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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: "迷失" 前情提要
[00:02.44]You want me to save your life? 你要我救你的命?
[00:04.60]I want you to want to save my life. 我要你自愿救我的命
[00:06.68]I made a small incision in Ben's kidney sack. 我在Ben的肾囊上开了个小切口
[00:09.04]Now, if I don't stitch that back up in the next hour, he's dead. 如果在一小时内没缝合的话 他就会死
[00:12.32]I'd like for you to go back in there, put Ben under and finish the surgery. 我宁愿你回去 麻醉Ben 完成手术
[00:16.08]- Why would I do that? - I'm going to help your friends escape. 为什么我要那么做?
[00:22.40]- No! - Danny! - 不! - Danny!
[00:37.06]*我好累 我想睡觉 *
[00:47.80]- Stop. - What, you want a turn steering? 停下
[00:48.70]什么 你想要来划?
[00:50.96]- We have to go back. - What are you talking about? - 我们必须回去 - 你到底在说什么?
[00:53.68]Turn the boat around. 把船调头 Sawyer 我认真的
[00:55.04]- Have you lost your mind? We got away! - Just do it. 你疯了吗? 我们刚刚逃出来
[00:57.92]- Give me one reason to turn around! - Because we can't leave Jack behind. - 照做就行了 - 你给我个理由船为什么要调头...
[01:06.88]Yes, we can, Freckles... because that's what he asked us to do. 我们能 雀斑女...
[01:11.56]You think about it. We go back there, 想想吧...如果我们回去被抓 杀手"巴尼兔"会怎样处置我们?
[01:13.64]what do you think Captain Bunnykiller is gonna do if he catches us?
[01:17.00]Kill you. 他会杀了你
[01:21.24]God loves you as he loved Jacob. 主爱你如爱雅各布
[01:27.48]OK. Thanks for the input. 好的 多谢您的提醒
[01:31.92]Sorry, kiddo. 对不起 年轻人...
[01:35.52]Jack's on his own. Jack靠他自己了
[01:39.96]Time to get up. 起床了
[01:42.64]We're moving you. 我们要把你转移
[01:46.60]- Moving me where? - Someplace else, Jack. - 把我移去哪? - 其他地方 Jack
[01:50.24]Why? 为什么?
[01:57.16]- So this it? - It? 就是这个吧?
[02:00.04]You just helped me save his life. If you're gonna kill me, please, "这个"?
[02:03.36]at least show me the respect of not calling it "moving." 如果你准备杀我 至少得尊重我 而不用将其称之为"转移"
[02:07.08]Now why would we kill you? 我们干嘛要杀你?
[02:10.04]Because you're done with me. 因为我已经没有利用价值
[02:11.52]What kind of people do you think we are? 你把我们当什么人 Jack?
[02:13.52]Oh, I don't know, Tom... 噢 我不知道 Tom
[02:15.92]...the kind of people that would take a pregnant woman, 会拖走孕妇...
[02:18.84]would hang Charlie from a tree, 会把Charlie挂在树上...
[02:21.40]would drag our people out of the jungle, 会把我们的人拖出丛林...
[02:23.48]would kidnap children. 会绑架小孩...
[02:26.64]That's the kind of people I think you are. 你们就是这种人
[02:39.52]You see this glass house you're living in, Jack? 看到你住的这幢玻璃屋子吗 Jack?
[02:43.88]How about I get you some stones? 给你堆石头怎么样?
[02:52.08]Let's do this the easy way. What do you say? 我们就这么简单的操作 你认为怎么样?
[03:16.48]Hey. 嘿
[03:46.34]<"#ffff00">迷失 第3季 第9集
[04:07.48]Dr Jack! Hey, Dr Jack! Jack医生? 嘿 Jack医生?
[04:10.52]Dr Jack want soda, Dr Jack? Jack医生 要苏打水吗? Jack医生?
[04:27.40]You know I can't understand a word you're saying? 我不懂你说的话 你知道的 对吗?
[04:30.12]Dr Jack. Jack医生
[04:34.16]You're welcome. 不用谢
[05:44.20]Thank you. Thank you very much. 谢谢 非常感谢
[05:46.92]You're not from around here, are you? 你不是这附近的人吧 是吗?
[05:51.96]No. No, I'm not. I'm Jack. 不 我不是
[05:53.66]我... 我叫Jack
[05:56.64]Hi, Jack. I'm Achara. 嗨 Jack 我是Achara
[05:59.44]Achara? Achara. Achara... Achara
[06:22.04]Juliet grilled these for me. 以前Juliet会烤烤再给我吃的
[06:26.28]Who was that woman? 那个女人是谁?
[06:28.52]That'd be the sheriff. 她是郡长
[06:31.24]- You have a sheriff? - Not literally. - 你们还有郡长? - 不是字面上的意思 Jack
[06:33.12]- Why're you moving Juliet into my room? - Because she's in trouble, Jack. 为什么把Juliet转移到我的房间?
[06:42.44]Now don't try anything stupid. You stay put in this cage, OK? 别干傻事 老实的呆在笼子里 懂吗?
[06:45.72]You say that like you're not watching me from that camera right there. 你说这些话好像你不用 透过那摄像头监视我似的
[06:49.56]Oh, right. Ben told me you got into the... surveillance room. 噢 对 Ben跟我说过你闯进了监控室
[07:05.12]Let me ask you something. 我来问你
[07:07.64]You risk your neck to cut them loose, and they run away and don't look back... 你冒着被砍头的危险让他们逃走 他们跑了 回头看也不看
[07:11.92]Thanks for the sandwich. 谢谢您的三明治
[07:22.96]Never thought I'd be glad to get back to this rock. 没想到再次回到这礁石上 我还会高兴
[07:25.68]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
[07:27.44]I'm heading in to shore. 你说呢? 我正朝着岸
[07:29.04]Why? If we just keep going, we can circle around. 为什么? 只要我们继续前进的话 我们能绕着走
[07:31.48]We'll get to camp, tell Locke and Sayid what happened... 早晚我们会到营地的 我们把发生的一切告诉Locke和sayid
[07:34.36]Oh, we will? You got a map you ain't showing me, Magella? 噢 我们会的 不是吗? 麦哲伦 你有地图怎么不给我看?
[07:39.16]We got no food, no water, and I can't steer in the dark. 我们没食品 没水 而且黑夜里我掌不了舵
[07:42.24]Then I'll steer. - 到时我来开 - 不
[07:45.44]You'll come ashore and we'll make camp. 你会上岸 然后我们扎个营
[07:50.04]You wanna contribute? You can build a camp fire while I carry the kid. 你想做贡献? 你生篝火 我来带孩子
[07:54.84]Glad we agree. 很高兴达成一致
[08:08.76]You sure you ain't hungry? 你真的不饿吗?
[08:10.72]No, James. I ain't hungry. 不 James 我不饿
[08:14.40]You shouldn't fight. 你不应该反抗的
[08:16.96]When the hell did you wake up? 你什么时候醒过来的?
[08:19.32]You shouldn't fight, because you're lucky to be alive. 你不该反抗 因为活着已很幸运
[08:23.48]Golly! I think he's got a point. 天哪! 我想他已经明白了
[08:28.92]That island we were on, is that where your people live? 我们之前在的那个岛... 就是你们生活的地方?
[08:31.64]Just where we work. 是我们工作的地方
[08:34.56]- Work on what? - Projects. - 工作什么? - 项目
[08:36.88]Oh, sure. Like the Steal the Kid Off the Raft Project? 对 类似 "拐卖小孩" 的项目?
[08:40.56]- That was a humdinger. - So you don't live on that island? 真是出类拔萃啊
[08:44.20]- Nope. - So you live here? - 不 - 那你们这这儿吗...
[08:46.96]- On this island? - Yes, ma'am. 住这个岛上吗?
[08:49.10]是的 女士
[08:53.92]And what did you do with the people that you took... the kids? 那你们怎么处置抓到的那些人...
[08:58.08]- Give them a better life. - Better than what? - 那些孩子? - 我们给他们更好的生活
[09:02.16]Better than yours. 比你们的更好
[09:10.96]There's not gonna be any moon tonight. It'll be dark. 今晚看不见月亮了
[09:15.44]Me and Alex used to lie in my back yard at night 我和Alex以前晚上常躺在后院里 给未命名的星座取名字
[09:18.00]and make up names for the constellations.
[09:20.32]You can't see it yet, but right there will be Ursa Theodorus. 你现在还看不见 但是大熊星座提奥多劳斯就在那儿
[09:26.48]The teddy bear. 就是泰迪熊
[09:28.08]- You have back yards? - Yeah. 你还有后院?
[09:33.64]Well, ain't that quaint. 那不奇怪吗?
[09:40.08]Warning. 警告
[09:46.44]Warning. 警告
[10:05.40]- I thought you were locked up. - They let me out to examine Ben. - 我以为你被锁起来了 - 他们让我出来替Ben作检查
[10:09.20]His vitals are low, and he has a fever. 他的脉搏很弱而且还有高烧 十分钟前我拿到了这个
[10:11.44]I took this about ten minutes ago. It's of his stitches.
[10:17.52]They're infected, aren't they? 受感染了 是吗?
[10:20.44]- Yes. - Will you come look at him? - 是的 - 你愿意看看他吗?
[10:23.64]- No. - Jack... 不
[10:24.80]- No. - I'm not asking you for them or him. - Jack... - 不
[10:28.20]I'm asking you as a personal favour to me. 我是以私人的名义求你帮我个忙
[10:33.84]You want me to help him again? 你...要我再帮他?
[10:37.04]- Yes. - Are you sure about that, Juliet? 是的
[10:40.48]Yes. I'm sure. - 你确定要这么做吗 Juliet? - 是的
[10:43.32]And this is because he said that he would let you go home? 我确定
[10:43.34]是因为他说会放你走 你才这么做的?
[10:46.80]No. 不
[10:50.20]No. 不 我...
[10:54.04]It's because I'm in trouble. 因为我闯祸了
[10:56.76]- Trouble for... - I killed someone. - 闯祸? 为... - 我刚杀了人
[10:58.72]It's why they put me in your room. 这就是他们把我安置在你房间里的原因
[11:01.44]Who? 谁?
[11:05.68]It's complicated. 很难说清楚
[11:09.16]Well, then let me simplify it for you. 好 那让我来帮你简单化
[11:12.44]I'm not gonna help him. 我不会帮他
[11:16.64]And I'm not gonna help you. 而且我也不会帮你
[11:39.32]OK! Special Thai dish for you. You try. 地道的泰国菜 尝尝吧
[11:55.24]Very brave, very brave. 很勇敢 很勇敢
[12:00.92]- My brother likes you. - Well, I'm a very likable guy. 我哥哥喜欢你
[12:08.20]So, Jack... Jack
[12:10.56]...tell me something. 跟我说些事
[12:12.48]Shoot. 说吧
[12:14.20]Why is it you don't know how to fly a kite? 你为什么连放风筝都不会?
[12:18.68]- Just never learned, I guess. - That's very sad. - 我从没学过 - 太糟了
[12:22.04]Well, my dad worked a lot, 我爸爸总是在工作
[12:25.04]and he wasn't exactly the kite-flying type, anyway. 而且他也不像是那种放风筝的人 总之 我们从没真正...
[12:27.84]- I mean, we never really... - Jack? - Jack - 嗯?
[12:29.88]- Yeah? - I have no interest in your father. 我不想听你父亲的事
[12:33.92]Well, that's a relief because I'm pretty tired of talking about him. 噢 那最好了 因为我已厌倦了说他的事
[12:37.40]Some things are personal. 说些你个人的事
[12:46.28]So you're in Phuket to find yourself? 那么你在普及岛..."寻找自我"?
[12:51.56]- Why would you say that? - You're an American. - 为什么这么说? - 你是美国人
[13:14.20]I have a gift. 我有个...天赋
[13:17.20]Must be one hell of a gift. 肯定是个了不起的天赋
[13:46.08]Oh, I was just reading your tattoos. 噢 我刚刚在看你的纹身
[13:48.96]The five and the stars are very cute. 那个"五"和那些星星非常可爱 但是那中文...
[13:51.24]But the Chinese, I find a...
[13:56.36]...bit ironic. 有点讽刺的味道
[13:58.60]- You find what ironic? - What it says. - 你发现什么地方讽刺呢? - 上面写着的话
[14:03.12]You do know what it says? 你知道它的意思吗?
[14:07.20]- Yeah. I know what it says. - Are you sure? 当然 我知道
[14:11.80]Chinese is a very complicated language. 中文是一门很复杂的语言
[14:14.36]It's fairly common for things to get lost in translation. 翻译的时候 很容易会丢失信息
[14:17.40]I know what it says. 我知道它的意思
[14:21.20]All right then. 好吧
[14:25.00]Jack? Jack
[14:28.40]My name is Isabel. 我是Isabel
[14:31.56]If you'll come with me, 如果你跟我来
[14:34.20]I'd like to talk to you and ask you a few questions. 我想跟你谈谈 问你点问题
[14:49.72]Why don't you check on your father, sweetheart? I know he'd appreciate it. 亲爱的 怎么不去看看你父亲? 我知道他一定会很感激
[15:06.68]Please have a seat, Jack. 请坐 Jack
[15:08.96]As you may have gathered, we don't live on this little island. 也许你已经猜到了 我们并不是真的生活在这岛上
[15:12.56]In fact, most of us don't really even like coming here. 事实上 我们这大多数人并不想来这儿
[15:16.32]There's an incident I'm investigating 我在调查过程中出了点意外 我需要问你点问题
[15:18.48]and I need to ask you some questions.
[15:20.40]So I was hoping you may help me clear up a few of the... 我希望你能帮我消除一些......
[15:25.40]...inconsistencies. 矛盾
[15:27.96]Now, correct me if I'm wrong, Tom, Tom 如果我说错了 请纠正我 你说过 在手术的过程中...
[15:30.04]but you said in the midst of a surgical procedure,
[15:32.92]Jack made several comments indicating that Juliet had asked him to kill Ben. Jack多次暗示 Juliet要求他杀死Ben
[15:40.28]- Yeah. That's right. - Is that true, Jack? 对 是那样
[15:42.06]这是事实吗 Jack?
[15:44.60]Did Juliet ask you to kill Ben? Juliet有叫你杀Ben吗?
[15:49.52]The question's simple. 问题很简单 Juliet有叫你杀Ben吗?
[15:51.08]Did Juliet ask you to kill Ben?
[16:00.48]No. No, I was lying. I would've done anything to get my friends out. 没有
[16:01.66]不 我在撒谎
[16:03.94]为了让我朋友逃走 我什么都做的出来
[16:06.12]Turning you people against each other was my best chance of creating chaos. 让你们这些人反目成仇 是我制造混乱的大好机会
[16:23.12]Why are you lying for her, Jack? 你为什么要为她撒谎 Jack?
[16:36.92]I'd like to go back to my cage now. 我现在要回我的笼子了
[16:49.68]Who's there? 谁在那?
[16:53.36]Who do you think? 你认为是谁呢?
[17:05.60]What time is it? 几点了?
[17:08.60]It's late. 哦 很晚了
[17:16.36]- Salty. - I went for a swim in the ocean. - 好咸 - 我刚去海里游泳
[17:19.48]Washing the day off of you? 洗去一天的疲倦?
[17:24.72]Is there something you'd like to ask me, Jack? 你有什么想问我的吗 Jack?
[17:27.40]No, not at all. 不 没有
[17:30.00]I mean, it might be nice, 我是说... 若你继续这样任意妄为
[17:33.28]after a month of you coming in whenever you want, 说来就来 说走就走
[17:36.68]to find out something about you. 让我这样来了解你 可能会很不错
[17:44.16]There are things that happen here that you could never understand. 你不了解这里发生的事情
[17:56.44]Like your gift? 像是你的天赋?
[17:59.28]Yes... like my gift. 是的
[18:25.00]Are you having fun with me, Jack? 你和我在一起开心吗 Jack?
[18:29.40]Oh, yeah. 是的
[18:32.24]Then stop asking questions. Let's have fun. 提问时间结束 我们来开心吧
[18:56.04]What?! 什么?!
[19:01.76]Hey, Jack. 嘿 Jack
[19:07.40]Do I... do I know you? 我...
[19:14.04]Eight-fifteen. You... 815航班 你是...
[19:18.04]- You were the stewardess. - Cindy. - 你是那个乘务员 - Cindy
[19:24.16]What are you doing here with them? I thought you were taken. 你在这里和他们一起做什么?
[19:27.44]- You were... you were captured. - They're not... 我以为你被带走了 你被...绑架了
[19:31.64]It's not that simple. 事情没这么简单
[19:34.96]What are they doing here, right now? What are you doing here?! 现在他们在这里干吗? 你在这里干吗?!
[19:39.76]We're here to watch, Jack. 我们是来监视的 Jack
[19:42.56]Watch what? 监视什么?
[19:47.36]What is it, sweetheart? 什么事 宝贝?
[19:52.96]She wants to know how Ana Lucia is doing. 她想知道Ana Lucia还好吗?
[20:02.28]- Are you serious? - What? - 你没开玩笑吧? - 什么?
[20:04.60]If you've got something to watch, Cindy, go watch it! 如果你要监视什么东西 就去监视吧!
[20:09.12]Go! 去!
[20:38.48]- Sawyer. - What? - Sawyer - 什么?
[20:39.84]Sawyer, wake up. Sawyer 醒醒
[20:44.16]He's gone! Karl's gone! 他走了
[20:47.08]Where? - Karl走了 - 哪里?
[20:55.32]Wait, hold up.
[21:01.64]I got it. - 我来吧 - 不 让我跟他谈谈
[21:03.12]- No, let me talk to him. - No, I got it. 不 让我来
[21:06.12]Boys only. 男生之间的对话
[21:19.52]- What the hell was that for? - So you'd cowboy up. - 你干吗打我啊? - 这样你才能振作起来
[21:24.36]Crying in the jungle! 躲在丛林里哭
[21:26.44]I thought you people were supposed to be tough. 还以为你们这群人很坚强呢
[21:29.72]I am tough. 我很坚强
[21:33.04]Sure you are, Bobby. 当然 Bobby
[21:36.44]Bobby? The Brady Bunch? Bobby? The brady bunch? (美国情景喜剧 Bobby是剧中的儿子)
[21:39.60]What the hell is The Brady Bunch? The brady bunch是什么玩意?
[21:42.96]OK. 好吧...
[21:44.88]Anyway, look, Karl... 不管怎样 听着 Karl
[21:50.72]I been with a lot of girls. 我和很多女孩在一起过...
[21:55.36]Some of them worth the trouble... 有些值得你去担忧
[21:58.72]...and some not. 有些不值得
[22:01.60]But every now and again, 有时候
[22:03.88]there's one... 会有一个人...
[22:11.04]One you name dumb stars with. 和你一起命名那些愚蠢的星星...
[22:18.52]So this girl, 所以这个女孩
[22:20.32]- Sally Slingshot... - Alex. 弹弓女Sally
[22:22.92]Yeah. You love her? - Alex - 对
[22:27.32]More than anything. 爱她胜过一切
[22:31.28]Then go back to wherever the hell your... 那就回你们那个什么后院吧
[22:34.40]...yards are and get her back. 回去支持陪伴她
[22:38.56]If I get caught... they'll kill me this time. 如果我被抓了
[22:47.44]Well, at least it'll be worth it. 恩...
[23:09.72]I want to ask you something. 我想问你些事情
[23:12.44]They're not watching anymore, so you can tell me the truth. 他们不再监视了 所以你可以说实话
[23:17.72]OK. 好的
[23:19.24]Ben. Ben
[23:21.00]Why'd you save his life? 为什么你要救他?
[23:23.96]All this time, after all he did to you and your people, you should hate him! 这么久以来 他这么对你和你朋友...
[23:29.48]But you still fixed him up. 但你还是治好了他
[23:31.76]Even after your friends got away. Why? 即使在你朋友已经逃跑后 为什么?
[23:35.04]You're his daughter. 你是他女儿
[23:38.48]- Answer the question. - I'll answer, if you answer mine. - 回答我的问题 - 你先回答我的 我才会告诉你
[23:44.64]- Where is Juliet? - She's with the rest of them. - Juliet在哪里? - 她和其余的人在一起
[23:47.72]- They're gonna read her verdict. - Her verdict? 他们会宣读她的判决
[23:50.96]And we all know what it's gonna be. - 她的判决? - 我们都知道将会是怎样
[23:53.80]We're pretty strict about killing one of our own. 对于自相残杀 我们非常严格
[23:59.24]- Eye for an eye. - Who? Who did she kill? - 以牙还牙 - 谁? 她杀了谁?
[24:02.20]The man who was gonna murder your friends. 一个准备枪杀你朋友的人
[24:11.44]No wonder you're worried about her. 难怪你如此担心她
[24:14.80]If it wasn't for you, she never would've done it. 如果不是为了你 她不会这么做
[24:18.20]That was three questions. 你问了三个问题了
[24:20.92]Your turn, Jack. 该你了 Jack
[24:24.16]I saved your father because I said I would. 我救你父亲 是因为我要信守承诺
[24:33.88]Hey. Hey. 嘿
[24:37.08]Is he still in charge? 他还是掌权的吗?
[24:39.48]- What? - Ben, your father. 什么?
[24:41.04]Is he still in charge? Will Isabel do what he says? Ben 你父亲 他还是掌权的吗?
[24:44.60]- Yeah. - Get me out of this cage. - 是的 - 把我救出这笼子
[24:51.92]I wouldn't do that. 我不会那么做
[24:58.48]The cavalry has arrived at last. 骑兵最终还是到了
[25:12.12]I'd be much more impressed with you people if you had a good surgeon. 如果你们有个好的外科医生 会更让我印象深刻的
[25:19.08]We had an excellent surgeon, Jack. 我们曾有个优秀的外科医生 Jack
[25:23.56]His name was Ethan. 他叫Ethan
[25:27.04]You have a serious infection, Ben. 你感染非常严重 Ben
[25:29.56]That infected tissue needs to be re-incised and debrided. 受感染的组织需要再次切开并清除
[25:32.88]And you need to be very closely monitored from here on out. 从现在起 你需要被非常严密地监视
[25:37.72]There might be nerve damage or any number of other complications. 可能会有神经损伤 或是其他并发症
[25:42.72]You might not walk again. 你可能无法再走路了
[25:46.00]Your bedside manner leaves something to be desired, Jack. 你和病人的交流能力 可并不怎么好啊 Jack
[25:50.12]Well, then it's too bad you're stuck with me. 那你得跟我困在一起 真糟糕啊
[25:54.72]- Am I? - You need a doctor, Ben. - 是吗? - 你需要个医生 Ben
[25:57.44]Someone to stay with you. 陪着你
[26:00.36]Bring you back to good health. 让你重获健康
[26:05.48]And here we go again. 又来了
[26:09.64]I've already given you a ticket off this island, Jack. 我已经给了你离开这个岛的通行证 Jack
[26:12.52]What's it gonna cost me this time? 这次又要我给什么?
[26:14.84]Right now, your people are in a room 现在
[26:17.56]deciding whether or not to execute Juliet. 你们的人在房里讨论是否...
[26:25.24]You're gonna stop it. 你去阻止这一切
[26:27.92]Juliet doesn't care about you, Jack. Juliet并不在乎你 Jack
[26:32.04]It doesn't matter what she's done. 无论她做了什么
[26:35.08]No matter what you think... 无论你怎么想
[26:39.32]...she is one of us. 她都是我们的人
[26:44.04]Do we have a deal or not? 我刚说的事 你答应吗?
[26:53.80]Does Isabel have a walkie? Isabel有对讲机吗?
[26:57.32]They're already in the meeting. 他们已经在开会了
[27:05.96]Then get me something to write on. 那就给我纸笔
[27:13.54]哦 耶 宝贝
[28:20.32]You followed me. 你竟跟踪我
[28:27.64]What is all this? 这都算什么意思?
[28:31.32]This is where I work. 这就是我工作的地方 你不该来
[28:33.08]And you shouldn't be here.
[28:38.44]This is a... 这是...
[28:41.08]A tattoo parlour. That was your big secret? 纹身阁 这就是你的大秘密
[28:45.00]The envelopes? Your gift? 那信封 你的天赋?
[28:47.68]I am not a tattoo artist. 我不是纹身艺术家
[28:56.44]I am able to see who people are. 我可以看见人们是怎样的人
[28:59.92]My work is not decoration. 我的工作不是装饰
[29:02.96]It is definition. 而是定义
[29:06.96]And this... 这个...
[29:08.88]This is my gift. 就是我的天赋
[29:11.48]So... 所以...
[29:13.76]...you see who people are. - Yes. 你看见人们的内在
[29:17.36]And I mark them. 是的
[29:22.60]So tell me who I am. 那么告诉我 我是谁?
[29:25.92]No. 不
[29:28.32]- Why not? - You are an outsider. - 为什么不? - 你是外来者
[29:30.88]- So you can sleep with me... - I am not allowed. 那么你可以和我睡觉
[29:35.96]- Do you see who I am, Achara? - Yes. 你看出来我是谁吗 Achara?
[29:42.32]- Who am I? - You are a leader. 我是谁?
[29:46.36]A great man. 伟大的人
[29:49.08]But this... 但这...
[29:53.12]This makes you lonely. 这让你孤独...
[29:56.00]And frightened. 害怕
[29:58.80]And angry. 愤怒
[30:09.40]Good. 好的
[30:12.08]Now put it on me. 现在给我纹上
[30:15.32]Put it on me. 纹上
[30:17.48]No, this... 不行
[30:19.92]This is against my people. 这...
[30:31.84]There will be consequences, Jack. 会有报应的 Jack
[30:35.68]There always are. 报应总是有的
[31:01.20]Wait! No. You shouldn't be here. Just stand back. 等等
[31:02.22]不 你不该来这
[31:05.44]Don't say anything. 靠后
[31:15.56]Alex, you... Alex 你...
[31:18.56]Jack? Jack?
[31:21.12]What the hell did you bring him here for? 你带他来做什么?!
[31:23.28]Let him go, Tom. 放开他 Tom
[31:26.72]What's going on, Alex? 怎么回事 Alex?
[31:30.32]This is from Ben. 这是Ben写的
[31:40.92]Ben has commuted Juliet's sentence. Ben减轻了Juliet的审判
[31:44.44]Execution is off the table. He says the rules don't apply. 处决取消
[31:51.68]He has, however, ordered her to be marked. 然而 他命令给她作记号
[32:31.84]Where're you going? 嘿 你去哪?
[32:46.20]Hey, I know you. 嘿 我认识你
[32:49.20]I'm Achara's friend, from... 我是Achara的朋友...
[32:51.80]Chet, it's Jack from the restaurant. 上次在Chet's 我是Jack 上次在餐馆的那个
[32:59.08]Let go of me, man! 放开我 老兄
[33:23.28]You will get off our beach! You will leave this country! 滚出我们的海滩! 离开这个国家!
[33:26.68]Do you understand me? 你明白吗?!
[34:29.24]I heard you only liked them grilled. 我听说你只喜欢烤过的
[34:34.20]I missed the toothpicks too. 我也想念这些牙签
[34:45.64]- Let me see. - Jack... - 让我看看 - Jack
[34:47.76]They marked you? Let me see it. 他们给你作记号了 让我看看
[35:10.88]- Break a branch off that aloe plant. - It's OK. - 去折一枝芦荟 在那边 - 没事的 Jack
[35:13.36]Please. Please do it. 拜托 拜托
[35:31.72]Turn around. 好了 转过身来
[35:55.32]Why did you help me? 你为什么帮我?
[35:57.76]He told you he was gonna let you go home. He told me the same thing. 因为他告诉你他会让你回家
[36:03.48]We're gonna make sure he keeps his word. 我们要确保他遵守诺言
[36:06.16]And how are we going to do that? 怎么才能做到呢?
[36:08.76]Together. 我们一起
[36:22.16]They'll be coming for you in a few minutes. All of them. 他们马上就会来找你
[36:27.72]Your friends know where we are. 你的朋友知道我们在哪 所以我们得离开这座岛 回住的地方去
[36:29.40]So we have to leave this island to go back to where we live.
[36:33.48]Go where? 去哪?
[36:36.16]Well, Ben calls it "home." Ben把它叫做"家"
[36:43.60]Where's Karl? Karl在哪?
[36:45.48]I let him go. 我让他走了
[36:48.24]- You what? - I let him go. - 你什么? - 我让他走了
[36:50.32]He could lead us to where they live. 他本可以带我们去他们住的地方
[36:52.12]What, you think I cut him loose because I'm so damn sensitive? 什么 你以为我让他走 是因为我该死的心思太细腻?
[36:55.20]The kid's a target. 那孩子是个靶子
[36:58.32]Ben won't stop looking for him... Ben绝不会停止找他 只要...
[37:00.04]All Ben wants is that kid as far from his daughter as possible. Ben只不过想 让那孩子尽可能地离他女儿远点
[37:05.24]Let's get back to camp. 我们会营地吧
[37:12.00]Are you coming or not? 你走不走?
[37:14.16]Should I walk beside you or ten paces behind you? 我应该跟着走在你旁边 还是十步以外?
[37:17.76]You got so good at telling me what to do, I can't think for myself. 你变得这么擅长指示我做事 我自己都不会思考了
[37:20.96]Don't take it out on me, because you feel guilty. 别因为你内疚 就拿我出气
[37:23.48]- I don't feel guilty. - The hell you don't. - 我没有内疚 - 你没有个屁!
[37:25.68]We had to leave Jack! I didn't have a choice! 我们不得不把丢下Jack 我别无选择
[37:27.92]I'm not talking about leaving Jack behind. 我说的不是把丢下Jack这件事
[37:35.16]I'm talking about you and me. 我说的是你和我
[37:45.72]I know you did it because you thought I was a dead man. 我知道你和我做了 是因为你以为我快死了
[37:49.52]So don't beat yourself up because the doc's left behind. 所以别因为丢下医生而怪自己
[37:55.84]I'm not beating myself up. 我没怪自己
[37:58.20]Of course you're not. 当然 你没有
[38:05.76]So now that we got that out of the way, let's go. 既然我们把这说清楚了 那走吧
[38:33.44]"He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." "他来到我们之间"
[38:38.36]Your tattoos, that's what they say. 你的纹身 是这么写的
[38:46.64]That's what they say. 是这么写的
[38:48.64]It's not what they mean. 但不是这个意思
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