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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: 前情回顾:
[00:03.24]Stop! I'll shoot. 停 我要开枪了.
[00:05.08]No, you won't, Sun. 不 你不会的, Sun.
[00:09.12]Jack, I need your help. Jack, 我需要你的帮助.
[00:12.56]Those aren't hers. 那些不是她的
[00:17.00]She's gone. 她死了
[00:20.76]The plane was loaded with heroin. 飞机上装满了海洛因
[00:26.04]- Where did you find this? - I found it in the jungle. - 你在哪里找到这个的? - 我在丛林里找到的.
[00:28.68]Take me there. 带我过去.
[00:40.24]Eko? Who's that? Eko? 他是?
[00:42.96]He's my brother. 他是我弟弟
[00:47.68]Forgive me. Forgive me. 宽恕我 宽恕我
[01:06.72]Here. Eat. 拿着 吃吧
[01:09.68]It's OK, Yemi. 没关系的, Yemi.
[01:15.08]Eko. Eko.
[01:27.36]All right, Eko. Go. 好 Eko 去吧
[01:34.32]Did you hear me? Go! 有没有听到我的话? 过去
[01:36.04]Confess that you have stolen. 对你的偷窃行为进行忏悔
[01:38.64]Yemi was hungry. Yemi 很饿.
[01:40.48]That is not an excuse. You have sinned, Eko. 这可不是理由. 你犯了罪过, Eko.
[01:44.96]Hunger does not matter. 饥不饥饿不重要
[01:51.92]Now go. 去吧
[01:53.40]Ask God for forgiveness. 请求上帝宽恕
[02:16.76]Confess! 忏悔
[02:30.36]How long has he been like this? 他这样多久了?
[02:32.64]Couple days now. 已经好几天了
[02:37.04]Eko? Eko?
[02:38.80]Can you hear me? 你能听见我说话吗?
[02:44.72]What happened to him? 他怎么了?
[02:46.44]Before or after we saved him from the polar bear cave? 你指我们把他从北极熊洞穴里 救出来之前还是之后?
[02:50.12]Come on. Locke will want to know you guys are back. 快点 Locke肯定想知道你们回来了
[02:58.80]Stay alive, dude, OK? 好好活着 兄弟, 好吗?
[03:11.84]What are you doing here? 你在这里干什么?
[03:14.16]I have come to give my confession. 我来忏悔
[03:17.92]- Hello, Eko. - Hello, brother. - 你好, Eko. - 你好, 弟弟.
[03:21.04]I have some merchandise that I need to get out of the country. 我有些货物需要运到国外.
[03:24.24]You mean drugs. 你是说毒品.
[03:25.32]You will make us priests. We will fly the drugs out ourselves. 你把我们变成神父的身份 然后我们自己空运出去
[03:28.36]My signature does not make you a priest, Eko. 我的签名并不能让你变成神父, Eko.
[03:31.32]You could never be a priest. 你永远成不了神父
[03:35.24]- No more! Stop! No more! - Yemi! - 不 停 停! - Yemi!
[03:40.68]Yemi! No! Yemi! 不!
[03:52.40]Father? 神父?
[03:55.08]Are you OK, Father? 你还好吧 神父?
[03:58.24]Eko. Eko, wake up. Eko. Eko, 快醒醒
[04:15.80]It is time to confess. 是忏悔的时间了
[04:20.28]To be judged, brother. 被(上帝)评判
[04:26.44]I will be waiting. 我会一直等着
[04:29.44]You know where to find me. 你知道在哪能找到我.
[04:35.08]You guys smell smoke? 你们闻到烟味了吗?
[04:38.80]- Get him clear! - Eko! Help me! - 把他移走! - Eko! 帮帮我e!
[04:44.92]- Pick him up. - Eko. Come on. - 把他抬出来. - Eko. 快点.
[04:47.36]- We got to get you out of here. - Cover him with a blanket. Careful. - 我们得离开这里. - 给他盖上这个 小心.
[04:55.48]Lay him down. Lay him down. 把他放下 把他放下
[04:59.40]You're OK. You're all right. 你没问题. 你很好.
[05:03.64]My brother. 我弟弟.
[05:07.48]- Brother. - You're all right. It's OK. - 我弟弟. - 你很好 没事的
[05:11.00]- My brother. - You're all right. - 我弟弟. - 你很好 没事的
[05:12.80]I'll be back. 我一会儿就回来
[05:14.52]Brother. Yemi. Yemi. 弟弟 Yemi. Yemi.
[05:17.52]Charlie, is everyone OK? Charlie, 大家都还好吧?
[05:19.92]- Yeah, we're good. - Where's Eko? - 是的 我们都还好 - Eko在哪里?
[05:22.56]Hurley and I pulled him out over... Hurley和我把他拉到了那边
[05:27.72]He was right there. 他就在那里
[05:30.64]Eko? Eko?
[05:32.32]Eko? Eko?
[06:09.80]Good evening, Jack. 晚上好, Jack.
[06:13.28]Good evening, Ben. 晚上好, Ben.
[06:14.48]I was hoping you might join me for a walk. 我希望你能跟我一起去散步
[06:18.60]What? 怎么了?
[06:19.80]Well, you say that like... 你这么说 好像如果我不答应的话
[06:21.88]...you won't throw a bag over my head and drag me out of here if I say no. 你就不会给我带上头套 把我拖出去似的
[06:26.76]Then don't say no. 那就不要不答应啊
[06:30.08]Why don't you put this on. 穿上这个吧
[06:37.88]I'll wait outside. 我在外面等
[06:41.72]Does it hurt? 痛吗?
[06:45.20]Sorry? 你说什么?
[06:50.40]Your neck. Does it hurt? 你的脖子 痛不痛?
[06:53.44]Any numbness in your fingers and toes? 手指和脚趾有没有麻木的感觉?
[06:55.68]Like pins and needles when your foot falls asleep, but permanent? 就像你的脚睡着了 有不舒服的刺痛 (pins & needles为医学名称), 但是永久性的?
[07:03.24]Why are you asking me these questions, Jack? 为什么问我这些问题, Jack?
[07:06.00]Because, Ben... 因为你...
[07:07.80]...you have a tumour on your spine. An aggressive tumour... ...脊柱上有个肿瘤. 恶性肿瘤...
[07:11.60]...that is going to kill you. ...会要你的命
[07:16.84]I don't know when those X-rays were taken, 我不知道我看到的那些X光片 是什么时候拍的
[07:19.16]but unless they were very recent... 除非是最近几天的事...
[07:23.56]...you're not gonna be taking walks much longer. ...不然你就没多久的命可以继续散步了.
[07:28.08]I have no idea what you're talking about. 我不知道你在说什么
[07:30.36]OK. My mistake then. 好吧 那就是我错了
[07:37.44]I'm ready whenever you are. 你好了我就可以走了
[07:57.88]Stay here. 待在这里
[08:14.12]As we prepare to send Colleen on her way, 在我们准备送Colleen上路之时
[08:17.08]- I'd like to take a moment to... - I hate funerals. - 我想花一点时间... - 我讨厌葬礼.
[08:21.28]He let you out? 他让你出来了?
[08:25.24]Gave me a new shirt too. 还给了我一件新衣服
[08:31.96]Bye, Jack. 再见, Jack.
[08:44.76]* I wonder *
[08:47.64]* My little darling *
[08:50.88]* Where can you be *
[08:53.60]* This moonlit night? *
[08:57.56]* Are you holding someone tight? *
[09:02.48]* I wonder *
[09:05.52]Why did you show him my X-rays? 你为什么把我的X光片给他看?
[09:08.64]I didn't tell him they were yours. 我没告诉他那些是你的.
[09:10.40]* My heart *
[09:11.92]But I guess you did. 但我想你已经告诉了他 * My heart is aching *
[09:15.64]* and I'm a fool *
[09:17.44]* I'm a fool *
[09:20.00]* To let it go on breaking *
[09:25.56]I think I know how to find Jack, Kate and Sawyer. 我想我知道怎样找到Jack, Kate和Sawyer
[09:29.12]Can I ask why he's being included in the conversation? 我能问下为什么他也参与这番对话吗?
[09:32.00]Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? 你这么问是想让我难受吗?
[09:33.96]Tell him what you told me. 把你告诉我的跟他再说一遍
[09:36.04]The computer in the hatch wasn't only for pushing the button. 舱里的电脑不是只用来按按钮的
[09:40.32]Now I'm pretty sure 我蛮确信
[09:42.96]that it could be used to communicate with other stations. 它可以用来跟其他站点交流
[09:46.16]This is fascinating, 这个很有意思
[09:47.44]but you just told me the hatch exploded. 可你刚刚告诉我舱门爆炸了
[09:50.00]One of them did. 其中一个爆炸了
[09:52.72]You want to try and communicate with The Others. 你想尝试着跟"那些人"交流?
[09:55.44]Yep. 是的
[09:57.32]No luck, dudes. We looked everywhere. 没有运气 伙计们. 我们找遍了所有地方
[10:00.48]Eko's gone. Eko不见了
[10:02.00]There was no trail. 没留下什么痕迹
[10:03.32]Not that we know what a trail looks like. 事实上我们也不知道痕迹看起来是怎么样的
[10:05.40]When you pulled him out, did he say anything? 你们把他从帐篷里拉出来的时候 他有没有说什么?
[10:07.80]Nothing coherent. He was just mumbling. 没什么有条理的东西 只是嘀咕
[10:10.64]"My brother, my brother." "我弟弟 我弟弟 "
[10:14.36]Sayid, pack your gear. We're going to that computer. Sayid, 收拾一下你的东西 我们去找那台电脑
[10:17.64]- Wait, what about Eko? - We'll catch up to him. - 等等 Eko怎么办呢? - 我们会追上他的
[10:20.36]We're all going to the same place. 我们都是去同一个地方
[10:51.52]You are home, Father. 到家了 神父
[11:58.96]Father? 神父?
[12:02.56]Oh, I was looking for Father Yemi. 噢 我是来找Yemi神父的
[12:11.40]Father Yemi is gone. Yemi神父走了
[12:14.76]He was called away quite suddenly. 他是突然被叫走的
[12:17.04]An emergency at a refugee camp down south. 南部难民营那里有紧急情况
[12:21.04]I am Amina. I work at the clinic. 我是Amina 我在诊所工作
[12:25.20]This is my son, Daniel. He's the altar boy here. 这是我儿子 Daniel 他是这里的圣童
[12:30.84]Are you taking his place? 你代替他的位置吗?
[12:33.12]Yes. 是的
[12:35.40]Will Father Yemi still go to London? Yemi神父还会去伦敦吗?
[12:38.32]- London? - He was leaving the end of the week. - 伦敦? - 他周末要走的
[12:40.88]He was going to continue his studies. 准备去继续留学
[12:43.32]I will take his place there too. 我也会替他去的
[13:33.60]Don't! No! Please! 不 求求你
[13:35.84]No! 不要
[13:43.44]Confess. 忏悔
[13:59.00]We're heading out to the Pearl Station. There's a computer there 我们现在去珍珠站. 那里有台电脑
[14:02.32]that might help find our people. Anybody want to come along? 能帮我们找到我们的人 有人想一起去吗?
[14:06.40]What do you mean, "Anybody want to come along?" "有人想一起去吗?"是什么意思?
[14:08.88]If you'd like to join us, it's a free island. 如果你想加入我们,这可是个免费的岛屿
[14:12.84]Yeah, see, Jack would go and do stuff alone... 我是说, 但Jack会单独行动...
[14:16.28]...or he'd take Sayid or Kate. ...或者带上Sayid、Kate
[14:19.32]Yeah, well... I'm not Jack. 好吧 但我不是Jack.
[14:24.48]- The more the merrier. - I'll go! - 人越多越好 - 我去!
[14:26.80]- Great. - What? - 很好. - 什么?
[14:28.52]Anybody else wanna come, meet at the tree line in ten minutes. Bring water. 还有人想一起去的话 十分钟后在树排那里跟我们汇合 带上水
[14:33.08]You're not serious. 你不是认真的吧?
[14:35.12]What? You always whine about not being included. 什么? 你总是抱怨从来没你的份
[14:38.32]Now's our chance. 现在就是我们的机会啊
[14:45.40]Would you mind if I ask you a question, brother? 介不介意我问你个问题 兄弟?
[14:47.88]- Shoot. - Are we going to poke at a computer... - 说吧. - 我们是去拨弄电脑...
[14:51.72]...or are we going after your man Eko? 还是去找 Eko?
[14:54.64]Two birds, one stone. 一石二鸟
[14:58.72]Eko's heading for the plane that crashed on top of the Pearl Station. Eko是去坠毁在珍珠站入口上面的飞机那里
[15:03.52]That's quite a coincidence. 那倒是很巧啊
[15:07.20]Don't mistake coincidence for fate. 别把巧合当成是命运
[15:50.04]You're not supposed to do that. That's holy water. 你不该那样做. 那可是圣水
[15:54.00]I'm washing away my sins. 我是要洗去我的罪过
[15:56.40]- Father Yemi would never... - I am not Father Yemi. - Yemi神父绝对不会... - 我不是Yemi神父
[16:03.52]Wait there. 在那里等着
[16:18.60]Where is Father Yemi? Yemi神父在哪里?
[16:21.12]Who wants to know? 谁想知道?
[16:31.52]Perhaps you did not hear me. Where is Father Yemi? 也许你没听清楚我的话. 我是说 Yemi神父在哪里??
[16:34.12]The shipment is late. 运输晚了
[16:35.88]I just got off the telephone. 我刚接完电话
[16:37.44]- They assure me it will arrive Friday. - What shipment? - 他们保证货星期五能到. - 运的是什么货?
[16:40.52]You should explain our arrangement to your new priest. 你应该向新神父解释一下我们的安排
[16:44.60]We receive shipments of vaccines from the Red Cross. We keep 20 percent. 我们从红十字那接受一批疫苗. 我们被允许留20%的货.
[16:48.72]The rest we give to Emeka and his men. 其余的给Emeka和他的人
[16:51.12]In exchange for protection. 以换取保护
[16:55.44]So you see, Father... 你知道了吧 神父...
[16:57.80]...everybody is happy. ...这样大家都开心
[17:01.28]Everybody's happy. 大家都开心
[17:03.04]Everybody benefits. 人人得利
[17:05.60]So I hope you will continue to honour our arrangements. 所以我希望你能继续遵守协议
[17:11.64]I am not afraid of you. 我不怕你
[17:30.64]I'll be back for the vaccine on Friday, Father. 我会在星期五来拿疫苗 神父
[17:34.36]You don't want more lives on your conscience. 你不想在良心上负担更多人命吧
[18:34.00]Hello, Eko. 你好, Eko.
[18:52.56]You want to guess what's for lunch? 想猜猜午餐吃什么吗?
[18:56.40]I'm not big on mysteries. 我对神秘的东西不太感兴趣
[18:58.56]Of course you're not. 你当然不感兴趣
[19:05.64]You people have cheeseburgers? 你们居然有汉堡包??
[19:08.68]You have no idea what I went through to make this for you. 你绝对想不到为了给你做这个,我花了多少力气
[19:12.72]I killed the cow. Processed the meat. 我杀了头牛 处理了牛肉
[19:15.00]Baked the bun. And the fries... 烤了面包. 还有炸薯条...
[19:19.32]...try rendering animal fat. ...试试熬动物油(你就知道有多难了)
[19:22.80]No ketchup? 没番茄酱?
[19:32.52]- I'd like to talk to him. - OK. So talk to him. - 我想和他谈谈 - 好 谈吧
[19:36.80]- Alone, please. - I'm fine with her being here. - 单独谈 可以吗 - 留她在这里我觉得没有问题
[19:39.64]And I'm thrilled that you're fine, Jack, but it's private. 你觉得好我很高兴, Jack, 但这是私人问题.
[19:43.04]Doctor-patient confidentiality. 医生和病人间的保密协定.
[19:49.32]Sure. 是的.
[19:51.64]Of course. 当然
[19:58.60]Mind if I eat? 介意我吃东西吗?
[20:07.04]We had such a wonderful plan to break you, Jack. 我们曾有过一个完美的计划来攻克你, Jack.
[20:13.80]Break me? 攻克我?
[20:14.88]Wear you down until you were convinced we weren't your enemies. 跟你一直磨下去 到你相信我们不是敌人为止
[20:18.92]Get you to trust us. 让你相信我们
[20:21.64]And then, of course, we'd lead you to believe that you were choosing to do 然后 当然 我们会让你相信是你自己选择做
[20:25.56]whatever we asked you to do. 任何我们叫你做的事
[20:27.52]All of this, of course, assumed that you would get invested. 这一切 显然 是设定了你会投入感情的前提
[20:31.76]Invested in what? 对什么投入感情?
[20:34.04]Has it not occurred to you Juliet bears a striking resemblance to your ex-wife? 你难道不觉得Juliet和你的前妻惊人的相似吗?
[20:45.36]Why are you telling me this? 你为什么要跟我提这个?
[20:47.04]I'm telling you this, Jack, because my wonderful plan... 我告诉你这个 Jack 是因为我完美的计划...
[20:51.40]...got shot to sunshine ...彻底泡汤了
[20:53.28]when you saw my damned X-rays and figured out I was dying. 在你看到我那该死的X光片 发现我就要死了的那一刻.
[20:59.28]All of this... 这一切...
[21:02.00]...you brought me here to operate on you. You... ...你带我来这里是为了给你做手术. 你...
[21:05.72]You want me to save your life. 你想要我救你的命
[21:08.40]No. I want you to want to save my life. 不 我想要你自愿救我的命
[21:12.84]But we're beyond that now, so... 但我们现在是不能了 所以...
[21:19.08]All I can ask is that you think about it. 我能说的就是请你考虑一下
[21:33.60]Do you believe in God, Jack? 你信上帝吗, Jack?
[21:36.60]Do you? 你呢?
[21:40.04]Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumour on my spine, 在我发现脊柱上有个致命肿瘤的两天后,
[21:43.12]a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky. 一个脊柱外科医生从天而降.
[21:48.88]And if that's not proof of God, 如果这都不是上帝存在的证明,
[21:51.80]I don't know what is. 我不知道什么才是.
[22:11.28]Hey. You sure you're all right? 嘿. 你确定你还好吗?
[22:15.04]We can stop for a bit and catch our breaths. 我们可以停下来一会儿 透口气s.
[22:18.88]I'm fine. 我很好
[22:22.84]You're heading for the plane wreckage, aren't you? 你往飞机残骸那儿走 是吗?
[22:25.76]Charlie heard you call out for your brother before you left the camp. 在你离开营地前 Charlie听见你喊着你弟弟的名字
[22:30.28]Is that what you're doing out here? Looking for Yemi? 你就是为了这个来这里的 找Yemi?
[22:36.08]Do not speak my brother's name again. 不要再提我弟弟的名字
[22:40.40]What are you so afraid of, Eko? 你在畏惧什么, Eko?
[22:48.48]You need to come back in two days. 你要在两天里回来
[22:50.60]Father, what can I do for you? 神父, 我能为你做什么?
[22:53.96]The vaccines that you spoke of, how often do these shipments come? 你说的那个疫苗,多久来运一次货?
[22:57.96]Every six months, if we are lucky. 如果我们幸运的话 每六个月一次
[23:03.04]What makes you so interested in our shipments of vaccine, Father? 是什么让你对我们的疫苗这么感兴趣,神父?
[23:09.72]You agree to give most of it to the militia? 你同意把大部分货给民兵卫队?
[23:12.80]The vaccines fetch a high price on the black markets. 在黑市里这疫苗能卖很高的价钱
[23:17.32]Whatever you are thinking, do not cross these men. 不管你在想什么 不要跟这些人作对
[23:20.68]Before Father Yemi, we got nothing. 在Yemi神父之前 我们一无所有
[23:23.16]We owe whatever vaccines we have to his work. 我们所有的疫苗都归功于他的工作
[23:28.00]You remind me of him, you know. 你让我想起了他
[23:31.08]You're a good man too. 你也是个好人
[23:52.72]I hear you have some vaccine to sell. 我听说你手上有点疫苗要卖
[23:55.24]I do, but it has to be done by Sunday. I'm leaving the country. 没错 但周日前必须成交 我要出国
[23:59.56]No problem. 没问题
[24:11.92]The hatch is over here by the plane. Why don't you take everybody down. 舱门在飞机这儿 不如你不把所有人都带下去吧?
[24:15.44]And you? 你呢?
[24:17.40]I'll be there in a minute. 我一会儿就去
[24:22.20]- What's Eko looking for? - His brother's body's in that plane. - Eko在找什么 - 他弟弟的尸体在那飞机里
[24:49.72]So, what exactly did you see back there? 所以, 你在刚才那里到底看到了什么?
[24:55.08]I saw it once, you know. 要知道 我也曾经看到过一次
[24:57.00]- And what did you see? - I saw a very bright light. - 你看到什么了? - 一道很亮的光
[25:03.24]It was beautiful. 很美
[25:08.00]That is not what I saw. 那不是我看到的
[25:52.08]My brother's gone. 我弟弟不见了
[25:57.84]You set the plane on fire. 你烧了飞机
[25:59.48]Yemi's body could've burned or... not to mention animals or... Yemi的尸体可能已经成灰了... 更不用说动物 或者...
[26:14.72]So you don't want to come down there with us? 那么,你不和我们一起下去?
[26:23.60]No. I will wait here. 不 我在这里等
[26:26.20]Well... 好吧
[26:29.40]Oh, I forgot. 噢 我忘了
[26:31.84]I found this when I was looking for you. 我找你的时候发现了这个
[27:19.64]Hello, Father. 你好 神父
[27:23.44]I hear you have a shipment of vaccine for sale. 我听说你有批疫苗要卖
[27:27.52]If you thought you could do this without me knowing... 如果你以为你可以瞒着我做这事
[27:30.80]...you don't know who I am. 你就太不了解我了
[27:36.20]You know... you're lucky, Father. 要知道... 你很幸运 神父
[27:39.72]I'm a superstitious man. 我是个迷信的人
[27:42.40]I don't relish taking the life of a holy man. 我不想要圣人的命
[27:45.64]That is why, today... 所以 今天...
[27:49.08]...l'm only going to cut off your hands. ...我只会砍掉你的手.
[28:06.88]No! 不!
[28:08.64]Please, no! No! 求求你! 不 不要!
[28:11.04]You do not know who I am. 你不了解我是谁
[28:49.00]I'm Dr Mark Wickmund, 我是Mark Wickmund博士
[28:50.48]and this is the orientation film for Station 5 of The Dharma Initiative. 这卷录象是达摩计划第五实验站的情况说明
[28:55.12]Station 5, or The Pearl, is a monitoring station 第五实验站,或者叫珍珠,是个观察站
[28:59.24]where the activities of participants in Dharma Initiative projects 所有参与达摩计划的项目人员
[29:03.28]can be observed and recorded... 其活动都会被观察和记录...
[29:05.52]- Well? - The wiring is only one-way. - 怎么样? - 线路是单向的
[29:08.72]It's a closed system. A dead end. 这是个封闭系统 死胡同
[29:11.24]Hey, guys? 嘿 伙计们?
[29:13.32]What are these other TVs for? 这些其他电视是干什么的?
[29:15.72]- Sorry? - All these TVs. - 什么? - 这所有的电视.
[29:19.32]This guy says that there's six stations. 这人说有六个站
[29:21.88]Wait, here, check it out. 好 这里 看看
[29:28.44]...is a monitoring station ...是个观察站
[29:30.12]where the activities of participants in Dharma Initiative projects 所有参与达摩计划的项目人员
[29:34.04]can be observed and recorded... 其活动都会被观察和记录...
[29:36.16]"Projects." More than one. "项目 " 不止一个.
[29:38.44]So maybe some of these TVs are connected to the other hatches. 所以其中的有些电视可能与其他舱相连
[29:41.72]Well, I'm suddenly feeling very stupid. 我忽然觉得自己很蠢
[29:44.32]Perhaps I could patch in one of the other feeds, 或许我能接通其他线路
[29:46.72]see if we can get another picture. 看看能不能有别的画面
[29:58.76]The toilet still works. 马桶还能用
[30:04.36]Anything yet? 有什么吗?
[30:08.36]Nothing. 没有
[30:10.72]What about now? 现在呢?
[30:16.52]- John? - Yeah, we got something. - John? - 有了 看到东西了
[30:19.32]Wow. Wow.
[30:22.84]- What is it? - That's a good question. - 这是什么? - 问得好
[30:27.12]Those are computers. 那些是电脑
[30:28.88]Great. 很好
[30:30.00]That's what you're looking for. 就是你们要找的
[30:31.80]Now we can get out of here. 现在我们能出去了
[30:49.20]I guess he'll be expecting us. 我猜他会等我们出现
[31:04.04]- You don't trust me anymore? - I trust you just fine. - 你不再信任我了? - 我信
[31:06.96]Just thought I'd put a movie in. 只是想给你放本电影
[31:08.88]- I'll pass on the movie. - You'll like this one. - 我不想看什么电影 - 你会喜欢的
[31:11.32]To Kill a Mockingbird. It's a classic. To Kill A Mockingbird (<杀死一只知更鸟>,根据同名小说改编) 很经典的
[31:13.84]- I don't want to watch a movie now. - I'll turn the sound down then. - 我现在没心情看电影 - 那我把声音关小
[31:20.76]I felt like I should apologize, say I'm sorry. 我想我应该道歉 说声对不起
[31:25.60]I'm sorry for bringing you here. 我对把你带到这里
[31:28.24]And for everything that's been done to you and your friends. 还有我们对你和你朋友做过的事表示抱歉
[31:32.88]You have to know... 但你必须知道...
[31:35.44]...we were desperate. ...我们非常绝望
[31:38.20]It was all so we could save his life. 只有这样才能救他 (忽略我说的所有话)
[31:44.52]Ben. Ben.
[31:47.56]He's a great man. 他是个大好人
[31:51.28]I know you find that hard to believe, but he is. 我知道你很难相信 但他确实是的 (Ben是个骗子)
[32:00.44]You probably feel like... 你也许觉得... (而且他非常危险)
[32:03.00]...you don't have a choice... ...你没有选择...
[32:05.24]...but you do, Jack. ...但其实你有的, Jack.
[32:09.56]Free will is all we've got. 我们拥有的也只有自由意志而已 (我们之中有人想要改变)
[32:18.76]Anyway, I just wanted to put in my two cents. 无论如何, 我只想表达我的意见 (必须像是我们已尽力救他)
[32:23.56](这就看你了 Jack)
[32:30.52]I told you before you can trust me. 我说过你可以信任我.
[32:36.28]I want you to trust me... 你要相信我...
[32:38.88]...now when I tell you that doing the surgery is absolutely ...现在我告诉你做手术是,
[32:43.44]the right thing for you to do. 绝对是明智之举.
[32:45.64](这是个很复杂的手术 没人会发现)
[32:50.40]It's the right thing because he deserves to live. 这是对的,因为他应该活下来 (而且我会保护你的)
[33:05.56]- Turn the movie off. - Jack. - 把电影关了 - Jack.
[33:07.60]Turn it off! Now. 关掉! 马上.
[33:13.28]All right. It's off. 好吧 关掉了
[33:27.72]Think about what I said. Please. 好好想想我说的话
[33:43.64]- Where are you going? - London. - 你去哪里?? - 伦敦.
[33:46.88]Are you a bad man? 你是坏人吗?
[33:52.40]My mum says you're a bad man. 我妈妈说你是坏人
[33:57.64]Only God knows. 只有上帝知道
[34:07.24]I see you have your vaccine. 我看你拿到疫苗了
[34:09.04]Do you expect me to be grateful? 你希望我心存感激吗?
[34:11.40]I know what you were planning to do. 我知道你计划做什么
[34:13.64]- Those men, I helped you... - They will be replaced by others! - 那些人 我帮助... - 那些人会被其他人代替
[34:21.52]What are they doing? What is the meaning of this? 他们在做什么? 这是什么意思?
[34:25.12]We are boarding up the church. 他们在封教堂
[34:28.60]We can no longer use it. 已经不能再用了
[34:31.00]This is Yemi's church. 这是Yemi的教堂
[34:33.16]- You have no right to do this. - It is no longer sacred. - 你们无权这么做 - 它已经不神圣了
[34:36.56]And one day you will be judged for what you did. 总有一天上帝会惩治你
[34:41.08]If I were you, 如果我是你,
[34:42.80]I would start making my peace now. 我现在就开始弥补
[34:45.00]I would go to London and begin to repent 去伦敦 好好忏悔
[34:47.52]because you owe God for every life you've taken. 因为你欠上帝你夺走的每一条人命
[34:51.68]And you truly believe this is Yemi's? 你真的认为这是Yemi的?
[34:56.80]You owe him one church. 那你欠他一座教堂
[35:19.64]Yemi. Yemi.
[35:22.48]Wait. 等等
[35:26.12]Yemi. Yemi.
[35:29.68]Yemi. Yemi.
[35:33.12]You say you want to hear my confession. 你说过想要听我的忏悔
[35:36.60]Why? Why now? 为什么? 为什么是现在?
[35:39.92]Show yourself. Where are you? 快现身! 你在哪里?
[35:43.28]Where? 哪里?
[36:03.80]Are you ready, Eko? 准备好了吗, Eko?
[36:09.48]Yes. 是的
[36:12.16]I am ready, Yemi. 准备好了, Yemi.
[36:29.52]I ask for no forgiveness, Father. 我不请求任何原谅 神父
[36:33.60]For I have not sinned. 因为我没有罪
[36:37.00]I have only done what I needed to do to survive. 我所做的一切 只是为了生存
[36:45.92]A small boy once asked me 曾有一个小男孩问我
[36:48.80]if I was a bad man. 是不是坏人
[36:52.28]If I could answer him now, 如果现在可以回答的话
[36:54.84]I would tell him 我会告诉他
[36:57.12]that, when I was a young boy, 当我还是个孩子的时候,
[37:00.04]I killed a man to save my brother's life. 为了救我弟弟 我杀了人
[37:07.84]I am not sorry for this. 我并不后悔
[37:11.00]I am proud of this. 我以此为荣
[37:21.84]I did not ask for the life that I was given... 我并没有乞求给予我生命
[37:25.76]...but it was given, nonetheless. 但主还是给了....
[37:30.20]And with it... 我也尽了全力...
[37:32.08]...I did my best. ...做到最好.
[37:40.84]You speak to me as if I were your brother. 你跟我说话这架势 好像我是你弟弟一样
[37:49.44]Who are you? 那你是谁?
[37:58.40]Who are you?! 那你是谁?
[38:00.32]Who are you?! 那你是谁?
[38:08.80]Who are you? 那你是谁?
[38:31.16]The Lord is my shepherd. 主是我的牧者
[38:33.32]I shall not want. 我不要求
[38:35.72]He leadeth me in paths of righteousness... 他引领我们走上公正的道路...
[39:07.92]Eko. Eko.
[39:23.48]Oh, Eko. Oh, Eko.
[39:29.64]It's OK. It's OK. 没事的. 没事的
[40:36.00]What did he say, John? 他说什么, John?
[40:41.16]He said... we're next. 他说... 接下来就轮到我们.
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