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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: "LOST",前情提要
[00:09.84]Camp's right over there. Can you get me some clothes? 海滩的营地就在那里
[00:12.68]- What happened to yours? - I woke up in the jungle like this. 你能给我弄点衣服吗?
[00:16.12]Oh, FYI, the whole island vibrated. 告诉你,整个小岛震动了
[00:20.00]Kate, Jack and Sawyer saw it before they had bags over their heads. Kate,Jack和Sawyer也看见了
[00:23.48]Don't worry. 别担心
[00:25.16]Locke's gonna go after them. He said so in his speech. Locke会去找他们的
[00:27.92]What speech? 他在他的谈话中说的
[00:30.28]I'm gonna find our friends. 我会找到我们的朋友们
[00:32.48]We're gonna find them. All of them. 我们会找到他们,所有人
[00:35.04]I don't know how yet, but I will. 现在我还没想出办法,但我会的
[00:40.12]You've got a problem with your roof. 你...你的屋顶有点问题
[00:43.88]Roof? 屋顶?
[01:09.16]Dude, I don't know about this. 老兄,这我不明白
[01:11.84]See, you're looking at this all wrong. 看见了吗,你都误解这一切了
[01:14.36]He would want us to do this. 他想要我们这么做
[01:16.04]He'd want us to ransack his tent and take his stash? 他想要我们洗劫他的帐篷 并拿走他的私物?
[01:19.28]- That sounds exactly like Sawyer. - He stole it in the first place. 嗯,倒是很符合Sawyer的作风
[01:22.56]People need food. They need medical supplies. They need... 我是说,大家需要食物
[01:27.20]...shocking amounts of pornography. 多得吓人的色情杂志
[01:30.20]- Charlie. - Oh... Charlie
[01:34.40]- I need you to come with me. - You guys find Eko? 我要你跟我一起走
[01:37.84]Both of you. 你们两个都来
[02:03.64]What happened? 发生什么了?
[02:06.00]Eko is dead. Eko死了
[02:09.40]We found his body in the jungle. We buried him yesterday. 我们在丛林里发现他的尸体
[02:14.40]How did he die? 他怎么死的?
[02:17.88]The island killed him. 这个岛杀了他
[02:20.52]What do you mean, "The island killed him"? 你什么意思,这个岛杀了他?
[02:24.40]What do you mean, "The island killed him"? 你什么意思,这个岛杀了他?
[02:26.92]You know what it means. 你知道这什么意思
[02:29.16]With the doctor gone, the camp's on edge enough 医生不在,营地那已经够紧张了
[02:31.56]without people worrying about what's out there in the jungle. 要让人们不担心丛林里发生的事情
[02:34.80]They're gonna look to you two to see how to react. 他们会看着你两个来如何反应
[02:37.64]So when I tell everyone what happened, I need you to help keep things calm. 所以当我告诉大家发生的事时 我要你们协助保持事态冷静
[02:43.32]Dude, are you OK? 老兄,你还好吗?
[02:46.20]Hey, guys... what's wrong with Desmond? 嘿,伙计们,Desmond怎么回事?
[03:09.68]What is he doing? 他在干嘛?
[03:17.32]There's someone else out there. 那里有人
[03:25.08]- Where's Claire? - She just went for a walk. Claire在哪?
[03:27.72]I offered to watch the baby. 她刚出去散步
[03:41.68]Claire! Claire!
[03:44.60]- I've got her. - Is she OK? - 我找到她了 - 她还好吧?
[03:47.40]Claire! What happened? Claire!
[03:49.32]Stand back! Just give me some room! 怎么回事?!
[03:51.92]- Claire. - Charlie, I know what I'm doing! Claire!Claire!
[03:54.44]Is she breathing? She's not breathing? 她还有呼吸吗?
[04:03.16]Come on. 加油
[04:05.12]Do you want me to help you? 要我帮你吗?
[04:07.40]- Come on. - Claire! 加油,Claire?
[04:10.28]Claire. 加油,Claire...
[04:13.12]You alright? 哦,Claire!把水咳出来
[04:15.68]Come on, you're alright. 加油,Claire
[04:17.60]- Charlie's here! - It's all right, Charlie. 好,我们送你回帐篷
[04:19.92]- Let's get her back to her tent. - Is she OK? Let me help! 没事了,Charlie
[04:23.08]- I'll take her... - I've got her, Charlie. 让我来帮忙吧
[04:23.38]- 我抱稳她了,Charlie - 让我来吧
[04:26.72]Where are you going? Hey, how did you know? 你们去哪里?
[04:31.64]How did you know she was drowning? 你怎么知道她要淹死了?
[04:35.36]I'll tell you how he knew. 我来告诉你吧
[04:38.88]That guy... 那个人...
[04:41.12]...sees the future, dude. 能预见未来,老兄
[05:17.80]She's beautiful. 她很漂亮
[05:23.12]Thanks. 是的
[05:25.24]- What's her name? - Penny. 她叫什么名字?
[05:33.12]- How're you feeling? - Still a little shaken up. 你感觉怎么样?
[05:37.76]I go swimming almost every day, and... 我基本每天都游泳,但是...
[05:41.04]the undertow just grabbed me. I mean, if... 那个退浪就把我卷了进去
[05:43.92]...you know, if you hadn't... - Claire? 我是说,如果...
[05:47.96]You were only gonna be five minutes. Aaron's starving. 我以为你就离开五分钟 Aaron要饿扁了
[05:51.40]I'm sorry. 嗯...对不起
[05:57.16]Anyway, I just really wanted to say thank you. 不管怎样,我只想说...
[06:02.08]Thank you so much... 谢谢你
[06:04.60]...for being there. 能在这里
[06:07.20]It's my pleasure. 不客气
[06:15.08]Locke doesn't know about anything except knives and fishing. Locke除了耍刀和钓鱼外,什么都不懂
[06:18.92]There's nothing to know. I don't buy this precognitive rubbish. 没什么可懂的
[06:22.32]If the Bearded Wonder predicts the future, he wouldn't be here. 听着,如果大胡子圣人能够预测未来
[06:27.56]Well, whatever happened to him, we're gonna have to find out what it is. 无论他到底发生了什么 我们都能发现的
[06:31.68]You realize he's gonna know your plan before you come up with it. 你知道在你想到这个计划之前 他就已经能预知了吧,老兄
[06:34.92]In that case... 那样的话...
[06:37.64]...we'll have to get him bloody drunk. 我们得好好地灌醉他
[06:52.52]Beautiful evening. 美妙的傍晚啊
[06:56.68]- 是的 - 说吧,老兄
[06:58.48]Say it, dude.
[07:02.52]This morning... 今天早上...
[07:04.44]...l'm sorry I wasn't more grateful. 很抱歉我没有...很感谢你
[07:08.48]Thank you for helping Claire not drown. 谢谢你救了Claire,没让她淹死
[07:12.40]- No harm done. - Excellent. 一切平安无事
[07:16.88]I brought a peace offering. 我带来了点东西握手言和
[07:19.08]You know, make the truce official. 你知道,正式休战
[07:22.28]Thanks, but no. 谢了,不过不用了
[07:24.16]I've spent a wee bit too much time drunk as of late. 最近我有点花太多时间喝酒了
[07:29.48]Too good for us, brother? 太好了让我们消受不起,兄弟?
[07:33.68]Alright. That's fine. We'll take our drink and go somewhere else. 那好吧
[07:38.40]- What kind of whiskey is that? - It just says MacCutcheon. 那是哪种威士忌?
[07:55.24]Alright, then. Let's have it. 好吧
[08:00.32]No, the bottle, brother. 不,用瓶子,兄弟
[08:01.92]If you've come to drink, let's drink. 我是说,既然你们过来喝酒 那就直接喝吧
[08:04.04]Hey, let's drink. 嘿,喝吧
[08:12.64]- Cheers. - Cheers. - 干杯 - 干杯
[08:18.80]She swore like a docker 她穿着像个码头工人 带着一堆门环
[08:21.08]With a cracking set of knockers
[08:23.60]She was only the farmer's daughter! 她只是个农民的女儿,哇哦!
[08:36.80]- Dezzie... - Cheers. - Dezzie? - 干杯
[08:39.04]Hey, are all your songs about drinking 嘿,你们的歌都是关于喝酒
[08:42.60]and fighting and girls with one leg? 打架,还有一条腿的女孩吗?
[08:44.88]Well... girls with one leg and a heart of gold. 嗯...有一条腿 以及一颗金子般的心的女孩
[08:57.04]So, Dezzie... 嗯,Dezzie...
[09:00.40]...let me ask you something. - Anything, pal. 我问你点事情
[09:04.00]How'd you know Claire was drowning? 你怎么知道Claire溺水了?
[09:10.16]I could hear her calling for help. 嗯,我听见她喊救命
[09:12.88]Oh, no, you didn't. 不,你没听见
[09:14.80]We were, like, a mile away. 你好像离那有一英里远吧
[09:19.08]Well, I suppose... 嗯,我想...我的听力很好吧
[09:21.80]...l've got good hearing.
[09:27.68]You... 你...也听见闪电了?
[09:29.44]...hear the lightning as well?
[09:32.40]Excuse me? 你说什么?
[09:34.64]The lightning. 闪电
[09:36.64]Just by chance, you pitched your little rod outside Claire's tent. 碰巧你在Claire帐篷外扎了根杆子
[09:40.32]Two hours later, the lightning strikes. 两小时后,就有闪电侵袭
[09:52.40]Thanks for the drink, pal. 谢谢你的酒,兄弟
[09:55.88]Hey, I don't know what you're doing, but you best tell us! 嘿,我不知道你在做什么
[10:00.16]Because you turned some key, that makes you a hero? 你以为自己转动了把什么钥匙 就是英雄了?
[10:02.84]You're no hero, brother. 不是英雄,兄弟
[10:04.56]I don't know how you're doing it, but I know a coward when I see one! 我不知道你怎么做,做什么
[10:09.00]Yeah! 是的
[10:11.24]You don't know what happened when I turned that key! 转动那钥匙时,我发生了什么事 你永远都不会想知道的!
[10:13.96]- You don't want to know! - Dude! - 你不会想知道... - 老兄!
[10:16.60]- Get him off me! - You don't want to know! - 快下来! - 你不会想知道!
[10:24.56]System failure... System failure...
[10:32.64]- Desmond! - I'll see ya in another life, brother. 等等,Desmond!
[10:54.32]I love you, Penny. 我爱你,Penny
[11:09.32]Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God. 哦,我的天
[11:14.40]Des! Are you all right? Des.,你还好吧?
[11:17.72]Stay there, hang on. I'm just getting ice. 待在那,等等
[11:25.00]Are you alright? 你还好吗?
[11:28.48]- You OK? - What's happening? 亲爱的,还好吗?
[11:30.28]What's happening is the result of combining ladders, 发生什么了?
[11:33.00]painting the ceiling, and alcohol. Are you OK? Are you nauseous? 边喝酒的结果
[11:35.36]你没事吧? 有想吐吗?
[11:39.32]This is my flat. - 这是我的公寓 - 嗯哼
[11:41.60]If you want me to feel at home here, you might start calling it "our" flat. 虽然如果你想让我在这里有家的感觉
[11:48.28]How many fingers, Des? 几个手指,Des.?
[11:51.68]Love, look at me. What's wrong? 亲爱的,看着我
[12:03.40]Absolutely nothing. 完全没事
[12:31.52]Here... let me. 来,让我来
[12:35.48]- Thanks. - Oh, hang on. - 谢谢 - 等等
[12:40.28]- You've got paint on your neck. - Really? 你脖子上还有油漆
[12:44.04]How's that concussion? 那次脑震荡还好吗?
[12:46.00]My severe head injury is a small price to pay 我严重的脑部撞击只是
[12:49.28]for the pleasure of having you move into my humble... 我将你拥入怀抱的...
[12:54.52]...is "rat trap" accurate? 用"捕鼠夹"形容合适吗?
[13:06.16]Voila. 好了
[13:09.48]You know you don't really need a job from my father, Des. 你其实不需要从我爸那得到工作,Des.
[13:12.60]It's not about the job. 和工作无关
[13:14.56]- I want him to respect me. - Then respect you he shall. 我要他尊敬我
[13:19.16]But if he's too daft to see how brilliant you are, 但如果出于某些原因 他太愚蠢,看不到你的睿智
[13:21.92]it's not the end of the world. 也不是世界末日
[13:25.60]What did you say? 你说什么?
[13:44.48]Here you go, love. 给你,亲爱的
[13:46.44]- You alright? - Yeah. 你还好吗?
[13:49.08]Yeah, I'm fine. Just a... 嗯,嗯,我没事
[13:51.92]...just had a bit of a deja vu, that's all.
[14:05.64]Good afternoon, I'm here to see Mr Widmore. 午安
[14:10.00]- And you are? - Hume. Mr Desmond Hume. 你是哪位?
[14:10.94]Hume...Desmond Hume先生
[14:14.24]Hello, love. 你好,亲爱的
[14:16.52]Got a parcel here for 815. 有个包裹,是给815室的
[14:20.28]Excuse me, what did you say? 不好意思
[14:23.88]I said delivery for 815. 我说,"有个包裹给815室"
[14:30.92]Mr Hume, Hume先生,Widmore先生准备会见你了
[14:32.68]Mr Widmore is ready for you.
[14:37.80]Thank you. 谢谢你
[14:45.80]Penny didn't tell me you were an actor, Desmond. Penny没说过你曾是个演员,Desmond
[14:48.24]Oh, no, it was actually set design for the Royal Shakespeare Company. 不,那其实是为皇家莎士比亚公司 做的布景设计
[14:52.40]Impressive. You didn't graduate from university? 很不错
[14:56.16]No, sir. I had to look after my three brothers after my father... 没,先生
[14:59.64]Any military experience? 有过军队经验吗?
[15:03.84]No, sir. 没有,先生
[15:08.92]She's beautiful... 她很漂亮...
[15:11.56]...your boat. 你的船
[15:13.56]My foundation is sponsoring a solo race around the world. 我的基金会在赞助一项全球的独帆比赛
[15:21.80]- Something wrong? - No. 有什么问题吗?
[15:24.60]No, sir. 不,不,先生
[15:27.44]Desmond, I'll see to it that you have a position 嗯,Desmond,我会确保...
[15:30.04]in our administrative department. 你在行政部门有一个职位的
[15:32.24]Not the most glamorous duty, but it's a start. 虽然不是光芒四射的职务,但..这是开始
[15:35.76]I'll speak to human resources... 我会跟人事部说的
[15:38.20]With all due respect, sir... 嗯,无意冒犯,先生...
[15:41.44]...I haven't come here to interview for a position in your company. 我来这不是为了应聘贵公司的职务
[15:46.64]- You haven't? - No, sir. 你不是?
[15:51.24]I came here to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. 我是来希望您同意,我和您女儿的婚礼
[15:55.92]We've been together two years now. 我们在一起已经两年,而且...
[16:00.08]Pen's moving in... 潘也正搬来喝我同住
[16:02.00]...and I love her. 嗯...我爱她
[16:08.00]Your permission would mean everything to me. 我非常需要得到您的认可
[16:11.48]I'm impressed, Hume. 你给了我很深的印象,Hume
[16:15.32]A very noble gesture. 非常儒雅的姿态
[16:21.76]- You know anything about whiskey? - No, I'm afraid not, sir. 你对威士忌了解吗?
[16:26.12]This is a 60-year MacCutcheon. 这是60年份的Maccutcheon 是以Anderson Maccutcheon命名的
[16:28.16]Named after Anderson MacCutcheon. Esteemed Admiral from the Royal Navy.
[16:32.80]He retired... 他退休时所得的奖章数量 可谓前无古人,后无来者
[16:35.28]with more medals than any man before or since.
[16:38.48]Moved to the Highlands to see out his remaining years. 他搬去了高原来度过他的晚年
[16:41.84]Admiral MacCutcheon was a great man, Hume. Maccutcheon上将是个伟人,Hume
[16:45.20]This was his crowning achievement. 这个就代表了他的最高成就
[16:53.32]This swallow... 这一小口比你赚一个月的钱价值还高
[16:55.56]...is worth more than you could make in a month.
[17:06.84]To share it with you would be a waste, 跟你分享这就简直是种浪费
[17:08.92]and a disgrace to the great man who made it. 也是对伟人的羞辱,因为你...
[17:11.96]Because you, Hume, Hume,你永远称不上伟人
[17:14.28]will never be a great man.
[17:22.48]Mr Widmore... Widmore先生,我知道我不是...
[17:26.20]...I know I'm not... - What you're not... 你都没资格品尝我的威士忌
[17:29.00]...is worthy of drinking my whiskey.
[17:33.88]How could you ever be worthy of my daughter? 又怎么有资格娶我女儿?
[18:19.56]Thank you.
[18:24.72]Thank you very much. A fiver? Thank you very much. 多谢,五镑
[18:27.68]- I know you. How do I know you? - Leave your number if you want. - 我见过你 - 没事,回头见
[18:29.26]- 我怎么认识你的? - 谢谢
[18:32.20]- How do I know you? - I don't... 我怎么认识你的?
[18:33.70]- 我不...啊... - 我在哪儿认识你的?
[18:36.04]- Where do I know you from? - Look, I don't know, but, 瞧,我不清楚 如果有人能帮我的话可能会想起来
[18:39.20]I'd remember if I got some help.
[18:44.40]Hey! Can I get some help? 嘿,有人能帮我吗?
[18:47.40]- You're Charlie. - Yeah, name's on the sign. 你是Charlie
[18:56.08]- No. - Thanks a lot. 不...
[18:58.20]No, it was in the hatch. 感激不尽
[19:01.52]I remember seeing you. There was a... 我记得见过你
[19:03.84]There was a computer, there was a button. 有个...有个按钮,我们...
[19:07.68]We were on an island. 我们当时在一个岛上
[19:09.32]- We're on an island, this is England. - No. It was real, man, I remember. 我们是在岛上,老兄,这里是英格兰
[19:13.04]Hey, alright. This is why we don't do drugs. 嗨,好吧
[19:16.08]No! I remember this! It all happened before! 不,这件事...我记得
[19:19.60]Today... this happened today. 现在...这件事现在发生了,这...
[19:25.12]I remember that he said I wasn't worthy, and then came down and took off my tie, 这...我记得他说我没用
[19:31.48]then I lost my tie, Penny said "Where was it," and then it started to rain... 接...接着,我领带不见了 Penny问道"领带呢?"
[19:48.44]Your thesis is a bit neat. 主题有点太简洁了
[19:50.32]The wild card is unpredictability. 百搭牌,鹌鹑,是不可预测的
[19:52.52]Run the same test, you get different outcomes. 试十次 会出现十次不同的结果
[19:55.00]That's what makes life chaotic. 就是这样生命才变的精彩...
[19:56.68]- Donovan! - Case in point. - Donovan - 刚刚好的例子
[19:58.80]Who could've known that a drenched Scotsman would appear in this rotunda? 谁能预料一个淋得像落汤鸡样的 苏格兰佬会在这个大厅里出现呢?
[20:03.80]You've looked better, Des. 你看来好点了,Des.,不是很多,但...
[20:05.36]- I need to ask you something. - By all means, do. 我要问你点事
[20:09.40]What do you know about time travel? 你对时空旅行了解多少?
[20:24.76]- Are you bloody insane? - Just tell me if it's possible. 你疯了吗?
[20:27.84]Which part? The island full of mysterious hatches 你具体指哪部分?
[20:30.76]or the computer which keeps the world from ending? 还是说那个能阻止世界末日的电脑?
[20:34.40]Forget you're my best mate. 不是
[20:35.88]As a physicist, 对一个唯物主义者来说 有没有可能...
[20:38.08]is it possible that I've somehow managed to go back in time
[20:41.60]and am now living my life over again? 我能回到过去又返回现实生活吗?
[20:47.12]It's not funny, Donovan. 这可不是儿戏,多纳芬
[20:48.68]Penny's father berates you for not being a "great man," Penny的父亲破口大骂你是个废物
[20:51.56]and you dream a future where you push a button to save the world. 然后你就幻想着 世界因你按了个按钮而被拯救了
[20:54.80]These things are not in my head, brother. 这些事不是我凭空编的,兄弟
[20:57.56]I remember things. 我确实记得那些事
[20:59.72]Alright, then. 好吧
[21:03.20]- What happens next? - It doesn't work like that. 接下来会发生什么事呢?
[21:07.04]I don't remember everything, just... 我记不得每个细节,只是...
[21:10.48]...bits and pieces. 只是些零星碎片
[21:12.08]How wonderfully convenient. 那多方便啊
[21:25.20]I remember this. 我记得这个
[21:27.20]I know this song. 我听过这首歌
[21:30.20]The jukebox. 这点唱机...
[21:34.16]You're worrying me now. Des.,你别吓我
[21:37.20]I remember this night. 我记得这个晚上
[21:40.44]Graybridge come back in the final two minutes, win the game, a miracle! Graybridge在先失两球的局面下赶了上来
[21:45.36]And right after they win, 就在他们胜利之后
[21:47.40]Jimmy Lennon comes in, hits the bartender with a bat Jimmy Lennon穿过那个门 用球拍敲了服务生的脑袋
[21:50.32]because he owes him money! 因为他赌输了
[21:51.84]Watch, please! Just watch! - 别开玩笑了,Des. - 看电视,拜托
[21:54.96]He'll score the first goal right now! 他现在就能进第一个球
[22:03.12]No, they came back. 不,他们...他们该赶上的
[22:05.44]They won. 他们...他们应该赢了
[22:07.96]Jimmy Lennon... cricket bat. Jimmy Lennon,球拍
[22:18.96]There's no such thing as time travel. 哪有时空穿梭这种事,Des.
[22:27.20]And from what I understand, 据我所知,真爱并不可靠
[22:29.04]true love can be just as unlikely.
[22:32.08]So, if you love Penny, 如果你爱Penny,别再瞎折腾了 娶她吧
[22:34.64]stop messing about and marry her.
[23:14.36]You smell like the pub. 你全身散发着酒吧的气味
[23:16.88]That's because I was at the pub. 因为我去过酒吧
[23:21.32]- You didn't get the job. - No. 你没得到那工作
[23:25.00]What did my father say? 我父亲说什么了?
[23:27.68]Your father... 你父亲...好有趣
[23:30.16]...was lovely.
[23:32.08]We just both agreed that I wasn't... 我们彼此都认为我不...够格
[23:35.68]...exactly qualified.
[23:37.92]Well, I say we celebrate. 我们得庆祝下
[23:39.48]We celebrate that fate has spared you a miserable existence 庆幸老天没给你一个可悲的...
[23:42.60]under the employ of Widmore Industries. 在Widmore公司就职的经验
[23:45.32]Let me take you out tomorrow for lobsters on the pier. My treat. 明天我带你出去
[23:48.60]I don't think my failure to impress your father is any occasion to celebrate. 我给你父亲留下如此失败的印象 这可没什么可庆祝的
[23:52.72]Well, the occasion is I love you. 可庆幸的是我爱你
[23:59.52]Why? 为什么?
[24:02.28]Why do you love me? 你为什么爱我?
[24:05.08]Because you're a good man. 因为你是个好人
[24:07.96]In my experience, they're pretty hard to come by. 据我的经验,很难得到这样的人
[24:20.24]Hey. 嘿,Des.?
[24:25.44]Where are you? 你在想些什么?
[24:29.20]I'm right here. 我就在这
[24:41.84]Never done this before, have you? 你以前从没接触过,是吗?
[24:46.76]- Is it that obvious? - I can always tell the first-timers. 很容易看出来吗?
[24:52.84]Now then, may I ask your price range? 得了,告诉我你的心里价位?
[24:57.20]I'm not a man of means. 我不是有钱人
[24:59.32]I hope to, you know, one day. 我希望,有一天...
[25:01.24]I have just the thing. 我正好有这么件东西
[25:13.60]This won't blind any queens, to be sure, 当然,这戒指不会使女王为之疯狂
[25:16.88]but still, it has the sparkle of life. 但它还是有着生命般的光芒
[25:28.88]- I'll take it. - I'm sorry? 我买下了
[25:31.08]It's perfect. I'll take it. 你说什么?
[25:33.60]No, you won't. 不,你不会买的
[25:36.76]Give me the ring, here. 把戒指给我
[25:42.04]- I don't understand. - This is wrong. You don't buy the ring. 我糊涂了
[25:45.52]You have second thoughts, you walk out that door. 你...你还有第二个想法
[25:48.12]So, come on, let's have it. 来吧,就这样做
[25:52.56]- I don't know what you're on about. - You don't buy the ring, Desmond. 我不知道你在说什么
[26:00.44]How do you know my name? 你怎么知道我名字?
[26:01.80]I know your name as well as I know that you don't ask Penny to marry you. 我不仅知道你名字 我还知道你不会向Penny求婚
[26:05.56]In fact, you break her heart. 事实上,你还要伤她的心
[26:07.32]Breaking her heart is what drives you, in a few short years from now, 对,伤她的心,没错
[26:11.28]to enter that sailing race to prove her father wrong. 去参加帆船大赛 向她的父亲证明自己
[26:14.56]It brings you to the island, where you spend three years of your life 就是这个原因你才来到了这个岛上
[26:18.12]entering numbers into the computer 三年内你重复地将数字输入电脑
[26:20.76]until you are forced to turn that fail-safe key. 直至你被迫转动了系统崩溃的安全钥匙
[26:26.44]And if you don't do those things, Desmond David Hume... 如果你没做那些事 Desmond David Hume
[26:31.40]...every single one of us is dead. 我们每个人都要死
[26:38.08]So, give me that sodding ring. 所以把戒指给我
[26:49.76]You're going to be difficult about this. 我能理解你很难懂我说的
[26:53.00]Who are you? 你,你是谁?
[26:55.72]Do you like chestnuts? 你喜欢吃栗子吗?
[26:59.68]What? 什么?
[27:01.92]Thank you. 谢谢
[27:09.52]That man over there is wearing red shoes. 那边那个男的穿了一双红鞋子
[27:15.28]So? What, then? 那又如何?
[27:18.44]Just thought it was a bold fashion choice worth noting. 只是觉得这是很新潮的选择 值得记录下
[27:27.88]Is this really happening? 这不是真的,对吧?
[27:29.44]Sorry? 什么?
[27:34.60]I've had a concussion. 我有次脑震荡
[27:37.96]You're my subconscious. 你是我臆想出来的
[27:41.40]Am I? 是吗?
[27:43.36]You're here to... 你来这儿是为了...
[27:45.00]...to talk me out of marrying Penny. 为了劝我不要娶Penny
[27:48.36]Well, it won't bloody work. 没用的,该死这没用的
[27:50.76]- Oh, yes, it will. - No. 哦,这当然会有用
[27:52.88]There is no island, there is no button. 不会
[27:56.20]It's madness. I love her. She loves me. 全是疯言疯语
[27:59.16]I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her. 我要与她共度余生
[28:03.40]No, Desmond. You're not. 不,Desmond...
[28:12.48]Oh, my God. 噢,上帝啊
[28:18.44]You knew that was going to happen, didn't you? 你知道会发生这种事的,对吧?
[28:24.16]Then why didn't you stop it? Why didn't you do anything? 你为什么不阻止它?
[28:26.96]Because it wouldn't matter. 因为那根本就是徒劳的
[28:32.76]Had I warned him about the scaffolding, 如果我警告了他脚手架会出事 明天他还是会被计程车撞
[28:34.96]tomorrow he'd be hit by a taxi.
[28:36.84]If I warned him about the taxi, he'd fall in the shower and break his neck. 如果我警告了他计程车会出事 他还是会在洗澡时跌倒摔断脖子
[28:42.40]The universe, unfortunately, has a way of... 很不幸,这个宇宙拥有一种方式...
[28:45.92]...course correcting. 来进行,"路线修正"
[28:49.76]That man was supposed to die. 那个人的时辰到了
[28:52.56]That was his path. 这是他的必经之路
[28:57.60]Just as it's your path to go to the island. 就如同你必然会踏上那个小岛一样
[29:03.88]You don't do it because you choose to, Desmond, 你不是因为自己选择而那样,Desmond
[29:06.52]you do it because you're supposed to. 而是因为你注定要如此
[29:12.68]I'm gonna meet Penny in an hour. 我会在一小时后与Penny见面
[29:17.24]I've got the ring. 我有戒指
[29:19.00]She'll say yes. 她会说"我愿意"
[29:21.16]I can choose whatever I want. 我能如我所愿地选择任何事
[29:26.56]You may not like your path, Desmond, 你可以不喜欢你的人生之路,Desmond
[29:29.92]but pushing that button is the only truly... 但是按那些按钮将是你所做的 唯一的也是真正重要的事
[29:33.40]...great thing that you'll ever do.
[29:45.80]How much for the ring? 戒指多少钱?
[30:33.88]- Hi. - Hey. - 嗨 - 嘿
[30:36.52]- Am I late? - Right on time. - 我迟到了吗? - 刚刚好
[30:40.92]- Take your photo, lovebirds? - No, thanks. 照张相吧,眷侣们?
[30:43.08]Come on. Something to show the grandkids! 不用了,谢谢
[30:45.60]Come on, let's do it, for all those grandkids! 来吧,Des.,照一张吧,为了孙子们
[30:48.00]You'll do it? Alrighty. 耶? 你们要来一张?
[30:50.00]Let's see what we got for you here. 看看我们为你们准备了什么,哈?
[30:52.96]Beautiful desert scene? - 呵,一张漂亮的沙漠布景 - 不要
[30:54.80]No, not the desert? Alright. 不要沙漠? 好吧
[30:56.32]- I know, the Alps. Yeah? - I love the Alps. 呃,我知道了,阿尔卑斯山
[30:59.32]- Oh, I hate the Alps. - Yeah, not the Alps. 哦,我恨阿尔卑斯山
[31:02.88]Here we go. A beautiful marina scene. 啊,有了,漂亮的码头海景
[31:05.32]- Yeah, let's do that. - That's the one? - 行,我们照这张吧 - 就这张,对吧?
[31:08.52]Alright, you guys get in position. 好的
[31:10.72]Take your coat off, it's boiling, full of palm trees. - 把外套脱了 - 你们把位置站好
[31:11.42]显得热死了 里面可是有棕榈树
[31:13.48]Here we go. One, two... 好了,开始吧
[31:18.96]An instant classic... 噢,经典一刻
[31:22.36]...only five quid. - Here you go, love. - 只要5镑 - 马上给你
[31:24.84]Here ya go, mate. 拿着吧,哥们儿
[31:27.52]- Cheers. - Out of twenty. 没有20的小钱了
[31:29.64]You're a lovely couple. 你们真相配 很便宜的价格就留住了回忆,对不对?
[31:31.48]Small price to pay for the memories, right?
[31:43.68]I couldn't go through with it. 我承受不了这些
[31:47.16]What was that? 什么?
[31:51.20]I can't do this. 我不能这样下去了
[31:53.36]You can't do what? 你不能怎样?
[31:55.52]Us. 我们
[31:59.68]This. 这种...
[32:02.08]This relationship. 这种关系
[32:06.32]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?
[32:08.80]How can I... 我怎么能? 我...
[32:12.36]I can't look after you. 我没办法照顾你,我没有工作
[32:14.76]I haven't got a job. I don't have any... 我没有...
[32:17.40]I can't even afford five quid for a bloody photograph. 我甚至拿不出该死的5镑来照相
[32:22.36]- You deserve someone better. - I know what I deserve. 你应该遇到更好的人
[32:25.36]- I chose to be with you, I love you. - Love's not enough. 我知道我应得什么 我选择了和你在一起,我爱你
[32:26.90]光有爱不够 当一个好人也不够
[32:28.92]- Being a "good man" is not enough. - What's this about? 这是干嘛,Des.? 这是哪门子的说法?
[32:31.76]Where is this coming from?
[32:33.72]It's all happening too soon. You moving in. 一切都来得太快了,你搬来了
[32:36.28]You're painting rooms, you're changing things. I don't even like red! 你...你粉刷了房间 你改变了很多东西
[32:41.00]- Why would you leave your flat to... - Don't do that. 为什么你要离开你的公寓 你那昂贵的公寓...
[32:44.88]Don't you pretend you don't care. And don't you dare rewrite history. 别装作你不在乎 你怎么敢重写历史
[32:48.80]I left my expensive flat because you were too proud to live there, remember? 我离开了我的昂贵公寓 是因为你不屑于住那,记得吗?
[32:54.04]If you want me to go, 如果你真想让我走 想让我离开的话
[32:56.60]if you want me to leave, then... 那就别把这个搞成 什么我应得的,什么不应得...
[33:00.08]...don't make this about what I do or don't deserve.
[33:05.64]And have the decency to admit you're doing this because you're a coward. 你得有胆承认你这么做 因为你是个懦夫
[33:15.24]I'm sorry, Pen. 对不起,Pen,但是这...
[33:18.04]But, this...
[33:28.64]...we're not supposed to be together. 我们注定不该在一起
[34:02.04]What'll it be? 来点什么?
[34:09.32]Just give me a pint of your cheapest. 呃,就...就给我来一品脱你们最便宜的
[34:13.00]- I'm celebrating. - What's the occasion? 我要庆祝
[34:14.38]哦? 为了什么?
[34:16.72]I think I've made... 我想我已铸成了人生中最大的错误 而最差劲的是
[34:19.16]...the biggest mistake of my life.
[34:22.04]And the worst part is...
[34:24.80]...l'm pretty sure I've made it before. 我非常肯定我以前就摔过同样的跟斗
[34:26.96]That's what they call deja vu, mate. 他们就叫这"似曾相识",兄弟
[34:29.72]Do they, now? 他们现在还这么说?
[34:53.52]I had the wrong night. 我搞错了晚上
[34:55.24]I was right. 我是对的
[34:57.16]I was off by a night! I heard the song, then... 我弄错了一个晚上 我听到了那首歌,然后...
[34:59.44]I remember this! 我记起来了
[35:01.00]I'm not crazy! I can still change things. 我没疯!
[35:04.68]I can still change it! 我还能够改变事情
[35:09.56]- Jimmy Lennon! - Where the hell's my money? Jimmy Lennon
[35:14.12]Hey, duck, brother! 嘿,蹲下,哥们儿!
[36:15.48]Oh, no. 哦,不
[36:38.84]Please... 拜托...
[36:42.24]...let me go back. 让我回去吧
[36:45.20]Let me go back one more time. 让我再回去一次
[36:48.20]I'll do it right, I'll do it right this time. 我会做对的 这一次我会做对的
[36:52.32]I'm sorry, Penny. 对不起,Penny
[36:57.60]I'll change it. 我会改变它的
[37:00.88]I'll change it. 我会改变它的
[37:04.84]How'd you know Claire was drowning? 你怎么会知道Claire溺水了?
[37:07.52]I could hear her calling for help. 我听到她喊救命
[37:11.08]You hear the lightning as well? 你,呃,也听见了那道闪电?
[37:15.68]Just by chance, you pitched your little rod outside Claire's tent... 碰巧你在Cliare帐篷外扎了根杆子
[37:19.68]and two hours later, the lightning strikes. 两小时后,就有闪电侵袭
[37:28.48]I don't know how you're doing it, but I know a coward when I see one! 我不知道你怎么做,做什么 但我知道我看见一个懦夫
[37:34.00]Yeah, a coward! 是啊,一个懦夫,啊!
[37:36.04]You don't want to know what happened to me when I turned that key! 你不会想知道当我转动 那把钥匙时发生了什么的!
[37:39.52]You don't want to know! You don't want to know what happened to me! 下来!
[37:39.50]- 你不会想知道的! - 哥们儿!
[37:43.20]You don't want to know! You don't want to know! 你不会想知道!
[37:48.92]- It doesn't matter what you do... - What are you doing? 不管你做什么
[37:51.68]...you can't change it. 你都改变不了
[37:55.92]You can't change it, no matter what you try to do, you just can't change it... 你都改变不了
[38:03.20]He's wankered. Let's get him to his tent. 他失去理智了 我们把他抬回他的帐篷去吧
[38:07.16]Alright, Des, come on, gimme your arm. 好了,Des.,来吧,把手给我
[38:10.12]Come on, stand up. Stand up. 快点,站起来,站起来!
[38:13.92]OK, OK. I got you. 好的,好的
[38:16.92]You're a good man, Charlie. 你是个好人,Charlie
[38:20.44]Listen, I'm sorry I tried to strangle you, alright? 听着,之前我想要扼你脖子 我很抱歉,好吗?
[38:23.64]Fair play, mate. Here we go. 没事儿,伙计,我们到了
[38:29.20]Sorry I called you a coward. 对不起,我之前说你是懦夫
[38:31.72]You're right, pal. 你说的对,兄弟
[38:34.16]Desmond... Desmond...
[38:39.04]...you are going to tell me what happened to you. 告诉我你到底出了什么事
[38:49.12]When I turned that key... 当我转动那把钥匙时...
[38:55.08]...my life... 我的一生...
[38:58.64]...flashed before my eyes. 就在我的眼前闪过
[39:02.20]And then I was back in the jungle. 然后我又回到了丛林里
[39:05.64]And still on this bloody island. 仍然在这座该死的小岛上
[39:09.32]But those flashes, Charlie... 但是那些记忆的片段,Charlie...
[39:12.40]...those flashes, they didn't stop. 那些片段,它们没有停止
[39:16.12]So... 那么...
[39:17.80]...you're telling me you saw a "flash" 你告诉我今天早上你眼前闪过 Claire溺水的画面?
[39:20.48]of Claire drowning this morning? That's how you knew to save her?
[39:24.04]I wasn't saving Claire, Charlie. 我不是在救她,Charlie
[39:28.64]I was saving you. 我是在救你
[39:33.32]This morning... 今天早上,你跟着Claire跳了下去
[39:35.44]...you dove in after Claire.
[39:40.32]You tried to save her, but... 你想要救她,但是...
[39:46.20]...you drowned. 你...你淹死了
[39:50.00]What are you talking about? I didn't drown. 你在说什么?
[39:53.48]When I saw the lightning hit the roof, 当我看见那道闪电击在屋顶上时 你触电而死了
[39:56.72]you were electrocuted.
[40:00.12]And when you heard Claire was in the water, you... 而当你听见Claire在水里时,你...
[40:03.56]...you drowned trying to save her. 你在试着救她时溺死了
[40:07.24]I dove in myself so you never went in! I've tried, brother. 我自己跳下去,这样你就不会下去了
[40:10.28]I've tried twice to save you, but... 我试过了,兄弟 我试过两次去救你,但是...
[40:13.56]...the universe has a way of course correcting, 这个宇宙拥有一种方式来进行"路线修正"
[40:17.52]and I can't stop it forever. 而...而我不能永远阻止它
[40:21.72]I'm sorry. I'm sorry, because... 抱歉,我很抱歉,因为...
[40:29.12]...no matter what I try to do... 不管我怎么尝试...
[40:35.64]...you're gonna die, Charlie. 你还是会死的,Charlie
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