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[00:30.32]You got this thing running yet, buddy? 小伙子 你让它动起来了吗?
[00:32.68]Nah, but I got your tools all set. 没有 但我已摆好了你的工具
[00:35.24]Let's see if we can get this thing started, OK? 看看我们能否发动这车 好吗?
[00:37.96]I thought we needed a new carburettor? 我还以为我们得要个新的汽化器
[00:40.00]Well, maybe we don't. Come on, slide behind the wheel. 也许我们不需要
[00:41.44]来吧 坐到驾驶座上
[00:43.08]Let's fire this up. 我们会发动起来的
[00:52.60]What's the matter? Go ahead. 怎么啦? 拿着
[01:09.72]This is stupid. Without a new carburettor, it's not gonna work. 太荒唐了
[01:10.60]没新的汽化器 车子动不了的
[01:13.24]Having hope is never stupid. 心怀希望可并不荒唐
[01:15.36]You gotta believe good things will happen, and then they will. 你要坚信好事即将到来 然后才会真的发生
[01:18.60]Understand what I'm saying? 明白我说的吗?
[01:21.24]In this world, son, 儿子 在这个世界里 好运是自己创造的
[01:23.44]you gotta make your own luck.
[01:26.48]All right? All right. Come on. 明白吗?
[01:31.52]Well... what are you gonna fix today? 今天你想修什么?
[01:37.32]We'll have to put that on hold for a little while 我们得把这事搁一搁了
[01:39.84]'cause... I gotta go to Vegas. 因为我要去拉斯维加斯
[01:43.16]I got some work out there. 我在那边有点事要干
[01:45.20]What about the road trip? 那我们的旅行怎么办?
[01:47.12]Well, the Grand Canyon will still be there when I get back, little dude. 小家伙 等我回来 大峡谷不会长脚溜掉的
[01:51.04]Hey, I got something for you. 嘿 我有东西给你
[01:53.84]I'm not supposed to, Mom says. 我...不该吃这些 妈妈说的
[01:56.40]Live a little, Hugo. It's just a candy bar, OK? 人生得意须尽欢 Hugo
[01:57.32]只是糖果而已 懂吗?
[02:02.24]All right. I'll be back before you know it. 好了
[02:04.68]- Hold down the fort? - All right. 你明白前我就回来 好吗?
[02:06.36]You're my man? All right. - 好 - 能好好照料这车吗?
[02:06.24]我的男子汉 好吧
[02:51.36]So then the Others take the bags off our heads 然后那帮人从我们头上取下袋子
[02:54.72]and we were, like, on the other side of the island. 我们好像来到了小岛的另一端...
[02:57.32]And... they take Jack, Kate and Sawyer someplace, 他们把Jack Kate和Sawyer带到了其它地方
[03:00.52]and they sent me back to warn everyone to stay away... 他们要我回来警告其他人...
[03:05.84]...which I did and... 我也照做了... 现在大家都吓坏了
[03:08.56]...now everyone's freaked out.
[03:11.28]With them gone and... what happened to Eko... 他们走了 还有Eko不幸的遭遇
[03:15.92]...they're all scared. 他们都怕极了... 我也吓坏了
[03:21.96]And I'm scared.
[03:26.32]But then, I've... 但... 其实在这儿 我时刻都在恐惧
[03:28.96]...been scared most of my time here anyway.
[03:37.84]Except when I'm with you. 除了我和你在一起的时候
[03:43.92]I miss you, Libby. 我想你 Libby
[04:07.36]Bloody hell. 真见鬼
[04:09.52]- Dude, you OK? - Peachy. Dude 你还好吧?
[04:11.80]Really? Because you've kind of been moping the last... 好极了
[04:14.60]Look, it's not worth talking about, Hurley. 因为你一直有点闷闷不乐...
[04:14.52]没必要谈这个 Hurley 行吗?
[04:16.88]Dude, you can tell me anything. Dude 你可以向我倾诉
[04:23.56]Desmond... Desmond
[04:26.08]...said I was gonna die. 他说我要死了
[04:28.32]He told me he has these flashes... visions, whatever. 他... 他告诉我 那些闪回...
[04:30.24]幻像 随便吧
[04:31.80]And in them, I always die. 而且在那里 我始终是死
[04:39.28]So, this is the part where... 你现在该对我说 "这太荒谬了"
[04:41.76]...you tell me, "It is ridiculous. Don't be daft. He's a nutter."
[04:46.48]I think he might be right. 我想他可能是对的
[04:49.60]- And I think it might be my fault. - Your fault? 可能是我的错
[04:54.52]I'm kind of cursed. 我...被诅咒了
[04:57.36]Death finds me, dude. 老兄 死神总会找上我
[05:05.68]Vincent? Vincent?
[05:09.40]Is that an arm? 那是个手臂吗?
[05:16.64]Here, Vincent! Come here! Vincent! Vincent 过来
[05:18.68]I think we need to get that. 过来
[05:20.64]Yeah. 对 跑进令人毛骨悚然的丛林 去追一只叼着骷髅手臂的小狗
[05:21.72]Chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the jungle, be my guest!
[05:24.88]OK. 你请便吧
[05:26.40]If I'm not back in three hours, tell somebody. 啊 行
[05:26.28]如果我三小时内没回来 你就告诉其他人
[05:33.80]Vincent! Vincent!
[05:38.84]Vincent, come here! Vincent 过来!
[05:53.00]Vincent. Vincent!
[06:19.08]Vincent. Vincent
[06:36.12]Awesome. 太棒了
[06:46.96]<"#ffff00">Lost 第03季 第10集
[06:54.96]It's everyone's fantasy, winning the lottery, 这是每个人的梦想...中彩票
[06:58.32]untold millions falling into your lap overnight. 巨款在一夜之间掉入了你的口袋
[07:01.40]What would you do with all that money? 你想用这些钱做什么?
[07:04.04]One such lucky winner recently bought... 这个幸运大赢家最近买下了个鸡肉店
[07:06.32]...a chicken shack. 我是Tricia Tanaka 现在和Hugo Reyes在一起
[07:07.80]I'm Tricia Tanaka, with Hugo Reyes,
[07:10.16]winner of a record $114 million, 1亿1千4百万的大赢家
[07:13.68]outside Mr Cluck's Chicken Shack in Diamond Bar 就在Diamond Bar市的Cluck's鸡肉店外
[07:16.68]which will be having its grand re-opening tomorrow. 明天有个隆重的重新开业仪式
[07:19.44]So, Hugo, I think the question on everyone's mind is, 那么 Hugo 观众们想知道
[07:22.68]why did you buy Mr Cluck's? 为什么你要买下Cluck's鸡肉店?
[07:28.04]I like chicken?
[07:33.08]Also with us is Hugo's former boss, 嗯 和我们在一起的还有Hugo的前任老板
[07:36.36]and now employee, Randy Nations. 现在是他的员工 Randy Nations
[07:39.12]That's probably every working stiff's fantasy, isn't it, Mr Reyes? 这可能是每个打工者的梦想
[07:42.00]不是吗 Reyes先生?
[07:47.16]OK, so, Hugo, tell us what else you've done 嗯 好 Hugo 自从你头戴幸运光环之后
[07:49.84]since you got on your lucky streak. 告诉我们你还做了哪些事?
[07:52.40]Actually, I've kind of had some bad luck, too. 实际上 我也有点霉气
[07:55.04]My grandpa, Tito, died of a heart attack. 我的...爷爷Tito死于心脏病
[07:58.20]And the first house I bought my mom burnt down. 我为我妈妈买的第一幢房子被烧毁了
[08:00.76]My friend Johnny ran off with my girlfriend Starla. 我朋友Johnny和我女朋友Starla私奔了...
[08:03.56]This guy jumped off my accountant's roof. 哦 还有一个人从我会计的屋顶上跳楼
[08:05.80]- Cut! - The... 停
[08:08.20]What the hell was that? 这是怎么回事?
[08:10.88]It's a puff piece. Do you know what that is? 这是个宣传广告 Reyes先生
[08:14.88]Yeah. 知道
[08:16.64]Sorry, Tricia Tanaka. 对不起 Tricia Tanaka
[08:19.88]Do you mind if we go inside and shoot some B-roll? 啊 介意我进去拍一些做花絮镜头吗?
[08:23.48]- I don't know... - Yeah, of course you can. 噢 我不知道...
[08:24.04]行 行 行 您当然能
[08:25.64]I mean, he's just superstitious. You know, the ribbon isn't cut yet. 他有点迷信
[08:29.24]OK, let's go. 好 我们走
[08:30.64]Oh! God, I hate this! I always get the stupid stories! 啊!老天 我讨厌这次采访
[08:34.04]- Hey. You sure it's OK? - Yeah, relax. 我老是接些愚蠢的采访
[08:34.24]嘿 你确定没事吧?
[08:37.68]The safety guards are on the fryers? 是啊 放松
[08:39.60]Those fryers are stone cold. All right? 老兄 那些油锅像石头一样冰冷
[08:41.84]- We don't start cooking until tomorrow. - You hear something? 我们要明天才开始烹饪
[08:46.12]And then pan through the... 然后镜头穿过...
[09:35.40]Well, we're out of Dharma oat bars. 达摩燕麦粥我们吃完了
[09:38.32]- Already? - Yep. - 已经没了吗? - 对
[09:40.08]- Did you check behind the milk? - Yeah. 在奶粉后面看过吗?
[09:42.16]Will you pass me the box of cereal? 你能把那盒麦片递给我吗?
[09:44.52]Oh. Then I guess we're out of it. 我们吃光了吧
[09:46.64]Will you... pass me... the cereal? 你能...把麦片...递给我吗?
[09:53.16]From now on, I will only speak to you in English. 从现在开始 我只跟你讲英语
[09:55.92]It's how you will learn. 这样你才能学会
[10:00.00]It will be hard at first... 开始的时候会有点难...
[10:02.48]Hey! Hey! Hey, everyone! 嘿 大伙
[10:06.16]- Hey! - Hurley! What is it? Hurley 什么事?
[10:07.96]Is it the Others? 是另一群人的事吗?
[10:09.80]- Are you OK? - What's going on, man? 你还好吗?
[10:10.52]怎么回事 伙计?
[10:12.44]Car! 车 我发现了一辆车...
[10:15.00]I found a car... 在丛林里翻倒着
[10:16.36]...tipped over in the jungle.
[10:18.88]You found a car... 你发现了...一辆车
[10:20.28]And we can totally fix it, and get it going again. 我们能修好它 能让它再次动起来
[10:23.56]It's not far! Come on! 离这儿不远 来吧
[10:25.60]Why do we need to start a car? 我们为何要开车?
[10:27.76]Because... it'll be fun. 因为挺有趣的
[10:32.44]We could all use some fun, after everything that's happened? - 噢 - 我们能找点乐子
[10:34.08]经历了这么多事 我们需要它
[10:36.04]We need it.
[10:38.64]Especially you, dude. 老兄 特别是你
[10:41.80]So, who's with me? 谁跟我去?
[10:45.44]Well, I'm gonna cut some bananas. 我...我要去摘些香蕉 对不起
[10:47.36]- Sorry. - I don't think so, Hurley. Hurley 我可不这么想
[10:51.76]- Sorry, Hurley. - Good luck. Hurley 对不起
[10:53.64]Come on! Anyone? We're gonna drive it! 来呀! 有人吗? 我们可以开车!
[10:56.20]Who's coming? 谁来?
[11:07.24]Thanks, dude. 老兄 多谢
[11:13.00]You have no idea what you volunteered for, do you? 你其实不知道你自告奋勇是为了何事 对吧?
[11:18.12]Come on. 走吧
[11:20.00]We there yet? 我们还没到吗?
[11:22.48]If we are where I think we are, our beach should be through those trees. 如果我们没走错的话
[11:25.32]那么穿过那些树丛 应该就是我们的海滩了
[11:27.24]We'll be home in about five minutes. 还有五分钟我们就到家
[11:29.48]Try to contain your excitement. 雀斑女 按捺住你的兴奋
[11:31.56]I'm not excited about explaining why there's two of us coming back, James. 请原谅我 如果我没能解释
[11:33.60]为何只有我们俩回来了 James
[11:36.36]Maybe they should explain why they ain't come looking for us. 也许他们该解释 为什么没来找我们
[11:41.00]In fact, I'd be surprised if Locke... 实际上 我会惊讶 如果医生... 嗷!
[11:43.84]What happened? 啊! 怎么啦?
[11:45.04]- Stepped on something! - Let me see. 踩到东西了 该死!
[11:47.16]- Looks like a dart. - How the hell did that get out here? 看起来像只...镖
[11:50.12]Relax your foot for a second, OK? I'm gonna pull it out. 该死的镖怎么会出现在这?
[11:50.16]好了 脚稍稍放松 行吗?
[11:52.88]On the count of three, ready? 我把它拔出来 我数到3 准备好了吗?
[11:54.44]One... 1... 嗷!
[11:57.48]- You said, "three"! - Anticipation is the worst part. 你说你要数到三的
[11:58.72]是啊 等待是最痛苦的部分
[12:00.48]I thought I would spare you. 我是在帮你免受其痛苦
[12:12.08]You know, all you have to do is say "sorry." 你要做的就是说抱歉
[12:15.92]We could start again. Give each other a clean slate. 我们可以重新再来 给对方崭新的开始 (clean slate字面意义为干净的石板)
[12:20.16]Slate... 石板... 就像在 "小木屋"?
[12:21.76]...like on Little House?
[12:24.00]- What? - Little House On the Prairie. 什么?
[12:24.92]<草原上的小木屋>? (小屋系列丛书之一)
[12:26.92]Laura Ingalls wrote on this chalkboard... Laura ingalls以前常在学校小黑板上写字? (小屋系列丛书作者)
[12:29.16]You call it Little House? 你称它 "小木屋"?
[12:32.56]I had mono when I was a kid. 我小时候得了Mono病 (传染性单核细胞增多症)
[12:34.36]I missed two months of school and we only got one channel in my trailer. 我两个月没上学
[12:40.32]What are we even talking about? 我们在说什么呢?
[12:46.04]We ain't talking about nothing. 啊 我们不该说这些
[12:49.76]- James... - I ain't got nothing to be sorry for. James
[12:55.24]So that's how it's gonna be? 所以是这样?
[13:01.36]Welcome home, Sawyer. Sawyer 欢迎回家
[13:08.00]Welcome home, Kate. Kate 欢迎回家
[14:08.20]Hugo? Is that you, Hugo? Hugo 是你吗 Hugo?
[14:12.52]Oh, my God. 噢 天啊
[14:15.08]- What happened? - Tricia Tanaka is dead. 发生什么事了?
[14:17.56]- What? - Mr Clucks, it got hit by a meteor. - Tricia Tanaka死了 - 什么?
[14:18.56]Cluck's鸡肉店...被陨石炸了 或者说是小行星
[14:22.00]Or an asteroid.
[14:24.76]I don't know the difference, but... it's gone. 我不知道两者之间的区别 但是店没了
[14:27.64]- That's crazy. - It's not crazy. 荒唐
[14:29.72]It's the money, the numbers, I'm cursed. 并不荒唐
[14:31.84]Tricia Tanaka is dead, and her camera dude, and it's all my fault. 那些数字... 我被诅咒了
[14:31.88]现在Tricia Tanaka和她的摄影师都死了 都是我的错
[14:36.52]- It was an accident. - It's not an accident. 这是场意外!
[14:39.96]It is a curse, there's one way to stop it. 是诅咒
[14:42.12]- I have to go to Australia. - Again with Australia? 只有一个方法才能阻止它
[14:44.84]That's where the numbers came from. 又和澳大利亚有关?
[14:46.88]Lenny, in the institution, he told me! 疗养院的Lenny 他告诉我的
[14:49.12]Hugo, Hugo, wait. Hugo 等等
[14:51.56]I can prove to you you're not cursed. 我能证明你并没被诅咒
[14:55.64]- You can? - Yes. - 你能? - 是的
[14:57.88]Come here with me. I have to show you something. 跟我来
[15:02.16]Hey, Hugo! 嘿 Hugo!
[15:08.40]After 17 years, your father has returned! 17年了 你爸爸终于回来了
[15:13.52]嘿 哇哦
[15:15.84]Your mom wasn't kidding about those candy bars. 你妈妈说得对 你不该吃那么多糖
[15:18.64]Just kidding. 说笑呢
[15:24.88]Poor... 可怜的...Roger
[15:30.52]Sorry about your arm, dude. 你的手臂不好意思了 老兄
[15:35.24]Hurley! Hurley!
[15:38.84]- In. In. - Totally. Let's check it out. 里面 里面
[15:48.88]Roger was on a beer run. 老兄 Roger当时是在运啤酒呢
[15:56.08]Man, I suck at charades. You wanna what? 兄弟 我不擅长猜字谜 你要怎样?
[16:03.20]Oh, you wanna take Roger out? 你想要把Roger拉出来...
[16:06.24]Then turn it over... cool. I understand! 然后把车翻过去?
[16:07.16]太好了 我明白了!
[16:14.08]OK. On three. 好 数到3
[16:18.52]One... 1 2 3
[16:33.24]We'll get that later. 那个等会儿再拿
[16:43.52]So, when's it going to happen? 什么时候会发生?
[16:48.20]- When's what gonna happen? - Don't play stupid with me... brother. 发生什么?
[16:56.20]I was drunk, if I said anything... 我那时醉了
[16:58.20]I have a right to know when I'm going to die. 如果我说了些什么...
[17:02.40]- It doesn't work like that. - What doesn't? 事情不是这样的
[17:05.04]Hey, Oliver Twist! 什么不是这样的?
[17:05.24]嘿 雾都孤儿
[17:08.36]- Where's my stuff? - What stuff? 我的东西哪去了?
[17:10.24]Oh, you know good and damn well what stuff. 什么东西?
[17:10.72]你知道是什么东西 还装蒜
[17:12.52]I had books, food, porno, a bottle of Scotch! 我的书 食物 色情杂志 还有一瓶苏格兰威士忌
[17:15.64]Apologies for the Scotch, mate. 对 我要为那威士忌道歉 兄弟
[17:19.24]You drank it? 你喝了?!
[17:21.00]Well, to be fair, there was three of us. 事实上是...
[17:25.48]Yeah, there was. 是的
[17:27.28]You, the Munchkin, and who else? 你和小矮人 还有一个是谁?
[17:36.36]Oh, I got it. We're gonna tip it up. 哦 我知道了
[17:39.12]Crafty. 我们把它撬起来
[17:41.04]- "Crafty"? - Yeah. Crafty. 有技巧的
[17:44.04]It's like... 对 Crafty 有技巧的
[17:45.52]...when you're good at... crafts. 就是指 你很擅长...手工艺技巧
[17:50.20]- Never mind. - Hey! Where the hell's my stuff? 当我没说
[17:51.16]嘿 我的东西哪去了?
[17:54.28]- What are you doing? - Dude! You're alive! 你们在干吗?
[17:55.24]老兄! 你还活着!
[17:57.40]Alive! 你还活着!
[17:59.88]Yeah, yeah, Snuffy. It's good to see you, too. 是啊 是啊 胖子
[18:03.96]I'll be damned, you found a hippie car. 真没想到 你们竟然找来了一辆嘻皮式车
[18:06.32]Pretty cool. 很棒 对吧?
[18:07.40]- Sawyer! - Jin-bo! How you doing? - Sawyer -Jin兄弟
[18:11.68]Good to see you. 很高兴...见到你
[18:13.88]Well, look at that. Somebody's hooked on phonics. 不错嘛
[18:17.24]Jack and Kate with you? They all right? Jack和Kate呢?
[18:20.00]Kate's with me. 他们和你在一起吗? 都还好吗?
[18:21.76]But the doc, they still got him. 但那医生...
[18:25.60]OK. It's OK. It's gonna be all right. Jack's gonna be all right. We all are. 好 没关系
[18:28.00]Jack会没事的 我们都会没事
[18:30.52]- Well, what a relief. - Things are getting better. 哇 真是种解脱啊
[18:33.08]The car. You coming back safely. It's a sign. 看 事情有所好转
[18:33.36]这辆车 你也安全回来 这些都是迹象
[18:36.36]A sign I want my stuff back. 对 表明我想要回我的东西
[18:39.40]That you're gonna help us fix this thing. 你帮我们把这玩意搞定
[18:41.48]- And why in the hell would I do that? - Because there's beer. 我为什么要这么做?
[18:48.28]Why did he say "Don't come back"? 为什么他说"不要回来"?
[18:50.04]He sacrificed himself so we could escape. 他牺牲自己 让我们逃跑
[18:52.20]Probably didn't want it to be for nothing. 可能不想让他的牺牲付之东流
[18:54.56]Hurley told us they released Michael and Walt. Hurley说他们放了Michael和Walt
[18:56.96]Yeah. They gave Michael a boat. He took off and never looked back. 是的 他们给了Michael一艘船
[19:00.44]Did you see any other boats? 他俩离开了 再也没回头
[19:02.40]No, but something tells me they didn't give away their only one. 不 但我感觉那艘并不是他们唯一的船
[19:07.52]- So they can leave the island? - I don't know, John. 所以他们可以离开岛?
[19:11.08]This "zoo" where they held you, is that where they live? 我不知道 John
[19:11.32]那个"动物园" 他们关你们的地方 他们住那里吗?
[19:15.68]We escaped with one of them, a kid named Karl. 我们和他们中一个叫Karl的孩子一起逃跑
[19:18.08]He said that they live on this island. 他说他们住在这座岛上
[19:20.08]He could take us, but Sawyer let him go. 他可以带我们去那 但Sawyer却放了他
[19:22.08]- Why? - You're gonna have to ask Sawyer. 为什么?
[19:25.84]- Kate, where are you going? - I don't care what Jack said. Kate 你去哪里?
[19:29.60]They've got him and we have to get him back. I owe him that. 他们抓住了他 我们要救出他
[19:31.36]这是我欠他的 所以我要寻求帮助
[19:33.00]So I'm going to get help.
[19:35.32]Help from who? 向谁寻求?
[19:44.24]Now that's a hell of a Jesus. 这可真是耶稣中的经典
[19:46.32]Yes. Hugo is such a good son. 是的 Hugo很孝顺
[19:49.08]He knows of my love for the Saviour... 他知道我多么信奉耶稣
[19:51.48]...so he commissioned artisans in Taxco 所以他委任Taxco的工匠 替我定制雕刻了...
[19:54.28]to custom carve for me this statue in solid gold.
[19:59.96]Wow. That smells like great lasagna. 闻起来真像是顶级的烤宽面条
[20:02.56]The Trons made it themselves. 这是Tron一家亲手做的
[20:05.76]Hugo found them in Bennigan's. Hugo在Bennigan's餐厅找到他们的
[20:08.08]Now they are our butlers. 现在是我们的专用厨师
[20:12.04]Something wrong, Hugo? 有什么不对劲吗 Hugo?
[20:14.84]Your father asked you a question, Hugo. 你爸爸问你问题呢 Hugo
[20:18.04]My "father"? 我爸爸?
[20:20.28]You're acting like he never left. Like he hasn't been gone for 17 years! 你怎么表现得就像他没抛弃过我们似的
[20:23.88]And all of the sudden he shows up? Aren't you at least a little suspicious? 突然之间他又出现了?
[20:27.56]I showed up because your mom called and said you were in trouble. 我出现 是因为你妈妈打电话给我 说你有麻烦
[20:31.28]- What? - All these numbers and curses. 什么?!
[20:34.60]Hugo, I don't know what to do anymore. Hugo 我已没有办法了
[20:36.72]I thought you needed a manly influence, a father, 我想你或许需要父爱
[20:39.36]to get you to stop this nonsense. 让你父亲来帮助你摆脱这些杂念
[20:41.32]I'm not crazy! 我没疯!
[20:42.44]And the only reason he's back is 'cause he wants the money. 他回来的唯一原因就是为了钱
[20:45.76]- That hurts. - Well, guess what. 哦 这么说真伤人
[20:47.56]There isn't gonna be any money. 你知道吗?
[20:50.08]Mr Tron, Lady Tron. Tron先生 Tron女士
[20:52.04]Your services will no longer be needed. Severance. 从今天起 不需要你们服务了
[20:55.40]I'm doing you a favour. It's a matter of time before the curse gets you, 从此一刀两断
[20:55.36]相信我 我是在帮你们大忙
[20:56.92]那诅咒降临你们身上 只是时间问题
[20:59.36]and you... die, or worse. 然后你们就会...死亡 或者更糟
[21:03.48]- What are you doing? - Getting rid of it. All of it. Hugo 你在干什么?
[21:04.36]摆脱它 所有的一切 这些钱
[21:06.00]The money. The houses. The livestock. And I'm starting with him. 房子 佣人 就从他开始
[21:09.56]No, Hugo. Your father is staying with us. 不 Hugo
[21:11.88]He's staying with us? Where? 你爸爸和我们一起
[21:11.76]和我们一起? 住哪里?
[21:14.32]- It's been 17 years, Hugo. - What's been 17 years? 已经17年了 Hugo
[21:23.36]I have needs. 我有需要
[21:27.96]No! No! No! This can't be happening. 不 不 不!
[21:31.40]He has to go! He has to! I want him gone! 不可能!
[21:31.28]他必须得走! 必须得走! 我要他离开!
[21:33.96]- No, you don't. - Yeah, I do. 不 不行
[21:35.48]Why don't you show your father what you have in the garage, Hugo? 我要让他走
[21:35.76]不如带你父亲去看看车库里的东西吧 Hugo?
[21:50.92]I can't believe it. 难以置信
[21:54.48]You saved it. 你还留着 你一直留着
[21:58.08]You saved it.
[22:19.92]Me first, now, come on. 我先进去 快让开
[22:22.52]What the hell is up with all this recycling? 这些回收品怎么回事?
[22:25.24]You got me, dude. 我怎么知道 老兄
[22:29.72]Looks like those Dharma freaks were building some sort of dirt road. 看起来那些达摩怪人在建造泥路
[22:35.00]Now we're talking. 哇哦! 哈哈! 这才对嘛
[22:40.32]Looks good to me. The engine's fine, right? 在我看来还不错
[22:43.20]Son of a... 引擎还好的 是吧?
[22:43.16]狗娘... 怎么有个死人头在这?
[22:45.24]- What's a head doing back here? - That's just Roger.
[22:46.88]哦 那是Roger啦
[22:50.52]I'm gonna start the car now. 我现在要发动汽车了!
[22:57.64]Dude, even if you were speaking English 老兄 就算你在说英文
[22:59.96]I wouldn't understand you. Just relax. 我也听不懂
[23:02.64]We're good. This'll work. 放松 没事的 会发动起来的
[23:08.68]I have hope. 心怀希望
[23:11.40]This will work. 会成功的
[23:24.80]Damn it. 该死
[23:33.52]It's flat and it stinks. 这酒没气了 而且有臭味
[23:36.04]Can you get it to work? 你能来干活吗? 你知道哪里出问题吗?
[23:37.64]Chill out. Let the man do his thing. 冷静 让他干吧
[23:39.96]That beer's been sitting there since before Rocky III. 老兄 这些啤酒自从<洛基3>就在这了
[23:43.24]Maybe even II. It's probably poison by now. 说不定还是<洛基2> 可能都坏了
[23:45.84]Skeletor seems to like it. Bottoms up! 骨骼男似乎很喜欢
[23:48.68]That's not cool, dude. 干了它
[23:50.04]That guy had a mom, a family and friends. 这样不行 老兄
[23:49.96]那家伙有妈妈 有家庭和朋友
[23:53.72]Oh, and a name. It's not "Skeletor," it's "Roger Workman." 哦 他还有名字
[23:54.76]不是骨骼男 他叫Roger Workman
[23:57.80]It's "Work Man," you blockhead. 那是工人的意思 木鱼脑 (work man 本意为工人)
[24:00.40]That's his job. He was a Dharma janitor. 那是他的工作
[24:03.36]Yeah, well, you should still respect the dead. 是 但你还是得尊重死者
[24:09.40]- Can you fix it? - No. 哇哦 哇哦 你能修好吗?
[24:12.12]No fix. 不 修不好
[24:17.60]But you have to! Can't you try, dude? I mean, we gotta get this running! 但你必须修好
[24:19.60]不能再试试吗 老兄?
[24:22.32]Leave the man alone. He's right. No fix. 我是说 我们得让它发动
[24:22.16]嘿 别烦他了 他是对的 "修不好"
[24:25.68]Look at that mess. There's no way it's gonna run. How thick are you? 看看那一堆乱七八糟的
[24:29.08]What's your problem, man? Why don't you want this to work? 你怎么这么笨?
[24:29.24]你是怎么啦 伙计?
[24:30.88]你... 你为什么不想让车开起来?
[24:32.44]I don't care if it works. Why is it important to you? 我不在乎
[24:35.00]Because we could all use a little hope! 为什么对你那么重要?
[24:37.08]If it's hope you're looking for, ese, you're on the wrong damn island. 如果你找的是希望 你来错岛了
[24:41.24]Because sure as hell ain't no hope here. 因为这里根本没什么希望
[24:56.40]Come on, Hugo! Time to get up! 快 Hugo 该起床啦
[24:58.96]Come on! Rise and shine, hit the deck! 快! 起床啦 起床啦
[25:01.76]Come on, we're burning daylight, let's go! 快点 太阳晒屁股啦 我们走
[25:04.72]- What's with the earphones? - It's for the noise. 戴耳机干吗?
[25:08.84]Well, your mother is a very passionate woman. 嗯 你妈妈充满激情
[25:11.64]That is disgusting. 真恶心
[25:13.64]We're going on an adventure. 快 我们要冒险去 走
[25:15.16]- I'm not going anywhere with you. - Look. 我不会和你去任何地方
[25:17.48]Just do this one thing with me. 听着 和我做这一件事就行
[25:19.64]If it doesn't work, you can go to Australia. 如果没用 你就可以去澳大利亚
[25:22.04]I won't stop you. OK? 我不阻拦你 好吗?
[25:24.92]What one thing? 什么事?
[25:27.44]We're gonna break the curse. 我们要去解除诅咒
[25:30.88]- This is stupid. - Just give her a chance, man. 这真蠢
[25:33.00]年轻人 就给我一个机会
[25:37.64]Cut the deck, please. 请切牌
[25:48.80]You've come into a great deal of money. 你最近得到了一大笔钱
[25:51.00]You could've seen that on the news. 新闻上看得到
[25:57.12]But it hasn't brought you happiness. 但它并未给你带来快乐
[25:59.64]No, it's brought you great misfortune. 是的 它给你带来了巨大的不幸
[26:04.36]She didn't see that on the news. 她没有在新闻上看到这些
[26:07.48]- I'm seeing numbers. - What numbers? 我看到了数字
[26:10.24]Four. Eight. Fifteen. 什么数字?
[26:10.08]4 8 15 16 23 42
[26:13.20]Sixteen. Twenty-three. Forty-two.
[26:19.24]There is darkness around these numbers. 黑暗笼罩着这些数字
[26:22.60]Great tragedy. 巨大的灾难
[26:29.60]I'm sorry. 我... 很抱歉
[26:32.28]What? What is it? 什么? 怎么啦?
[26:35.32]Death. It surrounds you. 死亡... 缠绕着你
[26:38.80]And... 还有更多灾难
[26:40.68]...more is coming.
[26:44.44]Your hands. Please. 把你的手给我
[26:48.60]There is a curse on you. 你身上有个诅咒
[26:52.44]But it can be removed. 但可以去掉
[26:58.08]Now, Hugo, I need you to remove your clothes. 现在 我要你脱掉衣服 Hugo
[27:02.68]My clothes? 衣服?
[27:04.68]A curse is like an unwelcome entity that lives inside you. 诅咒就像讨厌的实体 活在你体内
[27:09.96]And it must be exorcised. 必须被驱除
[27:19.36]Did my dad put you up to this? 我爸爸让你做这些的?
[27:23.20]- What? - Hugo, please. 什么?
[27:23.60]Hugo 拜托
[27:25.96]I'll give you $1,000 now if you admit my dad told you to say this. 只要你承认 这些都是我爸爸让你说
[27:29.32]The mystic arts are not subject to bribes. How dare you... 我现在就给你1千美金
[27:33.00]- Ten thousand. - Your dad put me up to it. - 你怎么敢... - 1万美金
[27:43.56]I was just trying to help. 我只是想帮忙
[27:47.16]Help who? 帮谁?
[27:56.16]Beer. Beer Beer(啤酒)
[27:58.84]- Beer. - Bingo. Beautiful. 对 说得好
[28:04.04]Car. Car Car(车)
[28:07.36]- Car. - OK.
[28:09.04]好的 International House of Pancakes (薄煎饼国际连锁店)
[28:10.60]International House Of Pancakes.
[28:14.60]What are you doing over there? 你在那边干嘛?
[28:17.12]- I'm praying. - Praying for what? 祈祷
[28:19.76]Help. 帮助
[28:21.20]Well, hell, I got you a little help right here! 那么 我这正好能给你点帮助
[28:35.52]Dude! Hey, dude! 嘿 老兄!
[28:37.92]Stop moping, come on! 别闷闷不乐啦
[28:40.12]Not moping. 我没有闷闷不乐 我在思考
[28:42.08]Thinking. 当人们远眺大海并且保持安静时
[28:43.40]When people stare out at the ocean and get quiet-like, they're moping.
[28:47.04]So get up and come with me. 那就是闷闷不乐
[28:47.16]起来 跟我走
[28:48.68]That car I found, we're getting it running. 我找到的那辆车... 我们正努力让它跑起来
[28:52.16]What's the point? 重点是什么?
[28:55.40]- What did you do that for? - Snap out of it! 哎哟! 这是干嘛?
[28:57.56]Stop feeling sorry for yourself because someone said you're gonna die. 振作起来
[28:57.12]不要因为有人说你要死 就为自己感到遗憾
[29:01.16]I've got an idea that's gonna help us both. Now... 我有个主意 能帮我们俩
[29:02.88]现在... 这很危险
[29:04.72]It is dangerous.
[29:06.52]And there is a very good chance that you will die. 你有很好的机会去死
[29:09.44]That's supposed to convince me to come? 这算是说服我跟你走吗?
[29:11.60]It is. Because if you don't die, then we win. 是的 因为如果你没死 我们就赢了
[29:15.64]- Win? - Look, I don't know about you, but... 赢?
[29:16.32]听着 我不知道你怎么样
[29:18.36]...things have really sucked for me lately, and I could use a victory. 但最近事事因我变得糟糕
[29:21.96]So let's get one, dude. Let's get this car started. 所以 伙计 让我们来赢一次
[29:25.32]Look death in the face. Say, "Whatever, man." Let's make our own luck. 让我们当着死神的面说 "随便你 兄弟"
[29:29.32]What do you say? 你说呢?
[29:36.32]"I'm sorry." I'm sorry(对不起)
[29:39.88]"I'm sorry." I'm sorry(对不起)
[29:42.64]OK. Nice. Keep it coming. 好 说得好 继续
[29:44.28]呃... You were right (你是对的)
[29:47.16]"You were right."
[29:50.68]OK. That's two. 好的 两个啦 继续
[29:53.32]Hit me.
[29:55.76]"Those pants don't make you look fat." Those pants don't make you look fat (那裤子一点都不显你胖)
[30:01.88]Now you got it. Only three things a woman needs to hear. 现在你学会了 女人唯一需要听的三句话
[30:06.28]Come on! Get up. We got work to do. 来吧 起来 我们有事要做了
[30:09.04]What's your problem, JumboTron? 你是怎么啦 Jumbotron? (电视机的超大屏幕)
[30:11.52]Shut up, red... neck... man. 闭嘴 红... 脖... 男 (习语意为乡下人)
[30:16.32]Touche. 讲得好
[30:18.32]What's Jiminy Cricket doing here? Jimmy Cricket来这干嘛? (北爱尔兰著名喜剧演员)
[30:20.24]- We need another man. - Another man for what? 我们需要帮手
[30:22.60]- Push this car, dude. - Push it? Push it where? 要帮手干嘛?
[30:22.60]来推车 老兄
[30:24.16]推车 推去哪?
[30:33.36]走 走 走 走
[31:05.20]Oh, this is gonna be real good. 噢 这一定会很爽的
[31:12.84]So you're going to Australia, huh? 你要去澳大利亚啊?
[31:17.24]- Long way to go because of numbers. - I'd really like you to leave. 因为这些愚蠢的数字 跑这么远...
[31:23.00]When your mom called me about the lottery, 当你妈打电话 告诉我彩票的事的时候
[31:25.56]I was on my bike before she could hang the phone up. 她挂电话之前 我还在自行车上
[31:30.24]I'm getting old. 我老了
[31:32.84]Yeah, I saw my retirement. 我... 我看到了我的晚年生活
[31:37.48]You're right. 你说得对
[31:40.64]I'm here for the money. 我来这是为了钱
[31:44.36]You're not getting any of it. 那么 你一分钱也得不到
[31:45.88]Well, that's not why I'm here talking to you now. 嗯 我现在来和你谈 不是为了这个
[31:49.72]I'm here talking to you now because 我现在来这和你谈 是因为
[31:51.56]going to Australia is not gonna break any curse. 去澳大利亚解不了诅咒
[31:55.24]You don't need to leave. You just... 你没必要去
[31:56.70]你只... 只需要一点点希望
[31:58.92]You need a little hope.
[32:02.64]We make our own luck, Hugo. 运气是自己创造的 Hugo
[32:06.56]- You know what I think you should do? - What? 你知道你该做什么吗?
[32:11.08]I think you should give away the money. All of it. Every penny. 我认为你该放弃那些钱...
[32:13.42]所有的 每一分钱
[32:16.52]Just save enough for a new carburettor. 留下够买一个汽化器的钱就行
[32:23.56]Work on the Camaro. 开那辆Camaro 你知道 就你和我
[32:25.28]You know, just you and me.
[32:28.08]Take it off the blocks and make that road trip to the Grand Canyon. 开过大街小巷 去大峡谷旅行
[32:35.96]Never too late for a fresh start. 重新开始从来都不会晚
[32:47.04]I'll send you a postcard from Sydney. 我会从悉尼给你寄明信片的
[32:53.00]Hey. I'll... 嘿... 当你回来的时候 我会在这里
[32:55.96]I'll be here when you get back.
[33:04.12]Are you nuts? You're not gonna drive down that! 你疯啦?
[33:08.60]We're gonna jump start it. 我们要发动汽车
[33:11.32]You guys push it. On the way down I'm gonna pop the clutch and get it started. 你们推车 等车下去的时候
[33:12.94]我会猛踩离合器 让车启动
[33:15.28]You see those rocks? 你看见那些石头啦?
[33:16.92]All you're gonna do is crash into those real fast... 如果你不先转弯的话
[33:19.88]...if you don't roll first. 你就会狠狠地撞上那些石头
[33:21.48]- Hurley, no. - Dudes, I know how to drive. Hurley 不要
[33:22.94]老兄 我知道怎么开车
[33:25.60]Now, come on, just push me, this will work. I know it. 来吧 推车就行 会管用的 我知道
[33:29.36]And what are you out here for, to watch him crash and burn? 你来这干吗?
[33:37.00]I came to ride shotgun. 我来坐前排
[33:47.12]Well, it's your funeral. 那好 这就是你们的葬礼
[33:49.36]Come on, let's give them their ride. 来 送他们一程
[33:54.44]Are you sure you wanna do this? 你确定要这么做吗?
[33:58.52]Victory or death. 不成功便成仁
[34:07.56]Push! 推!
[34:31.32]Dude, careful, now! 噢! 噢! 呀! 小心
[34:34.28]Here goes! 开始啦
[34:46.28]And now would be a good time, Hurley! 现在就是时候 Hurley
[34:49.48]- Like right now! - There is no curse. 就现在!
[34:51.40]You make your own luck! 没有诅咒
[34:53.12]Make your own luck... there's no curse! Hurley!
[35:23.00]Son of a bitch. 狗娘养的
[35:24.84]Hurley! Hurley!
[35:39.76]Hey, hold up!
[35:51.08]All right, come on!
[38:37.08]Kate... Kate 如果你在寻求帮助去找Jack
[38:38.96]...if you were looking for help, why didn't you ask us? 为什么不问问我们呢?
[38:41.96]You don't know where to look, and you're not motivated. 有两个原因... 你们不知道去哪找
[38:45.16]And I don't blame you. 我并不怪你们
[38:47.20]Why would you go trek across the island, risk more lives to get Jack back? 你们为何愿意穿过岛屿 艰苦跋涉
[38:49.06]拿更多生命来冒险 只为了救Jack回来?
[38:50.96]- You're wrong. - Oh, really? Why didn't you come... 你错了
[38:51.74]真的吗? 那为什么你们之前没跟来...
[38:54.04]Not about the motivation, just about knowing where to look. 不是不想去找 只是不知道去哪找
[38:57.16]We got a compass bearing. And I'm pretty sure if we follow it, 我们有罗盘方位
[38:58.38]并且我很肯定如果我们跟着它走 就会到他那里
[39:00.24]- it'll lead us right to them. - How?
[39:02.84]Because of the way the sunlight hit Mr Eko's stick when John was burying him. 怎么会?
[39:02.54]是因为John在埋葬Eko时 太阳照射他的棍子的方式
[39:09.36]Now you know our secret, how about you tell us yours? 那么 现在你知道了我们的秘密
[39:13.40]No, no, no! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! 不! 别开枪!
[39:16.32]It's all right! It's safe! 没事的! 这里安全!
[39:18.40]We're just here to talk! 我们只是来谈谈的!
[39:22.04]You can come out! 你可以出来!
[39:48.28]What are you doing here? 你们来这干吗?
[39:51.20]I came to ask for your help. 我来找你帮忙
[39:54.48]- To do what? - I'm heading to the Others' camp. 帮忙做什么?
[39:58.48]And if I'm gonna find it, I need someone who knows the island. 如果我找到了营地
[40:02.80]What makes you think I have an interest in helping you? 你凭什么认为我有兴趣帮你?
[40:08.08]Because they had me, and they would've never let me go. 因为他们抓住过我 不让我走
[40:11.08]They probably would've killed me if I hadn't escaped. 要不是我逃出来 他们可能已经早已杀了我
[40:14.48]And the girl who helped me escape... 而那个帮我逃跑的女孩...
[40:18.60]...she was about 16 years old... 她大约16岁
[40:23.64]...and her name was Alex. 她叫Alex
[40:27.48]I'm pretty sure that she's your daughter. 我很肯定她是你的女儿
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