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[00:01.04]Previously on Lost: "迷失"前情提要...
[00:02.88]I don't know how it happened, 我不知道这是怎么发生的
[00:04.32]but you seem to have some communion with this island, John. 但你和这个岛似乎有紧密的联系 John
[00:08.60]And that makes you very, very important. 这让你变得非常 非常重要
[00:11.04]In time, you'll have a better understanding of things. 时候一到 你就会更清楚这一切了
[00:16.76]Kwon is pregnant. 权太太怀孕了 胎儿很建康
[00:17.88]- The foetus is healthy... - What's that?
[00:20.76]Juliet is gathering information for us at your camp. - 那是什么? - Juliet在为我们搜集你们那个营地的情况
[00:23.52]She's determining if any women are pregnant. Then we're going to take them. 她会确定哪些女人怀孕了
[00:29.32]Juliet is a mole. She's working for Ben. Juliet是奸细 她在为Ben干活
[00:34.76]- We're moving. - Moving? Where are we going? 我们要离开了
[00:37.20]We are not going anywhere, John. You are going to stay behind. - 离开? 你们要去哪里? - 我们哪都不去 John
[00:41.28]We'll leave a trail, one you can track. 我们会留下踪迹...你能找到的踪迹
[00:43.12]And John, unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, 还有 John 除非你背上你爸爸的尸体...
[00:48.12]don't bother. 不然的话你还是别来了
[00:55.32]Come on, damn it, push! 加油! 该死的 用力!
[01:00.88]Something's wrong. I can't... 不对劲 我不能...
[01:04.80]Emily, you can do this! Now, push! Emily 你可以的! 用力啊!
[01:08.96]Come on, come on, baby. 加油 加油 宝贝 你可以的 用力吧
[01:11.16]You can do it, now, come on. 加油 快行了! 用力!
[01:12.80]Come on, there you go. Come on.
[01:21.60]It's a boy. You did it. 是个男孩
[01:26.20]It hurts. 好痛
[01:34.32]Oh. You did it. 噢 你做到了
[01:39.48]Oh, my God. Roger, it hurts. Roger 我很痛
[01:46.36]Emily. No one knows we're out here. We gotta get back, OK, honey? Emily 没人知道我们在这里 我们要回去 好吗 亲爱的?
[01:50.96]Can you hold on to the baby? 你能抱着孩子吗?
[01:53.20]Emily! Can you hold the baby? Hold him tight. Emily 你能抱着孩子吗? 把他抱紧
[02:09.12]Hey! Help! 嘿! 救命! 救命!
[02:11.72]Help. 救命!
[02:14.96]Help! 救命!
[02:19.36]Help me... 快点 帮帮我
[02:21.20]Hey, what happened, man? 嘿 怎么了 伙计?
[02:23.48]We were hiking. She went into labour. She wasn't due yet. She's bleeding. 我们本来在远足 她在途中分娩 她早产了
[02:28.12]We'll put her in the car, OK? We'll get you to the hospital. - 她在出血 - 好 好 听着
[02:28.94]- 我们把她抱到车上 好吗? - 好的
[02:31.16]OK, OK, honey... 我们会带你们去医院
[02:33.20]OK, it's all right, let's keep her warm, all right? 噢 好 好 亲爱的
[02:33.58]好 可以了 给她保暖 好吗?
[02:36.48]- How's the baby? - Fine, I guess. I don't know. - 孩子还好吗? - 还好吧 我想 我不知道
[02:39.56]Roger... Roger... Roger
[02:41.88]- I'm right here... - Call him Benjamin. - Roger... - 我在这
[02:43.06]- 叫他Benjamin... - 不要离开我
[02:45.16]Stay with me...
[02:49.36]Stay with me. Emily! 不要离开我 Emily!
[02:55.12]Emily! Oh, God, no! Emily! 噢 天哪 不!
[03:05.40]What ya got there? - 那是什么? - 是个生日礼物
[03:07.00]It's a birthday present. Mine just happens to be today.
[03:12.48]You do remember birthdays, don't you, Richard? 你记得生日吧 Richard?
[03:16.24]So, do you want me to bring the tape back to Juliet? 你要我带那个磁带回去给Juliet吗?
[03:19.52]What? - 什么? - 你录了指示给Juliet的那个带子..
[03:20.60]The tape with instructions for Juliet. Do you want it at the Medical Station?
[03:24.52]I recorded it yesterday, before we left. I thought you took it. 昨天我们走之前我就录好了
[03:27.80]- No. - Where's Tom? - 我以为你已经拿了 - 没有
[03:31.64]Tom? Have you seen my recorder? Tom!
[04:00.48]You said that if I killed my father, 你说如果我杀了我爸爸
[04:04.68]you'd tell me everything I wanted to know about the island. 你就会告诉我一切 我想知道的关于这个岛的东西
[04:12.32]So, why don't you start at the beginning? 不如你现在就开始说吧?
[04:36.32]I know I promised to tell you everything, John, 我知道我答应了会告诉你一切 John
[04:38.80]and I wish it was as simple as me taking out a dusty old book and opening it up. 我希望这个可以简单得 像拿出一本堆尘的旧书打开给你看
[04:53.84]But it's not that simple. 但其实并没有那么简单
[04:55.44]How about you just tell me. 你告诉我不就好了吗?
[04:58.76]You probably think I'm the leader of this little community. 你也许会以为我是这个小群体的领导
[05:02.36]But that's not entirely true. 但这并不是完全正确
[05:05.76]We all answer to someone, John. 我们都得听某人的指示 John
[05:07.96]And who might that be? 那会是谁呢?
[05:11.28]His name is Jacob. 他的名字叫Jacob
[05:13.32]OK, then, take me to Jacob. 好 那么 带我去见Jacob
[05:16.48]I can't do that. 我不能那么做
[05:19.84]Where are you going? - 你去哪里? - 你管不着 Ben
[05:21.04]If you don't want to take me, maybe someone else will. 如果你不想带我去 也许有其他人会
[05:23.76]I'll just go and ask Richard. - 我会去问Richard - 为什么Richard会带你去?
[05:25.72]Why would Richard take you? He doesn't talk to Jacob. 他不知道Jacob在哪里 他不跟Jacob交谈
[05:29.04]- Well, who talks to him? - I do. - 那么 那谁跟他交谈? - 我
[05:30.72]- You're the only one? - That's right. - 噢 你是唯一一个跟他交流的人? - 没错
[05:32.64]And no one else knows where he is? 而且没有其他人知道他在哪里?
[05:34.52]I was born here on this island. 我在这个岛上出生
[05:37.24]I'm one of the last that was. 我是上一批人中的一员
[05:39.48]Most of these people you see, I brought them here. So, Jacob talks to me, John. 你看到的大多数人...是我带他们来这
[05:41.56]所以Jacob只跟我交流 John
[05:44.28]He tells me what to do, trusts me. 他告诉我该做什么 他相信我
[05:47.72]And no one else has ever seen him. - 没有其他人见过他? - 是的
[05:51.80]- That's right. - How convenient. 真方便 你知道我在想什么吗 Ben?
[05:55.24]You know what I think, Ben? I think there is no Jacob.
[05:59.76]I think people are idiots if they believe 我觉得如果你的人相信 你听命于他人的话 他们就是笨蛋
[06:01.96]you take orders from someone else.
[06:04.00]You are the man behind the curtain, the Wizard of Oz. 你就是幕后黑手...
[06:07.76]奥斯之巫 (电影"绿野仙踪")
[06:11.28]And you're a liar. 你是个骗子
[06:14.64]And what might you base that theory on, John? 你有什么根据 John?
[06:16.92]Because if you were telling the truth, your hand wouldn't be shaking. 因为如果你说的是真话
[06:54.28]你好! (印度语) 达摩计划
[06:57.64]Namaste. - 你好 - 谢谢
[07:00.36]- Thanks. - Namaste. 你好
[07:03.64]Hey, welcome to the island, man. Namaste. 嘿 欢迎到岛上来 伙计
[07:05.40]- 你好 - 你好 对
[07:06.92]- Namaste, yeah. - So, what do ya think? 你觉得怎么样?
[07:10.88]Well, this is some place. Thanks again for the opportunity, Mr Goodspeed. 哇 这真是个地方 谢谢你给我这个机会 Goodspeed先生
[07:15.12]- Horace, please. - Horace. - 请叫我Horace - Horace
[07:16.52]- And this must be Ben. - Yeah. - 这个一定就是Ben吧 - 是的
[07:19.12]Mr Goodspeed was there the day you were born. - 你出生的时候 Goodspeed先生就在你身边 - 对 没错
[07:21.36]Yes, I was.
[07:23.68]He's doing us a big favour here, gave your old man a job. 他帮了我们一个大忙 他给了你爸爸一份工作
[07:28.00]He don't say much. - 呃 他不太爱说话 - 没关系
[07:29.40]That's OK. I bet he will when he has something to say. Right, Ben? 我打赌若是有话他就自然会说了 对吗 Ben?
[07:34.32]Hey, you hungry, kiddo? 嘿 你饿了吗 小鬼?
[07:38.00]Great. Tell you what, after you're done processing, we'll have some lunch. 啊? 很好 知道吗
[07:39.84]你们办完手续之后 我们就可以吃午餐了 开心吗?
[07:42.08]How's that sound? - 呃 谢谢你 - 你会喜欢这里的
[07:43.16]- Yeah, thanks you. - You're gonna love it here.
[07:47.12]Welcome to the island. For your own comfort and safety, 欢迎来到岛上
[07:50.56]we ask that you stay within the confines of your new quarters. 我们请你留在你们新居住区的 活动范围内
[07:53.76]Our barracks are surrounded by a high frequency sonar fence 我们的营地被高频率的声纳防护栏包围
[07:57.84]to protect us from the island's abundant and diverse wildlife. 保护我们远离岛上 大量的各种野生动物
[08:01.88]You are now a member of the Dharma Initiative. 你现在是达摩计划的一员
[08:04.32]What kind of wildlife you think this fence is protecting us from? 你觉得这个防护栏会 保护我们远离什么野生动物?
[08:07.56]- Roger Linus? Roger Linus? - Yeah. - Roger Linus? Roger Linus? - 这里
[08:10.84]Every morning, you will be given a new code, 每天早上你都会接到一个新代号
[08:13.00]which will allow you to cross outside the fence. 如果你真的渴望 可以用它穿越这个防护栏出去
[08:17.08]There are properties on this island that exist nowhere else on Earth. 这个岛上有地球上 其他地方没有的特性
[08:20.68]Our mission is to study these properties 我们的任务就是要研究这些特性
[08:23.44]for the betterment of mankind and advancement of world peace. 目的就是要改善人类和促进世界和平
[08:30.32]Should you be assigned to zoological studies... 如果你是被分配到地质研究...
[08:32.80]Hey. You're new, huh? 嘿 你是新来的吧 对吗?
[08:38.44]I'm Annie. 我是Annie
[08:41.28]Want one? 要吃一个吗?
[08:45.88]We can have as many as we want. 我们想要多少都有
[08:48.84]"Work Man"? What is this? "Work Man"? 工人?
[08:50.80]这是什么? 工人?
[08:55.56]- I'm a janitor? - I'm sorry, Mr Linus. - 我是个看工吗? - 对不起 Linus先生
[08:57.60]Goodspeed told me you people were doing experiments, changing the world. Goodspeed告诉我你们是在做实验 要改变世界
[09:01.20]I didn't come here to clean up. 我不是来这里跟你们收拾善后的
[09:02.84]If anything else opens up, you can feel free to apply for it. 听着 如果有新职位开放 你尽可以去申请
[09:08.92]Come on. 走吧
[09:13.76]Dude, you know, this can't be worse than haggis. 你不觉得有点太大了吗?
[09:13.72]- 老兄 说实话吧 这不可能比肉馅羊肚更难吃 - 噢 我现在就能去吃肉馅羊肚
[09:21.40]Hey. Sayid. 嘿 Sayid
[09:27.08]- What happened to you? - I was with Locke. 你怎么了?
[09:28.12]- 我见过Locke了 - 那么 他在哪里?
[09:30.08]- Well, where is he? - He went back. - 他回去了 - 回去哪里?
[09:32.92]Back where? 和他们在一起 别问我他们在哪里 因为现在那并不重要
[09:34.00]With them. Don't ask me where the hell it is 'cause it don't matter.
[09:37.40]What does matter, is this. 重要的...是这个
[09:50.84]Where is Ben? Where is he? Ben在哪里?! 他在哪里?!
[09:58.64]I thought you were dead. 我以为你死了
[10:01.96]I'm fortunate the pylons were not set to a lethal level. 我很幸运那个高压塔 并没有设置到致命的级别
[10:08.24]- What is he doing here? - It's all right. 他在这里干什么?
[10:11.96]He's the one who tried to kill me. - 没事 - 就是他要杀了我
[10:16.08]He's with us now. 他现在是我们的人了
[10:18.80]Where have you been, Mikhail? 你去哪里了 Mikhail?
[10:20.36]I encountered several of his people in the jungle. 我在森林里遇见了他们的几个人
[10:23.36]They had an injured woman with them. 有一个受伤的女人跟他们在一起
[10:25.48]Apparently, she just parachuted onto the island. 很明显 她是刚刚跳伞掉落到这岛上
[10:28.04]- What? - Her helo crashed in the water. - 什么? - 她的直升机在海上坠毁
[10:30.68]She says her ship is approximately 130 klicks to the west of us. 她说她的船就在大约在离我们130千米以西
[10:35.40]- She has a radio-telephone. - Where is she now? - 她有一个无线电话 - 她现在在哪里?
[10:38.16]I assume they have taken her back to their camp. 我想他们已经带她回自己的营地去了
[10:41.28]We'll be visiting their camp day after tomorrow. We'll take care of it. 后天我们就会去他们的营地了 我们到时候再处理
[10:44.64]Day after tomorrow? We have to go now. 后天? 我们现在就得去
[10:46.84]Ben's not going anywhere with you. Ben不会和你去任何地方
[10:50.08]- Excuse me? - He and I are going to see Jacob. - 什么? - 他和我要去见Jacob
[10:59.92]Please tell me this isn't true. 请告诉我这不是真的 Benjamin
[11:07.80]I'm sorry, I have to deal with this now, John. Our excursion will have to wait. 对不起 我现在得先处理这个 John
[11:13.56]Since when do you explain yourself to him, an outsider? 什么时候开始 你会对一个...外来人解释了?
[11:19.96]Tom! Tom
[11:22.32]Richard! Richard?!
[11:35.08]So, when do we leave? 那么我们什么时候出发?
[11:42.04]You know, you didn't have to beat Mikhail senseless to make your point. 你知道 你不需要把Mikhail 打得不省人事来达到你的目的 John
[11:46.56]Yes, I did. 我需要这么做
[11:48.72]Locke... Locke
[11:54.44]I hear you're gonna go see Jacob. 我听说你要去见Jacob
[11:57.36]You're gonna need this. 你会需要这个
[12:05.88]Thanks. 谢谢
[12:14.08]Happy birthday, Dad. 生日快乐 爸爸
[12:28.92]So, once water is added to the bicarbonate, 那么一旦把水加到碳酸氢钠里
[12:32.16]we will get our very own volcanic reaction. 就形成了特有的火山反应
[12:36.28]Yes? 你说
[12:37.36]Is that what happened to the volcano on this island? 这岛上的火山也是这样的吗?
[12:39.92]Exactly, Annie, but that was a long time ago. 说的对 Annie 但那是很久以前的事了
[12:43.76]OK, so let's get ourselves an eruption. 好了 来做个我们自己的火山爆发吧
[12:45.88]Oh, cool. 真酷!
[12:47.36]Just add water and, voila. Now, I know it's not lava, but... 只要加水 哇
[12:49.78]我知道这不是火山岩 但是...
[12:53.48]What was that? 怎么回事?!
[12:59.16]OK, everyone into your positions. 行了 大家各就各位
[13:01.30]大家趴下! 快点! 过来!
[13:04.56]That's right, all together. Annie, lock the back door, please. 没错 大家都呆在一块儿
[13:05.82]Annie 请把后门锁了
[13:10.96]Ben, come on, honey, you've gotta move. Ben 亲爱的 快动起来
[13:14.12]Ben! Ben!
[13:19.44]Come on. 快点!
[13:26.00]Don't worry, it's just the hostiles. 别担心
[13:30.40]We'll be OK. 我们会没事的
[13:33.16]Get down! 趴下!
[13:37.28]Hey, man. Heard you ran into a little trouble. 嘿 伙计 我听说你惹了点小麻烦
[13:39.60]We're driving back from the Flame and we hear this huge explosion. 我们正驱车从飞机那儿往回赶 然后就听见了巨大的爆炸声
[13:43.80]Next thing I know, there's a siren wailing 然后我意识到 警笛在呼啸
[13:46.36]and we're driving through a shoot-out. 我们正驱车穿越枪战现场
[13:48.32]We're having some skirmishes with the natives. 听着 我们和当地人有些冲突
[13:50.84]What do you mean, "natives"? 你什么意思 当地人?
[13:52.24]Well, we're not exactly sure who they are. 我们不确定他们的身份
[13:54.36]Well, this ain't what I signed up for. 我入伙可不是为了这个
[13:56.64]Roger, I did you a favour, man. You were having trouble finding work. Roger 我帮过你 伙计
[13:58.98]你当时找不到工作 还有别忘了Ben
[14:00.84]Don't forget about Ben. He's getting a quality education. 他在接受素质教育
[14:03.68]I don't give a damn about his education. 我才不在乎他的教育
[14:05.68]If I'm gonna get shot at, I want hazard pay! I want another thirty grand. 如果我中抢了 我要风险津贴
[14:09.40]Calm down, man. 冷静 伙计
[14:10.48]And don't try to tell me you don't have it, you hear me? 别告诉我你没有
[14:15.40]Get the hell out of my house! 现在滚出我的屋子
[14:27.80]I thought I told you to go to bed. 我告诉过你上床去的
[14:56.24]- She's not here. - I noticed. 她不在这儿
[14:59.84]- What are you doing? - Looking for Juliet. 你在干嘛?
[15:03.48]You're not gonna find her in there. She left with Jack. 在那儿你们可找不到她
[15:06.20]Juliet left with Jack? 她和Jack走了
[15:07.56]He took off right after I told him about Naomi. Juliet和Jack走了?
[15:07.38]我告诉他关于Naomi的事之后 他立马就走了
[15:09.92]Who's Naomi? 谁是Naomi?
[15:11.48]And why would you do that, Kate? Kate 你为什么要那么做?
[15:13.24]Because she's hurt, because he's a doctor, 因为她受伤了 他是医生 而且他有权知道
[15:15.40]and because he has a right to know.
[15:17.80]- Where is he now? - I don't know, Sayid. 他现在在哪儿?
[15:19.76]Of course you don't. Sayid 我不知道
[15:21.64]It might be time for you to tell everybody else about Naomi. 你当然不知道
[15:21.66]也许现在是时候 告诉其他人关于Naomi的事了
[15:24.56]Play her the tape. 给她听录音
[15:27.24]What tape? 什么录音?
[15:34.24]Something you should know, John, before we go... 在我们出发之前 有些事情你应该知道
[15:38.84]...whether or not you think he's the Wizard of Oz, 不管你认不认为他是奥斯之巫
[15:41.24]I can assure you that Jacob is very, very real. 我向你保证 Jacob绝对是真实的人
[15:47.88]And we're going to go see him, and he's not going to like it. 我们去见他 他可不乐意
[15:51.68]In fact, I have a feeling he's going to be very angry. 事实上 我觉得他会非常恼怒
[15:57.96]That's why my hand was shaking, because this is not a man you go and see. 这就是我双手颤抖的原因 因为他不是你去就能见的人
[16:02.96]This is a man who summons you. 他就是召唤你的人
[16:07.60]Well, I guess there's a first time for everything. 我想凡事都有第一次吧
[16:49.92]It's us. That's you, and that's me. 这是我们
[16:51.54]那个是你 那个是我
[16:56.68]Now we never have to be away from each other. 现在我们永远都不会离开对方了
[17:03.48]Happy birthday, Ben. Ben 生日快乐
[17:06.92]- Thanks. - You're welcome. 谢谢
[17:54.08]It's your birthday. 今天是你生日
[17:58.72]Sorry I forgot. 对不起我忘了
[18:04.52]Kinda hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mom. 在你害死母亲的日子里庆祝生日 好像有点困难
[18:09.16]She was just seven months pregnant. We went for a hike. 她才怀了7个月的身孕
[18:10.10]我们去徒步旅行 但是你却急着要出来
[18:12.60]But you had to come early...
[18:16.96]Now she's gone, 现在她走了
[18:20.76]and I'm stuck here on this island... with you. 现在我... 和你被困在这个岛上
[18:35.56]Happy birthday, Ben. Ben 生日快乐
[19:02.00]Mom? 妈妈?
[19:08.92]Ben, don't! Ben 别!
[19:14.60]- Mom. - It's not time yet, Benjamin. 妈妈!
[19:15.78]Benjamin 现在还不是时候
[19:25.60]Mom! 妈妈!
[20:04.52]- Let's go, John. - John. John 我们走
[20:17.04]So, what, the world thinks we're dead? 这么说 全世界都以为我们死了?
[20:19.24]- That's not important. - Not important? - 现在这事儿无关紧要 - 无关紧要?
[20:21.24]- What do you mean, not important? - Excuse me... Sayid 你什么意思 这事儿无关紧要?
[20:24.84]I'm sorry, don't you people want to be rescued? 我很遗憾
[20:27.28]We kept her a secret to keep her safe. 我们藏匿她是为了保证她的安全
[20:29.28]Safe from what, Sayid? Sayid 为了提防什么?
[20:30.76]Safe from Jack. 提防Jack
[20:32.92]He spent a week with the Others, and he brought one of them back with him. 他和那伙人呆了一周时间
[20:34.34]他还带回了他们中的一员 就在我们之中
[20:36.92]Here, amongst us.
[20:39.40]And every time we try to get answers from this woman, 每次我试图从这女人那得到答案
[20:42.24]he prevents her from giving them. 他都会阻挠她说出答案
[20:43.92]But, it's Jack. He would never do anything to hurt us. 但他是Jack
[20:48.72]And Juliet, I believe she is a good person. 还有Juliet... 我相信她是好人
[20:51.80]Good person? And you're basing that on what? 好人?
[20:54.80]It wouldn't involve her taking you to one of their medical stations, would it? 包括她带你去医药站吧 权太太?
[21:01.32]- How... - Kwon is pregnant. 怎么...
[21:03.04]The foetus is healthy and was conceived on island with her husband. 权太太怀孕了
[21:02.58]胎儿很健康 是在岛上和他丈夫怀的孕
[21:06.72]He was sterile before they got here. 来这儿之前他是不能生育的
[21:09.44]I'm working on getting samples from the other women. 这是什么啊?
[21:12.28]I should have Austen's soon. I'll report when I know more. 等了解到更多情况我再汇报
[21:15.16]Where'd you get that? 你在哪儿得到的?
[21:18.52]- Where have you been, Jack? - I asked you where you got it. Jack 你去哪儿了?
[21:21.20]You're in a position to ask us questions? 你还真以为你有资格向我发问吗?
[21:23.40]- Turn the tape over. - Stay out of it! 把磁带翻面
[21:25.24]You want to burn me at the stake? Here I am. But first, 你要把我绑在树上烧死我? 我人在这儿
[21:26.06]但首先把磁带翻面 按"播放"键
[21:27.84]turn the tape over, press play.
[21:39.60]Juliet, it's Ben. Juliet 我是Ben
[21:40.88]I'm sending three teams to extract Kwon the night after tomorrow. 后天晚上我会派三个小队 来带走权太太
[21:44.84]We won't have time to run Austen's sample, 我们没时间搜集Austen的样本了
[21:46.92]so if you determine that she or anyone else is pregnant, 所以如果你确定她或者其他人怀孕了 在他们的帐篷上做好记号
[21:49.72]mark their tents and we'll take them, too. 我们也会带走她们
[21:54.20]Good luck. 祝你好运
[22:01.32]The night I saw your baby on the ultrasound, 我在超声波心电图上 看到你宝宝的那晚
[22:03.88]I told Jack what they were making me do. 我告诉了Jack他们强迫我做的事
[22:08.12]Why didn't you tell us? 你为什么没告诉我们?
[22:09.84]Because I hadn't decided what to do about it yet. 因为我还没决定怎么处理这事
[22:13.40]Yet? "还没"?
[22:21.88]I think we've got some catching up to do. 我想我们得收拾东西了
[23:37.64]Mom? 妈妈?
[23:45.64]Mom? 妈妈?
[23:48.92]Mom! 妈妈!
[23:50.76]Mom! 妈妈!
[23:52.52]Mom! 妈妈!
[24:12.80]Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, hey, hey. 喔... 嘿 嘿
[24:16.36]I didn't mean to scare you... Wait. Are you lost? Wait. 喔 我没想要吓唬你
[24:18.00]等等 你迷路了吗?
[24:22.80]Are you one of them? 你是他们中的一员吗?
[24:25.00]- One of who? - A hostile. 谁的一员?
[24:30.72]Do you even know what that word means? 你知道这个词的意思吗?
[24:33.48]What's your name? - 你叫什么? - Ben
[24:34.56]- Ben. - Ben?
[24:36.60]You wanna tell me what you're doing in the jungle all by yourself? Ben.
[24:37.10]那么告诉我 你一个人在丛林中干嘛?
[24:42.28]I left home, and... I'm looking for my mom. 我离开了家 然后...
[24:46.64]- You think she's out here? - You wouldn't believe me. 我在找我母亲
[24:50.88]Try me. 说来听听
[24:54.40]She's dead. 她死了
[25:00.92]Did she die here? On the island? - 她死在这 死在岛上的? - 不
[25:03.68]No. When I was a baby.
[25:08.28]Did you see her... out here, Ben? In the jungle? Ben 你在这看见她了? 在丛林里?
[25:14.00]She talked to me. 她和我说过话
[25:17.92]What'd she say? - 说什么了? - 我不能跟她走
[25:19.36]That I couldn't come with her.
[25:22.44]She said it wasn't time yet. 她说还不是时候
[25:31.36]You should go home now. Your people will be looking for you. 你该回去了 大家会到处找你的
[25:34.36]I don't want to go back there! 我不想回到那里
[25:37.68]I hate it there. 我恨那里
[25:43.80]Take me with you. 带我走吧
[25:47.44]Maybe that can happen. Maybe. 我可以带你走...
[25:51.68]If it that's what you really want, Ben, I want you to think about that. 如果这真是的想要的 如果你真想这样...
[25:58.00]And you're going to have to be very, very patient. 你必须非常非常的耐心
[26:23.00]We're here. 我们到了
[26:37.04]You'll want to turn off your flashlight, John. - John 你最好能关上手电筒 - 为什么?
[26:43.76]Jacob feels the same way about technology as you do. Jacob和你一样不喜欢科技产品
[27:22.80]Once I open this door, there's no turning back. 我一旦打开门 就不能反悔了
[27:28.44]Are you sure this is what you want? 你确定要这么做吗?
[27:38.48]So be it. 那好吧
[27:42.52]Jacob? Jacob
[27:45.24]I'm here with John Locke. 我和John Locke一起来的
[27:48.00]We're coming in now. 我们准备进来了
[28:11.92]Jacob... Jacob
[28:15.32]This is John. 这位是John
[28:18.76]Aren't you going to say hello, John? 不去打声招呼吗 John?
[28:23.48]- What? - I told you he wouldn't. 什么?
[28:27.88]Who... What are you talking about? 谁...你说什么呢?
[28:31.52]You can't see him? 你看不到他吗?
[28:33.48]- See who? - Jacob. - 看谁? - Jacob
[28:38.04]He's sitting right here... in this chair. 他就坐在这把椅子上啊
[28:40.72]Yes, I know, but he insisted. 是 我知道 可他坚持要这样
[28:45.20]- What is this? - You wanted the secrets of the island. - 这是什么意思? - 你想知道这岛的秘密?
[28:49.28]Well, here they are. This is the man who can answer every single... 好了 答案在此
[28:55.36]I am not. He made me bring him here. Did you think that that was my... 而不是我
[28:57.78]是他让我带他来的 你该不会以为是我的...
[29:00.36]- Sorry... May I finish? - You're crazy. - 对不起 请让我说完 - 你疯了
[29:05.04]Excuse me? 你说什么?
[29:07.68]You don't know anything about the island, do you? You just made it all up. 你对这岛一无所知 对吗?
[29:11.84]- Jacob, please, I can't hear him if... - Stop. Stop it. Shut up! - Jacob 拜托 我听不清他在说什么... - 够了
[29:13.38]- 如果你想盖过他的声音... - 够了 闭嘴
[29:17.84]Are you putting on a show for me? 你是在给我看戏?
[29:21.48]Or do you... 还是你...
[29:24.40]Do you really think there's someone there? 你真认为那里坐着个人?
[29:27.48]I know there's someone there. 我当然知道这里坐着个人
[29:34.08]You don't know anything. 你什么都不知道
[29:44.40]I'm sorry you feel that way, John. 很遗憾你这么想 John
[29:49.04]And I'm sorry that you're too limited to see. 很遗憾 你的所见如此有限
[29:52.56]You're pathetic. 你真可悲
[29:58.16]Help me. 救...我
[30:08.44]What did you just say? 你刚才说什么了?
[30:11.28]I... I didn't say anything. 我...我什么也没说
[30:13.88]Oh, yes you did. I heard you. You said... 哦 你说了 我听见的
[30:37.96]That's enough! You've had your fun! 够了 你玩够了
[31:28.16]What was that? 那是怎么回事?
[31:34.20]That was Jacob. 是Jacob
[31:44.12]What did you hear in there, John? What did Jacob say to you? John 你听见什么了?
[31:51.08]- He didn't say anything to me. You did. - What are you talking about? 他什么也没说 是你说的
[31:56.08]There is no Jacob, Ben. - 你说什么呢? - Ben 根本没有Jacob
[31:58.28]I'm not gonna be taken in by the little... show you put on last night. 我不会被你昨晚的小把戏蒙骗
[32:02.40]You're a fraud. And it's time your people were told the truth. 你是个骗子 这回你们的人会说实话
[32:07.80]And this is not the way we came. 这不是我们来时的路
[32:11.56]I'm taking us back another way. I wanted to show you something first. 我换了一条路
[32:16.04]I've seen enough. 我看够了
[32:18.40]You know, John, you're not wrong. John 我告诉过你或其他人的一些事 其中有些不是真的
[32:20.04]Some of the things I've told you...
[32:22.20]...some of the things I've told everybody... are simply not true.
[32:25.52]Like what? 比如?
[32:27.20]Well, for starters, I wasn't born on this island. 我并不是在这个岛上出生的
[32:32.16]Then where did you come from? 那你从哪来的?
[32:36.40]That's what I want to show you. 这正是我要带你去看的
[33:27.12]Morning. 早上好 稍等
[33:29.00]OK, wait. Put it right... right down there. 放在那吧
[33:35.32]What's your problem now? 怎么了?
[33:37.40]You're usually Chatty Cathy in the morning. 你早上通常都是玩娃娃的
[33:39.96]It's my birthday. 今天是我生日
[33:45.16]I don't know why I keep fooling myself into thinking 我不知道为什么要欺骗自己 认为这么些年来你总会记得一次
[33:47.80]that one of these years you're actually going to remember.
[33:53.48]Well, I'll tell you what, 好吧 听我说
[33:55.56]all we gotta do this morning is run this stuff out to Pearl Station. 我们今天早上的任务 就是把这些货运到珍珠站
[34:00.80]Why don't we go up to the mesa, drink some beers? 不如咱们上台地去喝点啤酒
[34:07.36]Have some... I don't know, father and son time? 享受些...我也不知道...
[34:15.20]- I'd like that. - OK. - 我赞成 - 好的
[34:35.88]You sure can't say it ain't beautiful. 这里怎一个美字了得
[34:50.72]Do you really blame me? - 你真的在怪我吗? - 什么?
[34:55.72]Do you really think it's my fault that she died? 你真认为她的死是我的错吗?
[35:02.52]What do I know? 我怎么知道?
[35:09.08]Why do you keep looking at your watch? You got a date? 你干嘛老是看表 有约会吗?
[35:13.48]Listen... 听着...
[35:16.84]...if it makes you feel any better... 如果能让你开心点
[35:20.56]...I will do my best to remember your birthday next year. 我会尽可能的记住你明年的生日
[35:27.64]I don't think that's gonna happen, Dad. 我想不会了 爸爸
[35:32.24]What do you mean? 你什么意思?
[35:33.76]You know, I've missed her, too. Maybe as much as you have. 我也很想她 也许思念程度和你差不多
[35:38.44]But the difference is, that for as long as I can remember, 不同的是从我记事起 就得不断忍受你
[35:42.52]I've had to put up with you.
[35:46.84]And doing that required a tremendous amount of patience. 而这需要极大的耐力
[35:58.80]Goodbye, Dad. 再见 爸爸
[36:08.88]Ben? Ben
[38:16.88]You want us to go get his body? 想让我们取回他的尸体吗?
[38:24.88]No, leave him out there. 不 留在那好了
[38:48.64]This is where I came from, John. John 我就是从这来的
[38:54.12]These are my people. The Dharma Initiative. 这些都是我们的人...
[39:01.28]They came here seeking harmony. 他们来此寻求和谐
[39:06.36]But they couldn't even coexist with the island's original inhabitants. 但他们却无法和岛上的原著民共存
[39:12.92]When it became clear that one side had to go. 一山不容二虎 必有一方得被肃清
[39:16.48]One side had to be purged.
[39:21.56]I did what I had to do. 我不得不做出选择
[39:24.92]I was one of the people that was smart enough to make sure that I didn't end up 我是个聪明的识时务者 所以没有随他们躺进壕沟
[39:28.72]in that ditch. 显然也比你要聪明 John
[39:30.36]Which makes me considerably smarter than you, John.
[39:47.32]What did Jacob say to you? Jacob和你说什么了?
[39:48.88]Why did you do this? 你为什么要这么做?
[39:50.68]Because you heard him. 因为你听见他的话了
[39:55.20]Now, I need to know what he said. 现在我要知道他说了些什么
[39:57.52]Help me. - 救我 - John...
[39:59.36]John, I'm not going to ask you again.
[40:03.64]What did he say to you? 他和你说什么了?
[40:07.76]He said, "Help me." 他说...
[40:22.32]Well, I certainly hope he helps you, John. 哦 我真希望他能来救你 John
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