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[00:01.04]Previously on Lost: "迷失" 前情提要
[00:02.48]You stole my kidney. 你偷了我的肾
[00:04.48]You needed a father and I needed a kidney. Get over it. 你需要一个父亲 我需要一个肾
[00:13.36]I know you were raised in foster care, 我知道你是被收养长大的
[00:15.12]spent the four years prior to your arrival on this island in a wheelchair, 我知道在你来到这个岛之前的四年里 你都是坐在轮椅上的
[00:19.04]and I know how you ended up in it. 我还知道你是怎么结束轮椅生活的
[00:20.88]What if I told you that somewhere on this island there's a very large box, 如果我告诉你 在这岛上的某处
[00:26.64]and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, 不管你如何想象 希望里面有什么
[00:30.48]when you opened that box, there it would be? 当你打开盒子
[00:34.08]I'd say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new submarine. 里面就是你想要的东西
[00:34.22]但愿那个盒子足够大 能够放得下你的新潜水艇
[00:45.12]You've really gone and done it now. John 你真的这么做了
[00:47.12]You're not gonna start talking about the magic box again? 你不会还想再说什么魔术盒子了吧
[00:50.12]No, John. I'm gonna show you what came out of it. 不 John
[00:55.04]Dad? 爸?
[01:18.40]Save your breath. 省省力气吧
[01:22.32]Nobody's gonna hear you. 没人听得见
[01:38.48]Dad? 爸爸?
[01:44.44]- What is this? - You tell me. 这是怎么回事?
[01:47.16]- You brought him here. - I didn't bring him here. 你把他带过来的
[01:49.88]I'd be careful about getting too close to him. 我没有
[01:49.86]我... 当心别离他太近 John
[01:52.48]Where did you find him? Why did you bring him here? 你在哪找到他的?
[01:55.88]I've already said, we didn't. 为什么把他带到这?
[01:55.70]我已经说了 不是我们
[01:58.12]- Want me to ask him how he got here? - Be my guest. 你要不要我问他是怎么来这的?
[02:06.00]I warned you, John. 我提醒过你 John
[02:10.16]Don't you know, John? Don't you know where we are? 你难得不知道吗 John?
[02:19.96]- What did he mean? - We don't have time to deal with that. 他是什么意思?
[02:20.74]恐怕我们现在没时间管这个 John
[02:23.96]We're leaving in the morning, all of us. 明天一早 我们所有人就要离开
[02:26.24]Where are you going? 要去哪?
[02:29.28]We're going to a new place. 一个新地方
[02:32.16]Well, an old place, actually. Would you like to come with us? 事实上 也是个老地方
[02:43.36]- Yes. - Good. 好的
[02:47.36]We're holding Kate a few buildings over from here. Kate被关的地方离这里不远
[02:50.24]Maybe you'd like to say goodbye. 或许你该和她道个别
[03:14.80]Hey, where you going? 你要去哪?
[03:17.52]I can't sleep if I'm not in my own tent. 在别人的帐篷里 我睡不着
[03:19.68]Fine. Let's go to your tent. 那我们去你那睡
[03:28.64]It's nothing personal, just old habits, you know? 不是针对你 只是...
[03:36.52]Fine. Scram. 好 走吧
[03:39.96]You want me to walk you home? 要我送你吗?
[03:43.04]It's five tents. I think I'll make it. 就5个帐篷的路 应该没问题
[03:45.56]You sure? I gotta pee anyway. 当然
[03:46.94]不管怎样 我都要去尿尿
[03:49.36]That is so romantic. 好浪漫
[04:12.24]What the hell y'all doing? 你们在干什么?
[04:15.92]- What the hell are you doing? - Going to take a leak. 你又在干什么?
[04:21.00]Yeah, well, so are we. 哦 好 我们也是
[04:25.60]Well, alrighty, then. 呃 那么好吧
[04:51.08]Hello, James. 你好 James
[05:13.08]Wanna zip your pants up? 不拉上大前门?
[05:16.64]- What the hell are you doing here? - Looking for you, actually. 你在这里干嘛?
[05:21.16]OK, Tarzan, so now you're back 好吧 泰山 你炸掉了可以带我们 离开这个小岛的东西(潜水艇)
[05:22.92]from your "Blow up everything that can get us off the island" tour, 你就这么回来了?!
[05:26.52]tell me why you joined the enemy. 你怎么不告诉我你为什么 要加入那帮该死的敌人?
[05:28.56]I didn't join 'em. I infiltrated 'em. 我没有加入他们
[05:31.64]- You're undercover with the Others? - That's right. 我打入他们的内部
[05:34.76]How about you give me one reason to believe that? 是的
[05:38.16]Because a few hours ago, I snuck into Ben's tent and kidnapped him. 因为几个小时以前 我潜进Ben的营地 绑架了他
[05:44.12]I tied him up, dragged him off into the jungle. 我把他绑了起来 拖进森林里
[05:47.60]And you came all the way back here to tell me this because? 你跑这么远来告诉我这个 是为了...?
[05:51.12]Because this is the same man who tortured you, beat you, humiliated you. 因为就是这个人折磨你 捆打你 羞辱你
[05:56.44]And I want you to kill him. 而我要你杀了他
[06:04.36]You want him dead, you kill him. 你想他死 你自己动手
[06:06.52]- I'm not a murderer. - Neither am I. 我不是个杀人凶手
[06:08.84]Except for the man you killed in Sydney. 除了你在悉尼杀的那个人
[06:12.68]They got files on us, James. All of us. Jame 他们有我们的档案
[06:18.04]Well, their files got their facts wrong. 档案上写的都歪曲事实
[06:26.76]Then I made a mistake coming to you. 那么我来找你是找错了
[06:34.88]Please don't tell anyone that I was here. 请不要告诉任何人我来过
[06:37.64]Hey, stop! 嘿 站住
[06:39.92]I said stop! 我说站住
[06:44.40]Damn it! Wait up. 该死! 等等
[07:01.08]There. That ought to do it. 那样
[07:04.56]Thanks. That would've taken me hours to do myself. 这样应该可以了
[07:09.04]Glad I could help. 我可以帮忙
[07:13.88]Don't mind them. They're all just excited you're here. 别在意他们
[07:17.32]- Excited? - We've been waiting for you. 激动?
[07:21.00]John. You got a minute? John 有时间么?
[07:23.88]- Yeah. - Ben's asking for you. 有
[07:27.40]OK. 好的
[07:31.36]Ben, it's 6am on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant. Ben 现在是星期六早上6点
[07:34.80]The foetus is healthy and was conceived on island with her husband. 权太太怀孕了 胎儿很健康
[07:38.48]He was sterile before they got here. 他们到这之前 他是不育的
[07:41.40]Hello, John. Thanks for coming. 你好 John
[07:44.96]What's that? 那是什么?
[07:46.04]Juliet is gathering information at your former camp. Julia从你们原来的营地为我们收集信息
[07:49.12]She's determining if any of the women are pregnant. 由她确定是不是有妇女怀孕
[07:51.88]Then we're gonna go in and take them. 然后我们就过去
[07:57.20]Take them? 带走她们?
[07:59.72]This is not the first time we've done this. Trust me, no one will get hurt. 我们不是第一次这么做了John
[08:01.62]相信我 没有人会受伤的
[08:05.72]Could you pass me that, please? 你能把这个递给我么?
[08:11.56]Thank you. 谢谢
[08:16.24]I believe I have you to thank for this, John. John 我现在这样都要感谢你
[08:19.00]- Me? - A week ago, I couldn't move my toes. 我?
[08:19.62]一星期前 我连脚趾都不能动
[08:23.92]But the minute you showed up, I started to feel pins and needles. 但自从你出现以后
[08:26.18]我就如坐针毡 (意指恢复了知觉)
[08:29.36]And this is only the beginning, John. 而这只是刚开始
[08:31.80]I can't wait to show you what this island can do. 我迫不及待要让你看看这个小岛的能力
[08:35.32]But, unfortunately, you're not ready, John. 但非常不幸 你为此还没做好准备
[08:40.84]- No, I'm ready. - No, John, you're not. 我...我准备好了
[08:42.06]不 John 你没有
[08:44.36]You're still crippled by the memories 你仍旧被你原先记忆中的你所困扰
[08:46.52]of the man you used to be before you came to this island. 除非你能拜托你父亲对你的控制
[08:49.92]You'll never be free until you release the hold your father has over you. 不然你永远不会自由
[08:56.32]Why do you think you brought him here? 你觉得你为什么把他带到这里?
[08:58.30]哦 哦 哦...
[09:00.00]The magic box. 魔术盒子
[09:01.92]- OK, Ben, how about you show me the... - Magic box is a metaphor, John. 好吧 Ben 不如你给我看看
[09:05.64]I can't show you anything until you can show me 你如果准备好了 愿意加入我们
[09:08.16]that you're ready to be one of us. 我可以给你看任何东西
[09:10.00]When people join us here on this island, they need to make a gesture 当这个岛上的人加入我们
[09:14.28]of free will, of commitment. 对自由意志的承诺
[09:18.64]That's why you're gonna have to kill your father. 所以你要杀了你的父亲
[09:44.12]Hey. 嗨
[09:45.96]- When did you get back? - Jack, hey. - 你什么时候回来的? - 嗨 Jack
[09:48.64]Last night. Well, early this morning. 啊...昨晚
[09:52.08]So, camping, huh? What were you guys doing out there? 那么...
[09:58.00]We figured we'd explore a bit, 我们...想去勘查一下 看能不能在海滩发现些什么
[10:00.08]you know, see what was further down the beach, male bonding.
[10:05.16]Well, next time you go out, sign me up. 好吧 下次你们去的时候...
[10:08.36]Yeah, next time, for sure. 算我一个
[10:08.14]好的 下次
[10:21.64]Thanks, Jin. Jin 多谢
[10:24.92]- We have to tell Jack. - Shouldn't he check out her wound? 我们得告诉Jack
[10:25.86]我是说 他不是应该去查看她伤口?
[10:28.16]Can you give me your word that Jack can be trusted, 你能保证 我们可以相信Jack?
[10:31.04]he spent ten days with those people and nothing happened to him, 他和那些人呆了10天 却安然无恙?
[10:34.48]- and that woman he's with? - Juliet? 还有 那个一直和他在一起的那个女的
[10:36.64]Aye, Juliet. Two weeks ago, she had your friends in cages. - Julia? - 对 就是她
[10:36.98]2星期前 是她抓了你的朋友
[10:42.04]Naomi. You heard everything that she said. Naomi...
[10:46.00]If we keep her safe, she's our way off this island. 我们保护她
[10:51.96]So, given that, do you trust Jack or don't you? 那样的话
[11:00.80]Right. So we'd better bring in someone we can trust. 我说的对吗?
[11:02.78]所以最好还是 找个我们能信任的人
[11:14.52]You should've put some shoes on. 你应该穿双鞋
[11:16.72]You think? 你这么觉得?
[11:19.48]So what else is in it? 上面还写了些什么?
[11:22.28]In what? 什么上面?
[11:24.92]The file they got on me. 我在他们手上的档案
[11:27.84]Not much. 不是很多
[11:30.08]That your parents died when you were very young. 你很小的时候父母双亡
[11:33.48]But it doesn't say why your father shot your mother. 但上面没写
[11:41.20]Or why he turned the gun on himself. 还有他为什么自杀
[11:49.00]That must've been hard for you. 这对你来说一定不容易
[12:01.28]- What else? - High-school transcripts. 除此之外 你还能做什么?
[12:01.94]高中成绩单 犯罪纪录
[12:04.24]Criminal record. All the con jobs you were arrested for.
[12:08.84]I guess that's why you use an alias, huh? 我想这就是你隐姓埋名的原因
[12:11.16]Why did you choose the name Sawyer? 为何你选了Sawyer这个名?
[12:14.16]How stupid do you think I am? I already been conned by Ben once. 我真有那么傻吗?
[12:17.76]Maybe you heard. Bunny with a number painted on it? 也许你已听说过那"兔子"的事
[12:18.94]在它身上印上数字 你认为我会跟你进丛林吗?
[12:20.52]- You think I'm just gonna follow you? - James, please. You have to trust me. James 求你...你一定得相信我
[12:24.52]Where are you taking me? Tell me the truth. 你要带我去哪儿 给我说老实话
[12:27.24]I'm bringing you there to do exactly what I said, to kill Ben. - 你想从我这儿捞到什么? - 把你带到那 做我告诉你的事
[12:30.68]- Why did you come to get me? - I had to. - 杀了Ben - 你为何要选中我?
[12:32.68]- Why won't you do it yourself? - James, please. - 我必须得这样 - 为什么是我?
[12:33.06]- 你为何不自己做? - James 求你了
[12:35.20]Don't call me James. Why won't you do it yourself? 别叫我James
[12:36.94]- 你为何不自己做? - 因为我做不了
[12:38.72]Because I can't! I can't! I can't do it! 我做不了!
[12:45.68]That's why I came back for you. 这就是我回来找你的原因
[12:57.04]Get up. 起来
[13:03.56]I'll go to wherever you've got him, but we're bringing him back to our camp. 我跟你去他那儿
[13:07.64]I ain't killin' nobody. You understand me? 我不去杀任何人 听懂了吗?
[13:10.68]Yeah, I understand. 好
[13:15.20]But you'll change your mind. 但你会改主意的
[13:20.36]When you hear what he has to say... 当你听到...
[13:25.32]...you'll change your mind. 你会改变主意的
[13:44.68]Hey, dude. 嗨 伙计
[13:47.44]Hello, Hurley. 你好啊 Hurley
[13:58.92]Can you keep a secret? 你能守口如瓶吗?
[14:08.36]- You've already spoken to her? - Yeah, but you're gonna wanna hear it. 你们已经和她谈过了?
[14:12.64]- And you haven't told Jack? - No. 和Jack说过了吗?
[14:16.20]Good. 没
[14:28.88]My name's Sayid Jarrah. I understand your helicopter crashed onto the island. 我叫Sayid Jarrah
[14:30.70]我知道你的直升机 坠落到这岛上
[14:33.16]Actually, it crashed in the water. 其实是坠落到水里
[14:36.36]- What's your name? - Naomi. Naomi Dorrit. 你叫什么?
[14:39.76]Naomi, from where exactly did you take off? - Naomi Dorrit - Naomi
[14:42.84]A ship, freighter. 从船上
[14:45.12]About 80 nautical miles west of here. I'm part of a search-and-recovery team. 一艘货船
[14:49.56]You told my friends the wreckage of Flight 815 was discovered. 你告诉我朋友说 815航班的残骸被找到了?
[14:53.48]- Did you mean the partial wreckage? - No. 你们说的是部分残骸?
[14:56.44]They found the entire plane off the coast of Bali, 不是
[14:56.70]他们在巴厘岛海岸 发现了整个残骸
[14:59.16]in an ocean trench four miles deep. 在海沟的4英里深处被发现
[15:01.68]They sent down cameras in these little robots to survey the wreck. 他们把摄像机装在小机器人上 潜入水底勘查
[15:05.96]The bodies were all there. 尸体都在那儿
[15:10.56]Well, obviously we're not dead. 嗯...
[15:11.70]很显然 我们没有死
[15:14.12]Obviously. 的确如此
[15:15.28]So, if you weren't looking for us, then who were you looking for? 那么如果你们不是来我们的
[15:19.20]Him. 就是他
[15:22.20]Desmond? Desmond?
[15:23.28]My company was hired by a woman named Penelope Widmore. 我们受雇于一个名叫 Penelope Widmore的女人
[15:26.40]I don't know why. I never met her. She gave us a set of coordinates. 我不清楚理由 我也从未见过她
[15:30.40]We've been conducting a differential GPS grid search ever since. 从那以后我们就进行 深水差分GPS定位搜索
[15:34.00]You knew about the island? 你知道这个岛吗?
[15:36.24]Island? We were given coordinates in the middle of the bloody ocean. 岛?
[15:40.16]We thought it was a fool's errand, until three days ago. 我们以为是错误的指令
[15:44.56]I was flying back for the ship when the clouds cleared and I saw land. 我正飞回船那边 突然间 云层逐渐变薄 我看到了陆地
[15:48.84]The instruments started spinning. 设备都开始旋转
[15:50.84]I realised I was going down, so I grabbed my chute and I bailed. 我知道我正在下降
[15:58.36]Did you actually see her helicopter? 你真的看到她的直升机了吗?
[16:02.08]- No. - You think I'm lying, mate? 没有
[16:04.80]You have no means of communicating with that freighter of yours? 你觉得我在说谎吗?
[16:04.74]我想你应该没有办法 和你的货船联系吧
[16:10.60]What was your name? Sayid? 你叫什么名字来着?
[16:12.80]Yes. Sayid
[16:23.96]Remind me not to rescue you, Sayid. 记得提醒我不要救你 Sayid
[16:52.68]So, Ben. You said I'd kill him when I heard what he's got to say. 那么 你是说在我听到Ben说的话后 我就会杀了他
[16:56.56]- That's right. - Well, you wanna give me a heads-up? 是的
[16:59.64]It's not really my place to tell you. 这不应该是我告诉你的
[17:05.80]Look, what you read in that file, 听着 你读过的那个档案...
[17:09.76]about the guy in Sydney, 关于悉尼那个男人
[17:12.56]I thought he was someone else. 我以为那是另外一个人
[17:14.36]I made a mistake. I didn't mean to kill him. 我弄错了 我并不是想杀他
[17:17.80]Well, who'd you mean to kill? 那你想杀谁?
[17:28.24]Are we almost there? 我们快到那了吗?
[17:31.88]Almost. 快到了
[17:46.84]Wake up, John. 醒醒 John
[17:50.28]It's time. 时候到了
[18:21.36]I know it won't be easy, but the quicker the better. 我知道这不容易
[18:23.26]但越快下手 越早解脱
[18:28.64]You're kidding me, right? 不是开玩笑吧
[18:31.64]You expect him to kill me? 你要他来杀我?
[18:36.88]John, the hesitation that you're feeling is just the part of you John?
[18:38.90]你现在之所以会犹豫 是因为你还觉得
[18:41.04]that still feels like he has a perfectly good explanation 他偷你的肾 是理所当然的
[18:44.24]for stealing your kidney, throwing you out of an eight-storey window.
[18:49.00]Don't you wanna be free from him? 你难道不想摆脱他吗?
[18:51.84]The hesitation he's feeling is because he is a spineless... 他之所以会犹豫
[18:55.12]Shut up! 闭嘴
[19:04.00]- I gotta think. - Don't think, John. 我在想...
[19:04.74]什么都别想 John
[19:06.28]You're wasting your time, Bug-Eye. We've been through all this. 你这是在浪费时间 大暴眼
[19:09.80]- All he wants is his daddy. - Shut up! I said shut up! 他想要的 只有他亲爱的爸爸
[19:11.14]闭嘴! 我让你闭嘴!
[19:16.84]You really haven't figured it out yet, have you? 你真的还没明白吗?
[19:22.04]Let go of him, John. 杀了他 John
[19:26.52]- Why are you doing this to me? - Doing this to yourself. 为什么要这样对我?
[19:29.64]As long as he's still breathing, you'll still be that same sad, 是你自作自受
[19:33.92]pathetic little man that was kicked off his walkabout tour 被徒步旅行团赶出门外的孬种
[19:37.28]because you couldn't walk. 因为你不能走路
[20:02.80]I'll be here the rest of the week, John, if you change your mind. 这一周内我都会在
[20:22.08]I'm sorry. 抱歉
[20:25.88]He's not who we thought he was. 我们看错他了
[21:18.08]Son of a... 狗娘...
[21:29.36]Nice place you got here, Locke. Locke 这地方真不赖啊
[21:33.72]Ben's inside in the brig. Ben就在里面
[21:36.08]You ready? 准备好了没?
[21:39.48]Yeah, I'm ready. 好了
[22:00.84]Friends of yours? 你的朋友?
[22:02.88]It's an old slaving ship. Mid 19th century. 这是一艘18世纪中叶的奴隶船
[22:12.84]My guess is they captured the slaves, 我想这些奴隶被带到这是来挖矿的
[22:15.28]and brought them here to try and mine the island.
[22:21.56]- What's in the boxes? - That'd be dynamite. 箱子里是什么?
[22:29.56]Son of a bitch. You really kidnapped the little bastard. 婊子养的
[22:38.40]We ain't killing him, Locke. 我们不能杀他
[22:41.60]Whatever you say, James. James 随你怎么说
[23:01.72]Well, well, well. 好啊 好啊 好啊
[23:05.92]Hey! What are you doing? Open the damn door! 嘿!
[23:09.36]Shut up! Open up! 开门
[23:13.28]I said shut up!
[23:21.04]Who the hell are you? 你他妈识谁?
[23:27.52]- Is that like a radio? - It's like a radio, yes. 无线电?
[23:28.36]没错 是无线电
[23:30.48]Never seen equipment this sophisticated. 从没看过那么复杂的设备
[23:32.88]- But you can still make it work, right? - I hope so. 你能修好吧?
[23:37.60]And what about the other part? 另一件事呢?
[23:39.60]The part about they found the plane and we're all dead. 她说他们找到了飞机 发现我们都死了
[23:43.00]One thing at a time. 先别管那个
[23:51.28]There's not a single audible channel. 这不是单向音频频道
[23:53.40]Whatever that interference is, 无论这是什么干扰
[23:55.40]it's blocking our ability to send our own transmission. If we... 它都阻止我们发射出信号
[23:59.16]What's that? Is that a radio? 如果我们...
[24:02.44]- Where'd you get it? - The luggage. 从哪弄来的?
[24:05.52]What, you just found a radio in the luggage? 你们从行李里找到了一个无线电?
[24:07.92]Kate, if I explain, I want you to keep this very quiet. Kate 我解释给你听
[24:13.36]Keep what very quiet? 说什么?
[24:17.48]Locke! Open this damn door! Open it up! Locke 快开门!
[24:20.16]开门! 我听得见你 老秃头!
[24:22.00]I can hear you, you bald bastard!
[24:29.08]Rousseau. Rousseau
[24:31.52]Locke. Locke
[24:34.80]- What brings you to the Black Rock? - Dynamite. And you? 你怎么会来"黑石"这里?
[24:36.36]为了炸药 你呢?
[24:39.48]Open this door! 开门! 快开门!
[24:42.40]Open up!
[24:47.72]Crates are right over there. 板条箱在那边
[24:52.72]- Open this damn door! - Be careful. It's unstable. 该死的 快开门!
[24:53.72]当心 它很不稳定
[25:02.20]Locke! Locke! Locke!
[25:16.32]It's beautiful, isn't it? No matter how much time you spend on the island, 很漂亮 不是吗?
[25:18.84]无论在这岛上呆了多久 都不会厌倦这片美景
[25:20.36]you just never get tired of this view.
[25:22.40]We haven't been formally introduced. I'm Richard. 我们还没正式介绍过 我叫Richard
[25:27.72]- You mind if I join you here? - Sure. 不介意我坐这吧?
[25:28.92]当然 坐吧
[25:36.56]- He wanted to embarrass you. - I'm sorry? 他想使你难堪
[25:40.08]Ben knew you weren't gonna kill your own father. 对不起 你说什么?
[25:43.96]He put you in front of everyone in our camp 他就是要你在大庭广众下失败
[25:46.56]just so they could all watch you fail.
[25:49.76]Why? 为什么?
[25:54.52]When word got back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane 因为曾有传言
[25:58.48]who could suddenly walk again, well, people here began to get very excited, 突然间又能走路了
[26:02.56]because that could only happen to someone who was extremely special. 因为那样的事
[26:10.68]But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John. 而Ben却不希望别人认为你特殊 John
[26:13.88]And why are you telling me this? 为什么跟我说这个?
[26:16.92]Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. Ben一直在浪费我们时间
[26:22.56]We're looking for someone to remind us 我们希望有人来提醒我们
[26:24.76]that we're here for more important reasons. 我们来这 是为了更重要的原因
[26:29.16]- What do you want from me? - I want for you to find your purpose. 你想要我怎样?
[26:33.00]And to do that, your father has to go, John. 并完成它
[26:34.64]你父亲必须消失 John
[26:37.68]And since you're not gonna do it... 既然你不肯动手
[26:45.88]...l'm gonna suggest someone else. 会有别人去做
[26:52.56]Sawyer? Why would Sawyer kill my father? He doesn't even know him. Sawyer?
[26:57.08]Keep reading. 他都不认识他
[27:03.16]Open this damn door! Son of a bitch! 把这该死的门打开!
[27:15.92]I'm pointing my gun at you, John Boy. You got three seconds to open this door. 我用枪指着你 John
[27:21.00]You're not gonna shoot anyone, James. 你不会开枪的 James
[27:24.20]One! Two!
[27:28.00]If there were any bullets in that gun, why would you hold a knife to my throat? 如果那枪有子弹
[27:36.32]- Son of a bitch! - Guess I didn't raise no dummies. 狗娘养的!
[27:40.72]What the hell's that mean? 你是什么意思?
[27:42.36]It means that bald-headed bastard outside the door is my son. 意思就是说 外面那个光头的混蛋就是我儿子
[27:48.04]- Come again? - My son, as in, I'm his father. 再说一遍?
[27:48.76]我儿子 我是他父亲
[27:52.88]- You do speak English? - You're his... 你听不懂英文吗?
[28:00.20]- How did you get here, to the island? - Island? 你是怎么到这来的? 怎么到这岛上?
[28:02.52]岛? 好吧 我正开着I-10经过塔拉哈西
[28:04.76]OK. I'm driving down l-10 through Tallahassee,
[28:08.32]when, bam, somebody slams into the back of my car. 突然间 有人爬上我车的后座
[28:13.60]I go right into the divider at 70 miles an hour. 然后我以70公里/小时的速度撞了车
[28:16.48]Next thing I know, the paramedics are strapping me to a gurney, 我被抓进一辆救护车
[28:19.92]stuffing me in an ambulance, 然后其中一个人微笑着给我注射
[28:21.60]and one of them actually smiles at me as he pops the I.V. In my arm.
[28:25.72]And then nothing, just black. 然后我就什么都不知道了 一片黑暗
[28:31.64]And the next thing I know, I wake up in a dark room, tied up, gag in my mouth. 醒来 我就被捂着嘴绑在一间黑房子里
[28:35.56]And when the door opens, I'm looking up at the same man I threw out a window, 门开的时候 我就看见被我推出窗户的那个人
[28:40.16]John Locke, John Locke 我的死儿子
[28:42.72]my dead son.
[28:54.60]Dead 'cause you threw him out a window? 你推他出窗户 所以他死了
[28:56.72]No, he survived that. 没有 那场事故他并没死
[28:59.24]But it paralyzed him, permanently. 但是永久性瘫痪了
[29:02.84]He's dead because the plane he was flying on crashed in the Pacific. 他死是由于飞机在太平洋陨落
[29:10.00]Well, I got bad news for you, Pops, 呃 那我有个坏消息要给你
[29:12.16]'cause I was on that plane with your son. 我和你儿子一起在那飞机上
[29:15.28]He sure as hell wasn't crippled. 他脚拐都不拐一下
[29:17.28]We didn't crash in the Pacific. We crashed here on this island. 而且我们并没有在太平洋失事 我们掉在这 在这岛上
[29:20.80]- You sure it's an island? - Well, what else is it? 你确定这是个岛吗?
[29:24.44]Little hot for heaven, isn't it? 说这里是天堂 有点过了吧
[29:29.68]OK. So we're dead? 噢 好 那我们是死了?
[29:31.96]They found your plane on the bottom of the ocean. 他们在海底找到你们的飞机
[29:36.08]One minute I'm in a car wreck, the next I'm in a pirate ship in the jungle? 我撞了车不久就进了森林里的海盗船
[29:40.08]If this isn't hell, friend, then where are we? 如果这里不是地狱 我的朋友
[29:50.60]- Why did you throw Locke out a window? - He was becoming a nuisance. 你为什么要把Locke推出窗户?
[29:56.96]I conned him into giving me one of his kidneys. 我骗了他个肾脏
[29:59.52]He never got over it. 他永远也忘不掉
[30:03.20]- Conned? - Yes, sir. 骗他?
[30:04.36]是的 先生
[30:06.20]Conned. 骗来的
[30:14.16]What's your name? 你叫什么名字?
[30:16.48]- Your name. - A con man goes by many names, friend. 你的名字?
[30:17.76]干欺诈的人有很多名字 朋友
[30:21.52]I've been Alan Seward, Anthony Cooper, 我曾经是Alan Seward... Anthony Cooper Ted Maclaren
[30:24.32]Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer, Louis Jackson, Paul... Tom Sawyer... Louis Jackson... Paul...
[30:28.40]Tom Sawyer? Tom Sawyer?
[30:30.68]I was young and Huck Finn was taken. 我那时很年轻 当时"Huck Finn"很流行 (电影顽童历险记)
[30:33.88]And the ladies loved that one. Made me charming. 而女士们很喜欢那个名字
[30:42.48]Well, how about that? 哦 怎么样啊?
[30:46.12]How about what? 什么怎么样?
[30:50.40]Sawyer's my name, too. Sawyer也是我的名字
[31:15.16]Ben, what's going on? Ben 发生什么事了?
[31:17.96]- We're moving. - Moving? Where are we going? 我们要离开
[31:20.48]"We" are not going anywhere, John. You are going to stay behind. 离开? 我们去哪?
[31:20.68]我们哪也不去 John
[31:24.56]You both are going to stay behind. 你们俩都得留下来
[31:27.04]What? You're not taking him? 什么?
[31:29.72]He's your mess, John. Why would we clean it up? 你不带他走?
[31:29.92]他是你的麻烦 John
[31:32.24]Ben, if you're trying to embarrass me... 为什么要我们来处理?
[31:32.52]Ben 如果你想要非难我 或者让我羞愧...
[31:34.72]Where would you get a ridiculous idea like that? 你怎么会有那么荒谬的想法?
[31:38.20]You can't leave me. After everything... 呃 你不能离开我
[31:40.52]Don't tell me what I can't do, John. 一切之后 你不能就这样...
[31:40.80]别告诉我我不能做什么 John
[31:46.20]But I thought I was special. 但我本以为我很特别
[31:51.28]Well, everyone makes mistakes. 呃 每个人都会犯错
[31:56.76]We're leaving now. We'll leave a trail, one you can track. 我们现在就离开了
[32:00.48]And, John... 我们会留下踪迹... 你可以跟上
[32:00.84]还有 John
[32:02.76]unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, 除非你背着你爸爸一起走
[32:06.84]don't bother. 否则就别麻烦了
[32:39.84]What's the matter with you? 你这是怎么了?
[32:43.04]You ever been to Jasper, Alabama? 你去过阿拉巴马州Jasper吗?
[32:47.24]Why? 怎么?
[32:48.56]Have you or haven't you? 你去没去过?
[32:52.16]Yeah, I've been to Jasper. 是的 我去过Jasper
[32:54.68]Don't tell me I'm your daddy. 别告诉我你是我儿子
[32:58.04]No. You killed my daddy. 不
[33:22.88]Read it. 读一读
[33:30.96]"Dear Mr Sawyer..." 亲爱的Sawyer先生
[33:35.32]- What is this? - Just read it. 这是什么?
[33:40.56]"You don't know who I am, 你不知道我是谁
[33:42.96]but I know who you are, and I know what you done." 但我知道你是谁
[33:47.80]"You had sex with my mother 你和我妈妈上床
[33:50.84]and then you stole my dad's money all away, 然后你偷走了我爸爸所有的钱
[33:54.44]so he got angry and he killed my mother 所以他很生气 他杀了我妈妈
[33:59.04]and then he killed himself." 然后他自杀了
[34:02.72]Blah, blah, blah, blah.
[34:06.16]So, what, is this supposed to be you? You wrote this letter? 那又怎样?
[34:08.56]这是你吗? 是你写的这封信?
[34:12.48]Hey, wait a second. 嘿 等等
[34:14.64]Did you take my name because you were on some kind of revenge kick? 你用我的名字就是 因为你要报复什么的吗?
[34:20.36]- Keep reading. - Easy, easy. - 接着读 - 放松 放松
[34:23.12]Don't get all worked up. 别生气
[34:25.40]Look, I ran that con two dozen times. If your mother was one of the ladies... 听着 我用那手段欺诈20多次了
[34:30.92]Mary. 如果你妈妈是其中一个...
[34:34.28]Her name was Mary. 她的名字叫Mary
[34:39.04]Mary from Jasper, Alabama. 来自阿拉巴马州Jasper的Mary
[34:42.52]Yeah, I remember her. 对 我记得她
[34:46.12]She practically begged me to take her $38,000 她几乎求我拿她$38,000
[34:49.80]and to rescue her from her sorry little life. 并从她可悲的生活里 把她拯救出来
[34:54.56]- Finish the letter. - Look, I only took her money. 你把信读完
[34:56.32]听着 我只拿了她的钱
[34:58.24]It ain't my fault your dad overreacted. 你爸爸反应过度不是我的错
[35:00.48]If he pulled the old murderlsuicide, then I'm sure he's down here somewhere. 如果他自杀了
[35:04.64]Maybe you could take this up with him. 或许你就能把信带给他了
[35:06.68]- Finish it! 把它读完!
[35:11.04]OK. 好
[35:13.76]OK. 好
[35:25.52]You wanna go to hell? You wanna go to hell? 你想下地狱吗?
[36:16.88]Thank you. 谢谢你
[36:25.52]- You missing those cheeseburgers yet? - Only every second. 你想念芝士三明治了吗?
[36:31.84]- Hey. - Hey.
[36:33.44]I need to talk to you. 我要跟你谈谈
[36:36.40]OK. 好
[36:37.48]- In private. - No problem. - 单独说 - 没问题
[36:39.68]Anything you wanna say, say in front of her. 你跟我说的任何事情 你都可以跟她说
[36:42.08]- Not this. - It's OK. 这个不行
[36:44.20]No, no, no, no. You can stay. - 无所谓 - 不 不 不
[36:48.04]Yeah, you should stay. Seems only fair, considering that she's the reason 对 你知道吗? 你应该待着
[36:52.08]no one wants to tell you there's a woman in Hurley's tent 因为看起来 就是由于她的原因 才没人愿意告诉你
[36:53.56]有个女人在Hurley的棚子里 她昨天用降落伞跳落到这岛上
[36:55.12]who parachuted onto the island yesterday.
[36:57.52]- What? - A woman jumped from her chopper. - 什么? - 一个女人
[37:00.04]She says the boat she took off from is 80 miles off the coast 她在直升机摔毁前跳了下来
[37:01.00]她说她所离开的那只船 离这海岸大概有80英里
[37:03.32]and if she can find a way to contact it, we'll all be rescued. 而且如果她能找到方法联系那只船 就能解救我们
[37:06.68]Why didn't anyone tell me this? 为什么会没有人告诉我这个?
[37:10.12]Nobody told you because they don't trust you. 我已经告诉你了...因为他们不相信你
[37:21.08]- How? - How what? 怎样?
[37:23.76]- How does she contact her boat? - Did you hear what I said? 什么怎样?
[37:26.84]Hurley, Charlie, your friends, are afraid... 你没听我刚才说什么吗?
[37:27.12]Hurley Charlie Sayid 你的朋友们他们怕...
[37:29.44]Kate! How? Kate
[37:36.72]She had a phone-radio thing. Sayid's trying to get it to work. 她有个像无线电话的东西
[37:44.60]We should tell her. 我们应该告诉她
[37:48.72]- No. - Tell me what? 不
[37:50.72]- We should tell her. - Not yet. 告诉我什么?
[38:17.36]You can go back now. 你现在可以回去了
[38:20.88]Why did you do this? 你为什么要这么做?
[38:24.40]He ruined my life. And he ruined yours. 他毁了我的人生 也毁了你的
[38:31.60]And he had it coming. 而他也遭了报应
[38:37.56]- Juliet is a mole. - What? Juliet是奸细
[38:40.28]She's working for Ben. He sent her back to find out which women were pregnant. 什么?
[38:42.16]他派她回去查 我们之中哪些女人怀孕了
[38:44.48]Three days from now there's gonna be a raid, and they're gonna take them. 现在开始3天之后 他们会突袭沙滩 把她们抢走
[38:48.32]They say they don't want anyone to get hurt. 他们说不想任何人受伤
[38:52.16]- Why are you telling me this? - So you can warn the camp. 呃 你为什么要告诉我?
[38:55.16]You warn the camp. 那么你就能提醒营地的人
[38:58.12]I'm not going back. 我不会回去
[39:00.12]You're going back undercover? 你要回去做间谍?
[39:03.36]No, I was never undercover, James. 不 我从来都不是间谍 James
[39:06.48]I'm on my own journey now. 现在开始 我有自己的旅程
[39:10.40]Even if Juliet is a mole, they ain't gonna believe me. 就算Juliet是奸细 他们也不会相信我的
[39:13.28]I've been saying that since she showed up. 她出现之前我就说过了
[39:17.32]They'll believe you now. 他们现在会相信你了
[39:26.92]Is it true? 是真的吗?
[39:29.72]- Is what true? - That he threw you out a window. 什么真的?
[39:36.08]That you were a cripple. 你曾是个跛子?
[39:41.32]Not anymore. 不再是了
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