你叫我发射闪光弹的
[10:06.69]What, this is my fault?! 是我叫你发射...
[10:08.63]They took my son.
[10:10.62]They found us, took Walt, because you made me fire the flare. 什么 这是我的错么?
[10:14.64]Well, at least Walt is on a boat, 他们找到了我们 带走了Walt
[10:16.43]probably wrapped in a blanket with a cup of cocoa, 全都是因为你叫我发射了闪光弹
[10:18.85]- While we're on this piece-- - Get off my raft. 至少Walt还在一艘船上
[10:21.55]What? 可能还裹着毯子喝着可可
[10:22.38]Get-- - 而我们只是在... - 离开我的筏子
[10:24.54]What the hell is that? - 什么? - 离开...
[10:48.35]I see you managed to hold onto your best friend there.
[10:52.30]Thing ain't gonna work anyway.
[10:54.16]- It'll work. - You were underwater. 你还紧握着你最好的伙伴啊
[10:56.10]What do you know about guns anyway, hoss?
[10:58.99]It'll work. 它不会有用了
[10:59.85]- 它会有用的 - 你落过水
[11:01.79]你对枪有多了解? 笨蛋
[11:05.53]If the bullets are dry, the powder's dry. If the powder's dry... 它还能用
[11:11.20]如果子弹是干的 那火药也是干的
[11:15.08]Oh, my-- what the hell is that?
[11:17.91]It's a shark.
[11:23.22]It's only a shark. 是鲨鱼
[11:25.56]"It's only a shark"?
[11:27.18]That's supposed to make me feel better?
[11:29.26]Well, I guess I know why the shark is hanging around-- 只是一只鲨鱼
[11:31.82]your shoulder. "只是一只鲨鱼"?
[11:33.41]Oh, well, I'll just stop bleedin', then. 是为了让我好过点么?
[11:35.02]呃 我想我知道为什么鲨鱼游到这儿来了...
[11:37.52]You suddenly forget what happened, 你的肩膀
[11:40.46]why I got shot? 哦 好 那我马上去止血
[11:41.98]What? 你突然好像什么都忘了
[11:42.87]I mean, how abouta little gratitude here?
[11:45.72]I mean, how about a thank you? - 我为什么会被击伤? - 什么?
[11:48.73]A thank you? For what? 我是说 你连一点感激都没有么?
[11:50.94]For you trying to save your own ass? 我是说 你说句谢谢行不?
[11:54.51]谢谢? 为了什么?
[11:56.91]You want me off this raft? 是为了你想救自己?
[11:59.92]You got it.
[12:36.12]I was trying to save your damn kid.
[12:42.14]Let's talk about Walt, shall we, Mr. Dawson? 我是为了要救你的孩子
[12:46.22]Uh, sure. Okay.
[12:48.93]When was the last time you actually saw your son? 我们谈谈Walt好么 Dawson先生?
[12:51.65]Um, about a year ago. 呃 当然 好的
[12:54.25]It was 14 months, actually. 你上次看到你儿子的确切时间是什么时候?
[12:56.30]Is that a question, Lizzy? 呃 大概一年前吧
[12:57.67]Why is that, Mr. Dawson?
[12:59.80]Why so long? 实际上是14个月
[13:02.37]Susan took him to Amsterdam, for work. - 这是一个问题么? - 为什么 Dawson先生?
[13:05.42]And you didn't have a problem with that? 为什么这么长时间没见孩子?
[13:07.40]Excuse me? Susan因工作原因把他带去了阿姆斯特丹
[13:08.39]Well, since she's now going to Rome, and you're filing an injunction.
[13:11.99]Just seems a little inconsistent to me. 你对这件事没有意见是么?
[13:14.17]Incon-- no. 你说什么?
[13:14.11]呃 因为现在她要去罗马但你又要申请禁令
[13:15.74]- No, don't. Don't do-- - No, no, no.
[13:17.78]She's baiting you. Don't answer. 看起来和以前的有点矛盾
[13:18.72]She took him, though. 矛盾...不
[13:19.93]- I didn't want her to go. - Michael, please don't talk.
[13:21.54]You said there was nothing I could do. - 不 不 不 - 她在引诱你
[13:22.92]And you didn't do anything, did you? - 别回答 - 尽管她带走了他
[13:24.24]He's not gonna answer that question. - 我并没同意她走 - Michael拜托你别说了
[13:25.71]That's because there is no answer.
[13:28.26]You were in an accident recently, hmm? 你说过我无能为力的
[13:28.54]- 然后你就什么也没做 是么? - 他不会回答这个问题的
[13:33.18]Yeah. 你最近是不是刚遭遇了车祸?
[13:34.50]You had several surgeries,
[13:36.53]spent weeks in a private hospital room, extensive rehabilitation.
[13:41.64]Who paid for all of that, Mr. Dawson? 你做了一些外科手术
[13:44.13]I didn't ask you for anything. 基本康复了
[13:45.80]Could the record reflect that Mr. Dawson acknowledged
[13:48.05]that Miss Lloyd paid his bills? 是谁付的钱 Dawson先生?
[13:49.50]Susan, tell them that I didn't ask you for anything. 我并没有向你要过什么
[13:51.52]这是不是能说明Dawson先生承认 Lloyd小姐帮他付了这些钱?
[13:53.08]Please don't address my client directly.
[13:56.33]Do you know what Walt's first words were, Mr. Dawson? - Susan 告诉他们我并没有向你要过什么 - 请别直接向我的委托人发话
[13:59.24]- I'm sorry. What? - His first words.
[14:02.02]Do you know what they were? 你知道Walt学会的第一个单词是什么么 Dawson先生?
[14:04.53]I... no. 我很抱歉 什么?
[14:05.85]他学会的第一句话 你知道是什么么?
[14:07.91]I wasn't there.
[14:10.01]Do you know what his favorite food is? 我...不知道
[14:14.62]- Do you-- - No. 我当时不在场
[14:15.95]Okay, this is unnecessary. 你知道他最喜欢的食物么?
[14:20.15]Well, for someone who wants to retain his paternal rights so badly, - 你知道... - 好了 够了 都是不必要的
[14:24.20]you don't seem to know much about your son, Mr. Dawson. 不知道
[14:25.85]呃 对于一个死命要保留做父亲权力的人来说
[14:28.77]I'm his father. 你是不是太不了解你的孩子了 Dawson先生
[14:30.96]I'm sorry. Could you say that louder, please, just for the record?
[14:35.24]I'm his father. 我是他的父亲
[14:36.52]抱歉 能说得响点么 是说给记录员听的
[14:50.47]Hey, are you crazy?
[14:53.08]You gonna take a bullet out with your bare hands?
[14:56.39]You got a better idea? 嘿 你疯了么?
[14:59.13]Then go to hell. 你想徒手取出子弹么?
[15:05.76]You're never gonna be able to do it by yourself. 那就呆一边儿去
[15:08.18]I thought we parted ways, Mike.
[15:10.22]We're caught in the same current. 你一个人是做不到的
[15:12.78]You still talking? 我想我们已经分道扬镳了 Mike
[15:17.57]Come on. 你还要说什么?
[15:56.71]You got a band-aid?
[16:07.58]Are you?
[16:09.22]Are you him?
[16:16.00]Yes. 你是他么?
[16:20.67]Yes, I am. 是的
[16:26.53]是的 我是
[16:28.23]I can't believe it. You're finally here.
[16:32.41]Well... 我真不敢相信
[16:35.00]here I am. 你终于来了
[16:42.37]Who's she?
[16:50.06]She's with me.
[16:55.65]What did one snowman say to the other snowman? 她是和我一起的
[17:05.27]I don't know what you're talking about.
[17:07.65]Get rid of the knife.
[17:09.76]You're not him! 我不知道你在说什么
[17:19.48]We didn't come here to hurt you.
[17:22.59]Then why did you come?
[17:23.73]We were in a plane crash. 我们不是来伤害你的
[17:26.26]Were you now? 是么? 那你们来干什么?
[17:28.27]And when was that? 我们遭遇了坠机
[17:29.95]44 days ago.
[17:32.79]44 days? 刚刚么?
[17:58.43]- How long have you been down here? - Shut it.
[18:03.81]- 你在这儿呆了多久了? - 闭嘴
[18:09.71]Tie him up.
[18:12.38]Do it!
[18:14.58]Wait, wait, wait. You're tying up the wrong person. 把他绑起来
[18:18.48]How's that, brother? 快点
[18:19.86]It's pointless to tie me up. I'm not dangerous. 等等 等等 等等 你绑错人了
[18:22.47]But her, she's a fugitive. 怎么说?
[18:25.12]绑我是毫无意义的 我不是危险人物
[18:27.73]但是她 她是一个逃犯
[18:31.66]So what does that make you then, brother?
[18:33.47]I'm a regional collections manager for a cardboard manufacturer.
[18:37.87]Boxes, primarily. 那你又是干什么的?
[18:41.82]All right, then, box man, tie her up. 主要是生产盒子
[18:45.97]- Don't you think about touch-- - Hey! 好吧 那么 盒子先生 把她绑起来
[18:48.38]You be a good girl, right?
[18:53.33]What do you think you're doing? 给我老实一点 行不?
[18:54.71]Doing what's best for all of us.
[18:58.50]- 你知道你在干什么么? - 干对我们两个都好的事
[19:01.65]Right, bring her here.
[19:04.66]John. Hey. Wait! Hey!
[19:07.97]Shut it. 好的 把她带到这边来
[19:09.46]Wait! John 嘿 等等 嘿
[19:10.92]You're kidding, right?
[19:13.01]You're going back? - 关上门 - 等等
[19:15.96]What about all that stuff you said about
[19:17.66]waiting till morning and watching the sunrise? 你是在开玩笑吧 你要回去那里?
[19:21.23]I changed my mind.
[19:28.60]What do you suppose all that's about? 我改变主意了
[19:31.06]I reckon Jack's gonna do something heroic.
[19:35.20]What? 你想是怎么回事?
[19:36.80]You always try to be funny when you don't want to answer a question.
[19:41.16]- "Try to be funny"? - Hmm.
[19:46.56]What's this?
[19:52.94]Oh. Found it in the jungle.
[19:56.47]- You found it? - Yeah.
[19:59.05]Be careful. Be careful with it.
[20:01.28]Here. Here. Take Aaron. 噢 在丛林里找到的
[20:04.60]Come here. There you go. - 你找到的? - 是的
[20:06.84]You gotta be careful there. You know, it's the Virgin Mary. 当心 拿着那东西要小心点
[20:10.08]She's holy. 来来 抱着Aaron
[20:11.58]Didn't realize you were so religious. 来吧 接住你了
[20:15.19]I'm not. It's just, you know, it might come in handy. 你得小心点 你知道 这是圣母玛利亚
[20:21.05]Be a nice thing to have around.
[20:23.16]我不是 这只是...你知道
[20:26.53]Yeah. 它迟早会派上用场的
[20:35.01]It wasn't the flare.
[20:40.08]I said, it wasn't the flare.
[20:44.43]Those people that did this--
[20:48.72]at first, I thought they were fishermen or pirates or something. 我说了 那不是因为闪光弹
[20:53.95]Then I got a good look at their boat.
[20:56.78]You know anything about boats, Mike? 起先我以为他们是渔民或是海盗什么的
[21:00.71]Boat like that wasn't built for the open ocean. 然后我仔细看了他们的船
[21:03.74]Water's comin' over the side, first little squall. 你了解船么 Mike?
[21:06.64]Maybe got a range of a hundred miles.
[21:10.55]A boat like that had to have left port from somewhere close, 一点小风小浪就能让船进水
[21:15.63]like the island. 航程可能也就一百多里吧
[21:18.93]French chick said the others were coming for the kid. 一艘像那样的船应该是在一个很近的码头驶出的
[21:23.50]I think they came, Mike. 比如说那个岛
[21:27.03]What? 法国女人说"其他人"是冲着孩子来的
[21:28.24]He's the one they wanted,
[21:29.78]why I got a bullet in my shoulder.
[21:31.82]Hell, Bluebeard blew us up because they wanted your kid. 我认为他们来了 Mike
[21:35.35]- You saying this is my fault? - Yeah. That's what I'm sayin'. - 什么? - 他是他们想要的人
[21:38.57]They took my son because of you. 我肩膀为什么会中弹
[21:40.25]- Me? - They were sailing away! 该死的 那些人炸飞了我们就是因为他们想要你的孩子
[21:41.80]They found us because they were looking for us, for Walt!
[21:44.81]Don't you ever say his name again, ever! - 你是说这都是我的错? - 是的 这就是我要说的
[21:47.08]What you gonna do, splash me? - 他们是因为你才带走我的孩子的 - 我?
[21:49.49]他们找到我们是因为他们在找我们 在找Walt
[21:52.57]你不许再叫他的名字 不许
[21:54.91]你能怎么样 用水泼我?
[22:32.32]- Look, I know how-- - Shut up.
[22:37.83]Don't even.
[22:40.22]You have no idea what it's like to care for somebody else. - 听着 我知道怎么... - 闭嘴
[23:02.89]Where are your lawyers?
[23:04.72]I told them I wanted to talk, just you and me. 嘿
[23:10.24]But if you want yours, I understand. 你的律师呢?
[23:12.24]No. That's okay.
[23:14.42]我跟他们说了 我想和你单独谈谈
[23:18.22]但如果你想让你的律师来 我能理解
[23:20.18]不 不用了
[23:21.94]I think you're gonna win.
[23:27.32]Excuse me?
[23:29.17]In court. I think you're gonna keep me from leaving the country with Walt. 我想你会赢
[23:34.12]But I just... have to ask you why. - 什么? - 在法庭上
[23:39.30]Why what? 我想你会有权阻止我带着Walt离开的
[23:40.53]Why are you doing this?
[23:43.03]He's my son. 但是我只是...想问你为什么
[23:44.36]Since when, Michael?
[23:46.18]Look, I know you don't care about what's best for me, but - 什么为什么? - 你为什么这么做?
[23:49.32]in Rome, I'll be a senior partner at the firm. - 他是我的儿子 - 从什么时候开始的 Michael?
[23:51.64]I'll be able to give Walt anything he needs.
[23:54.20]You're still on disability, Michael. You can't work. 听着 我知道你不关心我如何好过
[23:55.99]但是在罗马 我在公司可以是一个资深合伙人
[23:57.78]You're about to be evicted from your apartment. 我可以给Walt他需要的一切
[24:00.14]You got your lawyers checking up on me now?
[24:01.91]Well, of course I did, 你现在行动仍然受限Michael 你无法工作
[24:03.02]just like you had your lawyers checking up on me.
[24:05.20]- Nobody's winning here. - Then stop. 你的公寓快被收回了
[24:10.30]Michael, the first thing you need to do is take care of yourself. 恩 当然是的
[24:12.72]- 大家都不是赢家 - 那么住口
[24:16.66]You need to get healthy. Michael 你需要做的第一件事是照顾好你自己
[24:18.58]You need to get back on your feet financially
[24:20.46]so that you can get back to pursuing your art.
[24:24.30]You have rare talent as an artist, Michael. 你得健康起来
[24:27.25]But how are you gonna do that, any of that, 你得有足够的经济基础
[24:30.56]and still be a part of Walt's life? 作为一个艺术家你有罕见的天份 Michael
[24:35.10]I'll do it by doing it. 但是你怎么才能做到这些事呢
[24:38.14]Walt is my responsibility, too. 这样能成为Walt生命中的一部分么?
[24:41.45]Then let him go. 我会通过努力做到的
[24:45.56]Because it's not about you or me. 抚养Walt也是我的责任
[24:48.12]It's about him. 那么就放他走
[25:02.30]I don't wanna go to court, Michael.
[25:06.08]So please just...
[25:10.46]let him go. 我不想和你打官司 Michael
[28:18.94]The pilot said we had lost radio contact, but by then,
[28:21.84]we were already a thousand miles off course.
[28:24.86]Any search teams would have given up weeks ago.
[28:27.66]So you were traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles? 飞行员说我们失去了无线电联络
[28:28.76]但是在那之前 我们已经偏离了航线近千里了
[28:32.55]So they're all still out there? 并且搜救队几周前就应该放弃搜索了
[28:35.04]Yeah, as far as I know. 那么你正从悉尼飞往洛杉矶?
[28:38.96]Could you tell me your name? 是的
[28:42.57]就我所知 是的
[28:44.52]My name?
[28:49.03]My name is Desmond.
[28:51.85]Desmond, I'm John. 我的名字?
[28:54.97]You should know, the gun is really unnecessary.
[28:58.01]Oh, yeah? 我叫Desmond
[28:59.56]So I should just hand it over to you then, should I? Desmond 我是John
[29:02.47]你得明白 现在真的不需要这把枪了
[29:05.82]How many of you are there? 噢 是么?
[29:08.04]Uh, 43, but 4 sailed out this morning on a raft. 那么我应该把它交给你了 是么?
[29:12.45]A raft? 你们那儿有多少人?
[29:15.20]That simulated sunlight-- is that because you never leave? 呃 43个 但是有4个今天早上坐筏子出海了
[29:19.25]Is there another way out? 筏子?
[29:22.12]How many of your group have gotten sick? 那个模拟日光... 是因为你从来不离开么?
[29:26.88]Sick-- as in ill, as in dead. 还有其他的出口么?
[29:29.51]Is that why it says "quarantine" on the inside of the hatch? 你们有多少人生病了?
[29:31.77]Answer the question. 生病?
[29:33.27]No one has. No one. No one's sick. 生病 就是病了死了
[29:39.09]- 回答我 - 没人生病 没有人
[29:51.30]Get up.
[29:58.05]Move. 起来
[30:00.26]Stand right there.
[30:05.28]Do you know how to use this, box man? 走
[30:08.12]I haven't seen one of those in 20 years. 站在这儿
[30:09.81]- Do you know how to use it?! - Yes. Sit.
[30:12.79]你知道怎么用这个么 盒子先生?
[30:15.44]Right, now listen carefully. - 我已经20年没见过这个了 - 你知道怎么用么?
[30:17.14]Type in exactly what I tell you, understand? Exactly. Nothing else.
[30:18.69]- 是的 - 坐下
[30:21.51]4. 8. 15. 好的 现在仔细听着
[30:24.60]我说什么你打什么 懂么
[30:26.28]要绝对正确 不许输错
[30:29.37]Did you hear that?
[30:33.87]What did you just put in?
[30:35.69]What number did you just put in?! - 你听到了么? - 什么?
[30:37.43]- 15. - Right. 16.
[30:40.13]23. 42. Now press "execute." 你刚输了什么?
[30:43.26]- 你刚刚输的是哪个数? - 15
[30:45.64]好的 16
[30:54.76]Uh... what's gonna happen?
[30:57.36]Just push it!
[31:03.91]- 会发生什么事? - 快按
[31:14.83]Who the hell is that?
[31:17.04]That would be Jack.
[31:36.34]Who is he?
[31:38.09]His name is Jack.
[31:40.70]He's our doctor.
[31:42.28]What's he doing here?
[31:44.17]Well, to be honest with you, I'm a little surprised to see him.
[31:50.95]Your doctor has a gun, brother. 他是我们的医生
[31:53.61]呃 老实和你说吧 看到他我也觉得很惊讶
[32:09.69]Make one sound and I'll shoot.
[32:18.99]别出声 不然我就开枪
[32:32.92]I wouldn't do that, Jack.
[32:37.01]Where's Kate? Jack
[32:37.95]What the hell did you-- Jack
[32:40.55]and I kill him.
[32:42.66]- Put the gun down. - Where's Kate? 如果是我我不会这么做 Jack
[32:44.84]- Jack, it's okay. - I said drop it! - kate在哪儿? - 你到底...
[32:46.52]- Where's Kate?! - She's fine.Just put down--
[32:48.38]I'm not putting down anything. 滚...
[32:51.77]Do you want him to die? Put it down. - 放下枪 - Kate在哪儿?
[32:54.12]- Jack 没事的 - 我说了 放下枪
[32:56.06]Is this what you were talking about, Locke? - Kate在哪儿? - 她没事 放下...
[32:58.27]Is this your destiny? 我什么也不放
[33:00.75]"All roads lead here." 你想他死么? 放下枪
[33:02.33]Calm down.
[33:04.53]Lower your gun, 这就是你所说的么 Locke?
[33:05.89]or I'll blow his darned head off, brother!
[33:09.97]- "该发生的总会发生的" - 冷静点
[33:50.05]What the hell is that?
[33:54.47]Part of the raft-- one of the pontoons.
[33:58.26]Stop paddling. 那是什么鬼东西?
[34:01.11]Hey, stop it!
[34:02.61]You're putting a strain on the vines. It's going to break us up. 筏子的一部分 浮着的竹筒
[34:07.91]Damn it, you're gonna-- 别划了
[34:11.25]Sawyer! 嘿 停下
[34:12.07]你把绳索拉太猛了 筏子会散架的
[34:15.85]Climb up.
[34:17.08]I do, and we both sink. 混蛋 你会...
[34:21.71]I'm going for the pontoon. Sawyer
[34:25.22]- 上来 - 我上来的话我们都会沉下去
[34:28.33]Don't be an idiot.
[34:32.18]You see that toothy son of a bitch, 我游到竹筒那儿去
[34:34.17]you aim and squeeze. Got it?
[34:35.94]Got it.
[34:43.41]- 瞄准了就开枪 知道了么 - 知道了
[34:54.38]Come on, come on, come on.
[35:03.56]加油 加油 快 快
[35:40.77]Give me your hand.
[36:08.23]There he is. Do you see him?
[36:11.42]- Hi. - Oh!
[36:16.73]Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Packing's been a disaster, 他在那儿 看见了么?
[36:19.17]and the plane leaves first thing in the morning.
[36:20.88]Sure. 嘿
[36:23.19]No problem.
[36:26.34]嘿 抱歉我迟到了 打理东西很麻烦
[36:29.29]Uh, hey, do you want to say hi, Walt? 而飞机一早就飞走了
[36:30.43]恩 没关系
[36:33.60]Hi, Walt. I'm...
[36:37.78]I'm... 呃 嘿 打个招呼吧 Walt
[36:41.82]Hey, uh, this is for you, man. 嘿 Walt 我是...
[36:45.72]He like bears?
[36:47.14]Yes. Uh, sure. He's just really shy. 我是...
[36:51.36]嘿 呃 这是给你的
[36:53.95]Hey, little man. - 他喜欢熊么? - 是的 呃 当然
[36:55.58]Oh, I guess I can't call you that. I mean, 'cause look how big you are.
[37:02.72]So... 嘿 小伙计
[37:04.07]you and I, we're not gonna see each other for awhile, Walt. 噢 我想我不能这么叫你
[37:09.43]Uh, but you are gonna have a great life. 我是说 因为看你已经这么大了
[37:13.70]你和我 我们将会有段时间不能见面了Walt
[37:16.06]I know your mommy-- she's gonna take real good care of you,
[37:19.08]呃 但是你会生活得很好的
[37:21.96]and Brian is...
[37:24.47]gonna take good care of you, too. 我知道你的妈妈...她会
[37:27.40]But you know what? 好好照顾你的
[37:29.80]I just want you to know that no matter where you go, I...
[37:38.48]that your daddy... 我要你知道
[37:41.88]yeah, your daddy-- he loves you very, very much. 不管你去了哪儿
[37:48.44]And I always will. 你的爸爸...
[37:52.91]Always. 是的 你的爸爸...他真的很爱很爱你
[38:01.60]I'm sorry. He's... 永远 好么?
[38:04.52]It's okay.
[38:07.94]It's okay.
[38:11.00]Uh... - 我很抱歉 他很... - 不 没关系
[38:13.63]Hey, here. Uh...
[38:16.36]Just, you know... 没关系
[38:20.14]You know, let him know it's from me sometime, okay?
[38:24.73]Okay. 嘿 给你 呃...
[38:25.91]只是 你知道...
[38:29.76]你知道 到时候让他知道是我送的 好么?
[38:31.63]Good-bye, Michael.
[38:37.93]Yeah. Bye.
[38:41.19]再见 Michael
[38:47.49]好 再见
[39:26.24]It's... uh...
[39:28.65]You all right, Mike?
[39:35.84]It was my fault.
[39:39.44]What? 你没事吧 Mike?
[39:41.97]I never should have brought him on the raft.
[39:53.42]I'm gonna get him back.
[40:00.99]I'm gonna get back my son.
[40:18.47]Well, how about that?
[40:22.87]Current brought us back.
[40:28.29]We're home. 呃 看看这个
[40:57.82]- Michael! Sawyer! - Jin!
[41:04.13]Oh, oh, oh!
[41:06.94]Jin, what's wrong? - Michael Sawyer - Jin
[41:13.49]Others. Others. Others.
[41:15.47]What? Jin 怎么了?
[41:16.11]Others! Others!
[41:22.04]其他人 其他人 其他人
[41:24.94]- 什么? - 其他人 其他人
[41:27.51]- 什么? - 其他人
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