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[00:00.25]Previously on "Lost"... Jason
[00:07.70]These people are smart. 这些人很聪明
[00:10.31]And they're animals, 同时还很残忍 如果你认为
[00:12.31]and if you think that one gun and one bullet 仅凭单枪匹马
[00:15.27]is gonna stop them, 就能阻止他们 那就大错特错了
[00:18.01]think again. 好好想想我的话吧
[00:20.66]I'm going after my son, and nobody is going to stop me, okay? 我要去找我的儿子
[00:21.85]没人能阻止我 明白吗?
[00:24.48]I'll come with you. 我和你一起去 不行 就我一个
[00:25.53]No. I have to do it alone. 我打算越过底线
[00:27.28]I'm going out to the line that we're not supposed to cross
[00:29.81]and telling them that we've got you. 然后告诉他们我们已抓到你了
[00:33.00]They'll never give you Walt. 他们决不会交出Walt的
[00:42.69]Michael. Michael
[00:45.88]Michael. Michael
[00:49.07]Michael. Michael
[00:51.39]What's wrong with him? 他怎么了?
[00:53.00]Michael. Michael? Michael Michael?
[00:55.71]Michael. Michael
[01:00.07]Jack? Where are you going? Jack? 你去哪? 或许他们放了他
[01:02.17]Maybe they just let him go. 放了他--他可就只有他一个!
[01:05.00]Let him go-- he's alone! 他们不是仅仅把他推到丛林 Jack
[01:07.04]They didn't just push him out into the jungle, Jack. He's alone!
[01:15.46]Okay. 好吧
[01:17.63]Let's go. 我们走吧
[01:57.66]See ya, Ana Lucia. 过会见 Ana Lucia
[02:04.76]- You look tired. - Yeah, thanks. 你看上去很疲惫啊
[02:05.92]算吧 谢谢
[02:10.43]What? 怎么了?
[02:11.85]Where were you last night? 你昨晚在哪里?
[02:14.13]- Home. - All night? 在家呆着
[02:16.53]Yeah. Cooked myself some dinner, watched some tv. 对. 给自己做了点晚饭 还看了会儿电视
[02:20.06]What'd you watch? 你看了什么节目?
[02:25.85]Let's go for a drive. 让我们好好谈一下
[02:33.33]Remember Jason Alder? 还记得Jason Alder吗?
[02:37.45]Found him in a parking lot just after 3:00 in the morning. 凌晨三点在停车场发现了他的尸体
[02:40.77]He was dead an hour before anyone saw him. 他死后一小时才被人发现
[02:43.54]Crime scene pulled a gun from the dumpster. 在案发现场的垃圾桶里发现了一把枪
[02:45.73]Registration was filed off-- no prints, no witnesses. 没有枪支登记记录
[02:46.95]没有指纹 也没有目击者
[02:49.45]He was executed. 他就像是被处死的
[02:51.96]Any idea who did it? 有凶手的线索吗?
[02:55.14]Yeah, Ana. You did. 是的 Ana 就是你干的
[02:58.32]This man confesses to shooting you in cold blood,
[03:00.94]and you refuse to I.D. him, so we had to cut him loose. 但是你拒绝指证他 所以我们不得不放了他
[03:04.52]A week later, he shows up with five bullets in his chest, 一周后 他就胸中五弹而亡
[03:06.95]because someone shot him in cold blood. 因为有人残忍地枪杀了他
[03:10.18]Guess I should get a lawyer.
[03:13.23]Look, we both know that this is gonna be a dead-end investigation. 听着 我们都知道
[03:18.00]But, Ana, if you did this... 但是 Ana 如果真是你干的...
[03:20.72]if you did this, you have to let me help you. 真是你干的话 你应该让我来帮你
[03:24.15]Yeah, thanks, mom, but I don't need your help. 谢谢你 妈妈 但是我不需要你的帮助 你不要我的帮助?
[03:26.67]You don't want my help? You're gonna have to get it from somewhere else. 那你也应该从别人那里获得帮助
[03:32.28]You're a police officer, Ana. Ana 你是个警官
[03:37.20]If you don't respect me, at least respect that. 你不尊重我也就罢了 但是你至少得对得起这个职业
[03:47.68]Then I quit. 那好 我不干了
[04:02.69]Hey, Henry. What do you say? 嘿 Henry
[04:07.32]Henry 你到底要绝食到什么时候?
[04:09.18]How long you gonna keep up this hunger strike, Henry?
[04:19.49]Did I ever tell you I was a cop? 我有没有告诉过你我曾是警察?
[04:24.89]I've been around a lot of killers in my life. 我这一生碰到过很多杀人犯
[04:28.65]You know what surprises me the most about 'em? 你知道这些人中最让我惊奇的是什么吗?
[04:33.57]How much they love to talk. 那就是他们个个都很爱扯淡
[04:39.16]But you're different... Henry. 但是你和他们不同... Henry
[04:43.62]Hmm? 嗯?
[04:45.83]Quiet. 还保持沉默
[04:53.35]What was that? 你咕哝些什么?
[04:59.49]If you're gonna say something, you're gonna have to speak-- 你就得说出声来
[05:10.81]You killed two of us-- 你杀了我们中的两人--
[05:12.56]Good people who were leaving you alone. 他们都是好人 都想放过你
[05:20.11]You're the killer, Ana Lucia. 你才是杀人犯 Ana Lucia
[05:42.51]I guess he decided to start talking, huh? 看上去他终于决定开口了
[05:51.80]翻译: Siounex Zhao
[05:54.63]2x20: Two for the Road 压制:寂高心
[06:23.97]Hey, Mike. Tequila and tonic. 嘿 Mike 来份龙舌兰酒加奎宁水
[06:26.75]Long day, huh? 忙活了一整天吧?
[06:31.31]Good to see you again. 很高兴又见到你了
[06:35.28]You, uh, "wanded" me at security. 你在安检处检查过我
[06:41.84]Another one, please. So how does one get into "wanding"? 请再来一杯
[06:48.04]One stops being a cop. 不当警察后
[06:50.47]What a coincidence. I just stopped being a doctor. 太巧了 我刚刚辞去医生的工作
[06:56.09]Why'd you quit? 你为什么辞了?
[06:57.56]I didn't. 不是我主动要辞 是我的儿子出卖了我
[06:58.65]My son ratted me out for drinking on the job. Thank you.
[07:04.51]Lost my license. 执照被吊销了
[07:06.69]Hmm. Yeah, I know. It's hilarious. 是的 我知道 这听起来很搞笑
[07:11.98]No, no. It's just that... 不 没有 我仅仅是想说
[07:14.41]I don't believe that parents and their kids should work together. 我不相信父母和他们的孩子
[07:18.12]Too many issues. 因为矛盾实在太多了
[07:20.12]I'll drink to that. 为你刚才的一番话干杯
[07:26.01]So where you headed? 你去哪?
[07:27.62]Sydney. Sydney, Australia. 悉尼 澳大利亚的悉尼
[07:32.20]Want to come? 想一起去吗?
[07:35.64]I'm serious. 我是当真的
[07:38.48]Why would I go to Sydney with you? 我为什么要和你一起去悉尼?
[07:41.10]Maybe fate has just thrown the two of us together. 或许是缘分将我们连在一块
[07:43.62]You know, like two drinks in an airport bar. 就像我们俩能够在这个机场一起喝酒一样
[07:48.80]Why would fate do that? 缘分为什么要这么做?
[07:51.32]Oh, the same reason fate does anything-- 噢 这是缘分一贯的行事方法
[07:53.26]so that we can help each other out. 只有这样我们才可以互相帮助
[07:56.60]You do need help, right? 你确实需要帮助 不是吗?
[08:00.95]Unless you don't. 除非你不需要
[08:09.14]What I'm doing down there could be a little dangerous, 我在那儿干的事可能会比较危险
[08:11.71]and I need someone to protect me-- a bodyguard. 所以我需要有人能够来保护我 比如贴身保镖
[08:14.57]It's perfect for someone who stopped being a cop. 你就是绝佳的人选
[08:24.26]I don't even know your name. 我都不知道你的名字
[08:26.55]Oh, let's not use real names. I tell you what-- 噢 我们还是都不要用真名吧
[08:30.46]why don't you pick a name for me? And then I'll pick one for you. 不如这样--你给我取个名字?
[08:31.58]我也给你起个名字 如何?
[08:38.88]You look like a Tom. 就叫你Tom吧
[08:40.69]Tom. What an excellent name. And you should be a... Tom 多棒的名字啊
[08:45.45]Sarah. Sarah
[08:52.50]Australia. 为澳大利亚干杯
[09:14.05]What happened? 发生什么了?
[09:16.98]I cut myself shaving. 刮脸的时候刮伤了自己
[09:24.55]The guy in the hatch tried to kill me. 舱里的那个人想要杀我
[09:31.88]You okay? 你没事吧?
[09:35.46]I'm fine... 我没事...
[09:37.77]but he won't be. 但是他不会好过
[09:40.89]- Hey, Ana? - What? 嘿 Ana?
[09:45.00]Don't do anything stupid. 不要干傻事
[10:20.88]If you've come to apologize, 如果你是来道歉的话
[10:23.06]I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch. 那我原谅你用拐杖来打我
[10:28.84]I'm so glad my head didn't break it. 我很庆幸我的头没被打破
[10:33.03]W hy? 为什么?
[10:37.26]Well, that's a broad question.
[10:39.21]你为什么要去对付Ana Lucia而不是我?
[10:41.04]Why did you try to hurt Ana Lucia but not me?
[10:44.05]我不知道你指什么 John?
[10:46.39]I'm not sure I know what you're getting at, John.
[10:49.06]I was trapped under that blast door... helpless. 我被那扇爆炸飞出的门给压住了...陷于绝望中
[10:54.07]You could have crushed my skull, but you didn't do a thing. 你本可以碾碎我的头颅
[10:57.93]Why didn't you? 你为什么没有动手?
[11:00.16]Because you're one of the good ones, John. 因为你也是个好人 John
[11:04.25]What? What? Good what? 什么? 好在哪里?
[11:08.70]None of this matters. I'm dead, anyway. 好在哪已经无所谓了 无论怎样 我都会死
[11:12.82]The doctor's gone to make a trade, 医生去做交易了
[11:15.35]and we both know he'll come back empty-handed, and then... 我们大家都很清楚当他一无所获回来时
[11:19.47]I've lost my value.
[11:22.94]So either Jack comes back here and kills me, 要么Jack回来杀了我
[11:25.31]or my people find out where I'm being held, and they do it. 要么我的人发现我被囚禁在此 他们来杀了我
[11:29.08]Why would your own people want to kill you? 为什么你自己人会想来杀你?
[11:33.05]Because the man in charge... 因为那个“带头大哥”
[11:36.94]He's a great man, John-- a brilliant man. 他是个了不起的人物 John--
[11:43.38]But he is not a forgiving man. 但他从不会宽恕别人
[11:47.83]He'll kill me because I failed, John. 我把事办砸了 所以他一定会杀了我
[11:51.66]I failed my mission. 任务失败了
[11:55.99]What mission?
[11:59.25]When that woman caught me in her trap,
[12:03.53]I was on my way here, John. 我才来到了这里
[12:07.44]I was coming for you. 我是为你而来
[12:12.90]Locke! Locke!
[12:16.00]Locke, get out here! Locke 出来!
[12:18.94]Locke! Locke!
[12:23.95]John! John!
[12:49.05]Hey, I've been knocking those things down for 20 minutes. 嘿 我用了20分钟
[12:52.58]Get your hands off my damn mango. 才把这些东西给弄下来
[12:54.94]Didn't figure you for the fruit-picking type. 看不出你还很在行摘水果啊
[12:57.37]What do you want? 你想怎样?
[12:59.74]I need a gun. 我要一把枪
[13:02.60]Well, here's an idea. 我看要不这样
[13:04.24]Why not go to your buddy Jack? He's got himself a gun. 不如去找你的好朋友Jack? 他就有枪
[13:07.39]Oh, that's right. He's still traipsin' around the jungle with Kate. 哦 我差点忘了
[13:12.36]If you've got a problem 'cause he's making time with your girlfriend, 如果你觉得他抢了你女朋友
[13:15.98]don't take it out on me, man. 你感到不爽的话
[13:19.22]How about you just give me a gun? 你还是给我把枪吧?
[13:22.78]Here's another idea-- scram. 你给我滚
[13:27.79]You heard me. Now git. 你听到没有?滚 现在就给我滚
[14:01.69]Sarah. Sarah
[14:06.94]Sarah, open the damn door. Sarah 快开门
[14:11.47]Good, you're up. 很好 你还没有睡
[14:13.84]It's, uh, it's time. 是时候履行你的保镖职责了
[14:16.22]Protection duty.
[14:18.98]Come on, let's go. 来吧 我们出发了
[14:20.77]After four days of drinking and doing nothing, 喝了四天酒 无所事事
[14:23.53]now, in the middle of the night, you're ready to go? 现在是午夜时分 你到准备好出发了?
[14:26.15]That's exactly right. It's time. Come on. 对的 完全正确
[14:28.50]是时候了 走吧
[14:30.10]Fate's calling, Sarah. 命运在召唤我们 Sarah
[14:45.68]This is it. Pull over right here. 就在这了 靠边停车
[14:51.82]This is what you needed protection for-- the suburbs? 这就是你所需要的保护?因为在郊区?
[14:55.49]Stay in the car. 就呆在车里
[14:57.49]Should I keep the meter running? 我是不是还应该开着停车计费器?
[15:23.51]Can I come in? 我能进来吗?
[15:37.16]Look, she's my daughter, and I have every right to see her. 听着 他是我女儿
[15:40.83]No, you don't have a right! Get out! 不 你没有这个权力! 出去!
[15:43.40]I'm coming in here. You can't stop me! She's my daughter! 我现在就要进去
[15:44.46]你不能阻拦我! 她可是我女儿啊!
[15:47.32]I pay the mortgage on this house! I want to see my daughter! 走开!
[15:48.93]-我给这房子付的按揭! -滚出去!
[15:52.48]What the hell is wrong with you? 我就是想看看我的女儿! 你到底哪根筋搭错不让我看?
[15:54.48]Don't you ever come back here! 不许你再回来!
[15:57.00]I was just having a conversation with the lady. 我正在和那个女士说话
[15:59.34]You need help! 你需要帮助!
[16:19.29]Dude, nice hole. 老兄 挖得不错
[16:21.27]What is it, Hurley? 怎么说 Hurley?
[16:23.63]Hey, man, you remember that radio we made? 嘿 你还记得我们做的无线电吗?
[16:26.48]I was thinking maybe I could get it to play some music. 我想我可以用它来放些音乐
[16:29.63]You know, for Libby. 为Libby放
[16:32.18]Well, it worked only once,and then just for a minute. 但是它就奏效过一次 而且也是一瞬间
[16:35.51]I've tried several times since and only gotten static. 后来我还试过几次
[16:39.47]Here's the thing. Even that would be good. 是这样的 即是只有杂音也行
[16:42.76]Because then, Libby would be like, 因为到时候 Libby会觉得
[16:44.75]"it's the thought that counts," and I'll score major points, "有这份心就好了" 那样我就能给她留下好印象
[16:47.71]especially when she sees me holding it over my head. 尤其是当她看到我在很努力地调台
[16:50.15]And why would you hold a static-generating radio over your head? 那你为什么要用
[16:54.86]They didn't have "Say Anything" in Baghdad? 在巴格达没有“无话不说(电影)”吗?
[16:57.14]It's awesome. This dude, like, gets this boom box, 非常好看
[16:59.97]and he holds it over his head outside this chick's window, 电影里 那个主角拿着手提收音机
[17:02.32]and he plays some Peter Gabriel song for her, and bam! The girl's, like, his. 给她放了些Peter gabriel的歌
[17:06.71]I mean, after her dad goes to jail. But then he gets her! 我的意思是 在她爸爸进监狱后 然后他就抱得美人归了
[17:08.66]I think I get the idea. -我想我明白你的意思了 -你真该好好看看这部电影
[17:10.61]You should really check it out sometime.
[17:12.61]I mean, if we ever, you know, get off this island. 我是说如果我们能够离开这个小岛
[17:18.53]If you want to do something nice for Libby, 如果你真想为Libby做些什么的话
[17:20.85]there's a beautiful beach 3 kilometers from here. 三公里外有一片美丽的沙滩
[17:24.52]You could take her there. 你可以带她去那边
[17:27.68]You think she'd like that? 你觉得她会喜欢吗?
[17:33.43]I took Shannon there once. 我带Shannon去过一次
[17:40.60]Michael. Michael. Michael
[17:46.77]So it worked? 能见效吗?
[17:48.96]What are you talking about, John? 你在说什么 John?
[17:51.75]Your deal. The trade. 你的那笔交易
[17:55.08]- If they gave us Michael-- - They didn't give us anything. 他们什么也没给
[17:59.02]So it was just a coincidence that he came wandering out? 这么说来他遇上你们是个巧合?
[18:02.27]I was shouting. He heard my voice. 当时我正大声喊叫 他一定是听到声音
[18:07.70]What? They just let Michael go, 怎么? 难道你觉得他们放了Michael
[18:09.89]hoping that we would keep up our end of the bargain? 还希望我们继续履行交易?
[18:12.35]You think they're on the honor system? 你觉得他们来自慈善机构?
[18:19.84]- Hey. - Hey. -嘿 -嘿
[18:43.39]Come out, come out, whoever you are. 出来 出来 不管你是谁
[18:49.40]I know you're there. 我知道你在那儿
[18:53.99]Don't make me come in after you. 别逼我出手
[19:03.47]Well, well, well. What do we got here? 哦
[19:08.14]Is little red riding hood gonna follow the big bad wolf back to his stash o' guns? 小红帽来找大灰狼的枪?
[19:13.58]Why don't you give me that one right there? 为何不现在就把枪给我呢?
[19:15.95]I ain't gonna gimme-you nothin'. 我什么都不会给你.
[19:20.31]We been through this, Lucy. 我们以前也谈过这个事情 Lucy
[19:36.47]What you gonna do now, muchacha? 现在要干什么呢 小姑娘?
[20:16.66]We need some damn music in here. 来点音乐
[20:20.51]- Who is she? - Who is who? 她是谁?
[20:23.12]That woman. 你指谁?
[20:24.40]She is a very long story, Sarah. 那个女人
[20:24.63]Sarah 这可说来话长啊
[20:28.62]It's Ana Lucia. 我叫Ana Lucia
[20:31.61]Well, I'm still Tom. 但我还是Tom
[20:34.63]You're pathetic, that's what you are. 你很可悲 对 你就是那样的
[20:36.74]You bet your sweet ass I am. 你说得对极了
[20:44.64]Why are you here? 为什么到这来?
[20:49.11]I'm here because I can't apologize to my son. 我来这儿是因为我不想给我儿子道歉
[20:54.27]He tried to help me, so I thanked him by cutting him off. 他试着帮我
[20:57.10]I thanked him by hating him. 我用痛恨来回报他
[21:02.95]You came here for the same reason I did, kiddo. You ran away. 孩子 你来这也是因为同样的原因
[21:17.49]My, my. Look what fate has delivered up this time. 我的天啊
[21:19.73]看看这次命运又带来什么了 (鸡尾酒吧)
[21:24.55]Come on. 来吧
[21:25.97]Let's go have a drink or ten and be pathetic together. 一起去喝一杯 然后我们可以借醉做对可怜虫
[21:29.54]What do you say? 怎么样?
[21:38.56]No. 不
[21:45.65]No. 不去
[21:49.22]That's your call. 随你便吧
[21:53.98]Hey! I'm walking here. 嘿! 小心行人!
[22:00.73]Wait. 等等
[22:02.84]Don't. 不要去
[22:06.65]Let's just get the hell out of Sydney. 我们离开悉尼吧
[22:09.66]Let's just go. Let's go back. 一起走吧 一起回去
[22:14.79]I can't ever go back. 我已不能再回头了
[22:20.85]See you, kiddo. 再见了 孩子
[22:41.53]What? 怎么了?
[22:44.54]Don't you want my phone number? 你不想要我的联系电话吗?
[22:50.27]You tell anyone about this... 你要是敢告诉别人...
[22:53.89]and I'll kill you. 我就杀了你
[22:58.54]Guess that takes cuddling off the table. 那也要一起滚下桌子吧
[23:16.22]Hey there. 嘿 你好
[23:17.54]- Oh! - How's it going? -哦! -进展如何?
[23:20.67]This isn't what it looks like. 并不像你想象的那样
[23:22.57]And...what does it look like? 然后呢... 那应该是怎样的?
[23:26.52]It... looks like something... 那个... 看上去像这样...
[23:30.36]that... it's not. 其实不是
[23:36.31]Oh, man. 噢 好吧
[23:38.37]I'm so busted. 被你活捉了
[23:40.03]Hurley, I'm not here to tell you how to act around food. Hurley 我在这不是想告诫你
[23:44.87]No, I'm not busted for that. 不 我不是说这个
[23:47.02]I'm busted for... something else. 我是说被你逮住的...
[23:53.55]I was packing a picnic, 'cause I was kinda hoping that 我找吃的
[23:57.37]you'd wanna go with me. 是因为我想带你去野餐
[23:59.74]You know, as an "us" thing. 就我们俩
[24:03.15]But it was a surprise. 本打算给你个惊喜
[24:08.95]Really? 真的吗?
[24:14.37]That's very sweet. 你真好
[24:20.53]- So, do you wanna go? - Where to? 那你想去吗?
[24:25.31]Can that part still be a surprise? 去哪先保密 因为那还是个惊喜
[24:43.66]- Hey, you're back. - Hey. 嘿 你回来了
[24:49.16]So, the others-- they didn't show up? 那其他人呢? 他们没有出现?
[24:52.09]No. 没有
[24:53.84]Michael's back, though. 但Michael回来了
[24:58.78]What happened here? 额头怎么了?
[25:00.82]My fault. 那是我的错
[25:02.01]I left the tap on in the bathroom sink, 我忘记关浴室的水龙头
[25:04.00]and Ana wiped out and hit her head on the counter. 结果Ana滑倒了 还撞伤了头
[25:06.78]And I'm sorry-- again. 再次抱歉
[25:11.21]Yeah, don't worry about it. 没关系的 放心吧
[25:13.72]Jack. Jack. Jack?
[25:17.86]I think he's waking up. 我想他醒过来了
[25:20.55]Michael. Hey, Michael. Michael
[25:23.03]嘿 Michael
[25:24.87]Hey... Jack? 嘿... Jack?
[25:27.28]Hey, man. 你好
[25:28.75]Man... where... 我...这是在哪...
[25:30.68]- How did I get... - Oh, wait. -我怎么会这样... -慢点
[25:32.69]Try to take it easy, okay? You're back in the hatch. 放松点 好吗? 你又回到舱里了
[25:35.31]We found you out in the jungle last night. -昨晚我们在丛林里发现了你 -噢 我的头啊
[25:37.83]Oh, my head.
[25:42.06]Welcome back. 欢迎回来
[25:45.53]Hey, John. 嘿 John.
[25:52.39]I found them. 我找到他们了
[25:59.28]After I left, 我离开后
[26:02.33]I hiked north, back to where we were. 回到了原来的地方
[26:06.97]Hiked to the beach, followed the shoreline. 到了海滩 沿着海岸线走
[26:10.22]A day later, I saw one. 一天后 我看见了一个人
[26:14.78]What did he look like? 他长什么样?
[26:16.78]Dirty. Worn clothing, no shoes. Simple-- 很脏
[26:18.33]破烂的衣服 没穿鞋
[26:22.03]just like the rest of them. 看上去很普通 就像其他同伙一样
[26:24.88]- Like the rest of them? - Yeah. -像其他同伙一样? -对的
[26:27.67]His people, the others. I followed him back to his camp. 他的人 其他同伙
[26:33.85]They live in tents-- canvas tents and teepees. 他们--他们住在帐篷里-- 帆布帐篷
[26:39.47]They eat dried fish. They're worse off than we are. 他们吃鱼干 比我们过得还差
[26:43.16]- How many of them were there? - I counted 22. 他们有多少人?
[26:46.79]- And, uh, the boat... - I didn't see it. 我数了下 有22个
[26:46.73]-那么船呢... -我没有看到
[26:49.32]Did... did you see Walt? 你...你有没有看到Walt?
[26:57.85]But I know he's there. 但我知道他肯定在那儿
[26:59.70]What about everyone else they took? 那么他们带走的其他人怎么样了?
[27:01.63]Cindy? Did you see any other kids? 辛迪? 看到其他孩子了吗?
[27:05.04]No, no, no kids. 没有 没有看到孩子
[27:09.04]No, but I think they were in the same place as my boy. 但我认为他们和我儿子在一起
[27:12.50]They have a hatch. 他们也有个舱房
[27:15.50]How do you know that they--
[27:16.82]There's set of metal doors leading underground. What else could it be? 通往地下有不少金属门
[27:20.63]And you think that that's where they're keeping the kids? -还能是什么呢? -所以你就认为
[27:22.91]They keep it guarded 24/7. 那里就是孩子们被关的地方?
[27:24.69]2 guards, 2 guns, and two guns is all I saw. They're barely armed. 他们日夜守候在那 两个护卫 两把枪
[27:26.03]那两把枪是我所看到的所有的武器 其他人都没有武器
[27:29.55]Most of them are old, and half of them are women. 大部分是老人 其中还有一半是女人
[27:35.54]I wanted... 我想...
[27:43.63]I couldn't save him. 但我救不了他
[27:46.61]So I came back to tell you... 所以我回来告诉你们...
[27:50.70]tell you that we can take them. 告诉你们我们有能力救他们
[27:55.70]As soon as I get my strength back, I will take us back there. 只要我一恢复体力
[28:00.82]And we are gonna get my boy back. 我们要把我儿子救回来
[28:23.95]You were right. 你是对的
[28:28.86]Right about what? 什么对的?
[28:31.01]About Henry. 关于Henry
[28:34.23]What you and Sayid did to him when you first found him. 你和Sayid当初如何对待他
[28:37.36]You were...you were right. 你...你做得对
[28:41.30]I don't like how you did it, 我虽然不欣赏你的处理方式
[28:43.30]but I shouldn't have gotten in your way. 但我不该阻止你们
[28:48.25]Well, you did what you thought was right at the time you thought it, Jack. 当然你做了你觉得是对的事情
[28:50.57]尽管你是当时这么觉得 Jack.
[28:55.06]I just hope the next time you decide to do something, you include me. 我只希望下次你在决定做什么事之前
[29:00.24]And something tells me... that's gonna be soon. 直觉告诉我 你现在就有话要和我说
[29:06.65]You heard Michael. We can take them. 你听到Michael说的话了
[29:10.81]Our friend with the beard told us not to cross the line.
[29:13.57]These people are liars, John. John 这些人都是骗子
[29:15.82]Why the hell should we take their word on anything? 该死的 我们为什么要这么迷信他们?
[29:19.74]I couldn't agree more.
[29:22.68]So... 那么...
[29:25.71]now what? 现在怎么办?
[29:30.50]Where are you going? 你们去哪?
[29:32.34]Get our guns back from Sawyer. 从Sawyer那要回枪
[29:34.79]We're gonna need you to help convince him. 我们需要你去说服他
[29:37.29]Who's gonna take care of Michael? 谁来照顾Michael?
[29:38.95]I'll stay. You guys go ahead. 我留下吧
[29:40.20]-你们去吧 -确定没问题?
[29:41.91]- You sure? - Give Sawyer my best. 替我向Sawyer问好
[29:45.38]All right. We'll be back soon. 好的 我们很快就回来
[29:57.06]Watch your head. Almost there. 小心头 就快到了
[29:59.88]You ever watch "The Flintstones"? 看过"the flintstones"吗?
[30:01.96]Sure. I used to watch it all the time when I was in the hospital... 当然
[30:06.01]when I... broke my hip. 因为把屁股弄伤了
[30:09.39]Did you ever notice how Fred would run by the same thing over and over again? 那你有没有注意过Fred是如何判断
[30:14.12]Third time past this tree. 这已经是第三次路过这棵树了
[30:19.03]Uh, that's a different tree. 那不是同一颗树
[30:21.20]Hurley 如果你迷路的话没有关系的
[30:22.72]Hurley, it's okay if you're lost.
[30:25.44]Dude, I'm not lost. Will you trust me? 老兄 我没有迷路 你要相信我
[30:28.28]We're right about to walk onto the most excellent secret beach on the island. 我们马上就要漫步于
[30:33.87]And... surprise! 看 够惊喜吧
[30:38.23]Uh... Hurley? Hurley?
[30:41.49]This is our beach. 这是我们的沙滩
[30:43.92]There's Jin. Jin在那里
[30:52.23]Hey, I tell you what. Why not have the picnic here? 嘿 你想过没有 为什么不在这儿野餐呢?
[30:55.62]Come on, give me the blankets. 来吧 把毯子给我
[30:58.22]Blankets? 毯子?
[31:00.63]You don't have any blankets? 你没有带毯子?
[31:04.18]How about drinks? 饮料带了吗?
[31:07.40]好吧 这样吧 我去搞定毯子
[31:09.19]Okay, I tell you what. I will handle the blankets.
[31:12.55]You just track down Rose and Bernard. 我看到他们拿了酒
[31:14.33]I saw them pull wine from the pallet. Okay? 好吗?
[31:17.43]Oh. Wine. 哦 酒
[31:22.00]Groovy. 很棒
[31:24.42]Hey, maybe if I get drunk enough, I'll remember where I know you from. 也许喝多后
[31:30.10]Yeah. 好的
[31:49.37]Sawyer. Sawyer
[31:52.15]Put the book down. 把书放下
[31:53.76]It's not a book. It's a manuscript. 这可不是书 这是手稿
[31:55.75]I'm about to be the first and only guy to find out who done it. 我将是第一个也是唯一一个
[31:59.89]I think I got it figured out, 我明白了 你们都很有空
[32:01.96]so cool your damn jets and walk around the coconut trees. 在椰树旁闲逛
[32:04.70]I got, like, ten pages left-- Hey! 还剩10页没看完了
[32:08.29]Wanna figure it out? 想知道吗?
[32:16.35]What the hell is your problem, doc? 你发什么神经啊?
[32:18.46]It's time to give us the guns back. 是时候把枪还给我们了
[32:21.07]You burn the ending of my book and now-- 你烧了书的结局
[32:22.85]- Where are they, James? - You too, Brutus? -东西在哪 James? -你说呢?
[32:25.85]Just take us there, Sawyer, all right? Quit playing around. 带我们去吧 Sawyer 好吗?
[32:27.14]-别再耍花样了 -你带她来可怜我?
[32:28.86]What, did you bring her along for a sympathy vote? 我对她已经没有感觉了 医生
[32:31.51]She ain't in my head, doc. 你们俩何不到林子里玩去?
[32:33.04]So why don't you two just go play in the jungle?
[32:35.96]Take us to the guns. Now. 带我们去拿枪 现在就去
[32:44.67]Oh, that bitch. 哦 那个贱人
[32:47.62]She stole my damn gun. Ana Lucia. 她偷了我的枪
[32:49.27]Ana Lucia.
[32:52.35]- Why would she need a gun? - Son of a bitch. 她要枪干什么?
[32:58.29]Jack... Jack...
[33:03.49]I need to tell you something. 我有话和你说
[33:15.35]Pick it up. 捡起来
[33:22.78]Cut yourself loose. 自己松绑
[33:25.66]What? 什么?
[33:27.69]Just do it. 照我说的做
[33:31.83]Why? 为什么?
[33:34.74]You know why. 你知道为什么
[33:59.57]He kept saying you were misunderstood. 他老说你误解了
[34:02.67]- What are you talking about? - Goodwin. 你说什么?
[34:09.12]Yes, he told us all about you, Ana-- 是的 他说了你的一切 Ana
[34:12.55]How he thought you were worthy and that he could change you. 他觉得能够改变你
[34:21.25]But he was wrong... 但他错了
[34:32.32]and it cost him his life. 他为此而送了命
[34:36.75]He was gonna kill me. 他要杀我
[34:47.64]Was he? 他吗?
[34:55.08]Are you done? 说够了没?
[34:59.10]Yes, Ana, I'm done. 是的 Ana 说完了
[35:10.45]So this is it, huh? 我这就完结了 对吗?
[35:14.37]Yes, Henry. This is it. 是的 Henry
[35:23.46]I want you to listen to me, okay?
[35:25.96]Because I'm asking you a favor, Chrissy.
[35:29.29]I'm standing in front of you in 我还没来得及换早上参加父亲葬礼的衣服
[35:31.14]the same suit that I'm wearing to my father's funeral, 就出现在你面前了
[35:33.67]and I'm asking you a favor. 我想请你帮个忙
[35:35.47]In 16 hours, I need to land at L.A.X., 我要在16小时内赶到洛杉矶
[35:38.35]And I need that coffin to clear customs, 我还要棺材通过海关安检
[35:40.45]because there's going to be a hearse waiting there. 因为有灵车在那等着
[35:42.97]And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Why? 我要那灵车带着我和棺材
[35:45.39]去蓦地下葬. 为什么?
[35:47.37]Chrissy, why can't I just bring him to a funeral home chrissy 为什么不能让我带他回家入土
[35:50.28]and make all the arrangements? Why can't I really take my time with it? 并安排所有的相关事宜?
[35:53.28]Because... because I need it to be done. 因为... 因为我要安顿好一切
[35:58.00]I need it to be over. 我要个终结
[36:02.74]I just... 我只不过...
[36:05.31]I need to bury my father. 我只想安葬我父亲
[36:17.99]That was an airplane. 有架飞机
[36:20.62]No, I'm not at work. I'm in Sydney. 不 我不在工作 我在悉尼
[36:24.42]That's right, Australia. 对 澳大利亚
[36:29.32]I... 我...
[36:33.42]I don't know, I... 我不知道 我...
[36:41.50]I made a mistake, mom. 我犯了个错误 妈妈
[36:47.18]You knew, so I got as far away from you as I could. 你知道的 所以我只能尽快远离你
[36:56.91]But now... 但是现在...
[37:01.03]I want to come home, mom. 我想回家 妈妈
[37:08.06]So come home. 那就回来吧
[37:11.92]- What flight are you on? - I'm on Oceanic flight 815. 我乘大洋航空
[37:21.75]I'll be there when you land, mija.
[37:45.39]Where is everybody? 你的话让他们忙活开了
[37:47.72]What you said got 'em worked up.
[37:50.24]They went to get all the guns back from Sawyer. 他们去找Sawyer要回所有的枪
[37:53.58]Sawyer. Sawyer
[37:57.26]Sawyer has all the guns. 所有的枪都在Sawyer那
[38:01.37]Long story.
[38:06.30]At least he didn't get that one. 至少你这支他就没有
[38:10.39]Yeah. 对的
[38:12.96]- Too bad I can't use it. - Use it on what? 但糟糕的是 我不能用它
[38:19.20]We caught one of them-- the others. 我们抓住了一个人
[38:24.04]He's locked up in there. 他被关在那里
[38:28.54]- How long has he... - Over a week. 有多久了...
[38:32.60]And you're what, taking care of him? 你负责守护他?
[38:36.01]He tried to kill me today.
[38:41.97]So I wanted him dead. 所以我要他死
[38:56.35]I couldn't do it. 但我做不到
[39:00.04]I couldn't even kill him. 我就是下不了手
[39:07.95]I looked at him, and he... 我看着他
[39:17.26]I can't do this anymore. 我怎么也做不到
[39:32.89]Then let me do it.
[39:40.29]They're animals. 他们都是禽兽
[39:42.91]I've seen these people, and they are animals. 我亲眼看到他们的所作所为 他们真是禽兽不如
[39:48.51]They took my son right out of my hands. They took my son and... 他们从我手上抢走了我的儿子
[39:50.75]他们抢走了我的儿子 还...
[39:56.25]I'll do it. Give me the gun. I'll kill him. 给我枪 我来
[40:03.85]'Cause that's what they'd do.
[40:12.97]What's the combination? 密码是多少?
[40:20.50]18 right... 右转18...
[40:24.60]1 left... 左转1...
[40:27.34]31 right. 右转31
[40:47.31]I'm sorry. 对不起
[40:50.41]For what? 为什么?
[41:18.44]Michael? Michael?
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