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[00:01.08]Previously on Lost:
[00:02.80]That's a satellite phone.
[00:04.32]From where did you take off?
[00:05.88]A freighter. About 80 nautical miles west of here.
[00:09.48]I'm part of a search-and-recovery team.
[00:11.40]Ben is using one of the Dharma stations to block all the signals.
[00:14.60]It's an underwater Dharma station. We swim in.
[00:16.96]I'll do it.
[00:18.04]While I'm gone, don't worry about me.
[00:21.12]How long will it take you to reach their camp?
[00:23.40]If I take my ten best we can hit them by nightfall.
[00:25.84]If any of them are stupid enough to get in your way, kill them.
[00:30.56]We camouflage the dynamite next to the tents, target it from the tree line.
[00:34.60]When your people show up tomorrow we'll be ready.
[00:37.24]- No, they're coming tonight! - You lead everyone to the radio tower.
[00:40.80]Can't risk losing the chance to contact Naomi's boat.
[00:43.52]Everything has to happen at the same time.
[00:45.60]What I saw, Charlie,
[00:47.04]was Claire and her baby getting into a helicopter that leaves this island.
[00:50.56]This time, you have to die.
[00:52.44]If you don't, there won't be any rescue.
[01:01.96]I'm alive!
[01:23.60]Would you put your seatback up, please? 请把安全带系好 好吗?
[01:26.96]Would you fasten your seat belt, please?
[01:29.84]Excuse me. Excuse me. 麻烦一下
[01:32.28]Can I get another one of those, please? 请再给我来一杯好吗 谢谢
[01:34.76]I'm sorry, sir. We'll be landing in 20 minutes. 先生 不好意思 还有20分钟就降落了
[01:37.24]- Well, 20 minutes is a long time. - How about a newspaper instead? 20分钟也很长了
[01:40.52]And if you could buckle your seat belt, sir? 另外 请系好您的安全带好吗?
[01:43.56]Please fasten your seat belt. Thank you. 请系好您的安全带 谢谢
[01:54.80]Sorry about the bumps, folks. 颠簸给您带来不适 为此表示道歉 飞机正通过一片湍流区
[01:56.64]We're hitting warm air as we descend into Los Angeles. 我们即将到达洛衫矶
[01:59.64]Please keep those seat belts fastened. We'll have you on the ground shortly. 请系好您的安全带
[03:13.76]You've reached 310-555-0148.
[03:18.36]Please leave a message.
[03:20.24]Hey. It's me. 嗨 是我
[03:24.68]I... 我...我刚刚看到...
[03:29.20]I just read...
[04:38.48]Oh, forgive me.
[04:49.28]Mom! Mom! Mom!
[04:53.12]- Help! - Mom!
[05:21.76]You have everything you need? 东西都齐全了吗?
[05:23.40]No. But I've made the best out of what we have. 没有 但我把能利用的都利用上了
[05:28.24]- Bernard and Jin? - They're both excellent shots. Jin也加入了?
[05:29.72]他们射击都很准 而且也都很积极
[05:31.68]And highly motivated.
[05:35.04]The dynamite's in place. We won't miss. 炸药都摆好位置了 我们不会射偏的
[05:38.32]Jack, no matter what happens here, I want you to keep moving. Jack 不管发生了什么 你要一直朝前走
[05:41.48]Keep moving for that radio tower. Don't turn back for any reason. 直到找到无线电塔
[05:46.76]I'm willing to give my life if it means rescue. 为了拯救大家我愿意牺牲
[05:49.24]But I am not giving it up for nothing. You understand? 但我可不想白死 你明白吗?
[05:57.84]Yeah. I understand. 是 我知道了
[06:06.04]- Then, good luck. - You too. 保重
[06:17.84]If I'd help you with your SOS sign, would you change your mind? 如果我告诉你 我愿意帮你搭那SOS标记
[06:22.16]- No, ma'am. - Then I want you to say it again. 不会 亲爱的
[06:25.04]- Rose... - Say it, Bernard. 你再说一遍
[06:25.08]- Rose... - Bernald 说
[06:28.20]I am a dentist. I am not Rambo. 我不是什么兰博 我只是一个牙医 (兰博: 史泰龙电影中勇敢的斗士角色)
[06:31.36]And don't you forget it. 别忘了这一点就好
[06:49.32]- Charlie's gonna be fine. - Yeah. Of course he is. Charlie会没事的
[06:56.20]跟紧Jack 累了就休息一会
[07:15.32]Because we have to go home. 因为 我们得回家
[07:36.20]All right. 好了 我们出发吧
[07:39.04]Let's do it.
[08:52.56]Jack, can I ask you a question? - Jack 我能问你个问题吗? - 当然
[08:55.76]Sure. 在你成为摩西之前是干什么的? (圣经中以色列人的领导者)
[08:56.88]What did you do for a living before you became Moses?
[09:00.92]- I was a doctor. - Right. 'Course you were. 我是个医生
[09:02.14]是啊 当然了
[09:03.84]Well, I need your attention for a minute, doctor. 我想让你看看这个 医生
[09:08.72]Is she OK? 她可靠吗?
[09:11.56]- Why wouldn't she be? - Because none of your people trust her. 有什么不可靠的?
[09:13.50]因为你们似乎没人相信她 我没有恶意
[09:15.44]No offence.
[09:17.04]- Catch up to me when you're done. - Juliet... 不如你们说完了 再来赶上我吧
[09:19.44]It's fine. Juliet...
[09:24.28]I need to show you how this gadget works, 我想告诉你如何操作这个 以防我有什么意外
[09:26.52]in case anything happens to me.
[09:28.32]You need to be able to call my boat. 你得学会用它来联络我的船
[09:31.36]OK. Show me. 好吧 给我看看
[09:32.96]It's actually simple. Turn her on here. 这很简单
[09:35.40]This opens a direct channel to the freighter. 按这里启动
[09:35.34]这里控制日志 这里选择频道
[09:38.08]Give her a tap here, 点这里 等它"吡"的一声后 就可以通话
[09:39.44]- wait for the beep and say hello. - That's it?
[09:43.12]That's it. 就这么简单?
[09:44.32]Once the rock star turns off whatever's jamming us up, 没错
[09:47.32]this red light will turn a lovely shade of green. 这个红灯会变成暗绿色
[09:50.56]- That'll be any time now, yeah? - Hopefully. 只是还不到时候
[10:06.84]Who are you? 你是谁?
[10:09.76]Look, if you tell us how you got down here, we won't hurt you. 听着 如果你告诉我们你是怎么下来的 我们不会伤害你
[10:14.68]I came in my invisible submarine. Don't you see it? 我开着我的隐形潜水艇来的 你们没看见吗?
[10:18.32]- Hey! Take it easy. - Take it easy? He's one of them! 嘿! 别着急
[10:23.24]Why are you here? How did you find out about this station? 你来这里干什么?
[10:29.68]Juliet told us. Juliet告诉我们的
[10:32.56]She's one of us now, in case you hadn't heard. 她现在和我们一伙了
[10:36.80]Stop. 住手!
[10:39.96]- We gotta call Ben. - Yeah. 我们得呼叫Ben
[10:43.96]Let's call Ben. 没错 去呼叫Ben吧
[10:48.96]Come on. 过来
[11:02.48]You're inside a room full of equipment. 你在一间堆满仪器的房间里
[11:04.60]There's a blinking yellow light above a switch. 开关上方有一个闪烁的黄灯
[11:07.96]You flip the switch. The light goes off. 你关上开关后 黄灯灭了
[11:13.28]And you drown. 然后你就淹死了
[11:23.04]Ben. Come in, Ben. Ben 能听到吗?
[11:26.68]- Hello? - Ben. It's Bonnie. 喂?
[11:29.92]Ben, are you there? Ben 是你吗? 能听到吗?
[11:32.24]Can you hear me, Ben?
[11:36.20]Why are you breaking radio silence? 为什么要打破无线电静默?
[11:38.36]- One of them's down here. - I'm sorry. What? 有个他们的人到这里来了
[11:40.96]We've got him tied up, but he's here. One of them swam down here. 没听清楚 什么?
[11:41.10]我们把他绑起来了 他们派了个人到这里来
[11:44.56]- Who? Which one? - He won't tell us. 谁? 哪一个?
[11:46.96]It's Charlie! Tell him I said hi! 他不说
[11:47.10]是我Charlie 告诉他 替我问好
[11:50.12]How did? 他...他怎么知道这个地方的?
[11:52.12]- How does he know about the station? - He said Juliet told them. 他说是Juliet告诉他们的
[12:03.00]All right, sit tight. Don't do anything. I'm sending help. 好吧 什么也不要做 我马上派人过去
[12:06.60]Go to the Looking Glass and find out what Charlie is doing down there. 我命令你立刻赶到干扰站 查清楚Charlie干什么去了
[12:10.20]You told us the Looking Glass was inoperable, flooded. 你告诉过我们干扰站已经毁了 被淹没了
[12:14.32]I lied. 我说谎了 Mikhail 我要你现在就去!
[12:15.64]Mikhail, I need you to go, now!
[12:19.28]I can be there by dawn. 我黎明前就能赶到
[12:21.84]But if Juliet told them about the Looking Glass, 但如果Juliet把干扰站的事情都说出来了 她还会说出什么呢?
[12:24.68]what else did she tell them?
[12:33.20]Ryan, come in. Ryan, are you there? 呼叫Ryan 请回答
[12:34.78]Ryan 你能听到吗?
[12:47.36]- Your walkies all off? - Yes, sir. 对讲机都关了吗?
[12:48.30]是的 长官
[12:51.40]Did you get a good look? 你看清了吗?
[12:52.96]The tents are marked with white coral. Three of them. Juliet did her job. Julie干得不错 帐篷都标记好了
[12:56.84]All right. Let's do this. 好吧 我们动手吧
[13:53.36]It's empty! 帐篷是空的!
[13:55.36]Get away from the tent! 快离开帐篷!
[13:59.96]- It's a trap! - Please, God. 是个陷阱 快撤!
[14:01.60]Get away from the... 保佑我打中吧
[14:05.12]Move! Move! 撤退 快撤退
[14:08.44]Tree line!
[14:21.76]I got your man! Drop your weapons! 我抓住了你们的人 快放下武器
[14:34.52]I got your man! 我抓住了你们的人! 现在停手吧!
[14:37.68]It's over!
[14:41.08]Don't. Finger off the trigger. 别动 把手指从扳机上拿下来
[14:52.04]Was that gunfire? 应该有3声爆炸的
[14:53.28]There were supposed to be three explosions.
[14:57.64]- Yeah. - There was.
[15:04.12]It didn't work. 搞砸了
[15:11.24]Dr Leon to surgery. Dr Leon to surgery.
[15:15.32]- There ya go. Good as new. - Thanks. 好了 完全看不出来了
[15:18.48]The news people are waiting outside. 谢谢
[15:18.52]记者们都在外面等你呢 你是一个人来的么?
[15:20.64]- You being a hero, and all. - Great.
[15:25.72]- The woman, how is she? - She's been stabilised. 那个女人怎么样了?
[15:27.96]她伤势已经稳定了 多亏你在桥上
[15:29.92]- Thank God you were on that bridge. - Right.
[15:34.36]Sorry, no visitors in the ER. 抱歉 这里不准访问
[15:39.56]It's OK. She... 没关系 她是我前妻
[15:43.32]We used to be married.
[15:46.04]Come on in. 请进来吧
[15:50.88]What happened? 出什么事了?
[15:54.44]It was a... a car accident. 唔...出了场车祸
[15:59.84]Are you OK? 你没事吧?
[16:03.80]Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. 没事 我很好
[16:07.60]Are you drinking again? - 你又喝酒了? - 没有
[16:12.16]- No. - Are you, Jack? - 真的么 Jack? - 是的 我没有!
[16:18.04]Why did you come down here, Sarah? 你怎么过来了 Sarah?
[16:21.12]I'm still listed as your emergency contact. 我还在紧急联系人名单里
[16:30.28]What were you doing driving around at 2:00 in the morning? 你在干吗? 凌晨两点钟在公路上开车?
[16:52.04]Do you think maybe you could give me a lift home? 我想也许能借助你家
[16:58.84]I don't think that would be appropriate. 我想这样不太好吧
[17:04.80]Well... 没关系 谢谢你能来 Sarah
[17:09.04]...thanks for coming down, Sarah.
[17:12.72]Goodbye, Jack. 再见 Jack
[17:28.80]Why were there only two explosions? 为什么只有2声爆炸?
[17:31.28]They didn't have to blow the third. 也许他们不需要第三次爆炸就完成任务了
[17:33.12]- But those gunshots... - It's OK, Rose. - 但那些枪声是怎么... - 他会没事的 Rose
[17:35.60]- Do you believe that? - Listen, 你相信吗?
[17:37.32]they had no idea that we were waiting for them. 听着 他们不知道我们在这里等他们
[17:40.32]Sayid's with your husbands. They're fine. Sayid 还有你的丈夫
[17:42.64]They're a couple hours behind us. 他们会没事的 几个小时后就会赶上我们
[17:44.40]Then we should wait for them here. You go on... 我们应该在这里等他们 你...
[17:45.60]不行! 谁也不能掉队
[17:47.44]No one gets left behind. 如果你再说什么同生共死之类的话 Jack 我就给你一巴掌
[17:48.76]If you say, "Live together, die alone," I'm gonna punch you in your face.
[17:54.64]Fair enough, Rose. Fair enough. 很好 Rose 很好
[17:58.44]But we have a plan. And for all we know, it worked. 但我们有个计划 如果它成功了
[18:03.96]It's gonna be OK. Everything's gonna be all right. 我们大家都会没事的
[18:08.32]Let's just keep moving, OK? 我们出发吧 好吗?
[18:21.28]It's OK. Let's go. 没事的 我们出发吧
[18:30.72]I'm gonna ask you this one more time. Why are you here? 我再问你一遍 你来这里干什么?
[18:37.76]I'm here to turn off your jamming equipment. 我来这里
[18:41.52]It's in there, next to the flashing yellow light. 就在那里 在那个一闪一闪的黄色灯泡旁
[18:44.88]- How do you know about that? - I know because I know. 你怎么知道的
[18:48.00]Whatever you ladies do to me, I'm going to turn it off. 无论你们怎么对我 我都要把它关掉
[18:51.28]- You are? - I most definitely am. 你会么?
[18:53.12]- So, what's the code? - What? 我当然会
[18:56.60]Charlie, if you're gonna turn off the jamming equipment, 什么?
[18:57.12]Charlie 你要关掉这个干扰设备
[18:59.64]you're gonna need the code. 就要有密码
[19:01.12]And only three people know it: 只有三个人知道密码 我 她 还有Ben
[19:03.40]Me, her and Ben.
[19:11.40]Well, I guess I won't need the code, 那么
[19:14.48]since this entire station's gonna be flooded, anyway. 我想我不需要密码
[19:20.88]I turn off your little jammer, 只要把这个小开关一关
[19:22.56]and the helicopters rescue all my friends. 直升飞机就会来救我的朋友
[19:24.88]But if this station floods, what happens to you? 这里淹了的话 你怎么办?
[19:32.88]I die. 我会死
[19:40.68]- What? - They're all dead! 什么?
[19:42.56]Diane, Ivan, all of them, dead! Shephard and his people, they're gone! 他们都死了 Diane Ivan
[19:44.56]是Shephard他们干的 他们都跑了!
[19:46.76]- Gone? Where? - I don't know! 跑了? 跑哪儿?
[19:48.48]Did you hear me? They killed seven of our... 我不知道 你听到我说话了吗?
[19:51.08]Tom! Calm down and tell him the good news. 他们杀了我们七个人
[19:51.48]Tom! 冷静点!告诉他好消息
[19:53.84]- What good news? - We caught three of 'em. 什么好消息?
[19:57.28]The ones that stayed to blow up the tents. Ben, they knew we were coming. 他们留下来炸那些帐篷的
[19:59.24]Ben 他们早知道我们要来
[20:01.20]It was Juliet. She betrayed us. 是Juliet
[20:04.28]- What? - Just figure out where she is, Tom! 她背叛了我们
[20:04.72]给我把Juliet找出来 Tom
[20:07.96]Get up. OK, junior. Where the hell did? 起来
[20:09.12]小子 她到哪里...
[20:16.08]- They're not talking. - Who do you have? 他们不肯说
[20:18.20]Jarrah, Kwon and the dentist. 你们抓了谁?
[20:17.96]Jarrah Kwon 和那个牙医
[20:20.72]Shoot Kwon. 杀了kwon
[20:24.04]- What? - You want them to answer? 什么?
[20:25.76]Kill Kwon. Do it now. 想让他们回答 就杀Kwon 快动手
[20:28.72]I don't know what that means, but I'm sure it's lovely. 不知道你在说什么 不过一定很好听
[20:32.48]- No! Wait! No! - No! No talk! - 不 等等 - 不要说
[20:34.36]- Please! - Talk to me. Nobody gets hurt. - 别 求求你 - 告诉我 就不杀你们
[20:36.56]- Tell me where your people are. - He's lying. He's going to kill us. 告诉我你们其他人去哪了
[20:37.60]Bernard 他骗人 他会把我们都杀了的
[20:41.04]Where are they? 他们在哪里?
[20:47.76]Sayonara. 再见
[20:50.16]The radio tower. They're hiking to a radio tower. 无线电发射塔
[20:56.48]- Why in the hell are they going there? - A woman parachuted here. 他们去那里干什么
[21:01.12]She has a satellite phone and they're gonna call her ship. 她有一部卫星定位电话 他们会联络她的船
[21:04.76]Juliet thought we were coming tomorrow. So why were they waiting for us tonight? Juliet只知道我们明天去
[21:09.92]You heard him. How'd you know? 你听到他说的
[21:14.32]A kid told us. He came in a canoe and he warned us. 一个孩子
[21:15.68]他告诉我们的 他划着独木舟来警告我们
[21:19.44]What kid? 哪个孩子?
[21:21.36]Karl. He said his name was Karl. Kar 他说他叫Karl
[21:24.08]You heard that, Ben? 听到了吗 Ben?
[21:27.00]Ben? Ben!
[21:28.28]I heard. 听到了
[21:37.92]What do you want us to do? Kill 'em? 我们怎么做?杀了他们?
[21:42.24]No. Not yet. 不
[21:54.16]We're going to the radio tower? 我们要去无线电发射塔?
[21:55.92]Not we, Richard. Me. 不是我们 Richard 是我
[21:57.68]You're going to take everyone to the Temple as planned. 你按原计划 把大家带到教堂那去
[22:00.48]Now might not be the best time to go tromping off on your own. 你现在一个人去可不是时候
[22:03.60]And why not? 是么?为什么不是?
[22:04.72]People are asking questions. 因为人们都在怀疑 Ben
[22:06.36]About leaving home, about what happened to Locke, about Jacob. 为什么要背井离乡?
[22:07.40]Locke怎么了? 还有Jacob的事?
[22:11.40]Not to mention the rumour that everyone who went down to the beach is dead. 更不用提那些谣言
[22:15.72]They're not all dead. 还有人活着
[22:22.84]Where are you going? 你去哪?
[22:24.16]Hello, Alex. Alex 你好啊
[22:26.44]I asked where you were going. 我在问你 你要去哪里?
[22:28.28]I thought I might go for a walk. 我想我得去走走
[22:30.12]See if I can't find Jack and all his friends. 看我能不能找到Jack他们
[22:33.80]I'm coming with you. 我也去
[22:36.24]- All right. - What? 好的
[22:38.52]I said, all right. - 什么? - 我说好的
[22:40.24]In fact, I think it's a good idea. 我觉得这主意不错
[22:43.28]You do wanna see Karl again. Don't you? 你想见Karl 不是么?
[22:48.24]Get your pack. I'm leaving in ten minutes. 带上你的包 10分钟以后就走
[22:54.88]There's 40 of them. And you're alone. 他们有40个人 你才1个
[22:57.36]They're gonna do whatever it takes to get off the island. 他们千方百计要离开这个岛
[23:00.40]What do you think's gonna happen when you get there? 你说到那里会发生什么?
[23:04.36]I'm gonna talk them out of it. 我会说服他们
[23:33.84]- Something's wrong. - Lots of things are wrong, Kate. 有点不对劲
[23:38.00]Jin, Bernard, Sayid, they should've caught up to us by now. 很多事都不对劲 Kate
[23:38.16]Jin Bernard和Sayid 他们现在应该赶上我们了
[23:42.04]I wanna make sure they're all right. 我要回去 看看他们有没有事
[23:44.12]- 'Course you do. - What's that supposed to mean? 就知道你要这么做
[23:46.88]It means, Kate, there's always someone to go back for. 你什么意思?
[23:46.68]我是说 Kate 你总有要回去找的人
[23:51.28]- What's the matter with you? - Nothing. - 你怎么了? - 没事
[23:53.36]- Nothing? - I'm fine. - 没事 - 我挺好
[23:54.48]Why don't you just tell me what happened? 为什么不告诉我发生了什么?
[24:03.48]- What'd you do that for? - To wake you up! - 你干什么? - 让你清醒一下
[24:05.96]Ever since you got that tape from Locke, it's like you've been sleepwalking. 自从你从Locke那拿到那盘磁带 你就变得像梦游一样
[24:10.12]You don't care about our friends? Fine. 你不关心我们的朋友 随便你
[24:12.32]But it's like you don't care about anything anymore. 但你现在似乎什么都不关心了
[24:16.04]And since when did you start calling me "Kate"? 你什么时候又开始叫我"Kate"了?
[24:23.00]You know... they sent Juliet to check out Sun. 你知道么
[24:31.04]But she was there to check and see if I'm pregnant too. 但她也是来检查我有没有怀孕的
[24:37.64]Well, let's hope you're not. 那希望你没怀孕
[24:53.80]The light still red? 灯还是红色的么?
[26:07.64]- 是的! - 不 你没有!
[26:16.00]Des! Des! Des! Des!
[26:18.56]Charlie! Bloody hell! You all right? Charlie! 该死的 你还好么?
[26:21.44]Not for long, if you don't get out of here. You have to hide! 如果你不走 我就不好了
[26:24.44]There's people in there! Quick! Hide! Hide! Hide! Go, go, go! 你赶紧躲起来 躲起来 那里面有人
[26:24.84]赶紧躲起来 躲起来! 走! 走!
[26:28.28]Who's he talking to? 他跟谁说话呢?
[26:30.92]Acting like you're stupid * Acting like it's stupid stupid people wearing *
[26:33.24]Stupid people wearing expensive...
[26:35.16]- Who were you talking to? - I wasn't talking. I was singing. 你跟谁说话呢?
[26:38.80]You all, everybody You all, everybody 我唱歌呢
[26:38.64]* You all, everybody *
[26:41.04]* You all, everybody *
[26:44.28]You all, everybody You all, everybody... * You all, everybody *
[26:46.48]* You all, everybody *
[26:50.48]- Shut up. - Right. OK. You got it. 闭嘴
[26:51.28]好的 明白了
[26:54.88]Come on. 过来
[27:31.84]Can I help you? 需要我帮忙么?
[27:35.32]Just checking her chart. 我看她病历呢
[27:36.96]I'm sorry, I'm Dr Hamill. Rob. The new chief of surgery. 不好意思 我是Hamill Rob医生
[27:39.96]- I don't think we've met yet. - Jack Shephard. 这里的新主任 我似乎没见过你
[27:41.00]Jack Shephard
[27:42.52]Dr Shephard, the hero. Twice over. Shephard医生 大英雄
[27:48.72]Are you all right? 你还好么?
[27:50.04]After last night, I'm surprised you'd even want to come in. 昨晚之后 我很惊讶你还要进来
[27:53.36]Talk about right place, right time? This woman is very lucky you were there. 对的时间 对的地点 是么?
[27:55.40]这个女真幸运 在那遇上你
[27:57.36]Then she wouldn't have a fractured back that was impinging upon her spinal cord. 如果她幸运 她后背就不会骨折了
[28:01.40]I'd like to operate first thing in the morning. 我想一早就来做手术
[28:06.52]- You want to operate? - Yes. 你想要做手术?
[28:09.20]I'm sorry, Jack, this isn't your patient. 是的
[28:09.04]对不起 Jack 她不是你的病人
[28:11.40]We are aware of the issues. 她的情况我们都了解 Gary nadler 6点给她做手术
[28:12.88]Gary Nadler's doing the surgery at 6:00am.
[28:20.20]With all due respect, Dr Hamill, I'd rather do it myself. 请恕我冒犯
[28:21.40]Hamill医生 我宁愿自己做
[28:25.80]Last night you pulled this woman's eight-year-old son out of a flaming car, Jack 昨晚...
[28:28.40]你把这个女人她8岁大的孩子 从着火的车里救出来
[28:30.96]then you went back for her. 然后又去救她
[28:34.68]- I think you've done enough. - I wanna do this surgery. 你做的够多了
[28:39.36]Look, everything's under control here. She'll be fine. 听着 这里尽在掌握
[28:43.72]Go home. Have a drink. You deserve it. 你回家吧
[28:52.16]The chart please, Jack. 病历给我 Jack
[29:02.08]You call me. I want to know what happens. 你要给我打电话
[29:15.20]The 6th Street bridge was shut down for several hours, 今晨由于一起两人受伤的交通事故
[29:18.12]in the wake of a fiery car accident that left two injured. 第六大街桥梁临时封闭了几小时
[29:21.16]An unidentified 40-year-old woman and her son. 伤者为一名40岁女性和她的儿子
[29:24.36]Fortunately for the two, Dr Jack Shephard 幸运的是
[29:26.76]was near the scene, pulled the victims from the burning wreckage, Jack shephard医生当时正在事发现场
[29:30.32]and treated them at the scene until paramedics arrived. 并在救护人员抵达前 进行了简单急救
[29:33.44]The victims were later transported to St. Sebastian Hospital. 而后伤者被转动到圣赛巴斯帝安医院
[29:36.72]Further details of their condition have not been released. 具体情况有待进一步查明
[29:49.00]- I'm going back. - What? 我要回去
[29:52.08]- I'm going back to the beach. - No way. We keep moving. 什么?
[29:55.76]I ain't asking permission. 我们要继续走
[30:04.12]Look, you got a job to do here. 听着 你在这有任务
[30:05.88]I ain't gonna stand in your way of you doing it. 我不想在这阻碍你 你也不需要我
[30:08.72]But you sure don't need me.
[30:10.32]What do you think you're gonna get done, alone and unarmed? 你知道这样会有什么后果么? 独自徒手回去?
[30:13.44]- He won't be alone. I'll go with him. - No. - 他不会一个人 我跟着他 - 不
[30:19.68]Twenty minutes ago, you weren't even going, 20分钟前 你还一心想要走
[30:22.08]and now you're telling Jack... - 现在你又突然对Jack说... - 我不想和你走
[30:23.76]I didn't want to go with you.
[30:28.08]Sawyer, it's a suicide mission without guns. Sawyer 没有枪等于去自杀
[30:30.52]I know where there are some guns. 我知道哪有枪
[30:33.04]There's a hidden cache a couple miles from here. 离这几英里 有个隐秘地点
[30:35.56]I can take us back to the beach on a route past it. 我可以回海滩时顺路去那
[30:38.48]Juliet, you don't have to do that. Juliet 你没必要这么做
[30:41.08]Yeah, Jack, I kinda do. 不 Jack 只能这么做了
[30:52.32]Let's do this. 咱们走吧
[30:58.72]- Don't do anything stupid. - I won't if you won't. 不要做傻事
[31:01.08]你不做 我就不做
[31:11.92]Don't wait up. 不用等我
[31:28.96]- The last of the ailing souls... - I told you to shut up! - * The last of the ailing souls * - 啊! 说过了让你闭嘴!
[31:33.16]You know when you get a tune stuck in your head? 有时候脑子里会蹦出一些曲调
[31:35.56]This song just started coming to me. 这首歌我刚获得了点儿灵感
[31:37.52]It's almost finished. 只要再有个过桥 就完成了
[31:38.76]- I just need to find the bridge. - Get the spear gun.
[31:41.68]- What? Why? - Because I want it to hurt. - 把鱼叉枪拿来 - 什么? 干什么?
[31:43.72]- No. Ben said we have to... - You don't wanna get it? I will. 因为我想要流点血
[31:43.48]- 不 Ben让我们... - 你不去拿? 我自己来
[31:47.48]Bonnie! Bonnie
[31:50.28]I'll shut up! I'll shut up! I'll shut up! 我会闭嘴的
[31:51.12]我会闭嘴的 我会的
[31:57.04]Mikhail? Mikhail?
[32:00.60]I thought you two were on assignment in Canada. 我还以为你们两个 在加拿大执行任务呢
[32:07.12]He made us promise not to tell anyone. 他叫我们保证不告诉任何人
[32:09.84]- Hello again. - Where is the other one? - 又见面了 - 另外一个在哪?
[32:12.72]- What? - This idiot swam down from a boat. - 什么? - 这个傻瓜是从船上潜下来的
[32:15.52]I was just shooting at his friend. He dove down here. 我刚在射击他的同伙
[32:19.32]- He's alone. - Are you sure about that? - 他就潜到这来了 - 他就一个人
[32:22.88]Here's a better question to ask, Cyclops. 这儿有一个更好的问题 独眼龙
[32:25.20]Why did your little friend Ben tell you people 为什么你那好朋友Ben要撒谎 骗你们说这个站点被淹没了呢?
[32:27.64]that this entire station was flooded when it isn't?
[32:30.36]Or why these two have been jamming transmissions off the island? 或者为什么这两个人 要屏蔽掉这个岛的一切信号?
[32:34.52]What? Is that true? 什么?
[32:39.12]- That's Ben. - I'll get it. - 那是ben - 我来接
[32:47.36]You have to understand. Everything I did, I did for the island. 你必须要理解 我所做的一切都是为了这个岛
[32:50.68]The island told you it was necessary to jam your own people? 这个岛也告诉你要干扰自己人吗?
[32:53.92]Yes, it did. You've always been a loyalist, Mikhail. 是的
[32:55.40]Mikhail 你一直是最忠诚的 现在我要你相信我
[32:57.20]Now I'm asking you to trust me, to trust Jacob, who told me to do this.
[32:58.76]相信指导我的人 Jacob
[33:01.56]Why would Jacob ask you to lie to your own people? 为什么Jacob会让你来欺骗自己人?
[33:04.08]Because this island is under assault 因为这个岛一直在被无比强大的力量袭击 在未来很久我们都必须这样做
[33:06.12]by forces stronger than anything it's had to deal with in many years.
[33:09.80]And we are meant to protect it, Mikhail, by any means necessary. 所以我们一定要保护它 Mikhail 不惜任何代价
[33:13.28]The jamming was for everyone's security. 干扰信号是为了大家的安全
[33:16.76]We are in a serious situation here. 我们现在处于特殊时期
[33:21.80]So why not trust me? 那为什么不相信我?
[33:24.00]I made a mistake. 我犯个错误
[33:26.32]I should have told you and I apologise. 我应该告诉你的 我道歉
[33:31.80]Mikhail? Are you still there? Mikhail 你在听吗?
[33:38.56]Yes. 在
[33:42.28]I need you to help me. 我需要你帮助我
[33:45.92]I need you to help me clean up this mess that I've made. 我需要你帮我清理 我制造的混局
[33:51.32]I need you to kill Charlie. 我需要你杀了Charlie
[33:54.48]Make sure that the jamming mechanism continues to function at all costs. 确保干扰设备继续正常运转
[33:58.48]We can't risk Greta and Bonnie telling the others what we've done. 我们不能保证greta和bonnie 不会告诉别人我们的所作所为
[34:01.96]So you'll have to take care of them too. 所以你也得把她们清理了
[34:08.56]How do I know you didn't say the same thing to them about me? 我怎么知道你没有对她们 也下了同样的命令?
[34:11.60]Because if I had, Mikhail, you'd already be dead. 如果是这样的话 你已经死了 Mikhail
[34:38.64]You OK? 你没事吧?
[34:41.68]Yeah. I just got a rock in my shoe. 没事 只是...
[34:54.12]He didn't mean it, you know. 他不是那个意思
[34:57.60]- What? - Sawyer. - 什么? - Sawyer
[35:00.56]When he said that he didn't want you to come go him, he didn't mean it. 他说他不想你跟他一起走 他不是那个意思
[35:04.08]If he didn't mean it, why'd he say it? 如果他不是那个意思 他干嘛那么说?
[35:07.08]He was trying to protect you. 他是想保护你
[35:12.20]That's why I asked you not to come back for me. 这也是我让你别回来找我的原因
[35:19.80]Hey. Why are you sticking up for Sawyer? 嘿
[35:24.24]He'd never do it for you. 你为什么替Sawyer说话?
[35:32.36]Because I love you. 因为我爱你
[35:55.52]When you pulled us out of those polar bear cages 把我们赶出北极熊笼子 又用链子串在一起
[35:58.00]and put us on the chain gang,
[36:00.32]what did you have us breaking all those rocks for? 又让我们去敲那些石头 是为什么?
[36:02.92]- We were building a runway. - A runway? For what? 我们在建飞机跑道
[36:04.32]飞机跑道? 干什么用的?
[36:06.80]The aliens. 那些外国人
[36:10.00]I don't know what for. Do you think they told me everything? 我也不太清楚 你觉得他们会告诉我所有事吗?
[36:13.28]Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. 是吗 随便你怎么说
[36:17.00]- So you screwing Jack yet? - No. Are you? - 你和Jack在一起? - 没有
[36:23.00]- How far away are these guns? - There aren't any guns. 我们离那些枪还有多远?
[36:27.40]- What? - I lied. 什么?
[36:29.52]- You lied? - It was the only way he'd let us go. - 我撒了谎 - 你说谎
[36:39.16]So why are you going back? 那你为什么要回来?
[36:41.40]Karma. 命运
[36:43.64]Why are you going back, James? 那你为什么要回来 James?
[36:46.56]Hey! 喂
[36:49.92]Hey, guys! Wait up! 等下我 伙计们
[36:53.72]- What the hell do you want? - I'm coming with you guys. 你想要干什么
[36:57.76]No way, not a chance.
[36:59.24]Come on, I can help! They're my friends too, man. 拜托 我能帮上忙的
[37:03.44]Charlie wouldn't let me go with him. Charlie不让我去帮他
[37:05.48]And Jack's too busy leading to even talk to me. Jack忙着指挥 连和我说话的空都没有
[37:10.00]I just wanna help. Please? 拜托 我只是想帮忙?
[37:14.28]For God sakes, Hugo, look at you. You're just gonna get in the way. 看在上帝的份上 Hugo 看看你 你只会碍事
[37:19.72]You wanna get us killed? 你想害死我们吗?
[37:25.12]Come on. 我们走
[37:40.56]If we head north, we should get to them before they reach the tower. 如果我们向北走 可以在他们到达发射塔前赶上他们
[37:45.64]Why did you let me come? 你为什么让我跟着来?
[37:47.16]I let you come because I'm delivering you to your new family. 因为我要把你送到你的新家
[37:51.92]I let you come because you betrayed me, Alex. 我让你来是因为你背叛了我 Alex
[37:55.20]You locked Karl in a cage. 你把Karl锁在一个笼子里
[37:57.04]You put him in a room and tried to brainwash him. 把他关在一个房间里给他洗脑
[38:00.48]I didn't want him to get you pregnant. 我不想让他让你怀孕
[38:03.64]I suppose I overreacted. 我想我有点过激了
[38:07.68]- We'd better get going. - Ben... - 我们得出发了 - Ben?
[38:10.72]Why do you have to stop them? Why won't you just let them leave? 你为什么要阻止他们?
[38:17.72]Because I can't, Alex. Alex 因为我就是不能
[39:56.76]Don't, John. 不要这样 John
[40:05.24]Put the gun down. 把枪放下
[40:10.44]Walt. - Walt? - 现在站起来 John
[40:11.68]Now, get up, John.
[40:16.32]He shot me, and I can't move my legs. 他打中了我 我的腿不能动了
[40:21.00]You can move your legs. Now, get out of the ditch, John. 你能的
[40:22.24]John 现在就从那壕沟里出来吧
[40:25.84]Why? 为什么?
[40:27.36]Because you have work to do. 因为你有任务要完成
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