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[00:00.31]Previously on "Lost"... 上集回顾
[00:03.84]The plane was loaded with heroin. 那飞机上装了海洛因
[00:08.22]- He said he found it in the jungle. - Where in the jungle? 他说他是在那边丛林发现的
[00:10.93]- It's just a statue. - Just a statue? 丛林哪儿?
[00:11.36]不过是个雕像嘛 仅仅是雕像吗?
[00:17.56]Where is Charlie? Charlie在哪儿?
[00:19.49]What's this? 这是什么?
[00:20.96]Because this was in your little statue. 这些是在你雕像里发现的
[00:23.90]I didn't know. 我毫无所知
[00:25.41]Look, if it's sealed up inside a statue, how would I know? 听着 如果是事前藏好的 我怎么会知道?
[00:33.24]- You lied to me, Charlie. - I'm sorry. 你骗了我 Charlie
[00:36.28]Look, I can't have you around my baby, okay? 对不起
[00:35.96]听着 离我的孩子远点 明白吗?
[00:38.51]Claire-- Claire Charlie 别再睡我们边上 明白吗?
[00:39.03]Charlie, I don't want you sleeping anywhere near us, okay?
[01:27.60]Voltron! Whoa! 是圣战士!
[01:35.27]Where are my presents? 我的在哪儿?
[01:40.11]Right over here, Charlie. Charile 你的在这儿呢
[01:55.60]It's a piano! 是一架钢琴!
[01:59.16]This is mine?! 是给我的吗?! 是的 Charlie
[02:00.49]Yes, Charlie. 圣诞老人一定发现了你的天赋
[02:01.62]Father Christmas must have known how talented you are.
[02:09.32]You're special, love. 亲爱的 你是天才
[02:11.49]Someday you're gonna get us outta here, all of us. 总有一天你会带我们离开这儿
[02:16.44]Now... 来...
[02:19.29]go on, play us a tune. 坐这儿 为我们弹一曲
[02:23.44]Come on, baby brother. 弹吧 小弟弟
[02:27.34]You can't save your family if you don't play. 如果你不弹琴 你就救不了一家了
[02:32.38]Come on, Charlie. Play. Play me a tune. 来吧 Charlie
[02:33.86]弹一首 为我弹一首
[02:37.66]Come on, now. Let's hear it. 来吧 让我们听听
[02:41.37]He ain't savin' no one, he is. Music... 凭他 他当然救不了 音乐...
[02:45.32]Music will never get you anywhere, Charlie boy. 音乐哪儿都不能带你去 小Charlie
[02:49.25]- You need a trade. - Dad? 你必须付出代价
[02:52.77]Do it, baby bro. Save us. 弹吧 弟弟 救救我们
[02:55.99]Save us, Charlie. Save us. 救救我们 Charlie
[03:20.36]Aaron? Aaron?
[03:22.91]Aaron? Aaron?
[03:25.35]Aaron! Aaron!
[03:28.90]It's okay, Aaron. It's all right. 好了 Aaron 没事了
[03:43.83]Aaron! Aaron!
[03:46.83]Aaron! Aaron!
[04:04.94]Sun. Hey, Sun! Sun 嗨 Sun!
[04:07.07]Have you seen Claire and the baby? They're gone. 看到Claire和孩子了吗? 他们不见了
[04:09.11]They're right over there. 他们就在那儿啊
[04:10.48]- Is Aaron okay? - Yes, he's fine. Charlie! Aaron没事吧
[04:11.53]当然 Charlie!
[05:07.69]It's okay. 哦...
[05:14.42]Hey. 嗨
[05:18.40]Hey. 嗨
[05:19.70]I made Aaron some nappies this morning. 早起我给Aaron做了些尿布
[05:22.74]I'll just put those there. 我放在这儿
[05:25.96]Thanks. 谢谢你
[05:32.57]Has he been asking about me? 他提到我了么?
[05:35.50]Charlie, don't. Charlie 别这样
[05:44.32]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[05:46.35]I should have told you about the statue 我应该把雕像的事告诉你
[05:48.99]and what was in it. 还有里面藏毒品的事
[05:52.24]I just wish things could get back to the way they were before. 我只是希望我们能像以前那样
[05:56.73]There is no "before", Charlie. 可我们没有"以前" Charlie
[06:00.80]We were strangers on a plane, and we became friends. 我们上了同一班飞机后才认识的
[06:03.69]Now Locke's your friend, huh? 现在Locke是你的朋友了?
[06:11.88]Please, Charlie, just for now, give me some space, okay? Charlie 求你了
[06:15.47]从现在起 你让我静一静 好吗?
[06:17.96]Yeah. Space. 可以 静一下
[06:28.79]See ya, mate. 再见了 伙计
[06:30.53]Take care of your mum now, okay? 好好照顾你妈妈 行吗?
[06:49.36]- Charlie? - Hey. charlie?
[06:51.67]- Hey. Hi. - Hey. 嗨
[06:54.04]What are you doin' up? You should be laying down. 嗨
[06:55.33]你怎么你来啦? 你应该好好躺着
[06:57.07]I just needed to see her again. 我就想过来再看看她
[06:59.95]Isn't she brilliant? 看她多漂亮
[07:04.28]She's beautiful, Karen. 是的 她美极了 Karen
[07:07.30]I named her Megan. 我叫她Megan
[07:12.37]Where's Liam? Liam在哪儿?
[07:17.91]He's not here. 他没来
[07:19.79]Karen, look, it wasn't his fault. Karen 这不关他的事
[07:21.80]We were leaving the club in dresden. I was in a cab.
[07:24.80]He was in a van with the gear, 我们从Dresden的俱乐部过来 我叫了辆出租 他开装行李的货车
[07:26.69]and he blew a tire on the way to the airport. 去机场的路上他的车胞胎了
[07:29.25]He missed his flight, 错过了飞机
[07:31.02]but he's on the next plane, all right? He'll be here soon. 他坐下一班飞机 他马上就过来了
[07:34.32]But he's okay? 他没事吧?
[07:36.81]He's great. He's a dad. 他很兴奋 做爸爸了
[07:40.65]Yeah. 恩
[08:00.65]Oh, for the... 哦 怎么能...
[08:02.34]Liam... Liam...
[08:04.36]Unbelievable. 难以相信
[08:07.09]Liam? Liam?
[08:11.35]Liam, wake up! Hey! Liam 醒醒 嗨
[08:14.84]What the hell's wrong with you? 你到底怎么了?
[08:16.69]What the hell are you doing? 你究竟做了些什么啊?
[08:18.30]Hi, baby brother. 嗨 你来啦
[08:20.43]You're supposed to be cleaning up. Get up.
[08:24.39]I told Karen you missed your flight. 快起来
[08:26.38]She's all alone at the hospital, and you're here fixin'. 我跟Karen说你只是错过了飞机
[08:28.71]- What's the matter with you? - I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool. 她一个人在医院 你却在这儿吸毒 你到底怎么啦?
[08:30.68]I just needed to get right, that's all. 哦 我很好 很好
[08:31.83]我只是需要恢复正常 仅此而已
[08:34.89]Don't worry. I left you some. 别担心 我也给你留了点
[08:38.53]"Get right"? Why don't you get up? 恢复?
[08:41.94]Take a shower, get dressed, get to the hospital? 为什么还不起来?
[08:43.29]洗个澡 换件衣服 马上去医院
[08:44.88]All right, all right, I'm on it. I'm on it. 好啦 好啦 我知道了 马上就做
[08:49.26]Oh, by the way, you have a daughter. 哦 对了
[08:54.92]Her name is Megan. 她叫Megan
[08:58.80]After mum?
[09:02.13]Yeah, after mum. 是的 随她妈妈
[09:04.91]Now clean yourself up. You're a sodding father now. 好好洗洗吧你
[09:10.44]Easy. That's good. That was good. 慢慢来 恩 很好
[09:13.72]Okay, one more. 好的 我们再来一次
[09:15.28]Uh, Sawyer, when you were over there across the island, Sawyer 你在岛那头的时候
[09:19.60]how well did you get to know those tailies? 跟那边的人熟么?
[09:22.26]Well enough, why? 当然 怎么了?
[09:24.24]That Libby chick seems pretty cool. 有个叫Libby的看起来不错
[09:28.97]I mean, is she? 我是说 她人还不错吧?
[09:31.91]Whoa, you got a little love connection brewin' over there, Jabba? 哦 Jabba 看起来你看上人家啦?
[09:36.34]- No, just askin'. - Yeah, I hear you askin'. 没有 随便问问而已
[09:39.80]是啊 随便问问
[09:41.73]Forget it. 别放在心上
[09:45.67]What's with you? You're acting like you're in junior high. 搞什么你? 看起来你像个高中生
[09:55.23]Well, what do we have here? 哦 瞧那儿
[09:57.03]Looks like Ana Lucia's gettin' the $20 tour. 看起来Ana Lucia找到了个不错的向导
[10:00.21]That's the third time I've seen 'em walkin' out of the jungle. 这是我第三次看到他们从里边出来了
[10:06.85]What do you suppose they're doin' out there? 你觉得他们在里边干吗呢?
[10:09.23]Why don't you just do your exercises, Sawyer? Sawyer 专心做你的练习
[10:18.00]Oh, bloody hell. 哦 该死的
[10:33.53]Hey! 嗨
[10:35.40]Hey! The baby! 嗨
[10:43.83]Help! 快来人 孩子掉水里了!
[10:45.74]The baby!
[10:57.76]Aaron! Aaron!
[11:07.81]Aaron! Aaron!
[11:11.27]I'm coming! I'm coming, Aaron! 我来了 Aaron 我来了
[11:13.60]It's okay. 没事 没事儿的
[11:16.31]It's okay.
[11:18.58]You're safe now. 现在安全了
[11:29.04]I got you. It's all right. It's okay. You're okay now. 我在这儿 没事的 没事 你安全了
[11:33.98]You're safe. You're safe. 好了 好了 你安全了
[11:36.92]There you go. It's okay.
[11:44.83]Mum? 妈妈?
[11:47.59]Claire? Claire?
[11:49.09]He's in danger. You have to save him. 他有危险 你必须去救他
[11:51.41]The baby's in danger. You have to save the baby. You have to save him. 那孩子有危险 你必须去救那孩子 你必须去救他
[11:53.88]The baby is in danger. The baby, Charlie. You have to save him. 那孩子非常危险 Charlie 只有你能救他
[11:55.79]孩子有危险 孩子 Charlie 你得去救他
[11:58.53]Charlie, only you can save him. You have to save him. Charlie 只有你能救他 你得去救他 你必须去
[12:03.28]他很危险 很危险 你必须去就那孩子 Charlie
[12:07.07]孩子非常危险 Charlie 你必须去...
[12:09.52]Charlie? charlie?
[12:11.63]What are you doing? 只有你能救他... 你在这儿干吗?
[12:13.79]What? 什么?
[12:14.88]What are you doing, man? 你在干什么 伙计?
[12:17.33]What's goin' on?
[12:19.07]It's the middle of the night. What are you doing with the baby? 出什么事了?
[12:20.55]已经是深夜了 你抱着孩子在那干吗?
[12:29.35]I don't know.
[12:32.40]Help! Somebody stole my baby! 来人啊 有人偷了我的孩子!
[12:34.30]- Claire, what's wrong? - I don't know! Aaron's gone! Claire 出什么事了?
[12:35.96]It's okay! We're over here! 我不知道 Aaron不见了
[12:37.40]没事 我们在这儿
[12:40.07]Is he all right?! 孩子没事儿吧? 他还好吧?!
[12:41.71]- Is he okay?! - Claire...
[12:44.64]I don't know what happened. I'm sorry. Claire...
[12:52.35]He's okay, though. 他很好 我...我做了一个梦
[12:54.14]I had this dream--
[13:13.98]I don't know, dude. Don't you need 21? I think you should hit. 不要了?
[13:17.58]But I got a six. I'm gonna bust. 不是玩21点吗? 我以为你还会要的
[13:19.90]How do you know that? 如果拿到6 我就超过了
[13:21.36]Well, I don't, but you gotta assume that I'm gonna bust. 你怎么知道你会超过21?
[13:25.26]Why? 我不清楚 但你我要超过了
[13:32.75]Well, well, look who's off to the laundromat.
[13:35.34]哇 哇 看看是谁正要去洗衣服呢
[13:38.22]Well, go on.
[13:41.13]I'm sure you've got a load you need to drop in, don't you, Jethro? 快去啊
[13:43.66]我想你肯定也有衣服要洗吧 Jethro?
[13:45.56]I'm kind of waitin' for my moment.
[13:49.07]Well... 我在等待时机
[13:52.22]your moment is now, Hoss. 那么...
[13:54.78]你的机会来了 Hoss
[13:57.13]Hey, Libby!
[13:59.54]嗨 Libby
[14:05.58]Hey, yourself.
[14:08.19]嗨 你一个人啊
[14:21.89]Hey, John. Talk to you for a second?
[14:24.27]你好 John
[14:25.93]Yeah. What is it, Charlie? 能和你谈谈么?
[14:28.00]I take it you heard about what happened last night? 好 什么事 Charlie?
[14:30.84]If you mean you taking the baby out of Claire's tent in the middle of the night, 我想你已经知道昨晚发生的事了吧?
[14:35.02]yeah, I heard.
[14:36.43]This whole thing was a big misunderstanding, John. I was sleepwalking. 是的 我听说了
[14:39.71]I don't know how or why-- . 整件事就是个误会 John 当时我在梦游
[14:41.10]Is there something you want from me, Charlie? 我也不知道怎么了
[14:43.65]I was hoping you could speak to Claire for me, 你想我帮什么忙呢 Charlie?
[14:45.83]you know, put in a good word. 我想你替我跟Claire解释一下
[14:48.43]- Are you using? - What? 你懂的 帮我说点好话
[14:52.34]Heroin. Are you using again? 你还在碰那东西吗?
[14:55.72]Kate sees a horse-- nothing. 海洛因 你还在吸毒么?
[14:59.28]Pretty much everybody's seen Walt wandering round the jungle. Kate看到一只马 有吗
[15:02.05]But when it's Charlie, it must be the bloody drugs, right? 几乎每天都有人看到Walt在丛林里晃荡
[15:04.65]It's funny, you didn't answer the question. 怎么轮到我 就肯定是因为吸毒的原因呢?
[15:07.61]You remember the plane, John? 好吧 你还没正面回答我呢
[15:10.12]We burned it, Eko and me. 还记得那驾飞机吗 John?
[15:13.21]We burned the whole thing-- the heroin, the statues. It's all gone, destroyed. 我和Eko 我们一起他它烧了
[15:15.66]我们把一切都烧掉了 包括海洛因 还有那些雕像
[15:19.81]- All of them? - All of them. 都没了 销毁了
[15:27.86]Trust is a hard thing to win back.
[15:31.99]Claire needs time.
[15:34.72]You should leave her and the baby alone for a while. Claire还需要时间
[15:57.49]Can you do this?
[15:58.96]You look green. 你还好吧? 你脸色很差
[16:00.15]Sod off. I'm fine.
[16:02.62]All right, let's give this another go, shall we? 滚开 我很好
[16:04.97]Well, get it together, all right? Lest you forget, we need this. 好的 我们再来一遍
[16:08.68]Tea? So you lads ready? 那好 振作起来好吗? 免得你忘记 我们就得这样
[16:12.69]Yeah, we're ready. Let's go. 给我杯茶
[16:14.58]Let's try not to blow it this time, eh? 你们准备好了么?
[16:16.36]Thank you. 恩 当然 我们准备好了
[16:16.99]- You good? - Yeah. 这次别演砸了 行么?
[16:18.16]We've only 20 minutes till we're in overtime. Now get it right. 谢了 你还好吧 没问题
[16:21.61]现在 各就各位 准备好
[16:29.10]All right... 留心你的拖鞋
[16:31.40]Camera... 知道了
[16:32.85]Rotate on the 8-count. 摄像
[16:34.49]Hold the product up. "Butties diapers, take 53.." 转向八点钟方向 举高点
[16:37.94]Playback. 都把产品举起来
[16:39.70]And action! "纸尿布广告" 第53场
[16:40.44]转回去 准备
[17:02.46]It's all right. 停!
[17:03.44]That's it. We're wrapped! 没事儿
[17:05.87]Wait, no! Oi, mate, hang on! Wait. 就这样 收工!
[17:09.88]Wait. 等等 伙计 等等!
[17:11.06]What are you doing? 等等
[17:12.48]Let's not waste any more time, shall we? 等等 你这是什么意思?
[17:14.61]You were only hired as a favor to your lawyer. 我们别浪费时间了
[17:16.75]I wanted Dirt Spigot. 用你们已经是给你们律师面子了
[17:18.73]Come on, mate. Give us another chance. 我找Dirt Spigot
[17:21.43]You want another chance? Take my advice-- 得了 伙计
[17:23.95]ditch that one. He's a bloody disaster. 再给我们一次机会
[17:23.78]你想再来一次吗? 那就听我的
[17:26.71]甩掉他 他是害群之马
[17:30.18]I'm not ditchin' anyone. He's my brother.
[17:34.34]Right. Well, then, I guess you're fired. 他是我兄弟
[17:36.84]好吧 那这样
[17:39.87]Is this washer and dryer newer than everything else in here? 我想你被解雇了
[17:41.88]这儿就洗衣机和干衣机还不错了 是吧?
[17:44.44]It washes clothes. That's all I need to know.
[17:46.60]Ah, finally. Someone who keeps it simple. 对我来说 只要能洗就行
[17:49.02]哦 总算
[17:50.85]Oh, hey, look at this. 有人觉得这事容易了
[17:53.52]I got it in some of the abandoned luggage. 嗨 看这件衣服
[17:57.22]You think I can pull this off? 我在一个没人要的皮箱里找到的
[18:02.44]Let me give you a hint-- uh, when a girl asks that kind of question,
[18:07.98]she's looking for validation. 通常如果一个女孩这样问
[18:11.58]Do I... know you from somewhere? 那她就是想得到称赞
[18:17.30]You mean other than the flight?
[18:20.41]Flight... 你指除了在飞机上之外?
[18:21.51]- Okay, turn around. - Huh? 飞机上... 好了 转过身去
[18:23.67]Turn around. I wanna try it on. Turn around.
[18:26.52]Oh. Oh, sure, yeah. Go ahead. 转过去 转过去 我想试试这件衣服
[18:28.51]No peeking. 哦 哦 当然 别偷看哦
[18:34.61]I cannot believe you don't remember stepping on my foot.
[18:38.75]I did?
[18:39.54]Yes, you did, and it was hard.
[18:41.99]I know that because I remember you were the last one on the flight, 是么? 当然咯 而且还踩的很痛
[18:45.73]and you were all sweaty, and you had headphones on and... 我记得你因为你是最后一个上飞机的
[18:48.01]你急急忙忙 还戴着耳机
[18:50.03]crunch! You stepped on my foot.
[18:54.50]Okay, turn around. 然后你就踩了我
[18:56.94]好了 转过来吧
[19:02.73]- What do you think? - It's awesome.
[19:08.06]Thanks. 很合身
[19:17.51]What are you doing?
[19:20.29]I'm marking trees. 你在做什么?
[19:23.79]Why? 给树做记号
[19:27.84]'Cause these...
[19:29.90]are the ones I like. 因为...
[19:34.65]Did you tell Locke you gave me one of the statues from the plane?
[19:37.93]Why would I do that? 你告诉Locke我拿了飞机上的雕像么?
[19:40.43]He knows, man. 我为什么要那样做?
[19:42.76]The bald wanker knows something. 可他知道了 伙计
[19:46.93]Something wrong, Charlie?
[19:48.85]Apart from me losing my mind, no, everything's just peachy. 出什么问题了 Charlie?
[19:52.02]And why would you say you are losing your mind? 除了有点失控之外 别的还行
[19:54.89]How about the fact that I've been sleepwalking, 为什么你说你有点失控呢?
[19:57.55]stealin' babies from their cribs... 要不怎么会梦游
[20:01.24]Oh, yeah, and then there's the vivid dreams 半夜把孩子抱走...
[20:03.26]that make me feel like I'm completely awake until of course, 逼真的像真的一样 直到
[20:05.97]I wake up. 醒来我才发现是一场梦
[20:11.18]What are your dreams about?
[20:14.22]Variations of Aaron being in mortal peril... 你都梦到了什么?
[20:18.25]trapped in a piano, driftin' out to sea... 各种有关Aaron陷于危险的事...
[20:23.24]and there's the flying dove and Claire and my mom dressed as angels 漂浮在大海里...
[20:27.44]tellin' me I need to save the baby. Claire和我的妈妈穿的像个天使 并告诉我要我去救那个孩子
[20:38.01]Have you considered that these dreams mean something? 怎么了?
[20:43.49]Like what?
[20:45.65]What if you do need to save the baby? 例如?
[20:55.67]I have to talk to her.
[20:57.63]You know, now's not a good time, okay? 我有话要跟她说
[20:59.21]No, I have to talk to her. She'll want to hear this. 最好不要是现在 好吗?
[21:00.82]Okay, you know what? Tell me, and I will tell her. 不 我现在一定要跟她说 她会听的
[21:02.39]Kate-- no, no! Claire! - 好吧 你知道什么了?告诉我 我转告她 - Kate 不 不 Claire! 你的孩子!
[21:04.13]Claire, listen to me. Aaron's in danger.
[21:08.03]- What are you talking about? - The baby's in danger! Claire 听我说
[21:10.11]Look, I've been having these dreams. I know what they mean now. Aaron有危险 你说什么?
[21:12.37]- Charlie-- - Kate! 孩子有危险! 听者 我一直在做那个梦 我知道那意味着什么
[21:13.19]Claire, listen, we have to baptize Aaron.
[21:16.42]What? Claire 听着 我们必须给Aaron作个洗礼
[21:17.16]We can do this. Eko's a priest. We can do this.
[21:19.31]You've said your piece. It's time for you to go. 什么? 我们可以做的 Eko就是个神父
[21:20.97]No, wait! I'm not leaving. Claire, we have to baptize Aaron! 我们可以做的 现在是时候了
[21:24.17]Claire, he's in danger. We've got to do this! We have to! 不 等等 我不能走 Claire 我们必须给Aaron做洗礼!
[21:27.63]Claire 孩子有危险 我们必须这么做 必须!
[21:45.79]Here. For when it rains.
[21:49.54]Thanks. 给 下雨的时候用的着
[22:03.79]So when are you gonna tell me what happened in the jungle?
[22:07.97]I already did. Pull it tighter or it'll sag. 你打算什么时候告诉我丛林里发生了什么?
[22:15.28]You told me what that guy said.
[22:18.78]You didn't tell me what made you turn around, 你只告诉我那家伙说了什么
[22:21.86]what made you come back. 你还没说你为什么要返回那儿
[22:24.28]He had a gun at Kate's head. 为什么你又回来了
[22:31.49]You hittin' that?
[22:34.93]What? 你反感那样?
[22:36.27]Plane crash... you both survived...
[22:39.53]nice beach... 你什么意思?
[22:41.97]she's hot, you're hot. It's what people do. 美丽的沙滩...
[22:45.15]她很热情你也一样 是人都会这么做的
[22:47.94]I'm not "hittin' that."
[24:22.60]Karen kicked me out, man. 嗨
[24:26.50]What? Karen把我甩了
[24:31.59]What happened?
[24:33.28]She, uh... 发生什么事了?
[24:35.32]she thinks I'm dangerous. 她...
[24:40.63]Why would she think that?
[24:43.99]Because I dropped her. 她为什么会那么想?
[24:46.92]I dropped Megan. 因为我冷谈了她
[24:50.17]Oh. 我抛弃了Megan
[24:52.95]Hey, Liam. 噢
[24:54.92]It's all right.
[24:56.75]I've got no money, got nothin'. 嗨 Liam 没事儿的
[24:59.99]我没钱 什么都没有
[25:01.54]What are we gonna do?
[25:03.62]- We'll get through this. - Yeah? How's that? 我们能干什么?
[25:08.27]I'm writin' again. 我们能熬过去的 怎么熬?
[25:10.92]I got a new song. 我又开始写歌了
[25:13.52]It's about two brothers. 我写了首新歌
[25:15.24]Two brothers who should've been butchers. 是关于兄弟的
[25:16.88]Don't say that. It's a good one. 两个本应做屠夫的兄弟
[25:19.39]I feel like this might be the one. 别这么说 这是首好歌
[25:21.48]All right, listen to this, okay? 我觉得会一鸣惊人
[25:24.49]好了 先听听
[26:10.70]Nice, man.
[26:12.38]This could work. 不错吧
[26:13.66]- It's good, right? - We could make it work.
[26:16.04]Write all night, just like the old days. 肯定能红
[26:17.98]- All right. - How about that? 不错吧? 我们能办到的
[26:21.69]So, baby brother...
[26:25.11]do you got any? 恩 然后呢?
[26:31.36]I'm disappointed in you, Charlie.
[26:34.70]我对你很失望 Charlie
[26:36.81]You followed me?
[26:38.45]How long you been comin' out here? 你跟踪我?
[26:41.38]John, you got the wrong idea, man. 你来这里多久了?
[26:43.78]You said you destroyed them all, and yet, here they are. How is that the wrong idea? John 你误会了
[26:47.22]I came out here to finish the job. 你说你把海洛因全部销毁了 结果呢 这还有
[26:48.78]I'm gonna get rid of these right now. 这也是个误会吗?
[26:50.30]Yeah, that's very convenient now that I've found them. 我来就是为了销毁它们的 我就要这么做了
[26:53.54]What are you doing? 被我发现了 你当然就这么说啦
[26:55.13]There was a time when I let you choose whether or not 你打算怎么做?
[26:58.92]you were gonna do this to yourself. 我已经给你机会了
[27:03.41]Now I'm making that choice for you.
[27:05.44]Oh, you don't believe me? Give 'em to me. 现在 让我帮你下决心
[27:07.67]Give 'em to me right now. I'll destroy 'em. Look! 噢 你不相信我?
[27:10.38]I'll throw 'em in the sodding wind! 给我 给我 看...我现在就销毁他们!
[27:12.65]Look, John, I know I lied, all right? 我把它们全扔了!
[27:15.17]Just wait. Wait, wait, John. 听着 John 我知道我撒谎了好吧?
[27:17.54]Remember all those talks we had? 等等 你等等 John
[27:19.30]You and me, we said everything happens for a reason. 记得我们说过什么吗?
[27:24.53]This island tests us. 在这里发生的任何一件事 都有一个理由
[27:26.67]That's what this is, John-- 这个岛正在考验我们
[27:28.51]A test. This is my test. That's why these are here. 这就是一个 John 一个考验 是对我的考验 这就是海洛因还在这的原因
[27:31.16]These are here because you put 'em here, Charlie.
[27:33.11]No, wait. John, wait. 那是因为你把它们藏在这里了 Charlie
[27:36.72]What are you gonna do? 不 等等 John 等等
[27:38.88]You gonna tell Claire? 你到哪儿去?
[27:41.05]You can't. Look, if she sees them, I'm done. 你打算告诉Claire?
[27:44.00]She'll never trust me again, and she has to, John. 不可以
[27:46.60]It's about the baby, all right? 如果她看到这些 我就完了
[27:46.96]她再也不会相信我了 而她现在需要信任我 John
[27:49.65]Aaron's in danger. 都是为了孩子 对吧?
[27:53.34]You have to believe me. Aaron有危险
[27:56.19]You've given up the right to be believed, Charlie. 你必须相信我
[27:58.98]你自己放弃了被人信任的权利 Charlie
[28:14.62]Hi. How's our boy?
[28:17.49]Oh, he's good. 嗨
[28:19.38]嗨 我们的小男孩怎么样了?
[28:21.48]Hey, John, can I ask you something? 哦 他很好
[28:24.72]Do you think, uh, 嗨 John 我能问你个问题吗?
[28:26.49]Aaron and I could stay in the bedroom in the hatch for a while? 当然
[28:33.96]Pretty loud alarm goes off every hour and a half.
[28:36.54]It's not the best place for a baby to sleep through the night.
[28:39.48]Oh, yeah, sure. 每隔一个半小时就会有很吵报警声
[28:44.16]恩 当然
[28:45.97]How about if I move my stuff down here for a couple nights?
[28:48.44]Set up right next to your tent?
[28:51.32]That would be great. Thanks. 要不我把帐篷搬过来
[28:54.98]Yeah, consider it done. 如果能那样最好了 谢谢你
[28:58.92]Hey, John, you don't... 好 就这么定了
[29:00.98]you don't know anything about baptism, do you?
[29:03.95]Not a whole lot. Why? 嗨 John 你是否了解
[29:07.02]Charlie came by my tent before and... 你是否了解有关洗礼的事?
[29:08.63]不是很了解 怎么了?
[29:11.32]he told me Aaron had to be baptized... Charlie之前来我的这儿并且...
[29:17.09]that he was in danger. 他说Aaron必须要接受洗礼...
[29:22.26]My understanding is that baptism is about making sure that children get into heaven, 因为他有危险
[29:27.46]should anything happen. 我的理解是洗礼能保证无论发生什么
[29:31.67]Call it "spiritual insurance." 小孩子将来都能进天堂
[29:37.13]There isn't any danger, Claire. Charlie just... 因此称为"精神保险"
[29:42.12]这儿很安全 Claire
[29:47.78]Charlie just feels like he has to save the baby
[29:51.05]'cause he can't save himself. Charlie只是感觉他有义务保护孩子
[29:56.68]- I'll see you tonight. - Okay. 因为他无法保护自己
[30:46.68]Charlie, can you give us a hand?
[30:49.79]Now's not a good time, Sayid.
[30:52.89]Let's lift this. Charlie 能帮我们一把吗?
[30:55.28]Okay, I got it. 现在不行 Sayid
[31:00.01]Okay,I got it.好的 搞定了
[31:05.91]Fire! Fire!
[31:09.19]Grab tools, containers for sand, anything you have. 着火了 着火了!
[31:12.49]If we don't stop it now, it'll burn right through the camp! 拿上工具 还有盛沙子的 还有其他能带的
[31:18.46]Stay here with Aaron. 如果现在不扑灭 火会烧到营地这儿的!
[31:25.64]We need to cut a fire break right here! Form a bucket line!
[31:29.01]Some of you people, down to the water! 我们需要从这儿把火势切断!
[31:31.44]Sawyer! 保证一个桶的距离!
[31:33.93]We'll hand 'em up. Wait here! 带上一些人 去弄点水!
[31:38.63]我们会处理的 在这等着!
[32:12.07]My piano. Liam?!
[32:14.56]What's... what's going on?
[32:19.22]Liam, where's my piano? 发生...出什么事了?
[32:23.30]- I sold it. - You what? Liam
[32:28.54]- Hey, wait, come on. - Get off of me. 我卖了
[32:30.87]Where's the money? Is it up your soddin' arm?! 你什么?
[32:33.54]I'm clean. I haven't used in two days. 嗨 等等 别管我
[32:36.21]Two days? Well, happy anniversary! 那钱呢? 又去买毒品了?!
[32:39.05]Well, how long you been clean? 我没有 我已经两天不吸了
[32:40.46]Where's the money? 两天? 真该恭喜你啊!
[32:42.34]She was gonna leave me, Charlie. She was gonna take Megan. 那你多就不碰了?
[32:46.76]What did you do, Liam? 她要离开我
[32:48.54]Karen's got an uncle in Australia. Charlie 她想把Megan带走
[32:50.65]He's gonna get me a job. There's a rehab clinic in Sydney. 你打算怎么办 Liam?
[32:54.25]I just needed the money to get us there. Karen在澳洲有个叔叔
[32:58.46]I have to do this. 我们需要去那儿的钱
[33:00.54]I have to take care of myself, for them, for my family.
[33:05.37]为了她们母女 为了我的家庭
[33:07.74]I'm your family! 我必须好起来
[33:10.06]- Wait. Will you just wait? - I can't, Charlie.
[33:14.34]What about the band? What about the song? 再等等 你就不能再等等吗?
[33:17.54]我再也不能等了 Charlie
[33:20.27]Try to understand, I have to go. 你走了乐队怎么办? 那首歌怎么办?
[33:23.77]I have to. 请你理解 我必须走
[33:25.59]Look, I'll give you a call when things settle down for me.
[33:30.92]For you? What about me? 好吧 事情安顿好之后我会联络你的
[33:33.09]What about my family?
[33:35.82]What about my family?! 都为你? 那我呢?
[34:07.41]Charlie! What are you doing?!
[34:09.48]I'm doing what I have to do!
[34:10.81]- He's got my baby! Stop it! - No! Claire, it's all right! Charlie! 你在干什么?!
[34:14.44]- Charlie, stop! - It's not... no! I... 我必须这么做! 他是我的孩子!
[34:16.62]Help! Help! Somebody help! He's got my baby! Help! Help! 住手! 不! Claire 没事儿的!
[34:18.40]Charlie 住手! 这不是... 不!我...
[34:21.54]Come on, Charlie, please, stop it. 救命啊! 来人啊! 来人啊! 他抢了我的孩子!
[34:24.82]I just want to save him! 来人啊!
[34:26.60]Charlie! It's all right. 够了 Charlie 求求你了
[34:30.80]Give me the baby. 我只想就他!
[34:31.28]Charlie! 够了! 求求你!
[34:36.51]Eko, tell them! Tell them, Eko! 把孩子给我
[34:39.27]Tell them what you told me, that the baby has to be baptized!
[34:42.50]This is not the way. Eko 告诉他们! 都告诉他们Eko!
[34:43.84]告诉他们你跟我说的那些 你说孩子必须接受洗礼!
[34:46.10]Charlie... come on, give him to me. 不是这种方式
[34:49.65]Who the hell are you, John?! Charlie...
[34:51.61]Aaron's not your responsibility! 来 把孩子给我
[34:53.89]Where were you when he was born?! 你以为你是谁 John?!
[34:55.52]Where were you when he was taken?! Aaron的事跟你无关!
[34:57.72]You're not his father. You're not his family! 他出生的时候你在哪儿?!
[35:01.71]Neither are you, Charlie. 他出事儿的时候你又在哪里?!
[35:06.52]你也不是 Charlie
[35:08.97]I have to do this, I need to.
[35:12.14]I'm not gonna hurt him. 我必须做 我知道
[35:15.35]You're hurting me, Charlie.
[35:20.13]可你伤害了我 Charlie
[35:50.77]I'm sorry-- claire.
[36:36.58]You need stitches.
[36:52.52]- Try to be still. - Yeah.
[36:57.91]忍一下 恩
[37:06.05]I started the fire, Jack.
[37:09.64]Yeah, I know.
[37:11.22]火是我放的 Jack
[37:13.49]I was desperate. She didn't--
[37:15.46]I need to know you're never gonna do anything like this again, ever. 恩 我知道
[37:18.73]我太绝望了 她不...
[37:21.34]I know what this looks like, 我需要知道你再也不会干这种傻事儿了
[37:23.68]what people think. 再也不
[37:26.01]It doesn't matter now, but... 我知道后果
[37:28.67]I didn't use. 人们会怎么想
[37:31.11]这都不重要了 但是...
[37:32.75]I wanted to. 我没吸毒
[37:35.42]I really wanted to.
[37:39.37]But I didn't. 我真的很想
[37:43.88]That's not what I asked, Charlie. 但我忍住了
[37:47.96]It's not gonna happen again. 这不是我关心的 Charlie
[38:35.44]Charlie told me you're a priest.
[38:40.00]Yes. Charlie告诉我你是个神父
[38:42.26]He said that you told him that I had to have--
[38:44.68]I did not tell Charlie to do what he did. 是的
[38:48.19]I'm sorry if he misunderstood. 他说是你告诉他的 我必须...
[38:54.47]But do you think the baby has to be baptized? 他误解了这我很抱歉
[38:59.06]Do you know what baptism is? 但你是否也认为这孩子必须接受洗礼?
[39:02.58]It's what gets you into heaven. 你知道洗礼是什么吗?
[39:09.39]It is said that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus,
[39:13.87]the skies opened up, and a dove flew down from the sky. 施洗约翰给耶稣洗礼时
[39:19.11]This told John something-- 天堂开了
[39:22.01]that he had cleansed this man of all his sins, 一只鸽子从天空中飞下来
[39:25.15]that he had freed him. 它告诉约翰
[39:29.66]Heaven came much later. 约翰释放了他
[39:33.86]I haven't been baptized. 天堂最终还是接纳了他
[39:38.56]And does that mean that if you do it to Aaron, and 我没被洗礼过
[39:42.01]something happened to us, that we wouldn't be together?
[39:50.88]Not if I baptize you both. 我们就不能在一起了?
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