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[00:01.04]Previously on Lost: "迷失"前情提要...
[00:02.64]Desmond said I was gonna die. Desmond说我会死
[00:04.40]He told me he has these flashes, visions. 他说他看见了那些闪念和幻象
[00:06.72]When I saw the lightning hit the roof, you were electrocuted.
[00:10.32]When you heard Claire was in the water, you drowned. 你被电死了
[00:13.00]I dove in so you never went in! 当你得知Claire在水里的时候 你在救她时淹死了
[00:14.56]No matter what I try to do, you're going to die, Charlie. 所以我跳海救她 你就不用去了
[00:17.88]There's a woman in Hurley's tent who parachuted onto the island yesterday. 无论我怎么努力
[00:17.75]Charlie 你还是要死
[00:21.36]The boat she took off from is 80 miles off the coast 昨天跳伞来到这个岛
[00:23.84]and that if she can find a way to contact it, we'll all be rescued. 她说她起飞的那艘船 离海岸80英里
[00:25.43]如果她能联络到船的话 我们就有救了
[00:27.08]- Why didn't anyone tell me this? - They don't trust you. 怎么没人告诉我?
[00:30.04]- Kwon is pregnant. - Where'd you get that? 因为他们不信任你
[00:32.28]You're in a position to be asking us questions? 权太太怀孕了
[00:34.80]I told Jack what they were making me do. 你觉得你还有资格来问我们问题吗?
[00:36.88]Why didn't you tell us? 我告诉Jack 他们逼我做的那些事
[00:38.24]Because I hadn't decided what to do about it yet. 你为什么不告诉我们?
[00:39.69]因为我还没想好 该如何处理这事
[01:14.84]Anyone want to guess as to what Jack's gonna be showing us
[01:17.80]out in the middle of nowhere? 有人想大胆地猜测Jack要在这个 荒僻的地方给我们看什么吗?
[01:19.36]I don't know... stuff?
[01:22.08]Probably secret stuff. 我不知道 东西吧
[01:24.16]Why does everything have to be a secret? 可能是很秘密的东西
[01:26.24]How about some openness for a change? 为什么一切都那么秘密?
[01:28.76]- We kept the parachute lady secret. - That's different. 为什么不改一下 大家坦诚公布呢?
[01:31.80]Different how? 哦 那不一样
[01:33.32]Because we weren't out there playing football with them. 怎么不一样?
[01:34.66]哦 因为当时我们在和他们玩"足球"
[01:36.52]- What? - Nothing. 怎么了?
[01:39.76]Wait. You had one of your flashes again, didn't you? 没什么
[01:44.84]No, Charlie. I didn't. 你又出现闪念了 对吗?
[01:46.22]Charlie 我没有
[01:48.92]We're here.
[02:02.44]A couple of nights ago, Juliet came to me and she told me everything. 几天前的晚上 Juliet来找我
[02:07.44]Ben sent her here to find out which of our women were pregnant. 将一切向我和盘托出
[02:10.64]You guys were doing tests on us? Ben派她来调查 我们中哪些女人怀孕
[02:12.48]No. But that's what he wanted me to do. 这算什么? 在我们身上做试验?
[02:13.91]不 但这正是他要我做的事
[02:15.72]I've been leaving tapes at the medical station. 我在医疗站留下了录音带
[02:18.96]You all heard what he said. They're coming tomorrow.
[02:23.44]Sun, I'm sorry that I lied to you. 他们明天就会来
[02:24.71]Sun 很抱歉 我对你撒了谎
[02:26.92]While I appreciate your honesty, Jack,
[02:29.04]it doesn't explain why you brought us out here. Jack 我很感谢你的诚实
[02:30.72]但这不能解释 为什么你带我们来这
[02:34.64]Danielle! Danielle
[02:44.92]Show them. 显示给他们看
[03:06.64]When Juliet told me they were coming, 当Juliet告诉我他们要来了
[03:09.48]the first thing I thought was,
[03:11.40]"Where the hell are we gonna hide this time?" 我第一个想到的是...
[03:14.56]But hiding is pointless. They're just gonna keep coming back. 这次我们又该躲哪里?
[03:18.60]So I went out and I found some help. 他们会不断卷土重来
[03:21.56]The past few days, she's been bringing dynamite back from the Black Rock. 过去几天 她一直从黑岩带炸药来
[03:25.56]For the very first time, we know exactly what they want, 这是我们第一次
[03:28.52]when they're coming to get it, and they have no idea 知道他们确切要什么 何时会来
[03:32.48]that we're gonna be waiting for them. 而且他们不知道 我们在等他们上门
[03:35.64]So Juliet's gonna mark the tents with white rocks, just like she was told to.
[03:37.37]Julia会按他们要求 用白色石头给帐篷做记号
[03:40.64]But there's not gonna be any pregnant women inside.
[03:43.40]There's gonna be plenty of what we just used on that tree. 但帐篷里不会有孕妇
[03:46.72]So tomorrow night... we stop hiding. 所以明晚 我们不再躲藏
[03:50.00]We stop running. We stop living in fear of them.
[03:53.08]Because when they show up... 不再逃跑 不再生活在恐惧之中
[03:57.44]...we're gonna blow them all to hell.
[04:22.04]Bloody hell! Why are we even doing this? 哦 真该死 我们干嘛这么做?
[04:25.04]- Chin up, mate. We're headlining. - Headlining? 怪我吧 我们正受到大肆宣扬
[04:28.52]We're playing Clitheroe, the arse end of nowhere. 大肆宣扬?
[04:28.67]我们要在克里斯罗演出 不知道在哪儿
[04:31.12]A gig's a gig. We're building our fan base. 演出就是演出 我们要在歌迷中立足
[04:33.84]Will our fan base pay for a new sodding tire? 歌迷能解决轮胎问题吗?
[04:37.00]Only if we show up. So let's just get on with it, shall we? 只要我们出现就行
[04:38.89]继续下去吧 行吗?
[04:40.92]You know what, Liam? You get on with it. I quit. Liam 你继续吧 我不干了
[04:44.76]You're giving up? 你想放弃?
[04:46.04]There's nothing to give up on! We're broke! 没什么可放弃的 我们破产了!
[04:49.08]The album's not selling! We're a joke. 唱片销售不出去 我们根本就是笑柄!
[04:51.36]Hey! Shut it! 嗨 矮子 听!
[04:58.88]That's us. 歌有销路了!
[05:03.40]We're on the radio. 电台在放我们的歌!
[05:08.32]- That we are. - On the bloody radio! 是的
[05:13.84]Oh, yeah!
[05:15.40]- Hey! - Oh! I told ya, baby brother. 告诉你了 我们会变成摇滚巨星!
[05:17.52]We're gonna be bloody rock stars!
[05:26.52]Can I ask you something? 能问你个问题吗?
[05:28.64]Yeah. 可以
[05:31.08]Who are you people about to go to war with? 你们这些人要跟谁战斗?
[05:33.92]That's a long story. Want to ask me something else? 说来话长 问我别的问题吧?
[05:37.52]- You having a laugh? - No, of course not. 你在笑吗?
[05:40.04]I'd never disrespect a fellow Mancunian. 当然不 我绝不对不尊重曼彻斯特同胞
[05:43.00]- You're from Manchester, then? - I am. 这么说你来自曼彻斯特?
[05:45.60]My band got its start 是的 我的乐队在奥登汉街的 日夜酒吧开始演出的
[05:46.80]at the Night and Day bar on Oldham Street.
[05:49.16]- What band? - We were called Drive Shaft. 什么乐队?
[05:51.28]- Yeah, yeah. I know you. - We had our moment in the sun. 我们称之为Driveshaft
[05:52.13]对对 我认得你
[05:55.28]No, not that. The crash. You're the dead rock star. 我们曾经光彩夺目
[05:55.42]不 不 我指坠机事件
[05:57.96]They made a big deal out of you when they found the plane. 你是那个死去的摇滚歌星
[06:00.76]- Huge memorial service, new album... - There's a new album? 隆重的纪念仪式 新的唱片
[06:03.96]Yeah. God, it was everywhere. A greatest hits thing. 有新唱片?
[06:04.10]是的 到处都在热销
[06:12.20]Hey, look on the bright side. You're not really dead, right? 嗨 往好的方面想吧
[06:15.03]你又不是真的死了 对吗?
[06:17.88]Yeah, right. 是的 没错
[06:42.32]We need more wire so that we can trigger these from a safe distance. 需要更多电线 好从安全距离外引爆
[06:46.36]I can get people to start stripping the plane wreckage. 我可以让人去飞机残骸上弄
[06:49.28]We should be able to finish rigging these tents in the next 24 hours. 很好 应该可以在24小时内把帐篷布置好
[06:53.16]We'll be ready by tomorrow night. 明天晚上就可以准备好了
[07:00.52]- We need to talk about Naomi's phone. - Not now. 我们得谈谈Naomi的电话
[07:03.00]If you are angry I doubted you, I'll make an apology later. But now... 现在不行
[07:03.08]如果你因为我怀疑你而生气... 过会我就诚挚道歉
[07:06.44]Look, I'm a little bit busy right now, Sayid. 不 现在我有些忙 对不起
[07:08.88]And I'm trying to get us off this island, Jack. 我在想方设法把大家弄出这个岛 Jack
[07:14.68]I can't transmit using this phone 我不能使用这个电话发信号
[07:16.48]because Danielle's distress signal is overriding the frequency. 因为Danielle的遇难信号覆盖了频率
[07:20.08]If you tell me where the radio tower is, 如果你能告诉我无线电发射塔在哪里
[07:22.12]I can switch off your message and call for help. 我可以去那里关闭你的信号后求救
[07:24.56]My signal has been playing for the last 16 years and nobody has heard it. 过去16年我都在向外发信号 没人接收到过
[07:28.40]- What makes you think you'll have luck? - Naomi's boat is 80 miles offshore. 你凭什么认为自己能走运?
[07:33.20]I know if we eliminate Danielle's signal, they'll hear us. 如果我们能切断Danielle的信号 船就可以接收到我们的信号
[07:36.32]No, they won't. 不 他们听不到
[07:38.24]And why is that? 为什么?
[07:40.52]- We're jamming it. - What? 因为我们干扰了信号
[07:42.28]Ben is using one of the Dharma Stations 什么?
[07:44.28]to block all of the signals off of the island except ours. Ben使用一个达摩站
[07:44.28]拦截岛上除我们自己之外 所有向外发出的信号
[07:47.20]- What station? - They call it the Looking Glass. 什么站?
[07:50.36]- The Looking Glass? - Yes, it's underwater. 窥镜?
[07:52.72]I have no idea where it is. 是的 不过在水下 我也不知道在哪
[07:56.16]I believe I do. 我相信我知道
[07:58.64]Look, I know Jack thinks it's best, 我知道Jack认为这样最好
[08:01.64]but what if they're coming for him again? 可万一他们又来抓他呢?
[08:06.04]Claire, listen to me. 听我说 我会保护你
[08:07.64]I'm going to protect you. I'm going to protect Aaron.
[08:12.40]I promise. Everything is going to be fine. 我答应你 一切都会安然无恙
[08:20.16]Sorry. 对不起 Charlie
[08:22.40]Charlie, can you give me a hand with something?
[08:26.40]Yeah, Desmond, of course. 当然 Desmond 当然可以
[08:41.56]So, you ready to tell me what you saw this morning? 那么你准备好告诉我 你今早看到了什么?
[08:44.20]Aye. 是的...
[08:46.88]Right. So how does it happen this time? 好吧 那么这次会发生什么?
[08:52.72]Come on, Des. You can tell me. I can take it. 说吧 Des 你可以告诉我
[09:00.68]What I saw, Charlie, was... Charlie 我看到
[09:03.80]...Claire and her baby getting into a helicopter... Claire和婴儿上了架直升机
[09:06.88]...a helicopter that... that lifts off, leaves this island. 直升机起飞离开了这个小岛
[09:18.00]- Are you sure? - Aye. 你肯定?
[09:21.00]Rescue helicopter? On this beach? This island? That's what you saw? 是的
[09:27.68]We're getting bloody rescued? 我们他妈的要得救了!
[09:29.88]I thought you were gonna tell me I was going to die again! 你以为你要说我又会死
[09:37.16]You are, Charlie. 是的 Charlie
[09:40.36]Wait. What? 等等 你说什么?
[09:43.32]If you don't, none if it will happen. 如果你不死 这一切都不会发生
[09:48.44]There won't be any rescue. 不会有救援
[09:53.20]I'm sorry, brother. But this time... 对不起 兄弟
[09:55.66]但这一次 你非死不可
[09:59.48]This time you have to die.
[10:10.12]Come on. Come on. 来呀!
[10:12.35]来呀! 来呀!
[10:14.32]Come on. Come on, Charlie. Charlie 来吧 跳下来
[10:16.84]Jump in. I'm gonna catch ya, boy. 我会接住你的 孩子
[10:19.56]No. You're just gonna back away. 不 你会退开的
[10:22.64]Don't be daft. Jump in. 别傻了 跳下来
[10:26.08]- No! - I promise. I'm gonna catch ya! 不
[10:26.61]Charlie 我保证接住你
[10:29.40]No, he won't! 不 他接不住的!
[10:31.12]Zip it, you! 你给我闭嘴
[10:33.92]Don't listen to your brother. Just jump on in. 听着 别听你哥哥瞎说
[10:39.60]There's nothing to be afraid of, Charlie. Charlie 没什么好怕的
[10:42.32]I'll catch ya. I promise. 我保证接住你
[10:46.17]快点! 来吧!
[11:07.44]I did it! 我做到了!
[11:10.00]- You got it! - I did it! - 你做到了! - 我做到了
[11:12.08]You're swimming, Charlie! You're swimming. Charlie 你会游泳了
[11:21.88]What're you writing? 你在写什么?
[11:30.12]Nothing. 没什么
[11:38.80]All right, tell me. 好吧 告诉我
[11:42.76]You sure you want to know? 你确定你想知道?
[11:46.48]- It might be easier if you just... - Yeah. I want to know. 我是说 你会更轻松点 如果...
[11:47.61]没错 我想知道
[11:54.68]You're inside a hatch. It's... 你在一个舱里 是个...
[11:58.76]...a room full of equipment. 堆满设备的房间
[12:01.12]There's a blinking yellow light above a switch. 有个闪着黄灯的开关
[12:04.36]You flick the switch. 你扳下开关
[12:08.00]The light goes off. 灯灭了
[12:15.04]And then you drown. 接着你淹死了
[12:27.08]When? 什么时候?
[12:31.16]I don't know. 我不知道
[12:32.40]You're sure you saw Claire and Aaron get on that helicopter? 你确定看到Claire和Aaron 上了直升机?
[12:39.32]So... 那么...
[12:42.16]...before I... drown, 在我... 淹死之前...
[12:46.20]I just have to flick the switch? 我只要扳下开关?
[12:49.60]That's right. 对
[12:55.24]Where is it then? 在哪儿?
[13:01.04]This is the Looking Glass. It's an underwater Dharma station. 这个是窥镜
[13:04.28]Please, can you tell me anything you might know about this place? 请告诉我你对这地方知道的一切 好吗?
[13:07.64]I've never been down there. I don't know anyone who has. 我从没去过那里
[13:10.60]Why not? 为什么不知道?
[13:12.96]There was some accident. Ben told us that the station was completely flooded. 发生过一些意外
[13:17.04]- If it's flooded how does it work? - How it still works is irrelevant. 如果被淹了 它怎么还能运作?
[13:20.72]The question is how do we get it to stop working, 关键是 我们怎么使它停止运作
[13:23.16]so we can use the satellite phone. 这样我们就能使用卫星电话了
[13:27.20]The diagram shows that the Looking Glass is connected to the island by a cable. 图上显示 窥镜和小岛之间有电缆相连
[13:31.28]I feel sure that this is the very same cable down the beach 我肯定就是海滩上 延伸至海里的那根电缆
[13:34.44]which runs into the ocean. 所以如果我们跟着电缆
[13:35.88]If we follow the cable, it should lead us to the station. 它会把我们带到那个站
[13:38.80]- So how're we gonna get in? - We swim in. 那我们怎么进去呢?
[13:42.12]There's a moon pool, 有个月池...
[13:43.48]a room with an open floor at the base of the station, 在达摩站底部 有个地板敞开的房间...
[13:46.48]big enough for a submarine to dock. 够地方供潜水艇停靠
[13:48.72]Even if the station's flooded, 即使这个站被淹了
[13:50.36]I think I'll be able to find the relay switch and disable it. 我也能找到继电器开关并让它失效
[13:53.36]What about swimming back out? 那怎么游回来?
[13:56.28]No. 不 不 我不会仅仅为了扳个开关 而让你采取自杀式任务
[13:57.60]I'm not letting you go on some suicide mission just to flip the switch.
[14:01.24]Someone has to do it, or we'll never leave this island. 总得有人去做 否则我们永远离不开这个岛
[14:04.08]I'll do it. 我去
[14:05.48]Swim down, turn off that switch, swim back up. Piece of cake. 我能潜下去 关掉那个该死的开关 再游回来...
[14:08.80]You don't know what we're talking about. 小菜一碟
[14:08.50]Charlie 你甚至不知道我们在说什么
[14:10.96]I was junior swim champion. I can hold my breath for four minutes. 我曾是北英格兰少年组游泳冠军
[14:14.48]I know exactly what you're talking about, Jack. Jack 我完全知道你们在说什么
[14:20.84]No. And there's no reason to do this now. 不 现在没理由这么做
[14:22.96]We're gonna focus on the Others, 我们先考虑那些人的事 然后再来处理这事儿
[14:24.68]- then deal with this. - Wait. 等一下
[14:26.36]We have a chance to signal for a rescue. 我们有机会发出求救信号
[14:28.28]For 90 days, I've been asked to make decisions for this camp. 听着 90天来大家都要我 为整个营地做决定
[14:31.56]There you go. I just made one. 就这样 我决定了
[14:42.60]Rose, that's a sailor's hitch. It's not gonna hold. Rose 这是水手结
[14:45.56]- You wanna do a sheet bend like mine. - Now you're a knot expert? 它不会扣死
[14:47.12]噢 现在你是打结行家了
[14:48.84]Well, trust me, it's... 相信我 它是...
[14:55.36]How did you do that? 你怎么做到的?
[14:57.44]Watch and learn, dear, watch and learn. 边看边学 亲爱的 边看边学
[15:17.74]Sun 求你了
[15:49.39]是的 非常健康
[16:01.32]Hey! Look, there! Look! 嗨! 看那儿! 看!
[16:20.00]- Get off him! It's OK! - What?! He's one of them! 该死的 放开他 他没问题的
[16:21.01]什么? 他是他们的人!
[16:22.52]I know! I know, it's OK. 我知道!我知道 没事的
[16:26.00]He was in the cage next to me! I know this guy! 他以前被关在我旁边的笼子里
[16:29.56]What the hell are you doing here, Karl? Karl 你到底来这里干什么?
[16:32.24]They're... coming. My people... 他们...来了...我的人
[16:35.28]Sorry you came all this way, but we already know. 真遗憾 你一路赶来纯属徒然 我们已经知道了
[16:37.84]Then why are you still here? 那为什么你们还在这儿?
[16:39.32]When your people show up here tomorrow, we're ready. 因为你们的人明晚出现时
[16:42.12]Tomorrow? No! No, they're coming tonight! 我们已经做好准备了
[16:41.82]明天? 不 不 他们今晚就来
[16:51.64]They're coming right now! 他们马上就要到了!
[17:01.68]Hey! 嘿
[17:06.20]- When'd you get back? - Just now. 你什么时候回来的?
[17:10.48]Where's Locke? Locke在哪儿?
[17:14.56]Here's your gun back. 还你的枪
[17:21.04]- Ben, what's going on? - Where's Ryan? - Ben 怎么了? - Ryan在哪儿?
[17:23.68]- He's at his tent. Are you alone? - It's time to get them. 他在自己的帐篷里 你...
[17:27.28]- Wait a minute. But you said tomorrow. - Jacob wants it to happen now. Ben 可你说是明天
[17:31.00]What happened out there? Did John see? 听着 那儿发生什么事了? Johnee...
[17:33.24]John had an accident. John出了意外
[17:37.00]- Ryan! - Yes, sir. Ryan?
[17:37.63]是 先生?
[17:39.72]If you leave now, how long will it take you to reach their camp? 如果你现在出发 要多久能到达他们的营地?
[17:43.16]If I take my ten best we can hit them by nightfall. 如果我带上十个最能干的人 就能在黄昏时分伏击他们
[17:45.68]- Then you better get going. - No, Ben. Moving up the schedule... 那你最好现在出发
[17:46.22]不 不 Ben 这比计划提前了
[17:49.08]Juliet may not be ready. What if... Juliet也许还没准备好 万一她还没赶得及标明他们的...
[17:51.00]Then we'll take all their women. 那我们把所有女人带走...
[17:54.16]And we'll sort out the ones we need later. 之后我们再挑出需要的...
[17:56.88]And the men? 男人呢?
[17:58.08]If any of them are stupid enough to get in your way, kill them. 如果谁愚蠢到敢挡你的路 格杀勿论
[18:01.80]All right. 遵命
[18:15.48]Karl! Karl!
[18:18.80]It's me. 是我!
[18:23.48]- I thought you were bringing rabbit. - You have to go. Now. 我以为你会带野兔子来呢
[18:26.92]What? Did he find out I was out here? 什么? 他发现我在这儿了吗?
[18:28.72]No. He's sending Pryce to their beach camp right now. 不 但是他现在正派Pryce 赶往他们的海滩营地
[18:31.60]- You warn them! - Warn them? 你得去警告他们
[18:33.20]- Go now! - They were gonna take pregnant women. 警告他们?
[18:35.76]Take the outrigger, you'll get there a few hours before them. 如果你划小船过去
[18:38.96]- Wait, Alex. - He's gonna kill them, Karl! Alex 等等
[18:39.48]Karl 他要杀了他们!
[18:44.08]Austen and Ford saved your life. Austen和Ford救过你
[18:50.56]You owe them. 你欠他们的
[18:54.88]You'd better take this. 你最好拿着这个
[18:59.44]If I get caught, your father's gonna kill me. 如果这次我被抓 你父亲会宰了我
[19:01.80]Is he my father? 他是我父亲吗?
[19:11.92]Now, go. 走吧
[19:38.36]- Is that everything? - Yeah. - 就这些吗? - 是的
[19:42.56]Do you trust him? 我们能信他吗?
[19:43.80]You don't trust me? What about her? 你不相信我?
[19:46.12]She's a spy. 那她呢?
[19:48.44]She's supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant women with white rocks. 她会用白色石头在孕妇帐篷上做记号
[19:52.20]They know, Karl. But, thanks. 好让他们抓走孕妇
[19:52.01]Karl 他们知道了 谢谢
[19:56.04]- So what're we gonna do? - We have to leave now, hide. 那我们怎么办?
[19:56.60]我们必须现在离开 藏起来
[19:58.84]Where? It's their island. If they wanna kill us, they'll find us. 去哪儿? 这是他们的岛
[19:59.64]如果他们要杀我们 就会找到我们
[20:03.60]Sun's gonna go down in a few hours. We have enough wire yet? 太阳过几小时就要下山了
[20:06.84]Not even close. - 我们电线够了吗? - 还差得远呢
[20:08.00]We gotta figure out a way to set the dynamite off. 我们得想别的法子引爆炸药
[20:10.60]- We can shoot. - We don't have enough guns. - 我们可以用枪打 - 没有足够的枪支
[20:12.72]- He said that ten of them are coming. - The tents. 他说有十个全副武装的人正在赶来
[20:13.57]不用别的 用帐篷
[20:15.56]We camouflage the dynamite next to the tents, 我们把炸药伪装好安放到帐篷边上
[20:17.96]target it from our positions at the tree line. 我们在林木线的位置瞄准它们
[20:21.32]Juliet marked three tents. That means we need three guns. Juliet在三个帐篷上做了记号
[20:26.32]Here. You can have mine, too. 给 你拿我的枪吧
[20:29.64]I'll be your third. 我是第三个
[20:32.32]We'll take your gun, but you're not staying here. 我要用你的枪 但你不能呆在这儿
[20:36.76]You're gonna lead everyone to the radio tower. 你带领大家去无线电发射塔 大家都去
[20:39.32]Radio tower? 无线电发射塔?
[20:40.88]We can't risk losing the chance to contact with Naomi's boat. 如果这事不成功
[20:44.12]So everything has to happen at the same time. 所有行动必须同时进行
[20:49.00]Charlie, you still up for a swim? Charlie
[20:55.60]Yeah, I believe I am. 是的 我相信自己准备好了
[20:58.60]I'll go with him. 我和他一起去
[21:00.68]OK. We better get to it. 好了 那就开始吧
[21:19.16]It's here, baby brother! Christmas is here! 在这儿啊 小兄弟 圣诞老人原来在这儿
[21:24.44]Are these the birds from row two? 这些鸟儿是二队的人吗?
[21:28.04]Well done, mate. 干的好 伙计
[21:35.16]Well, as you have spent another year 你用了一年时间成为了 世界上唯一不吸毒的摇滚巨星
[21:37.40]as the only drug-free rock star in the world,
[21:39.92]I am going to share a little known fact with you. 我要与你分享一个鲜为人知的事实
[21:44.80]Father Christmas lives just down the street from here. 圣诞老人就住在这条街上
[21:48.00]- Father Christmas lives in Helsinki? - Indeed he does. 圣诞老人住在赫尔辛基?
[21:50.92]In case you haven't noticed, baby brother, 真的 万一你没注意到 小兄弟
[21:53.24]Finland is the bloody North Pole. 芬兰就是北极
[21:57.04]Therefore, a very special gift for you this year. 所以今年有份特别的礼物给你
[22:07.08]Liam, no. Mum gave you that. 别 Liam 这是妈妈给你的
[22:09.28]You're the first born. 你是头一个生的
[22:10.88]It was her father's and his father before that... 这是外公的爸爸传下来的
[22:13.76]And it's a family heirloom, 是家族遗产
[22:15.24]and that's why we named the band after Dexter bloody Stratton. I know. 所以我们把乐队命名为Dexter Stratton
[22:18.76]But Charlie, let's be honest. 但是 Charlie 老实说
[22:22.24]We both know I'm a sodding mess. 你我都知道 我只是个草包
[22:24.24]But you, you're different. 但你不同
[22:26.64]You're gonna get married, have a family, a baby. 你会结婚
[22:32.36]- I'll be lucky if I hit 30. - Don't say that, Li. 我能活到30就算幸运了
[22:33.30]别那么说 Lee
[22:34.92]The ring has to stay in the family, Charlie. Charlie 这个戒指要代代相传
[22:39.32]So please, take it. 所以 请你...
[22:43.96]Mum would've wanted it this way. 妈妈在世的话也会这么做
[22:46.16]Pass it on to your little one someday. 把它传给你的儿子
[22:48.48]I need to know it's safe. 你要好好保管
[22:57.32]I'll hold on to it. 好的 我会保管好的
[23:01.76]But I won't take it. 但不会据为己有
[23:06.60]Hey, it fits. Look at that. 看 刚刚好
[23:09.92]Happy Christmas, baby brother. 圣诞快乐 我的弟弟
[23:42.04]You need some help? 要帮忙么
[23:44.68]Why didn't you tell me you were going to do this? 为何不告诉我你要这么做
[23:52.88]I didn't want you to worry. 我不想你担心
[23:55.76]Well, it's dangerous, isn't it, swimming into some underwater station? 很危险 是么
[23:59.60]It's what needs to be done to get us all rescued. 要让大家都得救 必须这么做
[24:04.44]I'll be fine, Claire. 我不会有事得 Claire
[24:07.76]You gotta promise me something. 不过你要答应我
[24:10.80]While I'm gone... 我不在的时候
[24:15.12]...don't worry about me. 别为我担心
[24:20.68]OK. 好的
[24:29.20]I'll take him. 我来抱
[24:32.40]Thanks. 谢谢
[24:40.32]All right, turnip head. 小萝卜头
[24:43.52]You take care of your mum, while I'm away, OK? 我不在的时候 你要好好照顾妈妈 好吗?
[24:56.80]I love you. 我爱你
[25:16.52]See you soon. 再见
[25:21.52]Be careful, Charlie. OK? 小心 Charlie.
[25:24.92]Yeah. 好吗?
[26:17.60]I'm sorry, guys. Thanks, man. 对不起
[26:29.64]Help! Help me! 救命!
[26:31.88]Help! Please! Please! 救救我!
[26:38.68]- You, stop! - Hey! 停下!
[26:40.44]Get the hell away from her! 嘿 放开她!
[26:42.84]What're you doing? Leave her alone! 你在干什么?
[26:48.00]You OK, miss? 你还好吧 小姐?
[26:49.64]Yes. I think so, yes. 还好
[26:53.68]Here you go. 拿着
[26:56.28]Pardon me while I have a heart attack. 差点得心脏病
[26:58.28]Last time I was in a fight, I was eight years old. 我只在8岁的时候和人打过架
[27:03.04]And I lost. 还输了
[27:05.24]Well, that makes you even more of a hero, doesn't it? 那使得你更象英雄 对吧?
[27:09.36]- I just did what anyone would do. - Three people walked by the alley. 我只是做了任何人都会做的事
[27:11.12]- 有三个人经过这个小巷 - 什么?
[27:14.64]- What? - They saw me... 他们看到了我 但都无动于衷地向前走
[27:16.24]...but they just kept on going.
[27:20.40]You are a hero, sir. 你是个英雄 先生
[27:22.64]And don't let anyone ever tell you differently. 别人也会这么说
[27:42.04]- What's that? - It's weight belt. 那是什么
[27:43.88]It should bring you down quicker than swimming. 加重带
[27:47.80]Well, every second counts. 在水下分秒必争
[27:51.04]So I just take it off when I hit bottom, 我只要到水底就把它松开
[27:53.04]swim up through the moon pool into the station, 往上游过月池 进入工作站
[27:57.56]swim into whichever room has the yellow blinking switch, 看到闪着黄色信号开关的房间 就游进去
[28:02.04]flip it. 把它扳下来
[28:05.80]Nothing to it. 没比这更简单的了
[28:11.44]So how long can you really hold your breath for? 你到底能屏住多长时间不呼吸
[28:16.52]Does it matter? 有关系吗?
[28:24.96]- You want me to hit another one? - No. You've made your point. 要我再打一个吗?
[28:25.98]不用 你已经做到了
[28:28.12]Bernard, this is not pheasant hunting in Montgomery. Bernard 这不是在蒙哥马利的乡下打野鸡
[28:31.08]- I know what I'm doing. - Pheasants don't shoot back. 我知道在做什么
[28:31.78]你不知道 野鸡不会开枪反击
[28:33.72]Nothing's gonna happen to me, Rose. I just have to shoot a tent. 我不会有事的 Rose
[28:35.49]我只要打中一个帐篷就行 我很快会跟上你的
[28:37.72]- And I'll be right behind you. - Then I'm staying, too. 那我也要留在这里
[28:41.32]No, you're not, Rose. 你不能 Rose
[28:44.28]Everyone's gathering down at the south end of the beach. 大家都要到沙滩南边集中
[28:47.20]- No one's staying but the shooters. - Says who? 除了射手 谁都不可以留在这里
[28:49.56]You wanna give me your word that nothing's gonna happen to my husband? 谁说的?
[28:49.71]向我保证我丈夫不会有事 我就走
[28:53.32]Then I'll go.
[28:56.40]If we don't kill everyone who shows up here in about an hour, 我保证 如果一小时后还没有把那些人都杀光
[28:59.80]it's not gonna matter where Bernard is. Bernard随时都可以离开
[29:03.36]I like you better since you got back, Jack. You're almost an optimist. Jack 你回来后我更喜欢你了
[29:08.12]Come on. 来吧
[29:09.24]If you're gonna be hiding in the bushes, let's get you into something dark. 如果你想藏在树丛中 就藏到阴暗处
[29:15.88]You better get going. 你该走了
[29:17.32]Rousseau says it's a day's walk up to the radio tower. Rousseau说到无线电发射塔要走一天
[29:20.20]I'm not taking them to the tower, you are. 我不会带他们去
[29:24.60]- Excuse me? - You're not staying behind. - 什么? - 你不能留下来
[29:28.16]- This was my idea. - I'm capable of executing it. 这是我的主意
[29:30.80]- I owe them! - What are you more concerned with? 我欠他们的!
[29:33.64]Killing the Others or getting our people off this island? 杀掉那些人 还是带大家离开这个岛?
[29:38.88]This afternoon you said you were our leader. 今天下午你说你是我们的领袖
[29:46.12]It's time for you to act like one. 现在拿出领袖的样子来
[29:51.76]Lead them to the radio tower, Jack. 带他们去无线电发射塔 Jack
[29:56.32]And then take us all home. 带我们回家
[30:08.68]Dudes! Wait! 等等 伙计
[30:13.28]I heard. 我听说了...
[30:14.52]I heard what you're doing. I wanna come with. 我听说你要下水去
[30:19.76]Everyone, they're all goin' to the radio tower, 所有人都要去无线电发射塔
[30:23.76]and I'm sick of trekking, and, you know, explosions. 我讨厌长途跋涉
[30:29.00]I think I can help you guys out. I'm a really good paddler. 我可以帮你们
[30:39.16]You can't go, Hurley. 你不能去 Hurley
[30:41.92]Why not? 为什么不行?
[30:45.68]Because... 因为...
[30:49.16]...you're too big. You won't fit in the boat. 你个头太大
[31:00.36]That's uncool, man. 真糟
[31:04.36]Wait! Wait! Wait! 等等
[31:09.72]Dude. It's fine. I don't even wanna go on your stupid boat. 没事的 伙计
[31:18.44]I'll catch up with you later. 我会来找你
[31:20.76]- Just remember I love you, man. - Yeah, whatever. I love you, too. 记得我爱你 伙计
[31:40.40]You got water in there? Good. Good. 你带了水了吗?
[31:42.56]How about you? Lot of water? Good. 好 不错
[31:42.47]你呢 有瓶装水吗?
[31:46.04]Hey. 嗨
[31:48.36]- Hey. - So here we go again. 嗨
[31:52.60]Here we go again. 又要出发了
[31:57.32]- The tents are all marked. We're set. - Sayid find a third shooter? 帐篷都做了标记
[32:11.72]Ready, Claire? Need a hand with the little guy? 准备好了吗? Claire
[32:14.24]No thanks, I'm OK. 要帮忙抱孩子么?
[32:14.25]不用 谢谢你 我能行
[32:23.04]How's my little sweetheart? 我的小甜心还好吗?
[32:27.88]We're just gonna go for a little walk, so hold on to Mum, OK? 我们去散会儿步 抓牢妈妈 好吗?
[32:53.96]This is it. 找到了
[33:02.48]Ready? 准备好了?
[34:14.36]Hiya. 你好
[34:15.92]Do you want a blanket? 要毯子吗?
[34:17.92]Oh, thanks, I've got one. 谢谢 我有了
[34:20.52]Well, you're warming for two. Take mine. 你要为两个人需要取暖
[34:25.00]Thank you. 谢谢
[34:34.80]So, first plane crash? 那么...
[34:39.08]- What gave it away? - You can always spot the newbies. 你怎么知道
[34:47.32]We're gonna be OK, you know. 我们不会有事的
[34:50.84]Are we? 真的吗?
[34:52.36]We're alive, on a beautiful island. 我们还活着
[34:57.00]We'll sleep under the stars, 在星空下睡觉...说不定哪天
[34:58.60]and before you know it, the helicopters will come and take us all home. 直升飞机就会来把我们都带回家
[35:03.64]You really think they'll find us? 你真的相信他们会找到我们?
[35:06.44]Well, yeah, why wouldn't they? 当然 为什么不会?
[35:10.08]Thanks. 谢谢你
[35:14.00]- I'm Charlie. - I'm Claire. 我叫Charlie
[35:17.24]- Nice to meet you, Charlie. - It's nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你 Charlie
[35:40.56]We're here. 到了
[35:52.48]I want you to give this to Claire for me. 帮我把这个带给Claire
[36:00.44]What is it? 这是什么
[36:06.08]It's the five best moments of my... 这是我离开人世前所记得的...
[36:09.92]...sorry excuse for a life. 一生中最美好的五个时刻
[36:14.96]My greatest hits. 一生中的最佳精选
[36:21.44]You know... 你知道...
[36:26.00]...memories... are all I've got. 我现在...
[36:31.76]You don't have to do this, Charlie. 你用不着这么做 Charlie
[36:34.72]What? 什么?
[36:37.92]- I'll go. - No, your flashes... 我去
[36:40.02]不 你的闪念...
[36:41.92]Maybe I keep seeing you die because... 我看到你一次又一次的死去 也许是因为...
[36:47.68]...l'm supposed to take your place. 死的应该是我
[36:55.24]What about your girl? Penny? 你的女朋友怎么办?
[37:00.52]What about your girl? 你的女朋友呢?
[37:06.24]Besides... 况且...
[37:11.56]...I might be luckier than you. 我也许比你走运
[37:22.40]Keep your memories to yourself. 把回忆留给自己吧
[37:28.16]I'll take it from here. 我从这里下去
[37:36.92]I don't know what to say. 我不知道该说什么
[37:41.80]Well, you can tell me where the weight belt is. 告诉我那根加重带在哪里
[37:45.64]Right there behind you. 就在你后面
[38:12.16]You and I both know you're not supposed to take my place, brother. 你我都知道...
[40:16.20]I'm alive. I'm alive! 我还活着!
[40:18.82]我还活着! 内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8774-255855-1.html

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