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[00:00.19]Previously on "Lost"... 剧情回顾...
[00:08.61]- Are you sure you really want-- - I've made my choice. - 你确定要这么做么 - 我决定了
[00:17.35]- Where did it come from? - Based on the maps inside, Nigeria. 它从哪来的?
[00:18.54]从里边的地图上看 是尼日利亚
[00:20.43]- Anyone on board? - Two men dressed as priests. 飞机上有人么?
[00:23.85]- Priests? - Drug runners in disguise. 牧师?
[00:27.88]The plane was loaded with heroin. 飞机上全是海洛因
[01:39.59] 抓住孩子
[01:42.97] 你们大家跟我们走
[01:47.22] 安静点
[01:50.04] 你们都给我离开
[01:53.92] 住手 别带走孩子了
[01:59.83] 抓住那个老人
[02:04.15] - 抓住那个小的 - 对 就是那个小的
[02:12.88]No! No! No! 不 不 不
[02:15.23]Let him go! 放手
[02:28.10]Kill him. 杀了他
[02:32.31]Shoot him... now. 马上给我开枪
[02:38.18]Shoot him! 开枪
[02:40.40]Do it! 开枪
[02:58.21]What's your name, boy? 小子 你叫什么?
[03:01.08]What's your name, boy? 你叫什么?
[03:03.90]Eko. Eko
[03:10.82]Look at Mr. Eko. 看看Eko先生
[03:12.91]No hesitation. 一点也不犹豫
[03:15.32]A born killer. 天生的杀手
[03:19.91]Come. 来吧
[03:23.85]You won't need that anymore. 你不再需要那东西了
[03:26.96]Back! 回去了
[03:27.80]Back we go, back we go. 回去了 回去了
[03:54.88]What are you writing? 你在写什么?
[04:01.63]Things I need to remember. 我需要记得的东西
[04:05.02]Do you mind if I sit? 不介意我坐下吧?
[04:07.51]Please. 请坐
[04:09.16]Thanks. 谢谢
[04:13.24]So you're Eko, huh? 你叫Eko 是么?
[04:16.47]- Yes. - Claire. 是的
[04:17.65]我叫Claire 他是Aaron.
[04:19.39]And this is Aaron.
[04:21.85]Aaron? The brother of Moses. Aaron? 是圣经里摩西的兄弟?
[04:25.70]Yeah, that must have been tough to live up to, right? 是啊 有点名不符实 是么?
[04:29.17]Pressure of everyone saying, 大家会说
[04:30.63]"why can't you be more like your brother Moses?" "为什么你不多像点你兄弟摩西?"
[04:33.29]Yes, I'm sure it was. 恩 我想是的
[04:38.58]Why did you choose it-- 你为什么给他起这个名字...
[04:41.19]Aaron? Aaron?
[04:44.76]I just liked it. 只是因为喜欢
[04:52.77]Aaron was a great man. Aaron是个了不起的人
[04:56.32]Moses had great difficulty speaking, so it was Aaron who spoke for him. 摩西有语言障碍
[05:05.85]So you're religious, huh? 这么说你信教 是么?
[05:09.48]You should speak to Charlie. 那你应该和Charlie谈谈
[05:11.61]He doesn't want to admit he's religious, 他不承认他是信教的
[05:13.74]but he carries around a statue of the Virgin Mary. 但他总是随身带着一个圣母玛利亚的小雕像
[05:19.98]A statue? 小雕像?
[05:21.31]Yeah. He says he found it on the island. Weird, right? 对 他说他是在岛上找到的
[05:27.34]May I see it? 我能看看吗?
[05:37.11]Where did he find this? 他在哪里找到的?
[05:39.14]He said he found it in the jungle. 他说他是在丛林里找到的
[05:40.73]Where in the jungle? 丛林里的哪儿?
[05:42.20]- I don't know. - Where? - 我...我不知道 - 快说哪里?
[05:43.76]Look, what are... it's just a statue. 听着 这没什...只是个雕像
[05:46.94]Just a statue? 只是个雕像?
[06:01.91]Where is Charlie? Charlie在哪?
[06:30.19]You breakin' in or breakin' out?
[06:34.11]I used to love those old silent movies where the robbers would 你是闯进去的还是闯出来的?
[06:37.05]crack a combination lock with their ear pressed up against a safe
[06:41.04]and the money they stole was always in a white bag with a big dollar sign on it. 片子里面强盗把耳朵贴在保险柜边 然后打开密码锁
[06:45.94]Silent movies, huh? You're not that old, man. 他们偷的钱总是装在一个白色的口袋里面 口袋上有个大大的美金符号
[06:49.84]Well, I'm old enough. 无声电影?
[06:51.93]Settin' the combination? 你没那么老吧 伙计
[06:53.39]With the new folks joining us, I figure we better limit people's access to the guns. 我已经够老了
[06:57.53]Can't have just anyone who wants one walking in and helping themselves, 在设密码?
[07:01.81]which I'm guessin' is why you're here, Michael. 不能让随便什么人都可以走进来 随便拿一把就走
[07:06.74]而且我猜你来这就是为了这么做 Michael
[07:15.84]他很聪明 很有魅力 但是当他生气的时候
[07:18.20]他会折断你的胳膊 他很有品位
[07:21.26]Hey, Jin, do you like the kinks? Kinks? 有礼貌并且很有风度 但是当他生气的时候
[07:21.64]他会撕烂你的脸 他会给你买首饰
[07:25.34]- Keens? - No, no. Kinks. 嘿 Jin
[07:27.91]Kinds with a "k" at the end. K-k-kink-kuh. K-kinks. You don't... 你喜欢Kinks乐队么? Kinks
[07:31.37]不不 是Kinks乐队
[07:32.42]Kinds的最后一个字母变成"k" K-k-kink-kuh K-kinks
[07:35.94]It's a good tune, Jin. 你不知道...
[07:37.14]一旦你被卷入 就不要想再脱身
[07:40.63]Oh, thank you very much, Jin. I do have a beautiful voice, don't I? 所以当心点...
[07:40.99]很不错的旋律 Jin
[07:45.62]哦 谢谢你 Jin
[07:47.49]我的嗓子确实很不错 不是吗
[07:51.95]Where did you find this?
[07:53.51]- What--what happened? - Where did you find it?
[07:56.02]In the jungle. I found it in the jungle. 你在哪找到这个的?
[07:57.57]Take me there. This is not your business. - 怎么了? - 你在哪找到的?
[08:00.85]I want you to take me to where you found it. 在丛林里 我在丛林里找到的
[08:02.74]Okay, fine. Yeah, we'll go for a stroll. 带我去
[08:05.68]There's nothing there. 你在哪儿找到的就带我去哪儿
[08:06.91]We'll go first thing in the morning, okay? 好 没问题 对 就算去散散步
[08:08.28]We're going now.
[08:10.74]Okay. Let me go tell Claire so she doesn't get the wrong idea. Wait here. I-- 那什么都没有
[08:11.68]我们一早就去 好吗?
[08:15.21]Tell her on your way. 好吧 我去和Claire说一声 好让她别误会
[08:19.20]- 在这儿等我 我去... - 我们一起去
[08:54.45]Get us some beers. Go.
[08:58.14]- Where did you find this? - What does it matter? 弄点啤酒来 快去
[09:11.18]- The same in the other bag? - Yes.
[09:32.58]50 what?
[09:35.86]50 is what I will pay you in exchange for the favor you are asking me to do. 5万
[09:41.46]A favor? 你要我帮你的忙 我给你5万
[09:42.79]You have a large quantity of heroin
[09:44.97]in a country that has no poppies and no market for its sale. 帮忙?
[09:48.91]Your drugs are of no value here, so you must get them out. 你有很多海洛因
[09:52.90]The borders are all guarded by the military, 这些毒品在这儿毫无价值
[09:55.75]so you must fly, 所以你必须把它们运出去
[09:57.75]but as I am sure you are aware, 但边境都有军队把守
[10:00.02]the only private planes currently allowed into the air 所以你只能空运
[10:03.77]are either U.N. Aid or the catholic missionaries, 但是你也知道
[10:04.89]现在被允许飞行的私人飞机 要么是运输联合国救援物资的
[10:08.53]and so you have come to me for a favor.
[10:13.45]I will buy your heroin for 50. 所以你来找我帮你的忙
[10:33.14]It is true what they say about you.
[10:35.89]And what is that?
[10:37.88]You have no soul. 看来传言都是真的
[10:53.75]Go. 不
[10:57.16]Go... 快滚
[11:00.21]and tell your friends I let you live...
[11:03.09]that Mr. Eko let you live. 滚...
[11:15.34]Just give me a second, okay?
[11:20.39]就等我一会 好吗?
[11:21.97]Hi... Claire.
[11:26.59]What happened to the statue? 嗨...Claire
[11:28.15]Oh, don't play stupid, Charlie.
[11:30.09]What? 那个雕像怎么了?
[11:32.12]What's this? 哦 别装了 Charlie
[11:34.00]Because this was in your little statue, 什么?
[11:36.56]and unless I'm mistaken, I seem to remember you saying you were a drug addict. 这是什么?
[11:47.25]I didn't know.
[11:49.65]Look, if it's sealed up inside a statue, how would I know?
[11:54.85]Claire, I'm not using. 你看 它被密封在这个雕像里边 我怎么会知道?
[12:00.18]Look. You believe me now? I don't... care. Claire 我没有吸毒
[12:07.06]Someone's waiting for you. 我不... 在乎
[12:21.34]Got it?
[12:22.27]- Got it. - All right.
[12:25.05]Breath halfway out, and gently squeeze the trigger. Squeeze... 会了么?
[12:30.02]呼出半口气 慢慢的扣下扳机
[12:37.89]My dad used to take me hunting. 好
[12:40.21]Huntin' for what? 你从哪里学的这些?
[12:41.55]Birds, mostly. 我爸爸曾经带我去打猎
[12:45.15]Of course, birds don't shoot back. 打什么?
[12:48.75]Yeah. 当然了 鸟是不会还击的
[12:51.50]I know people are talking,
[12:53.11]thinkin' I'm gonna go runnin' off after Walt again. 是啊
[12:55.35]If people are talkin', I'm not hearing it, 我知道人们都在议论
[12:57.97]but if I was, I'd say it's not a very smart plan. 认为我肯定会再去找Walt
[13:01.36]Yeah, it's not. 有么? 我没听说过
[13:02.74]但如果真是这样 我会说这不是一个明智之举
[13:05.38]Let's try one for real. 对 没错
[13:29.00]Well done with Claire, mate.
[13:31.18]You got me in a lot of trouble there, so thanks for that. I hope you're happy.
[13:33.97]在Claire面前做得不错 伙计
[13:35.79]Oh, that's right, you don't do happy. 你可给我惹了不少麻烦
[13:37.36]多谢了啊 希望你开心
[13:40.93]All right, well, we're here. 噢 对了 你不会开心的
[13:45.77]I found it right here, right by that tree. 好了 我们到了
[13:49.83]- You found it here? - Yeah. Found it here. 我就是在这找到的 那棵树的旁边
[13:55.27]You're a liar. 这儿?
[13:56.34]对 就在这找到的
[14:00.05]Know what? 你在撒谎
[14:01.33]I don't even know you.
[14:02.90]You asked to see where I found it. This is where I found it.
[14:06.55]We're done. Have an nice hike. 我根本就不认识你
[14:11.22]You did not find the statue here. 就这样了 祝你开心
[14:17.41]Take me to the plane. 你不是在这找到雕像的
[14:19.88]How'd you know about the plane, man?
[14:25.14]It's old, you know.
[14:27.92]Been out in the jungle for years.
[14:31.45]Of course, you would know that. You know everything.
[14:35.60]Why did you lie to the girl? 它很早就在丛林里了
[14:39.05]What? 当然 你知道的 你什么都知道
[14:40.27]You told her you did not know what was inside the statue.
[14:44.08]I wasn't lying. 你为什么对那个女孩撒谎?
[14:45.97]Then what is the wrong idea? 什么?
[14:48.73]What? 你告诉她你不知道雕像里装的是什么东西
[14:50.05]When I showed you the broken pieces of plaster,
[14:53.18]you said you did not want her to get the wrong idea. 我没有撒谎
[14:58.01]What is the wrong idea? 什么?
[15:02.71]I don't have to tell you anything, man.
[15:04.67]You come traipsing across the island and what, 是误会什么?
[15:06.89]suddenly now, you're in charge?
[15:08.97]You want me to take you to your plane?
[15:10.46]You best start treating me with some respect. 我不需要什么都说给你知道 伙计
[15:12.61]I'm not just some guy you can just tr-- 你是长途跋涉穿过了整座岛过来的
[15:14.69]突然 你变头头了?
[15:19.74]What? 我不是那种你可以...
[15:26.07]Let's go. 什么?
[15:29.95]Yes, sir. 怎么了?
[15:37.74]是的 长官
[15:46.23]Sir-- sir,if you buy a statue,
[15:49.98]the money will buy polio vaccine for the village. 300 Naira, sir.
[15:54.15]先生 先生 如果你买座雕像
[15:56.08]What are you doing here?
[16:01.69]300块 先生
[16:05.18]I have come to give my confession. 你在这里做什么?
[16:12.30]Hello, Eko. 我是来忏悔的
[16:14.61]Hello, brother.
[16:19.91]So I've come to visit you for the first time in three years 你好 Eko
[16:23.01]and you won't hear my confession? 你好 兄弟
[16:26.16]You know, monsignor would have said he failed to raise a proper catholic boy.
[16:30.57]Well, why waste your time confessing? It won't help you. 而你却不听我的忏悔吗?
[16:33.95]It won't? 你知道 神主曾经说过
[16:34.99]No, for confession to mean something, you must have a penitent heart. 他没能成功地培养天主教的孩子
[16:39.60]You and your guilt, Yemi. 好了 干嘛浪费你的时间忏悔呢? 对你没用的
[16:42.47]I've only done what I needed to do to survive. How is that a sin? 没用?
[16:42.71]是的 忏悔是有意义的
[16:47.15]You may live far from here, 忏悔你和你的罪行吧 Yemi
[16:48.88]but that doesn't mean I haven't heard of who you are and what you have done.
[16:59.40]Have you forgotten how you got that cross, brother?
[17:02.44]The day they took me...
[17:04.16]is what I did that day a sin or is it forgiven,
[17:08.29]because it is you that was saved? 你忘了那天你是怎么面临抉择的么 兄弟?
[17:11.84]那天我做的有罪吗 还是说可以被原谅
[17:22.37]Why are you here, Eko?
[17:24.91]I have come to help you.
[17:28.22]I have some merchandise that I need to get out of the country.
[17:30.18]你为什么来这 Eko?
[17:32.17]I would like to use one of your church relief flights to transport it. 我来帮助你
[17:36.09]"Merchandise"? 我有一些货物需要运出国
[17:37.72]You mean drugs.
[17:40.13]It is not my normal business, Yemi. 我想用你教会的一架飞机来运输
[17:43.03]We are moving the drugs out of Nigeria, so that they cannot be used by our people, "货物"? 你指毒品
[17:48.31]and the money-- you have all the money to buy your vaccine. 那和我往常的生意不一样 Yemi
[17:55.89]God has given us this opportunity. 至于钱...
[17:59.14]We should not turn our back on it. 你可以拿所有的钱买疫苗
[18:00.99]God did not bring you here, Eko. Your own greed did.
[18:08.70]Now I will always love you... 上帝并没有要你来这里 Eko
[18:12.15]but I will not help you. 是你的贪婪带你来的
[18:20.63]It's good to see you again, brother. 但我不会帮助你
[18:28.46]很高兴再见到你 兄弟
[18:36.74]A little close to the ear, Freckles. Sure you know what you're doing?
[18:40.33]Would you please turn your head?
[18:42.96]Why? You ain't got a clean enough shot at my neck?
[18:44.49]再靠耳朵一点 小姐
[18:46.50]I can cut my own damn hair. 你知道你在做什么么?
[18:48.80]You know, you don't have to be belligerent just for belligerent's sake. 你可以把头转开吗?
[18:50.80]为什么? 这样你就可以往我脖子上开一枪?
[18:52.68]Everyone loves you now.
[18:54.76]Bullpuckey. 我可以自己理发
[18:56.28]Yo, Sawyer, glad you're back, man. 你知道 你不必要只是为了说话而说话
[19:03.32]Yo, yourself... Pillsbury. 瞎说
[19:03.84]哟 Sawyer 欢迎你回来
[19:07.64]Hey, Kate... hey, Locke said you were on hatch duty later.
[19:12.14]I was wondering if, uh, 看好你自己吧 药丸子
[19:14.77]you mind if I go instead? 了解了?
[19:16.65]You want my shift? 嘿 Kate...
[19:18.26]Help me take my mind off things. 嘿 Locke说你一会要去仓子里轮班
[19:21.42]- Sure. It's all yours. - Thanks. Appreciate it.
[19:30.56]Glad you're okay, man. 当然 你去吧
[19:30.67]谢谢 非常感谢
[19:38.39]很高兴你复原了 伙计
[19:42.91]Don't even say it. 恩
[19:46.04]All right, time to take a break.
[19:49.88]We just had a break. 别提了
[19:53.86]好了 是时间休息一下了
[20:02.30]I'm not what you think I am.
[20:05.70]And what do I think you are?
[20:08.99]It was my brother's fault. 我并不是你想象的那样
[20:12.38]It was his fault I became an addict. 我想象你是什么?
[20:15.21]He started with the heroin. I tried to make him stop.
[20:18.71]You don't know me, man. I was a good person. 什么?
[20:21.89]I was an altar boy. 他开始吸毒 我试着阻止他
[20:25.52]All right, I knew what was in that statue, 你并不了解 我是个好人
[20:27.23]it doesn't mean I needed what was inside it, so don't judge me, man.
[20:31.91]- Don't-- - Shh.
[20:33.53]好了 我知道雕像里有什么
[20:37.40]What? 所以别拿这些来评判我
[20:48.57]What's that?
[20:53.10]It's a parachute.
[21:08.39]That a priest?
[21:16.09]What are you doing? 那是个牧师?
[21:32.22]You know that guy?
[21:36.85]Yes. This man saved my life.
[21:45.27]Sure, that makes sense. 是的
[21:48.15]He takes off in a plane in Nigeria, we're out in the middle of the South Pacific. 这个人救了我的命
[21:53.18]That makes all the sense in the world.
[21:57.84]救了你的命 啊? 是啊 很合情合理
[22:01.71]他在尼日利亚的一个平原起飞 而我们在南太平洋的中间
[22:07.46]This is scripture written here.
[22:13.74]You're a priest.
[22:15.20]You're a priest, right? He's a priest and you're a priest, too, right?
[22:25.52]你是个牧师 你是个牧师 是吗?
[22:27.75]他是个牧师 你也是 对吗?
[22:29.78]I need to talk to you.
[22:31.43]I'm in the middle of confession.
[22:33.14]It cannot wait.
[22:35.68]Bless you.
[22:37.56]God be with you all and please come back in the morning.
[22:42.80]It's okay. 我需要和你谈谈
[22:50.69]How dare you come here and disrupt my work. 上帝与你同在 请早上再来
[22:52.48]Have you reconsidered?
[22:53.61]- What? - My request. 没事的
[22:55.12]Flying drugs under the cover of the church?
[22:57.12]How is that something I could ever reconsider?
[22:59.06]Look-- hey, don't touch those!
[23:00.62]I am going to make this easy for you.
[23:02.66]You make us priests and we will fly the drugs out ourselves. 你怎么敢来这里打扰我的工作
[23:04.08]- 你重新考虑过了吗? - 什么?
[23:06.41]Make you priests? 我的要求
[23:07.61]Just sign these ordination documents, and I will give you the money for the vaccines. 在教会的掩护下运送毒品?
[23:10.82]听着 别碰那些东西
[23:12.89]Leave this church now, Eko. 这件事办起来很简单
[23:15.63]Go, now. 你让我们假扮成牧师 我们会自己把毒品运出去
[23:19.21]Yemi, 让你们假扮成牧师?
[23:20.75]I understand that you live in a world where righteousness and evil seem very far apart, 在这些任命文件上签字
[23:25.47]but that is not the real world. 马上给我离开教堂 Eko
[23:29.28]I am your brother and I would never do anything to hurt you,
[23:32.28]but my friends, if you do not do what I ask, Yemi 我理解你生活在一个
[23:36.28]they will burn this church to the ground. 但那并不是真正的世界
[23:45.30]Is that worth less than the price of your name on a piece of paper? 但是我的朋友...如果你不照我说的干
[23:54.05]Think of the lives you will save.
[24:15.06]My signature does not make you a priest, Eko.
[24:18.68]You could never be a priest.
[24:21.39]How many of the statues do you have left, the Virgin Mary statues, how many?
[24:25.16]- Uh, 300. - I will take all of them.
[24:26.95]我的签名并不会让你们成为牧师 Eko
[24:33.52]I guess we are both sinners now. 你们剩下多少雕像
[24:35.19]圣母玛利亚的雕像 还有多少?
[24:36.60]呃 300个
[24:39.16]Perhaps we are, 我全要了
[24:41.61]but God will forgive me, Eko.
[24:51.10]也许我们是的 但是上帝会原谅我的 Eko
[25:07.44]I'm lost.
[25:09.61]It was dark. I was following Sayid.
[25:12.27]Right afterwards, a big bag of rocks fell on my head,
[25:14.56]so I'm sorry if I'm a bit spotty with the geography.
[25:22.67]Climb that tree. 当时很黑 我跟着Sayid
[25:25.06]What? 头被什么东西砸了一下
[25:25.76]Climb that tree and perhaps you'll be able to get your bearings or see the plane. 所以我很抱歉我对地理不太感冒
[25:32.68]You climb it.
[25:35.01]What if I don't? 爬到树上去
[25:36.57]You gonna beat me with your Jesus stick? 什么?
[25:38.77]I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it. 爬上那棵树也许你就会有点方向感了
[25:42.10]Are you going to climb that tree or not?
[25:50.61]我觉得有点奇怪 你的棒子上有血迹
[25:53.25]What kind of priest are you, anyway? 你到底爬不爬?
[26:17.71]You need to get higher.
[26:20.79]Wonderful. Thank you.
[26:32.58]很好 谢谢
[26:52.20]Eko! Run! Run!
[27:04.01]Eko 跑 快跑
[27:59.94]Did you see it?
[28:01.05]Yeah, I saw it. What the bloody hell did you do?
[28:02.82]I did nothing.
[28:03.89]Most people,
[28:05.11]when they see a creature made of swirling black smoke, they run.
[28:08.14]I was not afraid of it.
[28:09.56]I can see that. That thing kills people.
[28:11.07]Did you see the plane?
[28:12.21]Yes, I saw your plane. It's about a kilometer that way.
[28:14.82]Thank you. 你看见了吗?
[28:17.29]Wait! 是的 我看见了 你傻愣着干什么?
[28:19.74]大多数人 当他们看见黑烟形成的东西都会跑
[28:23.85]- 我并不害怕那个东西 - 我看的出来
[28:25.73]- 那个东西会杀人 - 你看见飞机了吗?
[28:27.81]是的 看见了 它在那个方向一公里处
[28:51.27]Come on.
[28:52.96]Come on.
[28:56.88]Where are you?
[29:13.00] 你在哪里?
[29:21.54] 你还好吗?
[29:30.06] 是的
[29:34.66] 你一个人吗?
[29:39.42]不能说很久 他们就要回来了
[29:41.09]Hey, Michael.
[29:45.26]Hey. 你在哪里?
[29:47.09]How you doing?
[29:48.28]I'm good. Thanks.
[29:51.97]You down here alone? 你得来...
[29:54.23]Yeah. Hurley's supposed to be here, but, uh,
[29:57.71]I guess he's running late. 嘿 Michael
[30:05.31]Well, listen, uh... 很好 谢谢
[30:11.39]No one's forgotten about Walt. 恩 Hurley也应该在这里
[30:12.14]但是 呃 我想他来晚了
[30:15.24]- What? - I can't...
[30:17.63]I don't have any idea what you must be going through,
[30:20.07]but I just want you to know that as soon as we can, 好吧 听着 呃...
[30:24.02]we're gonna figure out a way to go out and bring him back.
[30:30.87]Yeah. - 什么? - 我不能...
[30:33.50]Thanks, man. 我完全不知道你们将经历什么
[30:35.52]Thanks. 但是我要你知道我们会尽快
[30:40.15]You okay? 找到他在哪儿
[30:41.99]Yeah, I'm fine. 然后把他带回来
[30:46.95]恩 谢谢 伙计
[30:51.16]Well, I'll leave you to it, then. 谢谢
[30:54.74]Thanks. 你还好吧?
[30:57.89]是的 我很好
[31:07.04]恩 那就拜托你了
[32:11.29]What are you doing here, Yemi?
[32:13.00]- I came to stop you. - Go back to your church.
[32:15.07]Do not get on that plane, Eko.
[32:16.50]You saved my life once. Now I'm here to save yours.
[32:18.46]Save my life?
[32:19.40]Look, you get on that plane, if you do this--
[32:21.12]If I do what, Yemi? Are you a prophet now?
[32:23.81]Please, Eko. Let me take your confession.
[32:26.42]Anything I can do, I will do, but please, don't go. 你来这干什么 Yemi?
[32:30.87]别上飞机 Eko
[32:32.36]你救过我一次 现在我是来救你的
[32:35.04]听着 如果你上了飞机 如果你这么做了...
[32:37.71]He told the military! 如果我做了什么 Yemi? 你现在是预言家?
[32:39.59]拜托 Eko 我听你的忏悔
[32:42.56]You did this? 任何我能做的事我都会做 但是 请不要走
[32:44.66]I did not tell them who was involved.
[32:46.46]Just leave the drugs and come back with me.
[33:02.20]No! Stop! No more! 离开那些毒品和我一起回去
[33:04.87]Yemi! Yemi! Yemi! No! No! No!
[33:11.16]Help me get him!
[33:18.48]不 停下 别开枪了
[33:20.69]Yemi Yemi Yemi
[33:23.78]不 不 不
[35:32.50]Are you okay, father?
[35:48.50]你还好吧 神父?
[35:54.61]Who's that?
[35:58.79]He is my brother.
[36:10.81]I'm sorry. 他是我的兄弟
[36:38.23]For the one I broke.
[37:13.52]So are you a priest or aren't you?
[37:31.09]Yes. I am.
[37:39.48]"The Lord is my shepherd,
[37:42.46]I shall not want,
[37:45.09]He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, 是的 我是
[37:49.15]He leadeth me beside the still waters,
[37:52.89]He restoreth my soul, "耶和华是我的牧者 我必不至缺乏
[37:56.19]He leadeth me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake,
[38:00.55]yea, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death,
[38:04.67]I will fear no evil,
[38:06.73]for thou art with me, "他使我的灵魂苏醒
[38:08.91]thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. "以他的名义引导我正义的道路
[38:17.61]Thou preparest a table before me "我将不会害怕任何魔鬼 因为你与我同在
[38:21.42]in the presence of mine enemies, "你的杖 你的竿 都安慰着我
[38:24.96]thou anointest my head with oil,
[38:29.96]my cup runneth over, "在我敌人面前
[38:34.04]surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me "你为我摆设筵席
[38:38.14]all the days of my life, "你用油膏涂了我的头
[38:40.97]and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
[38:46.48]forever." "我一生一世
[38:50.19]Amen. "必有恩惠慈爱随着我
[39:54.32]You lied to me, Charlie.
[40:00.86]I know I did.
[40:03.02]I'm sorry. Claire?
[40:07.57]Just... it made me feel safer to have it around. 你骗我 Charlie
[40:12.45]Look, I can't have you around my baby, okay?
[40:14.60]Claire, I don't-- 我知道
[40:15.43]Charlie, I don't want you sleeping anywhere near us, okay? 我很抱歉
[40:24.14]Just go. 听着 我不能让你守着我的孩子 好么?
[40:27.80]Claire 我不...
[40:28.60]Charlie 我不想要你睡在我们附近 可以么?
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