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[01:00.00]Sorry, man. I know this hurts. 对不起 伙计 我知道这很不好受
[01:06.15]Michael told me you pulled the bullet out with your bare hands. Michael和我说你是徒手把子弹取出来的
[01:10.21]You have to show me how to do that sometime. 有时间你一定要再给我演示一下
[01:14.16]Where is she?
[01:17.83]- What? I didn't-- - Where is she? - 什么? - 她在哪儿?
[01:21.46]You mean Kate? 你是说Kate?
[01:23.40]She's been watching over you for the past 24 hours straight. 她连着24小时一直在照看你
[01:26.33]The only way I could get rid of her was to send her out to get some food for you. 我叫她给你去找点吃的 这是唯一能让她休息休息的办法了
[01:37.23]I love her. 我爱她
[03:07.64]Well, hey, girl. What are you doin' here? 嘿 小妞
[03:15.42]Hey, there. 你好啊
[03:16.75]All right, let's get you to bed. 好了 我扶你到床上去
[03:27.67]Watch your step, watch your step! 当心脚下 当心点
[03:32.14]What the hell is that smell? 什么味道这么难闻?
[03:34.70]- Probably your breath. - Yeah, right. - 是你呼出来的 - 噢 是的
[03:37.06]Come on. 快吧
[03:47.81]You're beautiful. 你真漂亮
[03:51.95]Hey. 嘿
[03:55.08]Hey! I just gave you a compliment. 嘿
[03:58.50]Yeah, I heard you. 我刚才称赞你了
[03:59.59]是的 我听见了
[04:04.73]Aren't ya gonna take my pants off first? 你怎么不先把我裤子脱下来?
[04:16.00]You are beautiful. 你真漂亮
[04:24.92]Good night. 晚安
[05:35.98]Coffee, pie? Both?
[05:38.25]How about a beer? 咖啡? 派? 还是两个都要?
[05:39.79]I'd like to see some I.D. 来杯啤酒
[05:42.14]I'm 24, ma. 让我看看身份证
[05:43.66]You want to ride around on that death trap of yours without a helmet, 我24岁了 妈妈
[05:46.89]I'm not going to help your cause by getting you drunk. 你又想不戴安全帽疯骑摩托
[05:56.71]How's that wrist?
[05:59.12]What, this? 你手腕怎么了?
[06:02.13]You know, that shelf in the kitchen sticks out sometimes. 什么 这个?
[06:05.08]You'd think I'd remember it was there, but I banged it-- 你也知道 厨房的那个架子有的时候会突出来
[06:07.31]Don't. 虽然我会记得它在那儿 但我还是撞了上去
[06:16.28]I made my bed, Katherine.
[06:19.44]Well, your bed's gone, ma. 别管我的事 Katherine
[06:22.18]What? 你的房子已经不在了 妈妈
[06:32.10]What is this?
[06:33.75]An insurance policy for the house. - 这是什么? - 这栋房子的保险
[06:35.60]- What? I never-- - I took it out in your name.
[06:37.32]- 什么? 我从来没有... - 我以你的名义取出来的
[06:44.71]What did you do?
[06:46.98]Does Wayne know about this? 你做了什么?
[06:48.87]Wayne 知道吗?
[06:53.55]Just remember that you were here and you didn't see me, okay?
[06:56.45]Katherine, what did you do? 记住你一直在这里而且没有看到过我 好么?
[06:59.34]I took care of you, ma. Katherine 你做了什么?
[07:01.26]我是为你好 妈妈
[07:03.40]I gotta go.
[07:05.25]You're not gonna see me for awhile. 我得走了
[07:20.36]What did you do? Katherine
[07:22.86]Katherine! 你做了什么?
[07:30.16]- Hey. - Hey.
[07:32.06]- 嘿 - 嘿
[07:34.99]You okay?
[07:36.64]Yeah. Uh, yeah, I think I'm just... 你还好吗?
[07:40.33]I think I'm tired. 呃 恩 我想我只是...
[07:45.12]How is he?
[07:46.30]Fever's still up there. - 他怎么样了? - 还在发烧
[07:48.45]Can't tell if the antibiotics are working.
[07:50.82]It'll help to get some food in him. 也不知道抗生素有没有起作用
[07:53.52]You should get down to the beach for... 让他吃点东西会有好处
[07:56.40]for Shannon. 你应该去海滩上...
[07:59.43]I was actually thinking that I should stay and watch Sawyer. 参加Shannon的葬礼
[08:03.67]I'll stay with him.
[08:06.16]You should be there. 我来就行了
[08:14.19]Keep him hydrated.
[08:15.79]Maybe mash up some of that fruit, see if you can get him to eat it. 不要让他脱水
[08:18.73]And everybody will be at the beach, so don't forget the button. 把水果捣碎 看看能不能给他吃一点
[08:22.25]I got it. 所以别忘了那个按钮
[08:23.85]Be back in a couple hours. 我知道了
[08:25.46]Yep. 我马上回来
[08:29.81]You sure you're okay?
[08:32.82]Yeah, I'm great. 你确定你能行?
[08:35.35]对 我可以
[08:55.06]I'm going to go to the funeral.
[09:02.55]I don't think I'm gonna make it.
[09:14.88]I think most of them realize it was an accident.
[10:01.41]Shannon and I were strangers.
[10:05.49]We never would have met if...
[10:12.77]we wouldn't even have spoken if...
[10:20.52]but we did meet,
[10:23.58]and we did speak. 但是我们相遇了 也说话了
[10:30.01]At least...
[10:42.40]I loved her.
[11:23.33]May she rest in peace.
[11:51.42]You hungry?
[11:53.35]I'm just gonna mash you up some fruit here. 你饿吗?
[11:58.34]When you wake up,
[11:59.76]you're going to get a kick out of me feeding you like a baby. 你醒来看见我在像喂婴儿一样喂你 你肯定会踹我
[12:07.37]I saw a horse.
[12:12.91]Yeah. That's what happens when you don't sleep.
[12:27.47]Sawyer? You awake?
[12:30.50]Good for nothing... Sawyer?
[12:31.27]- 你醒了吗? - 毫无价值的...
[12:34.79]You killed me.
[12:37.65]Why did you kill me?! 你杀了我
[12:46.31]It's the alarm.
[12:50.58]Kate! 是警报声
[13:12.70]16 2...
[13:27.87]- What happened? - I don't know.
[13:30.45]- But you said-- - I don't know, John! - 发生了什么? - 我不知道
[13:33.94]Well, where's Kate? - 但是你说... - 我不知道 John
[13:38.66]Kate. Hey, you missed the funeral.
[13:43.58]Yeah, uh, I was with Sawyer. 嗨 你没去参加葬礼
[13:46.60]Oh, right. 对 呃 我在照顾Sawyer
[13:48.49]A few of them came, the new people. 哦 对
[13:52.85]Not her, the one who killed Shannon. That would have been awkward. 新来的那些人 他们有几个也参加了
[13:56.94]They seem to have had a rough time of it. 那个杀了Shannon的女人没去 不然会很尴尬
[13:59.40]Looks like they went bloody "lord of the flies" out there. 他们好像过得很不开心
[14:05.95]You haven't listened to a word I've said.
[14:09.73]Do you think there are horses here? 我说的你一句都没听进去
[14:12.34]What? 你觉得这有马么?
[14:13.47]I think I saw a horse in the jungle.
[14:16.97]I've seen polar bears. 我想我在丛林里看见了一匹马
[14:19.95]I've seen monsters. 我还看见过北极熊
[14:21.51]Well, heard monsters. But horses?
[14:25.58]No. 恩 是听到了怪物 但是马呢?
[14:28.66]Where are you going? 没见到过
[14:37.14]Tallahassee, one way, please.
[14:40.22]Tallahassee? I spent a week in Tallahassee one night. 塔拉哈西 单程票 谢谢
[14:44.20]It's all strip malls and waffle houses. 塔拉哈西?
[14:47.91]What's a pretty girl like you gonna do down in Tallahassee? 那儿都是大卖场和瓦芙屋
[14:51.19]I'm sure I'll find something. 像你这样漂亮的女孩去塔拉哈西做什么?
[14:52.94]Bet you got family down there, huh? 我去找点东西
[14:54.84]Actually, I'm just visiting. 你在那有家人 对吧?
[14:57.65]事实上 我只是去逛逛
[15:01.44]Hey! 嘿
[15:04.54]Don't I know you? 嘿
[15:14.66]No, I don't think so.
[15:17.57]Don't run, Kate. 不 我们不认识
[15:20.68]别跑 Kate
[15:26.53]I got her.
[15:28.77]Kate Austen, you're under arrest for murder. 我抓住她了
[15:30.95]- I didn't do anything. - Oh, yeah, you did. Kate Austen 你因谋杀而被捕
[15:33.51]Your mama gave you up, Kate. 我什么都没做
[15:35.07]哦 不 你犯法了
[15:36.65]是你妈妈把你供出来的 Kate
[15:49.62]Charlie, have you seen Kate?
[15:52.65]Uh, a little while ago in the jungle. Charlie 你见过Kate了吗?
[15:54.88]She was acting kind of balmy, asking me about horses on the island. 呃 刚才还在丛林里看见她
[15:58.30]You know where she is now? 她有点奇怪 问我岛上有没有马
[16:00.15]She's on the path heading back to the caves. 你知道她现在在哪吗?
[16:05.38]Everything okay?
[16:06.73]Yeah, Charlie, everything's fine.
[16:09.82]不 Charlie 一切都好
[16:21.54]Thank you.
[16:23.51]Free at last, huh? 谢谢
[16:26.68]终于自由了 对吧?
[16:34.14]Yeah, man. Looks good.
[16:37.32]是的 伙计
[16:45.78]Hey, Locke.
[16:47.53]What's up with the blast doors? 嘿 Locke
[16:50.39]Blast doors? 这些防爆门怎么了?
[16:53.69]Yeah. 防爆门?
[16:54.99]Like in case of an explosion, they'll come from the ceiling.
[16:59.35]That guy down here, uh... 如果真爆炸了
[17:01.41]Desmond? 下边的那个家伙 呃...
[17:02.30]Yeah, Desmond. He didn't tell you about these, what they're for?
[17:04.77]No, no, he didn't, - Desmond? - 对了 Desmond
[17:07.43]没有 他没说
[17:09.10]but he did leave a movie.
[17:11.57]A movie? 但是他留下了一段影片
[17:15.00]You want to see it? 影片?
[17:17.91]I would like to see it, too. 你想看吗?
[17:23.55]If you don't mind.
[17:28.57]Why not?
[17:30.03]The more, the merrier.
[17:46.92]Kate, what the hell are you doing out here?
[17:49.94]Kate 你到底在这干吗?
[17:52.92]What happened in the hatch, Kate? Why'd you leave?
[17:55.99]I come back. I find Sawyer just lying on the ground. You just took off. 舱子里发生了什么 Kate? 你为什么离开了?
[17:58.98]- Is he okay? - Yes, Kate, he's fine. 我回去的时候发现Sawyer就这么躺在地上
[18:01.17]- 你就这么走了 - 他还好吗?
[18:02.93]对 Kate 他没事
[18:05.77]I'm sorry.
[18:07.90]Are you? 我很抱歉
[18:12.57]Yeah, I'm sorry.
[18:14.94]I'm sorry that I am not as perfect as you! 对 我很抱歉
[18:18.20]I'm sorry that I'm not as good! 我很抱歉我并不像你那样完美
[18:21.69]- What's going on with you? - Just forget it. 我很抱歉我没有那么出色
[18:24.52]No, don't walk away from me, no. - 你到底怎么了? - 算了
[18:25.91]- Let me go! Don't! - Kate! Kate, Kate, Kate.
[18:27.68]- 不 别走 不要 - 让我走
[18:29.55]It's okay. It's okay. Kate. Kate Kate Kate Kate
[18:30.96]不 我...
[18:32.44]没事的 没事的
[18:34.54]This place... this place is crazy. Kate
[18:38.01]I can't. It's driving me nuts. 这个地方...这个地方太奇怪了
[18:40.95]I know. It's okay. It's all right. 我都要疯了
[18:44.05]我知道 没事了
[18:45.63]It's all right. 没事了
[18:47.28]All right? 没事了
[19:36.64]From the moment the alarm sounds, Kate
[19:39.44]you will have four minutes to enter the code 从警报响起那一刻起
[19:42.20]into the microcomputer processor. 你有四分钟时间向那台电脑
[19:44.67]Induction into the program. 输入那串数字
[19:46.75]When the alarm sounds,
[19:48.55]either you or your partner must input the code. 来启动程序
[19:52.26]It is highly recommended that you 你或你的搭档必须输入数字
[19:54.39]and your partner take alternating shifts.
[19:57.05]In this manner, you will stay as fresh and alert. 而且你和你的搭档最好轮班
[19:59.95]It is most important that when the alarm sounds, 这样你们就可以时刻保持警觉
[20:02.89]the code be entered correctly and in a timely fashion. 最重要的就是当警报响起时
[20:06.80]Do not attempt to use a computer for any-- 密码要准确并及时的输入电脑
[20:10.80]Congratulations. 不要尝试使用电脑做任何...
[20:12.74]Until your replacements arrive,
[20:14.90]the future of the project is in your hands. 当你的替班到了之后
[20:17.98]On behalf of the Degroots, 此项目的成败将掌握在你的手里
[20:19.81]Alvar Hanso and all of us at the Dharma Initiative,
[20:23.75]thank you, namaste, and good luck. Alvar Hanso和达摩启动计划 中的所有同僚
[20:33.24]All right.
[20:34.78]So you've been pushing that button every two hours since you got down here.
[20:38.15]那你自从下到这里后 就每两个小时按一次按钮
[20:39.82]That's right.
[20:41.99]How's that even work? 没错
[20:44.26]I've set up 2-person shifts, 6 hours. Everyone's on the roster. 你是怎么做到的?
[20:47.89]我安排了两人轮班 每人六个小时
[20:49.58]Don't they want to know why? 每个人都会轮到
[20:51.53]I think the film is pretty self-explanatory.
[20:54.07]Really? 他们不想知道为什么这么做吗?
[20:55.44]All I heard was something about electromagnets and an incident. 我想这个电影已经说得很清楚了
[20:59.36]What about all the missing pieces? 我只听到一些关于电磁石和 突发事件什么的
[21:01.53]Oh, you mean the splices? 少掉的那些部分呢?
[21:03.49]Yeah, just a frame here and there, I think, nothing important.
[21:05.20]哦 你是说那些连接的部分?
[21:06.94]What do you think? 哦 只是一帧一帧的画面 我觉得没什么重要的
[21:10.93]About the film, what do you think? 你觉得呢?
[21:14.57]对于那部电影 你怎么看?
[21:56.93]I'm sorry I missed it, her funeral.
[21:59.83]I... I had to be with Sawyer, so... 我很抱歉错过了她的葬礼
[22:03.63]Why aren't you with him now? 我得照顾Sawyer 所以...
[22:10.90]'Cause I'm going crazy.
[22:22.02]Do you believe in ghosts, Sayid?
[22:25.13]你相不相信鬼 Sayid?
[22:27.05]I saw Walt in the jungle just before Shannon was shot.
[22:30.17]就在Shannon被枪击之前 我在丛林里看见了Walt
[22:42.01]Does that make me crazy?
[23:02.17]It's a long drive back to the arraignment. You comfy?
[23:19.44]Why now?
[23:24.08]What? 为什么是现在?
[23:25.18]Nice corn-fed farm girl like yourself,
[23:28.09]no history of violence, straight A's, no record, 什么?
[23:31.90]a couple of speeding tickets. 没有暴力史 优等生
[23:34.36]I just gotta wonder, why'd you kill him now? 没有前科 只有几张超速罚单
[23:37.37]我只是好奇 为什么你现在要杀了他?
[23:39.94]Oh, right, yeah, don't tell me.
[23:41.98]You wouldn't want to incriminate yourself, 哦 好 别和我说
[23:44.29]not after you were so smart planning it. 你不会想控告你自己的
[23:47.10]That jury back in Iowa sure ain't gonna get hung upon premeditation. 不然你不会精心策划了这一切
[23:51.53]And a gas leak? 爱荷华州的陪审团肯定不会 在是否是预谋杀人上迟疑的
[23:53.83]Come on, it's amateur hour from top to bottom. 放煤气是么?
[23:58.23]It sounds like you've got it all figured out. 拜托 手法太幼稚了
[24:00.63]I do have you all figured out. 看上去你好像都已经明白了
[24:02.09]You don't know anything about me.
[24:03.87]White-trash mom divorces dad, starts up with some guy who's a drinker, 我倒是把你看透了
[24:08.51]maybe he knocks her around a little bit, 你妈是离了婚的贫穷白种女人
[24:10.53]and so she marries him because, you know, 和一个酒鬼拍拖
[24:13.52]that's what happens. 之所以她嫁给他是因为 你知道的
[24:15.35]And then this drunk, this Wayne, he moves into your house, 发生了一些事
[24:18.63]and you get to lay there every night 然后这个酒鬼 Wayne
[24:20.38]and listen to him doing your mom right there in your daddy's old bedroom. 他搬进了你家
[24:24.82]And even that wouldn't be so bad if he didn't beat her up all the time. 听着他在你爸的老卧室里干你妈
[24:28.33]But she loves him, she defends him. 如果他没有一直打你妈妈 这也许还不算很坏
[24:39.05]If that don't make a person want to kill somebody, I don't know what does.
[24:43.04]But the question is, now? Why now? 如果这样还不能让一个人想要杀人
[24:46.97]Why after all these years 但问题是 现在?
[24:49.22]did you just decide to blow poor Wayne up? 为什么是现在?
[24:50.03]为什么这么多年以后你才 决定要把可怜的Wayne干掉?
[24:57.55]He come knocking on your door late at night?
[25:01.67]He never touched me. 他晚上去敲你的门了?
[25:08.24]Look out!
[25:35.67]Get... get off!
[26:12.45]Well, why can't you just put the numbers in now?
[26:14.63]No, it doesn't work that way. 你现在为什么不输数字呢?
[26:16.75]The alarm goes off in four minutes. 不 现在输没用
[26:19.04]You can't type anything till then. 警报在还剩四分钟时响起
[26:26.77]You mind if I check out some of this hardware?
[26:30.40]Sure. 不介意我看看这些硬件吧?
[26:33.94]Just don't break it. 当然
[26:47.36]- Hello again. - Hello.
[26:53.08]I have something I think you should see. 你好
[27:02.24]If you don't mind, I will begin at the beginning.
[27:10.67]Long before Christ,
[27:12.82]the king of Judah was a man named Josiah. 在耶稣之前很久的时候
[27:16.67]Boy, when you say "beginning," you mean beginning. 犹太国国王是一个叫Josian的人
[27:19.87]哦 你说从头说起这头还真是久远
[27:21.90]At that time,
[27:23.81]the temple where the people worshipped was in ruin, 那时候
[27:28.23]and so the people worshipped idols, false gods, 人们供奉神灵的神庙被毁了
[27:33.16]and so the kingdom was in disarray. 假的神灵
[27:36.53]Josiah, since he was a good king, 所以国家一片混乱
[27:41.05]sent his secretary to the treasury 因为Josian是个好国王
[27:43.76]and said, "we must rebuild the temple. 他派他的大臣去藏宝藏的地方
[27:48.21]Give all of the gold to the workers so that this will be done." 说道
[27:53.11]But when the secretary returned, he had no gold. "这样就能行了"
[27:59.80]And when Josiah asked why this was, 他并没有带着金子
[28:03.98]the secretary replied... 当Josian问为什么的时候
[28:11.41]"we found a book."
[28:16.48]Do you know this story?
[28:18.93]No, afraid I don't. 你听过这个故事吗?
[28:21.78]What the secretary had found 没有
[28:25.26]was an ancient book, 大臣找到的
[28:28.80]the book of law. 是一本很老的书
[28:32.50]You may know it as the Old Testament. 律法书
[28:37.11]And it was with that ancient book, not with the gold, 你也许在圣经的旧约中听说过
[28:43.50]that Josiah rebuilt the temple. 不靠金子
[28:50.33]On the other side of the island,
[28:55.15]we found a place much like this.
[29:00.43]And in this place, we found a book.
[29:18.26]I believe what's inside there will be of great value to you.
[29:21.39]我相信那里面的东西 对你有很大的价值
[30:21.21]So Rose's husband's white. Didn't see that one coming.
[30:28.08]Is there something you need, Hurley?
[30:29.96]No. Just taking a walk, thought I'd say "hey." 没看见过他么
[30:32.30]你需要什么东西吗 Hurley?
[30:37.62]Who's taking care of Sawyer? 来打个招呼
[30:39.84]Sun is.
[30:41.62]So you're, like, mad at him? 谁在照看Sawyer?
[30:45.79]那么 你 有点生他的气?
[30:47.65]Why would I be mad at Sawyer?
[30:49.84]Maybe 'cause he's the one always comes down here and
[30:52.88]chops wood and now you are. 我为什么会生Sawyer的气?
[30:55.87]It's, like, transference. 接着是Chops Wood 现在连你也快了
[30:59.23]What are you, a shrink now? 就像瘟疫一样
[31:00.80]Well, that's what they call it in the mental hospital.
[31:04.52]I'm not mad at anyone. 你是心理医生吗?
[31:04.91]呃 在精神病院别人就是这么叫我的
[31:18.92]Where's Jack?
[31:21.09]I don't know. He didn't come back.
[31:23.21]Jack 在哪儿?
[31:25.84]Has he said anything? 我不知道
[31:29.09]Sawyer? 他有说过什么吗?
[31:31.36]No, he's still sleeping.
[31:36.05]没有 他一直睡着
[31:37.82]Can you watch him?
[31:41.89]- I can stay if you-- - No. Yeah, I can. 你能照看他吗?
[31:45.55]Thanks. - 如果你有事那我可以... - 不不 我来吧
[32:09.16]Uh-huh. Yes, I'm sure that's the exact form you've got. Uh-huh.
[32:15.72]是的 我确定就是那张表
[32:17.39]I'll send one over to you, right.
[32:23.17]I'll call you back later.
[32:32.83]Hi, dad.
[32:38.12]Katie, the police and the U.S. Marshals are looking for you. 嘿 爸爸
[32:41.43]You shouldn't have come here. 亲爱的 现在警察们都在通缉你
[32:42.60]I've been waiting outside for 2 hours. They're not here.
[32:45.49]- 你不应该来这里 - 我已经在外面等了2个小时了
[32:47.12]Is it true what they're saying? 他们不在这里
[32:55.20]Katie, what did you come here for?
[33:00.34]Why didn't you tell me, dad? 亲爱的 你来这儿干什么?
[33:03.89]Tell you what? 你为什么不告诉我 爸爸?
[33:07.42]I was making a scrapbook, a surprise for your birthday, 告诉你什么?
[33:13.20]so I called one of your C.O.s to get some pictures of you in uniform. 准备作为你的生日礼物
[33:17.62]The pictures that he sent me had dates on the back, 我给你的一个同事打了电话 得到了一些你穿制服的照片
[33:20.68]photos of you in Korea up until four months before I was born. 他给我的那些照片背面有日期
[33:24.67]在我出生前的4个月 你在朝鲜的照片
[33:30.92]Why didn't you tell me that Wayne was my father?
[33:35.11]你为什么不告诉我Wayne 才是我的亲生父亲?
[33:48.09]I didn't tell you because I knew you'd kill him.
[33:54.64]And your mother...
[33:59.04]loved him. 你的妈妈...
[34:05.77]You were 5 years old.
[34:07.67]I wanted to take you along with me. She wouldn't let me.
[34:09.98]你5岁时 我想带你和我一起过
[34:13.46]So why didn't you kill him? 她不让
[34:22.81]Because I don't have murder in my heart.
[34:37.35]I'm gonna have to call 'em.
[34:46.01]Can I have an hour?
[35:08.94]Bye, daddy.
[35:13.25]再见 爸爸
[35:42.73]Can you hear me?
[35:48.07]Sawyer? 你能听到我说话吗?
[36:16.39]I'm probably crazy,
[36:20.35]and this doesn't matter, 我大概是疯了
[36:25.34]but maybe you're in there. 这不要紧
[36:27.59]Somehow you asked me a question. You asked me why I...
[36:36.56]why I did it. 你问我为什么...
[36:42.67]It wasn't 'cause you drove my father away
[36:46.35]or the way you looked at me 那并不是因为你赶走了我爸爸
[36:51.62]or because you beat her. 或是你那样对我
[36:58.00]It was 'cause I hated that you were a part of me,
[37:01.15]that I would never be good, 而是因为我恨你是我的一部分
[37:04.46]that I would never have anything good. 由此我不能完美
[37:07.51]And every time that I look at Sawyer, 由此我永远不能拥有美好的东西
[37:09.99]every time I feel something for him,
[37:14.01]I see you, Wayne, 每次我都有些感觉
[37:16.80]and it makes me sick. 我看到了你 Wayne
[37:24.46]That's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
[37:29.08]Sawyer? 那是我听过的最甜蜜的话
[37:32.01]Who the hell is Wayne? Sawyer?
[37:45.21]Where am I?
[37:47.38]A bunk bed?
[37:52.64]Yeah, you're in a bunk bed. 在床上?
[37:56.72]Are we saved? 是的 你是睡在床上
[38:03.28]No, Sawyer.
[38:05.67]Not yet.
[38:07.47]没有 Sawyer
[38:23.84]What are the odds? 噢
[38:26.48]- The odds? - Yeah. 怎么这么巧?
[38:29.07]Here, hold this down on the table here, nice and flat. 巧?
[38:30.91]来 把这个按在桌上 按平
[38:37.17]I mean, think about it.
[38:39.03]Somebody made this film. 想想看吧
[38:43.25]Someone else cut this piece out.
[38:50.35]We crash.
[38:51.80]Two halves of the same plane fall on different parts of the island. 我们坠机了
[38:55.54]You're over there. I'm over here. 你在那里 我在这里
[38:58.77]And now here's the missing piece, right back where it belongs.
[39:04.98]What are the odds?
[39:08.79]Don't mistake coincidence for fate.
[39:27.73]You've gotta be kidding me.
[39:30.05]Air lock's over this way. 你一定是在说笑
[39:32.26]Oh. 往这儿走
[39:34.06]Come on, admit it. We've been rescued.
[39:35.86]好了 承认了吧
[39:41.90]You got it? Sorry.
[39:44.67]Watch yourself. 你碰到了? 抱歉
[39:55.39]Son of a bitch.
[40:00.51]Watch yourself, okay?
[40:02.28]小心点 好么?
[40:11.84]Home sweet home.
[40:14.03]Yeah. 又回到老地方了
[40:16.17]I really thought you were yanking my chain. 是的
[40:20.68]What do you keep smiling at?
[40:23.23]You need a haircut. 你一直在笑什么?
[40:25.85]Oh, really? 你该剪头发了
[40:27.67]哦 真的吗?
[40:35.83]Maybe you ought to take me back inside.
[40:52.40]You see that?
[40:58.54]If you mean the big-ass horse standing in the middle of the jungle, then,
[41:00.42]如果你说的是站在丛林中的马 那我看到了
[41:26.32]You know that horse, freckles?
[41:32.24]Yeah, I do.
[41:46.85]Tequila and tonic. That's your drink, right?
[41:51.69]Where's the tonic? 是你要喝的吧?
[41:53.66]We're running a little low on mixers. 那滋补品呢?
[42:01.58]Sure you want to waste that on me?
[42:04.94]I figured you could use a drink. 你确定舍得把它浪费在我身上?
[42:09.36]I know I could.
[42:12.65]You're gonna try to convince me that everyone here doesn't hate me? 当然
[42:18.65]Only if you're gonna try to convince me that every woman in the world's not crazy.
[42:32.29]When the alarm sounds,
[42:34.23]either you or your partner must input the code. 当警报响起
[42:37.93]It is highly recommended that you
[42:39.80]and your partner take alternating shifts. 而且你和你的搭档最好轮班
[42:42.43]In this manner, you will both still stay as fresh and alert.
[42:45.26]It is most important that when the alarm sounds, 这样你们就可以时刻保持警觉
[42:48.35]the code be entered correctly and in a timely fashion.
[42:51.66]Here it comes. 密码要准确并及时的输入电脑
[42:52.57]Do not attempt to use the computer 就是这儿了
[42:55.28]for anything else other than the entering of the code. 除了输入数字
[42:58.27]This is its only function. 不要尝试使用电脑做任何其他事情
[43:00.69]The isolation that attends the duties associated with station 3, 它只有这么一个用途
[43:04.51]may tempt you to try and
[43:06.11]utilize the computer for communication with the outside world. 会使你们试着利用电脑与外部世界联系
[43:09.73]This is strictly forbidden.
[43:12.04]Attempting to use the computer in this manner 这是绝对不允许的
[43:14.30]will compromise the integrity of the project and 一旦你们这么做了
[43:17.54]worse, could lead to another incident.
[43:19.39]更糟的是 可能引发另一起事件
[43:21.32]I repeat, do not use the computer for anything
[43:25.75]other than entering the code. 除了输入数字 不要尝试使用电脑做任何其他事情
[43:30.81]Until your replacements arrive, 当你的替班到了之后
[43:33.31]the future of the project is in your hands. 那就恭喜你了
[44:25.75]Who is this? 你是谁?
[44:30.21]This Michael. Who is this?
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