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[00:00.19]Previously on "lost"... 迷失 前情提要
[00:01.70]whatever ben linudiddown at the orchid station, it may have... 不管Ben Linus在幽兰站做了什么 可能已经...
[00:05.20]dislodged us. 把我们移走了
[00:06.15]the islandis moving through time? 这个岛穿越了时空?
[00:07.85]Yeah, either the island is,or we are. 是的 要么是岛穿越了 要么就是我们
[00:13.86]I need you to go backto oxford university. 我要你回牛津大学去
[00:17.21]Go back to where we met! 去我们认识的地方!
[00:18.33]I need you to go there and findmy mother!Her name is-- 你去那儿找我妈! 她叫--
[00:22.10]are you all right? 你没事吧?
[00:23.49]I was on the island. 我以前在岛上
[00:24.79]You've been off the islandfor three years. You're safe now. 你离开岛已经三年了 你现在安全了
[00:27.74]It was just a dream. 那只是个梦
[00:30.07]it wasn't a dream, pen. 不是梦 Pen
[00:33.15]it was a memory. 是一段记忆
[00:49.14]efren salonga? Efren Salonga?
[00:51.19]Ef-efren salonga! Efren salonga? Efren Salonga! Efren salonga?
[00:57.53]efren salonga! Efren Salonga!
[01:00.10]Efren salonga! Efren Salonga!
[01:04.94]efren salonga! Efren Salonga!
[01:08.89]efren salonga? Efren Salonga?
[01:11.55]- Who are you? - Are you the doctor? - 你是谁? - 你是医生吗?
[01:15.22]Yes. What's the matter with you? 对 你有什么事?
[01:23.46]- You're sure you knowwhat you're doing, yeah? - Yes, yes! - 你知道要干嘛 对吧? - 对 对!
[01:25.24]Because there'sa lot of blood, man! 因为她流了好多血 老兄!
[01:26.43]How much blood? 流了多少?
[01:27.84]I'm coming, penny! 我来了 Penny!
[01:32.23]it's okay, pen. We've got a doctor. 没事了 Pen 我们找到医生了
[01:33.68]where have you been? 你去哪了?
[01:34.85]It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. 好了 没事了
[01:37.49]Okay, here you go. 好了 你躺好
[01:39.34]okay. Just breathe, penny,okay? J-just breathe. breathe. 深呼吸 Penny 好吗? 深呼吸 呼吸
[01:43.97]I can't breathe. 我喘不过气
[01:45.47]You're doing great. You're doing great, okay. 你做得很好 做得很好
[01:48.07]Okay, just be strong, yeah? Okay. 坚强一点儿 好吗
[01:50.51]- make it come out. - Please be strong. - 快把他取出来吧 - 坚强一点
[01:54.42]hold it. Hold it. 坚持住 坚持
[01:56.55]- I can't! - yes, you--yes, you can, penny. - 我受不了了! - 行的 你行的 Penny
[01:59.42]Push! Push! 用劲! 用劲!
[02:01.47]okay, push now, penny. Push. Now! 好 用力 Penny 快用力!
[02:04.16]come on, penny. That's it. It's coming. come on, penny. 加油 Penny 就这样 快出来了 加油 Penny
[02:08.27]Push harder! 再加把劲!
[02:09.74]I can see the head! I can see the head! 能看到头了! 看得到头了!
[02:11.88]- One more time! Push! - I can see it. It's just coming. - 再来一次! 使劲! - 能看到了 快出来了
[02:14.18]it's coming! It'coming! 出来了! 出来了!
[02:23.65]you did it. 你成功了
[02:25.60]you did it. Oh, my god, penny. You did it. 生出来了 天呐 Penny 你做到了
[02:29.74]It's a boy. 是个男孩儿
[02:39.79]I love you, penny. I love you. 我爱你 Penny 我爱你
[02:42.58]Oh, oh, he's beautiful. Beautiful. 他真漂亮 真帅
[02:46.81]Oh, my god. He's so beautiful. Oh, my god. 哦 天呐 太美了 天呐
[02:53.82]I love you. 我爱你
[02:58.78]I love you. 我爱你
[03:20.00]look. Right out there. 看 就在那边
[03:25.33]Beyond where you can see,there's--there's an island, and it'sa very special island. 在你的视野之外--有一座岛 那是座很特别的岛
[03:32.56]I left it a long time ago. 我很早之前离开了那里
[03:35.28]I never thoughtI'd see it again. 从没想过会再见到它
[03:38.97]It's called great britain. 它叫大不列颠
[03:41.20]And the most beautiful partof the island is scotland, 岛上最美的地方叫苏格兰
[03:44.79]and that's whereyour daddy's from. 那里是爸爸的家乡
[03:46.57]There's mountains and glensand monsters in deep lochs, and... 那有高山幽谷 鬼怪妖魔
[03:54.44]and it's whereyour mommy and daddy... 那里是你爸爸妈妈...
[03:57.79]fell in love. 相爱的地方
[03:59.61]it's also wherehe broke her heart. 也是爸爸伤害妈妈的地方
[04:08.47]Yeah, well, I... I thought I'd leavethat wee bit out of it. 对 我...我本不想讲那些的
[04:13.20]You also left outthe bit about his grandfather-- 你连他的爷爷也没讲
[04:16.71]the man who sent a boatto the island to kill all daddy's friends. 他派了一艘船去小岛上 杀了爸爸的朋友
[04:19.58]We'll be in and out. 我们可以来去自由的
[04:21.35]He'll neverknow we're here, penny. 他永远不知道我们在这 Penny
[04:23.91]Don't underestimate him,desmond. 别小瞧了他 Desmond
[04:28.05]If he finds out we're here,I don't know what he'll do. 要是他发现了我们 我不知道他会做出什么来
[04:30.38]But this has nothing to dowith your father, penny. 但这和你爸爸无关 Penny
[04:34.35]We are herebecause of daniel faraday. 我们来这是因为Daniel Faraday
[04:39.39]what he told me-- that everyone on that islandis in danger, 他告诉我-- 岛上的所有人都很危险
[04:45.25]and I am the only onethat can help them. 只有我能帮他们
[04:52.73]I have to do this, penny. 我必须这么做 Penny
[04:58.88]Are you surethat's what he said? 你确定他是这么说的吗?
[05:01.15]Yeah, sawyer saidto meet at the creek, so unless he got torchedby a flaming arrow, 对 Sawyer说在小河边见 除非他被带火的箭射了
[05:05.95]that's where heand everyone else should be. 咱就在那会和
[05:12.07]Hey, how's your headache? 嘿 你头还疼吗?
[05:13.63]worse, actually. 比之前更疼了
[05:14.95]But consideringwe're running for our lives, I'm not gonna complain. 但为了逃命 我没说出来
[05:18.48]You have any dizzinessor double vision? 你有没有头昏眼花或者复视?
[05:22.23]Both, actually. 都有
[05:28.76]Why do you look so worried? 你怎么这么担忧?
[05:33.70]Is it because you knowwhat's happening to me? 是不是你知道 我究竟是怎么回事?
[05:35.12]Listen to me. Nothing is gonna happen to you. Nothing. 听我说 你不会有事的 不会
[05:40.39]I won't let it. 我不允许你有事
[05:43.53]hey, we're here! 嘿 我们到了!
[05:50.23]Some rendezvous. It's just us. 说好在这里会师 但是只有我们
[05:53.75]well, we should probably wait,see if they show up. They could beright behind us. 我们可能要等一下 看他们来不来 他们可能就在我们后面
[05:57.10]Yeah, or they came and left. 对 或者他们来了又走了
[05:58.79]Or they're dead. 或者是死了
[05:59.99]Miles, that right there,that kind of attitude... Miles 我们现在要的...
[06:04.01]not exactly what we needright now. 不是你的那种态度
[06:06.22]People are scared enoughas it is.Miles-- 大伙儿已经够害怕了 Miles--
[06:13.14]miles? Miles?
[06:21.45]Wait! Don't move! 等着! 别动!
[06:57.25]who's in charge here? 谁是老大?
[06:59.49]He is. 他是
[07:10.44]You just couldn't stay away,could you? 你非得来这儿 是吧?
[07:28.28]LOST Season05 Episode03 迷失 第五季 第3集
[07:38.40]Did he finish his breakfast? 他吃完早餐了吗?
[07:40.17]Yeah. 吃完了
[07:41.51]Gave me a bit of a fight, but he listens in the end... 开始还不想吃 但最后还是乖乖听话了
[07:45.07]unlike his father. 不像他爸爸
[07:50.13]look, honey, all I have to do is find his mother, 听着 亲爱的 我只要找到他妈
[07:55.34]tell her he's still on the island, and then I'm done with this for good. 告诉她 他还在岛上 就算顺利完成任务了
[07:58.70]Why now? 为什么现在才做?
[07:59.61]I mean, if he told you all this on the island, why didn't you remember it until two days ago? 如果他告诉了你岛上的事 为什么你两天前才想起?
[08:04.14]I don't know. 我不知道
[08:06.57]Look, I don't understand how any of this works any more than you do. It... 听着 这件事 我知道的东西不比你多
[08:11.36]look, i know it happened. 我知道这件事是真的
[08:15.88]Daniel faraday knocked on the hatch door and told me to go to oxford... Daniel Faraday敲了舱门 叫我去牛津...
[08:22.44]everyone was in danger, and I was the only one that could save them. 大家都很危险 只有我能救他们
[08:29.07]I know how insane it sounds. 我知道这听上去很诡异
[08:38.08]I'll be back by dark, and then I'm done... 我傍晚回来 这事就算完了...
[08:41.47]forever. 永远完了
[08:44.24]I promise. 我保证
[08:55.74]If you're gonna promise me something, des, 如果你要向我保证什么的话 Des
[08:57.30]can you promise me you'll never go back to that island again? 你能答应我永远不回那岛吗?
[09:01.54]why in god's name would I ever go back there? 我干嘛还要回去啊?
[09:19.88]There were 20 of you at the beach, but only five of you here. 你们有20人在海滩 但这儿只有5个
[09:22.71]Where are the rest of your people? 其他人呢?
[09:24.63]Maybe they got blown up by some more of your land mines. 也许被你们的其它地雷炸飞了
[09:27.37]we didn't put them here. You did. 我们没放地雷 是你们放的
[09:34.08]once we leave here, I will be out of control of what happens to you. 我们一旦离开这 你们有什么事我就管不着了
[09:38.23]But if you cooperate now, things will go much easier for you. 但如果你们合作 事情就会简单点
[09:42.56]So where are the rest of your people? 其他人在哪?
[09:48.87]I don't know. 我不知道
[10:02.21]who are these people? 这些人是谁?
[10:03.54]Well, gee, I didn't have time to ask that, with frogurt on fire and all. 哦 情急之下 我根本没时间问
[10:06.36]They attacked us on the beach. 他们在沙滩袭击了我们
[10:08.44]This is a 30-caliber m1 garand rifle. It looks new. 这把是30口径的M1型加仑枪 看上去还挺新
[10:12.48]Who cares about the rifle? Where the hell you been? 谁在乎那把步枪啊? 你到底去哪了?
[10:14.31]If you've been going through what I have, james, 如果你有我这样的经历 James
[10:16.72]maybe the more appropriate question would be, when the hell have I been? 也许就会问出更恰当的问题 我到底去了什么时候?
[10:24.18]- What happened to your leg? - I got shot. - 你的腿怎么了? - 我中弹了
[10:26.78]by who? 谁打的?
[10:27.80]we can swap stories later. 我们待会儿再交换故事
[10:29.35]We told the rest of our group that we would meet them at the creek. 我们告诉其他人在小河边见
[10:31.46]If there's any chance of reconnecting with them, we'd better get moving. 要是我们还想和他们会合 那么现在得动身了
[10:33.97]Fine, seeing as we have no rope to make sure these two don't try to kill us again. 好 既然我们没绳子绑住他们 以防他们又来杀我们
[10:38.49]Guess we're gonna have to shoot 'em. 那我们把他们枪毙了吧
[10:40.00]- Quare non sunt vestitus eis? - Tace!
[10:42.45]What? 什么?
[10:51.15]- what kind of language is that? - They're speaking latin. - 这是哪国语言啊? - 他们说的是拉丁语
[10:54.32]That one asked why we aren't in uniform, and this one told him to shut up. 那个人问为什么他们没穿制服 另一个叫他闭嘴
[10:58.85]And how is it that they know how to speak latin, juliet? 他们怎么会说拉丁语的呢 Juliet?
[11:02.75]The same reason I do. 跟我会说的原因一样
[11:06.51]Because they're others. 因为他们也是那些人
[11:36.74]Yeah. 嗯
[11:37.79]We just walked over a fresh grave. 咱们刚经过了一座新墓
[11:40.59]What? 什么?
[11:41.53]Four U.S.Soldiers, dead just under a month. 4名美军士兵死了刚有一个月
[11:46.93]Three of them were shot. 3名中枪而死
[11:49.12]One diedof radiation poisoning. 另一个死于过量辐射
[11:53.79]Miles, hey, hey. Miles 嗨 嗨
[11:55.47]Did any of them happento mention what year it is? 他们有提到现在是什么年头么?
[11:57.84]we're here. 我们到了
[12:12.39]richard? We're back. Richard? 我们回来了
[12:30.03]Caught the threeby the creek. 在小河旁边抓住他们三个的
[12:32.85]This one's their leader. 这个是领头的
[12:42.16]- What's your name? - What's your name? - 你叫什么名字? - 你叫什么名字?
[12:47.07]My name is richard alpert. 我叫Richard Alpert
[12:51.44]I assume you've come backfor your bomb. 我猜你是回来找炸弹的
[13:06.69]no, I'm sorry, sir. I'm not find a recordof any faraday. 没有 先生 我没找到关于 任何Faraday的记录
[13:09.66]No, that--that's impossible. 不会吧 这...这不可能
[13:11.46]'Cause I know her sonwas a professor here. His name's daniel faraday. 因为我知道她儿子是这儿的 一名教授 叫Daniel Faraday
[13:14.91]I'm sure he's in your database. 我确信你的数据库里肯定有他的
[13:16.21]Sir, there's no recordof any faraday ever having been employedhere at oxford. 先生 数据库里没有关于 任何Faraday在牛津工作过的记录
[13:19.05]I visited him. 我都拜访过他的
[13:22.35]I went to his lab. It was ian attic. It was... 我去过他的实验室 是个阁楼 它是...
[13:25.54]it was abovethe physics department. 在物理学院的上面
[13:27.44]the archives go backquite far. Perhaps there wasa clerical error. 档案时间有点长 可能当时记录有笔误吧
[13:30.66]You don't happen to recallthe year it was in which you last visited? 你还记得上次来的时候的年份么?
[13:33.29]The year? 年份嘛?
[13:38.11]No. I'M... I'm not exactly sure. 不知道 我....我记不太清了
[13:41.56]May I ask why you'reseeking this information? 请问您查询的目的是什么?
[13:51.10]sorry I wasted your time. 很抱歉浪费你时间了
[14:30.56]DAMGER 熏蒸消毒 危险 请勿入内
[15:39.01]yeah, I wouldn't touch that. 我要是你 就不会碰它
[15:45.34]I wondered whensomeone'd figure out were weren'tjust fumigating here. 我在想什么时候别人才能明白 这里不是在做熏蒸消毒
[15:52.14]you a professor? 你是教授?
[15:53.93]No. Not exactly. 不 不是
[15:57.12]Well... at least you're honest. 嗯....至少你还很诚实
[16:02.64]So why'd you tell menot to touch it? 你到底为什么不让我碰这东西?
[16:04.16]Because I'm the one who had to take the rats that he made run through this bloody thingdown 因为他让老鼠走这破迷宫 是我每次把老鼠送到焚化炉
[16:08.09]to the incinerator so that no one would find out what he was up to. 好不让别人发现他在干什么
[16:11.44]You mean daniel faraday. 你是说Daniel Faraday
[16:12.58]Yeah. You're not the first oneto poke around here, asking about himand his work. 对 你不是第一个在这附近转来转去 打听他的工作的人
[16:17.36]Rumor had it, he was trying tosend rats' brains back in time. 有传言说 他在尝试 让老鼠的大脑时光倒流
[16:22.01]Ridiculous, innit? 很荒谬 不是么?
[16:26.84]aye. 对
[16:27.69]Look, I'll forgetyou broke my lock 听着 打破了锁我既往不咎
[16:31.04]if you tell your matesthat all you found was rubbishleft behind by a madman. 只要你跟别人说你所发现的 不过是疯子留下的垃圾
[16:44.20]Fair enough. 好
[16:49.44]Faraday-- the university saysthere's no record of him. 关于Faraday 大学说 没有任何关于他的记录
[16:53.33]Well, can you blame 'em? 这能怪他们么?
[16:55.79]I mean, after what he'd doneto that poor girl? 谁叫他对那可怜女孩做那种事
[17:01.22]What girl? 什么女孩儿?
[17:11.12]hey, take it easy. 嗨 轻点
[17:13.41]It's all right, dan. I'm fine. 没事儿 Dan 我没事儿
[17:18.21]We are so dead. 这下死定了
[17:20.17]No, no, no. We are not so dead. We're gonna be fine. 不 不 不 我们不会死定了的 咱们会没事儿的
[17:23.88]We just need to keep it togetheruntil there's another flash. All right? 只要在下一次闪回前在一起就好
[17:27.23]Then all this disappears. 那样这些都能消失掉
[17:28.80]And when's that gonna happen? 那得等到啥时候?
[17:30.30]Could be five minutes. Could also be 5,000 years. 可能要等五分钟 也有可能要五千年
[17:34.64]That's--that's just awesome. 真棒啊
[17:36.29]What is going on, dan? 这都是怎么了 Dan?
[17:38.06]Why are they doing this to us? 他们为什么这么对咱们?
[17:39.56]I'm not sure. 我也不知道
[17:41.02]But they must think that we'rewith the american military. 但他们肯定以为 咱们跟美国军方是一伙的
[17:43.98]And if that's the case,our best chance of staying alive 如果真是那样的话 我们活命的唯一希望
[17:47.21]is to let them keep thinking it,all right?Let-- 让他们怀疑下去 知道吗
[17:53.92]sorry. Am I interrupting? 抱歉 没打扰吧?
[17:56.25]Ellie tells me thatyou're not willing to reveal where the rest your squad is. Ellie跟我说你不愿意 跟我们说其余队员的位置
[17:59.86]And why would I do that? 我为什么要告诉你?
[18:02.01]So you can kill them, too? 为了让你也杀掉他们?
[18:03.22]We didn't start this, friend. Your people attacked us. 事情可不是我们挑起的 是你们的人先攻击我们的
[18:07.59]You come to our island to run your tests, you fire on us, 你跑到我们的小岛来做实验 还朝着我们开火
[18:10.99]- and what, you expect usnot to defend ourselves? - I don't know anythingabout that. - 还指望我们束手就擒? - 我不知道你说些什么
[18:14.19]We are scientists. 我们只是科学家
[18:20.90]So what? So they sent you hereto recover it? 那又怎样? 他们派你们来 拿走它?
[18:22.71]If you mean our hydrogen bomb,then yes. 如果你是说我们那颗氢弹 答案是 是的
[18:26.75]And I'm guessing fromthis man's radiation burns that the housinghas been compromised. 并且我猜从这个人的辐射灼伤程度来说 你们在这生活受到了损害
[18:31.32]Is that right? 我说对了么?
[18:34.11]You need to listen to me. 你得听我说
[18:35.49]You have an unstable device that's capable of destroyingthis entire island, 你这有一个不稳定的 有能力摧毁整个小岛的设备
[18:40.42]and it's broken. 并且它已经坏了
[18:42.51]If you don't allow meto render it inert, all of us are gonna die. 如果你不允许我处理一下 咱们所有人都得死
[18:46.30]All of us. 所有人
[18:47.28]How do I know you weren't senthere on some suicide mission? 我怎么知道你来这不是为了 执行什么自杀计划的?
[18:50.08]That I'll take youout to the bomb, and you'll just detonate it? 不是让我把你带到炸弹旁 好让你能引爆炸弹的?
[18:59.13]Because... 因为...
[19:01.42]I'm in love with the womansitting next to me. 因为我深爱着 坐在我旁边的这位女士
[19:10.06]And I would never... 而且我绝不会...
[19:13.93]I'd never do anythingto hurt her. 我决不会做任何事情来伤害她的
[19:21.62]All right. Take care of your bomb. 好 好好收拾一下那炸弹
[19:25.15]But you try anything else,and you will hurt her. 但要是你耍什么花招 可别怪我对她不客气
[19:41.03]so who taught you latin? 你拉丁语是谁教的?
[19:42.61]Others 101. 我们的必修语言
[19:44.07]Gotta learn latin--language of the enlightened. 拉丁语当然要学 启迪之语嘛
[19:48.01]Enlightened, my ass. 启迪个腚
[19:50.40]I suggest you talk to us. 我建议你跟我们交代
[19:53.62]Once we get backto the creek and meet upwith the rest of our people, 等回到小河边 见到其他人以后
[19:55.91]there's gonna be a lotof anger directed at you for attacking them. 会有很多人把受到攻击的愤怒 撒到你们身上
[19:59.46]the rest of your people are either captured or dead. 你们剩下的人不是已经被俘了 要么就是死了
[20:02.53]What? 什么?
[20:05.76]What makes you say that? 为什么这么说?
[20:10.20]That idiot shouted out,"meet at the creek." 那白痴喊了句"小河边见面"
[20:15.69]We knew exactly ere thsent a group after them. 我们知道他们的目的地 就派了一队人抓他们去了
[20:19.82]Well, maybe I should've said it in my secret language. 我要是用秘密语言来说就对了
[20:21.64]James, wait. James 先别急
[20:23.46]******** 我们不是你们的敌人
[20:27.65]*********** 那就放了我们
[20:29.44]what the hell are you sayin'? 又在说什么鸟语?
[20:31.94]*********** 带我们去你们营地
[20:36.78]******* 求你了
[20:37.84]************ 我为什么要那样做
[20:39.83]****** Richard
[20:41.13]************ 在不在那里?
[20:44.31]********* Richard Alpert?
[20:46.02]Did you just say"richard alpert"? 你刚才说的是不是 Richard Alpert?
[20:47.58]John, please. John 先别说话
[20:49.29]*********** 带我们去你营地
[20:51.95]********* 没必要再死人了
[20:56.82]******** 拜托了
[21:11.01]all right. 好吧
[21:14.03]Okay, we need to head eastanother couple of kilometers unl we hit the ridge-- 好吧 咱们得往西走几公里 直到走到一处山脊
[21:20.60]shoot him! 快开枪!
[21:25.33]shoot, damn it! 开枪啊 靠!
[21:32.36]are you crazy? What were you thinking? 你疯了啊? 你在想些什么?
[21:34.59]Why didn't you shoot him? 你为什么不开枪?
[21:39.00]Because... 因为...
[21:41.25]he's one of my people. 他是我的人
[22:11.86]and who might you be? 你是谁?
[22:13.04]Uh, my name's desmond hume. I'm looking for theresa spencer. 我叫Desmond Hume 我要找Theresa Spencer
[22:16.73]I'm abigail spencer. Theresa's my sister. 我是Abigail Spencer Theresa是我姐姐
[22:18.70]Oh, right. Um, can I havea word with her? 哦 那好 我能跟她说句话么?
[22:21.88]You wanna speak to theresa? 你想跟Theresa说话?
[22:23.09]Yeah, I got her name from a-a gentlemanI met at oxford university-- um... 我从牛津大学的一位先生那里 得知她的名字 嗯...
[22:28.11]- daniel faraday. - Daniel faraday? - Daniel Faraday - Daniel Faraday?
[22:32.10]Well, why didn't you say so? Please, you must come in. 怎么不早说? 来 快进来
[22:41.97]Thanks. 谢谢
[22:59.87]he didn't tell you, did he? 他没告诉你 是吧?
[23:03.29]No. No, he didn'T. Can she hear us? 没 他没告诉我 她能听到咱们说话么?
[23:08.20]No. Theresa's away right now. 不能 她现在不在这里
[23:11.19]"Away"? What do you mean? "不在这里"? 此话怎讲?
[23:12.63]Well, sometimes she wakes up,thinks she's 3, wants to knowwhere her dolly is. 有时她醒来就像三岁小孩 要自己的洋娃娃
[23:16.75]Yesterday,she was talking to our dad. 昨天她在跟我们的父亲说话
[23:19.32]He died five years ago. 父亲五年前去世了
[23:21.77]I'm sorry. 抱歉
[23:23.75]Um, this was a mistake. I... I shouldn't have come. 这是个误会 我...我不该来的
[23:27.37]Of course. Why would you want to stay? 当然 干嘛要留下来
[23:31.79]Daniel certainly didn'T. Daniel就走了
[23:37.11]He left her like this? 他也是这样离开她的?
[23:38.48]Went running off to the states,ner to be heard from again. 跑到美国去了 再也没有他的消息
[23:40.93]He abandoned her. 他抛弃了她
[23:44.34]What kind of a mandoes that? 什么人会做出这种事?
[23:49.64]I seriously don't knowwhat we would've done if it hadn't beenfor mr. Widmore. 要没有Widmore先生 我们真不知道该怎么办了
[23:54.22]Uh, I'm sorry. Who? 呃 抱歉 谁?
[23:55.63]Daniel's benefactor. Daniel的资助人
[23:58.04]He funded his research, and he took responsibilityfor the result of it. 他为研究拨款 并愿意承担其后果
[24:02.76]He's been taking care of theresaever since this happened to her. Theresa病后 他一直照料着她
[24:06.84]Everything hereis due to mr. Widmore, god bless him. 一切都多亏Widmore先生 上帝保佑他
[24:14.24]A hydrogen bomb? Seriously? 一个氢弹? 真的?
[24:20.05]Back in the '50s, the U.S.Government testedh-bombs in the south pacific. 50年代 美国政府在南太平洋做氢弹实验
[24:28.46]Lucky us. 我们真走运
[24:35.84]You didn't haveto say that. 你没必要说那些
[24:37.72]Say what? 说什么?
[24:39.33]That you loved me. 说你爱我
[24:42.63]I mean, there areplenty of other ways you could've convinced him you weren't gonna blow upthe entire island. 有的是办法可以让他相信你没打算炸岛
[24:49.94]I said what I said because I meant it,charlotte. 我这么说是因为是实话 Charlotte
[25:01.15]Right, then. 好吧
[25:04.35]Let's go. 我们走
[25:08.74]Back soon. I promise. 我保证 很快回来
[25:30.02]whatever your, uh,your superiors told you, I want youto know the truth. 无论你的头儿跟你说了什么 我希望你知道事情的真相
[25:36.62]A month ago, we found18 members of an army battalion right here in our jungle here,setting up this camp. 1个月前 就在这树林里 我们发现一个18人的军队安营
[25:42.51]We gave them the oortunityto leave the island peacefully. 我们给过他们机会让他们和平离岛
[25:45.61]They weren't willing to do that,so I was forced to kill 'em. All of 'em. 他们拒绝了 所以我被迫杀了他们 所有人
[25:51.76]- Forced? - Yeah. - 被迫? - 是的
[25:54.41]By whom? 谁逼你的?
[25:57.57]Y-you answer to someone,don't you? 你是受人指挥 是吧?
[25:59.08]- You followa chain of command, right? - Yeah. - 你听从命令 对吧? - 对
[26:01.61]Yeah, well, so do I. 我也是
[26:04.08]richard! Richard! Richard! Richard!
[26:09.50]What the hellhappened to you? 见鬼 怎么了?
[26:10.25]Cunningham and I--a group of them surprised us. 我和Cunningham被一伙人偷袭
[26:13.20]We were outnumbered,but I escaped. 他们人多 可是我逃走了
[26:14.87]outnumbered, eh? 他们人多 是吧?
[26:16.43]Shut up, ellie. Who's this? 给我闭嘴 Ellie 他是谁?
[26:19.82]He's gonna help ustake care of our problem. You'd better get going. 他是来帮我们解决问题的 可以走了
[26:22.11]Wait. He's one of them. 等等 他跟他们是一伙的
[26:23.11]- You can't actually trust him. - Yeah, you heard me, ellie. Go. - 你不能相信他 - 你听到了吗 Ellie 走
[26:26.20]H-how did you escape? 你这么逃到这的?
[26:27.94]I ran. 我跑来的
[26:28.88]And it never occurred to youthat they might follow you? 你就没想过他们会跟踪你吗?
[26:30.92]Follow me? Their leader issome sodding old man. 跟踪我? 他们的头是个老头子
[26:34.39]What, you thinkhe can track me? 你难道认为他跟的上我?
[26:36.90]You think he knows this islandbetter than i do? 你以为他比我还了解这个岛?
[26:48.64]How did you knowrichard would be here? 你怎么知道Richard会在那?
[26:51.09]Richard's always been here. Richard永远会在
[26:55.11]How old is he? 他多大了?
[26:57.28]Old. Why are you so interestedin richard, john? 老呗 你怎么对Richard那么感兴趣 John?
[27:01.44]I'm inrested in him because he was about to tell mehow I could save us. 因为他会告诉我怎么拯救我们
[27:06.97]- "Save us"? - Yeah. - "拯救我们"? - 对
[27:08.87]But before he could finish, we were interruptedby that flash of light. 可在告诉我之前 我们就会被一束闪光带走
[27:13.87]And I'm hoping we can pick up where we left off. 希望还能继续没做完的事
[27:16.85]I hate to bust up the "I'm an other,you're an other" reunion, 我无意破坏你们自己人的重聚
[27:19.34]but faraday--the guy that's actually gonna save us-- 可我们的救命稻草Faraday--
[27:22.51]is being death maredinto the jungle right now. 快被拖进树林宰了
[27:25.24]Good luck with that. 祝你好运
[27:27.58]You're not gonnahelp me save him? 你不帮我救他?
[27:29.56]No. I'm gonna go down and finishmy conversation with richard. 不 我准备下去和Richard把话说完
[27:33.57]That's gonnaget us all killed. 这样我们都会被干掉的
[27:35.76]You go rolling in there,they're gonna know we're here. 你一旦进去 他们就知道我们在这了
[27:37.63]Fair enough. I'll give youten minutes head start. 那行 我给你留10分钟
[27:45.12]What about you? 你怎么说?
[27:47.71]You wanna stay herein crazytown or help me rescue the geek? 你愿意留在这个是非之地 还是和我去救那个书呆子?
[27:52.92]Why do you keeplooking at me? 你干嘛一直盯着我看?
[27:54.42]- No, no, I'm--I'm not.I-- - you are. - 我没有.. 我.. - 瞎说
[27:59.14]You know what? You're right. I'm--I'm sorry. It's just... 知道吗 你是对的... 对不起.. 只是...
[28:04.06]you look so much like... 你长的太像...
[28:08.25]someone I used to know. 我认识的一个人
[28:09.37]Someone other than the girl you just professed your love for? 除了你刚刚示爱的另一个女人?
[28:12.98]Well, aren't you the romeo. 你这个情场骗子
[28:14.86]Far from it, believe me. 跟你说的差远了 相信我
[28:18.97]I don't believe you,by the way. 顺便告诉你 我不相信你
[28:22.14]You may have richard fled, you can't reallyexpect me to believe that you, 你或许骗过了Richard 但我是不会相信你
[28:26.23]a british womanand a chinese man are all members ofthe united states military. 英国女人和中国男都为美国军队效力
[28:32.31]Who are you and what are you doingon our island? 你是谁 你来岛上做什么?
[28:42.37]You wanna know who I am? 你想知道我是谁?
[28:46.94]I'm your best chance at disarming that bomb. 我是为你们消除炸弹威胁的最佳人选
[28:53.30]Right, then, disarm it. 那好 去做
[29:34.46]What are you doing up there? 你在上面干嘛?
[29:39.64]I'm examining it. 检查
[30:03.24]- Back up. - What? - 往后退 - 什么?
[30:04.37]Get back, get back. It's unsafe. 向后退 它不安全
[30:09.71]I swear,if you try anything... 上天作证 如果你敢...
[30:11.35]if I try anything-- what, you're gonna--you're gonna shoot me? Is that right? 如果我敢 怎么 你要开枪打我?
[30:15.50]Yeah, that would be perfectbecause, of course, 那真是太好了 因为如果
[30:17.98]rifle fire right next to--what would you call this-- hydrogen bomb? 你在 你们叫做什么 氢弹旁边开火
[30:23.05]Yes, fantastic idea. Really... inspired. 无与伦比的好想法 真的是有创意
[30:27.78]Okay, listen to me. Do you people have any access to lead or concrete? 听着 你们能弄到些铅或者混凝土吗?
[30:32.66]For what? 干嘛用?
[30:33.62]There's a crack in the casing. It needs to be filled with lead. 炸弹壳有个裂缝 必须被铅裹起来
[30:36.24]You need to take it offthis platform carefully and bury it. 得小心把它从架子上拿下来 埋起来
[30:40.35]You brought meall the way out here to tell usthat we have to bury it? 你把我一路带到这就为了告诉我要埋了它?
[30:42.84]You told alpert you could disarm that thing. 你跟Richard Alpert说过你能拆除
[30:44.64]You don't need to worry. You do what I say, you bury it,it won't go off. 别担心 照我说的做 不会有事
[30:48.62]How do you know that? 你怎么知道?
[30:51.00]I need you to trust me. 你得相信我
[30:52.07]- I don't trust you. - Just bury it. - 我不相信你 - 埋了就行
[30:54.28]Bury it,and everything will be fine. 把它埋了 一切都会好
[30:56.38]- Remember, your superior ordered me to take care of this. - How can you be so sure? - 别忘了 你的头让我来把事情解决 - 为什么那么确定?
[30:58.31]- You wanna take care of this bomb? - How? - 你想把这炸弹安顿好? - 为什么?
[30:59.62]- You bury it! - W do you know that? - 就埋了它! - 你怎么知道!
[31:01.08]Because 50 years from now,this island is still here! There you... 因为50年后 岛仍然存在! 所以..
[31:08.37]what did you just say? 你说什么?
[31:11.36]Take it easy. 放轻松
[31:13.43]I can explain myselfa little better. 我会讲清楚
[31:15.61]I know how this sounds. Believe me, it'S... 我知道这听上去很疯狂 可以相信我...
[31:17.96]oh, it's hard to explain. 50 years from now, me and my. 天啊 怎么说呢 50年后 我和我的..
[31:23.44]me and my friends-- that's where we're from,okay? 朋友们 我们就来自那个时侯
[31:27.16]And here's the key--everything's fine. 关键问题是 一切都是好的
[31:30.51]I'm not sayingit's perfectly fine, 我并没有说 一切都很完美
[31:31.91]but there hasn't beenany atomic blasts, all right? 可是从没发生过原子弹爆炸 知道吗?
[31:36.32]- There has not-- - drop the gun, blondie. - 从来没有过... - 放下武器 小金毛
[31:41.19]It's okay. She's okay. 没事的 她没有威胁
[31:43.80]- You can put your gun down. - She puts hers down first. - 你先把枪放下 - 得她先
[31:49.73]Why don't we allput our guns down? 为什么不一起放
[31:54.22]I said, drop it! 我说了 放下!
[32:06.97]son of a bitch. 狗娘养的
[32:10.72]Are theyfrom the future, too? 他们也是来自未来的?
[32:15.22]You told her? 你跟她说了?
[32:23.48]sir!Sir, you can't-- 先生! 先生! 你不能--
[32:29.41]mr. Widmore. I'm so sorry. Widmore先生 很抱歉
[32:32.04]He charged right past me. 他直接就冲进来了
[32:33.46]That's all right, melanie. 没事 Melanie
[32:35.50]Mr. Hume is A... colleague of mine. Hume先生是... 我的同事
[32:45.16]Please leave us. 请离开
[32:58.72]I know you have questionsfor me. 我知道你有问题想问我
[33:01.47]I'm not gonna answer them. 我不会回答的
[33:03.29]I've come hereto ask you something. 我来这是想问你一些问题
[33:05.16]And once you've told meeverything I need to know, you'll never see me agaiN. 只要你告诉我我想知道的 我再也不会出现
[33:10.83]Understand? 明白?
[33:14.83]All right. 嗯
[33:15.96]I need to know where I can finddaniel faraday's mother. 我得知道Danile Faraday的母亲在哪
[33:22.19]What makes you think I wouldeven know the answer to that? 你怎么就知道我能回答你的问题呢?
[33:24.99]Because even before you putfaraday on your little boat 因为在你把Faraday派到那艘小船上
[33:27.39]and sent himoff to the island, you spent ten yearsfunding his research. 让他来到岛上之前 你花了10年时间资助他的研究
[33:34.65]So i figure,you must know something regarding his next of kin. 所以我猜你肯定认识他的什么亲人
[33:41.04]Desmond, I haven't seen or heard frommy daughter for three years. Desmond 我三年没有我女儿的音讯了
[33:46.44]Just answer me this. 你只管回答我
[33:49.15]Is she safe? 她安全吗?
[33:52.69]Where's faraday's mother? Faraday的母亲在哪?
[34:07.28]she's in los angeles. 她在洛杉矶
[34:13.17]This is an address for her. 这是她的地址
[34:17.98]I suspect she won'tbe pleased to see you. 我猜她不愿见到你
[34:21.11]She's a very private person. 她是个很自我的人
[34:37.39]wait, desmond. 等等 Desmond
[34:45.98]Deliver your message... 传完话以后
[34:49.09]but then get outof this mess. 别再管这烂摊子
[34:51.14]Don't put penny's lifein danger. 别让Penny有危险
[34:54.51]Danger? 危险?
[34:55.34]You're getting yourselfinvolved in something that goes backmany, many years. 你在把自己卷入很早 很早发生的事情里
[34:58.51]It has nothing to do with youor my daughter. 这与我的女儿无关
[35:01.87]Wherever you were hiding... 无论你藏在哪里...
[35:04.79]go back there. 回到你藏身那儿
[35:08.70]thanks for the advice. 谢谢你的建议
[35:22.24]Richard alpert! Richard Alpert!
[35:26.99]- I'm looking for richard. - Don't move. - 我要找Richard - 不要动
[35:29.78]- Richard alpert! - On the ground now. - Richard Alpert! - 马上趴在地上
[35:31.99]- Richard,I need to talk to you! - Shut your mouth! - Richard 我要跟你谈话! - 闭嘴!
[35:34.52]that's enough! 闹够了!
[35:47.40]Who are you? 你是谁?
[35:52.74]my name is john locke. 我叫John Locke
[35:56.64]Is that supposedto mean something to me? 我认识你吗?
[36:04.93]Jacob sent me. Jacob叫我来的
[36:16.54]- Put the gun down. - What? - 把枪放下 - 什么?
[36:20.01]Richard, you can'tseriously trust him. Richard 你不是真的相信他吧
[36:24.43]I said... put the gun down, widmore. 我叫你...放下枪 Widmore
[36:32.38]your name is widmore? 你姓Widmore?
[36:36.63]Charles widmore? Charles Widmore?
[36:38.89]What's it to you? 是又怎样?
[36:43.57]Nothing. It'S... nice to meet you. 没什么 很高兴见到你
[36:47.55]***But it saw the bearso that it ran away again. 但它见到熊 跟着就逃跑了
[36:54.07]where? 哪里?
[37:11.81]- Good day? - Yeah. - 今天还好? - 是的
[37:14.49]He wanted to go fishingin the thames. 他想在泰晤士河上钓鱼
[37:17.66]We were unsuccessful. And you? 结果什么都没钓到 你呢?
[37:21.42]Did you find faraday's mum? 你找到Faraday的妈妈了?
[37:24.11]There was no one to find. 根本没人可找
[37:26.60]She, um... 她
[37:30.71]she died a few years ago. 她几年前去世了
[37:38.07]Why are you lying to me? 你为啥说谎?
[37:41.33]- what? I'm not. - Where is she? - 什么? 我没有 - 她在哪里?
[37:51.63]she's in los angeles. 她在洛杉矶
[37:55.94]Look, pen, you've got nothingto worry about. Pen 你不用担心
[37:58.29]You know,this was a mistake. 这是个误会
[38:00.32]No, I... I me a promise thatthis would be done in a day, and now it's done. 不 我承诺过今天会完成 现在已经结束了
[38:04.78]It's not our problem anymore. 那已经不是我们的问题了
[38:07.74]and what happensif you wake up tomorrow and remember something else? 如果你明天起床又想起些 什么别的事呢?
[38:09.96]- Then I'll forget it. - And the next day? - 我会把它忘掉 - 后天呢?
[38:11.16]I'll forget it. It doesn't matter, pen. 通通都忘掉 都不重要了 Pen
[38:14.63]You're my life now--you and charlie. 现在你是我的一切 你和Charlie
[38:22.13]I won't leave you again... 我不会再离开你...
[38:26.34]not for this... 不会因为这个...
[38:29.74]not for anything. 不会因为任何原因
[38:47.45]you'll neverforget it, des. 你是不会忘掉的 Des
[38:51.70]So I guesswe're going with you. 那我想只能嫁鸡随鸡了
[39:11.31]i gave you this? 我给你的?
[39:13.97]Yes. 对
[39:14.65]After you were shotin the leg and I... 在你腿部中枪后 我...
[39:17.25]Wandered outof the jungle to patch you up? 从森林走出来 帮你包扎?
[39:19.14]That's right. 没错
[39:20.92]Thenhy don't I remember... well, any of this? 那为什么我一丁点...都不记得?
[39:24.13]Because it hasn'thappened yet. 因为那都还未发生
[39:29.18]I'm not sure what you'reexpecting me to say, john locke. 我真不知道你想我怎么回应 John Locke
[39:31.53]I expect you to tell me how to get off the island. 我想你告诉我 怎样才能离开岛屿?
[39:33.85]That'svery privileged information. Why would I share itwith you? 那是机密信息 我为什么要告诉你?
[39:36.27]Because you told me that I hadsomething very impornt to do once I get there. 因为你告诉我到达之后 有很重要的任务要完成
[39:43.75]And because I'm your leader. 还有因为我是你的领导
[39:46.41]You're my leader? 你是我的领导?
[39:47.47]That's what you told me. 那是你说的
[39:49.34]Look, I... certainly don'twant to contradict myself, but... 这样 我也不想自掌嘴巴 但
[39:53.31]we havea very specific process for selectingour leadership, 我们关于领导的选择 有一套严格的程序
[39:56.46]and it startsat a very, very young age. 而且会从娃娃抓起
[39:59.11]All right. All right. 好的
[40:03.48]What year is it right now? 现在是哪一年?
[40:06.43]It's 1954.
[40:10.10]All right. May 30, 1956--2 years from now-- 这样 1956年5月30日 现在的两年之后
[40:13.52]that's the day I'm born-- tustin, california, 我才出生 在加利福利亚的Tustin
[40:17.17]and if you don't believe me, I suggest you comeand visit me. 如果你不相信我 就请去那里看望我
[40:23.56]- oh, no. - What's wrong? - 噢 糟了 - 发生什么事?
[40:26.46]It's about to happen again. 又要再发生了
[40:30.14]- You need to tell me now,richard. - How do I get off the island? - 你现在必须告诉我 Richard - 怎样才能离开这个岛?
[40:33.30]Please! Tell me! 拜托! 告诉我!
[40:57.62]you all right? 你还好吧?
[40:59.36]Yeah. I think so. 嗯 我没事
[41:02.77]Charlotte! Charlotte!
[41:09.38]- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine. - 你没事吧? - 是的 我很好
[41:12.91]Yeah, me, too. I'm great, too. 是呀 我也很好
[41:29.42]Charlotte. charlotte! Charlotte Charlotte!
[41:32.58]Charlotte! No, no, no. Look it. Look at me, look at me. It's okay. It's okay. Charlotte! 不 看着我 看着我 没事的 没事的
[41:37.47]Charlotte! Charlotte!
[41:40.88]迷失 第五季 第3集 完
内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8783-255945-1.html

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