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[00:01.04]Previously on Lost: 前情提要
[00:02.80]I was in a wheelchair, paralyzed for four years. 我本来在轮椅上瘫痪好多年了
[00:05.12]This island, it changed me, it made me whole. 这个岛 它改变了我
[00:07.84]I'm so thankful for you, John. 它让我重新完整了
[00:07.70]我很感激你 John
[00:09.96]You stole my kidney. 你偷了我的肾
[00:11.80]You needed a father and I needed a kidney. 你需要一个父亲 我需要一个肾 这不就实现了吗?
[00:14.04]And that's what happened. Get over it. 算了吧
[00:16.60]I don't care what Jack said. 我不管Jack说了什么
[00:18.08]They've got him. We have to get him back. I owe him. 他们抓了他 我要带他回来
[00:20.48]- How'd you get onto this island? - On the submarine. 我欠他的
[00:23.36]So your people, they can just come and go whenever they want? 所以你们随时可以来去自如?
[00:26.48]You never know when a little C-4 might come in handy. 你永远不知道我们 什么时候会需要一个c-4炸弹
[00:31.44]Jack! Jack
[00:39.76]- Name? - John Locke. 名字?
[00:41.38]John Locke
[00:43.52]Marital status, Mr. Locke? 婚姻状况 Locke先生?
[00:45.92]Single. 呃 单身
[00:47.80]- Girlfriend? - No. - 女朋友? - 没有
[00:53.00]Are your parents living? 你父母还在世吗?
[00:55.68]I was raised in foster care. I never really knew my parents. 呃 我是被收养长大的
[01:00.68]Have you ever considered seeking out your biological parents? 你有考虑过 寻找你的亲生父母吗?
[01:06.28]I don't see how that's relevant. 呃 这些有关系吗?
[01:08.00]It's relevant because if the government's gonna continue 有关系 Locke先生 如果政府要
[01:10.96]paying your disability insurance, 继续为你负担残障保险
[01:12.84]I have to figure out whether or not your condition has improved. 我就得知道你的情况是否有所改进
[01:17.40]So, how's your appetite? - 那么 你食欲怎么样? - 不错
[01:24.88]You stopped submitting therapy bills for reimbursement. 我知道你已经停止 申请理疗费补偿了
[01:27.80]It's 'cause I stopped going. 因为我已经不去理疗了
[01:30.56]Waste of time. 浪费时间
[01:37.88]It's just a temporary suspension. 这只是暂时的中止 Locke先生
[01:39.84]As soon as you resume your sessions, you can re-apply. 一旦你继续理疗课程 你就可以重新申请
[01:43.08]- You think I'm temporarily disabled? - Depression can be temporary. 你觉得我只是暂时残疾?
[01:46.96]Since you see fit to stop going to therapy, I guess you're all better. 鉴于你已经不去进行理疗了
[01:54.80]Guess I am. 我想是吧
[01:59.00]Next. 下一个!
[02:18.48]What is he doing? 他在干什么?
[02:23.36]Good hands! 接得好!
[02:24.40]I'll be right there.
[02:27.84]Jack! Jack!
[02:34.84]She's the one who helped me and Sawyer escape. 就是她帮我和Sawyer逃出来
[02:39.12]It's gonna be tomorrow.
[02:49.48]- Hey, what? - Danielle. - 嘿 怎么了? - Danielle
[02:54.52]John, Rousseau's gone. John Rousseau不见了
[03:39.16]This is gonna be more complicated than we thought. 这会比我们想象中要复杂
[04:00.60]So we simply start shooting people and hope for the best? 你到底在说什么?
[04:01.88]去开枪射人们 然后作最好的打算?
[04:03.60]- We came to rescue Jack. - Obviously, circumstances have changed. 我们是来这儿救Jack 我们就是要做这个
[04:06.96]- He may not want to be rescued. - That is not him. That's not Jack. 他可能并不想获救
[04:08.24]那个不是他 那个不是Jack
[04:10.32]They did something to him. When they captured us they drugged us. 他们一定对他做了什么
[04:13.52]- He didn't appear to be drugged. - They kidnapped him. 他们也抓过我们 给我们下药
[04:13.68]他不像被下药了 Kate
[04:16.20]He wouldn't forget that. 他们绑架了他 把他关了起来
[04:17.56]I agree. Until we know why we're putting our lives at risk. 他不会忘记的
[04:17.76]我同意 但在弄清原因之前 这样是在拿性命冒险
[04:20.40]- I'm not leaving. - We may not have a choice. 我不会丢下他的 sayid
[04:22.52]It's Jack. 我们没有选择
[04:25.72]The first time I saw him, he was risking his life, 我第一次见到他的时候
[04:28.28]pulling people out of burning airplane wreckage. 他就在冒着生命危险 把人们救出那架烧毁的飞机
[04:31.96]If he's shaking hands with The Others, he has a good reason. 如果他和那些人握手了 我相信他是有原因的
[04:34.96]We just have to go down there and find out what it is. 我们就得过去看看 到底发生了什么
[04:41.48]- What do you suggest? - Wait till dark. 你有什么建议?
[04:43.52]We approach Jack when he's alone. 我们等到天黑 等Jack单独一人时 我们再过去
[04:47.52]And if he wants out, we get him out. 如果他想出来 我们就救他出来
[04:51.12]Here's what we know, Crystal. 我们的情况是这样的 Crystal
[04:52.72]The Bolivian gold deposits were stolen last night around 2:00 a.m. 玻利维亚的煤矿贮藏 在昨夜凌晨两点左右被偷了
[04:57.04]Autumn, that means The Cobra, he's back! 噢 那就意味着眼镜蛇 他回来了
[05:00.24]Get down!
[05:02.28]Have you been shot? 他中枪了吗?
[05:03.92]I can't find him. 我找不到他!
[05:05.36]There. Behind Winged Victory.
[05:07.56]- I can see his arms. - I can get him. 他有武器! 我起不来!
[05:12.72]Hello. John Locke? 你好 John Locke?
[05:15.24]I'm sorry. No solicitors. 对不起 谢绝推销
[05:17.48]- I have a sign. - I'm not... I'm not trying to sell... - 我不是标着嘛 - 噢 我不是 我不是要你买东西
[05:20.72]Listen, my name's Peter Talbot. 听着 我的名字叫Peter Talbot
[05:23.28]I just need to talk to you. 我 我只想跟你谈一谈
[05:25.04]Talk about what? 谈什么?
[05:26.20]My mother, actually. 其实 是我妈妈
[05:28.96]- I think she might be in some trouble. - You got the wrong John Locke. 我觉得她可能有点麻烦
[05:30.84]我不是你要找的那个John Locke
[05:32.48]How many kidneys do you have? 你有几个肾脏?
[05:38.24]She met him two months ago. 她两个月以前遇到他
[05:40.12]Love at first sight is what she said. "一见钟情" 她是这么说的
[05:42.32]The guy was charming, sweet, funny. 那个男的很吸引人 很贴心 很有趣
[05:46.00]His name's Adam Seward. 他的名字叫Adam Seward
[05:47.60]He's a retired computer entrepreneur from Ontario. 他是来自Ontario的退休计算机企业家
[05:53.08]Anyway, Adam had something special. 不过 Adam有点...特别
[05:56.28]My mom jut went ga-ga for him right out of the gate. 我妈妈只是在家门外面 糊里糊涂地碰上了他
[05:59.04]After two months of knowing him, she agrees to marry the guy. 认识他两个月之后 她就答应嫁给这个男的
[06:02.24]Something about him... 关于他的事情 就是...
[06:04.48]Something in my gut told me that he was after something, 我的直觉告诉我 他别有目的
[06:07.28]so I had to check him out. 所以 我得查查他底细
[06:11.12]I'm not sure I know what any of this has to do with me. 呃 我不知道这跟我有什么关系
[06:14.00]What this has to do with you, Mr. Locke, 呃 这跟你一定有关系 Locke先生
[06:16.68]is that you donated one of your kidneys to Adam Seward. 你捐赠了一个肾脏给Adam Seward
[06:19.84]Only his name was different back then. 虽然他以前用一个不同的名字
[06:23.68]He used to be Anthony Cooper. 他以前用的是Anthony Cooper
[06:31.56]All I could find were his medical records. 我只能找到他的医疗记录
[06:35.52]And I saw he was the recipient of a kidney transplant from you. 而且我看到他接受了...你的肾脏捐赠
[06:39.84]So I figured, hey, if someone gave the guy his kidney, how bad could he be? 所以我猜 嘿 有人给这个男的一个肾
[06:43.64]他能有多坏? 对不对?
[06:53.12]Well, it was an anonymous donation. 那 那是一个匿名的捐赠
[06:56.40]I never met him. 我没有见过他
[07:02.92]- Are you sure? - I'm sorry. I can't help you. 你确定吗?
[07:04.32]是的 对不起 我帮不了你
[07:49.20]Sayid, you guard the front. Sayid 你守着前面
[07:50.80]I'll cover the back. You head in through the side door. 我会绕过去掩护后面
[07:53.68]- I'm going in alone? - Better if you're the first he sees. 你直接穿过旁门去
[07:56.56]All right. 好的
[09:16.28]Hi. 你好
[09:19.08]- What are you doing here? - I came to get you. 你在这里干什么?
[09:22.64]Get out of here right now. Go. 我 我来接你啊
[09:23.24]马上离开这 走
[09:25.56]- Jack. - Kate, they're watching me! - Jack - kate 他们监视着我!
[09:28.76]- Get out. - I'm not leaving you. - 离开这! - 我不会扔下你
[09:30.60]- Get down. - Don't hurt her. Don't hurt her. 你快走!
[09:31.08]- 蹲下! 蹲下! - 不要伤害她!
[09:32.92]Step back, Doc. Step back! 离远点 医生 离远点
[09:39.32]- Hold him still. - Jack! 抓住他
[09:41.60]- Jack! - Who else is with you? Jack! Jack!
[09:49.32]- Jack! - Just answer the question, Kate. Jack?
[09:50.92]回答他 Kate
[09:53.72]OK, one more time. 好 我再问一遍 还有谁跟你一起?
[09:57.28]Who else is with you?
[10:03.32]Nobody. 没有 没其他人 就我们两个
[10:05.04]Nobody else. It was just us.
[10:31.52]Alex? Alex?
[10:39.36]- John. - Keep your voice down. John!
[10:40.40]嘘 小声点
[10:43.52]All right. 好
[10:46.16]It's all right, John. You don't have to point the gun at me. 没事的 John
[10:49.28]- I can tell you where Jack is. - I'm not looking for Jack. 我可以告诉你Jack在哪里
[10:56.40]I'm looking for the submarine. 我来找潜水艇
[11:03.52]The submarine. 那个潜水艇 在哪?
[11:04.88]Where is it?
[11:06.16]I'm not sure what you mean, John. 我不知道你在说什么 John
[11:08.20]What submarine? 什么潜水艇?
[11:09.52]The one you use to travel to and from the island. 那个你们用来出入这个岛的
[11:13.20]The one your man Mikhail told me about right before I killed him. 你的人Mikhail告诉我的 就在我杀他之前
[11:18.52]- Dad? Who are you talking to? - Alex, don't come in here. 爸爸? 你在跟谁说话?
[11:20.62]Alex 不要进来!
[11:26.52]- Tell her to be quiet. - Alex, please. 让她安静
[11:27.90]Alex 乖点
[11:29.52]- Ben, you awake? - No, no! Ben 你醒着吗?
[11:37.32]I'm coming in. 我要进来了
[11:40.20]What is it? 什么事?
[11:42.12]It's Austen and Jarrah. They're here. 是Austen和Jarrah 他们来这了
[11:44.72]Somehow they found us. 不知道他们怎么找到我们
[11:47.28]- Where are they now? - We captured them. 他们现在在哪?
[11:49.40]We're holding them at my place. Want me to help you? 我们抓住了他们
[11:51.84]No. Separate them. I want to know how they found us. 你要不要我帮你...
[11:51.82]不 分开他们 我要知道他们是怎么找到我们的
[11:54.48]What about Juliet and Shephard tomorrow? 那么Juliet和Shepard呢?
[11:56.64]- Let me worry about that. Just go. - Got it. - 明天... - 让我来操心就好了 你去吧
[11:59.80]- Richard, wait a minute. - I'll wait outside. Richard 等等
[12:08.00]I want you to bring me the man from Tallahassee. 我想见来自塔拉哈西的男人 (美国佛罗里达首府)
[12:12.16]- What do you need him for? - Just do it. - 你要他干什么? - 照做就是了
[12:14.32]- Now. - OK. 好的
[12:24.96]The man from Tallahassee? What is that? 来自塔拉哈西的男人 那是什么?
[12:27.60]Some kind of code? 暗语吗?
[12:28.96]No, we don't have a code for "there's a man in my closet 不 John 很不幸 我们没有暗语可以用来表示
[12:31.96]with a gun to my daughter's head". "我的衣橱里正有个男人 拿枪对着我女儿的头"
[12:33.88]Although we obviously should. 尽管我们明显需要一个这样的暗语
[12:36.72]Sayid, he had a pack with him. Sayid 他拿着个包
[12:41.28]I want her to retrieve it. 我要她去给我拿回来
[12:44.32]OK, but you should know, John, my daughter currently hates me. 好的
[12:45.94]但你应该知道 John 我女儿现在很恨我
[12:47.96]I'm not sure holding me hostage is your best option. 所以我不知道拿我做人质 是不是你最好的选择
[12:50.68]Dad! 爸爸 我会去拿你的包
[12:53.44]I'll get your bag.
[13:05.92]I'm looking for something really stunning. 不 没有特别要求
[13:08.24]Something that would grab everyone's attention on the table. 一些能把所有人的目光 都吸引到桌子上的东西
[13:11.56]Honey, what do you think of this one? 亲爱的?
[13:15.64]That looks good. What do you think? 噢 看起来不错 你认为呢?
[13:17.60]I like it. Maybe just a little larger. 我喜欢这个 可能就是有点太大了
[13:21.56]Yeah. 是的...大点的好
[13:25.72]Larger would be good. I'll go over there and take a look. 呃 我过去那边看看
[13:36.16]Hello, John. 你好啊 John
[13:37.64]Is there gonna be a big to-do, or just two of you and a preacher? 是个大婚礼 还是只有你们两个和神父?
[13:41.96]I guess you couldn't invite me. 我想你不会请我去 是吗?
[13:43.88]That would make for awkward introductions. 那会引起很...尴尬的介绍
[13:46.56]How did you know I was? 你怎么知道我要...
[13:48.00]I know because her son came to me and asked why I gave you a kidney. 我会知道是因为她儿子来找我 问我为什么会给你一个肾
[13:53.40]He's on to you, but he doesn't have any proof, 他在查你 可是他并没有证据
[13:55.84]so he came to me, hoping I would vouch for you. 所以他来找我 希望我能指证你
[13:58.84]What did you say to him? 你跟他说什么了?
[14:03.32]You're conning her, aren't you? 你在欺诈她 是不是?
[14:06.24]You're gonna marry her for her money, right? 你和她结婚就是想要她的钱 是不是?
[14:09.60]- What is it you want, John? - I want you to end it. 你想怎么样 John?
[14:13.48]I want you to call off the wedding. 我要你取消这场婚礼
[14:16.84]- Why are you doing this? - Because. Because it's not fair. 你为什么要这么做?
[14:21.12]You make people think that you're their family. 你会让人觉得你是他们的家人
[14:24.00]And then you leave their life in ruins. 然后毁了他们的生活 就转身离开
[14:26.16]And I'm not gonna let you do it again. 我不会再让你这么做了
[14:29.80]You're gonna call off your engagement and go, 你得取消订婚 然后离开
[14:33.16]or I'm gonna tell her the truth. 否则我会告诉她真相
[14:38.16]I want to hear you say it. 我要听你说
[14:39.72]You say you're gonna leave. 你说你会离开
[14:48.36]OK, John. 好的 John
[14:50.76]You got it. 听你的
[15:06.48]Would you mind helping me get into my chair? 你能帮我坐到椅子上吗?
[15:11.32]No tricks. I promise. 不会搞小动作 我保证
[15:15.08]I just want some dignity. 我只想要点尊严
[15:19.40]You, of all people, should understand what it means to want some dignity. 你应该比其他人更清楚 想要一点尊严的意义
[15:30.44]Thank you. 谢谢你
[15:36.20]So, tell me, John, how do you expect to pilot our submarine? 那么告诉我 John 你想怎样驾驶我们的潜水艇?
[15:40.32]It's a complicated piece of machinery. 我的意思是 那是个很复杂的机器
[15:42.60]- You don't just press "submerge". - I'll figure something out. 可没有简单的"潜水"按钮给你操作
[15:47.28]For all you know, I was a commander in the Navy. 你知道 我曾是海军中校
[15:53.72]Put your arm around my neck and I'll lift under your knees. 把你的手放我脖子上
[15:56.64]What's in the pack, John? 我会从下面抬起你的脚
[15:57.06]包里有什么 John?
[16:00.24]If you met Mikhail, that means you were in the communications station. 如果你已经见了Mikhail 那就是说你已经进去了联系站
[16:04.60]Which means you found the explosives. 也就是说你找到了炸药
[16:08.96]So you're not planning to pilot the submarine anywhere, are you? 你并不打算把潜水艇开走 是不是?
[16:14.28]You're planning to destroy it. 你打算毁掉它
[16:19.96]I know you, John Locke. 我了解你 John Locke
[16:25.28]You don't know me at all. 你一点也不了解我
[16:27.48]I know you were born in California. 我知道你出生在加利福尼亚
[16:31.56]I know you were raised in foster care. 我知道你是被收养长大的
[16:34.40]I know you wasted a big part of your life in Tustin, 我知道你浪费了大半个人生
[16:37.16]pushing papers at a company that manufactured industrial boxes. 耗在了一间制造工业纸盒的公司里 做递纸的
[16:42.60]You spent the four years prior to your arrival on this island 我知道你在来这个岛之前
[16:45.68]in a wheelchair. 四年都是坐轮椅
[16:50.32]And I know how you ended up in it. 而且我还知道你是怎么结束轮椅生活的
[16:59.12]Tell me, John, 告诉我 John
[17:01.32]did it hurt? 疼吗?
[17:10.80]I felt my back break. 我感觉我的腰断了
[17:15.28]What do you think? 你认为呢?
[17:40.92]I didn't think I'd see you again so soon, Kate. 我没想到会这么快又见到你 Kate
[17:47.92]Be careful in here. 小心点
[17:50.24]Thanks. 谢谢
[18:09.84]Did they hurt you? 他们伤到你了吗?
[18:13.12]No. 不 他们伤到你了吗?
[18:14.56]Did they hurt you?
[18:18.36]No. 不
[18:23.76]What is all this? 这都是什么?
[18:26.96]This is where they live. 这是他们住的地方
[18:30.80]And the people they took? 还有被他们抓走的人? 那些孩子?
[18:33.52]- The kids? - They're all safe. 他们很安全
[18:39.32]Safe? 安全?
[18:46.08]So you're with them now? 所以你现在和他们一伙?
[18:50.28]I'm not "with" anyone, Kate. 我没有和任何人一伙 Kate
[18:56.20]What did they do to you? 他们对你做了什么?
[18:58.64]- Nothing. - Why are you acting like this? - 什么都没有 - 那为什么你会有这样的反应?
[19:02.08]There's no way... 没办法...
[19:04.08]- There's no way I could... - I came here to help you! Why? 你...我没办法...
[19:07.20]I told you not to come back here for me! - 你为什么不告诉我发生什么事了?! - 我说过不要回来找我
[19:11.32]I didn't think you meant it. 我以为你不是说真的
[19:49.16]What did they do to you, Jack? 他们对你做了什么 Jack?
[19:57.36]I made a deal with them. 我和他们有个交易
[20:00.36]They're gonna let me go. 他们会让我离开
[20:05.40]Where? 去哪?
[20:09.12]Home. 回家
[20:18.12]- When? - First thing in the morning. 什么时候?
[20:24.48]- I'll bring help. It's our best chance. - You trust these people? They're liars. 我可以叫救援来 这是最好的机会
[20:26.54]你相信这些人? 他们是骗子
[20:28.88]I trust them because you told me to, Kate. - 你怎么会相信他们一个字? - 因为是你叫我相信他们的 Kate...
[20:33.40]When you asked me to save Sawyer's life. 当你让我救Sawyer的时候
[20:42.20]Jack. Jack
[20:45.28]What did they tell you? 他们告诉你什么了?
[20:52.04]Jack, we need to go. Jack 我们得走了
[20:57.36]I'll be right there. 我马上来
[21:07.60]I asked you not to come back here for me and I wish... 我告诉过你不要回来找我 而且我希望
[21:13.04]I wish that you hadn't. 我希望你没有这样做
[21:21.44]But I will come back here for you. 不过我会回来找你的
[21:55.92]- John Locke? - Yeah. John Locke?
[21:57.80]Detective Mason. That's Detective Reed. 是的?
[22:00.04]Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? 那是Reed侦探
[22:02.16]- No, of course not. - Do you know a man named Peter Talbot? 你介意我们问你几个问题吗?
[22:02.24]不 当然不介意
[22:03.16]你认识名字叫Peter Talbot的男人吗?
[22:08.68]- No, I don't think so. - Thin, brown hair, 20's. 不 我不认识
[22:09.92]较瘦 褐色头发 20多岁
[22:12.64]If it will be helpful we believe he was in your apartment two days ago. 如果这么说有帮助的话 他两天前去过你的公寓
[22:16.04]Oh, oh, oh, yeah. 噢 噢 是的
[22:17.64]Yeah, he was a solicitor. I sent him away. 是的 他是个推销员
[22:19.12]我 我 呃 我让他走了
[22:21.00]Mr. Talbot's family's worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $200 million. Talbot先生的家就在这附近 价值两亿
[22:25.52]So I'm curious. What exactly was he selling you door-to-door? 所以我很好奇
[22:29.04]Look, I told you I don't know him. 听着 我说过我不认识他
[22:30.80]Why was your name and address on a piece of paper in his pocket? 那为何写有你姓名和地址的纸条 会出现在他的口袋 Locke先生?
[22:36.28]Why would you be looking through his pockets? 你们...为什么搜查他的口袋?
[22:39.44]Because Peter Talbot's dead. 因为Peter Talbot死了
[22:47.40]It wasn't easy, you know. 这不容易 你知道
[22:50.72]Being in that hatch with you all that time. 当时一直和你呆在那个舱里
[22:52.96]Knowing you had no business walking around. 知道你闲着无事可做
[22:55.80]Knowing I couldn't ask you about it without telling you who I really was. 知道在没有说出我真实身份前 我都不能问你
[22:59.76]So ask me now. 那现在问吧
[23:03.48]Now that I know who you really are. 现在我知道你的真实身份了
[23:09.88]Was it immediate? It started the moment you got here? 那是立即发生的吗?
[23:11.36]你一到这里 就发生了吗?
[23:14.88]- Yeah. - And you were walking? 是的
[23:16.56]The feeling returned right after the crash? 你就在坠机当天 突然就感觉可以走路了?
[23:18.84]That's what "immediate" means, Ben. 那就是"立即"的意思 Ben
[23:23.36]You're wondering why it hasn't happened for you. 你好奇为什么奇迹没有发生在你身上
[23:26.68]You're not recovering as fast as you'd like. 你恢复得可没你想得那么快
[23:31.60]How long's it been since Jack fixed you? A week? Jack治好你有多久?
[23:35.48]Now that I think about it, how did you get sick in the first place? 既然说到这
[23:39.28]Are you afraid it will go away, John? Is that why you want to destroy the sub? 你害怕它会消失吗 John?
[23:44.08]Because you know if you ever leave this island you'll be back in the chair? 因为你害怕离开岛后 就又要坐回轮椅了?
[23:50.96]You got anything to eat? 你有吃的东西吗?
[24:13.08]Go on home, kid. You know you're not supposed to be here. 回家去吧 孩子 你知道你不该在这
[24:16.44]My father sent me to get his pack. 我爸爸让我来拿他的包
[24:21.84]Why? 为什么?
[24:23.16]I don't know why, but he told me to get it. 我不知道 Ryan 他吩咐我来拿的
[24:26.32]All right. 好吧
[24:28.48]Here you go. 给你
[24:34.72]You're Alex, aren't you? 你是Alex 对吧?
[24:37.12]Hey, can it. 嘿! 不准交谈!
[24:39.48]How do you know my name? 你怎么知道我名字?
[24:41.72]Because you look like your mother. 因为你长得很像你母亲
[24:46.60]My mother is dead. 我母亲死了
[24:49.76]I'm sure that's what they told you. 我知道他们肯定会这么说的
[24:54.20]Get going, Alex. 快走吧 Alex!
[25:02.72]Keep your mouth shut. 给我闭上嘴
[25:12.60]Where do you get electricity? 你们从哪供电的?
[25:14.32]We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel at our secret lab. 我们有两只大仓鼠不停地 在我们秘密地下巢穴的巨轮里跑
[25:17.96]That's funny. 恩 很好笑
[25:20.12]There's leftovers in the refrigerator. Help yourself. 冰箱里还有剩菜 你请便吧
[25:33.16]I ate most of the dark meat. Sorry. 我几乎把腿肉都吃光了 对不起
[25:39.64]I never really appreciated chicken until right now. 我从没像现在这样喜欢鸡肉
[25:46.00]I know you think you need to do this, John, John 我知道你认为自己必须这么做
[25:48.20]but if you blow up my submarine I have a big problem with my people. 但如果你炸了我的潜水艇
[25:51.60]Is that supposed to be an incentive not to blow it up? 那样我就不该去炸了吗?
[25:57.80]I was born on this island. 我生在这个岛上
[25:59.40]Not many of my people can say that. 不是所有人都如此
[26:01.40]Most of them were recruited and brought here. 他们大多数都是被招募来此
[26:03.80]As much as they love this place or would do anything to defend it, 正如他们多爱这里
[26:07.76]they need to know they can leave if they want to. 他们需要知道 如果想的话 他们可以离开
[26:11.76]The sub maintains that illusion. 这个潜水艇维持着这个幻想
[26:14.32]- So you're lying to them. - They're here because they want to be. 你向他们说谎
[26:18.20]Some of them are just not ready to make a full commitment yet. 有些人只是还不能完全
[26:22.56]But you, John... 但是你 John
[26:26.08]...you've already made that commitment and now you have a choice. 你已经做出了承诺
[26:29.68]Because if you stop and if you think, I can show you things. 如果你停下来 好好思考 我可以给你看些东西
[26:33.64]Things I know you want to see very badly. 你非常期待想要看的东西
[26:38.56]Let me put it so you'll understand. 我直说吧 你好理解
[26:43.92]Picture a box. 想象一个盒子
[26:46.64]You know something about boxes, don't you, John? 你知道关于盒子的事吧 John
[26:49.24]What if I told you that somewhere on this island 如果我告诉你 在这个岛的某处
[26:51.84]there's a very large box? 有一个超大的盒子
[26:55.28]And whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, 不管你如何想象 希望里面是什么
[26:59.08]when you opened that box, there it would be. 当你打开盒子那瞬间 里面就是你想要的东西
[27:04.92]What would you say about that, John? 你怎么说 John?
[27:10.52]I'd say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new submarine. 我希望那盒子足够大 可以让你想象 新的潜水艇在里面
[27:17.92]- Why are you so angry? - You're cheating. You and your people. 你为何如此生气 John?
[27:21.72]Communicate with the outside world whenever you want to, 你们的人随时都可以和外界交流
[27:24.88]you come and go as you please, 来去自如
[27:26.76]you use electricity and running water and guns. 你们有电有水 还有枪
[27:29.36]You're a hypocrite. 你是个伪君子
[27:30.72]A Pharisee. You don't deserve to be on this island. 你没资格呆在这里
[27:33.72]If you had any idea what this place really was, 如果你真的知道 这里是怎样的地方
[27:38.36]you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator! 你就不会还把鸡肉放在冰箱里
[27:41.36]You've been here 80 days, John. I've been here my entire life. 你在这里才80天 John
[27:45.76]How is it that you think you know this island better than I do? 你凭什么觉得 你比我更了解这个岛?
[27:49.20]Because you're in the wheelchair... 因为现在你坐着轮椅 而我没有
[27:52.64]...and I'm not.
[28:11.16]Did you have any problems? 有什么问题吗?
[28:19.08]OK, here's how this is gonna work. 好 现在这么办
[28:21.00]She's gonna take me to the sub. Once we're there I let her go. 她带我去潜水艇
[28:23.92]She's done enough. Let me take you. 我一到那 就放了她
[28:24.06]John 她做得够多了 我带你去
[28:25.88]I don't want you to slow me down. 我可不想你拖累我的进度
[28:28.92]Come on, let's go. 来吧 我们走
[28:31.24]John, before you go you should know... John 你走之前 得告诉你件事
[28:33.68]Jack and I made a deal. Jack和我做了交易
[28:36.88]In less than an hour he's leaving this island on that sub, 不到一小时内 他就会坐潜水艇离开这里 而且是单程船票
[28:39.88]and it's a one-way ticket.
[28:41.36]The anomaly wiped out our communications. 那次反常切断了我们的通信
[28:43.56]We have no way of contacting the outside world. 我们无法与外界沟通
[28:46.92]Which means when that sub leaves, it can never come back. 那也就意味着 潜水艇一旦离开 就不会再回来
[28:51.68]Whether you destroy the sub or let it go the end result is the same. 不管你摧毁它 或是让它走
[28:56.56]No one will find this island. 没人会找到这里
[29:01.00]Let's go. 我们走
[29:03.92]Come on. 快点
[29:08.08]You know he's manipulating you, right? 你知道他在操纵你 对吧?
[29:10.36]How's that? 你怎么知道?
[29:11.60]That's what my father does. He manipulates people. 我父亲总是如此
[29:14.80]He makes you think it's your idea, but it's his. 他让你觉得这是你的主意 但其实是他的
[29:17.40]I'll have to keep that in mind. 我会时刻牢记的
[29:28.28]The submarine's down there. 潜水艇就在那下面
[29:30.32]At the end of the dock. 夹板尾端
[29:34.20]I'm sorry I had to involve you in this. 对不起 把你牵扯了进来
[30:46.16]Look, I know you don't owe me anything. 听着 我知道你不欠我
[30:48.88]But I need to ask you for one last favour. 但我想求你帮最后一个忙
[30:57.20]You don't knock? 你不敲门?
[31:02.08]I need you to let my friends go. 我希望你放我朋友们走 在我离开这后
[31:04.52]After I'm gone.
[31:06.48]And if I said no, would that stop you from leaving? 如果我说不行 你就不走了吗?
[31:09.60]Of course it would. 当然
[31:15.44]Your friends are only here to rescue you. 你朋友们来这只为了救你
[31:17.84]But you seem to be doing a good job of rescuing yourself, so... 但看来你自救也不错
[31:24.52]...I suppose there's no reason to keep them here. 我猜也没有理由留他们在这了
[31:27.44]Do I have your word on that? 你保证?
[31:32.92]You have my word. 我保证
[31:35.36]I'll let them go just as soon as you've left the island. 你一离开这个岛 我就放了他们
[31:47.44]Well, I guess this is it. 我想就这样了
[31:53.68]Thank you, Ben, 谢谢 Ben
[31:56.44]for keeping your promise. 谢谢你信守承诺
[32:33.52]Hey, hold it right there. 呆在那别动!
[32:35.44]Get your hands up. Get down! 举起你的手!
[32:37.80]I said get down. 蹲下
[32:50.00]What are you doing here, John? 你来这干吗 John?
[32:52.44]I'm sorry, Jack. 对不起 Jack
[32:56.84]Sorry for what? 对不起什么?
[33:24.36]- What did you do? - John. 你做了什么?
[33:26.88]Tell me. Tell me you didn't do it. John?
[33:27.10]告诉我 告诉我你没那么做
[33:28.96]- What are you talking about? - Tell me you didn't kill that kid. 你在说什么?
[33:30.58]告诉我 你没杀了那孩子
[33:32.64]What? You think I had something to do with Peter's death? 什么?
[33:35.80]I tell you to end things with his mother and then he's dead. 我让你和他母亲做个了解 然后他就死了!
[33:38.92]John, calm down, please. Think about what you're saying. John 放松
[33:41.80]- Why would I kill Peter? - He was on to you. 想想你说的话
[33:44.08]I've been doing this for a long time. I'm not sweating some rich kid. 因为他在查你!
[33:44.22]John 我已经干这个很久了
[33:47.84]- Why are you still here? - What? 那么你为什么还在这?
[33:49.40]I tell you to leave. You tell me you're gonna leave. 你什么意思?
[33:49.70]我要你离开 你说过你会离开这
[33:52.12]Why are you still here? 你为什么还在这里?
[33:54.32]Listen, John, I'll be honest with you. 听着 John 我会对你坦诚
[33:58.12]I didn't end it. I was looking for an angle. 我并没有结束婚礼
[34:01.68]I wanted to make some money before I skipped out. 在溜走之前拿点钱
[34:04.24]But then all this happened. 但这一切就发生了
[34:05.88]Peter died and everything just went straight into the tank. Peter死了 一切都卷入了泥潭
[34:11.04]She's devastated. 她身心交瘁
[34:13.08]She's called off the wedding. 她取消了婚礼
[34:14.88]There's no profit in it, John. 我无利可得啊 John
[34:17.44]I'm a con man, not a murderer. 我只会欺诈 不会谋杀
[34:22.72]She called off the wedding? 她取消了婚礼?
[34:25.84]She said she couldn't deal with it. 她说她处理不了这么多事情
[34:28.52]- She needs to be alone. - So if I were to call her right now, 她需要一个人冷静
[34:29.94]那么如果我现在打电话给她 她就会这么说?
[34:32.08]that's what she would tell me?
[34:36.48]Phone's right over there, John. 电话就在那里 John
[34:44.68]What's her number? 她的电话号码...啊!
[34:55.04]Mr. Locke, we know this isn't what you want to hear, Locke先生 我们知道你并不想听 但是...
[34:58.48]but your father's gone. 你父亲走了
[35:01.00]We know he fled to Mexico shortly after your encounter, 我们知道他去了墨西哥 就在你们俩...
[35:04.20]then he disappeared. 见面之后不久 然后他消失了
[35:06.76]I'm sorry, but he could be anywhere in the world right now. 对不起 但是他现在可能会在 世界任何一个地方
[35:12.16]All right, detectives. That's enough. Mr. Locke has work to do today. 好的 侦探们 够了
[35:17.96]We'll let you know if anything develops. 如果事情有所进展我们会告诉你
[35:20.32]John, John, John. John John John
[35:22.88]We have got ourselves quite a day ahead of us, my friend. 你看天气多好啊 我的朋友
[35:26.76]A fine time to get you out of bed. 终于是时候让你离开那张床了
[35:28.36]No, I don't want to. 不 我不想
[35:30.72]I don't remember asking. 我不是在问你意见
[35:37.88]Now, most people struggle with this at first. 马上
[35:38.88]很多人开始坐轮椅的时候都很挣扎 但别担心
[35:40.84]But don't worry. You'll get used to it.
[35:46.24]No, no, please. I can't do this. 不 等等 不 不要 我不能这样
[35:48.20]John, you fell eight stories and survived, OK? John 你从八层楼摔下来 还活着 知道吗?
[35:51.76]I don't want to hear about what you can't do. Let's go. 我不想听到任何是你不能做的
[35:54.92]- It's gonna be all right. - No. 我们来
[35:54.92]- 没事的 - 不 我不..不
[35:56.72]It's gonna be fine, John. Come on. 会没事的 John 来
[35:57.96]不 我不能
[36:05.36]You're fine. 你很好
[36:08.36]Here we go. 坐下了
[36:09.92]There you go, buddy. 好了 伙计
[36:15.08]That wasn't that bad, was it? 也没那么坏吧 对不?
[36:17.08]I'll be right back, buddy. 我一会回来 伙计
[36:55.08]Well, John, you've really gone and done it now. John 你真的这么做了
[36:58.76]You don't have to pretend to be disappointed anymore. 你不需要再假装失望
[37:02.00]We both know you wanted it to happen. 我们都知道你希望这事发生
[37:05.44]That's why you left the C-4 in Sayid's bag, 你把c4炸弹留在Sayid的包里 因为你想让我去把潜艇炸掉
[37:07.72]because you wanted me to make it happen.
[37:11.60]Uncuff him, please, Richard. 把他放下来 Richard
[37:19.28]You gonna do anything stupid? 你不会干什么蠢事吧?
[37:22.24]No, sir. 不 先生
[37:28.64]Do you remember earlier, when you called me a cheater? 你还记得早些时候吗 John? 当你说我是个骗子
[37:32.48]When you said I didn't deserve to live on this island? Well, get this. 当你说我没资格住在这个岛上? 那么 你听着
[37:35.92]There I was, shaking hands with Jack, 我的确 是和Jack握手了
[37:38.56]and thinking I'd give almost anything to come up with a way to stop him leaving. 还绞尽脑汁想着一定得 找个办法阻止他离开
[37:42.84]Because to let him go would be a sign of weakness, of failure, of defeat. 因为那样会是懦弱的表现 是失败 是被打败的表现
[37:47.08]My people would see that. They would know it. 我的人会看见
[37:50.16]And that, John, would be the end of me. 那么这样就是我的末日 John
[37:52.28]But to kill him... 不过杀了他
[37:55.60]That would be cheating. 那我就是个骗子
[37:57.48]Because my people also heard me make a promise, and to break my word, 因为我的人也听到我下了承诺 如果说话不算话
[38:02.40]that would be the end of me too. 那也会是我的末日
[38:07.68]And then you came striding out of the jungle, John. 然后你从森林里闯出来了 John
[38:13.40]To make my dream come true. 让我梦想成真
[38:18.56]You're not gonna start talking about the magic box again, are you? 你不会又想说那个魔术盒子了吧?
[38:24.00]No, John. 不 John
[38:25.56]I'm gonna show you what came out of it. 我要给你看看盒子里是什么
[38:39.80]When I asked you if it hurt when you suffered your injury, 当我早些时候问你 当你受伤的时候疼不疼
[38:42.76]I think you misunderstood me. It seems fairly obvious 我想你是误会了
[38:46.08]when a person's back smashes after being thrown from a building, 很明显当一个人被推下楼去 摔到硬地上 背脊粉碎
[38:50.44]that's gonna sting a little. 那的确会有点疼
[38:52.44]But I really wasn't asking about the physical pain. 但我真的不是在问你身体的痛
[38:55.88]You want to know if it hurt my feelings? 那是什么 你想知道我是不是心灵受伤?
[38:57.96]No, John. 不 John
[38:59.36]I wanted to know what it felt like when your own father tried to kill you. 我想知道当你爸爸想杀你的时候 那是什么感觉?
[39:06.12]He's the reason you destroyed the submarine, isn't he? 他就是你毁掉潜水艇的原因 是不是?
[39:10.28]You're afraid. 你害怕
[39:11.84]You're afraid of him and this is the one place he can never find you. 你害怕他 这是唯一一个 他找不到你的地方
[39:15.24]- The one place he can never get to. - What do you want from me? 这是他永远到不了的地方
[39:21.88]I don't know how it happened. 我不知道为什么会这样
[39:25.08]But you seem to have some communion with this island, John, 但你似乎和这个岛有过交流 John
[39:29.28]and that makes you very, very important. 这就让你变得非常 非常重要
[39:32.88]You have no idea what you're talking about, 你不知道我在说什么 当然
[39:35.12]but in time you'll have a better understanding of things. 不过到时你就会明白了
[39:39.88]So, what do I want? 那么我想要什么?
[39:42.48]I want to help you, John. 我想帮你 John
[39:46.24]Why? 为什么?
[39:48.56]Because I'm in a wheelchair and you're not. 因为我坐在轮椅上 而你不是
[39:57.40]Are you ready to see? 你准备好看了吗?
[40:38.24]Dad? 爸爸? 内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8774-255847-1.html

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