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[00:00.03]previously on "lost"... "迷失" 前情提要
[00:01.88]I'm here to tell youthat the island won't let you come alone. 我来这儿是要告诉你 小岛是不会让你自己回来的
[00:05.03]All of you have to go back. 你们每个人都得回去
[00:07.18]Is that what this is about? 折腾半天就为这?
[00:08.92]Thisis insane. You guys are crazy. 这简直是疯了 你们这帮人疯了
[00:10.89]- Kate-- - jack, don't! - Kate.. - Jack 别说了!
[00:12.65]Sayid,where are you going? Sayid 你要去哪?
[00:14.33]I don't want any part of this. 我可不想扯上丁点儿关系
[00:16.23]It's jin! 是Jin!
[00:23.08]How do you know he's alive? 你怎么知道他还活着的?
[00:24.96]There's someone... 有人...
[00:27.30]Someone here in los angeles. 这个人就在洛杉矶
[00:29.23]Someone? Who? 这个人? 谁?
[00:31.03]The same person that's gonna show us how to get back to the island. 能告诉我们怎么回到小岛的 也是此人
[01:18.70]Help! 救命啊!
[01:21.20]Anyone! 快来人!
[01:26.23]Help! 救命啊!
[01:29.46]Help,jack! 快帮帮我 Jack!
[01:38.33]Help! Anyone! 救命啊! 快来人!
[01:46.49]Help! 救命啊!
[01:50.38]Help! 救命啊!
[01:55.46]Help! 救命啊!
[02:18.98]It's okay. You're okay. Relax. 没事儿的 你会没事儿的 放松
[02:22.47]Oh,god! 哦 天呐!
[02:25.07]Okay. 好了
[02:26.61]Oh,my god! 哦 我的天!
[02:27.58]- We can stand.We can stand. - What? - 咱们能站起来 咱们能站起来的 - 什么?
[02:33.41]Oh,my god. 哦 我的天呐
[02:40.87]It really happened. 还真发生了
[02:47.02]Kate. Kate
[03:05.74]Kate. Kate
[03:07.74]Kate,can you hear me? Kate 能听到我说话么?
[03:15.04]Jack? Jack?
[03:16.55]Are you okay? 你没事儿吧?
[03:21.14]- Are we... - Yeah. - 咱们是不是... - 对
[03:23.74]We're back. 我们回来了
[03:28.24]What hapned? 发生什么了?
[03:36.09]***** 46小时之前
[03:53.90]I thought I said all of them. 我记得我说过是所有人的
[03:58.56]This is all I could get on short notice. 这么仓促之下 这就是我能找到的人了
[04:01.52]Guess it'll have to do for now. 那就先这样吧
[04:06.84]All right. Let's get started. 好吧 咱们开始吧
[04:20.20]Shall we? 请进来吧?
[05:27.96]What is this place? 这是什么地方?
[05:29.50]The dharma initiative called it the lamp post. 达摩计划的人叫它指明柱
[05:36.57]This is how they found the island. 他们就是通过这个找到小岛的
[05:56.61]Lost Season05 Episode06 迷失 第五季 第6集
[06:03.52]Did you know about this place? 你之前知道这地方么?
[06:07.15]No. No,i didn't. 不 我之前不知道
[06:10.53]Is he telling the truth? 他说的是实话么?
[06:12.68]Probably not. 可能不是
[06:20.47]Here we go. 就是它了
[06:23.55]All right. I apologize if this is confusing,but... 如果让你们感到很纳闷儿的话 我道歉 但是...
[06:28.35]Let's pay attention,yes? 能集中一下注意力么?
[06:32.75]The room we're standing in was constructed years ago 我们所站在的这个屋子 好些年前就建好了
[06:37.15]over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy. 建在一小块非常稀有的电磁能量之地上
[06:40.66]That energy connects to similar pockets all over the world. 这种能量跟世界各地同种类的 小区块都是联系着的
[06:44.84]The people who built this room, however, were only interested in one. 然而建造这房子的人 却只对其中一个感兴趣
[06:49.23]The island. 小岛
[06:50.47]Yes. The island. 对 就是小岛
[06:52.88]They'd gathered proof that it existed. 他们收集到了证据 证明其的存在
[06:55.87]They knew it was out there somewhere, but they just couldn't find it. 他们知道小岛就在某处 但就是找不到具体位置
[07:02.57]Then a very clever fellow built this pendulum on the theoretical notion 然后一位非常聪明的人 根据此理论建了这个钟摆
[07:09.39]That they should stop looking for where the island wassupposedto be 指出 必须停止找寻 小岛的具体位置
[07:14.06]and start looking for where it wasgoingto be. 而是找寻小岛将会出现的位置
[07:21.04]What do you mean, "where it wasgoingto be"? "小岛将要出现的位置" 是什么意思?
[07:23.97]Well,this fellow presumed, and correctly,as it turned out, 那个人假设-- 事实证明他的假设是正确的
[07:27.59]that the island was always moving. 小岛是在不断地运动的
[07:32.20]Why do you think you were never rescued? 不然你想为啥你们从未获救援?
[07:34.92]Now while the movements of the island seem random, 小岛的运动看似是无规律可循的
[07:39.65]This man and his team created a series of equations 这个人和他的小组创立了 一系列的方程式
[07:45.44]which tell us, 能告诉我们
[07:47.44]With a high degree of probability, where it is going to be at a certain point... 小岛在最大可能下 特定时间上
[07:53.29]Intime. 出现在什么位置
[07:58.28]Windows,as it were, that while open, provide a route back. 窗户也像往常一样 如果是开着的就能有回去的路
[08:05.38]Unfortunately,these windows don't stay open for very long. 不幸的是 这些窗户开的时间 并不是很长
[08:11.65]Yours closes... 你们的那扇窗户...
[08:13.96]In 36 hours. 再过36小时就会关上
[08:18.96]Um,I'm sorry. Excuse me. 嗯 抱歉 我问一下
[08:21.84]Am I really hearing this? 这不是我幻听了吧?
[08:23.33]That'swhat this is about? 事情是这样的么?
[08:24.96]You're all going back to the islandwillingly? 你们都要自愿回到小岛?
[08:27.32]Yes. 对
[08:28.89]Why areyouhere,desmond? 那你来这里干什么 Desmond?
[08:34.58]I came here to deliver a message. 我来这里是告诉大家一个消息
[08:38.61]Daniel faraday... Daniel Faraday...
[08:41.85]Yourson-- sent me here. 也就是你儿子...他让我来的
[08:46.19]He wanted me to tell you that he and all the people on the island need your help. 他想让我告诉你 他和小岛上 所有的人一样 都需要你的帮助
[08:51.43]He said that onlyyou could help them. He didn't say jack. 他说只有你才能帮助他们 他可没说Jack有那本事
[08:53.67]He didn't say sun. He didn't say ben. He saidyou. 他说的也不是Sun 他说的也不是Ben 他说的是你
[08:56.28]But iamhelping,dear. 但是我是在帮忙啊 亲爱的
[09:01.32]Consider the message delivered. 就算我把消息送到了吧
[09:05.99]I'm sorry to have to tell you this,desmond, but the island isn't done with you yet. 我很抱歉告诉你这个 Desmond 但是你和小岛之间还没结束呢
[09:10.89]This woman cost me fouryearsof my life-- 这个女人浪费掉我四年的生命...
[09:13.06]Four years that i'll never get back becauseyoutold me that I was supposed to go to the island! 我再也追不回的四年啊 都是因为你 当时告诉我 我命中注定要去那小岛!
[09:18.68]That it was my bloody purpose! 去那小岛是我的该死的命运!
[09:25.54]You listen to me,brother, and you listen carefully. 兄弟 你听我说 仔细听好
[09:30.20]These people-- they're just usin' us. 这些人.... 他们只是在利用我们
[09:32.54]They're playing some kind of game, and we are just the pieces. 他们在玩一种游戏 我们只是里面的棋子
[09:37.97]Whatever she tells you to do... 不论她让你干什么...
[09:40.86]Ignore it. 别当真
[09:46.77]You say the island's not done with me? 你说小岛跟我还远未结束?
[09:49.34]Well,I'mdone with the island. 那这样 我受够了那小岛了
[10:04.87]Jack... Jack...
[10:06.60]The binder in your hands shows all the air routes that fly over the coordinates 你手里的文件夹里有 所有经过那坐标的航线
[10:11.49]Where I believe the island will be in little more than a day from now. 我相信再过一天多点 就会有飞机经过那坐标
[10:17.70]There's a commercial airliner flying from l.a.to guam. 有一架民航客机从洛杉矶起飞到关岛
[10:21.72]It's going to go right through r window. 它会直接穿过我们的"窗户"的
[10:26.34]Ajira airways,flight 3-1-6. Ajira 航空公司 第3-1-6号航班
[10:30.07]Is you have any hope of the island bringing you back, itmustbe that plane. 如果希望有架飞机能带你们回来 那就只有这架有可能了
[10:36.98]Youallneed to be on it. 你们都得上那飞机
[10:41.95]Itmustbe that flight. 只能是那架飞机
[10:48.73]If you... 如果你...
[10:50.36]Want to return, you need to recreate as best you can 想回到小岛的话 你需要尽自己最大努力重现
[10:55.93]the circumstances That brought you there in the first place 当时把你们带去小岛的情形
[11:00.26]that means as many of the same people 也就是说 那些原飞机上的同一批人
[11:05.22]as you are able to bring with you. 你要尽量都带上
[11:09.06]And what if we can't get anyone else to come with us? 如果我们没法说服其他人 跟我们一起去呢?
[11:11.97]What if we're it? 要是只有我们几个?
[11:13.83]All I can tell you is the result would be... 我只能告诉你 那结果将会...
[11:18.19]Unpredictable. 难以预料
[11:20.48]So that's it? 就这样咯?
[11:22.44]We just get on that flight, and we just hope that it works? That's all? 我们就坐上那航班 希望能成功? 就这样?
[11:29.17]No,that's not all,jack... 并不完全是这样 Jack...
[11:34.13]At least,not for you. 至少你还有任务
[11:45.26]come on in. 进来吧
[11:48.04]- Ben and sun-- - heard what they needed to hear, - Ben和Sun-- - 该知道的都知道了
[11:50.56]and this does not concern them. 这和他们已无关
[11:57.87]Here we are. 找到了
[12:07.49]What's this? 什么东西?
[12:08.86]It's john locke's suicide note. John Locke的自杀遗言
[12:17.00]I,uh... 我 唔...
[12:19.82]I didn't know. 我先前并不知道
[12:21.03]Well,why would you? 你怎么可能知道呢?
[12:22.86]Obituaries don't see fit to mention when people hang themselves,jack. 如果是自杀 讣告也不宜提起吧 Jack
[12:35.19]Why would he kill himself? 他为什么会自杀?
[12:40.13]There are many reasons, I'm sure, but the only one that matters is this-- 我肯定原因很多 不过最重要的是--
[12:45.94]He is going to help you get back. 他要帮助你们回去
[12:50.43]John is going to be a proxy. John将会成为代言人
[12:53.55]A substitute. 替身
[12:55.25]A substitute for who? 谁的替身?
[12:57.49]Jack... Who do you think? Jack... 你认为会是谁?
[13:03.33]You need to, as best you can, recreate the conditions of the original flight... 你要尽最大可能 重塑原来航班的状态...
[13:09.70]Which is why you need to give john something of your father's. 所以你得将你父亲的一件物品给John
[13:16.13]You have to get something that belonged to your father, and you need to give it to john. 你得取一件父亲所拥有的物品 然后把它给John
[13:22.57]What? 什么?
[13:24.73]That's what you have to do. 这就是你需要做的
[13:30.13]My father... Isgone. 我父亲... 已去世
[13:33.34]My father has been dead for three years. You want me to... 我父亲已去世三年 你却要我...
[13:38.37]A-and to give it to locke? He's in acoffin! 还要给Locke? 他已身在棺材!
[13:43.01]This is ridiculous. 太荒谬了
[13:44.62]Oh,stop thinking how ridiculous it is 不要纠结听上去有多荒谬
[13:48.21]and start asking yourself whether or not 而要自问一下
[13:53.47]you believe it's going to work. 是否相信会成功
[13:58.23]That's why it's called a leap of faith,jack. 所以这就是所谓信仰的飞跃 Jack
[14:28.37]Where's sun? Sun在哪里?
[14:29.79]She left. 她走了
[14:32.35]And locke? I mean... His body? The coffin? Locke呢? 他的遗体? 棺材呢?
[14:36.90]I have a friend looking after it. 我托了个朋友照看着
[14:41.63]I'll pick it up on my way to the airpo. 在去机场的路上再取回来
[14:49.98]What did she say to you,jack? 她跟你说什么了 Jack?
[14:51.91]Nothing that matters. 没啥要紧事
[14:54.40]Who is she? Why is she... Helping us? How does she know all this? 她是谁? 她为啥帮我们? 她怎么知道这一切的?
[15:03.83]Thomas the apostle 十二门徒之一圣多马
[15:08.65]when jesus wanted to return to judea, 当耶稣想回到古犹太国
[15:11.35]Knowing that he would probably be murdered there, thomas said to the others, 预知到他将在那儿被谋杀 圣多马对众人说
[15:16.39]"let us also go, that we might die with him." "让我们与他同往 生死与共"
[15:21.88]But thomas was not remembered for this bravery. 但圣多马并不以勇敢 而为世人所知
[15:24.95]His claim to fame came later... 他更迟些才为世人所敬...
[15:28.21]When he refused to acknowledge the resurrection. 当他拒绝承认耶稣的复活
[15:31.98]He just couldn't wrap his mind around it. 他怎样都无法想通
[15:34.93]The story goes... 故事发展到...
[15:38.26]That he needed to touch jesus' wounds to be convinced. 最后要触摸耶稣的伤口才确信
[15:45.63]So was he? 那他确定了吗?
[15:47.72]Of course he was. 当然
[15:51.23]We're all convinced sooner or later,jack. 我们迟早会由衷确信 Jack
[16:03.60]Where are you going? 你要去哪里?
[16:05.73]Oh,i made a promise to an old friend of mine-- 我答应了个老朋友--
[16:09.71]Just a loose end that needs tying up. 只是未尽之事需要了结
[16:13.80]See you at the airport, jack. 机场见 Jack
[16:54.98]Hello? 你好?
[16:57.37]Yeah,this is him. 我就是
[17:01.74]he didwhat? 他做了什么?
[17:03.70]This is the fourth time he's left. 这是他第四次逃走了
[17:05.53]He's gotta follow the rules, or he'll have to move to our fully assisted facility. 他得按规矩行事 要不他得转到全托院了
[17:08.65]Yeah,i understand. 我也明白
[17:11.62]And now,ladies and gentlemen, here is my fraidy-cat rabbit! 注意了 先生们女士们 我们的胆小兔!
[17:22.52]Hey,ray. 嘿 Ray
[17:24.37]Hey,jack. 嘿 Jack
[17:26.68]- Wanna get out of here? - The sooner the better. - 想出去走走吗? - 求之不得
[17:29.36]Would you please pick one? 请选一张?
[17:32.12]Look at it. 看一眼
[17:36.29]You wanna tell me why you took off this time,ray? 可以告诉我这次你为啥要走吗 Ray?
[17:39.48]Do ireally need to answer that? 我必须得回答?
[17:42.53]Will you at least tell me where the bus was headed? 至少告诉我你要坐车去哪里?
[17:45.37]Doesn't matter. 去哪里不重要
[17:46.50]Anywhere I go is somewhere better than here. 去哪都比在这儿好
[17:59.92]You packed a bag? 你收拾行李了?
[18:01.25]Of course I did. 当然
[18:04.62]One of these times, I'm actually gonna get away. 总有一次 我能成功逃走
[18:08.65]They won't ever find me either. 他们将会再也找不到我
[18:10.62]Take off again,they're gonna throw you outta here,ray. 再不辞而别 他们会让你退院 Ray
[18:12.90]But what would I do without my magic shows? 但没有魔术表演我要怎么办?
[18:20.68]Let me help you unpack, granddad. 帮你把行李放回衣橱 爷爷
[18:23.98]So how are you,kiddo? 你过得怎样 小子?
[18:26.01]You seeing anyone special? 约会意中人没?
[18:28.67]Whatever happened to the girl that you brought by with you that time? 你上次带来那女孩怎样了啊?
[18:32.45]The pretty one with all the freckles? 那个有雀斑的美人?
[18:34.45]What was her name? 她叫什么?
[18:36.43]Kate. We're not together anymore. Kate 我们不在一起了
[18:41.37]Well,look at the bright side-- more time to come visit me. 往好处想就是-- 你有更多时间来探我
[18:47.54]I'd love to,granddad. I really would,but... 我很想 爷爷 真的 但...
[18:51.94]I think I might be... 我想我会...
[18:54.38]Might be going away for a while. 可能要离开一段时间
[18:56.99]Where's "away" exactly? "离开"具体到哪里?
[18:59.79]Somewhere better than here. 比这里好的地方
[19:02.36]Touch脡. 说得对
[19:12.58]Are these yours,granddad? 这些是你的吗 爷爷?
[19:15.21]No. Those were your father's. 不 都是你爸爸的
[19:24.94]Your mom sent me a box of his stuff after he died. 你妈妈在他死后 将整箱这些寄给了我
[19:28.56]Must've got mixed in when I packed for a quick getaway. 肯定是我急着逃走时弄混了
[19:38.75]These shoes... Can I take them? 这双鞋子... 我能拿走吗?
[19:43.56]Be my guest. 尽管拿
[21:09.21]Kate? Kate?
[21:13.33]What are you doing here? 你来这干嘛?
[21:15.92]Are you still going back to the island? 你还是要回岛上去吗?
[21:19.35]Yeah. 是的
[21:21.19]Yeah,i think I am. 是的 我要回去
[21:27.75]Then I'm going with you. 那我跟你一块回去
[21:30.08]Kate... Kate...
[21:31.97]What happened? 发生什么事?
[21:33.27]Where's aaron? Where-- Aaron呢? 在哪--
[21:33.87]no,don't ask questions. 别 别问我
[21:39.82]If you want me to go with you... 如果你要我和你回去的话..
[21:43.29]You'llneverask me that question again. 永远别再问我这问题
[21:46.36]You willneverask me about aaron. 你永远别再问我Aaron的事
[21:47.71]Do you understand,jack? 你明白吗 Jack?
[21:52.04]Yes. 我明白了
[21:55.85]Thank you. 谢谢你
[22:23.58]Morning. 早上好
[22:26.25]Morning. 早上好
[22:28.15]Uh,i made you some coffee,and there's orange juice. 我帮你泡了咖啡 那里还有橙汁
[22:38.36]You still like milk and two sugars? 你还是喜欢牛奶加两块糖吗?
[22:41.37]Yeah,sure. 是的
[22:53.04]Those don't make much sense for the island. 这个在岛上可没什么用
[22:57.48]You might want to consider hiking boots. 带上远足靴还差不多
[23:00.81]Those were my father's. 那是我老爸的
[23:04.11]When I went to pick up his body in sydney,my dad didn't have any nice shoes. 我去悉尼认领他遗体时 他甚至连双体面的鞋子都没穿
[23:08.58]My mother wanted to have the funeral soon as I landed back in l.a. 可我妈要我一回洛杉矶就办葬礼
[23:11.81]But I thought,who the hell's gonna see his feet? 我在想 谁会去看他的脚啊?
[23:15.18]And so i-i had these old white tennis shoes, 我有这双白色的老网球鞋
[23:18.73]and I just said,"use these.Put these on him." 我就说 穿这个吧
[23:24.28]'Cause he wasn't worth a nice pair of shoes to me. 因为他还比不上一双好的鞋子
[23:28.36]Or the time it would take to go out and get 'em. 也不值得我花时间去替他买鞋
[23:31.51]So why don't you get rid of 'em? 那你为什么不把他们扔了?
[23:35.57]Why hold on to something that makes you feel sad? 谁会把看着也伤心的东西保留着呢?
[23:47.51]Go ahead. 去接吧
[23:48.67]I...I'll see you at the airport,okay? 机场见 好吗?
[24:00.86]Hello? 你好?
[24:02.18]Hello,jack. Are you there? 你好 Jack 你在吗?
[24:03.55]Yeah. Yeah,what's u is everything all right? 在 什么事 没什么事吧?
[24:05.31]Listen,we don't have much time. 听着 我们没有时间了
[24:06.88]I've been,uh...Sidetracked, 我被... 耽搁了
[24:09.65]and I need you to pick up locke's body and take it to the airport. 你去取Locke的遗体 把他带到机场
[24:14.83]The coffin is at simon's butcher shop,corner of grand and hayes. 棺材在Simon的肉店 Grand和Hayes的交叉口
[24:20.57]Why? Wh-what's happened to you? 为什么? 你发生了什么事?
[24:21.96]Just do it. Please. 照着我说的做吧 拜托了
[24:46.10]Are you jill? 你是Jill吗?
[24:47.50]Ben sent me. Ben叫我来的
[24:48.61]I know who you are,dr. Shephard. 我知道你是谁 Shephard医生
[24:50.13]Come on in. 进来吧
[24:59.47]What's in the bag? 袋里是什么?
[25:03.02]Sorry. 抱歉
[25:05.18]Ben said to give you the van. Ben说把货车给你
[25:07.02]I gotta pull it around back. 我得把它倒回来
[25:08.50]Give me about five minutes. 五分钟就好
[26:20.75]Wherever you are,john... 不管你在哪 John...
[26:24.16]You must be laughing your ass off that I'm actually doing this. 我竟然真的这么做了 你肯定笑坏了吧
[26:31.76]Becausethis... 因为这...
[26:34.56]This is even crazier than you are. 这比你还疯狂
[26:46.49]And here. 还有这个
[26:48.63]You can have that back. 你可以拿回去了
[26:50.84]I've already heard everything you had to say,john. 你想说的我都知道了 John
[26:54.31]You wanted me to go back. 你要我回去
[26:55.52]I'm going back. 好我回去
[27:10.52]Rest in peace. 你安息吧
[27:14.07]Mr. Shephard,if you'll just bear with me. Shephard先生 请恕我多言
[27:16.51]The reason for transporting mr. Bentham to guam? 把Bentham先生运回关岛的原因是?
[27:19.59]Uh,it was his-- these were his wishes. 呃 这是他的 是他的遗愿
[27:22.17]He wanted to be buried there. 他想安葬在那里
[27:23.78]Who will be the recipient of the deceased upon arrival? 到那后谁是死者的接待员?
[27:26.48]- Is there a funeral home or-- - no,it's me. Me. - 是葬礼之家 还是 - 不是 是我 我
[27:28.33]I'll be escorting the body. 由我来护送遗体
[27:29.81]And your relation to the deceased? 你和死者的关系是?
[27:33.01]He was,uh,a friend. 他是我的 呃 朋友
[27:35.44]Now,mr. Shephard,I have to inform you that due to the increased security measures, Shephard先生 我必须先告诉你 根据增强的安全条例
[27:38.93]We are required to open the casket and perform a screening. 我们必须开馆检查
[27:42.06]I assure you it's all done with care. 我保证检查会很小心
[27:44.51]Do you understand,mr. Shephard? 你了解了吗 Shephard先生?
[27:47.23]Mr. Shephard? Shephard先生?
[27:48.87]Yes. Yes,i understand. 是的 是的 我了解了
[27:50.72]Then please sign here. 那请在这里签名
[27:58.23]Thank you for flying ajira air. 欢迎乘坐ajira航空
[28:01.04]My condolences. 向你致上我的哀悼
[28:04.10]I'm sorry you lost your friend. 你失去了一个朋友 我感到很遗憾
[28:07.80]Thank you. 谢谢
[28:13.08]Please remove all jackets,sweaters,jewelry and footwear. 请脱下所有的外套 毛衣 珠宝首饰和鞋袜
[28:16.96]Remove all laptops and electronic devices from their cases and place them... 把所有的笔记本以及 电子设备取出来放在...
[28:21.18]Jack. Jack
[28:25.26]Sun. Sun
[28:27.31]You're surprised to see me? 看到我很惊讶吗?
[28:29.62]I just... 我只是...
[28:30.90]I thought maybe you might change your mind. 我想你可能会改变主意
[28:34.80]If there's even a chance that jin is alive,I have to be on that plane. 只要有一点点希望Jin还活着 我就必须上那架飞机
[28:39.32]All passengers,please have your tickets and identification available for security. 各位乘客 请准备好你们的 机票和身份证备检
[28:44.10]Please remove all jackets,sweaters... 请脱下所有的外套 毛衣...
[28:47.79]All laptops and electronic devices from their cases and place them in a bin. 把所有的笔记本以及电子设备 取出来放在箱子里
[29:00.17]This is the preliminary boarding announcement for ajira airways flight 3-1-6, 这是ajira航空316号航班的初次登机公告
[29:04.15]With service to honolulu and guam,departing from gate 15. 飞往檀香山和关岛 登机门为15号
[29:07.95]For those of you on the standby list,we'll have plenty of seats available. 等候的旅客请注意了 还有大量的空位
[29:11.57]We would like to invite our pre-board, first class and skyclub passengers to board the aircraft at this time. 现在请头等舱和景观舱的旅客登机
[29:16.36]What do you mean "standby"? There's no standbys. 你说等候是什么意思? 没有等候的旅客
[29:18.33]Oh,no,sir. You don't need to worry. 不 先生 你不用担心
[29:19.97]There are...78 seats open. 有...78个空座位
[29:22.60]No. 不是的
[29:23.69]I bought those seats,all 78 of 'em. 这78个座位我都买了
[29:26.19]I'm hugo reyes. They're not open. They're mine. 我是Hugo Reyes 这些座位不是空的 都是我的
[29:28.08]Check and see. 你查一查
[29:33.62]Yes,i see that. 是的 我看到了
[29:35.25]Sir,these people just want to get to their destination. 先生 这些旅客只是想去他们的目的地
[29:37.17]Why would you not want them to be able to travel? 你为什么不让他们坐呢?
[29:44.73]You know,it doesn't matter why. 你知道吗 原因并不重要
[29:46.08]They can take the next plane. 他们可以乘下一班飞机
[29:49.64]Hurley. Hurley
[29:54.48]What are you doing here? 你在这做什么?
[29:55.53]How did you know about the... 你怎么会知道...
[29:57.03]All that matters is that I'm here,right? 我来了 就够了 对吗?
[30:02.53]Well... 是...
[30:04.51]I'm glad that you're here,man. 很高兴你来了
[30:14.00]Okay,then. 好 那么
[30:16.82]Let's do this. 我们就这样做吧
[30:22.07]After you. 你先
[30:30.38]Welcome to ajira air. 欢迎乘坐ajira航班
[30:32.27]Thank you,sir. 谢谢你 先生
[30:33.57]Row 8,on your left. 第8排 左边
[30:36.39]Welcome aboard. 欢迎乘坐本航班
[30:50.50]You made it. 你来了
[30:54.83]Yeah. I made it. 是的 我来了
[31:21.35]That should be everybody. 大家都到了吧
[31:22.70]Hold up! Wait,please! 慢着! 等等!
[31:25.16]Thank you for not closing it. 谢谢你没关门
[31:27.93]Oh,that's okay. 好的
[31:29.35]Go right on in. 快进去吧
[31:30.03]Thanks. 谢谢
[31:36.03]Wait! 等等!
[31:36.82]What's he doing here? 他在这干嘛?
[31:39.32]No,no! He can't come! Hurley
[31:39.32]不! 他不能来的!
[31:41.60]If you want to get back,this is how it's gonna have to be. 你要想回去就得这样
[31:44.11]No one told me he was gonna be here. 没人告诉我他也会来
[31:45.84]Who toldyouto be here,hugo? 谁让你来的呢 Hugo?
[31:49.18]Is everything okay? 没事吧?
[31:50.95]Yes. Yes,everything's fine. 没 没事
[31:53.61]Right? 对吧?
[31:55.04]Yes,jack. I'll be fine. 嗯 Jack 我没事
[31:57.86]Are you jack shephard,seat 8c? 你是Jack Shephard 8c座位吧?
[31:59.83]Yes. 是的
[32:01.08]Security found this while screening your cargo. 安检在你的行李上发现这个
[32:05.44]Now if y two don't mind taking your seats,we are gonna be pushing back for takeoff. 请你们赶快就坐 我们准备起飞了
[32:13.82]What's that,jack? 那是什么 Jack?
[32:16.33]Nothing. 没什么
[32:23.91]And the other people on this plane-- 飞机上的其他人
[32:25.37]What's gonna happen to them? 他们会怎么样?
[32:28.09]Who cares? 谁在乎?
[33:44.46]It's pretty crazy,huh? 挺疯狂的 对吧?
[33:48.12]Which part? 怎么说?
[33:49.81]Hurley,sayid...Being...On the same plane. Hurley Sayid 在同一架飞机上
[33:56.36]How did they end up here? 怎么会那么巧?
[33:59.16]They bought a ticket. 他们都买了飞机票
[34:02.82]You don't think that it means something? 你不认为这意味着什么吗?
[34:05.28]That somehow... 不知怎么的...
[34:07.33]We're all back together? 我们都在一起了?
[34:10.14]We're on the same plane,jack. 我们只不过在同一架飞机上 Jack
[34:12.05]Doesn't make us together. 并不意味着我们在一起了
[34:15.42]Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen,and welcome to ajira air. 下午好先生女士们 欢迎乘坐Ajira航空
[34:18.84]This is your captain,frank j.Lapidus, 我是机长 Frank J.Lapidus
[34:21.07]and on behalf of the entire flight crew,welcome aboard. 谨代表航班全体工作人员 欢迎你们
[34:23.77]Currently we're right on schedule,flying at a very comfortable 30,000 feet. 目前我们按计划航行在3万尺高空
[34:27.45]So sit back,relax and enjoy the in-flight movie. 请大家坐好了 轻松地观赏电影
[34:29.67]Excuse me,ma'am? 打扰一下?
[34:30.69]Mr. Shephard,can I help you? Shephard先生 能为您效劳吗?
[34:32.09]Um,i need to talk to the pilot. 我要和飞行员谈谈
[34:35.45]Frank lapidus and I are old friends, Frank Lapidus是我的老朋友
[34:36.97]and if you could just tell him I'm onboard,i'd really appreciate it. 要是你能告诉他我来了 实在感激不尽
[34:39.19]All right,but you just have to go sit down 好的 但你得回去坐好
[34:41.01]because you can't be near the cockpit door when it's open. 因为驾驶舱门打开后你不能进去
[34:43.48]Sure. 当然
[34:44.25]I understand. 我明白
[35:01.13]Well,hello,doc. 你好 医生
[35:03.82]Small world. 世界真小啊
[35:06.64]What are you doing going to guam? 你去关岛干吗?
[35:09.77]What are you doing here,frank? 你在这儿干吗 Frank?
[35:11.68]Well,i picked this gig up about eight months ago. 我8个月之前就干起这行了
[35:13.73]I fly this route all the time. 我一直都开这条航线
[35:14.74]Sometimes I take the big birds into new...Delhi. 有时候我会载些大人物去...新德里
[35:19.45]Is...That sayid? 那是Sayid?
[35:24.10]And hurley. 还有Hurley
[35:30.26]Wait a second. 等等
[35:34.88]We're not going to guam,are we? 我们不是去关岛?
[35:50.83]how can you read? 你怎么还读书?
[35:52.87]My mother taught me. 我妈妈教我的
[36:00.19]I can read,jack,because it beats what you're doing. 我读书 Jack 因为我知道你想干什么
[36:04.03]What's that? 那我在想什么?
[36:05.00]Waiting for something to happe 等待某些事的发生
[36:11.37]and whatisgonna happen? 那有什么事会发生?
[36:13.17]You tell me,jack. 你说呢 Jack
[36:14.25]You're the one that got to stay after school with ms.Hawking. 放学后是你和Hawking女士在一起的
[36:24.17]Did you know that locke killed himself? 你知道Locke是自杀吗?
[36:28.31]No.No,i didn't. 不 不知道
[36:40.30]They found this stuffed in his pocket. 他们在他口袋里发现这个
[36:44.82]And I've been trying to get rid of it,but it's like it's... 我试着摆脱它 但它却...
[36:48.28]Following me. 一直跟着我
[36:51.45]I know it sounds crazy,but... 我知道听起来很疯狂 但...
[36:55.65]It feels like john needsme to read it. 就像是John要我去读它
[37:01.87]Why don't you then? 那就读吧
[37:09.92]Is it because you're afraid? 你害怕吗?
[37:12.12]Afraid of what? 害怕什么?
[37:13.28]Afraid that he blames you,that it's your fault he killed himself. 害怕他责备你 是你害得他要自杀的
[37:21.17]Wasit my fault? 是我的错吗?
[37:24.81]No,jack,it wasn't your fault. 不 Jack 不是你的错
[37:32.47]Let me give you some privacy. 我让你独处一会吧
[38:13.68]jack: i ****** Jack 希望你信了我 JL
[38:48.57]Dude... 兄弟...
[38:50.29]You might wanna fasten your seat belt. 把安全带系紧点吧
[38:54.48]Fasten your seat belt,ma'am. 系紧安全带
[38:55.76]Sir? 先生?
[38:56.55]Please put on your seat belts. 请系上安全带
[38:57.86]Seat belt,please. 请系上安全带
[39:37.35]Help! 救命!
[39:40.02]Anyone! 来人啊!
[39:42.07]Help! 救命!
[40:00.74]Kate. Kate
[40:09.25]Kate. Kate
[40:17.73]What happened? 发生什么事了?
[40:25.53]Can you get up? 能起来吗?
[40:26.96]Yeah. 能
[40:34.57]The plane... 飞机...
[40:36.84]Where's the plane? 飞机去哪了?
[40:39.00]I don't know. 不知道
[40:40.55]After that light,i... 闪光过后 我...
[40:42.83]I woke up in the jungle. 我在森林里醒过来
[40:44.69]So this is it? 就这样?
[40:46.12]It's just us? 只有我们?
[40:47.25]I'm not sure. 难说
[40:48.99]Do either of you remember crashing? 你们都不记得坠机了?
[40:51.25]Crashing? no 坠机? 不
[40:52.91]One second,I'm being tossed around. 一开始我被抛出来
[40:53.90]The next thing I know,I'm in the lagoon. 之后我就在这湖里了
[40:56.98]Where's sun and sayid? Sun和Sayid呢?
[41:00.76]Where's ben? 还有Ben呢?
[41:02.76]All right. 好吧
[41:04.53]Let's spread out,search the jungle. 我们分头去森林里找
[41:07.18]We come across anybody from the plane,we'll-- 看到其他人 我们就...
[41:20.69]Dude... 天啊...
[41:34.86]jin? Jin?
[41:41.57]迷失 第五季 第6集 完
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