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[00:00.69]previously on "lost"... "迷失" 前情回顾
[00:02.48]how did you know my father? 你怎么认识我父亲的?
[00:03.78]He came to see his daughter. 他来找他女儿
[00:05.67]My daughter was on your plane. 我女儿也在那架飞机上
[00:08.72]Her name was claire. 她叫Claire
[00:14.23]We're here to geta blood sample from you and one from your son aaron. 我们是来取您和您儿子Aaron的血样的
[00:18.35]Why? 干嘛?
[00:19.15]To determine your relationshipto the child. 来确认您和他的关系
[00:21.86]where you going, mommy? 你要去哪儿 妈妈?
[00:23.48]We're going on vacation, baby. 我们去玩儿 宝贝
[00:25.75]Wait, you're in L.A.? 等等 你在洛杉矶?
[00:27.82]Of course I can meet, yeah. 当然可以见面 当然
[00:29.30]Hello, kate. 你好 Kate
[00:33.82]you okay? 你还好么?
[00:35.44]Get me to the car. 把我带到车上去
[00:39.44]- sayid, you've been attacked. - Where's hurley? - Sayid 你被袭击了 - Hurley在哪?
[00:42.12]The only wayto save the island, john, is to get your people back here. 只有把你的人带回来 John 才能救这个岛
[00:45.37]How? How am isupposed to do that? 怎么? 我怎么才能做到?
[00:56.41]- what? - You've... - 什么? - 你...
[01:00.99]do you knowwhat's happening to me? 你知道我这是怎么了么?
[01:08.39]Charlotte? Charlotte? Charlotte? Charlotte?
[01:31.42]Oh, you don't haveto whisper. 不用压低声音
[01:35.05]When he's out, he's out. 他睡着了就跟小猪一样
[01:39.30]at least one of uscan sleep. 至少有人能睡着
[01:41.29]It's gonna takemore than two nights for me to get usedto sleeping in a normal bed. 要我习惯睡普通床上还早着呢
[01:47.81]What are we gonna doabout him? 他怎么办?
[01:51.07]About aaron. Aaron
[01:53.30]I don't know. 不知道
[01:55.29]I've been thinking a lotabout him. 我想了很多
[01:59.01]Did you know that clairewas flying to L.A. To give him up for adoption? 你知道 Clarie到洛杉矶去 是为了把他送给别人领养么?
[02:02.98]No. No, I didn'T. 不 我不知道
[02:20.53]I think we should sayhe's mine. 我觉得我们应该说他是我的孩子
[02:24.95]What? 什么?
[02:25.52]We could say that I wassix months pregnant when I was arrested 我们可以说 我被捕的时候 已经有6个月的身孕了
[02:28.97]and that I ge birth to himon the island. No one would ever know. 他在岛上出生的 不会有人知道真相
[02:31.86]Kate, no. You don't have to... Kate 不 你没必要...
[02:35.47]there's other waystoo this. 还有别的方法
[02:37.46]After everyone we've lost--michael, jin, sawyer... 我们失去了那么多人... Michael Jin Sawyer
[02:42.06]I can't lose him, too. 我不能再失去他了
[02:45.80]Sawyer's not dead. Sawyer没死呢
[02:47.83]No. But he's gone. 没有 但是再也见不到他了
[02:57.22]Good night, jack. 晚安 Jack
[03:01.75]Kate... Kate...
[03:05.99]if we're gonna be safe, if we're gonna protectthe people that we left behind, 我们要想安全活下去 保护那些我们抛下的人
[03:10.51]tomorrow morning, I'm gonna haveto convince everyone to lie. 明早 我得说服大家 让他们说谎
[03:14.63]If it's just me,they're never gonna go for it. 如果只有我一个 他们不会听我的
[03:17.70]So I'm gonnaturn to you first. 我会先问你
[03:21.49]Are you with me? 你支持我么?
[03:32.24]I have always been with you. 我从来都支持你
[03:45.81]THREE YEARS LATER 三年后
[03:52.77]how does it fit? 合身么?
[03:54.26]It's perfect. Thank you for the loaner. 非常合身 谢谢你借我衣服
[03:56.92]Looks great on you. 你穿着真好看
[04:00.19]are you sure you want to do this? 你真想这么做么?
[04:02.19]it was your idea. 主意是你出的
[04:03.56]Mommy! 妈咪!
[04:05.97]Aaron, honey, mommy's gonnarun out and do an errand. Aaron 亲爱的 妈咪有事出去一下
[04:09.67]I'll be right back. Okay? And then we can go home. 马上就回来 然后咱们就回家
[04:12.92]don't worryabout us, kate. 不用担心我们 Kate
[04:14.29]There's candy in the minibarand a hundred channels on tv. 冰箱里有糖果 电视有一百多个频道
[04:18.14]We're going to bejust fine here. 一点事都不会有
[04:21.13]Sun... Sun...
[04:22.64]I don't know what I would'vedone if you weren't here. 要是没有你 我真不知道该怎么办
[04:26.23]Thank you. 谢谢
[04:27.87]It's what any friendwould do. 朋友嘛 别客气
[04:31.66]Okay, well,I will be back soon. 好 我马上回来
[04:34.63]Okay, you be good for sun. Okay, honey? 你好好听Sun阿姨的话
[04:40.59]Good luck. 祝你好运
[04:45.28]delivery for you, ms. Kwon. Kwon小姐 您的包裹
[04:47.23]Thank you. 谢谢
[04:56.86]I'll be right back, honey. 我马上回来 亲爱的
[06:02.71]LOST Season05 Episode04 迷失 第五季 第4集
[06:14.73]Charlotte? Charlotte?
[06:16.85]Charlotte? Charlotte?
[06:17.40]What the hell's wrong with her? She's been out for ten minutes. 她怎么了? 昏了10多分钟了
[06:19.55]Stop shouting, james. 别嚷嚷 James
[06:23.37]Hey, man. 给你
[06:25.31]Thank you. 谢谢
[06:28.73]If there's something that you want to tell me, daniel, now would be a good time. 你要是有话要说 Daniel 是时候了
[06:34.31]I'm not sure what you mean exactly. 我不明白你什么意思
[06:35.82]She's asking if you know why your girlfriend had a seizure. 她问你知不知道 你女人为什么抽搐昏过去了
[06:38.33]Give us some space, would you? 让我们单独谈下 好么?
[06:39.65]She's like this 'cause the sky keeps lighting up. 她这样都是因为天不停地闪
[06:41.30]He knew this would happen and he didn't say squat about it. 他知道会这样 却屁也不放一个
[06:43.57]James... go away. James... 走开
[06:56.02]did you know that this would happen? 你知道会这样么?
[07:00.36]I thought... I thought it might. 我以为... 我以为可能会
[07:05.62]I think it's neurological. 我觉得是神经的原因
[07:08.33]Our brains have an internal clock, a sense of time. 我们大脑有个时钟 对时间的概念
[07:11.11]The flashes... throw the clock off. 闪回...则完全置时钟不顾
[07:15.44]It's like really bad jet lag. 好比特别严重的时差感
[07:20.95]Really bad jet lag doesn't make you hemorrhage, daniel. 特别严重的时差不会导致大出血 Daniel
[07:26.88]You wanna tell me why it isn't happening to the rest of us? 为什么我们其他人没有这症状呢?
[07:29.81]I don't know. 我不知道
[07:35.45]But thank god it's not. 但谢天谢地没这样
[07:46.38]thank you for waiting. 不好意思让您久等了
[07:48.04]Did my assistant offer you something to drink? 助理给您提供饮料了么?
[07:49.85]Um, yes. I'm fine, thank you. 嗯 有 不用了 谢谢
[07:51.28]Good. Please, ms. Austen, sit. 好 Austen小姐 请坐
[07:56.68]So... how can I help you? 请问有什么可以帮你的?
[08:01.76]mr. Norton, when you came to mhouse looking for blood samples from me and my son, Norton先生 当你上门向我要 我和儿子的血样时
[08:08.42]I asked you who your client was... 我曾问是谁委托你的...
[08:11.49]- and I said I couldn't tell you. - Yeah. - 我说过无法透露 - 我也知道
[08:13.79]I'm here to offer you a deal. 咱们做个交易
[08:17.93]I'll give you the blood samples, but first, I wanna talk to your client. 我可以给你血样 但条件是 先与你的委托人见面
[08:24.04]Considering what you're asking for, that's more than reasonable. 对于你的要求来说 这个条件不算过分
[08:27.78]Well, I am, uh, seeing my client later today, and I will be sure to pass along your offer. 我过一会要去见委托人 我会传达你的要求
[08:34.29]But I am pretty sure of what the answer's gonna be-- no. 但我已基本肯定答复会是拒绝
[08:40.83]And the reason, of course, is that you're in no position to be making any kind of deals, 理由是你根本没有资格提条件
[08:44.20]and we both know it. 我们彼此都清楚
[08:46.22]I have a signed court order compelling you to let us confirm that you're the child's mother. 我有法庭执行令要求你 证明你们的母子关系
[08:50.34]I could send the sheriff over there today and make you do it, but my client insists that we... 今天大可以跟警官去强制取血样 但我的委托人强调要...
[08:55.57]handle the exchange of custody quietly. 低调地处理抚养权的转移
[09:00.96]What do you mean "exchange of custody"? "抚养权转移"是什么意思?
[09:03.27]You know exactly what I mean. 你心知肚明
[09:04.58]No, I...mr. Norton, 不 Norton先生
[09:10.14]I just wanna know who is doing this to me. 我只想知道是谁在指使
[09:13.64]You did this to yourself. 始作俑者是你自己
[09:16.59]Now it is time you prepare yourself, ms. Austen. 现在你要做好心理准备了 Austen小姐
[09:21.94]You are going to lose the boy. 你快要失去那孩子了
[09:40.25]We have to go back to the orchid. 我们必须回到幽兰站
[09:43.20]Excuse me? 什么?
[09:44.31]The orchid. 幽兰站
[09:45.90]That's where all this started. Maybe it's where it'll all stop. 事情在哪儿开始发生 或许也是结束的地方
[09:52.05]That greenhouse is a long ways away. 那温室里这里很远哦
[09:55.62]You said you had a zodiac raft back at the beach. 你说沙滩那边有只小艇
[09:58.45]We could take that, cut around the horn of the island, be at the orchid in half the time. 我们乘它走 抄小路走到幽兰站 可以节省一半时间
[10:01.77]And let me guess. You know exactly what to do when we get there. 让我猜猜 你很明确我们到达 之后要做什么
[10:03.92]No, not exactly at all, but I know that ben used it to leave the island. 不 还不清楚 不过我知道Ben是在那里离岛的
[10:07.21]And if I can do the same thing, I believe I can save us. 如果我用同样的方法 我想能够拯救我们
[10:11.57]And how you gonna do that? 你凭什么可以做到?
[10:13.50]This is all happeningbecause they left. 一切事情的发生 都起因于他们的离开
[10:16.34]I think it'll stopif I can bring them back. 我想如果他们回来 这一切会结束
[10:18.56]- Bring who back? - Jack, sun, sayid,hugo, kate. - 叫他们回来? - Jack Sun Sayid Hugo Kate
[10:22.15]The boat blew up, and that chopper was probably on it. 那船爆炸了 直升机可能也在上面
[10:24.66]They're not dead, james. 他们没有死 James
[10:25.80]Says who? 谁说的?
[10:27.33]That doesn't matter. 谁说的不重要
[10:29.46]All that mattersis they've gotta come back. 重要的是他们必须得回来
[10:32.11]I have to make them come back... 我得让他们回来...
[10:35.48]even if it kills me. 即使要付出生命的代价
[10:39.68]Don't you want 'emto come back, james? 你不想他们回来吗 James?
[10:43.43]Don't you want her to ce back? 你不想她回来?
[10:50.95]It doesn't matterwhat I want. 我怎么想根本不重要
[10:55.84]She's waking up! 她醒了!
[11:01.72]Are you okay? 你没事吧?
[11:05.81]- Who are you? - It's me. - 你是谁? - 是我啊
[11:09.89]It's daniel. 我是Daniel
[11:14.57]Daniel. Daniel
[11:21.07]oh, my head. 噢 我的脑袋
[11:25.86]what happened? 发生什么事了?
[11:27.08]There was another flash. You passed out. 又闪回了 你晕过去了
[11:30.86]How do you feel? 感觉怎样?
[11:32.56]A bit dizzy, but... 有点晕 但...
[11:35.97]- I'm fine. - Good. - 好很多了 - 很好
[11:38.71]hooray. Everything's back to normal. 太好了 一切如常
[11:42.12]Now what? 现在做什么?
[11:43.45]I'll tell you "now what." 告诉你"现在做什么"
[11:47.70]We're going to the orchid. 我们去幽兰站
[12:04.76]Oncologist on call to the I.C.U.
[12:07.60]Dilation's almostback to normal. 瞳孔缩放基本恢复正常
[12:09.23]Good. Now take this I.V. Out of my arm, and let's go. 好 现在把我臂上的吊针拔掉 我们就出发吧
[12:11.55]Sayid, you were unconsciousfor 42 hours. Sayid 你昏迷了42小时
[12:14.42]You had the equivalent of threedoses of horse tranquilizer in your system. 你体内的麻醉剂可以放倒3匹马
[12:17.67]If you sent that man to hurley'shouse, 如果你叫了那人去Hurley的家
[12:19.35]- we have to leave now. - You need to relax. - 我们必须走了 - 你要冷静下来
[12:21.17]Ben is not gonna hurt hurley. Ben不会伤害Hurley
[12:23.85]Ben is on our side. Ben是我们这边的
[12:26.04]The only side he's onis his own. 他不属于任何一边
[12:28.44]Dr. Shephard? Shephard医生?
[12:30.33]I'm dr. Ariza,director of clinical services. 我是Ariza医生 临床部门主任
[12:34.36]A word with you, please? 能跟你谈谈吗?
[12:38.12]I'll be right back. 很快回来
[12:42.43]What do you thinkyou are doing here? 你到底在干什么?
[12:44.76]I was treating a patient. I apologize. It was an emergency. 我在治疗病人 非常抱歉 那是个急诊
[12:48.25]you were suspendedon charges of substance abuse. 你已经因为药物滥用被停职了
[12:51.27]Emergency or not, dr. Shephard, you have no business being here. 不管是否急诊 Shephard医生 你已经无权处置了
[12:54.44]I understand, and I take full responsibilityfor my actions. 我明白 我会对我的行为负责
[12:57.51]No, doctor. The hospital takes full responsibility for your actions, 不 医生 医院要对你的行为负全责
[13:00.86]and that makes usliable for them. 所以我们要对病人负责
[13:04.25]excuse me. 抱歉
[13:08.30]- Hello? - jack? It's me. - 你好? - Jack? 是我
[13:10.45]Hurley. Hurley
[13:11.16]Hey, did sayid get to you? Did my dad drop him off? 嘿 Sayid在你那儿吧? 我爸送他去了吗?
[13:13.63]- Yes. He did.Hurley, where are-- - is he okay? - 是的 他在 Hurley 你在哪 - 他还好吧?
[13:16.22]- He's fine. - Awesome. - 他很好 - 太棒了
[13:17.61]Hurley, where are you? Hurley你在哪里?
[13:19.07]Dude, I'm totally cool. I'm in L.A.County lockup. 老兄 我好着呢 现在在洛城拘留所
[13:21.97]Oh, and tell sayidI did exactly what he said. 噢 告诉Sayid 我做了他指示的事
[13:24.20]I'm totally safe. Ben's never gonna get me now. 我非常安全 Ben不会抓到我了
[13:26.47]What are you talking about, hurley? Wait!Wait-- 你在说啥 Hurley? 等等! 等等...
[13:33.93]good. You're here. How's sayid? 好 你在这 Sayid怎样?
[13:38.90]How you doing today, sir? 先生 今天感觉怎样?
[13:43.26]Got your meds for you. 你的药在这里
[13:45.67]Sorry, I think you havethe wrong room. 抱歉 我想你进错房间了
[13:48.22]Nope. Room 133, right? 哪有 133房 对吧?
[13:51.32]Got the orders right here. But don't worry. 医嘱在这里都写好了 无需担心
[13:55.20]I won't have togive you an injection. 我不用给你打针
[13:58.54]Put thisright in your I. V. Line. 把这个注入到你的输液管就行了
[14:24.76]who are you? Who are you working for? 你是谁? 你给谁做事?
[14:33.88]okay, talk, talk. 好 说话 说
[14:35.51]Address--it's in my pocket. 地址...在我兜里
[14:59.34]hello, sayid. 你好 Sayid
[15:03.32]What happened? 怎么了?
[15:04.31]Do we know anyonewho lives at 42 panorama crest? 住在Panorama Crest 42号的 有咱们认识的么?
[15:11.29]That's kate's address. 是Kate的地址
[15:27.74]hello? 你好?
[15:28.62]Kate? It's jack. Are you okay? Kate? 我是Jack 你没事儿吧?
[15:31.90]Yeah. I'm fine. 嗯 我没事
[15:32.93]Where are you right now? Are you at home? 你现在在哪里? 家里么?
[15:36.05]what? 什么?
[15:36.71]Listen, I'll explain everythingonce you're out, but you've gotta get aaron-- 听着 你出来我再向你解释 但你得带上Aaron...
[15:39.25]look, I'm not at home, okay? I'M... 听着 我现在不在家 好么? 我...
[15:41.75]aaron is at a hotelwith sun. Aaron跟Sun在一家旅馆里
[15:44.03]Sun? Sun's in L.A.? Sun? Sun来洛杉矶了?
[15:45.02]Yeah, she's here on business. 嗯 她来出公差
[15:48.38]Listen, jack, this isreally not a good time. 听着 Jack 现在我不太方便
[15:50.91]I'm so sorry that I evenpicked up the phone. 很抱歉 我连电话都不该接的
[15:52.69]kate, do not hang up on me. Please listen. Lisn, uh... Kate 你别挂电话 请听我说 听我说
[15:57.03]will you tell me where you are? I need to see you? 能告诉我你在哪么? 我得见你?
[16:01.36]Kate, please. Kate 求你了
[16:04.58]I'm downtown. Wilshire and olive. 我在市中心 Wilshire街和Olive街交叉口
[16:06.56]Okay. All right. I'm on my way. 好的 我这就走
[16:09.37]She's not at home, but I'm gonnago to her right now. 她现在不在家 我去接她
[16:11.46]Good. I'll go deal with hugo. 好 我去应付Hugo
[16:13.16]Sorry, ben. 抱歉 Ben
[16:16.05]I'm not letting youget anywhere near him. 我不会让你靠近他的
[16:17.93]You have friends in trouble. 你朋友正有麻烦呢
[16:19.35]Let's get them to safety and save the dirty linenfor later. 咱先确保他们安全 这些事儿回头再说
[16:25.75]I'll drive. 我来开车
[16:27.66]After you get kate, meet us atthe long beach marina, slip 23. 找到Kate之后 到长滩码头 23号停泊处
[16:31.72]And, jack... hurry. We're running out of time. 还有Jack... 抓点紧 咱们时间不多了
[16:44.10]hey, locke? What are you gonnasay to her? 嗨 Locke? 你该跟她说些什么?
[16:48.11]Sorry? 什么?
[16:49.23]Kate. What are you gonna say to herto get her to come back? 我是说Kate 你想说些什么来劝她回来?
[16:55.13]I haven'tfigured that out yet. 这还没想好
[16:57.32]Well, let metell you something. 那让我来告诉你吧
[16:58.71]She was pretty excited to hop on that chopperand get the hell out of here. 她当时上飞机走的时候挺兴奋的
[17:12.96]What the hell is that? 那是什么玩意儿?
[17:21.76]Whatever it is,we better stay clear of it. 不管是什么 最好离它远点
[17:25.57]Beach is this way. 海滩是这边的啊
[17:28.46]Now you wanna takethe scenic route? 你这又想走景色美的路线了?
[17:30.67]John... do you know when we are? John... 你知道现在是什么时候么?
[17:38.24]We need to keep moving. 咱们得继续走
[18:00.30]How's your headache? 你头疼好点了么?
[18:01.88]Better. 好些了
[18:03.02]Nothing like sore feet to takeyour mind off your head, eh? 脚酸得顾不上头疼了
[18:06.99]well, don't worry.Once we get to the beach, 别担心 只要咱们到了海滩
[18:08.45]we're gonna take the zodiac around the other sideof the island and rest. 我们就坐船去岛的另一头好好歇歇
[18:12.04]You're sweet, but you don't needto baby me. I'm fine. 你人真好 但你不用把我当小孩儿 我没事儿
[18:18.92]You okay? 你没事儿吧?
[18:21.27]I'm peachy. 我没事儿
[18:25.78]Now what? 现在又怎么了?
[18:30.31]nobody move. 大家都别动
[18:34.80]- james! - I got this. - James! - 我心里有数
[18:48.39]it knows I don't want it,and I was gonna give it away. 它知道我不想要它 我本来想不要了来着
[18:50.88]Babies know that stuff. 宝宝知道这些的
[18:52.54]Okay, no, no, hang on. Listen, listen. 好 不 不 坚持住 听着 听着
[18:54.60]Do you want this baby? 你想要这孩子么?
[18:56.62]Do you want itto be safe and healthy? 你想让他健康平安么?
[18:59.34]you're not alone in this. We are all here for you. This baby is all of ours. 你并不孤独 我们都支持你 这个孩子是咱们大家的
[19:03.50]But I need you to push. 但是我需要你用力
[19:08.45]Okay? 好么?
[19:10.78]one, two, three... push! 1 2 3... 用力!
[19:16.58]come on, claire! Push! 使点儿劲儿 Claire! 用力!
[19:20.35]Okay! He's coming! 好! 快出来了!
[19:23.46]push! Push! Push! Push! push! Push! Push! Push! 用力! 用力! 用力! 用力!
[20:12.57]james? James?
[20:16.14]What happened? 怎么了?
[20:19.91]Did you see somethingout here, james? 你在那看到了什么 James?
[20:29.54]Don't matter. 没什么
[20:32.07]It's gone now. 已经没了
[21:04.88]you shaved your beard. 你刮了胡子
[21:06.49]Yeah. 对
[21:08.26]Just needed a change. 换个形象嘛
[21:16.80]Look,jack,uh... 听着 Jack
[21:19.38]I don't know why you called,but I can't be dealingwith this right now. 我不知道你为什么打电话 但我现在无法解决这件事情
[21:27.35]What's going on? 怎么了?
[21:29.22]Nothing. 没什么
[21:30.22]Just... 只是...
[21:31.16]can you just go? 你能先走么?
[21:32.74]Why don't you just tell me? 你直接告诉我不行么?
[21:34.00]Jack,please,just go. Jack 求你了 走吧
[21:35.10]Kate,please,tell me. Kate 求你了 告诉我吧
[21:42.85]somebody wants aaron. 有人想抢Aaron
[21:45.54]What? 什么?
[21:46.81]There's a lawyer in there. 那里面有个律师
[21:48.65]His clients--they know we're lying. 他的客户 他们知道咱们骗人了
[21:50.60]They know I'm not his mom,and they're gonna take him away. 他们知道我不是他亲生母亲 而且他们要从我手中抢走他
[21:53.92]Who's gonna take him away? 是谁要抢走他?
[22:00.72]What--what are you doing? 你 你要干什么?
[22:02.31]Look,I gotta go,all right? 听着 我得走了 明白么?
[22:03.32]Get in or don'T. 进来 要不就走
[22:22.54]You ready to tell mewho you saw back there? 准备好告诉我 你刚才看到什么了么?
[22:26.11]Already told you. 已经告诉你了啊
[22:26.74]It was nothin'. 什么也不是
[22:28.86]You and I both know when wwerebefore the flash,james. 你我都知道闪光前各自的位置 James
[22:33.18]So who was it you saw?Charlie?Shannon?Yourself? 所以你看到谁了? Charlie? Shannon? 还是你自己?
[22:37.91]And how is it that you knew when we were,johnny boy? 你怎么知道我们身处何时 小Johnny?
[22:42.56]That light in the sky--it wasfrom the hatch,wasn't it? 天上的光 是从舱盖里出来的吧?
[22:48.15]The night that boone died... Boone死的那晚...
[22:52.11]I went out there and started pounding on itas hard as I could. 我去到那儿 重重地敲打舱盖
[22:54.59]I was... 我...
[22:56.30]confused... 困惑...
[22:58.03]scared. 恐惧
[23:00.51]Babbling like an idiot,asking,why was all thishappening to me? 像疯子似的胡言乱语 我问 为什么这些事都发生在我身上?
[23:06.97]Did you get an answer? 找到答案了吗?
[23:09.36]Light came on,shot up into the sky. 光出现在天空
[23:12.78]At the time,I thoughtit meant something. 那时 我以为它有着特殊的意义
[23:15.14]- Did it? - No. - 有吗? - 没
[23:17.19]It was just a light. 那只不过是光
[23:19.49]So why'd youturn us around then? 那你为什么要离我们而去?
[23:21.87]Don't you wannago back there? 你不想回去吗?
[23:24.23]Why would I wanna do that? 我为什么想要回去?
[23:26.31]So you could tell yourselfto do things different,save yourselfa world of pain. 好让你证明自己能做与众不同的事 早日脱离苦海
[23:31.46]No,I needed that painto get to where I am now. 不 我需要那种痛苦 那成就了今天的我
[23:46.58]I just got a nosebleed. 我刚流鼻血了
[23:49.37]What? 什么?
[23:50.42]When? 什么时候?
[23:52.20]Let's just notfreak out the others,okay? 别吓到其他人了
[23:55.92]Just tell me... 告诉我...
[23:57.26]why--why her?Why me? 为什么 为什么是她? 是我?
[23:58.82]I don't know. 我不知道
[24:00.54]Uh,I think it mighthave something to do with duration of exposure. 可能和暴露时间有关
[24:03.82]You know,the amount of timeyou'vepent on the island. 你们在这岛上活动的总时间
[24:05.85]Doesn't make any sense. 没理由的
[24:06.63]Those yahooshave been here for months. 那些土八路在这里呆了几个月了
[24:08.84]I've never been here before two weeks ago. 我两星期前才刚到
[24:11.97]Are you sure about that? 你肯定吗?
[24:15.05]hello? 嘿?
[24:20.61]the camp's bac finally. - 营地回来了 - 终于回来了
[24:24.32]Anybody for a dharma beer? 谁要来瓶达摩啤酒?
[24:27.64]Hello? 你好?
[24:28.73]Anybody here? 有人吗?
[24:30.21]Rose?Bernard? Rose? Bernard?
[24:39.32]I wonder how long agothis happened. 这是多久前的事了
[24:45.05]Son of a bitch! 该死的!
[24:49.36]What is it? 这是什么?
[24:51.72]It's vincent'S. 是Vincent的
[24:53.38]Yeah?Well,where's the rest of the dog? 是吗? 狗在哪?
[24:55.73]Where's the restof our people? 我们的人在哪?
[25:00.11]The zodiac's gone,too. 小艇也不见了
[25:02.70]Maybe your peopletook the boat. 可能你们的人坐船走了
[25:05.11]Why the hellwould they do that? 他们为什么要这么做?
[25:08.38]To get awayfrom whoever came in those. 避开乘着那东西来的人
[25:17.01]where did these come from? 这些东西从哪里来的?
[25:19.14]That's a good question. 问得好
[25:20.71]They're pretty old. 看上去挺旧的
[25:22.27]Not that old. 不是
[25:24.27]Let me see that. 让我看看
[25:28.55]"Adg-uh-ruh"? "Adg-uh-ruh"?
[25:30.63]Ajira.It's an airline. Ajira 是间航空公司
[25:31.78]It's based out of india,but they fly everywhere. 以印度航班为住 但也有飞去世界各地的
[25:33.91]Great.Maybe they got a flightout of here to vegas tonight. 酷 或许他们今晚就坐飞机去赌城了
[25:36.81]Who came in these? 谁会乘坐这玩意儿?
[25:38.12]Other others? 你们的"其他人"?
[25:40.13]Don't look at me. 别看着我
[25:42.15]My question is,when are they coming back? 我想知道的是 他们什么时候会回来?
[25:45.14]Let's not wait to find out. 不要守株待兔了
[26:13.37]this plan soundeda hell of a lot better when we weregoing by motorboat. 要是我们坐摩托艇过去就好了
[26:18.49]How far is this place? 还有多远?
[26:20.48]It's around that point. 就在那边
[26:23.13]Not more than a couple hours. 不会超过几个小时
[26:24.80]oh,joy. 爽
[26:30.53]You all right? 你还好吧?
[26:33.41]I saw kate. 我看见Kate了
[26:34.87]What? 什么?
[26:36.08]Last night,in the jungle. 昨晚 在森林里
[26:40.23]Before the last flash. 最后一次闪光前
[26:44.81]She was deliveringclaire's baby. 她在帮Claire接生
[26:48.80]But that was two months ago. 但那是两个月前的事了
[26:52.66]Time travel's a bitch. 去他妈的时间旅行
[26:54.53]get down! 俯下!
[26:58.84]paddle! 划桨!
[27:02.94]I think they want their boat back! 他们想夺回船!
[27:04.85]Move! 快!
[27:12.96]these your people? 这些是你的人?
[27:14.57]No!Are they yours? 不! 是你们的吗?
[27:15.72]Shut up and keeping paddling! 闭嘴 划快点!
[27:23.27]little help! 帮一下!
[27:24.24]Little help! 帮一下!
[27:32.99]paddle harder! 划快点!
[27:33.75]They're getting closer! 他们来了!
[27:42.01]thank you,lord! 谢谢啊 上帝!
[27:52.78]I take that back! 我收回那句话!
[27:54.97]Everybody,paddle! 大家快划!
[27:56.39]Head for the shore! 去岸边!
[28:20.94]kate,just because the guy told you that he wasmeeting his client doesn't meanthat they're here in L.A. Kate 那人说他要去见客户 并不代表他们是在洛杉矶
[28:26.15]He could've just told you that to--to throw you off. 他可能只是随便应付你的
[28:28.36]Or they're in that hotelright now. 或者他们正在那酒店里
[28:33.83]Okay. 好吧
[28:35.30]And what if they are? 要是他们在又怎样?
[28:36.21]What if the personwho wants to take aaron is sittingin that hotel room right now? 那个想带走Aaron的人正坐在那里
[28:39.90]Then what? 又怎么样?
[28:42.20]Come on. 算了吧
[28:43.16]Come with me. 我们一起
[28:44.01]We'll--we'll go get aaron,we'll put our heads together,and we'll figure something out. 我们去带上Aaron 一起想想办法
[28:49.13]All right. 好吧
[29:00.29]Oh,my god. 噢 天哪
[29:03.37]it's claire's mother. 是Claire的母亲
[29:32.45]Wait. 等下
[29:33.58]What am I waiting for,jack? 我在等什么 Jack?
[29:34.81]Wait.I just... 等下 我...
[29:35.56]- let's just think about this for a minute. - She knows. - 我们好好想想 - 她知道
[29:38.62]Maybe she doesn't know. 也许她不知道
[29:39.25]No,but she knows about aaron,and that's all that matters! 不 她知道Aaron的事了 这就够了!
[29:45.74]t mego talk to her. 让我去跟她谈谈
[29:47.47]What? 什么?
[29:48.44]If I can just explain to herwhy we did it-- maybe if I can get herto understand why... 如果我能向她解释我们为什么那么做 如果我能让她理解...
[29:54.67]she'll listen to me. 她会听我的
[29:59.05]I can fix this,kate. 我能说服她的 Kate
[30:00.32]I can fix it. 我能说服她的
[30:06.93]Aaron is my family,too. Aaron也是我家人
[30:40.54]dr. Shephard? Shephard医生?
[30:42.49]Hello,ms.Littleton. 你好 Littleton女士
[30:45.81]may I come in? 我能进来么?
[30:47.53]Of course. 当然
[30:52.54]you look drenched. 你湿透了
[30:53.95]No,no. 不 不
[30:54.69]No,I'm fine. 不 我没事
[30:56.26]God,I haven't seen yousince your father's funeral. 天 自从你父亲的葬礼后 我就没再见过你了
[31:01.03]How did you even knowI was here? 你怎么知道我在这儿的?
[31:04.80]I knew you were here,ms.Littleton, 我之所以知道你在这儿
[31:08.15]because I followedyour lawyer. 因为我跟踪了你的律师
[31:12.87]Why would you do that? 你为什么要那么做?
[31:15.27]I'm--I did it because,um... 因... 因为..
[31:18.47]I understand thatyou feel the need to do this. 我理解你觉得有必要这么做
[31:22.11]But I need you to know that everything that kate and ihave done--it was for aaron. 但你要理解 我和Kate所做的一切-- 都是为了Aaron
[31:31.12]Who'S... 谁...
[31:32.96]aaron? 是Aaron?
[31:37.18]I-I'm afraidI'm not following you. 我... 我不明白你说的什么
[31:39.77]Ms.Littleton,um... Littleton女士 呃...
[31:42.19]what are you doing herein los angeles? 你在洛杉矶干嘛?
[31:52.87]let's go. 走吧
[31:53.71]Drive. 开车
[31:54.59]Then call sun and tell her to bring aaronto the long beach marina. 给Sun打电话 让她带Aaron到长滩码头
[31:57.33]We'll meet her there. 我们在那儿见面
[31:58.45]What--wh-whaare youtalking about? 你... 什么意思?
[31:59.35]- What happened? - Kate,we have to go now. - 怎么回事? - Kate 快走
[32:00.23]I'm not going anywhere untilyotell me what just happened! 你先解释清楚怎么回事!
[32:02.86]She doesn't know anything. 她不知情
[32:06.56]What? 什么?
[32:07.56]She doesn't know. 她不知情
[32:09.31]She still thinksthat claire is dead. 她还以为Claire死了
[32:13.18]she doesn't even knowthat aaron exists. 她甚至不知道Aaron的出生
[32:15.62]But the lawyer--she sued oceanic,and she's in town to pick up her settlement. - 但是那个律师... - 她告了大洋 她是来拿和解费的
[32:19.56]What,and it's justa coincidence that her lawyer happens to be the same one that's trying to take my son? 那她的律师想夺走我儿子只是巧合?
[32:23.92]I don't know. 我不知道
[32:25.80]But whoever's tryingto take aaron... 但不管是谁想夺走Aaron
[32:28.53]it's not her. 绝对不是她
[32:30.92]Then who is it? 那是谁?
[32:37.22]Can I ask you something? 我能问个问题么?
[32:41.45]Why'd you take it upon yourselfto rescue hugo? 你为什么把救Hugo当做是你自己的任务?
[32:45.14]I had to make surehurley was safe. 我得确保他安全
[32:48.56]You can pull in over here. 在那儿停一下
[33:15.13]mr. Linus. Linus先生
[33:16.35]Mr. Norton. Norton先生
[33:18.92]I looked into it,and they don't have any kindof solid case against reyes. 我看了看 他们的案子很勉强
[33:22.52]The M.E.Said that the manfound outside santa rosa was killed before reyes escaped. 法医说Santa Rosa外那个人 在Reyes逃跑之前就被害了
[33:28.25]That's very good news. 好消息
[33:29.56]We have a prelim hearingin the morning. 明早预审
[33:31.07]The judge will neverlet it get past that,and reyeswill be a free man. 法官不会允许继续进行下去的 Reyes就自由了
[33:37.61]Thank you,dan. 谢谢 Dan
[33:39.00]Anytime. 不客气
[33:46.00]Who was that? 他是什么人?
[33:49.21]That's my lawyer. 我的律师
[33:55.39]Okay! 好!
[34:00.55]remind menever to dthat again. 绝对没有下一次
[34:06.00]Where are we? 我们这是在哪?
[34:07.26]It's hard to saytill it gets light. 天亮之前很难说
[34:20.59]we didn't get a chanceto finish our conversation. 我们话被打断了
[34:23.94]What conversation was that? 什么话?
[34:26.16]The one beforethey started shooting at us, 他们开枪之前的那段
[34:28.89]where you were about to tell mehow it felt to see kate again. 你正准备说再见到Kate是什么感觉
[34:32.84]I wasn't aboutto tell you anything. 我什么也没打算说
[34:36.46]why don't you tell me now? 现在说吧?
[34:54.54]I was close enoughto touch her. 我就在她身旁
[35:01.52]If I wanted to,I could've... 如果我想 都可以摸到她...
[35:05.11]stood right upand talked to her. 上前一步 跟她说话
[35:09.30]Why didn't you? 为什么没那么做?
[35:15.28]What's done is done. 已经无可挽回了
[35:25.35]Juliet? Juliet?
[35:27.80]What's wrong? 怎么了?
[35:33.89]oi! 噢!
[35:36.87]Come and look at this! 看这个!
[35:47.50]It's wreckage. 有船沉了
[35:48.69]Looks like it just happened. 似乎是不久之前的事
[36:01.13]anybody speak french? 有谁会说法语么?
[37:37.77]jack,why did you call me today? Jack 你今天为什么给我打电话?
[37:41.80]I told you.I S... 我告诉你了 我...
[37:43.88]I was worried. 有点担心
[37:45.27]But why? 为什么?
[37:46.82]Why wereyou worried? 担心什么?
[37:47.59]Why today? 为什么是今天?
[37:59.81]I don'T... 我不知道...
[38:00.66]right before I called you,sayid was attacked. 就在我给你打电话之前 Sayid被袭击了
[38:02.90]And the guy that did it--your address was in his pocket. 袭击他的那个人-- 口袋里有你的地址
[38:06.05]Sayid? Sayid?
[38:07.26]What's he doing here? 他在这干吗?
[38:09.98]That's not importantright now. 那不重要
[38:11.77]What matters is that we getyou and aaron someplace safe. 重要的是把你和Aaron带去安全的地方
[38:16.50]safe from who? 谁会威胁我们?
[38:31.01]hello,kate. 你好 Kate
[38:40.41]it's okay. 没事的
[38:42.11]He's with me. 他是来帮我的
[38:45.55]He's with you? 他来帮你?
[38:46.97]I know this is gonnabe hard to understand,but he's here to help us. 这是有点难以置信 但他真的是来帮我们的
[38:52.36]To help everyonethat we left behind. 帮助我们留在岛上的每一个人
[38:55.74]We all need to be together again. 我们必须重新回到一块儿
[38:57.99]It's him. 是他
[38:59.93]What? 什么?
[39:01.93]It's him. 是他
[39:02.91]He's the one who's trying to take aaron. 就是他想要带走Aaron
[39:04.88]No.No. 不 不
[39:06.38]- You-- you don't understand.No,jack.- She's right.It was me. - 你不明白 - 不 Jack 她是对的 是我
[39:13.18]Sorry. 抱歉
[39:15.56]Who the helldo you think you are? 你认为你是谁?
[39:17.57]Why don't youjust stay away? 为什么你不能远离我们?
[39:19.23]Why don't youleave me and my son alone? 为什么不能放过我和我儿子?
[39:21.37]Because he's not your son,kate. 因为他不是你儿子 Kate
[40:02.37]robert...鏰 va? Robert...
[40:15.49]no understand. 不明白
[40:17.30]you speak english? 你会说英语吗?
[40:20.37]little. 一点点
[40:22.54]Are you okay? 你还好吧?
[40:24.17]Yes. 嗯
[40:26.65]How did you get here? 你是怎么来这的?
[40:29.62]Boat. 船
[40:36.22]what boat? 什么船?
[40:39.27]It's gone. 已经没了
[40:42.07]Sink. 沉了
[40:43.46]It must've been caughtin the same storm as ours. 应该和我们一样 遇到暴风雨了
[40:45.59]Who are you? 你是谁?
[40:47.53]How long you in the water? 在水里呆多久了?
[40:49.69]I don't know. 我不知道
[40:51.23]How do you not know how you wound up inthe middle of the ocean,ah? 你不知道自己如何在昏死在大海中央?
[41:06.18]merci,robert. 谢谢Robert
[41:22.64]thank you. 谢谢
[41:26.30]What is your name? 你叫什么名字?
[41:28.99]Kwon jin. Kwon Jin
[41:32.65]Jin. Jin
[41:34.39]Hello,jin. 你好 Jin
[41:36.12]I'm danielle. 我是Danielle
[41:37.85]Danielle rousseau. Danielle Rousseau
[41:41.68]迷失 第五季 第4集 完
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