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[00:01.00]Previously on Lost: "迷失"前情提要
[00:02.08]We think you're special. 我们认为你与众不同
[00:03.56]We want you to lead a team of highly trained people. 我们要你带领一支经过高度训练的团队
[00:06.08]- How was the interview? - Why would I want to go to Portland 面试怎么样?
[00:09.20]- for research that doesn't even work? - Because it does work. I'm pregnant. 就为了甚至没有效果的研究?
[00:14.04]My whole life, all I ever wanted was to have a baby 我怀孕了
[00:17.16]and now because of you I can! 而现在托福于你 我可以了
[00:19.12]I know you don't care, 我知道你不在意
[00:20.44]but the people I spent the last three years of my life with just left me. 但我过去三年生命中的伙伴
[00:24.88]- You OK? - Yeah. 刚刚离开了我
[00:26.48]- She's not coming with us. - Yes, she is. - 你还好吗? - 嗯
[00:28.68]- Why? - Because they left her behind, too. 不 带上她
[01:05.60]It's getting late. 不早了
[01:07.48]This is a good a place to make camp. 这里是扎驻的好地方
[01:16.12]- I'll get some firewood. - I'll go with you. 我去找些柴火
[01:42.36]Do you want to talk about it? 你打算谈谈吗?
[01:45.36]Talk about what? 谈什么?
[01:47.32]About the week you spent over there with them. 你和他们呆在一起的那个星期
[01:53.52]Well, after you left, I'd made a deal with them. 在你走了之后 我就...呃...
[01:57.88]If I took care of Ben, that they'd let me off the island. 我就和他们做了笔交易 如果我照顾好Ben
[02:00.72]So I just kept my head down, did what I was supposed to, 我不知道 我只是保持低调
[02:05.16]and I didn't ask any questions. 而且什么问题都没问
[02:09.56]And that's it? 就那样?
[02:12.36]That's it. 就那样
[02:32.48]OK, let's have it. 好吧 有话就问吧
[02:37.44]I want to know what you people are doing on this island, 我想知道你们这群人在岛上做什么
[02:40.32]why you're terrorizing us, making lists, kidnapping children. 为什么你们要恐吓我们
[02:42.32]编制名单 绑架儿童
[02:46.92]I want to know everything. 所有的我都要知道
[02:50.28]But the first thing I'd like to know is, who are you? 但我想知道的第一件事是...
[03:08.52]Hi. I'm Juliet Burke, I'm with Mittelos Bioscience. 你好 我是Juliet Burke 我约了Mittelos生物科学公司
[03:12.36]- I'll let Mr. Alpert know you're here. - Thank you. 我会通告Alpert先生你到了
[03:19.36]They're taking this corporate secrecy thing a little too seriously. 我真觉得他们
[03:23.04]I'm never gonna fit in with these people. 我和这些人会永远合不来的
[03:28.20]Dr. Burke, if you pop the trunk, I'll get your bags. 你好 Burke医生
[03:29.36]麻烦打开后厢 我为您来拿行李
[03:30.92]Thank you. 谢谢
[03:37.84]You managed to find us? 嗨 你总算找到我们了
[03:39.28]I didn't know they had an airport here. 我都不知道这里还有个机场
[03:41.20]It surprises everyone. Hi, you must be Rachel. 我知道 对此每个人都很惊讶
[03:44.20]- Richard Alpert. - Nice to meet you. 你好 你一定是Rachel了
[03:44.20]- 我是Richard Alpert - 幸会
[03:46.28]Thanks for letting us borrow your sister for a few months. 谢谢你让我们借用你的妹妹几个月
[03:48.88]Promise you'll bring her back in one piece. 保证我你们会让她完整无缺的回来就好
[03:51.24]We'll do our best. 好吧 我们尽力而为
[03:53.40]So listen, it's a security thing. 呃 听着 这...
[03:55.80]We have to take you in the rest of the way. 事关机密 知道吗?
[03:56.16]剩下的路程必须由我们带着你走 所以...
[03:58.28]Whenever you're ready we'll be waiting over here. 只要你准备好了 我们随时等候
[04:00.96]Please take your time. 但不用着急
[04:02.24]- Pleasure to meet you. - Thanks. 幸会
[04:03.88]Thank you. - 谢谢 - 谢谢
[04:11.64]- It's better this way. - Is this a mistake? 这样做更好
[04:14.88]What if you get sick again? 我不该去 如果你又病了怎么办?
[04:16.40]I won't. Cancer's gone, 不会的 癌症已经好了
[04:18.32]and I'm 100 percent preggers, thanks to you. 而且我百分百怀上了 都多亏你
[04:22.80]- I'll be back... - Yes, I know. - 我会回来的... - 是的 我知道
[04:24.48]...before you give birth. I promise. - I know. Don't worry about us. OK? ...在你生孩子之前 我保证
[04:26.16]我知道 别担心我们 好吗?
[04:28.44]OK. 好的
[04:30.60]You've spent your whole life working to get here. So, don't blow it. 你工作了一辈子才走到这一步
[04:38.20]- I love you. - I love you. 我爱你
[04:48.60]- OK. - Go make us proud. 好了 去让我们自豪吧
[04:53.28]Ma'am. 女士...
[04:55.76]Bye. 再见
[05:05.48]Who are you? 你是谁?
[05:12.72]If I told you who I was, 如果我告诉你我曾是谁
[05:15.40]if I told you everything that I know, 如果我告诉你我知道的一切
[05:17.72]you'd kill me. 你会杀了我
[05:21.20]What do you think I'll do if you don't? 如果你不说 你觉得我会怎么做?
[05:25.08]Leave her alone. 放过她
[05:30.60]Sooner or later, she'll answer my questions. 迟早她会回答我的问题
[05:33.64]She'll answer your questions when she's ready. 她准备好了自然会回答
[05:36.16]And you'll wait until she is. 而你得等她准备好
[05:39.76]She's under my protection. 我会保护她
[06:28.28]Claire? Claire?
[06:34.32]Claire! Claire?
[06:36.16]Claire? Claire?
[06:40.16]What is it? Oh, it's OK. 噢 噢 怎么了?
[06:41.52]噢 没事的
[06:43.48]Yeah, it's OK. 嘘...我知道
[06:45.48]OK. It's OK. Claire? Hey. 没事的
[06:45.96]是啊 没事的
[06:47.40]Claire 嘿!
[06:49.00]Claire? Claire 你没事吧?
[06:50.12]You OK?
[06:52.36]Charlie? Charlie
[06:54.52]- What's going on? - Didn't you hear Aaron? 怎...怎么了?
[06:57.20]- Is he OK? - No, he's OK, he's OK. 你没听到Aaron哭吗?
[06:58.80]没事 他没事 他没事
[07:00.36]- Are you all right? - Yeah, I just... 你还好吗?
[07:02.76]just feel a little bit off. I didn't sleep well. 还好 我就是...
[07:06.12]I can't believe I didn't hear him crying. 我没睡好
[07:08.56]Maybe you're coming down with something. 也许你感染上什么了
[07:10.68]Why don't you let me take Aaron and you get some more rest? 不如让我照顾Aaron
[07:14.52]- Yeah, do you mind? - Absolutely. Hey. 是啊 你介意吗?
[07:18.72]I won't sleep long. 我不会睡...很久
[07:32.76]I guess it's no use asking them to wait up. 我猜让他们等一下我们也没用吧?
[07:36.48]They'll come around. Just give them some time. 他们会想通的
[07:38.80]My people kept Sayid chained to a swing set for three days. 给他们点时间
[07:42.20]I dragged Kate into the jungle, handcuffed myself to her, and lied. 然后我把Kate拖进森林
[07:44.16]把她和我铐在一起 还骗了她
[07:47.08]How much time do you think they need? 你觉得他们需要多少时间?
[07:50.20]We'll be to our beach in a couple hours. They'll probably be over it by then. 再过几小时就到我们的海滩了
[07:56.84]- You nervous? - Hell, yes. 你紧张吗?
[08:02.60]I know that six months sounds like an eternity, 我知道 六个月听起来有一辈子那么久
[08:05.40]but you'll be amazed at how time flies once you're there. 但你到那里之后会惊讶于时间过的多快
[08:08.36]I can't wait to find out where "there" is. 我迫不及待想知道"那里"是哪儿了
[08:10.48]Dr. Burke, wanna have a seat? I'd like to take some of your vitals. Burke医生 请坐
[08:15.24]- If that's OK with you? - Yeah. Sure. 如果你不介意的话
[08:21.60]Everyone at the company is really excited 对于你的到来
[08:24.04]about you coming down, Dr. Burke. 公司里每个人都很激动 Burke医生
[08:25.96]And I think your research is really going to have a major impact on us. 我认为你的研究会给我们带来很大推动
[08:38.36]- What is that? - That is orange juice 那是什么?
[08:40.64]with a considerable amount of tranquilizer mixed in. 那是橙汁 加了一定数量的安定剂
[08:44.80]- You want me to drink it? - Yes. 你要我喝了它?
[08:46.32]You'll want to be asleep for the trip. 是的 路上你肯定会想睡着的 Burke医生
[08:48.44]It can be kind of intense. 那会很紧张
[08:51.48]OK. I was fine with signing all of your paperwork, 好吧 我接受在你们的文件上签名
[08:55.44]fine with agreeing to not talk to anyone in my life for six months, 接受六个月不和任何人说话的条件
[08:59.20]fine with the fact that no one has ever heard of Mittelos Bioscience. 接受医学界从未有人听说过
[09:02.68]- Why were you fine? - What? Mittlos生物科技这家公司的事实...
[09:05.72]Why were you fine with those things? It's quite a leap for a job opportunity. 什么?
[09:11.00]And we're not paying you that much. 而我们给你的报酬并不是那么多
[09:14.92]I think you're fine because, deep down, a part of you knows 我想你接受是因为在你内心深处
[09:17.92]that the place we're taking you to is special. 知道我们要带你去的地方很特别
[09:22.72]Special? 特别 对吧?
[09:24.44]Let me ask you something, Juliet. 让我问问你 Juliet
[09:28.64]You took a woman, your own sister, 你让一个女人 你的亲姐姐
[09:31.16]whose reproductive system was ravaged by chemotherapy, 一个生殖系统被化疗破坏
[09:34.48]who was sterile, and you made her pregnant. 不孕的女人 你使她怀孕了
[09:37.24]You created life where life wasn't supposed to be. 你在本无生命之处创造出生命
[09:41.48]That's a gift, Juliet. You have a gift. 这是个天赋 Juliet
[09:46.04]Don't you feel you're meant to do something significant with it? 你不觉得你注定要用这天赋 做些不平凡的事吗?
[09:52.08]Where we're going, you can do just that. 在我们要去的地方 你就可以
[09:57.48]- Where exactly are we going? - I can't tell you that. - 我们到底是要去哪儿? - 我不能告诉你
[10:00.96]But what I can tell you is that you'll see things there 不过我能告诉你的是
[10:04.36]that you never imagined. 你将会见到你从未想象过的东西
[10:10.48]No one is forcing you to do anything. 没人会逼你做什么
[10:12.52]If you change your mind, we're happy to take you back to... 如果你改变主意 我们可以把你带回到
[10:23.00]You probably shouldn't have drunk that so fast. 呃 也许你不该喝的那么急
[10:43.52]Good morning. 早上好
[10:46.44]No, no, it's OK. 别担心 没事的
[10:47.72]You'll be hoarse for a few hours, but it gets better. 你嗓子会哑几个小时 但是慢慢就会好的
[10:50.44]Sorry I had to strap you in, but the last leg is always a little bumpy. 很抱歉把你绑起来
[10:54.24]Watch your head. 小心头
[10:57.00]Gimme your hand. 手给我
[11:18.04]- We're here. - Here, where? 我们到了
[12:21.68]Hello, Dr. Burke. 你好 Burke医生
[12:25.92]My name is Benjamin Linus. 我叫Benjamin Linus
[12:31.48]I'm really looking forward to working with you. 很期待与你共事
[12:34.60]Watch your step here. 小心脚步
[12:46.48]Hey, that's too much water. It's gonna be all soggy. 喂 太多水了
[12:49.12]It's oatmeal, dude. It's supposed to be soggy. 会太稀的
[12:49.60]这是麦片 老兄 本来就该是稀的
[12:52.24]Well, if it ain't Three Men and a Baby. 这不是三个奶爸一个娃嘛
[12:55.64]I counted Hugo twice. 我把Hugo算两个
[12:58.00]What? Come on, I used your name. 怎么? 拜托 我可没叫你绰号
[13:04.52]Hey. Does anybody know where there's any aspirin? 嘿...谁知道有没有阿司匹林?
[13:07.80]- Claire, you don't look so good. - What are you doing up? Claire 你脸色不太好
[13:10.72]- You're meant to be in bed. - Yeah. No, I know. 嘿 你起来干什么?
[13:13.36]I just... My head's pounding, I... 是啊 我知道
[13:15.48]I got you covered. Two aspirin, comin' right up. 交给我吧 两颗阿司匹林 马上就来
[13:18.20]Thank you. 谢谢
[13:29.40]Son of a bitch. 好啊 马上就来
[13:35.08]Jack. It's Jack! Jack! 是Jack!
[13:38.32]快来! 来啊! 是Jack!
[14:10.40]Hey, man. How are you?
[14:12.08]Sayid. Sayid!
[14:13.80]Oh! Hurley. Hurley!
[14:24.64]- Doc. - How are you? 医生
[14:26.32]All right. 好呀
[14:58.40]What the hell is she doing here? 该死的她在这里做什么?
[15:20.80]Hey. 嗨
[15:23.28]Hey. 嗨
[15:27.88]So... 那么...
[15:30.48]...you're, like, one of them? 你就是...他们的人 对吧?
[15:33.20]I'm Juliet. 我是Juliet
[15:37.08]I don't remember you from the dock, 我不记得在码头上看见过你...
[15:40.32]where you put bags on our heads, 在那里你们吓到了我们...
[15:42.96]after you shocked us. 还用袋子套住我们的头
[15:47.00]I had the day off. 我那天休息
[15:56.16]- So, I hear you're a doctor. - I'm really more of a researcher. 我听说你是个医生
[16:07.32]They send you over to keep an eye on me? 他们让你过来看着我?
[16:10.56]OK. 好吧
[16:12.88]The last one of you guys that came over here, Ethan... 你们中上一个来这的人 那个Ethan...
[16:18.48]He kidnapped Claire and Charlie got upset. 他绑架了Claire 然后Charlie很不爽
[16:25.80]We buried him over there. 我们把他埋在那边
[16:50.64]She's gone, Juliet. 她死了 Juliet 她死了
[16:52.40]She's dead.
[16:59.80]Hey, it's OK. You tried. 没事的 你尽力了
[17:08.32]Why don't you go ahead and take off. 你不如去休个假?
[17:11.32]I'll talk to Ben. 我会和Ben说的
[17:29.40]It was Sabine's choice to get pregnant. 怀孕是Sabine自己的选择
[17:38.48]She knew she was taking a risk. 她知道有风险
[17:41.56]I think it happens at conception. 我认为是妊娠时发生的
[17:44.56]If that's the case, there's nothing I can do about it here. 这样的话 对此我无能为力 至少是在这里
[17:47.60]- I'm not sure I understand. - The only way to see if I'm right 我不是很明白
[17:50.52]is take a woman off the island, back to Miami... 唯一知道我是否正确的方法就是
[17:50.94]把一名女性带离这个岛屿 回到迈阿密
[17:52.92]No. You're not taking anybody off the island. 不 你不准把任何人带出岛
[18:00.96]In that case, there's nothing more I can do. 这样的话 我就没什么别的可做了
[18:03.80]I know you've put a lot of faith in me, Ben, and I'm sorry I couldn't help you. 我知道你对我很信任 Ben
[18:10.40]My sister's giving birth in three months, 我姐姐三个月之后就要分娩...
[18:14.24]and I haven't even been able to call her. 而我甚至都没能给她打电话
[18:19.52]It's time for me to go home. 我该回家了
[18:27.04]Your sister won't be giving birth in three months, Juliet. 你姐姐不会在三个月后分娩的 Juliet
[18:33.24]She'll be dead before then. 在那之前她就会死
[18:35.76]Her cancer's back. 她癌症复发了
[19:00.24]- Where did you get this? - Mikhail. 你从哪里拿到的?
[19:02.00]I should have told you sooner. I didn't see what good it would do. Mikhail
[19:03.34]我很抱歉 我应该早点告诉你
[19:05.20]"What good it would do"? I could have gone home, been with her! 我只是不明白那有什么好处...
[19:05.66]什么好处? 我本可以回家!
[19:08.52]You still can. - 我本可以陪着她! - 你依然可以
[19:09.84]You can go home, Juliet. 你可以回家 Juliet
[19:11.60]Be with her in her final days. 在她最后的日子里陪着她
[19:13.80]Or you can stay here and help me with our problem. 或者你可以留下 帮助我解决我们的问题
[19:18.28]Why would I stay? 我为什么要留下?
[19:19.92]If you do, I will cure your sister's cancer. 因为如果你留下 我会治愈你姐姐的癌症
[19:24.16]- I'm supposed to take that on faith? - You've been here six months. 我该相信这样的话吗?
[19:27.56]You've done work-ups on all of us. Have you seen a trace of cancer? 你在这里六个月了
[19:30.84]That's here! 你有看见过哪怕是一丝癌症的痕迹吗?
[19:32.36]You won't let me bring my sister here... 那是这里 而因为你不肯
[19:34.52]Jacob said he would take care of it himself. 让我把姐姐带过来 我需要更多
[19:38.56]Unless, of course, you don't have faith in him. 除非 当然 你不相信他
[19:42.16]Every woman on this island needs you. 这岛上每一个女人都需要你
[19:45.44]If you choose to stay, I promise you, we will save Rachel's life. 如果你选择留下 我向你保证
[19:58.00]- Trust her? She's one of them. - Not anymore. They left her behind. 相信她? 她可是他们的人
[20:01.76]- Where'd they go? - I told you, I don't know. 不再是 他们丢下了她
[20:02.14]是吗? 他们去哪了?
[20:04.16]- Maybe we better ask her. - She doesn't know. 我说过 我不知道
[20:06.60]Here's a wacky idea. Let's sic our resident Iraqi on her, 她也不知道 我有个鬼点子
[20:09.52]let him do what he does, then see. 我们让伊拉克人来对付他 做他擅长的 然后看她怎么说
[20:11.28]- No, I don't do that anymore. - Ain't that convenient? 不 我不会再那么做
[20:15.12]But I don't trust her, Jack. 但我不相信她 Jack
[20:16.52]If she's innocent, why won't she answer our questions? 如果她真是无辜 为什么她不回答我们的问题呢?
[20:19.36]- Give her some time. She's afraid. - How much time? 给她点时间 她很害怕
[20:22.12]The fact that I trust her should be enough. 多少时间?
[20:22.62]我相信她 这就足够了
[20:24.56]It's not. 这不够
[20:28.44]- Where did Locke go? - He went with them. Locke去哪了?
[20:30.80]After he destroyed the sub that was gonna take me off this island. 他和他们一起走了 就在他炸毁了潜水艇后
[20:34.20]- What? They were gonna let you go? - Yeah. 原来我要坐那艇离开岛的
[20:34.66]什么? 他们肯让你走?
[20:37.16]Said who? 没错
[20:39.60]- Ben. - Ben? - Ben - Ben...
[20:42.52]- Whose life you saved. - Sawyer. Lay off. 你救了他的命
[20:43.86]Sawyer 别冲动
[20:45.72]- Should have let the bastard die. - He did it for us. 那个暴眼畜牲他该死
[20:48.20]- Sounds like he did it for him. - James. 他这么做是为了我们
[20:50.12]- Something you want to ask me? - Yeah. - James - 你有什么要问我的吗 Sawyer?
[20:52.20]Why you're fighting every one of us and sticking up for one of them. 没错 Jack 为什么你要和我们唱反调 为他们的人辩护?
[20:55.32]I spent every moment over there trying to find a way off this island. 听着 我在那的每分每秒 都在寻找...
[20:58.60]I was trying to help all of us! - 能离开这个岛的方法 - Claire?
[21:01.04]- Trying to get us rescued. - Claire? 让大家得救
[21:02.96]Jack! Claire? Jack!
[21:04.52]Something's wrong with Claire! Claire有点不对劲
[21:06.80]- Oh, my gosh. - Is she OK? 天啊 她还好吧?
[21:10.32]All right, all right, put her head back. 抓住她 抓住她
[21:12.36]- OK. OK. - Let's get her up. 把她抱起来
[21:14.52]- Claire? - How long has she been like this? Claire? Claire!
[21:16.96]She started feeling bad this morning. 她这样有多久了?
[21:18.96]Before we got back was she showing any symptoms? 今天早上她开始感觉不舒服
[21:19.42]我们回来前 她有表现出什么症状吗?
[21:21.40]- She was fine! - What about water? 不 她很好
[21:23.12]- Has she been drinking enough water? - I think so. 水呢? 她水喝得够吗?
[21:25.72]Keep that head up. 我想是的
[21:25.86]好 把头朝上
[21:29.08]What happened to her? 她怎么了?
[21:33.56]He said, "What do you care?" 他说 "你在乎什么?"
[21:41.76]Kate! I need your help. Kate!
[21:44.52]- I need you to go and get Jack. - Well, he's busy right now. 我需要你的帮助
[21:48.08]- Please, I have to talk to him. - You wanna tell me why you need Jack? 他现在很忙
[21:48.06]拜托 我有事告诉他
[21:53.04]Because I think I know what's wrong with Claire. 因为我想我知道Claire的问题所在
[21:56.60]Why? 为什么?
[21:58.44]Because I did it to her. 因为是我对她做的
[22:29.24]That givin' you a bad feeling in your stomach? 让你胃不好受?
[22:35.32]Yeah, me too. 恩 我也是
[22:37.64]Claire's immune system is turning on her, a reaction to medication. Claire的免疫系统受到破坏
[22:41.88]- Medication? - It was designed to keep her alive 什么治疗?
[22:42.26]最初设计的目的 是为了在怀孕后期保住她性命
[22:44.20]- during the late stages of pregnancy. - Designed by who? 谁设计的?
[22:48.52]By me. For some reason, the women here can't have babies. 我
[22:49.58]不知何故 这里的女人都无法生下孩子
[22:52.28]The mother's body turns on the pregnancy, 母亲的身体和怀孕冲突 认为那是侵入的敌人
[22:54.88]treats it as a foreign invader. I saw it happen over and over. 我见过不止一次
[22:58.76]Every pregnant woman on this island died. 岛上所有的孕妇都死了
[23:04.40]That is, every pregnant woman until Claire. 确切的说 在Claire之前的所有孕妇
[23:09.40]What did you do to her? 你对她做了什么?
[23:12.84]One of our people infiltrated your camp 我们派人渗入你们的营地 采集血样
[23:16.32]and began taking blood samples,
[23:18.32]right after your plane crashed. 就在飞机失事后
[23:24.36]Ethan. Ethan
[23:25.48]Though Claire didn't conceive on this island, 即使Claire不是在这岛上受孕
[23:27.52]her symptoms were consistent with previous mothers, 她的症状和其他孕妇是一致的
[23:30.20]- so we tried to save her life. - By kidnapping her? 所以我们想救她
[23:32.68]No! That wasn't supposed to happen. - 通过绑架她? - 不 那是意外
[23:34.96]She was our control case. 她本是我们控制范围内的
[23:37.36]I had developed a serum that I thought would reverse what was happening to her. 我发明了一种血清 能够使她身上发生的事倒退
[23:42.16]Ethan was administering the injections. Ethan负责注射 但是你们却发现了他当时不在飞机上
[23:45.56]But then you found out that he wasn't on the plane.
[23:48.40]The census. I interviewed everyone. One of them isn't in the manifest. 人数统计 我问了所有人
[23:53.08]He wasn't on the plane. 他当时不在飞机上
[23:54.64]So, he improvised. 所以...他临时改变计划
[23:58.24]Hello, there. 你们好
[24:03.28]He kidnapped her on his own. That was never the plan. 他绑架了她
[24:09.40]Look, I know how this sounds, 听着 我知道你们可能不信 但没有那些注射 Claire早就死了
[24:11.92]but without those injections, Claire would have died.
[24:15.24]Without the serum, she's going into a form of withdrawal, 没有那血清 她会出现停药症状 如果我不及时治疗
[24:18.72]and if I don't treat her quickly, her immune system could shut down entirely.
[24:23.04]Jack, I can fix this. I just need the serum. Jack 我能治好她
[24:27.28]Ethan kept medical supplies near the caves where you used to live. Ethan在你们以前住的石洞边 储藏了些医疗设备
[24:30.92]If I go right now, I can be back before it's too late. 如果我现在去拿 应该赶得及回来
[24:41.60]Do it. 好吧 快去
[24:43.40]Get moving.
[24:51.40]Where are you? 你在哪?
[24:54.88]In bed, with you. 在床上... 和你一起
[25:00.02]呵呵 那你曾经在哪?
[25:03.36]Then where were you?
[25:05.20]I was just realizing 我刚意识到...
[25:08.60]that tomorrow I will have been on this island for three years. 到明天 我就在这岛上呆了3年
[25:15.00]Well... 恩...那我得烤个蛋糕了
[25:17.72]...then I better bake a cake.
[25:24.44]Stay here. 呆在这
[25:38.44]What've you got there? 那是什么东西?
[25:41.88]Karl developed some X-rays for me. Karl给我拿来了X光片
[25:45.04]What's wrong? 出什么事了?
[25:53.68]Morning, Juliet. 早上好 Juliet
[26:04.44]- Hi. - Can I come in? - 嗨 - 我能进来吗?
[26:06.80]Of course. 当然
[26:10.24]I was just finishing Carrie. 我刚读完<魔女嘉莉> (史蒂芬 金的小说)
[26:11.88]I don't know why you picked it, but is it depressing. 还是不知道你为什么选了它 但是真的很让人压抑
[26:14.52]You have a tumour. - 你有个肿瘤 - 什么?
[26:18.08]- What? - When you told me about your back pain, 当你说你背疼时 我说要照X光
[26:20.52]I said I would take X-rays 看看是否有小骨折或者椎间盘脱出
[26:21.84]to see if it was a small fracture or a herniated disc.
[26:25.20]But that's not your problem. 但那不是你的问题
[26:28.40]Your problem is a large tumour surrounding your L-4 vertebra. 你的L4脊椎骨周围有个很大的肿瘤
[26:43.40]You're surprised. 你很惊讶
[26:44.88]You just told me I have cancer. Of course I'm surprised. 你刚告诉我 我得了癌症 Juliet
[26:47.76]No, I told you that you had a tumour. 我当然会惊讶
[26:47.74]不 我说你有个肿瘤
[26:58.04]- Why are you scared? - I'm not scared. 你为什么害怕?
[27:00.36]Why are you scared, Ben? 我没害怕
[27:00.38]你为什么会怕 Ben?
[27:02.80]You said no one on this island ever had cancer! 你说过这个岛上没人得癌症
[27:05.00]- You told me. - I know what I told you. - 你告诉我... - 我知道我说了什么 Juliet
[27:06.80]You told me you could fix it. You said that you cured my sister. 你说你能治好的 你说过的
[27:08.10]你说你治好了我的姐姐 你说谎
[27:10.04]- You lied to me. - I did not lie to you. - 不 我没有说谎 - 如果你能治愈癌症
[27:11.96]If you can cure cancer, Ben, then why do you have it? Ben 那为什么你自己却得了?
[27:17.00]I don't know. 我不知道
[27:19.44]I want to talk to her. I want to talk to Rachel! 我要和她谈谈 我要和Rachel说话
[27:21.80]- I want to talk to her, now! - That's not going to happen, Juliet. 我现在就要!
[27:23.38]这不可能 Juliet 但我保证 Rachel她现在很好
[27:25.04]I promise you that Rachel is fine.
[27:26.84]- You never cured her! - I did! - 你并没治好她! - 我治好了
[27:28.92]- You're a liar! - No, Juliet! - 你这个骗子! - 不 Juliet
[27:30.60]- You lied to me! - I told you the truth! - 你说谎! - 我告诉过你事实!
[27:40.20]I gave you my word. 我向你保证过
[27:48.24]Ben... Ben 我要回家 求求你
[27:55.84]I want to go home.
[27:57.68]I want to go home, Ben. Please.
[28:00.64]Can't you please just let me go home? 你能让我回家吗?
[28:08.00]No. 不
[28:44.80]Step away from the case. 别动那个箱子
[28:48.52]- Listen to me, Sayid... - Step back. - 听我说 Sayid - 退后
[28:53.24]It's full of medical supplies. They're for Claire. 里面全是医疗设备 给Claire用的
[28:55.92]- Jack knows about it. - Jack ain't here right now. Jack都知道的
[28:56.84]Jack现在可不在这 不是吗?
[29:03.88]I'm telling you the truth. 我说的是实话
[29:05.32]You said earlier if you told me everything you knew, I'd kill you. 你之前说过 如果你把知道的都告诉我 我会杀了你
[29:11.32]I'm gonna test the validity of that statement. 现在我就要来验证它的正确性
[29:13.48]He means "talk". 他的意思是 "告诉他"
[29:15.20]- We don't have time for this. - We cleared our schedules. 我们没时间谈这个
[29:18.36]We got all the time in the world. 我们有大把大把的时间
[29:26.72]You know it's interesting... that you two are now the camp's moral police. 要知道 有意思的是...
[29:33.80]I'm curious, Sayid, 我很好奇 Sayid
[29:37.20]how long was it before you told everyone on that beach 你什么时候才会告诉海滩上的人们
[29:40.00]exactly how many people you've tortured in your life? 你这一生到底拷问过多少人?
[29:44.88]Do they know about Basra? 他们知道Basra市的事吗? (伊拉克一城市)
[29:50.00]And I'm sure the first thing you did when you got here, James, 而我确定你到这里后做的第一件事 James
[29:53.72]was to gather everyone in a circle 是把大家叫到一起告诉他们
[29:56.04]and tell them about the man you shot the night before you got on the plane. 你登机前夜残忍射杀了一个人
[30:01.16]So why don't we just skip the part where you two pretend to be righteous? 何不略过你们两个佯装正义的部分?
[30:07.44]I'm taking that medication back to Claire, and you're gonna let me. 我要把药拿去给Claire 而你们得放行
[30:12.52]Because if she doesn't get it, she's gonna die. 因为如果她拿不到药 就会死
[30:16.64]And the last thing that either of you need right now... 你们两个人此刻最不需要的事情...
[30:24.08]...is more blood on your hands. 就是手上黏上更多鲜血
[31:38.92]Goodwin, Ethan, there may actually be survivors. Goodwin!
[31:39.92]Ethan 可能还有生还者 而你就是其中之一
[31:42.28]You're one of them, a passenger, you're in shock. 一名乘客 你很震惊
[31:45.04]Listen, learn, don't get involved. 观察 学习 不要纠缠
[31:47.08]I want lists in three days. Go. 三日内拿到名单 去吧
[31:58.32]So I guess I'm out of the book club. 看来我被书友会排除了
[32:05.92]Juliet. Juliet Juliet
[32:11.16]I was looking for you this morning. 今早我在找你
[32:14.72]- You and I need to talk. - Now? 你和我需要谈谈
[32:16.88]We have some time. It's important. 现在?
[32:17.08]现在还有时间 很重要
[32:22.12]Take a walk with me. 陪我走走
[32:33.56]Mikhail? We're here. Mikhail 我们到了
[32:36.68]- He never has his walkie on. - What are we doing here? - 他从来不打开对讲机 - 我们在这里干吗?
[32:39.40]There's something I need to show you. 我有东西要给你看
[32:42.04]Mikhail? It's Ben. Mikhail?!
[32:45.44]I'm here with Juliet. We're approaching the house. Juliet和我在一起!
[32:47.08]我们向房子靠近了! 不要开枪
[32:48.80]- Don't shoot us. - Well, hurry up then.
[32:55.76]Did you see it? 你们看见了吗?
[32:57.16]A plane fell out of the sky, Mikhail. Of course we saw it. 那可是坠机 Mikhail
[33:01.80]- What do you have so far? - Oceanic Flight 815. 目前为止有什么情报?
[33:03.48]大洋航空815次航班 从悉尼飞往洛杉矶
[33:05.64]Left Sydney, Australia, headed for Los Angeles.
[33:08.24]324 people on board, including the flight crew. 机上有324人 包括航班工作人员
[33:10.68]I want detailed files on every single passenger. 我要每一名乘客的详细档案
[33:13.08]Already working on it. 已经在办了
[33:14.32]Can we uplink to Richard in Acadia Park, please? 可以上链到Acadia公园的Richard吗 拜托?
[33:22.00]Yesterday you called me a liar. 昨天你叫我骗子
[33:25.44]I was hurt by that. 我很伤心
[33:30.52]Hello, Richard, can you hear me? 你好 Richard 能听见吗?
[33:36.32]Notice today's date. This is live. 注意今天的日期
[33:37.88]这是现场 好了 Richard
[33:39.44]OK, Richard.
[33:51.92]Oh, my God. Oh, my God! 我的天 我的天
[33:58.32]噢! 我的天
[34:00.44]Oh, my God.
[34:02.56]A little over two years ago, to everyone's surprise, 两年多前 令所有人惊讶
[34:05.88]Rachel's cancer went into complete remission. Rachel的癌症完全消失
[34:11.08]Shortly after, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 随后 她产下一名健康男婴
[34:14.28]His name is Julian. 起名为Julian
[34:25.08]OK, thank you, Richard. 好了 谢谢 Richard
[34:26.92]You'll want to get back here as soon as you can. 你尽快回来
[34:29.36]We may have some new visitors. 我们可能有新客人
[34:31.48]Oh, God! No! No! No! 天啊! 不 不 不!
[34:40.00]I'm not a liar, Juliet. 我不是骗子 Juliet
[34:44.80]- I want to go home. - That's not our agreement. - 我要回家 - 我们的协议不是这样的
[34:47.20]- You stay until your work is finished. - It's impossible. 你得待到工作完成为止
[34:50.56]- The mothers keep dying! - Then we'll find more mothers. 母亲不断死去
[34:55.32]Who knows, maybe there's even one on that plane. 谁知道呢?
[35:13.08]Wait. What are you doing? 等一下 你们干吗?
[35:16.36]- She's not touching Claire! - She can help her. 不许她碰Claire 她这样都是她害的
[35:18.68]Says who, her? How can you even trust her? 她能帮她 Charlie
[35:18.68]谁说的? 她?
[35:20.88]I do trust her. 你怎么能相信她?
[35:24.20]Do you trust me? 你相信我吗? 你相信我吗?
[35:27.24]Do you trust me?
[35:30.60]Yeah. 信
[35:33.40]Just give us a couple minutes here, OK? 就给我们几分钟 好吗?
[35:39.36]- How long before this takes effect? - We should see results in a few hours. 这多久才会见效?
[35:44.36]Juliet. Juliet...
[35:48.44]If this doesn't work, if something happens to her... 如果这没有用 如果她有不测...
[35:53.44]...l'm not gonna be able to protect you anymore. 我就不能再保护你
[35:56.76]You'll be on your own. 你就得靠自己了
[36:00.76]I'm already on my own, Jack. 我已经在靠自己了 Jack
[36:36.48]What happened? 发生了什么事?
[36:59.28]I've got a tarp, a couple of blankets, airline pillows... 我拿了帆布 几块毯子 航空枕
[37:06.92]It's not much, but it'll get you started. 不多 但是...
[37:13.16]Claire's awake. Claire醒了
[37:17.84]There's a lean-to that we've been using for shade, 那边有个斜坡 平时大家纳凉用的
[37:20.60]and everyone says that it would be all right if you set up camp there, for now. 大家说你暂时可以在那里搭帐篷
[37:26.04]Thank you. 谢谢
[37:28.08]They're good people. 他们是好人 他们愿意补偿对你的不信任
[37:30.12]And they're willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.
[37:34.12]But eventually, they're gonna need some answers. 但最终他们需要答案
[37:39.24]Why don't you? 你为什么不要?
[37:43.44]You keep talking about them. 你一直在说"他们"
[37:46.48]Why don't I ever have to explain myself to you? 为什么我不需要对你做出解释?
[37:52.92]You were there. 你也在那里
[37:56.28]You were standing right next to me when that submarine exploded. 潜艇爆炸时 你就站在我身边...
[38:00.68]And in that moment, I saw it in your eyes. 在那一刻 我在你的双眼中看到
[38:05.20]You want to get off this island more than anything else in the world. 你最想做的事情 就是离开这个岛
[38:12.64]That makes you one of us. 这样说来 你也是我们的一员
[38:37.76]- Let's go over it again. - I know what to do. - 我们再来说一次 - 我知道该怎么做
[38:40.00]Let's go over it again, just to be sure. 我们再来说一次 保险起见
[38:43.40]I drag Austen out into the jungle, handcuff myself to her... 我把Austen拖进森林 把她和自己铐在一起
[38:48.52]...then tell her I was gassed just like she was. 然后告诉她 我和她一样被放了烟雾弹
[38:51.08]- And if she catches you in the lie? - I'll admit to it. 那如果她发现你说谎了呢?
[38:53.96]Tell her it was the only way to earn her trust. 我会承认 告诉她那是获得她信任的唯一方式
[38:59.12]Good. What then? 很好 然后怎样?
[39:02.44]Then they'll take me back to the beach. 他们会把我带回到海滩
[39:11.12]I know you want me to go there, 我知道你想我去那里 但在我们对他们做了这么多之后
[39:13.76]but after everything we've done to them, it's going to be a problem.
[39:22.64]We've activated the implant in Claire. 我们已经激活Claire体内的植入器
[39:24.52]She should be symptomatic within the next 48 hours. 48小时内她就将出现症状
[39:27.20]By the time you get to camp, you'll have a nice big crisis to solve. 等你到了营地 就会有一个大问题要解决
[39:34.92]- I'll need supplies. - Pryce is already on his way. 我需要供给
[39:38.12]He'll hide the case at Ethan's old drop point. 他会把箱子藏在Ethan原来的下降点
[39:41.84]Tell Jack that you can save her. 告诉Jack你能救她
[39:45.68]He trusts you. 他相信你
[39:55.40]Are you all right? 你还好吗?
[40:01.72]I'm fine. 我很好
[40:14.60]See you in a week. 一周后见
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