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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: 前情提要:
[00:02.80]- What do you want from me? - Patience, Jack. - 你想要我怎么样? - 耐心, Jack.
[00:06.56]Patience. 耐心.
[00:07.64]- Danny, wait! - Hold up. - Danny, 等等! - 停下.
[00:11.20]Be careful out there. 小心.
[00:13.64]See these rocks? You're gonna chop 'em loose. 看到那些石头了吗? 你把它们敲碎
[00:16.16]You haul 'em outta here. 然后你把它们运走
[00:22.40]I am not the enemy. We are not the enemy. 我不是敌人 我们不是敌人
[00:26.44]But if you shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become. 但如果你向我开枪,那我们就会成为敌人.
[01:09.56]You've got a problem with your roof. 你的顶棚好像坏了
[01:13.40]What? 什么?
[01:14.72]Maybe you should move down the beach, just for tonight. 也许今晚你该搬到海滩去
[01:17.64]That way I can fix it, make some improvements. 这样我就能修好它,并做一些改进
[01:20.48]That's really nice of you to offer, but, Aaron just fell asleep. 谢谢你的好意,可…… Aaron 刚刚睡着
[01:23.88]- So I should probably just... - No, it'll be worth it. I promise. - 所以我得... - 不 我保证你不会后悔的
[01:28.32]Whatcha doing, brother? 你在干什么?兄弟?
[01:30.48]I was just offering to fix this roof here. 我想帮忙修这个顶棚
[01:33.64]Roof? 顶棚?
[01:35.36]Fine. There's a problem, I'll fix it. I'm quite handy. 没问题啊. 如果有问题的话我会修的. 我有一双巧手.
[01:39.64]I was building a church before... Eko exploded. Eko被炸之前,我还帮忙建教堂呢
[01:45.72]Right. 好吧
[01:47.20]Well. 好吧.
[01:50.00]Just trying to help. 我只想帮个忙而已
[01:52.24]Thanks. 谢了.
[01:56.00]What was all that about? 他什么意思?
[01:57.96]I don't know. 我不知道.
[02:00.00]We're gonna have to get that guy another button to push. 我们得帮那个家伙再找个按钮来按
[02:32.08]- How are you doing today, Jack? - Great. - 今天过得怎么样, Jack? - 很好.
[02:36.96]You seem frustrated. 你看起来很沮丧
[02:39.24]Am I gonna keep watching cartoons, or are you gonna tell me why I'm here? 我是接着看卡通, 还是你来告诉我为什么把我关在这儿?
[02:43.88]I hope you like blueberry. 希望你喜欢蓝莓
[02:46.08]- Should I talk to Benjamin? - Sorry? - 我能跟benjamin对话吗? - 什么?
[02:48.00]Should I talk to Benjamin? 我能跟benjamin对话吗?
[02:49.52]Because I'm starting to think you're just the person who brings me my food. 因为我在想你只是个给我送吃的的人.
[02:54.92]You can talk to him all you want... but he won't tell you anything. 你能和他说你想说的话, 可他不会告诉你任何事
[02:59.04]- You work for him? - No, I don't work for him. - 你为他工作? - 不 我不为他工作.
[03:01.32]- He's in charge. - It doesn't work that way over here. - 他是头. - 这里不是你想的这样.
[03:04.32]- We make decisions together. - Really? - 我们一起作决定 - 真的吗?
[03:07.52]Because... when I was holding that broken plate at your neck, 因为... 当我拿碎瓷片抵着你脖子的时候,
[03:10.60]he seemed happy to just let you die. 他好像不太关心你的死活.
[03:14.12]It felt like he made that decision on his own. 我是说 就像他自己作了决定
[03:19.72]You don't know what you're talking about. 你不知道你在说什么
[03:22.12]I don't answer to him. 我不是他的手下
[03:24.36]Juliet, I need you. Juliet, 我需要你.
[03:26.60]Can it wait? 能等会儿吗?
[03:29.80]The sub is back. We have a situation. 他们回来了 我们有情况
[03:32.52]So come with me now. 现在就跟我来
[03:56.84]Time for work. 开工了
[04:00.48]Sounding a little stuffy there, Chinatown. 这儿怎么跟中国城似的,那么无聊
[04:04.84]- Need to blow your nose? - Give me an excuse. - 鼻子上想挨一下吗? - 给我个理由.
[04:07.20]I thought I did. What, I gotta talk about your mother? 我想我已经给了. 要我做什么,问候你老妈?
[04:10.68]- Danny, are you there? - Yeah? - Danny, 你在吗? - 在?
[04:14.24]Hold on. 等等.
[04:17.16]OK, go. 好的 说吧
[04:18.56]Yeah, listen, Danny. 好的, 听着, Danny.
[04:20.80]What? 什么?
[04:22.48]- Where are they? - They're back in... - 他们在哪儿? - 他们在回去路上...
[04:29.32]She's hurt bad, Juliet. 这就是你的床, Juliet.
[04:37.12]Keep her steady. 抬稳了
[04:38.92]She's gonna be fine, right? She'll be, OK? 她会好起来的 对吗 她不会有事吧
[04:44.32]What happened? 怎么回事?
[04:48.20]- We happened. - What? - 我们干的. - 什么?
[04:51.40]Been on this rock long enough to realize they ain't shooting each other. 我在这儿待的时间够长了, 足以弄明白他们不太擅于舞枪弄棒
[04:57.36]We did it. 我们干的
[04:59.60]- Our team. - You smiling? - 我们的人. - 你在笑吗?
[05:04.16]Damn right I'm smiling. 是的 我在笑
[05:07.96]'Cause we just got our ticket outta here. 因为我们有出场票了.
[05:33.40]What are you doing? 你在干什么?
[05:39.96]- Whenever you're ready to fill me in. - I'm thinking. - 准备好了告诉我哦 - 我在想呢.
[05:43.96]Warning! 警报!
[05:47.32]Reward! Reward! 奖励! 奖励!
[05:59.80]That chick they brought in on the stretcher, 你知道那个躺在担架上的人吗,
[06:02.36]that's Broken Nose Man's girl. 是那个鼻子有伤的家伙的女朋友.
[06:04.28]They call him "Pickett." 他们叫他 "Pickett. "
[06:06.00]Well, Pickett is distracted at the moment. Pickett现在正心烦意乱呢
[06:10.24]So? 所以?
[06:13.80]Watch and learn, little lady. 学着点儿吧 小姐
[06:15.84]Warning! 警报!
[06:18.08]Warning! 警报!
[06:19.44]There's juice pumping into this box from somewhere. 有液体被抽进这个盒子
[06:22.72]Next time someone comes to pull me out, 下次有人来拉我出去
[06:25.80]I wait till they step in my little swimming hole, 我要等到他们踩上我的小游泳池,
[06:28.48]then I grab 'em. 然后我抓住他们
[06:30.52]They fall back from the shock, I snag the keys. 他们还没从电击中缓过来时,我就趁机拿到钥匙
[06:34.76]Bet the bears never thought of that. 我打赌那些蠢蛋永远也想不出来.
[06:37.00]- You're both gonna get electrocuted. - I felt the jolt. I can take it. - 你们都会触电的. - 是的 但我试过了 我能拿到
[06:41.00]The other guy, he ain't gonna be ready for it. 另外那个家伙,他不会有所准备的
[06:45.92]- What? You think I'm crazy? - No, I'm actually impressed. - 怎么 你以为我疯了吗 - 不 事实上我很惊讶
[06:50.92]Well, wipe the stars outta your eyes, sweetheart, 'cause we're gonna do this. 打起精神 宝贝, 我们要动手了
[06:57.84]- So what about Jack? - What about him? - 那jack呢? - 他怎么了?
[07:02.04]We don't even know if he's here. We don't even know if he's alive. 我们都不知道他在不在这儿. 我们都不知道他是不是还活着
[07:07.00]We gotta take care of us. 我们只能照顾好自己
[07:10.96]It's every man for himself, Freckles. 人不为己 天诛地灭.
[07:20.80]All right, Ford. That's enough. 好了, Ford. 够了.
[07:24.44]All tier two inmates are required to report to your cells. 所有同室的犯人都要向你们的牢房报告
[07:28.08]Mandatory down time. 这是命令.
[07:29.36]Problem is I was following your hands, not your eyes. 问题是我盯着你的手,而不是你的眼睛
[07:32.48]Problem is you old and dumb. 问题在于你年老体衰了
[07:34.36]- Where did you hide it? - I don't know! - 你把它藏哪儿了? - 我不知道!
[07:39.12]Who's the punching bag? 这个沙袋是谁?
[07:42.16]- Tell me something! - Just got here, name's Munson. - 跟我说说情况! - 刚来的 叫Munson.
[07:44.80]Rumour has it he ripped off the government for ten mil. 传闻说他偷了政府1千万
[07:47.92]But they never found the money. 可他们一直没有找到钱
[07:50.20]Well, I'll be damned. 该死.
[07:51.76]If your buddy the warden didn't keep breaking up the fights, he'd be dead. 如果典狱长再不出来制止, 他就死定了.
[07:55.52]Get off of him! Hey! 离开他! 嘿!
[07:57.76]I didn't do anything! 我没做什么!
[08:01.36]That son of a bitch. 混蛋.
[08:09.72]Get little mints on your pillow at night, too? 你晚上也爱在枕头上放点薄荷?
[08:13.16]- Sorry? - You been here a week - 什么? - 你已经来了...一周了
[08:15.04]and you're on tote bag duty? Been here nine months, I'm still pushing trash. 今晚值班对吗? 我已经在这儿9个月了 还是在倒垃圾
[08:19.92]Well, what does that mean? 什么意思?
[08:23.04]You think the warden's breaking up those fights cause you're cute, Costanza? 你以为典狱长是在制止打架?你太天真了
[08:27.84]He's making a play for that ten mil. 他是为了那1千万在演戏
[08:31.84]First step, butter you up. Give you a plum job. 第一步 巴结你 给你一份工作
[08:36.32]Step Two, warden'll reach out to your wife, use her against you. 第二步 典狱长会找上你老婆, 利用她来对付你
[08:41.80]Textbook con. 教科书上可没这些
[08:44.56]And you're telling me this out of the kindness of your... 你告诉我这些是出于你的好意...
[08:47.56]Advice is free, Murgatroyd. 这可不收钱, Murgatroyd.
[08:50.08]Past nine months that warden's made my life a living hell. 过去的九个月里 那个典狱长让我过得一团糟
[08:53.88]He gets that ten mil you ain't got, 他拿了1千万而你什么也没有,
[08:56.08]I just might have to kill myself. 我也许该杀了自己.
[08:59.36]Hey. 嘿.
[09:07.32]Well, howdy, Warden. 你好啊 狱长大人
[09:10.04]He bothering you, Munson? 他骚扰你了, Munson?
[09:13.36]So what brings you to the sewing shop, boss? 什么风把你吹来缝纫店了 老大?
[09:19.64]Don't think I can't extend your stay, Ford. 别以为我无权延长你的刑期, Ford.
[09:23.48]All it takes is one call. 只要打个电话.
[09:26.76]One call. 一个电话
[09:36.24]Now, how about you get that trash. 可否捡起来
[09:57.60]Oh, yeah. The Big Kahuna. 哦 很好. 老大来了.
[10:08.20]- Lunch already? - What do you weigh? - 吃午饭了吗? - 你多重?
[10:10.56]- What? - What do you weigh? - 什么? - 你多重?
[10:15.48]One-eighty, give or take. 大概180左右
[10:19.84]- How old are you? - Thirty-two. - 年龄? - 32.
[10:22.72]Don't lie. 别撒谎.
[10:26.56]Thirty-five. 35.
[10:30.68]Good. 好
[10:37.36]Sayonara, sucker! 拜拜吧你
[10:47.20]- What did you do? - We turned it off. - 你干了什么? - 我们关掉了.
[10:51.36]Sawyer! Sawyer!
[11:06.00]Hey! 嘿!
[11:14.00]Where do I start? 我从哪开始?
[11:15.68]In the two days since the sky turned purple, we've been blind. 天空变紫已经两天了, 我们太盲目了
[11:19.36]Our coms are all down, and I can't get 'em back up again. 我们的人都被抓了,我却不能救他们出来
[11:22.08]And, Colleen's in critical... 你可别忘了 colleen现在生命垂危
[11:24.12]Juliet's taking care of her. Juliet在照顾她.
[11:27.72]Where am I? 我在哪儿?
[11:35.56]What the hell are you doing to me? 你要干什么?
[11:37.80]Let me out! 放开我!
[11:39.20]Jason? Jason?
[11:40.40]Let me out! 放开我!
[11:42.32]- Bite down on this, please. - You bite down on it. - 请咬住它. - 我才不呢.
[11:46.56]It's for the pain. 会很疼的
[11:55.92]God, I hate needles. 我不喜欢打针.
[11:57.76]No! No! What are you doing? 不 你要干什么?
[12:02.28]Wait! What are you doing? No! 等等! 你要干什么? 不!
[12:08.32]What are you doing? Let me outta here! 你到底要干什么?
[12:10.20]No, you have to go through the sternum. 不对 你得穿透胸骨.
[12:13.44]- Like in the movie. - I know. - 像电影里那样. - 我知道
[12:16.08]- No! - One... - 不! - 一...
[12:18.96]- What are you doing? - Two... - 你要干什么? - 二...
[12:21.84]Wait! 住手!
[12:33.92]Don't mind me. I'm gonna take one of your clubs. 玩儿你的吧 兄弟. 我只是过来拿根球杆.
[12:36.76]Hurley said it'd be all right. Hurley说没问题的.
[12:39.60]Hurley? Hurley?
[12:41.28]Must mean you're off to save the day. 是说你要去扭转乾坤了吗
[12:44.80]So, I can take one of these? 那,我能拿一根了?
[12:47.16]Take the five iron. I never use it. 拿5号杆吧. 我不用那根.
[12:50.40]That way when you die in the jungle doing whatever, 这样,即使你搞你的那些事儿时死在林子里
[12:53.12]I don't have to go looking for it. 我也不用去找了.
[12:56.08]Thanks, mate. 谢谢你 朋友
[13:03.16]You might wanna square your shoulders a bit more. 知道吗 你肩膀最好再挺直一点
[13:07.16]- You play golf? - I'm Scottish. Cheers. - 你会打高尔夫? - 我是苏格兰人 干杯.
[13:37.24]What the hell's... 干什么...
[13:43.28]Hey! 嘿!
[13:47.00]Hey, come on! 嘿, 来吧!
[13:50.44]Hey, move! Let's move! 动起来 给我动起来!
[13:52.32]- Hey, come on, come on, come on! - What are you doing? - 嘿 动起来 给我动起来! - 你在干嘛?
[14:12.36]Did you just kill that bunny? 你就是要弄死那兔子吗?
[14:18.16]- You know what a pacemaker is? - What? - 你知道起搏器是干嘛用的吗? - 什么?
[14:22.80]They stick 'em in tickers of people who have bypass work, 放置于做过搭桥手术病人的心脏内
[14:25.72]whose hearts need just a little jump, a... kick start. 他们的心脏需要一点动力 就像脚踏启动
[14:30.72]The rabbit had a pacemaker to deliver a kick start should it get too excited. 这兔子就有那么个东西 何时有脚踏启动呢 当太过兴奋
[14:35.96]Or anxious or frightened. 紧张 惊恐
[14:39.12]Or should it try to escape. 或是要逃跑时
[14:46.16]Assuming that you were telling the truth about your age and weight, 假设你报的年龄和体重都是真实的
[14:49.60]your resting heart rate should be about 70 beats per minute. 你的静止心率应该大概是70/分
[14:53.96]Your active heart rate, however... 你的运动心率 无论如何...
[14:57.28]that would be about 140. 大概是140
[15:00.40]Which is the point at which your pacemaker... 那正是你的起搏器...
[15:05.96]...will cause your heart to explode. ...会废了你心脏的极限.
[15:14.16]Which is how I know that you're gonna start behaving now. 现在我知道你会规规矩矩的了
[15:23.92]The watch monitors your pulse. 那块表检测着你的脉搏
[15:27.08]If you get within 15 beats of your danger zone, it'll start to beep. 当心率距极限15下时, 它会示警
[15:31.08]If and when it beeps, 当它示警时,
[15:33.36]you're gonna wanna relax yourself. 你最好让自己松弛下来
[15:36.84]Do some deep breathing, some yoga. 做做深呼吸 瑜珈
[15:43.16]If you want me dead, why don't you just shoot me and get it over with? 如果你要我死, 为何不痛痛快快的给我一枪子?
[15:47.48]Because we're not killers, James. 因为我们不是杀人犯, James.
[15:53.76]And one other thing. 哦 还有件事.
[15:56.20]- Kate. - You touch her, I swear... - Kate. - 你敢碰她 我发誓...
[15:58.20]Tell her what we put in you, that we're watching you... 你要是告诉她我们的事儿,我们监视着你...
[16:01.04]...you tell her any of these things... ...你要是跟她说这些事儿...
[16:03.44]...we'll put one in her, too. ...我们也给她装一个.
[16:19.84]Sawyer? Sawyer?
[16:22.76]Are you OK? 你没事儿吧?
[16:32.96]That's so you can clean yourselves up. 你可以清洗一下
[16:36.76]If any of that doesn't fit, you just give me a holler, OK? 如果不合身的话,只管叫我 好吗?
[16:49.72]What happened? 怎么了?
[16:51.40]What did they do to you? 他们对你做什么了?
[16:53.92]Nothing. They just asked me questions. 没什么 他们只是问我点事儿.
[17:00.08]- It ain't important. - Talk to me. What happened? - 没什么要紧的. - 告诉我 到底怎么了?
[17:03.16]Look, I told you. Nothing happened. 听着 我说了 什么事儿都没有.
[17:05.88]So quit asking me. 别再问了
[17:20.32]Turn around. 转过去
[17:55.96]- What's that? - It's just my watch. It's busted. - 什么声音? - 我的手表坏掉了
[17:58.80]- When did you get a watch? - Look, I don't tell you everything! - 你哪儿来的表? - 听着 我什么都不会和你说的!
[18:03.00]Just leave me alone, damn it! 别理我 该死的
[18:06.96]Put some clothes on! 穿上点儿!
[18:23.96]A reminder that the services will be held in the chapel at 9:30. 一个标记提醒人们9:30去小教堂.
[18:42.04]Hello, Sawyer. 你好, Sawyer.
[18:48.44]It's James Ford. 这是James Ford.
[18:50.24]I know you know, cause you got it right when you pressed charges. 我知道你知道的,你告我的时候就知道的.
[18:54.36]- You're mad at me? - Well, look where I am. - 你生我的气了? - 哦 看看我这是在哪儿
[18:58.00]What did you want me to do? You conned me. 你要我做什么? 你说啊
[19:00.08]Something you want? 你想从我这儿得到什么?
[19:02.28]Yeah. Yeah... there is. 是 是的... 是有的
[19:07.28]Come on. I got license plates to make. 快点 我没那么多时间
[19:27.84]What's this? 这是谁?
[19:30.12]This is your daughter. 这是你女儿
[19:35.00]What do you want? 你想干什么?
[19:37.36]- First I wanted you to know. - Then what? - 首先我想让你知道 - 那又怎样?
[19:40.08]I take one look at this picture and turn into Father Knows Best? 我看一眼照片就能去参加"老爸最了解"了吗
[19:43.84]We're living in Albuquerque. 我们在Albuquerque住.
[19:46.08]- Near the university. - Why are you telling me? - 临近一所大学. - 你告诉我这些干嘛?
[19:48.12]I just thought you could write her a letter. 我只是…希望你能给她写封信
[19:51.96]- Her name's Clementine. - What the hell am I gonna write? - 她叫 Clementine. - 我能写什么?
[19:55.40]She's a baby. She ain't mine! 她还是个婴儿. 她不是我的!
[19:58.44]Sawyer, she is... Sawyer, 她...
[20:00.64]I ain't got no daughter! 我没有什么女儿!
[20:20.64]I've been checking out my cage, and I think... 我仔细看了这笼子,我想……
[20:24.56]...if I climb to the top I can squeeze through the bars. ...如果我爬到顶上就能钻出去
[20:27.28]They're spaced farther apart up there. 他们的地方离这儿很远
[20:30.00]Don't bother. 别费心了
[20:32.08]- What are you talking about? - I'm talking about being smart. - 你说什么呢? - 我是说放聪明点儿.
[20:35.64]Think we should chill out awhile, get the lay of the land. 我想我们应该老老实实在这儿待着 听从命运的安排
[20:43.84]Everything's under control. 一切都在控制之中.
[20:45.44]Yeah? You know what he's doing to Karl? 是吗? 你知道他对karl做过什么吗?
[20:48.20]He knows what he's doing. 你知道他在干什么吗
[20:50.04]It was a mistake bringing those two here. 带他们来这儿是个错误
[20:55.64]- What did you do to Sawyer? - Nothing. - 你们把sawyer怎么了? - 没怎么
[20:57.36]I heard him yelling. You've got blood on your clothes. 我听见他喊了. 你衣服上有血.
[21:00.32]It's not his blood! 不是他的血!
[21:04.48]Then whose blood is it? 那是谁的血?
[21:06.32]It's the blood of a woman who's dying. 是个就快死了的女人的
[21:12.60]Jack, I need your help. Jack, 我需要你的帮助
[21:29.08]It's Jack! 这是 Jack!
[21:32.60]- Jack! - Doc! - Jack! - 医生!
[21:47.72]Have you lost your mind? 你疯了吗?
[21:49.96]- Bring him here? - He's a doctor. He can help. - 带他来这儿? - 他是医生. 他能帮上忙
[21:52.28]- This is not why... - Do you want her to die? - 这不是理由... - 你想眼睁睁看着她死吗?
[21:54.68]Come on. 来吧.
[22:01.28]- What happened? - Gunshot wound. To the abdomen. - 怎么了? - 枪伤. 打在腹部.
[22:10.60]Those aren't hers. Come on. 不是她的. 来吧
[22:18.40]- What's he doing here? - He's here to help. - 他来这儿干什么? - 他是来救人的.
[22:20.56]- Tell him who did it. He oughta know! - I need him out. - 告诉他这是谁干的 他应该知道! - 让他出去.
[22:23.16]Get out. Go. 出去. 快点.
[22:24.60]- Danny, they got it. - No way! She's my wife! - Danny, 他们在救她了. - 不行 她是我老婆!
[22:28.24]I got the bullet out, but she's still bleeding. 我把子弹取出来了 可她还在出血.
[22:33.04]Right upper quadrant. It's flowing badly. 右上四分之一处在大出血
[22:35.48]No, I padded it. 不 我堵上了
[22:36.68]Clamp under the liver so I can look back there. 我要你把肝脏下面夹住 这样我能再检查一下
[22:42.56]I'm not a surgeon. 我不是外科大夫
[22:45.12]I know. But I need you to do this. 我知道 但你需要这样做
[22:51.04]Here. 这儿
[22:53.40]Retrohepatic caval bleeding, behind the liver, that's why you missed it. 她腔静脉在出血, 肝脏下面,所以你没看到
[22:57.20]I need lap pads, as many as you've got. 我要填塞棉 有多少拿多少
[23:11.16]A crash cart. Now! Juliet, I need paddles. 电击器 快! Juliet, 我需一个电击器.
[23:14.52]It's broken. 坏了.
[23:17.96]We haven't had... we haven't had anything happen before. 我们没有...我们以前没出过事
[24:02.68]Time of death at... 死亡时间是...
[24:07.32]She's gone. 她死了
[24:14.48]They did this! They did this! 是他们干的 是他们干的
[24:16.32]Danny, wait. Danny, wait, wait. No. Danny, 等一下. Danny, 等一下 等一下 不.
[24:37.24]Take it easy, hoss! Take it easy! 放松点, hoss! 放松点!
[24:42.88]Shut up! 闭嘴!
[24:46.40]You love this guy? 你爱他吗?
[24:48.44]What? 什么?
[24:50.04]- I said do you love him? - Stop! - 我说 你爱他吗? - 住手!
[24:54.08]Do you love him? 你爱他吗?
[24:56.88]- Do you love him? - Leave him alone! - 你爱他吗? - 放开他!
[25:00.40]- Do you love him? - What are you doing? Stop! - 你爱他吗? - 你在干什么 停手!
[25:03.00]Do... you... 你... 爱...
[25:05.24]...love... him? - Yes, I love him! ...他... 吗? - 是 我爱他!
[25:09.08]I love him! Please! 我爱他 求你了!
[25:25.92]Lock him up! 把他关起来!
[25:38.96]- I need to talk to you. - Sorry, I'm busy. - 我得跟你谈谈. - 抱歉 我很忙
[25:41.44]It's important. 有要紧事
[25:44.40]Please. 求你了
[25:47.68]You were right. I loved her. 你是对的 我爱她
[25:50.68]And I really thought she... 我真的觉得她...
[25:52.76]Ten mil's a lotta greenbacks, killer. 一千万不是个小数目 杀手
[25:55.20]Tends to change things. 试图改变现状
[25:58.00]That's why you never get attached. 那才是你没被抓到的原因
[26:00.60]'Cause once you care, that's when they can come at you. 一旦当你有所牵挂,就是他们找上你的时候
[26:05.48]Well, what did yours want? 那你的那位要什么?
[26:08.16]I saw you the other day with a woman. What did she want? 我看到那天你跟跟一个女的见面 她要什么?
[26:13.04]Something I ain't got. 我没有的东西
[26:16.08]That all? You had yourself a good cry? 就这样? 你痛痛快快哭一场吧?
[26:18.56]Mind if I go back and see if George gets his farm? 介意我回去看看george搞到他的农场了吗?
[26:23.44]I need you to move it. The money. 我要你转移…那笔钱
[26:26.72]The money you didn't steal? 你没偷的那笔钱?
[26:29.36]We both know I did. 你我都知道我干的事儿
[26:31.32]Lila's hired a P.I. She's gonna find it. Lila雇了个私人侦探 她早晚会找到的
[26:33.72]Do this for me. You have to. 帮帮我 你得帮我
[26:37.68]No. It's too dangerous. I'll be a walking target. 不. 太危险了 我才不做活靶子呢
[26:41.96]If you don't help me, the warden'll get it all. He'll win. 如果你不帮我 典狱长就全知道了. 他会得手的
[26:46.12]Please. Please. 求你 求你了
[26:57.44]Are you OK? 你还好吗?
[26:59.88]Dandy. Dandy.
[27:01.76]Guy hits like a girl. No offence. 那家伙打架像个女人. 没有攻击性.
[27:06.68]Why did he do that? 他为什么那么做?
[27:08.56]Hell if I know. 我哪儿知道
[27:10.68]These people ever make any sense to you? 这些人做过什么有道理的事儿?
[27:15.16]What are you doing? 你干什么?
[27:17.04]- What are you doing? - What does it look like? - 你干什么? - 你看呢?
[27:24.24]Hang on a second, Freckles. 等一下 雀斑女
[27:31.84]I told you, the time ain't right. 我说了还不是时候
[27:34.72]You're the one who said we had to go. 是你说我们必须离开的
[27:37.08]- Well, that was before... - Before what? - 但那在...之前... - 在什么之前?
[27:40.96]I don't know what they did to you, but you're scared enough to lie about it. 我不知道他们对你做了什么, 但我知道你很害怕 不敢对我说.
[27:44.72]And that scares me more than anything they may have done to us before. 而比起他们对我们所做的其他事 那才是我最害怕的
[27:48.40]Wait! 等一下!
[27:51.16]Wait! 等一下!
[28:02.12]- What are you doing? - Getting you out. - 你在干什么? - 把你弄出去.
[28:03.96]- Don't! - I'm not leaving you, Sawyer. - 别管我了! - 我不会丢下你的, Sawyer.
[28:06.44]- I can get it open. - You're already out. You gotta go. - 我能打开这东西. - 你已经出来了 你赶快离开这
[28:09.64]- You gotta leave me! - What? - 你别管我了! - 什么?
[28:11.68]Run! 快跑!
[28:13.76]- What did they do to you? - Will you go! - 他们对你做了什么? - 你快走吧!
[28:17.80]- What is that thing? - You run. - 那是什么? - 快跑.
[28:21.16]- Just go. It's every man for himself. - Why didn't you fight back? - 离开这儿. 人不为己. - 你为什么不反击?
[28:26.36]Tell me the truth, for once in your life! 告诉我真相 哪怕你这辈子就说这么一次!
[28:30.80]If you really love me... 如果你真的爱我...
[28:33.80]...go. ...走
[28:39.20]I only said that so he'd stop hitting you. 我只有这么说 他才会放过你
[28:50.24]Run. Hurry! 快跑. 快点!
[28:54.84]What the hell are you doing? 你到底在干什么?
[28:58.32]Kate! Kate!
[29:00.72]Damn it, Freckles, don't. Every man for himself! 该死 雀斑女 人不为己 天诛地灭
[29:22.92]Live together, die alone. 一起生 单独死
[29:43.20]You know Danny wants to kill him. 你知道Danny要他死
[29:48.72]Danny can wait. 不用管Danny
[29:51.48]Should I bring Shephard back? 要我把Shephard带回来吗
[30:00.04]No. 不用了.
[30:03.04]I want him to sit with her for a while longer. 我要他在她身边多待一会儿
[30:20.36]I'm sorry they had to put handcuffs on you. 我很抱歉他们得铐着你
[30:31.48]I'm a fertility doctor. 我是个妇产科医生.
[30:39.24]I'm not used to death. 我不习惯看到死人
[30:43.68]- What was her name? - Cole. - 她叫什么? - Cole.
[30:47.16]Short for Colleen. Colleen的简称
[30:50.60]I shouldn't have... I should've come to get you sooner. 我不该... 我该早点来的.
[30:53.92]It wouldn't have mattered. 那也不会有任何改变
[30:55.84]There wasn't any more that you could've done. 你已经尽力了
[30:59.12]She was dead before you put her on the table. 在你动手术之前就死了
[31:05.20]Are you saying that to make me feel better? 你这么说是为了让我好受些吗?
[31:16.52]I don't care about making you feel better. 我才不在乎你好受与否呢
[31:25.36]I'm gonna take you back now. 我要带你回去了
[31:29.40]I'm sorry for bringing you here. 我很抱歉带你来这里
[31:34.00]Whose x-rays are those? Outside? 外面是谁的X光片?
[31:37.80]Those are spinal x-rays, and they belong to a man about 40 years old. 那是脊椎的X光片, 是一个40岁左右的男人的.
[31:42.20]And whoever he is, he has a very large tumour on his L-four vertebrae. 不管那人是谁, 他第一到第四椎骨间有个很大的肿瘤
[31:47.28]And I just happen to be a spinal surgeon. 碰巧我是个脊椎外科医生
[31:50.52]So, you tell me, Juliet. 那么告诉我, Juliet.
[31:54.60]Who am I here to save? 我究竟要来这儿救谁?
[32:34.52]Is that... 这是...
[32:37.68]...art? ...雕塑?
[32:39.76]No. Just an experiment. 不 只是个实验
[32:45.00]OK. 好吧
[32:47.72]- You want some fruit salad? - Thanks. I'm not hungry. - 要来点蔬菜色拉吗? - 不用了 我不饿.
[32:52.68]You might want to wait a minute. 你最好等一下
[32:55.32]Why's that? 为什么?
[33:42.52]Good morning. 早上好
[33:46.16]Let's go for a walk. 我们出去走走吧
[34:15.24]I have to be honest, Ford. 我得承认 Ford
[34:18.60]They first brought you here, I thought you were nothing more than a dumb hick. 他们第一次带你来这时, 我以为你是个不折不扣的笨蛋.
[34:22.64]Now I know better. 现在我更清楚了
[34:25.36]You're a dumb hick that knows how to steal. 你是个不折不扣的笨蛋小偷
[34:29.44]Can we just get this over with? 我们能不能快点了结?
[34:33.48]Yeah, let's. 好吧.
[34:36.32]You remember Agent Freedman from the Treasury Department? 你还记得财政部的Freedman吗?
[34:42.24]So, what do you got? 你想说什么?
[34:49.28]The ten million's in a red Bronco in a Store-It-Quick facility in Sawgrass. 那一千万在一辆红色的Bronco车里
[34:55.12]Right off 441. 沿着441公路走.
[34:58.20]Unit 23-C. 在23-C单元的.
[35:02.00]That's where your money is. 你能在那儿找到钱
[35:06.08]As agreed, 如之前说好的
[35:08.24]the last six years of your sentence have been commuted. 你就能得到6年的减刑
[35:12.60]Soon as the truck is recovered, and the funds confirmed, 你的委托会得到处理
[35:15.56]your commission will be processed. 那么现在告诉我
[35:18.24]Now, how would you like that? 你想要什么?
[35:20.72]Set up a new account. Don't matter what bank. 我要一个新帐户 随便哪个银行都行
[35:23.20]Just make it in Albuquerque. 只要是在Albuquerque的
[35:25.04]OK. 没问题
[35:28.68]Put it in the name of Clementine Phillips. 以Clementine Phillips的名义开
[35:32.20]OK. Clementine Phillips. 好的. Clementine Phillips.
[35:36.28]And I want it so there's no way she can ever find out who the money's from. 我这么做,她就永远不会知道 那钱是从哪来的了
[35:41.68]Who's Clementine Phillips? 谁是 Clementine Phillips?
[35:45.20]We done? 我们两清了么?
[35:48.48]Congratulations, Ford. 恭喜你, Ford.
[35:51.08]You just lied and cheated your way outta prison. 你连哄带骗 终于成功离开监狱.
[35:55.76]You're a free man. 你是个自由人了.
[36:16.72]Not much further, James. 不远了, James.
[36:18.36]Just to the top of the next rise. 爬过这个山头就是了.
[36:24.64]What's up there? 来这儿干什么?
[36:26.44]Something I want you to see. 我想让你看些东西.
[36:30.68]"Is it that little place you always wanted, George?" "那就是你夙愿中的地方吗, George?"
[36:33.56]Sorry? 你说什么?
[36:36.12]What, don't you read? 怎么 你不读书的吗?
[36:38.44]It's from Of Mice and Men. 引自"人鼠之间"(同名书/电影)
[36:41.44]You'd like it. Puppies get killed. 你一定会喜欢那书的. 有条狗被杀掉了.
[37:10.04]Bring me up here to kill me? 你带我来这里就为杀我?
[37:12.84]Make that thing you put inside me... 用你放进我体内的那个东西...
[37:15.64]...blow up my damn heart? ...炸爆我的心脏?
[37:20.80]Your heart's not gonna blow up, James. 你的心脏不会爆炸的, James.
[37:24.92]The only thing we put inside you was doubt. 我们在那里只放进一样东西…疑心
[37:31.08]The watch is a heart rate monitor, but... 那只表是个心率监测器
[37:33.76]...nothing more. ...仅此而已
[37:37.36]Look. 看吧
[37:43.64]We gave him a sedative, not a pacemaker. 我们只是给他一针镇静剂 而不是起搏器
[37:48.20]How do I know that's the same bunny? 我怎么知道那是同一只兔子?
[37:50.28]That you didn't just paint an eight on another one? 你不是刚给另一个画了个“8”做记号吗?
[37:54.24]You don't. 你不会知道
[38:04.76]You son of a bitch. 你这个混蛋
[38:12.00]The rabbit wasn't the thing I wanted to show you. 兔子并不是我真正想给你看的
[38:28.08]What the? 什么?
[38:42.24]You ever been to Alcatraz? 你去过Alcatraz吗?
[38:44.16]Take the tour? 旅游的时候?
[38:47.04]You're standing on a small island roughly twice the size of Alcatraz. 你所在的这个小岛面积差不多是Alcatraz的两倍.
[38:54.88]And that over there? 那边的?
[38:56.72]That's your island. 是你的岛
[38:59.08]The one you've come to know and love. 一个你到达后了解并爱上的地方
[39:04.24]I just wanted you to know... 我只想让你知道...
[39:06.64]...there's nowhere to run. ...你无处可逃.
[39:11.64]You did all this just to... 你做这么多只是想...
[39:15.80]...just to keep me in a damn cage? ...只是想把我关在该死的笼子里?
[39:17.92]We did all this because the only way to gain a con man's respect is to con him. 我们做这些是因为唯有欺骗方 能得到一个骗子的尊敬
[39:24.20]You're pretty good, Sawyer. 你很聪明, Sawyer.
[39:28.72]We're a lot better. 而我们更棒
[39:35.64]Funny thing is, the pacemaker wasn't what kept you in line. 有趣的是 不是因为我们告诉了 你那个起搏器的事 你才安分
[39:38.64]It was when I threatened her. 而是因为我威胁了她
[39:42.16]You work so hard to make her think you don't care, 你如此用心良苦 想让她以为你不在乎
[39:45.24]that you don't need her, but... 让她以为你不需要她 但是...
[39:50.16]"A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. "只要他心里有你
[39:54.64]It don't make no difference who the guy is... 无论是谁...
[39:57.60]...long as he's with you. 长伴于你....
[40:00.72]I tell you... 我告诉你...
[40:03.04]I tell you a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick." 如果一个人孤独太久 他就无法生存"
[40:07.60]- What are you talking about? - It's from Of Mice and Men. - 你到底在说什么? - 引自"人鼠之间"
[40:11.32]Don't you read? 你难道不读书吗?
[40:21.08]Come on. 走吧
[40:24.52]Let's get you back to your cage. 回你的笼子里去吧
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