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[00:00.36]Previously on "lost"... "迷失" 前情提要

[00:02.75]Ladies and gentlemen, the survivors of oceanic 8-1-5. 女士们先生们 有请大洋航空815航班的幸存者

[00:10.31]I just killed a man who's been perched... 我刚杀了个男人

[00:11.86]Outside this facility for the last week. 他从上周起一起在这外面守着

[00:14.33]I want you to come with me somewhere safe. 我要你跟我去个安全的地方

[00:16.87]You and i have common interests. 你和我有共同的兴趣

[00:18.87]We're not the only ones who left the island. 我们不是唯一离开岛的人

[00:21.39]We... Were not supposed to leave. 我们...不该离开

[00:24.62]Bye,jack. 再见 Jack

[00:25.73]We have to go back,kate. 我们得回去 Kate

[00:27.31]Hello,jack. 你好 Jack

[00:28.95]Did he tell you that i was off the island? 他告诉你我也离岛了吗?

[00:30.85]Yes,he did. 是的 他说了

[00:31.68]He said that i had to come back. 他说我必须得回去

[00:34.03]We're gonna have to bring him,too. 我们也得把他带回去

[00:55.01]Baby's awake. 宝宝醒了

[00:58.79]It's your turn. 今天该你了

[01:59.14]morning. Here you go,doc. 早上好 给你 博士

[02:00.39]I don't need a script. 我不需要剧本

[02:03.92]Let's go. I don't have all day. 快开始吧 我时间紧着呢

[02:07.26]Speed. 快点儿

[02:08.12]Okay. Dharma orientation film number two, take one. 好的 达摩介绍片第二集 第一次

[02:17.08]And... Action. 现在...开始

[02:19.59]Hello.I'm dr. Marvin candle, 你好 我是Marvin Candle博士

[02:22.16]and this is the orientation film for station two, the arrow. 这是达摩二号站箭锋站的介绍片

[02:26.45]Given your specific area of expertise, you should find it no surprise that 这个站点供于专业研究 你们


[02:30.32]This station's primary purpose is to develop defensive strategies 这个站点的最初目的是发展战略防御

[02:35.26]And gather intelligence on the island's hostile indigenous population- 并集思广益对抗岛上的敌对势力

[02:39.11]dr chang!Dr. Chang? Chang博士! Chang博士?

[02:41.44]- Damn it! What the hell? - Cut! - 妈的 搞什么? - 切!

[02:43.10]Sir,we got a problem down at thorchid. 先生 幽兰站出事儿了

[03:07.89]Over here. 这儿

[03:09.62]We were cutting through the rock,right on your specs. 我们按您的指示洞穿石壁

[03:12.37]That's when the drill melted. 结果钻枪熔化了

[03:14.48]- The drillmelted? - Yeah,yeah. - 钻枪熔化了? - 没错

[03:16.09]3 meters from the margin line on the plans. 离原定界线还有3米的样子

[03:18.00]We went through six carbon drill bits, and the last one just fried. 我们连换了6个碳钻头 最后一个也刚


[03:20.88]Then my operator starts grabbing his head and freaking out. 然后我的钻工就抓着他的脑袋疯了

[03:29.34]We sonar-imaged the wall. 我们用声纳波照了这堵墙

[03:31.10]There's an open chamber about 20 meters in, behind the rock. 石壁后面20米处有个密室

[03:36.44]There's something in there. 里面有东西

[03:40.26]And the only way to get to it is to lay charges here and here and blast through it and take a look--

唯一的办法就是在这几个地方 布炸药 把它炸开...

[03:43.80]Under no circumstances. 绝对不可以

[03:46.89]This station is being built here because of its proximity to what we believe to be an almost

limitless energy. 站址选在这里 是因为这地方 能给我们带来用之不竭的能量

[03:52.89]And that energy,once we can harness it correctly? 这能量 只要我们能正确的使用

[03:56.71]It's going to allow us to manipulate time. 就能赋予我们穿梭时空的能力

[04:00.01]Right. 是啊

[04:02.53]Okay,sohat? W go back and kill hitler? 好吧 那又怎样? 我们穿越回去毙了希特勒?

[04:05.23]Don't be absurd. There are rules, rules thatcan'tbe broken. 别荒唐了 有规则的 不能打破的规则

[04:13.24]So whatdoyou want me to do? 那你要我怎么做?

[04:15.07]You're gonna do nothing. 什么也不做

[04:16.95]If you drill even 1 centimeter further, you risk releasing that energy. 你的钻头哪怕偏了一厘米 都有可


[04:22.50]If that were to haen? 如果是那样

[04:27.07]God help us all. 只能听天由命了

[04:33.54]All right,get him up. Let's go. 好了 抬上他 走了

[04:36.20]Watch yourself! 眼睛看着点儿!

[04:37.45]Sorry,sir. It won't happen again. 对不起 先生 没有下次

[04:44.41]all right. I'll grab the rest of his stuff. Let's go. 好了 我来拿他的东西 咱们走吧

[04:52.67]Did youhearthat? 你听到了吗?

[04:54.98]Time travel. 时空穿梭

[04:56.55]How stupid does that guy think we are? Let's go,guys. - 那家伙当我们是傻子啊 - 走了 伙计们

[05:32.10]Why don't you close that up now,jack? 为什么不把棺盖合上 Jack?

[05:34.74]Come on. Let's get him in the van. It's out back. 来 把他弄到货车上去 在门外呢

[05:38.48]Where are we taking him? 我们要把他带到哪儿去?

[05:39.69]We'll worry about that once we pick up hugo. 等接了Hugo再操心这个吧

[05:43.77]Hurley... Hurley...

[05:45.35]Is locked away in a mental institution. 被关在精神病院里

[05:49.06]Which should make recruiting him considerably easier than the rest of your friends. 因此比起你的其他

朋友来 带上他容易多了

[05:52.85]They're not my friends anymore. 他们已经不是我的朋友了

[05:56.21]Oh,that's the spirit. 喔 这话说到点子上了

[06:00.49]How did we get here? 我们是怎么走到这一步的?

[06:05.43]How did all this happen? 这一切都是怎么发生的?

[06:09.73]It happened because you left,jack. 那是因为你离开了 Jack

[06:15.91]Now let's get started, shall we? 那么咱们动身吧 好吗?

[06:29.92]So once we get hurley... Then what? 等我们接到Hurley...然后呢?

[06:32.21]Then we get sun,sayid... 然后再去接Sun和Sayid...

[06:36.55]And ka 当然了 还有Kate

[06:38.84]i don't see that happening. 她不会跟我们回去的

[06:47.63]When was the last time you saw him? 你最后一次见他是什么时候?

[06:50.39]I mean,locke. 我是说Locke

[06:55.20]On the island... 在岛上...

[06:59.30]In the orchid station, below the greenhouse. 在幽兰站 温室下面

[07:03.00]I told him i was sorry for making his life so miserable, and then he left. 我说很抱歉让他的人生如此悲

惨 后来他就离开了

[07:14.98]So obviously john's visit to you made an impression. 看来John的话对你冲击不小

[07:17.44]What did he say to make you such a believer? 他说了什么 让你信念如此坚定?

[07:24.64]Sawyer, juliet, everyone from the boat... Sawyer Juliet 船上的所有人...

[07:29.59]And everyone we left behind-- john said that they'd die,too, if i didn't come back. 所有被我们抛下的

人 John说如果我不回去 他们都会死

[07:38.11]Did he tell you what happened to them after the island moved? 他告诉过你 岛被移走后 他们发生了什么吗?

[07:43.25]No. 没有

[07:45.79]No,he didn't. 他没告诉我

[07:49.08]Then i guess we'll never know. 我猜我们永远也无法知道了

[07:53.34]***** 三年前

[08:52.69]What the... 怎么回事...

[08:55.97]Richard? Richloarstd? Richard? Richard?

[09:01.77]Anyone? 有人吗?

[09:07.69]Anyone? 有人吗?

[09:13.66]What happened? 发生什么事?

[09:16.78]What was that light? 那光是啥玩意儿?

[09:20.86]We must've been inside the radius. 我们一定是在威力作用范围内

[09:31.85]What the hell was that? 怎么回事?

[09:33.91]I don't know. 我不知道

[09:40.75]Where's the freighter? 货船在哪里?

[09:46.99]- Maybe it went down. - No way. - 也许沉没了 - 不可能

[09:49.55]A minute ago,that boat was coughing black smoke. Now there's just nothin'? 一分钟前 那船还吐黑烟来着


[09:54.38]What about the helicopter? 直升机呢?

[09:58.13]It was heading for that boat. 刚才朝着船在飞呢

[10:02.50]Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose!

[10:06.94]- Bernard! - Rose! - Bernard! - Rose!

[10:10.43]- Have you seen rose? - No. - 你看到Rose了吗? - 没

[10:13.31]Oh,my god! Bernard! 噢 上帝啊 Bernard!

[10:16.47]Rose! Where were you? Rose! 你刚才在哪儿?

[10:18.41]I was over... By the church. 我刚才在教堂那儿

[10:20.23]- Wh-what was that sound? What was that light? - I don't know. - 那是什么声音? 那光是什么? - 我不知道

[10:22.80]Just calm down. There's no need to panic,all right? 冷静下来 别惊慌 好吗?

[10:24.63]- We'll just go back to camp and-- - "calm down"?"no need to panic"? - 咱们回营地去然后... - "冷静"?


[10:28.01]We can't go back to the camp. 咱们回不去营地了

[10:30.34]What the hell are you talking about? 你说什么呢?

[10:31.96]Thereisno camp. 营地消失了

[10:38.83]The-- the sky lit up, a- and then this. 天空突然一亮 然后...

[10:41.69]The-- the kitchen? 这儿的厨房...

[10:44.42]Gone. 消失了

[10:46.71]And-- and all the tents, all the food and water... Gone. 而且所有的帐篷 食物和淡水 都消失了

[10:50.80]Well,everything but us. 除了我们

[10:52.31]All of it. 所有的东西

[10:53.77]It's gone. 都消失了

[10:55.47]It's not gone. 没有消失

[10:59.93]Daniel! Daniel!

[11:03.97]I thought you were on the freighter. 我以为你在货船上了

[11:05.21]No,we never made it. We were on our way out there when it happened. 不 我们没到 出事时咱们在半路上

[11:07.79]What do you mean, the camp's not gone? 你说营地没消失是什么意思?

[11:10.97]Who the hell are you anyway? 你到底是谁啊?

[11:12.84]That's dan. He's our physicist. 这是Dan 我们的物理学家

[11:15.57]Listen,we have no time. 听着 咱们没时间了

[11:17.17]I need you to take me to something man-made, 我需要你带我去找人造基地

[11:19.04]Something that was built, any kind of a landmark. 类似于地标的建筑物

[11:22.34]There's a dharma station 15 minutes from here. 附近有个达摩站 大概15分钟路程

[11:25.50]You mean the hatch? The one we blew up? 你说那个舱? 炸了的那个?

[11:27.89]We should get moving before it happens again,okay? 咱们得赶在下次再发生前撤走

[11:31.95]Beforewhathappens again? 赶在啥事发生之前?

[11:36.22]And why is our camp gone? 我们的营地为什么不见了?

[11:38.50]Your camp isn't gone. 你们的营地没有消失

[11:41.69]It hasn't been built yet. 是还没有建立

[11:59.20]Lost Season05 Episode01迷失 第五季 第1集

[12:15.85]Choo choo! Tunnel! 小蓝火车! 小心隧道!

[12:19.24]Oh,i think choo choo knows better than that. 噢 我想小蓝火车知道的

[12:23.55]He goes intothattunnel, he's never coming back out. 他钻进隧道 就不会再出来了哦

[12:31.06]Watch your cartoons,goober. 乖乖看动画 小花生

[12:33.09]Mommy'll be right back. 妈妈马上就回来

[12:39.20]- Ms.austen? - Yes? - Austen女士? - 是我

[12:41.07]Hi,i'm dan norton of the law firm agostoni & norton. 嘿 我是Agostoni & Norton律师事务所 的Dan Norton

[12:44.46]May we have a moment of your time? 能占用会儿您的时间吗?

[12:46.61]And who are you? 你又是谁?

[12:47.77]He's my associate. 他是我的助手

[12:49.78]If i could just come in, i'll be glad to explain-- 如果我能进来 我会向您解释...

[12:51.48]No,you can explain right here. 不 就在这儿说行了

[12:53.57]Okay,you got it. 好的 是这样的

[12:56.20]Ms.austen,we're here to get a blood sample from you and one from your son aaron. Austen女士 我们是前

来为您和 您儿子Aaron抽取血样的

[13:03.06]Excuse me? 你说什么?

[13:03.99]Now i have a court order signed by a judge for you to relinquish your blood upon being served these

papers-- 我有法官签字的法庭谕令 让您献出自己的血液 以此...

[13:09.26]Why? 为什么?

[13:11.33]To determine your relationship to the chi 来验证您和您儿子的血缘关系

[13:15.62]i'm sorry.I don't understand.Um,who's the-- 抱歉 我不明白 谁让你们...

[13:17.89]i'm not at liberty to divulge the identity of my client. 我不能泄露委托人的信息

[13:21.31]Yourclient? 你的委托人?

[13:22.17]- Please,may we come in? - Get off my property. - 请问我们能进来吗? - 滚出我的家

[13:25.73]If you won't comply, then i'm going to have to come back with the sheriff. 如果您不合作 我下次就会同


[13:30.10]Then come back with the sheriff. 那就和警长一起来吧

[14:07.94]where you going,mommy? 你去哪儿啊 妈妈?

[14:12.91]We're going on vacation, baby. 咱们去度假 宝贝儿

[14:30.35]Say bye-bye,baby. 说再见 宝贝儿

[14:40.60]Why did you jump off that helicopter? 你为什么要跳机?

[14:43.94]I told you. We were runnin' out of gas. 我说了 飞机油不够了

[14:45.71]I wanted to make sure she-- i wanted to make sure theygot back to the boat. 我想要她...要他们安全上船

[14:51.65]Don't matter now anyway, does it? 现在没啥关系了 不是吗?

[14:53.44]Excuse me. I really need the two of you to pick up the pace. Okay? Thanks. 抱歉 我希望你们能加快步伐

好吗 谢谢

[14:56.90]First things first. Give me your shirt. 那先把你衬衫给我

[15:03.36]- My** - yeah. - 我的衬衫? - 没错

[15:05.85]Ireallythink we have far more pressing matters than me giving you a shirt. 我相信咱们有更重要的事儿要


[15:11.92]How about we just keep moving,okay? 咱们继续前进 好吧?

[15:13.41]How about we call a time-out so you can tell us what the hell is going on? 为啥不停下来告诉我们发生了


[15:15.92]How about you trust me? 为啥你就不相信我呢?

[15:16.81]Trustyou? I don'tknowyou! 相信你? 我都不认识你!

[15:17.97]Wereallydo not have time for me to try to explain. 咱们真的没时间来细细解释了

[15:21.45]You have no idea how difficult that would be for me to try to explain this-- 你不知道这有多难 解释这


[15:24.86]This phenomenon to a quantum physicist. 从量子力学的角度解释这种现象

[15:28.56]Thatwould be difficult, so for me to try to explain whatever is happening-- 这很难 所以让我解释这


[15:33.87]What in bloody hell do you think you're doing? 你干嘛呢?

[15:35.01]Shut it,ginger, or you're gettin' one,t 闭嘴 小黄毛 不然也给你一巴掌

[15:41.20]now talk. 现在说吧

[15:44.02]The island... 这座岛...

[15:46.73]Think of the island like a record spinning on a turntable... 姑且把这座岛看成一张唱片...

[15:50.43]Onlynow that record is skipping. 现在唱片跳针了

[15:54.93]Whatever ben linus did down at the orchid station... 不管Ben Linus在幽兰站做了什么...

[15:59.57]I think it may have... 我认为他把我们...

[16:02.71]Dislodged us. 抹去了

[16:05.16]Dislodged us from what? 从哪里抹去了?

[16:07.70]Time. 从时间上

[16:12.36]So that's why our camp is gone? 这就是为什么营地会消失?

[16:14.65]Because the island is moving through time? 因为这个岛穿越了时间?

[16:16.74]Yeah,either the island is, or we are. 是的 要不就是岛穿越了时间 要不就是我们

[16:19.49]What? 什么?

[16:21.11]And it's just as likely thatwe'removing, your people and us. 有可能只是我们在移动 你的人和我们

[16:26.67]And everyone in your group-- you're all accounted for,right? 你队里的每个人 都由你负责 对吗?

[16:34.49]Not everyone. 不是每个人

[16:40.47]Locke. Locke

[18:12.58]Is anyone there? 有人在吗?

[18:18.43]Hello? 有人吗?

[18:23.79]Hello? 有人吗?

[19:18.08]Who are you? 你是谁?

[19:24.44]- Well,listen,listen-- - how many others onboard? 好 听着 听着 有多少人?

[19:26.38]You don't understand. 你不明白

[19:27.66]I didn't come on that plane. 我不是从那个飞机上来的

[19:30.18]- Wrong answer. - No,wait! Stop! Stop! - 回答错误 - 不要 等等 住手住手

[19:33.06]I know you. I know who you are. 我认识你 我知道你是谁

[19:36.49]Your name... Your name is ethan. 你的名字 你的名字是Ethan

[19:40.42]Your nameis ethan. 你的名字是Ethan

[19:43.26]Who are you? 你是谁?

[19:44.43]My name is john locke. 我的名字是John Locke

[19:47.33]I know this is gonna be hard to understand, 我知道这会让人很难接受

[19:49.74]but ben linus appointed me as your leader. 但是Ben Linus任命我为你们的领导者

[19:56.01]That is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. 这是我听过的最荒谬的事情

[19:59.89]Good-bye,john locke. 再见 John Locke

[20:25.32]Great. 好极了

[20:35.71]Sowhenare we now, whiz kid? 那我们现在又在什么时候 小神童?

[20:38.72]We're either in the past... 我们要不是在过去

[20:42.98]Or we're in the future. 就是在未来

[20:46.57]Flight 23 to paris will begin boarding at gate 15. 飞往巴黎的第23号航班在15号门登记检票

[20:50.96]Please have your boarding passes ready. 请准备好您的登机牌

[21:04.23]Evening,ma'am. Where you flying to tonight? 晚上好 女士 你今晚飞往哪里?

[21:06.79]Los angeles. 洛杉矶

[21:07.84]Of course. May i see your passport,please? 好的 可以给我看一下你的护照吗?

[21:19.61]Excuse me. 对不起

[21:21.54]Could you wait here for just one moment,ms. Kwon? 你可以在这稍等片刻吗 Kwon女士

[21:36.41]Where are you going? 你要去哪?

[21:38.71]Open this door. Open this door! 开门! 开门!

[21:41.94]Save your breath. 省点力气吧

[21:44.49]They only do what i tell them to do. 他们只会听我的命令

[21:48.42]You. 是你

[21:51.42]You had me brought in here? 你把我带到这里的?

[21:54.22]Why? 为什么?

[21:55.96]You had the audacity to approach me in broad daylight in front of my business associates... 你有这个

胆子在大白天 当着我商业伙伴的面接近我

[22:02.00]Inpublic. 而且在公共场合

[22:03.48]Why did i have you brought here? 我为什么把你带到这里?

[22:05.93]Because you showed me no respect. 因为你一点都不尊重我

[22:09.27]Iwillbe respected,sun. 我会得到尊重 Sun

[22:11.92]Fair enough. 很好

[22:18.16]Since you seem to be worried about your plane, i'll get right down to business. 你看起来很担心你的航

班 那我就闲话少说

[22:23.13]You mentioned that you and i had... 你提到过你和我有...

[22:25.42]Common interests. 相同的兴趣

[22:31.32]Why don't you tell me exactly what they might be? 不如你告诉我究竟指的是什么?

[22:36.06]To kill benjamin linus. 杀死Benjamin Linus

[22:45.13]The victim was found shot in his car on the grounds of the santa rosa hospital, 受害者被发现在他的车

里被射杀 车子停在圣罗莎医院前的空地上

[22:48.54]A private mental health care facility outside los angeles. 是洛杉矶城外一个私立精神医院

[22:51.29]Okay. Let's go get him. 好的 让我们过去找他

[22:53.32]Police have now identified their suspect in the shooting as a patient at the hospital 警察确定了凶手


[22:57.49]Who escaped earlier this evening-- Hugo reyes. 他在今晚早些时候逃走了 他的名字是Hugo Reyes

[23:00.73]Now if that name sounds familiar to you, that's because reyes was a member of the infamous oceanic

six. 要是这个名字听起来很熟悉 是因为Reyes是声名狼藉的大洋6人中的一员

[23:07.48]As to why he may have murdered a visitor to the facility where reyes lived for two years, 至于Reyes为

什么在医院住了2年后 会杀了一个探访者

[23:11.83]that remains a complete mystery. 这仍然完全是一个谜题

[23:15.27]Well... 好...

[23:18.64]Looks li we have a change of plan. 看来我们要改变计划

[23:29.68]Here she comes,right now. 她来了 现在

[23:33.03]Here's yr order,sir. 这是你要的 先生

[23:36.12]- Keep the change. - Thank you. - 不用找了 - 谢谢

[23:40.76]Awesome. You want a fry? 好极了 你要薯条吗?

[23:43.56]No,thank you. 不用了 谢谢

[23:45.05]You know,maybe if you ate more comfort food you wouldn't have to go around shooting people. 你知道吗

如果你吃更多好吃的食物 你也许不用到处奔波杀人

[24:04.51]So that dude you popped outside santa rosa-- Who was he? 那个你在Santa Rosa外杀死的人 他是谁?

[24:07.19]I don't care. 我不在乎

[24:08.22]He was armed and he was watching you. 他有武器 而且他在监视你

[24:10.75]That made him an enemy. 那他就是敌人

[24:12.89]Do you think he was gonna kill me? 你认为他会杀了我?

[24:14.66]I'm not taking any risks.After bentham died-- Bentham死了以后 我不能冒任何一点险

[24:17.26]- you mean locke. - Yes,i mean locke. - 你指Locke - 是的 我指的是Locke

[24:20.76]I need a cool code name. 我需要一个很酷的代号

[24:28.06]So when'd you become so paranoid? 你什么时候开始变得这么多疑?

[24:30.01]If you'd spent the last two years doing the things i was doing, you'd be paranoid,too. 如果这两年之间


[24:36.40]Oh,yeah? Paranoid? Like what? What kind of things? 是吗? 有多多疑? 类似什么事情?

[24:41.73]I was working for benjamin linus. 我为Benjamin Linus工作

[24:45.69]Wait. He's onourside now? 等等 他现在站在我们这一边了?

[24:48.27]Listen to me,hurley. 听我说 Hurley

[24:51.21]If you ever have the misfortune of running into him, 如果你不幸遇上了他

[24:54.50]whatever he tells you, just do the opposite. 不管他对你说什么 都要做相反的事

[25:08.32]Wait here. 在这等着

[26:03.93]- Is he all right? - I don't know. - 他还好吗? - 我不知道

[26:05.47]- Is he breathing or what? - Who is that? - 他现在还有呼吸吗? - 那是谁?

[26:07.12]Check him out. 看一下他

[26:10.69]Look out! That guy's got a gun! Run! Get out of here! Call the cops! Hurry! 小心 他家伙有抢 快跑 快离

开 叫警察来 快

[26:23.56]Sayid! Sayid!

[26:27.21]You okay? 你还好吗?

[26:28.89]Get me to the car. 扶我到车上去

[26:31.05]Dude. Dude. Oh,man. 伙计 伙计 喔不

[26:35.58]I thought it was supposed to be a safe house. 我以为这是安全地

[26:37.65]I never should've left the island. 我不应该离开那个岛

[26:58.05]hey,do you think he's looking for us? 嗨 你觉得他在找我们吗?

[26:59.76]- Who? - Widmore. - 谁? - Widmore

[27:03.03]It took him,like,20 years to find this place the first time. 起初他花了近20年才找到这地方

[27:06.92]I'll start holding my breath 我会从现在开始低调点

[27:09.10]over here! 这儿!

[27:22.52]Is this the hatch? 这是那个舱吗

[27:23.93]Itwas. 曾经是

[27:25.57]Blown up, just like we left it. 被炸了 跟走时一样

[27:28.96]Okay. 好的

[27:30.80]Sowhenwe are now... 那么我们现在是回到了...

[27:33.23]It's now after you and your people crashed on the island. 你们刚坠落到岛上的时候

[27:37.25]You sayin' our camp is back on the beach again? 你是说我们的营地又回到了海滩?

[27:39.70]- It's possible,yeah. - Good. I'm going back. - 很有可能 是的 - 很好 我要回去

[27:42.11]No,no. It's pointless. 不 不 这没有意义

[27:45.31]More pointless than staring at a hole in the ground? 比干瞪着个洞还没意义?

[27:47.25]We don't know when the next flash is coming. 我们不知道下次时空闪回是什么时候

[27:48.97]By the time you get back to the beach, the camp could be gone again. 当你回到海滩的时候 说不定营地又


[27:51.55]Yeah,but what if it ain't? 是啊 那万一还在呢

[27:53.16]Hell,what if the helicopter hasn't even taken off yet? 他妈的 万一那架直升机还没起飞呢

[27:56.14]We could warn them, stop them from ever flying to that boat. 我们可以警告他们的 阻止他们飞回那艘船上

[28:01.93]That's not the way it works. 这不是这么运作的

[28:03.37]Who says? 谁说的

[28:04.43]Youcannotchange anything. You can't. 你改变不了任何事情 你改变不了

[28:07.31]- Even if you tried it wouldn't work. - why not? - 即使你尝试了 也不会成功的 - 为什么

[28:11.89]Time-- it's like a street, all right? 时间 就像一条街 好吗

[28:14.32]We can move forward on that street,we can move in reverse, 我们可以顺着那条街走 也可以倒着走

[28:16.49]But wecannot ever create a new street. 但是我们不可能建造一条新的街道

[28:19.94]If we try to do anything different, we will fail every time. 如果我们做不同的尝试 每次尝试都将失败

[28:25.35]Whatever happened,happened. 发生的就是发生了

[28:31.16]How do you know so much about this,danny boy? 你怎么懂这么多的 Danny小子?

[28:38.83]I know about this because... 我知道是因为

[28:42.13]I've spent my entire adult life studying space-time. 我成年了就一直在研究时空

[28:45.99]I know all this because this journal contains everything i've ever learned about the dharma

initiative. 我知道这些因为这本日志包含了 所有我知道的有关达摩计划的东西

[28:50.60]Thisis why i'm here. 这就是我在这里的原因

[28:54.86]I know what's happening. 我知道发生了什么事

[28:58.07]So how can we stop it? 那我们怎么阻止这一切呢?

[29:00.97]Wecan'tstop it. 我们阻止不了

[29:04.01]Then who can? 那谁可以?

[31:01.40]Richard? Richard?

[31:03.35]Hey,john. 好啊 John

[31:09.90]Richard... What is happening? Richard...发生什么事了

[31:13.18]What's happening is that you're bleeding to death. 眼下看来 你会流血致死

[31:17.20]Here. 给

[31:22.83]I need to get the bullet out. 我要把子弹取出来

[31:28.07]How did you know there was a bullet in my leg,rich 你怎么知道我腿里有颗子弹 Rich

[31:30.42]because you told me there was,john. 因为你跟我说的 John

[31:32.17]No,no. No,i didn't. 不 不 我没有

[31:35.71]Well... You will. 好吧 你会说的

[31:39.23]It was ethan who shot me. 是Ethan朝我开的枪

[31:41.48]Well... What comes around, goes around. 好吧 因果皆有报

[31:48.07]Whenam i? 我现在在什么时候

[31:50.99]Well,john, that-- that's all relative. 好吧 John 那都是相对的

[31:56.62]Wait,wait. The-- the noise,when the sky lit up... Where did you go? 等等 那个噪音 当天空照亮的时候


[32:01.10]I didn't go anywhere,john. Youwent. 我哪都没去 John 是你走了

[32:03.29]All right, this-- this is gonna hurt. 好了 这-这会有点疼

[32:04.70]It'll be a lot worse if you move,okay? Hold still. 你动的话会更疼的 好么 别动

[32:17.38]All done. 好了

[32:20.00]Jeez. 天呐

[32:25.49]I don't understand. How-- how did you know that i was here? 我不明白 你怎么知道我在这

[32:28.06]How did you know where to find me? 你怎么知道要在哪里找到我

[32:29.97]I wish i had time to explain it,john. 我希望我能有时间解释 John

[32:31.52]But you're gonna be moving on soon, and we need to go over a couple of things before you do. 但是你马

上又要继续了 我们得在这之前给你交待点事

[32:34.87]"moving on"? "继续"

[32:36.61]Sorry. The first thing,okay? 对不起 第一点 好吗

[32:38.70]You're gonna need to clean out the wound every couple of hours 你要每隔几个小时就清理一下伤口

[32:41.48]and keep as much weight off the g as you can,all right? 压在此腿上的重量越轻越好 好吗?

[32:43.76]The island'll do the rest, john,all right? 岛自会完成余下的 John 好吗?

[32:45.56]- But i don't-- - second thing-- no,no,pay attention. - 但是我不... - 第二点 不 不 认真听

[32:47.50]Next time we see each other, i'm not gonna recognize you. All right? 下次我再见到你的时候 我不会认得

你 好吗

[32:50.78]You give me this. All right? 你把这个给我 好吗

[32:54.48]What is this? 这是什么

[32:56.37]It's a compass. 这是个指南针

[32:57.63]What does it do? 这个干什么

[32:58.82]It points north,john. 这个指向北 John

[33:00.79]Look,i wish i had time to be more sensitive about this because it's a lot to swallow, 听着 我希望我可

以更详细地说明的 因为好多事得理解消化

[33:04.97]But you need to know it in order to do what you gotta do. 但是你得明白你该做什么

[33:08.14]So i'm just gonna say it,okay? 所以我只就这么说 好吗

[33:10.42]The only way to save the island,john, is to get your people back here-- 救这座岛的唯一办法 John 是把


[33:13.83]the ones who left. 那些离开的人

[33:15.32]Jack,kate... Jack Kate...

[33:17.42]The chopper was headed for the boat.The boat-- 直升机是飞向那艘船的 那艘船

[33:18.96]no,they're fine,john, and they're already home, so you have to convince them to come back. 不 他们很

好 John 他们已经回家了 所以你得说服他们回来

[33:23.65]How-- how am i supposed to do that? 我-我要怎么做?

[33:28.05]You're gonna have to die,john. 你必须牺牲 John

[34:35.05]so... What was this thing before you guys blew it up? 那么 你们把它炸掉前这是什么?

[34:39.23]A dharma station. 一个达摩组织的站点

[34:40.78]For what? 干什么的?

[34:41.77]There was a man named desmond living down in it. 有一个叫Desmond的男人一直住在下面

[34:44.91]He was pushing a button every 108 minutes to save the world. 每108分钟 他都有按一个按扭来拯救这个世界

[34:49.31]- Really? - Yeah. Really. - 真的 - 是的 真的

[34:59.37]Son of a... 狗娘...

[35:06.16]Bitch. 养的

[35:28.53]The hatch-- it's back. 这个舱 它回来了

[35:32.54]I guess you haven't found it yet. 我想你们还没发现它呢

[35:44.97]Where you goin'? 你去哪?

[35:47.27]Back door. I'm gettin' some supplies. 后门 我去拿点补给品

[35:53.22]James,wait. Not a good idea. James 等等 不是个好主意

[35:56.13]The sky can flash all but i ain't startin' over, dilbert. 时空随它闪回好了 我可不要重新来过 Gilbert

[35:59.45]I ain't rubbin' two sticks together and making a fire, and i ain't huntin' damn boar! 我才不要拿着两

棍子摩擦弄火苗 也不要猎杀他妈的野猪

[36:02.40]There's dharma food,beer and clothing in th 那里有达摩组织的食物 啤酒 还有衣服

[36:06.67]and i'm gettin' desmond to l me in one way or another. 不管咋着 我都会让Desmond放我进去

[36:08.88]- That's not gonna work, my friend. - Yeah? Why not? - 那不会有用的 朋友 - 是吗 为什么

[36:11.11]Because desmond didn't know you when he first came out of there. 因为Desmond刚出来的时候还不认识你

[36:13.86]That means you've never met, which means youcan'tmeet. 这意味着你们还没有见过 也就是意味着你们不会见


[36:17.41]Th would all be fascinating if i was listening to ya. 你的话我要听的进去 这一切就好玩了哈

[36:19.99]So how you do know desmond is even in there? 那么 你怎么知道Desmond在那里?

[36:22.07]Think about it. It could beanybody. 想想看 谁都有可能

[36:24.54]I don't care who's in there. 我不管谁在里面

[36:27.57]-Wait. Wait. - Open the damn door! - 等等 等等 - 快他妈开门!

[36:30.90]- It won't work. - Sure it will. - 没用的 - 当然会有用

[36:32.79]Yo,open up! It's the ghost of christmas future! 唷 开门! 未来之灵来了!

[36:35.19]- No one-- no one is gonna answer. - Open! Open the damn door! - 没人-- 没人会开门 - 开门! 你他妈开门


[36:38.38]Open the door! 快开门!

[36:39.39]- You're wasting your time. - Open up! I know you can hear me. - 你在浪费时间 - 开门! 我知道你能听见

[36:41.88]If itdidn'thappen, itcan'thappen. 如果没有发生过 就不会发生

[36:44.80]Open the damn door! 你他妈开门!

[36:46.37]You can't change the past, james! 你无法改变历史 James!

[36:49.93]Everybodyi care about just blew up on your damn boat. 所有我关心的人都在你船上被炸碎

[36:54.97]Iknowwhat i can't change. 我知道有什么我不能改变

[37:05.02]We should get back to the beach. 我们应该会沙滩去

[37:09.25]It's been a long day. 忙了一整天了

[37:27.75]Why are we going back to the beach if there's nothing to go back to? 既然啥都没有 为什么还要回沙滩?

[37:31.19]So stay here. 那你待这里吧

[37:36.23]That chick likes me. 这妞喜欢我

[37:44.98]What? 干嘛?

[37:47.57]- Wh-- what? What's the matter? - You... - 干嘛? 怎么回事? - 你...

[37:52.52]I haven't had a nosebleed since i was little. 长大后还从没流过鼻血呢

[37:57.19]Dan,i'm fine. Dan 我很好

[37:58.32]Yeah. No,no,no,you're-- um,of course you're fine. 恩 不 不 不 你--呃 你当然很好

[38:01.07]I'm,uh... You know, the sight of blood is,. 我 呃...你知道的 见血...

[38:04.88]Yeah,well, it's a good thing you're a physicist then, isn't it? Shall we? 幸亏你是个物理学家 不是吗?


[38:08.34]Yeah,um... My pack. 好 呃...我的包

[38:11.94]Of course i left my pack back at the hatch crater. I better get it. 我把包落在舱口那里了 我得去拿回来

[38:15.05]Why don't you head back with everyone else?And i'll be 要不你先和他们一起回去? 我马上跟上...

[38:19.45]don't dillydally. 别磨蹭哦

[38:20.96]I wouldn't think of it. 不会的

[38:52.64]Please let this work. Pleaselet this work. 拜托能行的通 拜托能行的通

[38:55.76]Please,please,please, let this work. 拜托了 拜托了 拜托了 快奏效吧

[39:06.76]Don't shoot. 别开枪

[39:08.81]Then you'd best explain why you've been bangin' on my door for the last 20 minutes, brother. 那么你最

好解释为什么敲了20分钟的门 伙计

[39:14.18]Desmond. Desmond

[39:18.78]- Are you him? - "him"? Who? - 你是他吗? - "他"? 谁?

[39:22.36]My replacement. 我的继任者

[39:25.79]No,i'm not. 不 我不是

[39:28.13]I'm not. I'm not. I'm... 我不是 我不是 我...

[39:30.73]Do i know you? 我认识你吗?

[39:32.55]Yeah... In a way. 是的...某种意义上

[39:35.75]but listen, that's not important. 但是听着 这并不重要

[39:37.48]Whatisimportant,desmond, is what i'm about to say to you. I need you to listen. 重要的是 Desmond 是我

要对你说的 我要你听我讲

[39:42.39]You're the only person who can help us because,desmond... 你是唯一能帮我们的人 因为.. Desmond...

[39:47.01]The rules... 规则...

[39:48.78]The rules don't apply to you. 规则对你不适用

[39:50.48]You're special. 你很特别

[39:52.00]You're uniquely and miraculously special. 你是独一无二的 极其特别的

[39:54.93]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?

[40:01.55]Okay,listen to me. Listen! 好了 听我说 听着!

[40:03.52]If the helicopter somehow made it off the island, if you got home-- 如果直升机能离开小岛 如果你回到家


[40:08.06]What helicopter? What are you talking about? 什么直升机? 你在说什么?

[40:09.42]Listen,i need you to listen, or people are gonna die. 听着 我要你听仔细 否则有人会死

[40:12.21]My name is daniel faraday, 我叫Daniel Faraday

[40:15.92]and right now me and everyone else you left behind-- 目前 我和其他被你一起留下的人--

[40:19.99]We're in serious danger. 我们的处境非常危险

[40:21.37]You're the only person who can help us. 你是唯一能帮我们的人

[40:23.02]I need you to go back to oxford university. 我要你回到牛津大学

[40:26.42]Go back to where we met. 回到我们相遇的地方

[40:27.51]I need you to go there and find my mother.Her name is-- 我要你回去找到我的母亲 她叫...

[40:37.50]are you all right? 你没事吧?

[40:46.17]I was on the island. 我曾经在岛上

[40:51.18]I was on the island. 我曾经在岛上

[40:54.25]You've been off the island for three years now. 你离开小岛已经有3年了

[40:58.93]You're safe now. It was just a dream. 你现在很安全 只是个梦

[41:04.20]It wasn't a dream,pen. 那不是梦 Pen

[41:10.35]It was a memory. 是记忆

[41:16.65]Desmond, where are you going? Desmond 你去哪里?

[41:28.57]Des? Des?

[41:32.60]Desmond? What are you doing? Desmond? 你在干什么?

[41:36.42]We're leaving. 我们要出发了

[41:38.10]Leaving to go where? 去哪里?

[41:43.86]Oxford. 牛津

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