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听电影学英语 钢琴师22

所属教程:听电影学英语 钢琴师




[00:01.83]All that city 整座城市
[00:09.51]You just couldn't see an end to it 你根本无法看到它的尽头
[00:14.59]The end... 尽头
[00:17.43]please? 拜托
[00:19.85]You please just show me where it ends? 你能告诉我哪里才是城市的尽头吗
[00:26.06]It was all very fine on that gangway. And I was grand too 在跳板上我还觉得自己很好 一切都还好
[00:31.69]in my overcoat 穿着我的那件大衣
[00:34.24]I cut quite a figure 我确实看起来很有型
[00:37.28]And I was getting off 然后我确实打算要下去
[00:40.37]Guaranteed 我发誓
[00:43.58]That's wasn't the problem 那并不是我最终回身上船的原因
[00:50.42]It wasn't what I saw that stopped me, Max 并不是我所看到的让我停下了脚步 麦克斯
[00:55.21]It was what I didn't see 让我停下脚步的是我所没有看到的
[00:58.59]Understand? 明白吗
[01:01.89]What I didnt' see 我所看不到的
[01:05.06]In all that srawling city 城市里纵横交错的街道
[01:07.39]there was everything except an end 除了尽头 什么都有
[01:11.31]There was no end 那里没有尽头
[01:15.65]What I did not see was 我所看不到的是
[01:18.63]was where the whole thing came to an end 我下船之后的未来
[01:23.41]The end of the world 我看不到世界的尽头
[01:33.17]You take a piano 用钢琴打比方
[01:37.21]Keys begin 钢琴键就是
[01:39.30]The keys end 有始有终的
[01:42.47]You know there are 88 of them 你也很清楚明了的知道钢琴一共有88个键
[01:44.72]Nobody can tell you any different 没有人能对此提出异议
[01:46.97]They are not infinite 没有无限的因素在里面
[01:49.35]You are infinite 你才是那个无限的因素的主导
[01:53.14]And on those keys 在那些琴键上
[01:55.54]the music that you can make is infinite 你演奏出来的音乐才有万千变化
[01:58.98]I like that 我喜欢这样
[02:01.57]That I can live by 我只能过这样的生活
[02:04.24]You get me up on that gangway 你把我弄到那个跳板上
[02:05.57]and you roll out in front of me 然后你突然在我面前扔了一个
[02:06.90]a keyboard of millions and billions of keys that never end 上面有着万千琴键的键盘
[02:10.82]and that's the truth Max 这就是我不能下船的原因 麦克斯
[02:12.91]that they never end 是因为他们无穷无尽
[02:15.00]That keyboard is infinite 那个键盘本身就是无穷无尽的
[02:18.67]And if that keyboard is infinite 而如果键盘是无穷无尽的话
[02:21.08]then there is no music you can play 那么在上面演奏音乐是不可能的
[02:24.59]You're sitting on the wrong bench 你根本就没有站在合适的位置上
[02:27.84]That's God's piano 那是上帝的钢琴
[02:33.35]Christ, did you see the streets? Just the streets. 天啊 你看到那些街道了吗 只是街道
[02:36.35]There were thousands of them 就有成百上千条
[02:39.14]How do you do it down there? 你如何能在那里生活
[02:41.68]How do you choose just one? 你如何从那么多中间选择
[02:44.23]One woman 一个女人
[02:46.98]One house 一幢房子
[02:49.69]One piece of land to call 一小块你可以看着的称之为
[02:52.13]your own one landscape to look at 自己的风景的土地
[02:54.57]one way to die? 还有一种死亡的方式
[03:00.54]All that world just weighing down on you 那整个世界都只是重压在你身上
[03:03.16]You don't even know where it comes to an end 你甚至不知道什么时候才是结束 是尽头
[03:05.25]I mean, aren't you ever just scared of 我是说 难道你从来都没害怕自己会
[03:07.38]breaking apart at the thought of it? 因为想到这个就崩溃吗
[03:09.34]At the enormity of living it? 甚至只是想想生活在其中 就不寒而栗吗
[03:14.34]I was born on this ship 我是生在这艘船上的
[03:20.39]And the world passed me by 我已经和这个世界擦身而过了
[03:23.89]But two thousand people at a time 但是每次这里都会容纳两千人
[03:29.56]And there were wishes here 而且还承载了人们的愿望
[03:33.73]But never more than fit between prow and stern 但是没有比船头和船尾之间更适合的了
[03:38.74]You played out your happiness 你演奏出了自己的快乐幸福
[03:41.16]but on a piano that was not infinite 但那是在一架有始有终的钢琴上
[03:43.58]I learned to live that way 那就是我所学会的生活方式
[03:50.25]Land? 陆地
[03:54.42]Land is a ship too big for me 陆地对我来说是一艘太大的船
[04:00.26]It's a woman too beautiful 是一个太过于美丽的女人
[04:05.05]It's a voyage too long 是一段太长的航程
[04:07.68]perfume too strong 是太过于浓烈的香水
[04:10.93]It's music I don't know how to make 是我不会弹奏的曲子
[04:15.36]I could never get off this ship 我永远都不能离开这艘船
[04:21.15]At best 最不济
[04:23.32]I can step off my life 我还能退出生命的舞台
[04:28.12]After all 毕竟
[04:30.54]I don't exist for anyone 我不为任何人而存在
[04:37.00]You're the exception, Max 你是例外 麦克斯
[04:41.63]You're the only one who knows I'm here 你是唯一知道我在这里的人
[04:46.84]You're a minority 你是少数
[04:49.47]And you'd better get used to it 而且你最好习惯它
[04:56.35]Forgive me, my friend 原谅我 我的朋友
[05:00.48]but I'm not getting off 我是不会下船的
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