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[00:00.38]Previously on "Lost"...
[00:04.01]My leg! Aah!
[00:07.35]I need you to go up through the grate and into the vents. 我要你从壁炉里爬入通风口
[00:10.64]- That button has to be pushed. - Okay. 那个按键必须得按
[00:22.01]I crawled through your vents, and I stood at your computer, 我爬过通风口
[00:23.65]站在电脑前 你知道发生了什么?
[00:25.87]and you know what happened?
[00:27.73]Nothing happened, John. 什么都没发生 John
[00:29.35]I never entered the numbers, I never pressed the button. 我没输入数字
[00:35.45]If you want to do something nice for Libby, 如果你想对Libby好点
[00:38.08]there's a beautiful beach 3 kilometers from here. 离这三公里外有个美丽的海滩
[00:41.61]You could take her there. 你可以把她带去那
[00:43.46]Come on, give me the blankets. - 好了 把毯子给我 - 毯子?
[00:45.07]Blankets? 毯子我来准备吧?
[00:46.33]I will handle the blankets, okay?
[00:49.71]Take us to the guns. Now. 马上带我们去拿枪
[00:52.28]Ah, that bitch. Stole my damn gun. Ana Lucia. 那个婊子
[00:54.08]偷了我的枪 Ana Lucia
[00:57.00]Why would she need a gun? 她要枪干吗?
[00:58.71]We caught one of them-- the others. He's locked up in there. 我们抓住了他们的一个...其他人
[01:03.08]Give me the gun. I'll kill him. 把枪给我 我来杀他
[01:06.04]I'm sorry. 抱歉
[01:11.64]Michael? Michael?
[01:31.20]What are you building? 你在造什么?
[01:37.78]你好 Ana
[01:39.47]Hello, Ana. 你也好啊
[01:41.03]Well, hello, yourself. So are you gonna tell me?
[01:45.17]- What is it? - I'm building a church. 那是什么?
[01:49.29]Now why the hell would you want to do that? 你为什么要那么做?
[01:52.14]Because I was told to. 因为有人要我这么做
[01:54.24]Told to by who? 谁?
[01:56.28]I was just told. I think it was in a dream. 我想是在梦里 有人这么说的
[01:59.76]A dream like this one? 像这样的梦?
[02:11.53]You need to help John. 你得去帮助John
[02:33.64]Yemi? Yemi?
[02:39.23]- Hello, brother. - Oh, Yemi. 你好 哥哥
[02:40.78]噢 Yemi 原谅我
[02:43.22]Forgive me. I should have listened to you. You were right. 我应该听你的 你是对的
[02:46.51]- I did not mean to do it-- - Shh, shh, shh. 我不是故意要这么做...
[02:49.60]The work being done in this place is important, Eko. 这里正在进行的工作
[02:51.28]是非常重要的 Eko
[02:53.37]It is more important than anything, and it is in danger. 比任何事情都重要
[02:59.78]You must help John. 你得去帮John
[03:02.45]He has lost his way. 他迷失了他的方向
[03:04.92]You must make him take you to the question mark. 你得叫他带你去问号那
[03:20.35]John will not want to show you, so you must make him. John是不愿告诉你的
[03:25.92]Eko... There are many distractions, brother. Eko...
[03:26.62]很多事会让你分心 哥哥
[03:30.27]But you must move past them. What is done, is done. 但你必须克服
[03:34.85]- Do you understand? - Yes, yemi. - 你懂了么? - 是的 Yemi
[03:41.87]And, Eko... 还有 Eko...
[03:44.05]bring the ax. 带上斧子
[03:53.89]What's the matter? 怎么了?
[04:05.49]You all right, mate? 你没事吧 伙计?
[04:15.06]I need to find John. 我要去找John
[04:19.35]你在想什么 John?
[04:21.05]- What were you thinking, John? - Jack, leave him alone. - Jack 别说了 - 不 Jack 继续说
[04:23.43]No, Jack, don't leave him alone. 闭嘴 Sawyer 如果Ana没拿走你的枪...
[04:25.18]Shut it, Sawyer. If Ana hadn't lifted your gun--
[04:27.23]Oh, ain't that swell-- gimpy McCrutch over here covers up that 哦 这简直太棒了 你这个跛子
[04:29.89]the artist formerly known as Henry Gale tried to strangle your little amiga, 给那个叫什么Henry Gale的家伙打了掩护
[04:33.47]and suddenly it's on me when she goes vigilante. 她在充当义务警员时你们就都算到我头上来了
[04:36.09]How about you go back to the beach? 你还是回到海滩去吧
[04:37.79]Hey, enough, both of you. 够了 你们俩
[04:42.55]Michael, hey! Michael 嘿
[04:46.43]He shot me. 他开枪打我
[04:47.94]- Who? - He's gone! He ran out. - 谁? - 他溜了 跑掉了
[04:49.93]Go, I got him. 快 我去追他
[04:51.02]Jack... I was sleeping, and I heard gunshots. Jack 我当时正在睡觉然后听到了枪声
[04:54.88]I got up. I came out of the bedroom. 然后我起来跑出了卧室
[04:57.92]And this-- there was this guy-- he had a gun, and... 然后...这个家伙
[05:00.05]他手上拿着枪 并且...
[05:04.45]Come on. We've got to get you up, all right? 来吧 我们拉尼起来 还好吧?
[05:07.40]Let me help you. 我来帮你
[05:49.60]She's dead. 她死了
[06:05.40]Okay, we've got to get her up. 好了 我们把她扶起来
[06:07.82]We've got to get her out to the back room, okay? 我们把她放到后面的房间去 好么?
[06:13.00]迷 失 第二季 第二十一集
[06:46.54]Grant us this mercy, O Lord,
[06:49.63]we beseech thee. Amen. 主啊 赐予我们您的仁慈
[07:07.60]She's in shock.
[07:09.45]We've got to keep pressure on this. 她休克了
[07:12.53]Can you do anything? 用力压
[07:15.37]- Jack-- - I heard you. 你能做些什么吗?
[07:17.55]Just keep pressure on her, okay? - Jack - 我听见了
[07:20.89]就这样压住她 好吗?
[07:25.60]- How is she? - I'm doing what I can.
[07:30.77]How long ago? 我在尽我最大的努力
[07:33.17]What? 有多久了?
[07:34.11]When did this happen? How long ago did he leave? 什么?
[07:36.58]I don't know, uh... 20 minutes, maybe a half-hour ago. 这是什么时候发生的? 他什么时候离开的?
[07:39.35]我不知道 呃...
[07:42.43]We can pick up the trail, catch up to him. 20分钟 可能半个小时之前
[07:45.47]Man's got a head start, a gun, he ain't afraid of using-- 我们可以去追他
[07:47.85]He shot three of our people. One of them's dead-- 他走了有些时间了 还能用枪...
[07:50.62]Who's gonna take care of Libby while you're off playing Daniel Boone? 他向我们三人开枪 一个死了...
[07:56.48]I will go.
[07:59.93]John, you have tracking experience, yes? 我去
[08:02.92]Yeah. John 你有跟踪的经验 对吧?
[08:05.28]We will find his trail together. 没错
[08:07.59]If you find anything-- anything, you come right back here, 我们一起去找他
[08:10.21]and we figure out what we're gonna do next together. 你们只要找到任何线索 就马上回来
[08:20.72]Let's go, John.
[08:23.32]我们走 John
[08:28.00]How long has it been since your last confession?
[08:30.81]Good question. Too many years for me to even remember. 离你上次忏悔有多久了?
[08:34.25]What do you wish to ask God's forgiveness for? 问得好
[08:35.12]太久了 我都记不清了
[08:36.87]What sins have you committed? 你想让上帝宽恕你什么呢?
[08:38.52]Let's see. Well, I slept with another woman besides my wife. 你犯了什么罪?
[08:42.86]Just once, or many times? 我和不是我妻子的女人睡觉
[08:45.05]How many is many? 一次还是很多次?
[08:47.14]To receive god's forgiveness, you must be penitent for your sins. 多少次才算很多次?
[08:51.15]I also forged I.D. papers for a guy pretending to be a priest. 你必须为你的罪行而悔过
[08:59.36]Do you have it?
[09:07.26]So what'd you do, padre?
[09:09.02]Skim from the collection plate? 你打算怎么做 教士? 弃你工作不顾么?
[09:13.78]You know I've got some friends in Los Angeles.
[09:16.30]I could get you on with them. 你知道我在洛杉矶有很多朋友
[09:18.72]- Doing what? - You know... stuff. 我能让你和他们联系
[09:24.84]Good morning, father Tunde.
[09:26.69]Good morning, monsignor. This is Mr. Caldwell. 早上好 Tunde神父
[09:29.64]He has been helping me arrange my trip to the United States. 早上好 阁下 这是Caldwell先生
[09:32.98]I'm sorry, father, but I've got some bad news. 他在帮我安排去美国的行程
[09:35.08]You're going to have to postpone your trip. 我很抱歉 神父 我有个坏消息
[09:37.64]It appears we have a miracle. 你不得不推迟你的行程了
[09:42.27]My daughter, she... she drowned.
[09:46.13]I'm very sorry for your loss. 我的女儿 她...她淹死了
[09:48.18]Oh, no, you don't understand. She came back to life. 我很抱歉
[09:50.85]噢 不 你不明白
[09:53.45]We were out in the back blocks, and Charlotte must have slipped, 她又活过来了
[09:57.08]and she went into the river, and... she's not much of a swimmer. 当时我们在黑石那
[10:02.56]She was dead. And the next day, she woke up. 她不会游泳
[10:08.65]Don't you understand? It's a miracle.
[10:12.36]A confirmation of faith. 这是奇迹
[10:14.58]Everyone needs to know about this. People need-- 对我们信仰的确认
[10:16.56]- Where is your daughter now? - At home, with my husband. - 大家都应该知道 我们需要... - 你女儿现在在哪?
[10:19.76]And what does he think? 在家 和我丈夫在一起
[10:22.04]The world needs to know about this. 他是怎么想的?
[10:24.33]We need to tell the Vatican, we need to tell the world-- 这应该让全世界都知道
[10:26.90]I'm sorry, we can't just do that, Mrs. Malkin. 我们得告诉教廷 我们得告诉世界...
[10:29.18]The church needs to conduct an investigation before anyone can be told. 抱歉 我们不能这么做 Malkin女士
[10:33.57]Father Tunde will start this process, if you will permit him. 才能公布这件事
[10:40.58]Mrs. Malkin, would you excuse us for a moment, please?
[10:43.92]Of course. Malkin女士 我们失陪一下
[10:49.37]Monsignor, with all due respect, I cannot do what you have asked.
[10:52.35]阁下 恕我直言
[10:54.91]Why not? 我不能答应
[10:56.15]Because I do not believe what this woman says. 为什么?
[10:59.67]Why do you think I chose you? 因为我不相信这个女人说的
[11:15.43]Are you seeing something I'm not?
[11:18.59]Hey! 你发现了我不知道的什么了?
[11:25.35]I haven't seen a single track or
[11:27.73]a piece of sign since we left the hatch. 我什么痕迹都没发现
[11:30.40]What the hell are you following? 从我们离开就没发现过
[11:32.39]Where is the question mark? 你到底在跟踪什么?
[11:34.44]The what? 问号在哪?
[11:39.00]The question mark, John. Where is it?
[11:41.59]问号 John 它在哪?
[11:45.21]You know what?
[11:47.01]You keep chasing after your own shadow. I'm going back. 你知道吗?
[11:53.28]I know you do not want to show it... 我要回去了
[11:56.14]but you must.
[11:57.37]No, I don't have to show you anything. 但是你必须得这么做
[11:59.71]Then I'm sorry. 不 我没有义务让你知道任何事
[12:17.75]You hit me.
[12:21.73]Why did you...
[12:23.01]Because you were being difficult.
[12:26.94]Are you insane? 你为什么...
[12:35.18]Ana Lucia, your friend, was just murdered, and you-- 你疯了么?
[12:40.34]Ana wants me to help you, John.
[12:42.62]Ana Lucia 你的朋友
[12:44.49]- Help me do what? - Find the question mark.
[12:46.12]刚被杀 而你...
[12:48.28]Ana要我来帮助你 John
[12:51.26]You don't even know what you're talking about, do you? 帮我什么?
[12:53.83]No. 找到问号
[12:59.35]But you know what I am talking about, John. 自己在说些什么
[13:02.55]And that is all that matters. 不
[13:05.59]Here. Here, you wanna find your damn question mark? 你知道我在说什么 John
[13:09.40]Here it is-- here, this is it right here. 那才是关键
[13:11.06]Here, take it, take it, because it's nothing.
[13:13.49]It's a memory. It's ten seconds of nothing. 给你
[13:14.15]给你 你不是想找到问号么?
[13:17.63]- This is your hatch, yes? - It's not my hatch. 就这个 在这 就在这里
[13:18.88]给你 拿着吧 这根本什么都不是
[13:22.60]If the swan is where we came from, 凭记忆随便画的 只出现了十秒钟
[13:24.25]这是你的舱子 对吧?
[13:26.17]then we go that way. 这不是我的舱子
[13:28.02]We shouldn't even be out here.
[13:30.02]Ana Lucia would still be alive... 如果这就是我们来的地方
[13:34.45]if I'd just told Jack that Henry attacked her. 那么我们就往这走
[13:37.37]And now she wants us to go here, John. 如果我告诉Jack Henry曾经攻击过Ana Lucia
[13:39.66]She wants us to go here, John, together.
[13:43.59]She said this in my dream. 现在她想让我们到这儿来
[13:46.26]Oh, of course, your dream. 我们一起 John
[13:49.20]Tell me, John. Haven't you ever followed a dream? 她在我的梦里告诉我的
[13:53.35]噢 在你的梦里
[13:56.35]告诉我 John
[13:58.78]So the vatican's really interested in this one, eh? 你有照梦里的指引干过事么?
[14:01.69]That depends upon what I put in my report.
[14:04.93]Why don't you just start by telling me what happened that night? 罗马教廷会对这很感兴趣的
[14:09.18]Well, I got a call out around 1:00 A.M. 那要看我怎么写我的报告了
[14:12.35]Ambrose brought this girl in, dead. 那你为什么
[14:15.44]She'd been in the water two hours. 不先告诉我那天晚上发生了什么
[14:17.35]Have you had much experience in this type of death? 我大概在夜里1点接到个电话
[14:20.02]Yeah, of course, I'm an undertaker. Ambrose把这个女孩的尸体送来
[14:23.65]Well, it's just my day job. 她呆在水里已经两个钟头了
[14:26.32]I mean, I'm perfectly qualified to be a coroner. 你对像这样溺水身亡的事件有经验吗?
[14:28.22]I mean, I did-- I did go to medical school. 是的 当然 我是干这行的
[14:32.15]And when did you find out that she was not dead? 这是我的本职工作
[14:34.25]我是说 我是十分合格的验尸官
[14:38.13]During the autopsy.
[14:41.22]During the autopsy? 你是什么时候发现她又活过来了?
[14:44.12]It's all right. I didn't expect you to believe me. 在解剖验尸的时候
[14:51.29]I figured you'd want to have a listen for yourself. 算了
[14:53.81]Decedent is a caucasian female, 161 centimeters, 51.3 kilos.
[14:58.21]The body prepped and washed by the very lovely Valerie McTavish... 我想你最好自己听听
[15:01.93]Ian... 死者为白人女性
[15:04.05]Commencing with the post. This is a clear case of drowning. 身高161厘米 体重51.3公斤
[15:08.27]I'll begin with the thoracic-abdominal incision-- 尸体由Valerie Mctavish清洗完毕
[15:21.81]Take it.
[15:23.66]No, please...
[15:25.82]I don't want to ever listen to that tape again.
[15:42.18]- Lost already? - Your map is inexact.
[15:46.08]No kidding.
[15:47.51]These landmarks...
[15:50.20]Is this a river? 迷路了?
[15:52.05]No, it's a wavy line. 你的地图不准
[15:54.42]I didn't draw it, I just transcribed it. 是么
[15:56.63]I told you, I don't even know if it is a map. 这些地理标志...
[15:58.95]Let's assume it is. 不 只是条曲线
[16:00.55]- What's the ax for? - I don't know yet. 这不是我画的 是我抄来的
[16:02.62]我告诉你了 我不知道这是不是地图
[16:32.86]You were the one that found this plane, yes?
[16:39.15]It was up there. 飞机是你发现的么?
[16:45.89]- And what made it fall? - Boone. 当时它在上面
[16:51.93]Boone made it fall. 怎么掉下来的?
[16:54.96]Then he died. Boone
[16:58.03]"It was a sacrifice that the island demanded." Boone使它掉下的
[17:03.15]Excuse me? 然后他就死了
[17:06.18]Nothing. 那是这个岛需要的牺牲品
[17:08.41]So, what's next? 什么?
[17:10.31]We make camp...
[17:12.39]get some sleep... 没什么
[17:15.57]and wait for further instruction. 那么 下一步呢?
[17:22.26]Where the hell are they? 等待下一步的指示
[17:24.04]Just calm down.
[17:26.48]Finding his trail in the dark's not gonna be easy.
[17:29.29]They'll be back. 他们到底去哪了?
[17:33.25]Jack. 在黑夜里追踪不是那么简单的
[17:35.32]She say anything? Libby? 他们马上会回来的
[17:39.19]She's still unconscious. Jack
[17:41.80]The bleeding's stopped. 她有说什么吗? Libby?
[17:44.08]That's good, right?
[17:45.94]No. 她还处于昏迷状态
[17:48.23]It's not good. 血止住了
[17:50.05]那是好消息 是么?
[17:52.77]- And there's nothing you-- - I can make her comfortable. 不
[17:58.23]I don't have what I need. 你就没有...
[18:01.55]Why are you looking at me? I gave you all the damn meds two days ago-- 我能让她更好过点
[18:04.55]The heroin, Sawyer. 但我没有我需要的
[18:11.02]海洛因 Sawyer
[18:15.39]Give me 20 minutes.
[18:18.33]Kate's gonna go with you.
[18:20.21]- It doesn't take two people to go-- - Kate is going with you. 等我二十分钟
[18:25.63]What are you talking about? Why would he need me to go with him? 没必要去两人
[18:28.05]Jacko here knows his heroin's in my stash with the guns. - Kate一起去 - 你在说什么?
[18:32.25]So I can either show you where it's at, or let poor Libby suffer. 干吗要我跟他一起去?
[18:39.55]- That pretty much it, doc? - Yeah. That's pretty much it. 所以我要么告诉你东西放在哪
[18:46.85]是不是这样 医生?
[18:49.81]Let's go, freckles. 是的 差不多是这样
[19:08.26]I'm curious about something.
[19:10.41]Yeah, what's that?
[19:12.10]How did Ana Lucia get your gun?
[19:15.79]I don't know. She must've lifted it off me.
[19:19.25]She pickpocketed your gun? How'd she do that? 有件事我很好奇
[19:19.88]恩 什么事?
[19:21.25]Ana Lucia怎么拿到你的枪的?
[19:22.81]Well, if I knew how she did it, she wouldn't be able to do it, now would she?
[19:25.35]我不知道 肯定是偷的
[19:32.18]After you. 她怎么做到的?
[19:33.79]I thought you were taking me to your stash. 我要是知道的话
[19:35.98]Do you have to make everything so damn difficult? Just go in. 她就没机会下手了 不是吗?
[20:00.75]You kept the guns here.
[20:03.49]All this time, right under you.
[20:05.92]Fooled you, didn't I?
[20:15.75]Hey, guys. 骗到你们了吧?
[20:18.07]You seen Libby around?
[20:25.55]嘿 伙计们
[20:54.46]Shh. You'll wake John.
[21:01.89]Follow me. Yemi
[21:03.92]嘘 别把John吵醒了
[21:11.63]Yemi. 来
[21:41.26]Y emi.
[21:44.36]Wake up, John. Yemi
[21:53.00]You all right, John? 醒醒 John
[21:58.83]Yeah, I'm fine.
[22:00.58]You had a dream.
[22:02.75]你还好吧 John?
[22:05.44]Was there a man? A priest? 很好
[22:12.34]The man that you saw was my brother.
[22:14.92]有没有梦到一个男的? 一个牧师?
[22:16.83]Your brother.
[22:18.40]This is why we needed to come together.
[22:21.02]This is how we are going to be led, 你梦到的那个人是我的弟弟
[22:23.11]and how we will know where to go next.
[22:25.20]But I don't know where to go. 你弟弟
[22:26.51]Did he tell you anything? 这就是我们要一起来的原因
[22:28.22]- No, he-- - Nothing? Anything?
[22:30.56]It wasn't even me. It was-- it was you. It-- it didn't... 我们会以这种方式得到指示
[22:32.65]- 也会通过这种方式知道下一步怎么走 - 可我不知道往哪儿走啊
[22:35.73]He... he wanted me to follow him. - 他有没有告诉你什么? - 不 他...
[22:39.96]Follow him where? 没有? 什么事都可以?
[22:40.22]梦里的不是我 是你
[22:42.75]那个 那个 没有...
[22:52.58]Wait here.
[22:55.96]Eko, it was just a dream.
[22:58.50]It's not safe.
[23:06.33]Eko! Eko 那只是个梦
[23:20.69]Father, I'm afraid it's not a very good time. You'll have to come back later.
[23:24.82]Mrs. Malkin, I must speak to your daughter.
[23:27.13]Yesterday at the church, you said--
[23:28.91]I know what I said. It's just, right this minute, it's not a very good time.
[23:30.82]神父 恐怕现在不方便说话
[23:32.41]Get back in the house, Joyce. Get her inside. 你能改日再来吗
[23:35.81]- Richard, please-- - Inside --now. Malkin女士 我必须和你女儿谈谈
[23:36.35]- 昨天在教堂 你说... - 我知道我说了什么
[23:42.78]回房子里去 Joyce
[23:44.28]- 把她带进去. - Richard 别这样...
[23:46.76]I know why you're here, friend, 马上进去
[23:48.73]but you can save yourself the trouble.
[23:50.25]What happened here was not a miracle.
[23:52.24]The doctor that treated your daughter feels differently.
[23:55.20]Treated her? 我知道你来干嘛的 朋友
[23:56.48]You mean tried to cut her open. 不过你大可不必费神
[23:58.47]He's just trying to cover up his own negligence. 这里没有发生什么奇迹
[24:00.92]He tell you the whole story, how she supposedly drowned? 给您女儿治疗的医生可不这么认为
[24:04.58]She fell into a mountain river. 治疗?
[24:06.93]Her body shut down, she went into hypothermia, 你是说准备把她开膛破肚的家伙
[24:09.61]which made her appear dead. 他有告诉你事实么? 她是被误诊的
[24:11.46]Then why is your wife so convinced otherwise?
[24:14.27]'Cause she's a zealot. 她掉进了山中的一条河中
[24:16.75]All of this-- everything she's doing-- is to spite me. 她的身体机能停滞了 体温降低
[24:20.99]Why would she spite you? 可您的妻子怎么会 对奇迹的说法如此深信不疑呢?
[24:22.96]Because she knows I'm a fraud. 因为她头脑发热
[24:25.32]Because I make my living as a psychic. 她做的这一切
[24:29.05]You see, that's what I do. 都是为了给我造成困扰
[24:31.17]I gather intelligence on people, and I exploit it. 她为什么要这样做?
[24:34.94]Every day, I meet people looking for a miracle-- 因为我的职业是通灵者
[24:39.33]desperate to find one. 我就是靠这个谋生的
[24:41.52]But there are none to be had. 把这些作为己用
[24:44.33]Not in this world, anyway. 每天
[24:50.24]I will report back to my monsignor that there was no miracle here. 因为根本没有奇迹可言
[24:55.59]Your daughter is alive. This is all that matters. 至少在这个世界上是没有的
[25:05.08]您的女儿活着 这个是最重要的
[25:31.99]Be careful.
[25:40.90]Eko! 小心
[25:48.86]Eko! Eko
[25:50.72]I'm fine.
[26:17.22]Hey, Eko! What's up there? Do you see anything?
[26:21.57]I don't see nothing.
[26:25.65]嘿 Eko
[26:28.45]上面有什么? 你看到什么了吗?
[26:49.06]- It's salted. - What?
[26:51.16]The earth has been salted so that nothing can grow.
[26:54.77]Why would anyone want to salt...
[26:57.35]there's nothing here.
[26:58.72]I believe they made a circle.
[27:00.57]A target, so that this place can be seen from up above. 这里被撒过盐
[27:04.35]They? 这里的土被掺进了盐以防上面生长植物
[27:06.27]What place? 谁会在这儿撒盐...
[27:08.21]The place that this plane fell upon, John. Come on. 什么都没有
[27:13.57]做了一个目标 这样从上面就可以看到这个地方
[27:20.57]这架飞机掉下来的地方 John 来吧
[27:35.72]Please, will you help me with this?
[28:22.26]May I?
[28:24.58]Please. Be my guest.
[28:36.20]好的 请便
[29:28.27]We were gonna have our first date.
[29:39.73]Picnic on the beach. 我们本来要开始第一次约会的
[29:49.98]I'm glad you're okay, man. 在海滩上来一次野餐
[30:01.43]很高兴你没事 伙计
[33:16.88]Hello. I'm Dr. Mark Wickmund,
[33:19.83]and this is the orientation film for station 5 of Dharma Initiative.
[33:24.47]Station 5, or the pearl, is a monitoring station
[33:28.76]where the activities of participants in Dharma Initiative projects 你好 我是Mark Wickmund博士
[33:32.88]can be observed and recorded. Not only for posterity, 这是东方电影的影片
[33:36.93]but for the ongoing refinement of the Initiative as a whole. 第五站 又名珍珠 是一个监视站
[33:40.65]As Karen Degroot herself has written, 达摩启动计划中 所有的参与者的一切行动
[33:42.97]"careful observation is the only key to true and complete awareness." 都将在此被观察与记录
[33:48.42]Your tour of duty in the pearl will last three weeks. 同时也更细化了正在进行的整体计划
[33:51.26]And during this time, you and your partner 正如Karen Degroot自己所写
[33:53.09]will observe a psychological experiment in progress.
[33:56.73]Your duty is to observe team members in another station on the island. 是得到完整真知的唯一途径
[34:00.99]These team members are not aware that they are under surveillance, 你们在珍珠监察站内的任务为期三周
[34:03.92]or that they are the subjects of an experiment. 在此期间 你和你的同伴
[34:06.64]Working in 8-hour shifts, you and your partner
[34:09.63]will record everything you observe in the notebooks we've provided. 你们的任务是
[34:16.33]What is the nature of the experiment, you might ask? 也不知道其身为实验对象
[34:19.17]What do these subjects believe they are accomplishing, 你和你的同伴将按八小时制轮流值班
[34:22.20]as they struggle to fulfill their tasks?
[34:24.76]You, as the observer, don't need to know. 并在我们提供的笔记本上记录下来
[34:27.33]All you need to know is the subjects believe their job 这一实验的目的何在? 你们可能对此产生疑问
[34:30.58]is of the utmost importance. 这些实验对象努力完成每项任务
[34:32.77]Remember, everything that occurs, 其坚信的理由是什么?
[34:35.85]no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant, must be recorded. 作为观测者的你们无需了解
[34:40.84]Each time a notebook is filled 这些实验对象
[34:43.72]with the fruits of your diligent observation-- 记住 发生的每件事
[34:48.83]...one of the containers provided. 不管多么小或看起来多么不重要
[34:50.98]Then, simply place the container in the pneumatic tube, and... presto. 都要记录
[34:58.13]It will be transported directly to us.
[35:01.44]At the end of your 8-hour shift, proceed to the Pala ferry, 把它放进准备好的容器里
[35:05.91]which will take you back to-- 放进空气管里
[35:08.09]...on behalf of the Degroots, Alvar Hanso, 然后...嗖的一下
[35:12.07]and all of us here at the Dharma Initiative, thank you. 我们就能拿到你们的报告了
[35:16.57]Namaste... 去巴拉渡口
[35:18.94]and good luck.
[35:20.87]谨代表 Degroots博士 Alvar Hanso
[35:33.54]Would you like to watch that again?
[35:40.20]No, I've seen enough.
[35:46.58]What are you doing? 不了
[35:48.82]I am taking this back with us.
[35:52.55]Why? 不 我看够了
[35:54.96]Because they may be important.
[36:00.64]I'm sorry, weren't you just watching the same thing I was?
[36:04.82]Yes, John. 我要把这些带回去
[36:07.04]And I believe the work you have been doing is more important now than ever.
[36:11.00]- What... work? - Pushing the button. 因为这些可能很重要
[36:20.30]That's not work. 是的 John
[36:22.28]That's a-- that's a-- a joke.
[36:26.20]Rats in a maze... with no cheese. 比任何事情都重要
[36:30.50]It is work, John. 按那个按键
[36:32.78]- We are being tested. - Tested?
[36:37.26]The reason to do it-- push the button-- 那不是工作
[36:40.31]is not because we are told to do so in a film. 那是
[36:44.49]All right. Well, then, what is the reason... Mr. Eko? 我被戏耍了
[36:46.62]那会有用的 John
[36:50.94]We do it because we believe we are meant to. 考验?
[36:54.99]Isn't that the reason you pushed it, John?
[37:01.29]I was never... 好吧
[37:03.78]meant to do... anything! 那么原因是什么呢...
[37:10.63]Every single second of my pathetic little life, 你不也是因为这才按按键的吗 John?
[37:16.41]is as useless as that button!
[37:20.11]You think it's important? You think it's necessary? 注定...
[37:23.50]It's nothing. It's nothing. 要去做任何事
[37:26.72]It's meaningless. 我那可悲的生命里的
[37:29.94]And who are you to tell me that it's not? 每一秒钟
[37:36.30]That's flight 815, leaving from gate 23. 你认为这很重要? 你认为这有必要?
[37:39.68]Thank you. 这些什么都不是 什么都不是
[37:49.70]- What are you doing here? - I had to see you.
[37:53.07]Look, your father said I shouldn't-- 您将乘坐815号航班 从23号门登机
[37:54.68]I know. He doesn't want me talking to you. 谢谢
[37:56.78]And I know you probably think I'm crazy.
[37:58.66]But I have a message for you, and I promised to deliver it.
[38:01.86]A message?
[38:06.90]He says you were a good priest. 你来这儿干嘛?
[38:09.33]Who says that? - 听着 我父亲叫我别来... - 我知道
[38:11.14]Yemi. 他不想让我和你说话
[38:16.33]Speaking about my brother... is not a joke. 可有人托我带个口信给你
[38:20.70]So you should be very careful what you say next.
[38:24.22]I saw him when I was... between places. 他说你是个好神父
[38:28.47]He said that you would come and see me. Yemi
[38:30.29]He said even though you were pretending, you were a good man.
[38:33.87]Who put you up to this? Did your father tell you to do this? 别拿我弟弟的名字...
[38:37.09]He wants you to knowt hat he will see you soon. 开玩笑
[38:39.18]He said that even though you don't have faith in yourself, 当我在 另一个空间徘徊时 我见到了他
[38:41.66]he has faith in you.
[38:43.80]Why are you doing this to me? 他说你会来看我
[38:46.37]What do you want from me? Why are you doing this to me? 他说尽管你极力伪装
[38:49.41]Is everything... all right? 你仍是个好人
[39:00.62]He has faith in you. 你干吗这样对我?
[39:03.02]One day, you'll believe me. 你想要什么? 你为什么这样做?
[39:12.54]This cross was worn by my brother, Yemi.
[39:16.39]Yemi was a great man, a priest. A man of God. 他相信你
[39:19.08]总有一天 你会相信我的
[39:22.15]And because I betrayed him, he was shot and died.
[39:27.18]He was placed on a plane 这个十字架是我弟弟Yemi的
[39:30.16]which took off from an airstrip in Nigeria, half a world from here.
[39:38.27]Then, the plane that I was on crashed on this island. 上帝的仆人
[39:38.95]因为我背叛了他 他被枪杀了
[39:43.96]And somehow, here-- I found my brother again. 他被放在一架飞机上
[39:48.90]I found him in the same plane that took off from Nigeria, 远在地球的另一边
[39:52.47]in the same plane that lies above us now,
[39:54.95]that has concealed this place. 然后 我坐的飞机
[39:59.03]And I took this cross from around Yemi's neck, 在这个岛上坠毁了
[40:00.78]无论如何 在这儿
[40:03.29]and put it back on mine-- just as it was 我又找到了我的弟弟
[40:09.10]on the day I first took another man's life. 就是现在我们上面的那架
[40:19.91]So let me ask you, how can you say this is meaningless? 戴在自己脖子上
[40:30.96]I believe the work being done in the hatch is more important than anything.
[40:39.21]If you will not continue to push that button, John, 你怎么能说你做的事没有意义呢?
[40:44.72]I will.
[40:55.65]如果你不继续按按键的话 John
[41:23.00]can I talk to her?
[41:55.53]It's Hurley.
[42:12.38]I'm sorry I forgot the blankets. 是我 Hurley
[42:18.80]I'm sorry I forgot the blankets.
[42:45.92]Michael... Libby?
[42:47.66]Michael... he's okay. He made it, Libby, he's okay. It's all right.
[43:06.38]他没事 Libby 他很好
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