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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: "迷失"前情提要
[00:03.60]- Hugo, you can go back to your camp. - What about my friends? Hugo 你可以回去了
[00:07.04]Your job is to tell the rest of your people they can never come here. 我的朋友们呢?
[00:11.68]Rest in peace, Mr Eko. 安息吧 Eko
[00:16.16]And thank you for helping me find my... 谢谢你帮我找到我的...
[00:19.14]抬起头朝北看 John
[00:23.76]I don't care what Jack said. 我不在乎Jack说过什么
[00:25.52]They've got him and we have to get him back. I owe him that. 他们抓住他了 我们得救他回来
[00:28.40]The Pearl is a monitoring station 我欠他的
[00:31.44]where the activities of participants in Dharma Initiative projects 那里可以观察和记录
[00:35.20]can be observed and recorded. 达摩计划人员的一举一动
[00:43.64]I guess he'll be expecting us. 我想他等着我们呢
[00:58.64]To the left of it. Put it over there.
[01:01.72]A Ping-Pong table? Where'd the hell that come from? 乒乓台?
[01:05.04]Jin found it when he was out looking for firewood. Jin拾柴火的时候找到的
[01:07.84]We made legs for it and paddles. 我们做了桌腿儿和球拍
[01:10.56]Now all we need is a ball. 就缺球了
[01:12.20]Found it? 找到的?
[01:13.76]Must have landed in the jungle when the hatch exploded. 肯定是舱门爆炸时掉进丛林里的
[01:16.64]- I thought the hatch collapsed. - All I know is the sky turned purple. 我以为是舱门倒塌了
[01:17.94]听着 哥们儿 我只知道天变紫了
[01:20.04]After that I don't ask questions. I just make myself a salad and move on. 那之后 我就不再问问题 只想安心过日子
[01:24.24]Yeah, I can see that's working for you. 是啊 看得出来
[01:26.32]Hey, you seen Kate around? 你见Kate了吗?
[01:29.12]Wow, she's not back yet? 什么 她还没回来?
[01:33.48]You guys find anything we can use for a ball? 你们找到能当球用的东西了吗?
[01:35.76]No. 没
[01:38.84]That's my Guns and Ammo. Where did you get it? 嘿 那是我的"枪支与军火"(军事杂志)
[01:41.32]It was in the magazine stack. 你打哪儿找到的?
[01:43.80]We share things now. 那些东西现在是大伙儿的了
[01:46.08]Listen, Zorro, it was in my stuff. 听着 佐罗 这是我的东西
[01:49.00]Stuff you decided to party with while you thought I was dead. 当你们以为我死了的时候
[01:52.04]Listen, hillbilly, if you want it that bad, take it. 拿走取乐的东西
[01:52.02]听着 乡巴佬 如果你这么想要 拿去
[01:58.44]Just keep it. 你留着吧
[02:16.28]We need to eat. 我们得吃东西了
[02:20.64]Are we still on course? 我们走的路还对吗?
[02:28.48]We're still heading north on a bearing of three-zero-five. 我们还在向北3-0-5的方向走 对的
[02:32.16]- Yes. - I'm sensing a lack of confidence. 是的
[02:34.84]We've been walking for two days following a bearing 我们走了两天了
[02:37.48]provided by the carvings on a stick. 顺着那棍子上刻的指南针刻度走
[02:39.64]- And? - We're going to chance upon the Others? 然后呢?
[02:40.58]你真觉得咱们能就这样 找到那些人的营地吗?
[02:43.44]I don't know what we're going to chance on, Sayid, but... 我不知道我们将遇到什么 Sayid
[02:46.60]...my bearing is the only bearing we've got. 但是这个是我们唯一的定位器
[02:52.84]I'm going to find some fruit. 我摘点水果去
[02:54.68]Then we're going to have a rational conversation regarding our next move. John 关于我们下一步怎么办 得理智的好好谈一谈
[04:14.30]<"#ffff00">迷失 第3季 第11集
[04:32.80]You all looking for something... like this? 你们都在找...这种东西?
[04:35.72]Cool, a ball. 哇 球耶
[04:38.68]We need to do a little quid pro quo first. 嗯 我们需要先做点小交易
[04:41.20]I've been gone, you thought the store was having a going-out-of-business sale, 我知道我不在的那段时候
[04:45.84]but now I'm back and I want what's mine. 但是现在我回来了 我要回我的东西
[04:48.40]Yeah, but it wasn't really yours to begin with. 是吗? 但是这些本不是你的啊
[04:50.80]A: It was mine when I took it. 首先 我拿的时候就是我的了
[04:53.16]B: Who the hell are you? 其次 你他妈是谁?
[04:56.08]And C: Because I'm fair, I'm going to let you play me for it. 最后 我这人讲究公平 你们可以跟我打球赌这些
[05:01.24]Play Ping-Pong? 打乒乓?
[05:03.00]That's right, Avalanche. You bastards put up your best player. 是啊 胖子
[05:06.72]One game. 玩一局 我赢了的话
[05:08.08]And when I crush them,
[05:09.68]you all got to bring me every piece of my stash back. 把我所有的东西都还给我
[05:13.24]If you lose? 你输了呢?
[05:15.64]I ain't gonna lose, but... 我不可能输 但是...
[05:19.04]...if I do... 如果我输了 什么要求尽管提
[05:20.96]...tell you what, name it.
[05:32.68]Looks like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon got something good. 哟 似乎"卧虎藏龙小姐"有什么点子啊
[05:36.56]Lay it on me. 尽管说
[05:39.48]No nicknames. 不许给人起外号
[05:41.40]If you lose, no nicknames for anyone. 如果你输了 不许给任何人起外号
[05:45.36]For a week. 一周内
[05:47.52]Nice. 好啊
[05:50.84]You're on. 就这么定了
[05:54.40]Pick your player. I'll be back in an hour, 你们选个人吧
[05:56.68]then let the slaughter begin. 我一小时后回来 然后杀你们个片甲不留
[06:04.24]Are you sure it's completely isolated? 你确定这个屋子周围什么都没有?
[06:07.60]I've circled the house. 我转了一圈
[06:09.48]There's nothing but jungle surrounding it. Here. 只有丛林
[06:16.04]That dish still work? 那个发射器还好着吗?
[06:17.56]A dish of that size would have broadcasting capabilities 这么大的卫星发射器
[06:20.60]of thousands of miles. 几千里内应该都能接收到信号
[06:23.12]Danielle, you once mentioned a radio tower. Danielle 你曾说过有个无线电塔
[06:26.52]- Is this it? - I have never been here before. 是这个吗?
[06:31.76]The man in the house, seen him before? 屋子里那人 你说你曾见过他?
[06:33.68]On a video feed from the Pearl Station. 在珍珠站的录像里
[06:36.52]- So who is he? - Only one way to find out. 那么他是谁?
[06:42.68]- We ask him. - What's this for? 我们去问他
[06:45.60]If I'm unarmed, he won't feel threatened. 这是干吗?
[06:45.82]我不带武器的话 他就不会觉得受威胁
[06:49.36]In case he is threatened, you can cover me from here. 万一他还是觉得的话 你们可以从这掩护我
[06:53.28]Hey, where are you going? 嘿 你这是去哪儿?
[06:54.84]I have no interest in that man inside the house. 我对屋里那人没兴趣
[06:58.12]I have survived on the island 我之所以还能活下来 正是因为躲避与他们的正面接触
[06:59.68]precisely by avoiding these types of encounters.
[07:04.36]I'll wait for you by the stream. 我在小溪边等你们
[07:07.00]For those of you who survive. 等能活下来的
[07:31.64]Najeev. Najeev. Najeev
[07:48.76]- Did you cook this? - Yes. I did. 这是你做的?
[07:52.04]Well, it's delicious. 是的
[07:55.92]My name is Sami. 我叫Sami
[07:58.00]Najeev. Thank you. 我叫Najeev 谢谢
[07:59.96]Please, sit. Sit. 请坐 坐啊
[08:04.52]So where are you from? 你是哪儿人 Najeev?
[08:05.92]- I'm Syrian. - Please. 我是叙利亚人
[08:09.02]你跟我一样 都是伊拉克人
[08:19.12]What do you want from me? 你想干吗?
[08:20.88]You're an excellent cook. 你是个很棒的厨师 而我...
[08:23.60]And I have a restaurant... 我有个餐馆 比这里好很多
[08:26.32]...much nicer than this place.
[08:28.48]Come take a look. 来看看
[08:30.24]If you like it, I will hire you 如果你喜欢的话 我会雇你 薪水翻一番
[08:33.08]at twice your pay here.
[08:35.68]You're offering a stranger a job because of a single meal? 您因为一顿饭就给一个陌生人工作?
[08:38.64]I'm offering you a job 我给你工作是因为我们在这都是外人
[08:40.24]because we are outsiders here.
[08:43.04]And because... my chef just quit. 而且 我的主厨辞职了
[09:27.60]- No, he's been hit. - Not yet. You want to get shot too? 他被击中了 被击中了
[09:30.60]I didn't cross the line! We had a truce. 别急
[09:33.36]This is my land. You said I could stay here. 咱们休战了!
[09:35.48]No. I am not who you think I am! - 我不... - 你们说过我可以待在这
[09:38.40]My name is Sayid Jarrah. 我叫Sayid Jarrah
[09:40.56]I was on a plane that crashed here months ago. 我几个月前飞机失事 才到这的
[09:45.08]- A plane? - I'm unarmed. I swear. 飞机?!
[09:46.78]我没武器 我发誓
[09:51.60]Stay right there. 就待在那儿!
[10:05.04]Drop the rifle! Drop it right now! 把来复枪扔掉!
[10:06.18]放下 现在
[10:07.80]Back up. Back up. 后退
[10:15.80]Are you all right? 还好吗?
[10:17.96]You really did crash here? 你真的是坠机的吗?
[10:19.76]Over 40 of us, yes. 是 我们40多人
[10:22.80]I'll go in first, make sure it's OK. 我先进去 确保安全
[10:26.56]Who are you? 你是谁?
[10:28.56]My name is Mikhail Bakunin. 我叫Mikhail Bakunin
[10:31.96]And I am the last living member of the Dharma Initiative. 我是达摩计划最后一个存活人员
[10:42.48]Watch your step. 小心
[10:46.52]Please. 请 坐下
[10:52.72]Here, let me. 让我来
[10:56.28]You've had experience treating gunshot wounds? 你知道怎么清理枪伤?
[10:58.80]I spent some time in Afghanistan. 我在阿富汗斯坦待过
[11:01.92]I had experience with field medicine in the Soviet Army. 我接触过战地医疗
[11:07.20]In the kitchen on the top shelf there is a medical kit. 厨房顶架上有医药箱
[11:10.32]Will you bring it, please? 你能把它拿来吗?
[11:13.20]It's all right, Kate. 没事的 Kate
[11:23.44]- How did you get here? - I almost don't know where to begin. 你怎么到这的?
[11:27.52]Why don't you begin with the Dharma Initiative? 为什么不从达摩计划说起?
[11:30.68]I grew up in Kiev and joined the Soviet Army. 我在基辅长大参军
[11:34.32]I was stationed at a listening post in Vladivostok. 在海参崴一个监听站服役
[11:39.84]After the Cold War... 冷战之后 我们冷战输了以后
[11:42.00]...after we lost the Cold War,
[11:43.80]my unit was decommissioned. 我的部队解散了
[11:46.84]I was dismissed from my life in the military. 而我也退役了
[11:49.48]And after years of conducting unpleasant actions against our enemies, 这么多年来 与敌人间这些令人不快的经历
[11:55.44]I found myself wanting to do something good. 使我想做些有意义的事
[11:58.36]So I replied to a newspaper advertisement. 所以我回应了一则报纸招聘广告
[12:01.16]- An advertisement? - "Would you like to save the world?" 招聘广告?
[12:02.82]"您想不想拯救世界?" 这么写的
[12:06.00]That's how I met them. The Initiative. 我就这样加入了达摩计划
[12:08.32]Very secretive. Very rich. And very smart. 他们非常隐秘 富裕 而且极度聪明
[12:13.64]- So when did you come to the island? - Eleven years now. 那你什么时候来这个岛?
[12:17.08]I liked computers, communications equipment, 11年了
[12:17.22]我喜欢电脑 交流设备
[12:21.44]and being alone, like a lighthouse keeper. 还有像个守灯塔的人一样独处
[12:24.72]So they put me in this station. 所以他们把我放在这个站点
[12:26.88]- They called it "the Flame." - What's the purpose of the Flame? 这个站点叫"火焰站"
[12:31.44]To communicate with the outside world, of course. 当然是跟外界联系
[12:39.76]Ready to play? 开始?
[12:45.52]Ready to play? 开始?
[12:57.52]Your move. 到您了
[13:03.48]What happened to the Dharma Initiative? 达摩计划其他人怎么了?
[13:06.72]They're all dead, of course. 他们当然都死了
[13:08.72]They foolishly initiated a war against the Hostiles. 他们傻乎乎地跟敌人打了一仗
[13:12.40]A "purge," they called it. "肃清" 他们这么叫它
[13:15.12]And how did you survive this purge? 你怎么活下来的?
[13:18.76]By not participating in it. 因为我没参加啊
[13:21.48]I told you, I like being alone. 给你说了
[13:24.44]And the Hostiles allowed you to stay here? 可敌人们让你留这?
[13:28.00]After it was over, four men appeared in the yard. 结束后 4个人来了
[13:31.80]They offered a truce. 他们来休战
[13:34.32]They said to imagine a line extended all the way around the valley. 他们在山谷四周 想象有一条界线
[13:37.68]As long as I did not cross it, I would be left alone. 只要我不越过 我就可以安全待着
[13:43.96]Then they took two cows and I never saw them again. 然后他们带走了两头奶牛 之后我就再没见过他们
[13:47.44]They weren't interested in the dish? 他们对那个卫星接收器都没兴趣?
[13:49.40]Why would they be? It hasn't functioned for years. 他们为什么要有兴趣呢?
[13:53.96]Who are they, these Hostiles? 这些敌人 到底是谁?
[13:56.16]I do not know. 我不知道 但他们比我们早到这
[13:58.24]But they were here for a long time before we were.
[14:01.68]A very long time. 早很多
[14:27.32]I'm looking for Sami. 我找Sami
[14:29.96]Sami. Sami!
[14:33.40]Najeev, I am so glad you came. Najeev 你来了真好
[14:37.60]What do you think? It's a simple place, as you can see, 觉得怎么样?
[14:38.50]这里很简洁 但我们顾客满盈
[14:40.64]but we have good customers.
[14:44.32]Here's my wife. She's in charge of the kitchen. 这是我太太
[14:49.64]Amira, come meet Najeev. Amira 来见见Najeev
[14:59.88]Pleasure to meet you. 您好
[15:04.60]Are you sure this is him? 你确定就是他吗?
[15:07.04]Yes. 是
[15:09.36]Look, I don't know who you think I am. 听着 我不知道你们认为我是谁
[15:43.76]What did you just say? 你刚说什么?
[15:45.40]I told Nadia to be polite because you are my guests. 我告诉Nadia礼貌些 因为你们是客人
[15:48.08]Nadia? Nadia?
[15:50.00]After Nadia Comaneci, 是啊 是以Nadia Comaneci命名的 世上最棒的运动员
[15:52.04]the greatest athlete the world has ever known.
[15:55.92]We have the same birthday. 我们同一天生日
[15:59.08]What? 什么?
[16:06.24]Excellent work, if I say myself. 好了
[16:06.46]不是我自夸 缝得很好
[16:09.04]Thank you, Mikhail. 谢谢 Mikhail
[16:10.88]Perhaps I can begin to earn your forgiveness by offering some iced tea? 也许我能招待你们冰茶 让你们原谅我
[16:14.96]I will also check on your friend. 我去看看你们的朋友
[16:32.44]Don't waste your time. 别费劲了
[16:33.68]For ten years I've tried to defeat that game, 10年了 我试着赢这个游戏
[16:35.96]but it was programmed by three grand masters. 但是这是3个大师级人物编的程
[16:38.56]And it cheats. 它会作弊
[16:40.60]Ready to play?
[16:42.48]I've played computers and I'm pretty sure they don't know how to cheat. 我玩过很多电脑游戏
[16:46.88]That's what makes being human so distinctly... 这就更显得人类如此...
[16:51.12]...wonderful. 不可思议
[17:03.48]What's wrong? 怎么了?
[17:06.04]It doesn't make any sense. 只是... 这不合情理
[17:08.40]Why would they let him stay here... with all this stuff? 他们怎么会让他待这呢?
[17:11.60]- All this equipment? - Actually it makes perfect sense. 跟这堆东西一起 这些仪器
[17:14.68]What are you talking about? 事实上 这非常合乎道理
[17:16.20]The reason they let him stay here is because he is not Dharma. 怎么讲?
[17:16.58]他们让他留这 因为他不是达摩的人
[17:22.12]He is one of them. 他是他们的人
[17:28.76]He shot you and you just let him? 他开枪打了你 而你刚让他...
[17:32.52]Why are we still sitting here? 我们还坐这干吗?
[17:34.72]We are sitting here, Kate, because I am certain he is not alone. Kate 我们之所以在这
[17:52.88]So... 你真的是头号选手 苦瓜脸?
[17:54.76]...you really the number one draft pick, Grimace?
[17:58.08]Yep. 是的 有"仁慈规则"吗?
[18:00.00]- Are we playing with the mercy rule? - Mercy rule?
[18:03.16]Yeah, like if I'm up 11-0, then I, you know, 仁慈规则?
[18:03.42]就是如果11比0的话 那么我就自动胜出
[18:07.72]automatically win.
[18:09.80]- You're gonna go up 11-0? - No, I mean either one of us. 你觉得你能11比0?
[18:11.78]不 我们都有可能
[18:15.36]Sure. We can have a mercy rule. 当然
[18:19.12]- You want to volley for serve? - I'll tell you what. 你要先发球吗?
[18:22.28]- Be my guest. - Take him down, Hurley. 请便
[18:24.18]赢了他 Hurley
[18:27.84]Come on, Hurley. 加油 Hurley
[18:29.28]Zero serving zero. 0比0
[18:39.72]One-nothing. 1比0
[18:48.68]I grow the tea myself. 我自己种的茶 所以如果苦的话请包涵
[18:51.12]So pardon its bitterness.
[18:52.72]Any tea is good tea. 有茶就好
[18:54.24]You know how long it's been since we've seen ice? 你知道我们有多久没见过冰了吗?
[18:58.36]I noticed a series of thick wires as I walked around the station. 我看了看 发现有很多电线啊
[19:02.32]This is the hub, but they go underground to various stations all over the island. 这里有集线器 那些线都是地下线
[19:06.68]And these cables, do any of them run into the ocean? 这些电缆中有通向海底的吗?
[19:09.32]Yes, there is an underwater beacon that emits sonar pings 水下有探照灯用来发射声纳波
[19:12.96]to help guide in the vessels. 给船导航
[19:14.52]- By vessels, you mean submarines? - Yes. 你说的船是潜水艇?
[19:17.84]The Initiative used one to bring us here. 我们就是坐着一艘过来的
[19:20.52]But I imagine the Hostiles have either destroyed or commandeered it by now. 但我觉得现在敌人们
[19:24.92]That explains how they were able to get around my position 所以他们能
[19:28.04]- and capture our sailboat. - You had a sailboat? 绕开我的位点 捕获了我们的帆船
[19:32.24]Until we lost it to your Hostiles. 你的敌人把它抢走了
[19:35.72]That's very unfortunate. 真不幸
[19:38.76]Well... 其实
[19:40.76]...at least we were able to kill one of them. 至少我们杀了他们中的一个人
[19:50.40]Why are we continuing to play this little game... 既然我们都知道该怎么做
[19:55.60]...when we all know it has moved to the next stage? 干吗还在这兜圈子?
[20:27.04]Get some rope. 拿绳子来
[20:50.80]Drink. 喝吧
[21:04.92]You were a torturer, were you not? 你在共和国卫队是负责拷问犯人的?
[21:07.48]In the Republican Guard.
[21:11.36]Do you not recognise... 你记不起你的犯人吗?
[21:13.44]...one of your victims?
[21:15.52]Do you not recognise the woman that you tortured? 你难道认不出你折磨过的女人吗?
[21:18.80]Do you not recognise my wife? 你难道认不出我妻子了吗?!
[21:21.08]No. I've never seen... 不 我从没...
[21:25.60]You've confused me with someone else. 你认错人了
[21:33.44]Amira was arrested for harbouring an enemy of the state. Amira因为窝藏敌人被抓
[21:39.24]She was held for three months while she was questioned. 关了并被拷问了三个月
[21:47.28]Her arms bear the scars of those questions. 她被拷问的时候 手臂留下了伤痕
[21:51.88]So I assure you, Najeev, I am not confused. 所以我很肯定的告诉你 Najeev 我没搞错
[22:00.32]My name is not Najeev. 我不叫Najeev
[22:03.52]I'm Sayid Jarrah. 我叫Sayid Jarrah
[22:06.56]I was in the Republican Guard and, yes, I was an interrogator, 我曾服役于共和国卫队
[22:10.04]but I have never seen your wife. 我曾是质问者 但我从没见过你妻子
[22:12.40]Maybe she saw me at the same facility, but I do not know her! 也许她见到一样的人
[22:17.32]I can remember every face of every person I've interrogated. 我记得我审问过的每张脸
[22:21.08]She remembers your face. 她记得你的脸
[22:26.36]She remembers it so well 记得那么牢
[22:29.08]that she recognised it from a mere glimpse 以至于从你工作的饭店路过时 一眼就认出你来了
[22:32.28]when we walked by the restaurant where you worked.
[22:45.52]What do you want from me? 你想我怎么样?
[22:47.64]I want you to admit to what you did. 我想让你承认你的所作所为 如果你不的话
[22:51.80]And if you don't...
[22:54.36]...you will leave this room in that bag. 那你要想离开这里 只有被装进那个包里了
[23:07.36]How do you know he isn't alone? 你怎么知道还有其他人?
[23:09.16]The horse outside is still saddled, 外面马上配有马鞍
[23:11.16]and the stirrups are set up for someone shorter than this man. 还有马镫明显是一个 比他矮很多的人用的
[23:14.76]You think the Others sent someone to keep him company? 你觉得那些人派了个人跟他作伴?
[23:17.48]They sent someone out here because they lost communications. 他们派人来因为他们失去了联系
[23:21.00]Maybe when the sky turned purple? 可能是天空边紫的时候?
[23:23.76]That would be my guess. 我也是这么想的
[23:25.60]If someone's here, they're hiding good. 那么 如果有人在这的话 他们藏的真隐秘
[23:27.76]I checked every nook and cranny of this place. 每个地方我都搜过了
[23:34.60]Not every nook and cranny, John. 还不够彻底 John
[24:05.72]Are you ready to tell me the truth? 你准备说真话了吗?
[24:07.64]I have told you the truth. 我已经告诉您真话了
[24:14.24]I do not know you. 我不认识你
[24:16.88]You tortured her. 你折磨过她
[24:20.92]No, I would never touch a woman. 没有
[24:30.72]Do you think this will do any good? 你觉得这样逼我有用吗?
[24:33.08]That this will make me confess to something I didn't do? 逼我承认我从未做过的事情?
[24:36.24]My wife confessed to something she didn't do. 我妻子承认了她未做过的事
[24:39.28]She confessed when you poured a pan of boiling oil over her arms. 当你往她手臂上泼了一锅滚油的时候 她承认了
[24:43.32]- No. I did not. You have the wrong... - Admit it! 我没有 你认错...
[24:44.98]承认吧 承认吧
[24:47.84]Admit it!
[24:49.52]I cannot admit to something I didn't do. 我不能承认我没做过的事
[25:02.20]That is enough for today. 今天就到此为止吧
[25:12.08]Then I will see you tomorrow. 我明天再来
[25:46.04]Your move. 轮到你了
[25:57.76]Your move. 轮到你了
[26:09.60]- What is it? - C-4. 这是什么?
[26:12.80]Explosive. 炸弹
[26:17.80]- The whole place is wired. - Why? 这个地儿全是电线
[26:21.52]I don't know. 我不知道
[26:26.44]Your move. 轮到你了
[26:36.04]Your move. 轮到你了
[27:29.32]Your move. 轮到你了
[27:48.12]Manual override achieved. 手动代理启用
[27:50.44]For pallet drop, enter two-four. 货盘下降 输入2-4
[27:53.44]For station uplink, enter three-two. 站台卫星上行链路 输入3-2
[27:56.52]For mainland communication, enter three-eight. 大陆通信 输入3-8
[28:07.72]The satellite dish is inoperable. 卫星天线不可使用
[28:09.72]Communications are down. 通信终止
[28:12.92]For sonar access, enter five-six. 声纳连接 输入5-6
[28:22.84]Sonar is inoperable. 声纳不可使用
[28:26.04]Has there been an incursion on this station by the Hostiles? 有没有敌人入侵这里?
[28:29.08]If so, enter seven-seven. 如有 输入7-7
[28:37.64]Keep your voice low and your hands in front of you. 别出声 把手放在身前
[29:09.00]Stop right there. 别动
[29:13.80]Put the gun on the ground... now. 把枪放到地上 快
[29:28.84]- What are you doing? - It's her. 你干吗?
[29:32.04]She was there. She was at the dock. 她也在那里
[29:34.16]She was there when we were kidnapped. 她在那个码头
[29:36.60]She knows where Jack is. 她知道Jack在哪
[29:43.80]Are there any more of you here? 你们还有其他人在这里?
[29:53.32]Let's take her upstairs. 把她带到楼上去 快点
[29:56.04]John, we're coming up. John 我们上来了
[30:01.16]- John! - Out here. John!
[30:14.96]This is simple. Send her over to me and I will release him. 很简单
[30:16.70]放了她 我就放了他
[30:18.84]- Then we'll go our separate ways. - Don't listen. 然后你们走你们的路 我走我的
[30:21.32]- If he's gonna kill me, I'd be dead. - Shut your mouth. 别听他的
[30:21.62]如果他要杀我 我早就死了
[30:23.96]- Listen to me. - Sayid, do not let her go. 闭嘴
[30:24.22]- 听我说 - Sayid 别放走她
[30:26.00]- I will execute you. - He's not going to do it. 我现在就可以宰了你
[30:28.28]- Quiet, John. - I'm keeping him alive. - 他不会下手的 - 别说了 John
[30:30.32]- Mikhail! - Calm down, everyone! 他活命就全靠我了
[30:30.02]- 我保证 - Mikhail
[30:31.86]- Mikhail! - Sayid
[30:34.64]- Sayid. - I'll handle this, John. 我来处理 John
[30:36.56]John. John
[30:42.28]Don't let her talk to him! 别让她和他说话
[30:46.64]- Stop! - Just do it, Mikhail! - 住手! - 动手吧 Mikhail!
[30:53.36]John! John!
[31:00.40]Finish it! 来啊
[31:04.92]Kill me. 杀了我
[31:21.20]Oh, come on.
[31:24.08]Sorry I beat you so bad, dude. 兄弟 抱歉痛宰了你
[31:26.20]Sorry you hustled me, you mean. 不好意思 你草割了我 你个小心眼
[31:28.84]My mom had a table in her basement. 我妈妈在地下室放了一张桌子
[31:31.56]And I played a lot at the institu... this place I hung out for awhile. 我经常在那里玩
[31:38.64]- I got kind of good. - Hooray for you. 我打得还行
[31:41.88]Doesn't look like that last slam caused any long term damage to your forehead. 看起来最后那个猛扣
[31:46.60]You got three points, better than zero. 你得了3分 总比鸭蛋好啊
[31:48.68]Something you want? 你到底要什么?
[31:50.56]I came to give you back some of your stuff. 我来是把你的东西还给你
[31:53.48]You're the kind of guy that needs stuff. 我知道你是那种人 需要这些玩意
[31:57.08]You a shrink now? 你现在成了心理医生?
[32:00.00]She'll be OK, dude. 她没事的 兄弟 我说Kate
[32:04.08]I know you're worried, but she's with Locke and Sayid. 我知道你担心她 但她和Locke和Sayid在一起
[32:07.12]- She's going to be fine. - Yeah, thanks for the pep talk, Lump... 她没事的
[32:09.06]- 好 谢谢你来鼓舞我 胖... - 兄弟
[32:12.76]It's Hurley... or Hugo, if you want. 我叫Hurley 或者Hugo 如果你想这么叫的话
[32:20.04]Get bent, Hugo. 去你的 Hugo
[32:28.80]You ready to go, Locke? Locke 准备好走了吗?
[32:31.16]I'll be there in a minute. 我马上就来
[32:34.72]Has there been an incursion on this station by the Hostiles? 有没有敌人入侵这里?
[32:38.40]If so, enter seven-seven. 如有 输入7-7
[32:46.88]Danielle! Danielle! Danielle! Danielle!
[32:52.40]Tell me something, 告诉我
[32:54.40]were you ever a member of the Dharma Initiative 你曾经是达摩计划的一员?
[32:57.56]or was everything you said a lie? 还是你刚刚一直在撒谎?
[33:00.48]Of course I'm wasting my breath. 显然我是在浪费时间
[33:02.92]I was never a member, but everything else I told you was true. 我从来都不是他们一伙的 但其余我告诉你的都是真的
[33:06.80]I moved into the station after the purge. 在"肃清"之后 我到了这里
[33:08.96]The purge, a group of scientists attacked your people. 你说的"肃清"是 一群科学家来攻击你们的人?
[33:11.88]Believe what you want, but that is what happened. 随便你信不信 但事实就是这样
[33:15.72]Your friends, did he kill them? 你的朋友 他杀了他们?
[33:17.96]No. They're collecting whatever may be useful from the farmhouse. 没有
[33:21.72]And now we have our ticket to where the Others live. 现在我们有筹码可以去那些人住的地方
[33:24.44]Where we'll find your daughter and Jack. 那里可以找到你的女儿和Jack
[33:27.20]And finally, perhaps, a way home. 可能最后还能找到回家的路
[33:30.88]There is nothing you could do to me that would make me lead you there. 我不会受你的威胁 带你去那里的
[33:37.04]I didn't say you were our ticket, did I? 我似乎没有说你是我们的筹码
[33:47.64]This is a map showing electrical and data cabling, 这是张电力以及数据同步传输电缆图
[33:51.04]running from the Flame, here, 从火焰站开始
[33:53.88]to a place called The Barracks, here. 延伸到一个叫做"兵营"的地方
[33:56.88]Comprised of houses, dormitories with water and power, 那里有几百间宿舍有水有电
[34:00.48]large enough to accommodate an entire community. 足够容纳所有人
[34:04.72]Sounds like a place well worth visiting, don't you think? 听起来值得去一看 你说呢?
[34:09.00]There will come a time when your guard is down. 你们守卫总有松懈的时候
[34:12.16]And when it is, 到那时 我会毫不犹豫地杀了你们
[34:13.84]I will not hesitate a moment before killing you.
[34:19.16]- You should know this before you... - He's making an excellent point. - 这点你早该知道 - 他说得很对
[34:22.80]You have a map. Why keep him alive? 你有地图
[34:52.60]After my husband and I first arrived to Paris, 当我和我丈夫刚到巴黎的时候
[34:56.96]I was afraid to ever leave our apartment. 我很害怕离开我们的房间
[35:02.12]So I would stare out the window into the alley... 所以我就从窗户向小巷望去
[35:05.92]...and I would see this cat looking for scraps. 我看到这只猫在找剩菜吃
[35:09.76]One day some children came into the alley 一天 一些小孩来到了小巷 把它关到一个盒子里
[35:12.96]and trapped it in a box.
[35:15.44]I watched them light firecrackers... 我看到他们点燃爆竹 扔到盒子里去
[35:20.04]...and drop them in the box.
[35:23.60]I could hear him howl from three stories above. 我从三楼都能听到它的惨叫
[35:29.68]So finally, I had a reason to leave my apartment. 所以 我终于有理由离开我的房间
[35:36.08]I rescued this cat, 我救了这只猫 把它带回了家
[35:37.84]and I brought him home.
[35:40.76]He sits with me when I read. 我看书它在旁边坐着
[35:44.28]He sleeps with me... 和我一起睡觉 它会打呼
[35:48.68]...and he purrs.
[35:53.72]But... 但是 每隔一段时间
[35:55.76]...every once in a while
[35:57.80]he will bite me or scratch me. 它会咬我 抓我
[36:04.72]He does this... 它这么做因为有时会忘记它是安全的
[36:06.84]...because sometimes
[36:09.36]he forgets that he is safe now.
[36:12.64]So I forgive him when he bites me... 所以它咬我 我不怪它
[36:17.40]...because I know what it is like 因为我知道没有安全感是种什么滋味
[36:21.08]to never feel safe.
[36:26.44]And that is because of you. 这都是拜你所赐
[36:32.88]So today... 所以今天...我只要求你做一件事
[36:35.16]...I ask only one thing of you.
[36:40.36]I ask you now, 我要求你能像个男人样
[36:42.48]that you show me the respect
[36:44.88]of acknowledging what you did to me. 承认你对我的所做所为
[36:49.72]That it was you who questioned me... 是你审问我 拷打我
[36:53.64]...that tortured me...
[36:57.08]...and that you remember me. 还有你记得我
[37:14.36]I remember you. 我记得你
[37:20.32]I remember your face. 我记得你的长相
[37:24.64]Your face has haunted me ever since I left Iraq. 自从我离开伊拉克 我的脑海中就一直浮现你的脸
[37:44.60]I am sorry. 对不起
[37:48.48]I am so sorry for what I did to you. 我为我所做的事表示抱歉
[37:53.32]I am so sorry.
[38:03.52]I forgive you. 我原谅你
[38:10.40]When my husband returns, 当我丈夫回来后 我会告诉他认错人了
[38:13.28]I will tell him I made a terrible mistake.
[38:18.52]That it was not you. 告诉他不是你
[38:23.04]And he will release you. 他会放了你
[38:26.28]Why? 为什么?
[38:29.04]Why are you letting me go? 你为什么放我走?
[38:32.24]We are all capable of doing what those children did to this cat. 那些小孩对这只猫所做的 我们也都可以
[38:39.52]But I will not do that. 但我不会那么做
[38:41.60]I will not be that. 我不会那样
[38:56.24]We should kill him, Sayid. Sayid 我们该杀了他
[38:57.80]He already told us that he would kill us. 他都说了他会杀我们
[39:06.56]No. 不
[39:09.52]He's my prisoner. I will decide his fate. 他是我的囚犯
[39:18.76]I can see you didn't find anything worth taking. 看得出你没发现有用的东西
[39:21.60]Actually, I just played that chess game again. 我又下了那盘棋
[39:24.12]And now I realise why you didn't want me to beat it. 现在我知道你为什么不想让我赢了
[39:30.12]Meaning what? 什么意思?
[39:40.68]What have you done, John? John 你干了什么?
[39:43.12]That was our one hope of communication with the outside world! 那个地方是我们和外界 取得通信的唯一希望
[39:46.36]The computer said if there was an incursion by the Hostiles, 电脑说如果有敌人入侵
[39:49.44]I should enter seven-seven. 就输入7-7 所以我输入了7-7
[39:51.48]So I entered seven-seven.
[40:00.88]We should go. 我们该走了
[40:02.48]If anyone's around, this explosion's going to attract their attention. 如果附近有人的话 爆炸肯定会把他们引来
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