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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: <迷失>前情提要:
[00:02.76]I think Michael has been compromised. 我认为Michael已经妥协了.
[00:04.44]This camp Michael is leading you to is where they will set their trap. Michael带我们去的营地 是他们设下的圈套.
[00:07.60]- I can go ashore undetected. - How? - 我可以从岸边走不被发现 - 怎么走?
[00:09.80]We will sail the boat and scout them. 我们驾船去侦察他们的情况.
[00:12.24]This time, they will know that we are coming. 是时候让他们知道我们来了.
[00:19.44]- Hi, Jack. I'm Juliet. - Where are my friends? - 嘿, Jack. 我叫Juliet. - 我的朋友在哪儿?
[00:24.28]Tell me where my friends are! 告诉我他们在哪儿!
[02:03.00]Sun 开门
[02:14.56]Jin 等等
[02:27.16]My husband says it's time to leave. 我丈夫说该走了
[02:30.48]Jack and the others aren't coming. 他认为Jack和其他人不会来了
[02:32.60]It's been over a day since we lit the fire. 我们生火后都过了一天了
[02:35.84]- They should be here by now. - Jack knows we're out here. - 他们早该到了. - Jack 知道我们在这里.
[02:38.76]He's counting on our signal. 他指望着我们的信号呢.
[02:48.28]Perhaps he's not able to see the smoke. 可能他看不见烟.
[02:50.40]If he's north of us, the mountains would block his view. 如果他在我们北面, 山脉会遮挡他的视线
[02:53.64]We need to sail along the coast, clear the mountains, and start another fire. 我们要沿着海岸前进, 越过这座山, 重新生火.
[03:01.60]No. 不行.
[03:03.88]I told Jack I would light a fire. I'm not abandoning him. 我跟Jack说过我会生火. 我不会丢下他.
[03:24.12]My husband thinks we have to do as he says, 我丈夫说得按他说的做,
[03:26.84]because he's the only one who knows how to sail. 因为只有他会驾船.
[03:31.28]But he's wrong. 但他错了.
[03:35.48]I can help you sail the boat. 我可以帮你开船.
[03:57.68]Are you feeling any better? 感觉好点了吗?
[04:05.12]I made the soup myself, but I won't take it the wrong way if you don't like it. 我自己做的汤, 但你不喜欢我也不会生气.
[04:41.88]You never made soup for me. 你从没做汤给我喝.
[04:48.68]- Am I interrupting something? - Would it really matter if you were? - 我打断你们了? - 真的打断你会在乎吗?
[04:54.32]We have a situation. Brian radioed in. The Iraqi found the decoy village. 我们有状况了. Brian发来无线电. 伊拉克人发现了做圈套的村庄.
[04:59.20]- Good. That's what we wanted. - Brian followed him back to the shore. - 好. 是我们想要的. - 跟着他回了海滩.
[05:03.00]- Ben, they have a sailboat. - How? - Ben, 他们有条船. - 怎么会?
[05:05.44]I have no idea. 我不知道.
[05:06.64]So they have a boat. Sailing in circles will keep them busy. 那么他们有条船. 绕着岛兜圈可以让他们忙上一阵.
[05:10.48]They could find us. 他们会发现我们的.
[05:16.48]- Ben... - I'm thinking. - Ben... - 我在想.
[05:20.48]- How quickly to gather a team? - Within the hour. - 你组织一支队伍要多久? - 一小时内可以搞定.
[05:22.96]Then don't waste time talking to us. 那就不要在这里浪费时间跟我们讲话了.
[05:29.56]Hey, Colleen. 嘿, Colleen.
[05:32.68]I want that boat. 我要那条船.
[06:05.12]- Nice alarm clock. - I've woken up to worse. - 不错的闹钟. - 我醒来觉得更糟了.
[06:09.76]You want half a fish biscuit? 还有一半鱼饼干你要不要?
[06:30.40]- What's this? - Lunch. - 这是什么? - 午饭.
[06:31.64]- We need you to keep up your strength. - Is that right? - 我们要你们留点力气. - 是吗?
[06:42.88]- Danny, wait. - Hold up. - Danny, 等等. - 等等.
[06:46.32]They have a boat. 他们有条船.
[06:50.88]OK. Be careful out there. OK. 小心离开那里.
[06:59.56]What are you looking at? 你看什么看?
[08:14.92]What's wrong? 有什么问题?
[08:19.84]What's wrong is I'm married. 问题就是我已经结婚了.
[08:22.68]Right. That. 没错. 那个.
[08:31.52]Jae 我不能
[09:10.04]I don't wanna share you anymore. 我再不想与别人分享你了
[09:14.84]Your English is excellent now. You can go to America. 你的英语已经很好了 我们可以去美国
[09:22.52]- Does anyone know you're? - No. - 有没有人知道你... - 没
[09:40.28]抱歉 我没有意识到...
[10:16.84]All right, here's the jig. 好了,这是矿筛
[10:18.84]You see these rocks here? That's where you two come in. 看见这里的石头没? 这就你们派用场的地方了.
[10:21.96]You're gonna chop 'em loose and you're gonna haul 'em outta here. 你把它们敲碎并把它们运走
[10:25.44]- You expect me to work in this dress? - It's up to you. - 你让我穿着这条裙子干活? - 随你
[10:29.04]You can take it off if you want. 不喜欢可以脱了
[10:37.48]How dare you. 你竟敢这样讲话
[10:39.48]Now, if you need anything, you raise your hand. 现在,有什么事情就举手.
[10:42.16]- Ten minutes for lunch... - I got a question. - 午饭有10分钟时间 - 我有个问题
[10:44.48]- No questions. - She asked a question. - 不准 - 她问了一个问题 (我为什么不可以?)
[10:46.36]If you try to run off, you will be shocked. 要是想逃跑,会被电击
[10:49.88]- Shot? We don't even get a warning? - Shocked. I said shocked. - 枪击? 连警告都不给? - 电击。我说了电击
[10:53.64]If you talk to each other, touch each other, 互相讲话 会被电击
[10:56.60]if you're slacking, you're gonna get shocked. 干活怠工 会被电击
[10:59.08]You do anything at all that pisses me off, you're gonna get shocked, OK? 事实上 只要做了任何让我觉得不爽的事 都会被电击, 知道吗?
[11:04.08]- Let's get to work. - Not until I see Jack. - 干活吧 - 没见到Jack前,我什么也不干
[11:16.92]Now, that was a quarter charge. You got any more questions? 这才是个小小警告哦(四分之一的量) 还有问题么?
[11:29.92]Soon as you're able to walk, wheelbarrow's right over there. 等会你就能走路,手推车就在那边
[11:46.28]你要见我, 先生?
[12:34.36]先生, 我的工作不是 ...
[13:00.56]你娶了我的女儿, Jin
[14:01.16]Why should there be a dock all the way out here? 为什么这里会有个码头?
[14:05.96]Others. 是那些人
[14:07.64]The dock's decaying. It's overgrown. 这码头已经衰败了. 周围杂草丛生.
[14:09.68]It looks like it hasn't been used in some time. 看起来已经好久没人用过了
[14:12.12]Whoever built it, they're not here now. 建它的人现在不在这里
[14:15.36]Let's bring the boat in, tie it to the dock and build a fire on the beach. 我们把船靠过去吧, 我们把船停靠在码头, 然后在海边生火
[14:19.08]The visibility's excellent, 这里的可视性很高,
[14:21.52]and Jack will be able to see us from miles around. Jack在几里之外都可以看见
[14:29.36]- Safe? - Yes, Jin. Of course it's safe. - 安全吗? - 是的, Jin. 当然安全.
[14:57.92]Hey! Get back to work. 嘿! 继续干活
[15:06.04]Whatever you say, boss. 听你的, 老板
[15:24.28]Hey. 喂!
[15:27.08]Careful. Don't let them see you talking to me. 小心. 不要让他们看到你在和我讲话.
[15:34.44]Are they keeping you in the cages? 他们把你关在笼子里吗?
[15:36.92]Did you see another guy in there with you, about my age, named Karl? 你在那里还见到别人了吗? 和我差不多大, 名叫Karl?
[15:41.56]No. It's just Sawyer and me. 没有. 只有Sawyer和我.
[15:45.48]You're not even supposed to be in that cage. 你根本都不该被关在那个笼子里
[15:49.44]What are you talking about? Who are you? 你在说什么? 你是谁?
[15:55.04]Where'd you get that dress? 你从哪搞到的这件衣服?
[15:58.84]- They gave it to me. - It's mine. - 他们给我的. - 它是我的.
[16:02.84]You can keep it. Looks better on you anyway. 你留着吧. 穿在你身上还好看些.
[16:07.48]Wait. 等等
[16:11.64]Having fun yet, Freckles? 觉得好玩吗, 雀斑女?
[16:13.64]Quit staring at my ass. 别再盯着我屁股看了
[16:16.84]Give me something else to stare at. 那给我找些别的看
[16:19.44]Hey! 嘿!
[16:22.40]Shut up. 闭嘴
[16:25.72]Yes, sir, boss. 是的, 老板
[16:36.56]Thank you. 谢谢
[16:40.20]- What else can I do? - Help your husband. - 还需要我做些什么? - 帮帮你丈夫
[16:42.52]We need as much wood as we can find. 我们需要尽可能多的木头.
[16:46.40]We're building quite a large fire. 我们要生一个很大的火堆
[16:48.92]We have to make sure Jack will see the smoke. 我们要确保Jack能看到烟
[16:56.36]Why are you lying to me, Sayid? 你为什么要骗我, Sayid?
[17:00.24]And what would you know about lying, Sun? 你对欺骗这回事知道多少, Sun?
[17:07.96]You're putting our lives in danger. 你使我们陷入危险的境地.
[17:14.40]I'm fairly certain our friends have been captured. 我相当肯定我们的朋友被抓了
[17:17.92]There are tracks all over the dock. 码头附近到处都是脚印
[17:21.40]- They're fresh, as recent as yesterday. - You said this dock was abandoned. - 都是新的, 昨天才留下的 - 你说这个码头被废弃了
[17:25.88]That would be part of the lying you mentioned. 那是你刚才提到的我的谎言的一部分
[17:32.28]You're not building this fire for our people. 你生火不是为了引起我们的人的注意
[17:35.16]You're building it for The Others. 是为了引起那些人的注意
[17:37.96]I suspect that when they see the smoke, 我推测当他们看到烟后,
[17:40.36]they'll send a scout party to investigate. 他们会派一组人来调查
[17:42.68]By then, it will be night. When they arrive, I'll ambush them. 那时应该已经到晚上了 当他们来了, 我会伏击他们
[17:46.68]I'll take two of them hostage and I'll kill the rest. 我会把两人做为人质, 而杀掉其余的
[17:49.52]Two? 两人?
[17:51.00]One to make the other cooperate. 一个来说服另一个和我们合作
[18:00.68]- What do you need me to do? - Lie to Jin for another 20 minutes. - 你需要我做什么? - 很抱歉, 但我需要你继续欺骗Jin20分钟
[18:10.52]Why? 为什么?
[18:11.64]Because once the fire is lit, it will be too late to go back. 因为一旦火生起来了, 要回去就已经来不及了
[19:35.56]不, Jin
[19:56.20]如果我们逃走, 你父亲会...
[20:05.68]我做这些是为了你, Sun
[20:58.44]Gun. 枪
[21:02.00]I don't think I understand. 我不懂他的意思
[21:18.20]- What is it? - He knows what we're doing. - 他说什么? - 他知道我们在做什么
[21:21.80]He knows it's a trap. 他知道这是个陷阱
[21:32.96]He says he understands English better than I think he does. 他说他懂的英语比我想象的要多
[21:42.40]He knows I betrayed him. 他知道我背叛了他
[21:46.00]Gun. 枪
[21:50.00]Can you handle one of these? It's an automa... 你会用它吗? 是自动手枪...
[22:08.48]I think you'll be safer on the boat. 我认为你在船上会安全一些
[22:18.24]Sun, if by chance they get past us, there's another gun. Sun, 如果他们越过了我们这道防线, 还有一把枪.
[22:23.84]It's inside the blue tarp beneath the galley counter. 在船上灶台底下的蓝帆布里
[22:26.24]If they get past you, 如果他们越过了你们,
[22:29.04]that means my husband is dead, 就意味着我丈夫死了...
[22:32.92]and I won't care anymore. 我就不再在乎了
[22:36.44]As I said, the gun is inside the tarp. 再说一遍, 枪在帆布里面
[23:48.12]Hey! Hey! Hey! 嘿, 嘿! 嘿!
[24:07.60]- Back off! - James! - 退后! - James!
[24:12.32]Put the gun down right now. 把枪放下
[24:18.84]Put the gun down. 把枪放下
[28:17.72]I don't think they're coming. 我想他们不来了吧
[28:52.16]I want you to let me off this boat. 你让我下船吧
[28:55.88]I can't do that. 不行
[28:58.88]- Why not? - It's not my decision to make. - 为什么不? - 这可不是我说了算的
[29:04.56]- There are five of my friends up there. - Lower your voice. - 你知道上面可有我的五个朋友哦 - 小声一点
[29:09.08]OK. 好吧
[29:13.04]- Stop. I'll shoot. - No, you won't, Sun. - 站住. 我要开枪了. - 你不会的, Sun.
[29:18.88]I know you, Sun-Hwa Kwon, and I know you're not a killer. 我了解你, Sun-Hwa Kwon, 我知道你不是个杀手
[29:24.60]Despite what you may think, I am not the enemy. 你可能不信 但我不是你的敌人
[29:29.16]We are not the enemy. 我们不是敌人
[29:32.32]But if you shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become. 但如果你开枪打我...我们就会变成敌人了
[29:39.16]Stop. I will. I'll shoot you. 站住. 我会的 我会开枪打你的
[30:02.68]Sun! Sun!
[30:04.32]No! 不!
[30:22.96]No! 不!
[30:33.48]There! 这里!
[30:40.08]No! 不!
[32:16.48]回家 去你丈夫身边
[33:09.80]I'm sorry I dragged you into this. 很抱歉把你们拖了进来
[33:12.68]And please communicate to your husband, 请跟你丈夫沟通一下,
[33:15.92]the next time I will listen to him. 告诉他下回我会听他的
[33:19.96]We should go. We have a long walk ahead of us. 我们该走了 前面还有很长的路等着我们去走
[33:57.12]- You OK? - Never better. - 你还好吧? - 从没这么好
[34:04.40]- What the hell were you thinking? - I couldn't help myself. - 你到底是怎么想的? - 我情不自禁啊
[34:09.04]You just looked so damn cute swinging that pickax. 你挥舞锄子的时候看起来还真可爱
[34:13.72]- The chain gang looks good on you. - Sawyer... - 监狱服很适合你啊 雀斑女 - Sawyer...
[34:27.08]Two guards got some real fight in 'em. 那群看卫里有两个是真正能打的
[34:29.20]The rest of 'em I ain't that much worried about. 其他的 我才不担心呢
[34:32.04]That heavy-set guy packs a hell of a punch. 那最重量级的家伙一拳下来还真狠
[34:36.40]Shaggy-haired kid's got some martial arts training, 头发乱糟遭的小鬼似乎练过武术,
[34:39.32]but I could take him if I had to. 不过如果真有必要 我应该可以搞定他
[34:41.16]And FYI, those zapper things got a safety on 'em. 哦 还有 那些电击玩意上有保险装置
[34:46.56]Did you see the look on their faces when you got ahold of that rifle? 他们看你拿到来复枪时的表情 你注意到没有?
[34:57.00]I'm guessing most of these boys never seen any real action. 我估计这群孩子里的绝大多数 都没见过真枪实战
[35:00.56]But that blonde who had a gun pointed at you, 但那个拿枪指着你头的金发女郎,
[35:04.20]she would have shot you, no problem. 她可以开枪打你 没问题
[35:08.56]Why'd she call you James? 她为什么叫你James?
[35:15.44]Because that's my name. 因为那就是我的名字
[35:19.52]I noticed something else, too. 我还注意到其他一些事
[35:22.92]You taste like strawberries. 你尝起来就像草莓
[35:28.00]You taste like fish biscuits. 你尝起来像鱼饼干
[35:39.00]So, what do we do now? 那我们现在该怎么办?
[35:41.40]Well, Shortcake, 甜饼(类似"甜心"的昵称呼)...
[35:44.48]now we wait for these bastards to make a mistake. 我们现在就等这些杂种犯错
[35:48.80]Sooner or later, they're gonna let their guard down. 迟早 他们会放松警惕的
[35:51.96]And when they do, we're gonna be there to put 'em in their place. 他们一放松 我们就出去教训他们
[36:08.48]Hello, Jack. 你好, Jack.
[36:25.88]You know what's crazy, Jack? 你知道什么是不可思议的吗, Jack?
[36:28.32]A week ago, you and I were in exactly the opposite situation. 就在一个星期之前, 我们的角色正好和现在互换
[36:32.48]I was the one locked up, and you were the one coming in for visits. 我是被关着的那个 你是进来探望我的那位
[36:40.76]And I know that you were angry 我知道你很生气
[36:44.24]that I lied to you about who I was, but... 关于我的身分我撒了谎 但是...
[36:48.00]hell, do you blame me? 你能怪我吗?
[36:51.96]I mean, let's face it, if I'd have told you I was one of those people 我的意思是 我们实际点, 如果我告诉你我就是
[36:55.28]you and your friends have been calling Others all this time, 你和你朋友一直称为others的那群人的一员,
[37:00.12]it would've been right back to Sayid and his... 我肯定就直接回到Sayid和他的...
[37:03.48]...fists. 拳头待遇了
[37:06.52]Wouldn't it? 不是吗?
[37:08.92]What do you want from me? 你想我怎么样?
[37:14.52]I want for you to change your... perspective. 我想你改变一下你的...观点
[37:19.84]And the first step in doing that would be for me to be decent enough 要这么做 第一步就是我自己也得开诚布公
[37:23.32]to introduce myself honestly, so... 先老老实实介绍一下我自己
[37:33.76]Hi. 你好
[37:37.68]My name is Benjamin Linus, 我叫Benjamin Linus ,
[37:40.32]and I've lived on this island all my life. 我一辈子都住在这个岛上
[37:53.04]You're not gonna shake? 你不跟我握手?
[38:05.68]Bring it in, please. 请送进来
[38:10.96]- Where are Kate and Sawyer? - They're fine and they're close. - Kate和Sawyer在哪里? - 他们很好 就在附近
[38:14.56]That's all I'm able to tell you right now. 我现在只能告诉你这么多
[38:16.72]- You can tell me anything you want. - Fair enough. - 随你怎么说都行 - 这样讲也算公平
[38:21.92]It's all I want to tell you. 我想跟你说的全部内容就是这个
[38:25.80]I'm gonna make this really simple, Jack. 我会简明扼要, Jack.
[38:29.12]If you cooperate, we send you home. 如果你合作 我们就送你回家
[38:34.80]- With what? - When the time is right... - 跟什么合作? - 等到时机成熟了,我会告诉你的
[38:36.84]- You tell me now. - Patience, Jack. Patience. - 现在你就告诉我 - 多点耐心, Jack. 多点耐心.
[38:41.68]Home. Is that where you sent Walt and Michael? 家. 就是你送Walt和Michael去的地方?
[38:46.44]Yes. 是的.
[38:53.28]If you could leave this island, why would you still be here? 如果能离开这个岛, 你们为什么还在这里?
[38:56.36]Yes, Jack. Why would we be here? 说得没错, Jack. 我们为什么要在这里?
[39:00.84]You're lying. You're stuck here just like we are. You don't have any... 你在撒谎. 你们跟我们一样 困在这里动不了 你们没有...
[39:04.68]Your flight crashed on September 22nd, 2004. 你们的航班是2004年9月22号坠毁的
[39:08.24]Today is November 29th. You've been on our island for 69 days. 今天是11月29号 也就是说你们在我们岛上已经待了69天
[39:11.76]And, yes, we do have contact with the outside world, Jack. 还有 没错, 我们的确和外面的世界有联系, Jack.
[39:14.72]That's how we know that during those 69 days 这就是我们如何知道在过去的69天里
[39:16.88]your fellow Americans re-elected George W. Bush, 美国人又选了George W. Bush当总统,
[39:20.28]Christopher Reeve has passed away, Christopher Reeve(超人扮演者)去世了,
[39:23.52]Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Boston Red Sox队赢了棒球世界杯.
[39:31.48]- What? - If you wanted me to believe this, - 什么? - 如果你要我相信这个,
[39:35.28]you should've picked somebody else besides the Red Sox. 你不应该选Red Sox队
[39:38.32]They were down three games to none against the Yankees. 他们对纽约队先输了三局
[39:41.96]- Then they won eight straight. - Sure. Sure. Of course they did. - 然后连赢了八局 - 当然 当然 他们当然赢了
[39:56.80]Back to Foulke. Red Sox fans have longed to hear it. 回到Foulke这里 (Keith Foulke,著名棒球球员) Red Sox的球迷等这个好消息很久了
[40:01.08]The Boston Red Sox are world champions. Boston Red Sox终于是世界冠军了!
[40:06.88]A clean sweep of the St Louis Cardinals, 横扫St. Louis Cardinals队
[40:09.84]and the Red Sox celebrate in the middle of the diamond here at Busch Stadium. Red Sox队就在Busch体育场的钻石中心庆祝!
[40:20.20]That's home, Jack, right there on the other side of that glass. 那就是家 Jack 就在玻璃的那一边
[40:25.72]And if you listen to me, if you trust me, 如果你听我的 如果你相信我
[40:28.84]if you do what I tell you when the time comes, 并按照我的话去做 时机成熟了
[40:31.40]I'll take you there. 我就带你回去
[40:33.72]I will take you home. 我会带你回家
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8774-255546-1.html

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