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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: 迷失前情提要:
[00:02.76]Each one of us was brought here for a reason. 我们每个人被带到这都是有原因的
[00:06.04]- And who brought us here, John? - The island. - 那么是谁把我们带到这的, John? - 这个岛
[00:09.72]It's destiny. 这是命运
[00:11.20]You and your partner will observe a psychological experiment in progress. 你和你的搭档将观察一个心理实验的过程
[00:15.28]Your duty is to observe team members in another station on the island. 你们的责任就是观察 这个岛上的另一个基站里的成员
[00:18.84]These team members are not aware that they are under surveillance, 这些成员并不知道自己在你们的监视之下
[00:21.36]or they are subjects of an experiment. 也不知道他们就是实验的主体
[00:23.32]Every single second of my pathetic little life 我这条卑贱生命中的每一秒
[00:28.08]is as useless as that button! 过得都和那个按钮一样毫无意义!
[00:31.04]As long as we push it, we'll never be free! 只要你还在按那个按钮, 我们就永远不会自由!
[00:33.92]If you're sure it's not real, then stop pushing the button. 如果你确信这不是真的, 那你就别再按那个按钮!
[00:37.08]Well, I have, except, unfortunately, someone else decided to start. 这个, 我是不按了, 但是很不幸, 别人决定接过我的班了
[00:42.44]Tomorrow we're gonna find out what happens 明天我们就来看看 如果不按那个按钮
[00:44.92]if that button doesn't get pushed. 到底会发生什么
[00:54.64]John! John!
[00:55.72]Who is he, Box Man? The man out there pounding on the door. 他是谁 盒子兄? 我是说那个在外面捶门的那位.
[00:59.72]His name is Mr Eko. 他是EKO先生
[01:02.24]Why does Mr Eko carry a stick covered in scripture? 为什么EKO先生带着一根写满了经文的木棍?
[01:04.84]Because he's a priest. 因为他是一个牧师
[01:07.08]- We need to push the button. - No, we don't. - 我们必须按那个按钮. - 不 没必要
[01:09.00]It's all bloody real! Push the button! 该死的 这些都是真的! 快按那个该死的按钮!
[01:11.00]No! 不!
[01:12.80]- You've killed us all. - No. I just saved us all. - 现在你把我们都害死了. - 不 我只是解救了我们所有人
[01:20.72]System failure. System failure. 系统崩溃
[01:29.84]I was wrong. 我错了
[02:53.08]When did John get back? JOHN什么时候回来的?
[03:00.00]And what's he doing? 他在干什么?
[03:05.48]Where's he been? Where's everyone else? 他去哪的? 别的人呢?
[03:07.92]Don't you think you should find out? 你不认为你该去问问吗?
[03:17.48]So you're gone for a whole day... after a massive hatch detonation. 舱门大爆炸之后,你消失了整整一天
[03:22.68]You don't call. You don't write. 也没电话 也没字条.
[03:26.84]Sorry, am I interrupting something? 抱歉 我是不是打断你了?
[03:33.52]What? You... can't speak, John? 什么 你... 你说不出话了吗, John?
[03:37.04]You're mute? 你哑了?
[03:40.88]I am sorry about that. 对此我很遗憾.
[03:42.88]So, where are Eko and Desmond? 那么EKO和DESMOND在哪?
[03:44.52]Are they off being mute and building structures as well? 难道他们也哑了?然后也在建造这玩意?
[03:49.96]I know. You can't speak. 我知道 你说不出话来
[03:52.84]You need to speak... to me? 你要和我谈谈吗?
[03:55.92]What do you wanna... 你想和谁...
[04:00.12]The sand? You need to speak to the sand? 沙子?你想和沙子谈谈?
[04:04.24]Trees. Yeah, I've heard they're wonderful conversationalists. 树?是啊 我听说树可是很健谈的
[04:07.64]Hey! 嗨!
[04:10.24]I don't understand. 我不明白
[04:12.36]Who do you need to speak to? 你得和谁谈谈啊?
[04:15.16]The... church? 教堂?
[04:17.00]The sky. 天空.
[04:20.64]Island. 大地.
[04:23.00]Island? 岛屿?
[04:28.48]You need to speak to the island? 你想和这个岛谈谈?
[05:04.20]"I need your help." "我需要你的帮助 "
[05:06.28]Since when do you need my help? 你什么时候开始需要我的帮助了?
[05:18.56]"I need you to stand guard." "我要你帮我放哨 "
[05:22.12]Yeah, so you can talk to the island. 噢 是啊 那样你就能和这个岛谈谈了
[05:25.56]Sounds dangerous. 听起来挺危险的
[05:27.28]Well, amusing as the "mute game" invariably is, 恩 你这个想法就和哑谜一样好笑
[05:31.32]you are aware, John, that I detest you, aren't you? 你知道的 JOHN 你知道我恨你 是吗?
[05:36.64]You do remember repeatedly punching me in the face 你还记得你曾经狠揍了我一顿
[05:39.44]and accusing me of using heroin when I was not? 还诬陷我再次吸食海洛因的 是吗?
[05:45.56]What the sodding hell is a "sweat lodge?" 就在那边桑拿房
[06:20.16]- Where you headed? - Eureka. -你想去哪? -EUREKA
[06:23.88]I can get you far as Bridgeville. 好吧 我可以把你带到 Bridgeville.
[06:26.60]Come on. Hop in. Come on. 来吧 上车吧 来吧
[06:40.52]- My name's John. - Eddie. - 我叫 John. - Eddie.
[06:42.36]- Hi, Eddie. - Hey. - 你好, Eddie. - 你好.
[06:44.56]- Nasty day to be hitching. - That's for sure. - 今天可不是搭车的好天气 - 是啊
[06:48.44]You don't mind my asking, what's in Eureka? 如果你不介意的话,我能问问你去EUREKA干什么吗?
[06:50.80]I heard there was some work there cutting timber. 我听说那里可以找到工作--伐木
[06:53.92]Oh, is that what you do? 哦 你是干那行的吗?
[06:55.76]That might be what I do. 也许将来我就干那行了
[06:57.44]All I know is that I had to get out of where I came from. 我只知道我得离开我的家乡
[07:00.24]Mom's dead, Dad's a drunk. 妈妈死了 爸爸是个酒鬼
[07:08.64]Hey, look at that. The rain is passing. 嗨 瞧. 雨过天晴了(一语双关)
[07:16.08]What, did you rob a bank? 怎么了 难道你抢了银行?
[07:19.80]Afraid so. 估计是的
[07:26.60]Could I see your license and registration, please? 能出示您的驾照和行驶证吗?
[07:29.28]- Was I speeding, Officer? - Taillight's out. - 我超速了吗 警官? - 尾灯没开
[07:34.52]Could you both please step outta the vehicle? 两位能下车吗?
[07:43.48]What do you got back here? 这后面装的什么?
[07:45.88]Guns and groceries. 枪和一些杂货
[07:55.44]The transaction logs and paperwork is in the red notebook in that duffel. 所有的合法登记证明和文件 都在那块粗呢布下面的红色笔记本里面
[08:05.88]So, are we free to go? 我们可以走了吗?
[08:10.08]I could still take you in for picking up a hitchhiker. 我仍然可以以让人搭载的罪名逮捕你
[08:13.36]That's my uncle. 他是我叔叔
[08:16.44]I called him and he picked me up. 我给他打了电话 他来接我的
[08:25.52]Get outta here. 走吧
[08:39.28]So, what is with all the guns... uncle? 那么那些枪到底怎么回事... 叔叔?
[08:46.28]Oh, I like the indoor fireplace. That's very snazzy. 噢 我喜欢薄门壁炉 非常时髦
[08:53.16]What's that? 那是什么?
[08:55.80]You're not taking drugs, are you, John? 你...不是在吸毒吧, John?
[08:59.72]I only ask because of the strict zero tolerance policy you've enacted, 我这么问是因为我可不想由于你所制定的 严格的"零容忍政策"...
[09:03.64]and I wouldn't want you to have to start punching yourself in the face. 导致到时你不得不自己抽自己耳光
[09:11.56]I get it. You go in your little magic hut, 我知道 你要进你的魔幻小屋里
[09:13.72]and I stand out here in case you devolve into a monkey. 而我得在这里放哨,以防万一你退化成猴子
[09:20.76]"Don't come in." OK. "千万...别进来" 好的
[09:25.08]OK. I get it. 好的 我知道了
[10:18.88]Hi, John. 嗨, John.
[10:21.80]It's good to see you again. 真高兴再见到你
[10:28.44]What's that, John? 你想说什么, John?
[10:33.60]You're sorry. 你很抱歉.
[10:35.52]That's OK. But I was the sacrifice the island demanded. 没关系. 我是这个岛所需要的牺牲品.
[10:45.20]Don't worry. You'll speak when you have something worth saying. 别担心. 如果需要你说话的时候你就能说话的
[10:49.52]I'm here to help you find your way again. 我是来帮你重回正轨的
[10:52.08]So you can bring the family back together. 那样你就能重新组回你的大家庭了
[10:56.96]Come on. 来吧
[10:58.56]I wanna show you something. 我有东西要给你看
[11:09.48]John. John.
[11:12.92]You're gonna need that. 你需要那轮椅.
[11:30.88]John, someone in this airport's in serious danger. John, 这个机场里有人正身处险境.
[11:34.44]You're the only one who can save them. 你是唯一能够拯救他们的
[11:41.04]Not them. They'll be fine... for a while. 不是他们 他们没事的...暂时没事
[11:52.40]I think Sayid's got it. 我想SAYID也没事
[11:54.56]Next, please. 下一个
[12:05.88]Not Hurley. 也不是 Hurley.
[12:15.32]Forget it. He's helping himself. 别管他 他能自救的
[12:42.68]There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet. 你现在什么也帮不了他们 还不是时候
[12:46.12]You have to clean up your own mess. 你得先解决你自己闯的祸
[13:08.28]Come up here, John. 上这来, John.
[13:22.88]Clean it up, John. 先把这解决, John.
[13:24.96]They've got him. You don't have much time. 他们抓住他了 你没有多少时间了
[13:42.80]John! John!
[13:46.32]What happened? 发生什么了?
[13:49.40]Are you all right? 你没事吧?
[14:06.48]What are you doing? 你在干什么啊?
[14:10.52]I'm going to save Mr Eko's life. 我得去救EKO.
[14:40.28]- Eko's cross. - He was dragged this way. - EEKO的十字架. - 他被往这方向拖走的.
[14:43.00]Dragged? 拖走?
[14:45.24]- By what? - By the polar bear. - 被什么拖走? - 北极熊
[14:47.32]Sawyer killed the polar bear. Sawyer把那北极熊杀了啊
[14:51.04]He killed "a" polar bear. 他杀死的只是其中一只
[15:18.72]What's that, John? Blood? 那是什么, John? 血吗?
[15:22.76]I'm gonna go on alone, you go back to Claire. 我得一个人去 Charlie 你回到CLAIRE那去
[15:26.28]- Well, I'll take my chances. - You don't wanna go with me, Charlie. - 这个...我想试试 - 你不会想跟我去的, Charlie.
[15:30.72]Bad things happen to people who hang around with me. 总有坏事发生在我周围的人身上
[15:43.40]Hey, Bobby. 嘿, Bobby.
[16:06.28]What's that? 那是什么?
[16:07.84]That, Eddie, is our sweat lodge. 那个吗, Eddie, 那是我们的桑拿房.
[16:10.72]A what? 什么?
[16:11.80]Anybody who wants can go in there and light a fire 任何人只要愿意都可以进去 点上一把火
[16:14.88]and get it nice and hot... meditate. 在舒适温暖的环境里思考问题
[16:17.20]Then what? 然后呢?
[16:18.92]Then you figure out what to do with your life... 然后你就知道你的生活该怎么抉择了
[16:21.48]...what direction to take. Go in and figure out if you're a farmer or hunter. 比如 怎么样选择你生命的方向. 可以进去想想到底你是一个农夫还是一个猎人.
[16:29.08]So which are you, John? 那你是哪个, John?
[16:35.24]- Hey, John. - Hey, Mike, Jan, this is Eddie. - Hey, John. - Hey, Mike, Jan, 这是 Eddie.
[16:38.68]Looking for logging work, but I convinced him to come have supper. 他在找一个伐木的活, 可我说服让他过来.
[16:42.00]- Nice to meet you, Eddie. - Nice to meet you. - 很高兴见到你, Eddie. - 很高兴见到你.
[16:44.16]Any friend of John's is a friend of ours. John的朋友也是我们的朋友
[16:47.00]John's a very special guy. John是个很特别的人
[16:50.04]Grab a spot. 随便坐
[16:52.56]So, you like Geronimo Jackson? 你喜欢 Geronimo Jackson?
[16:55.92]They're all right. It's my dad's old shirt. 是的 他们很不错 这是我爸爸的一件旧汗衫
[16:58.40]Your dad has excellent taste. 你爸爸品位不错
[17:01.48]Listen up, people. 大家注意了
[17:03.96]John brought a guest to supper. John 带了一个客人回来吃晚饭
[17:06.92]- Everyone, this is Eddie. - Hey, Eddie. - 各位, 这是 Eddie. - 嗨, Eddie.
[17:09.72]Eddie, this is everyone. Eddie, 这是大家.
[17:12.88]- Nice to meet you. - John, you wanna say some grace? - 很高兴见到你. - John, y你来说祷告词好吗?
[17:16.04]Yeah. 好.
[17:21.64]Thank you, Lord. 感谢你 上帝
[17:23.52]Thank you for the food and the friends. 感谢你赐予我们食物和朋友
[17:27.16]And thanks for the rain today, 也感谢今天下的雨
[17:28.96]so that Adam'll stop grumbling about the droughts. 这样ADAM就不会再抱怨干旱了
[17:33.64]And for me, thank you for helping me stop being so angry. 至于我...感谢你使我不再愤怒
[17:38.48]And for... helping me... 还有感谢你...为我
[17:40.96]...find a real family. ...找到了一个真正的家庭
[17:46.40]They're a hell of a lot better than the one I used to have. So, let's eat. Amen. 因为他们比我以前的“家人”……该死的好太多了. 好了 我们吃饭了 阿门
[17:50.24]- Amen. - Let's dig in. - 阿门 - 开动吧
[17:53.24]- Potatoes? - Thank you. - 土豆要吗? - 谢谢.
[17:57.20]Thank you. 谢谢.
[18:23.16]- Is that the hatch? - What's left of it. - 那个就是舱门? - 就剩下这个了
[18:26.60]What happened? 发生了什么事?
[18:29.68]Looks like it imploded. 看起来像是内部爆炸
[19:06.64]What's that? 那是什么?
[19:08.68]It's an active kill. 是种具有极强进攻性的东西干的
[19:11.24]Whatever was eating this is gonna be back for more. 这意味着吃过这个的动物还会继续进行袭击
[19:13.84]If you wanna say "polar bear," you can just say it. 如果你想说的是北极熊的话,你就说出来好了
[19:19.52]All right. "Polar bear." 好吧 是北极熊
[19:27.64]Run! 快跑!
[20:04.12]Dude. 老兄啊.
[20:09.36]They kept Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, 他们抓了 Jack, Kate, 和 Sawyer,
[20:11.68]and they sent me back to tell everyone else that we can't ever go over there. 他们让我回来告诉大家,我们不许去那里
[20:17.04]Oh, and that dude we had in the hatch, Henry... 就是那个被我们关在舱里的家伙, Henry...
[20:20.20]...he was there, he's like their leader. ...他在那里 像是他们的首领
[20:27.76]So... what do we do? 那...我们该怎么办?
[20:31.32]Do what they told you. Go back to the camp and tell the others. 照他们说的做. 回营地告诉大家.
[20:34.60]- You're not gonna do anything? - I am doing something. - 你就什么也不干? - 我有事要办.
[20:37.32]- Go back to the beach, Hugo. - Wait. Where are you guys going? - 你回海滩去, Hugo. - 等等 你们这是去哪里?
[20:41.08]The island told Locke he has to save Eko. 这个岛告诉Locke,他得去救EKO
[20:44.36]- Save him from what? - Well, apparently a bear's got him. - 他怎么啦? - 好像是一只熊袭击了他.
[20:48.64]It just made an active kill. You may wanna hustle. 它刚刚来了次袭击. 也许你回去得走快点
[20:57.12]Bear? 熊?
[21:02.52]What bear? 什么熊?
[21:13.48]What is that? More fur? 那是什么? 又是它的毛?
[21:17.68]This way. 这边.
[21:25.04]You know, when I used to get high, 早知道要这样的话
[21:27.44]I'd watch nature programs on the Beeb. 当初我就看看BBEB电视台的大自然栏目了
[21:30.80]Polar bears are meant to be quite clever. Very clever. 北极熊是很聪明的. 非常聪明.
[21:34.44]They're like the Einsteins of the bear community. 就像熊世界里的...爱因斯坦
[22:04.40]- She likes you, man. - Shut up. - 她喜欢你. - 嘘.
[22:06.28]- Yeah, she does. - She does not. - 是的 她喜欢你. - 不可能.
[22:08.00]- Yeah, she does. - She's half my age, man. - Y她喜欢你. - 她只有我一半年纪 兄弟
[22:10.32]- You'd be better off with her. - No. - 你和她才比较般配. - 不.
[22:12.16]Lizzie's too granola for me. Lizzie对我来说太小了
[22:14.20]What she really wants is a daddy, like everyone else here. 她真正需要的是一个爸爸,就像这儿所有人一样
[22:18.40]- You should take advantage of that. - That's not really funny, Eddie. - 你该好好利用这点. - 这可不好笑, Eddie.
[22:23.40]It was a joke. I'm sorry. 开个玩笑. 对不起.
[22:30.96]How come you never talk about your dad? 你怎么从来不说起你父亲?
[22:33.72]Nothing worth talking about. 没什么可说的.
[22:40.76]What's going on in that greenhouse over there? 他们在那个暖棚里干什么吗?
[22:45.40]- They need a hand with that fertilizer. - No. They're OK. - 也许他们需要帮忙施肥. - 不 他们很好
[22:48.84]Come on. We got orchard duty. 来吧 我们的任务是摘果子
[22:58.56]- What's the big secret, John? - Sorry? - 那里面有什么大秘密, John? - 什么?
[23:02.92]The greenhouse. What do you guys got in there? 那个暖棚--你们在里面干什么?
[23:05.76]Every time I go near it, you and everyone else acts all weird. 因为每次我走近那里,你们每个人都会显得怪怪的
[23:09.04]You're a guest, things take time. 你是这儿的客人,有些事得慢慢来.
[23:11.04]I've been here for six weeks. 我已经来了六个星期了
[23:13.64]I'm not blind, man. 我可不是瞎子
[23:15.60]Did you forget you had a bag of guns when you brought me here? 你还记得当你带我来这的时候,你有一大袋枪吗?
[23:18.68]Mike and Jan welcomed you here with open arms. They feed you. Mike 和 Jan 全心全意的欢迎你. 他们给你吃的.
[23:22.52]- They give you a place to stay. - And Mike and Jan - T给了你住的地方 - Mike 和 Jan
[23:25.48]fold their hands every night before chow and talk about how we're family, 每晚开饭前都合手祈祷,谈论我们如何像家人一样相处,
[23:29.24]your family's got too many secrets. 可你的家人藏了太多秘密
[23:32.32]Now, I see the fertilizer going into that greenhouse. 现在我看到肥料运进了那个暖棚
[23:35.72]I know what's going on... 我知道怎么回事了...
[23:38.44]...and I want in. ...我想加入你们.
[23:40.80]- In on what? - Whatever you are trying to blow up. - 加入什么? - 不管你们想炸什么东西都行.
[23:50.68]What's so funny? 有什么好笑的?
[23:53.44]Nothing. 没什么.
[23:56.40]I'll talk to Mike and Jan. 我会和MIKE和JAN谈谈的
[24:06.96]You really think Eko's in there? 你真认为EKO在那里面?
[24:12.92]Let's hurry up, maybe the bear's out finishing his lunch. 我们得快点了, 也许那只熊已经出来吃午饭了.
[24:16.16]- You're not going in there, Charlie. - What? - 你不能进去, Charlie. - 什么?
[24:19.20]I'm gonna do this alone. 我得一个人进去.
[24:21.84]Don't tell me what I can't do! If I want to go, I'll go. 不用你告诉我什么不能干! 如果我想进去 我就要进去
[24:24.44]- Why? - What? - 为什么? - 什么?
[24:25.68]- Why do you wanna go in there? - I don't need a reason! - W你为什么想进去? - 这不需要理由!
[24:29.08]- Then go back. - You don't have a good reason, either! - 那就回去吧. - 那么你也没有必须进去的理由!
[24:32.76]I'm going in there because I'm supposed to go in there. 我要进去是因为那是注定的.
[24:40.08]If it all goes to plan, we probably won't even see the bear, will we? 如果一切顺利的话, 我们也许都碰不到熊的?
[24:43.52]And hopefully he won't smell us. 希望它不要闻到我们的气味.
[24:48.52]Hairspray? Now, I hate to be the one to point this out to you... 发胶? 虽然我不想指明你(是一个秃子)...
[24:51.80]It's not for me. 这不是给我用的
[25:43.24]Bear? 熊?
[25:46.32]Is that you? 是你吗?
[25:49.72]Who's there? 谁在哪?
[25:51.40]Are you alone, brother? 你一个人吗 兄弟?
[25:53.84]Yeah. 嗯.
[25:57.40]Dude! I'm not alone. 兄弟 我可不是一个人哦.
[26:01.48]Beach camp's right over there. Can you get me some clothes? 海滩的营地就在那 你能给我拿些衣服吗?
[26:05.12]What happened to yours? 你的衣服呢?
[26:09.60]I woke up in the jungle like this. 我在丛林里醒来的时候就是这样了.
[26:12.80]So... like, the hatch... 那么...难道说...那个舱门...
[26:18.28]...blew off your underwear? ...把你的内裤也炸飞了?
[26:21.32]Fine. You wanna discuss this in great detail right now? 好吧 如果你想现在就谈谈这事的细节?
[26:24.32]- Then, let's do it. - No, that's OK. I got something here. - 那就谈吧. - 不 不用了. 我想我这里有一些衣服.
[26:30.92]How do you feel about tie-dye? 扎染的衣服没问题吧?
[27:29.20]Hey, Kim. 嘿, Kim.
[27:31.00]Hey, Mike and Jan in? 嘿, Mike 和 Jan 在吗?
[27:33.08]Yeah. They were looking for you. 在. 他们正在找你.
[27:36.88]Good, good. Good timing then? 很好 那我来得正好 是吗?
[27:41.12]Go on in. 进去吧.
[27:45.28]- You got all the cash? - In the bag. - 所有的现金都拿了吗? - 都放到包里了
[27:47.12]- Which bag? - The one with the money! - 哪个包? - 放钱的那个包!
[27:49.12]- What about bank records? - Leave 'em. - 银行记录怎么办? - 别管他们了
[27:50.80]- Should we sort what they can trace? - There is no time, Mike. - 我们是不是该整理一下以免被追查到? - 没时间了, Mike.
[27:54.24]What's going on? 怎么了?
[27:55.80]What does it look like? 你说呢?
[27:59.92]You screwed up, John. You blew it big time. 你搞砸了, John. 你把我们的欢乐时光给搞吹了
[28:07.48]What are you doing? 你们在干什么啊?
[28:09.16]Are you leaving? 你们要走吗?
[28:10.76]- Why? - That is why, you idiot! - 为什么? - -这就是为什么 白痴!
[28:13.48]Your friend's a cop. 你的朋友是警察.
[28:14.64]You know how much time we'd get for this? 你知道背上这罪名,我们要在监狱里面待多久吗?
[28:16.80]- Nice picture, fresh out of academy. - He was hitchhiking. - 相片照的不错, 刚毕业的. - 他只是路上一个搭车的
[28:21.72]- He told me he was going to Eureka. - He was waiting for you! - 他告诉我他要去Eureka. - 他是在那等你的!
[28:24.76]He has been here for six weeks gathering evidence because you brought him here! 就因为你把他带来的,他已经在这搜集了6个星期的证据了!
[28:28.80]- That's impossible. - He played you for a sucker. It's over. - 不可能的. - 他当你是白痴一样耍了你,现在这里得结束了.
[28:33.88]No. Wait. 不 等等
[28:36.28]Wait, no, wait, wait. Stop! 等等 不 等等 停下!
[28:40.08]We don't know what he's told them. He hasn't even been in here yet. 我们不知道他是否和警察说了什么. 他还没到这个棚子里来过.
[28:43.32]If he's gathering evidence to make a case, it's not too late. 如果他现在还在搜集证据想要起诉我们
[28:46.40]- Not too late for what? - To protect all of us. - 那么现在还不算太晚? - 保护我们大家.
[28:49.44]It's not too late to fix this. 保护我们还不晚.
[28:51.80]I can fix this. 我能修补好.
[28:55.24]How are you gonna do that? 你打算怎么做?
[29:29.48]Eko. Eko.
[29:32.08]John... John...
[30:10.16]Is he OK? 他怎么了?
[30:11.72]Is he alive? Is he all right? 还活着吗? 他还好吧?
[30:13.48]- He's alive. - Turn him over. - 他还活着. - 把他翻过来
[30:16.88]We gotta get outta here. 我们得离开这里
[30:18.56]OK. Let's get him up. 好 先把他扶起来
[30:27.76]So, when you say "turned a key," you mean like a "key" key? 那么你所说的"用钥匙", 你的意思是用一把钥匙?
[30:31.96]It was a fail-safe key. 那是个故障自动保险钥匙
[30:34.32]That seems kind of convenient. 听上去是种便捷的方法
[30:37.04]I'm sorry? 什么?
[30:38.24]If you had this magic key the whole time, why didn't you use it? 我说 你有这把神气的钥匙那么长时间了 为什么不用呢?
[30:42.84]- I didn't know what would happen. - What did happen? - 我不知道用了之后会发生什么 - 大概会怎么样?
[30:45.76]Well, the fail-safe key must've detonated the electromagnetic anomaly, 这把钥匙使得电磁不规则变化导致爆炸
[30:49.48]made the hatch implode. 引爆整个舱
[30:51.48]But you didn't implode. 但是你没这么做.
[30:54.84]No. 是的.
[30:57.00]You're not gonna... turn into The Hulk or something? 你难道不想这么做,把钥匙插进里面??
[31:02.24]So, is that what made the blender noise and the sky turn purple? 所以就是它弄出了那些怪声?
[31:05.84]I'm afraid I missed that. 恐怕我错过了
[31:07.60]Right, you were fail-safing. 是的你很谨慎啊
[31:09.28]Well, FYI, the whole island vibrated. FYI, 整个岛屿在摇晃
[31:12.84]Kate, Jack and Sawyer saw it before they had bags pulled over their heads. Kate, Jack 和 Sawyer 也会感觉到他们很危险
[31:16.48]Don't worry. Locke's gonna go after them. 别担心. Locke会照顾他们的
[31:19.84]- He said so in his speech. - What? - 他保证过. - 他保证过什么?
[31:24.24]What speech? 说什么?
[31:25.92]All he said was he was gonna save Eko and kill bears. 他只说了杀了那只熊并且从熊口救了EKO
[31:31.04]Right. 是的
[31:33.08]Right, of course. 是的 当然
[31:35.76]I'm sorry. I... 我很抱歉 我...
[31:38.80]...l'm just a bit shook up. ...我只是有些不安
[31:52.48]I burned that bear pretty good. 那熊被我烤得很漂亮
[31:54.40]I don't think he's gonna be coming after us. 我觉得它不会跟过来了
[31:57.00]Now that we've survived this suicide mission... 我们这样做近乎于自杀
[32:00.52]...do you wanna tell me what you saw? ...那你能告诉我你看到什么了吗?
[32:02.56]- What I saw? - In your spirit tent. - 我看见什么? - 我要听实话
[32:07.44]I saw Boone. 我看到 Boone.
[32:10.96]Boone? Boone?
[32:14.00]What did he have to say for himself? 他说什么了?
[32:16.36]Told me I had to clean up my own mess. 他告诉我得把我搞出来的麻烦事摆平
[32:18.52]Well... dead as he may be, 是吗 他也许死了
[32:21.84]I agree with Boone. 我同意他的说法
[32:23.32]If you kept pressing that button like Eko told you... 如果你继续按那个按钮的话 正如EKO和你说的
[32:26.00]We wouldn't have had to save him, that's what cleaning up your own mess means. 我们就不会去先前那个地方救他了, 那就是“把我搞出来的麻烦事摆平”的意思
[32:33.76]Spoken like someone who's had many messes to clean. 听上去你有不少麻烦事要解决啊
[32:48.16]- No deer? - Nope. - 没有鹿? - 不是.
[32:53.36]You talk to Mike and Jan yet? 你已经和MIKE还有JAN说过了?
[32:56.04]- Yeah, sure did. - What did they say? - 是的 说过了 - 他们怎么说?
[33:00.20]They said that I should 他们说我应该
[33:02.20]bring you by the greenhouse tonight and that they would explain everything. 带你到暖棚,他们会和你解释的
[33:06.12]Cool. That's great. 听起来不错啊. 太棒了.
[33:12.56]What? You see something? 什么 你看到什么了?
[33:17.28]John. John.
[33:25.84]- What are you doing? - Did you know it would be me? - 你这是干什么? - 你知道我会在那里?
[33:30.00]- What? - In the truck. - 什么? - 在车上.
[33:31.68]Did you know it would be me driving? 你知道我会开车过来?
[33:35.04]Did they choose me? 他们选择了我?
[33:37.12]"They"? I have no idea what you're talking about. "他们"? 我根本不知道你在说什么
[33:39.80]I didn't load that one. 我可没说你可以动那枪.
[33:47.76]So just answer the question, Eddie. 你到底怎么回答我, Eddie.
[33:50.84]Yeah. They chose you, John. 是的. 他们选中你, John.
[33:57.36]Why? 为什么?
[33:59.12]You hadn't been here long, didn't have a criminal record, 因为你到这里时间不长,没有犯罪记录,
[34:02.00]and the psych profile said you would be amenable for coercion. 精神分析学是这么说的 你会屈从于高压统治
[34:07.96]- "Amenable for coercion"? - Hey! Lower the gun, John. - "屈从于高压统治"? - 嘿! 把枪放下, John.
[34:13.48]OK? This isn't personal. 好吗? 这不是私人事情.
[34:16.04]What's not personal? 这不是私人事情?
[34:24.16]Stop, stop. 别动 别动
[34:25.36]I'm sorry, John, but you're not gonna shoot me. You're not a murderer. 对不起, John, 我知道你不会开枪的. 你不是冷血杀手
[34:30.84]You're a good man. 你是好人
[34:33.56]You're a farmer. 你是农夫
[34:36.08]Nope. 不是
[34:37.76]Not a farmer. 我不是农夫
[34:40.64]I was a hunter. 我是个猎人
[34:44.16]I'm a hunter. 我是猎人
[34:46.48]I'm gonna walk away now, John. 我现在得走了, John.
[35:14.92]You hear something? 听到什么了吗?
[35:18.84]- It sounds like a stream. - Yeah. - 好象有溪水声. - 对.
[35:21.44]Put him down. Maybe we can get some water in him. 把他放下来. 我去看一下是不是有水源.
[35:36.64]I'll go. You stay here. 我去吧 你待在这里
[35:56.52]I'm sorry. 我很抱歉
[35:59.84]Sorry I ever doubted you. 抱歉我怀疑你了
[36:01.88]Sorry I... 抱歉...
[36:04.12]...gave up on my faith in the island. ...在这岛上我放弃了信念.
[36:10.84]I messed up. 我搞糟了一切.
[36:14.12]Now our people are captured and... 让我们的人成了“其他人”的战利品...
[36:17.84]...if I'd just listened to you... ...如果我当初听了你的话...
[36:19.76]...if I'd just let you keep pushing the button... ...如果我让你继续按那个按钮的话...
[36:25.52]I could've gone with 'em, 我可以和他们一起去
[36:27.92]protected 'em. 保护他们
[36:31.04]I could've saved 'em. 救他们
[36:35.32]You can still protect them. 你现在仍然可以救他们
[36:43.08]You can still save them. 你还是可以救他们的
[36:52.24]I don't even know where they are. 我甚至根本不知道他们在哪里
[36:54.04]You will find them. 你会找到他们的
[36:59.72]After all, you are a hunter, John. 毕竟, 你是个“猎人”, John.
[37:10.20]- You say something? - He's awake. Eko? - 你说什么? - 他醒了. Eko?
[37:30.20]Maybe we should just... get him back, John. 也许我们应该t...把他带回去了, John.
[37:35.76]Yeah. 好的
[37:39.60]- You all right? - Yeah, just keep walking. - 你还行吧? - 是的 继续走
[37:43.76]John? Charlie? John? Charlie?
[37:47.04]- What happened? - We got him. - 发生什么事了? - 我们发现了他了
[37:49.44]- Is he alive? - We need Jack. - 他还活着吗? - 我们需要Jack.
[37:52.28]- Take him in. - Jack's not coming back. - 把他带进去 - Jack不会回来了
[37:54.68]- They've got him. - What are you talking about? - 他们抓住了他 - 你在说什么?
[37:57.24]- Jack's gone? - I don't understand. - Jack被带走了? - 我不明白
[38:00.16]- When were you planning on telling us? - What do you mean, who's "they?" - 你什么时候准备告诉我们实情? - 你什么意思 "他们"?“他们”是谁?
[38:03.52]"They" are the Others. "他们" 就是“其他人”
[38:06.88]And, yes, they've taken Jack. 他们带走了Jack.
[38:09.00]And Kate and Sawyer. 还有Kate和Sawyer.
[38:11.64]- How? What happened? - What about Sun, Jin and Sayid? - 怎么会?发生什么了? - 那么 Sun, Jin 和 Sayid呢?
[38:14.96]I don't know. 我不知道
[38:17.60]I'm gonna find our friends. 我得找到我们的朋友们
[38:21.68]I don't know how yet, but I will. 我现在还不知道他们在哪, 但我会的找到的.
[38:24.68]We're gonna find them, all of them. 我们得找到他们
[38:26.64]And then we're gonna bring them home. 然后把他们带回来
[38:30.88]But first, we gotta look after Mr Eko. Paulo, Nikki, bring towels and water. 但是现在第一件需要干的事是我们得照顾EKO Paulo, Nikki, 拿毛巾还有水来.
[38:35.28]We gotta clean him up, bring all the first aid supplies you can find. 我们得把他的伤口清洗一下, 我需要所有急救的东西提供能找到的一切
[38:49.04]Not a bad speech. 讲得不错啊
[38:58.96]I just got hit with... 我刚才被打中了...
[39:06.48]...deja vu.
[39:12.12]Well... when that wears off, 好吧... 一切都会好的
[39:14.36]can you get bandages from the kitchen? 你能从厨房带些绑带来吗?
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