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[00:01.03]Previously on "lost"... 前情提要
[00:03.29]- are you one of them? - One of who? - 你是那边的人吗? - 哪边的人?
[00:05.24]- A hostile. - What's your name? - 敌人 - 你叫什么名字?
[00:07.00]Ben. Take me with you. 我叫Ben 带我走吧
[00:09.26]If that's what you really want, ben-- Ben 如果你真想这样
[00:10.84]if that's what you want--I want you to think about that... 如果你真想这样 那你要考虑清楚...
[00:14.18]you're gonna have to be very, very patient. 你必须非常 非常的耐心
[00:18.34]You wanna protect your friends or not, sayid? Sayid 你到底要不要保护你的朋友?
[00:22.84]I'm sayid jarrah, one of the oceanic six. 我是Sayid Jarrah 太平洋航空六幸存者之一
[00:38.27]stop right there! 别动!
[00:43.30]- Sayid? - Jin. - Sayid? - Jin
[00:45.98]shut up! Get down. 闭嘴! 跪下
[00:50.27]Say another word, and you're dead. 别说话 否则打死你
[00:52.43]I brought you a sandwich. 我给你带了三明治
[00:54.31]Are you a hostile? 你是敌人吗?
[00:55.72]- Do you think I am? - What's your name? - 你认为我是吗? - 你叫什么名字?
[00:58.04]- Sayid. - I'm ben. - Sayid. - 我是Ben
[01:02.88]It's nice to meet you, ben. 很高兴见到你 Ben
[01:10.18]T**** 伊拉克 提克里特
[01:14.68]********* 给我出来!
[01:15.86]****** 你已经长大了
[01:17.27]********* 拿出点男人气概来
[01:20.95]******** 必须杀一只
[01:26.37]***** 我不想杀
[01:28.07]********** 听爸爸的话
[01:30.35]*** 不嘛!
[01:31.13]********* 按我说的办!
[01:33.47]***** 快点 杀一只!
[01:35.94]********** 否则不许进家门!
[02:38.64]******** 不错嘛 终于下手了
[02:42.70]***** 不是我干的
[02:46.81]********** 好吧 至少你们两人中 会有一个成为男人
[03:00.82]******* 干得好 Sayid
[03:26.63]hey, phil. -嘿 Phil -嘿
[03:30.18]I brought another sandwich for him. 我又给他带了三明治
[03:32.86]Chicken salad this time. 这次是鸡肉沙拉
[03:34.74]Yeah, I don't think it's the menu. He's not eating. 好吧 我想不是配料不合胃口 他根本就不想吃
[03:37.33]Save yourself the trouble, kid. 别瞎忙活了 孩子
[03:39.19]But horace told me to. 是Horace叫我来的
[03:41.16]Why does he care so much? The guy's a hostile. 他干吗这么关心? 这个家伙是敌人
[03:43.34]That doesn't mean he's not hungry. 敌人也会饿肚子
[03:45.96]Whatever. 随你
[03:54.17]I brought you a sandwich. 我给你带了三明治
[04:01.23]And a book. 还有书
[04:04.65]I read it twice. It's good. 我看了两次 很好看
[04:07.57]Thank you. 谢谢
[04:10.06]Did richard send you? Richard派你来的?
[04:14.32]Richard. He's your leader, right? Richard 你的领袖 对吧?
[04:21.42]It's just a camera. 只是个摄像头
[04:23.78]They can see, but they can't hear. 他们能看见 但听不见
[04:28.19]Four years ago, I ran away into the jungle, and richard found me. 四年前 我跑进丛林 遇到了Richard
[04:32.40]I said I wanted to leave, that I wanted to join you. 我说我想离开 我想加入你们
[04:37.42]So I've been patient. 所以我耐心等待
[04:42.02]And if you're patient, too, I think I can help you. 如果你也耐心等待 我可以救你
[05:04.35]Lost Season05 Episode10 迷失 第五季 第10集
[06:23.42]how'd it go? 怎样了?
[06:24.54]He tried to bribe me. 他想贿赂我
[06:27.89]- It didn't work. - Of course it didn'T. - 白废力气 - 那是当然
[06:30.69]Where to now? 现在去哪?
[06:33.01]Nowhere. You're done. 哪儿也不去 你完成了
[06:35.86]- What do you mean, I'm done? - We're done. - 我完成了? 什么意思? - 我们没事了
[06:39.06]Andropov was the last one. Andropov是最后一个
[06:41.23]You've taken care of everyone who posed a threat to your friends. 威胁你朋友的人 都被你杀了
[06:45.86]It's been a pleasure working with you, sayid. 很高兴与你合作 Sayid
[06:50.13]So that's it? 就这样?
[06:53.06]I killed all those people for you, and now you're just... 我为你杀了这么多人 你却...
[06:57.29]w-walking away? 扭头就走?
[06:58.96]You didn't kill them for me, sayid. 你杀他们不是为了我 Sayid
[07:01.53]You're the one that asked for their names. 是你主动的
[07:04.96]There's no one else in widmore's organization that we need to go after. Widmore集团里的人 该杀的都杀了
[07:10.19]Congratulations. Mission accolished. 恭喜你 使命结束了
[07:15.07]What do I do now? 那我现在怎么办?
[07:18.69]I suppose you should go live your life. You're free, sayid. 你可以继续之前的生活了 你自由了 Sayid
[07:45.11]put out your hands. 把手伸出来
[07:48.71]Come on. 快点
[08:03.93]thank you. 谢谢
[08:06.33]It's nice to finally hear your voice. 终于听到你说话了
[08:09.92]I'm horace. 我是Horace
[08:14.98]Now's the part where you tell me your name. 按照礼节该你介绍一下自己了
[08:20.28]I need you to tell me what you were doing out in that jungle. 我想知道 你在我们丛林里做什么
[08:23.75]- Ask him about the model. - radzinsky. - 问他模型的事 - Radzinsky
[08:26.82]I got this. 我来处理
[08:31.55]Those handcuffs-- are you having some kind of problem with your people? 你戴着手铐... 你和自己人有矛盾?
[08:37.34]Because either you were in some kind of disagreement, which makes me wanna help you, 若你与他们不和 那我就可以帮你
[08:42.40]or you're a spy trying to infiltrate us. 或者你是间谍来搞卧底
[08:47.60]So which is it? 你到底是什么来头?
[08:58.69]okay. 好吧
[09:02.68]I'm gonna give you an hour to decide whether you wanna talk to me. 我给你一小时 你来决定是否开口说话
[09:06.79]But if you decide you don't want to... 如果你死也不说
[09:11.95]then I'm gonna have to take this to the next level. 那就别怪我不客气
[09:36.54]I think your bacon's ready. 你烤的火腿熟了
[09:39.73]I forgot. 我忘了
[09:42.21]What's on the tv? 外面演什么好戏?
[09:54.43]it's over, isn't it? 都结束了 对吗?
[09:56.35]- What's over? - This. - 什么结束了? - 这里
[09:59.42]Us... playing house. All of it. 你和我... 过家家 这一切
[10:05.24]I never actually thought they'd come back. 我从没想到他们会回来
[10:07.87]So they're back. Nothing's chged. 回来就回来 什么也没变
[10:10.46]What if sayid tells them who he is? 万一Sayid说出真实身份
[10:12.82]**** Sayid什么都不是
[10:18.99]I got this under control. 天塌下来由我顶着
[10:29.87]- morning, H. - Jim. - 早啊 H - Jim
[10:31.43]What's up? 你好吗?
[10:32.12]- Juliet. - Horace. - Juliet - Horace
[10:33.56]I just spoke to the prisoner. We have a problem. 我刚才和犯人谈过了 我们有麻烦了
[10:39.69]Why? What'd he say? 怎么了? 他说了什么?
[10:40.62]Nothing, which is what worries me. 他不开口 所以我很忧虑
[10:43.32]We need to find out why he violated the truce, why the hell he would come into our territory. 他为何违反休战协议 为何进入我们领地?
[10:48.88]I'm just gonna have to have oldham do his thing on him. 看来我要让Oldham来对付他了
[10:54.03]That psychopath? No way! 那个变态? 不行!
[10:56.19]What choice do I have? 我还有什么办法?
[11:00.19]Just let me have go at him alone. 让我单独和他谈谈
[11:01.92]Be my guest, but I'm telling you, man, he is not gonna talk. 随便你去 但我告诉你 他不会开口的
[11:06.39]Oh, he'll talk to me. 噢 我来撬开他的嘴
[11:12.68]- mr. Lafleur. - Take your lunch, phil. - Lafleur先生 - 吃你的饭 Phil
[11:17.03]You going back there alone? 你一个人进去?
[11:18.76]- Take your lunch, phil. - Yes, sir. - 吃你的饭 Phil - 遵命
[11:29.52]how you doing? 你还好吧?
[11:31.11]A 12-year-old ben linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. 12岁大的Ben Linus刚才 给我送了份鸡肉三明治来
[11:35.24]How do you think I'm doing? 你觉得我还好么?
[11:36.84]Sweet kid, huh? 那孩子挺可爱的 是吧?
[11:38.64]How can you live with him here? 你竟然能若无其事地跟他一起生活?
[11:42.19]'cause I ain't got a choice. 因为我没得选
[11:44.14]Is that so? 真的?
[11:46.69]Let's see how you feel after 3 years of living in the '70s. 让你在70年代住它3年 看看有什么感觉
[11:50.41]Lucky for you... I spent that time getting myself in a position to save your ass. 你运气算好的... 我现在 准备救你出来
[11:59.50]I'm sorry, sayid. 对不起 Sayid
[12:08.31]what are you doing? 你要干嘛?
[12:09.12]When I tell them I got your confession, I need them to believe that you didn't give it up easy. 我告诉他们你招供了的时候 得说服他们你是被刑讯以后才开口的
[12:13.09]What confession? 招什么供?
[12:14.19]We're gonna say you were trying to defect. 咱们就说你要叛逃
[12:16.37]You were gonna offer some intel on the others in exchange for living with us. 你会提供一些情报 用来交换住在这里的机会
[12:19.60]And why in god's name would I want to do that? 我为什么要那样做?
[12:22.12]What the hell else am I supposed to do with you? 那我还能怎样?
[12:23.89]- Let me go. - And then what? - 让我走啊 - 然后呢?
[12:25.88]I can't just let you go. 我不能就这样放你走
[12:27.36]Why not? 为什么?
[12:29.56]Because these people trust me. 因为这些人相信我
[12:32.27]I've built a life here, and a pretty good one. 我在这儿已经扎根了 而且混得还不错
[12:35.74]I let you go-- all that goes away. 如果我放你走 那我就什么都没有了
[12:38.12]So you got yourself a choice, chief. 你可要选好了 老大
[12:40.96]Either you cooperate and join the party in dharmaville, or you're on your own. 要么你加入达摩计划 要么你就自力更生吧
[12:48.66]Then I guess I'm on my own. 那我还是自力更生吧
[12:54.05]fresh off the griddle. 热烘烘的呢
[12:57.11]And don't forget to try the dipping sauces. They really bring out the ham. 别忘了沾酱 这样烤肉味道才好
[13:00.51]Thanks, hurley. 谢了 Hurley
[13:03.43]So... what's going on with sayid? 那 Sayid怎么样了?
[13:07.94]Don't know anything yet. 还不清楚呢
[13:09.07]What do you mean, you don't know anything? 不清楚是什么意思?
[13:10.08]I thought you were at sawyer's last night. What did he tell you? 你昨天不是还在Sawyer那边么 他都跟你说什么了?
[13:12.63]He told me to leave him alone and let him do his job. 他告诉我不要烦他 他自己心里有数
[13:15.51]And you're going to? 那你就不管了么?
[13:18.18]I'll talk to juliet, see what she can tell me. 我过会儿找Juliet 看她知道什么
[13:20.69]Well, if sawyer didn't tell you anything, why would juliet? 如果Sawyer不告诉你实情 凭什么认为Juliet会?
[13:23.62]- Well, why wouldn't she? - 'Cause they're together. - 为什么她不呢? - 因为他们住一起
[13:26.65]What do you mean, they're together? 这个"住一起"是什么意思?
[13:28.14]"Together" as... they live together. Like, not as roommates. 住一起.... 就是不是舍友性质的那种住在一起
[13:33.16]You know, "together" like you guys were. 你知道的 就是你俩那种一起
[13:36.92]I thought it was kind of obvious. 我觉得挺明显的
[13:38.20]- I mean, who couldn't see that comin'? - Hurley. - 我是说 应该都能预见得到吧? - Hurley
[13:46.94]Well, I guess I better... go make some more waffles. 嗯 我猜我还是... 多做点华芙饼去吧
[13:55.33]Did you know? 你知道么?
[13:58.90]Yeah. 知道
[14:24.52]you know what I can't figure out? 你知道我有哪一点想不明白么?
[14:27.87]Is how the hell you got caught. 那就是你是怎么被抓的
[14:30.62]You hostiles are supposed to be the kings of the jungle. 你们这帮敌对分子 应该是丛林之王的啊
[14:33.42]And how dumb are you that you got captured by these idiots? 被这群白痴抓到 你说你蠢到什么地步了都?
[14:38.07]and yet you're the one who mops up after them. 那你还给他们拖地呢
[14:42.28]Yeah, well... 对 嗯...
[14:44.60]we'll see how cute you are once oldham gets done with you, pal. 到时候Oldham收拾完你 看你还嚣张不 伙计
[14:56.21]what the hell are you doing here? 你来干嘛?
[14:58.25]I was bringing you a sandwich. 我来给你送三明治
[15:01.41]A sandwich? 三明治?
[15:04.58]you never made me a sandwich in your life. 你这辈子都没给我做过三明治
[15:06.54]Yeah, well... I-I made one for myself... 是啊.... 我这是给自己做的
[15:10.36]- So...so I just thought that I'd bring you-- - oh, yeah? - 所以我就觉着拿来.... - 是么?
[15:13.64]- You did, did you? - dad, don't! - 真的 是这么回事儿么? - 爸 别啊!
[15:15.46]Don't you lie to me. 你竟敢跟我撒谎
[15:19.49]What are you doin' down here? 你来这儿干嘛?
[15:23.80]you made this sandwich for him, didn't you? 你是给他送三明治的吧 是么?
[15:27.39]- yes. - Who told you to do that? - 是 - 谁让你这么干的?
[15:29.65]- Nobody. - nobody? - 没人 - 没人?
[15:31.71]- I just thought that-- - you "just thought," huh? - 我只是觉得 - 你还"只是觉得" 是吧?
[15:36.00]Go homE. go on. 回家去 走
[15:38.66]I'll tell you *** 我会让你好好反思反思的
[16:07.12]******** 多米尼加共和国 圣多明各
[16:23.29]how did you find me? 你是怎么找到我的?
[16:25.48]I looked. 我查过
[16:28.00]What do you want, ben? 你想要什么 Ben?
[16:30.77]John locke is dead. John Locke死了
[16:35.37]I think he was murdered. 我觉得他是被杀的
[16:37.91]Why would anyone kill him? 为什么有人要杀他?
[16:40.54]I'd say it was retribution for the work you and I have been doing. 我觉得这是咱们所做的工作的后果
[16:45.21]So you're in danger, sayid. 这么说你现在很危险 Sayid
[16:47.71]If I can find you, so can the people that found locke-- 如果我能找着你 找到Locke的人肯定也能
[16:50.56]the same people who, even as we speak, are sitting outside hugo's mental institution. 也就是 我们说话这会儿 在Hugo所在的精神病院坐着的那些
[16:56.97]They're watching him? 他们在监视他?
[16:58.48]A man in a sedan has been there all week, just waiting... 有个人在轿车里都待了一整个星期了 只是在等...
[17:04.99]presumably for you or me to show our faces. 应该是等你和我现身吧
[17:09.16]And that's why you're here? 这是你在这儿的原因?
[17:11.39]You actually came all this way to suggest that I kill this man? 你大老远跑来就是想告诉我 我杀了这个人?
[17:14.92]You don't want to 你难道不想么?
[17:17.17]what makes you think i want to? 你凭什么觉得我想呢?
[17:19.92]Because, sayid... 因为 Sayid...
[17:22.17]to put it simply-- you're capable of things that most other men aren'T. 我简单点说吧... 你能办到一些其他人办不到的事儿
[17:26.91]Every choice you've made in your life, whether it was to murder or to torture, 你生命中的每一个选择 不论是杀人还是折磨人
[17:30.57]it hasn't really been a choice at all, has it? 从来都是眼都不眨就决定了的 不是么?
[17:34.43]It's in your nature. It's what you are. 这是你的本性 你就是这样的人
[17:38.91]You're a killer, sayid. 你是个杀手 Sayid
[17:49.45]I'm not what you think I am. 我不是你想的那种人
[17:53.23]I don't like killing. 我不喜欢杀戮
[17:56.65]Well, then I apologize. 那就抱歉了
[17:59.68]I was mistaken about you. 看来我看错你了
[18:22.11]all right, last chance. 好吧 最后一次机会
[18:24.78]You got anything to say? 有什么想说的么?
[18:38.02]take him to oldham. 带他去见Oldham
[19:20.62]oldham. Oldham
[19:22.72]hey, man. Are we ready? 嗨 伙计 你准备好了?
[19:42.76]who is that man? 那个人是谁?
[19:48.08]he's our you. 你的同行
[20:01.59]Better put him in the restraints. 最好把他绑起来
[20:25.91]don't worry. 别担心
[20:27.72]They're for your protection. 这是为了保护你
[20:30.40]There are side effects to what I'm giving you. 我给你这东西有些副作用
[20:36.48]Open his mouth. 把他嘴打开
[20:39.96]open up. 张嘴
[20:53.15]don't be afraid. Just turn your mind off. 别担心 心里放平静些
[20:56.42]Let it take effect. 慢慢就起效了
[21:03.75]it's beyond your control, so fighting it is a poor use of your energies. 这个你是控制不了的 反抗只会白白浪费精力
[21:09.53]You see, whether you struggle or not, one thing's for sure, friend. 你看 不管你挣扎与否 有一件事儿是明确的
[21:16.86]You will tell us the truth. 你会告诉我们真相的
[21:28.45]there's somebody-- somebody here in los angeles. 有个人.... 有个人现在就在洛杉矶
[21:32.45]- Let me take you to them. - Who? - 让我带你们回去 - 谁?
[21:34.72]The same person that's gonna show us how to get back to the island. 知道如何回到小岛的人
[21:37.71]is that what this is about? 一切都是为了这个?
[21:42.21]This is insane. You are all crazy. 简直疯了 你们都疯了
[21:47.40]Sayid, where are you going? Sayid 你要去哪儿?
[21:49.94]I don't want any part of this. 我不想掺和进来
[21:52.02]and if I see you again, it'll be extremely unpleasant for us both. 要是再让我见到你 我俩必将不欢而散
[22:06.99]do you have a menu? 有菜单吗?
[22:09.41]There you go. 给你
[22:11.56]- Sir? Another maccutcheon? - Please. - 先生? 再来杯威士忌? - 好的
[22:17.18]What's that run you? 那个要多少钱?
[22:18.90]Excuse me? 什么?
[22:20.51]That scotch. What's a glass of that run you? 苏格兰威士忌 一杯要花多少钱?
[22:26.36]Whatever it is, it's worth iT. 无论价格 都值得喝上一杯
[22:29.47]I don't understand why someone would pay 120 bucks for a glass of anything. 我不能理解怎会有人 付120美元喝一杯饮品
[22:37.07]If you knew what my drink cost, why did you ask me? 要是你知晓酒的价格 为啥你还问我?
[22:45.19]Same reason I'm eating my dinner here instead of a table. 那也是我宁愿在这就餐 却不去坐餐桌的原因
[22:50.93]I'll have the rib eye, bloody. 我点里脊扒 要不熟见血
[22:53.08]yes, ma'am. Rib eye, bloody. 是的女士 里脊见血
[22:59.63]are you a professional? 你是专业做这个的吗?
[23:01.59]A professional what? 专业做什么的?
[23:04.90]You think I'm a prostitute? 你认为我是妓女?
[23:09.36]I'm not a professional anything. I just... 我哪方面都不专业 只是...
[23:12.44]thought you looked sad. I like sad men. 认为你很忧郁 我喜欢忧郁的男士
[23:17.88]I'm sorry to hear that. 我为你感到难过
[23:26.10]So... 那么...
[23:29.35]other than drinking alone at bars... 除了在酒吧独饮...
[23:32.92]what do you do? For a living. 你做什么? 工作
[23:37.12]I'm between jobs at the moment. 我在赋闲中
[23:40.48]So what did you do? 那你曾从事什么工作?
[23:44.12]The only thing I was ever good at. 那是我唯一擅长的工作
[23:46.70]Then why did you quit? 为啥要辞职呢?
[23:49.83]I'm trying to change. 我想作改变
[23:55.36]I know why you're sad now. 现在我知道你为何忧郁
[23:58.09]Do you? 是么?
[23:59.53]When you are that good at something, 当你非常擅长做某事时
[24:02.07]there are always going to be people who tempt you into staying the same. 总会有人诱惑你继续做下去
[24:13.25]And how do you know so much about temptation? 你怎么这么了解诱惑?
[24:17.21]Buy me a glass of that scotch, and I'll tell you. 帮我点一杯那个威士忌 我就告诉你
[24:38.63]Hello there. Llo? 喂 喂?
[24:47.13]I'm going to ask you a few questions. 我会问你几个问题
[24:50.67]I want you to relax and answer them truthfully... 我要你放松 老实回答
[24:54.43]not that you'll have any choice about it. 你也无从选择
[24:57.85]What is your name? 你叫什么名字?
[24:59.79]Sayid. Sayid jarrah. Sayid Sayid Jarrah
[25:04.05]All right, sayid. 好 Sayid
[25:06.81]Why were you in handcuffs when we found you? 我们找到你时为啥带着手铐?
[25:10.87]Because... 因为...
[25:13.96]Because I am a bad man. 因为我是坏人
[25:16.21]Wereou running away from your people? 你在逃避你们的人吗?
[25:19.02]What people? 什么人?
[25:20.61]The hostiles. 敌人们
[25:23.28]I am not a hostile. 我不是敌人
[25:25.48]Then where did you come from, sayid? 那么你来自哪里 Sayid?
[25:29.08]I came on a plane. 我坐飞机来的
[25:31.78]What plane? 什么飞机?
[25:32.91]Ajira flight 3-1-6. Ajira航空316航班
[25:35.43]And that's how I returned to the island. 我就是这样回到这座岛的
[25:38.19]"Returned"? You've been here before? "回到"? 你曾来过这里?
[25:39.96]Oh, yes. The first time, I was on oceanic flight 8-1-5. 是啊 第一次来 我是坐大洋航空815航班
[25:45.77]It crashed. I was here for a hundred days. 飞机坠毁了 我在这待了上百天
[25:49.84]Then i left. 后来我离开了
[25:53.09]- Ask sawyer. - Who's "sawyer"? - 你们问Sawyer - 谁是"Sawyer"?
[25:56.52]Who cares? None of this matters. Ask him about the flame. 谁在乎? 都不是重点 问他火焰站的事
[26:00.23]Quiet. 安静点
[26:02.60]What do you know about our stations here? 你对我们的基地知道些什么?
[26:06.59]I know the flame was a communication station. 我知道火焰站是座通讯站
[26:10.00]The pearl was to observe other stations. 明珠站用来监视其它基地
[26:13.83]The swan was to study electromagnetism. 天鹅站用作电磁学研究
[26:16.72]But, of course, that was before the incidt-- 但当然 那是在事故之前...
[26:18.53]the swan? How could he know what we were gonna name it? 天鹅站? 他怎么知道 我们会起这个名字?
[26:21.17]We haven't even built it yet! 现在都还没有建好呢!
[26:22.93]I told you! He saw the model! You see? He is a spy! 我说过! 他看见了模型! 你看? 他确实是间谍!
[26:27.04]- I knew it! - Radzinsky! - 我就知道! - Radzinsky!
[26:28.69]I'm not gonna tell you again. Cool it. 我不会重复了 给我冷静点
[26:34.96]You're all going to die, you know. 要知道你们都会死去
[26:39.02]What? 什么?
[26:41.88]You're going to be killed. 你们都会被谋杀
[26:48.58]How exactly would you know this, sayid? 你又怎么会知道 Sayid?
[26:51.39]Because I am from the future. 因为我来自未来
[26:57.66]Maybe I should've used half a dropper. 也许我该只用半滴就行了
[27:02.18]Oops. 噢
[27:09.99]you... you used exactly enough. 你的用量刚刚好
[27:16.99]bench grinder, lube equipment, drill press over here. 砂轮机 润滑器 钻床在这里
[27:20.46]Plugs, bearings, sockets, ratchets here. 插头 轴承 插座 齿轮在这里
[27:23.17]How are you with a flat four engine? 你对水平四缸发动机了解多少?
[27:27.20]- You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? - No, not really. - 完全不懂我说啥 是吧? - 不懂
[27:29.46]It's okay. 没关系
[27:34.31]- Jack told you about us... - no. - Jack告诉你我们的事... - 不是他
[27:38.06]Hurley, actually. 其实是Hurley
[27:45.87]It's kind of a relief, actually. 其实我松了一口气
[27:49.16]I wasn't quite sure how to do it without it sounding like I was telling you to stay away. 我不知道怎么跟你说 我不想让你觉得我是在排挤你
[27:54.87]It's fine. 没关系
[28:24.23]all right... 现在...
[28:26.34]what do we do with him? 我们怎么处置他?
[28:27.74]Kill him. 杀掉他
[28:32.34]Hold on a second. We're not killing anyone, right? 等一等 我们不杀人行吗?
[28:35.34]He violated the truce. 他违反了和约
[28:37.63]What do you think they would do if they caught one of us? 你认为他们要抓住 我们的人会怎样处置?
[28:39.74]Since when did we start acting like them? 怎么可以和他们一般见识?
[28:41.97]- We're civilized. - Yes, we are. - 我们是文明人 - 是的
[28:44.43]We have a rule of law. 我们有法律体系
[28:46.65]And we've given him every opportunity to defend himself. 已经提供给他辩驳的机会
[28:49.61]Blah, blah, blah. Need I remind you, this man's seen things? 废话 让我提醒一下 这个人看见了不该看的
[28:53.73]He knows things. There's nothing to talk about. 他了解不该知道的 不存在讨论的余地
[28:57.12]- He's a spy. - You sure about that, stu? - 他是个间谍 - 你确定 Stu?
[28:59.77]He was trying to escape from the hostiles. 他在逃避着敌人
[29:01.49]He obviously has problems with his people. 他明显和他们的人有矛盾
[29:03.65]Yeah, and sharing our secrets are the quickest way for him to solve those problems. 是啊 泄露我们的秘密是他 化解矛盾的最有效手段
[29:07.78]Okay, I'm gonna need a little more time to consider. 好了 我需要时间考虑
[29:10.75]consider? I mean, the longer he's among us, the--the more danger we're in. 考虑? 他在这里越久 我们处境越危险
[29:15.69]I can talk to him, horace. I just need more time. 我可以和他谈判 Horace 只需要给多点时间
[29:18.26]No, you had your chance, lafleur! 不 你已经搞砸了 Lafleur!
[29:20.81]Why are we on your clock, radzinsky? 我们啥时候要听你的 Radzinsky?
[29:22.60]Horace, you've got to call for a vote. Horace 你得发起投票
[29:27.74]either we make a decision, or I call ann arbor... 要是我们不做决定 我就要致电给Ann Arbor
[29:32.89]and they make it for us. 让他们为我们拿主意
[29:35.44]radzinsky's right. Radzinsky说得对
[29:39.36]Horace, please... Horace 拜托
[29:41.22]I can'T... 我无法...
[29:44.10]I can't sleep with one eye open. 现在提心吊胆的 我无法入睡
[29:47.74]We have a baby now. 我们现在有孩子了
[29:50.26]We have to think about ethan. 我们得为Ethan考虑
[29:53.67]Weave to think about all the children here. 我们得考虑所有在这里的孩子们
[29:57.99]How are we going to feel safe with this man around? 那个男人在这里 我们怎能够感到安全?
[30:03.14]I don't know what he's up to, but we can't keep him here. 我不知道他来干什么 但我们不能把他留在这里
[30:13.57]We have no choice. 我们别无选择
[30:22.30]okay. Let's put it to a vote. 好吧 我们投票吧
[30:27.24]All in favor of radzinsky's solution, raise your hand. 支持Radzinsky的 请举手
[30:42.63]lafleur? Lafleur?
[30:49.10]I would really like to say it's unanimous. 我很希望看到全票通过
[31:11.72]Just for the record, I really was just there for dinner. 这真的是第一次 我去那儿 本来只是想吃顿饭的
[31:15.67]Are you afraid I'll get the wrong idea? 你担心会给我留下不好的印象?
[31:22.25]I think it's too late for that. 我想可能已经太迟了
[31:34.52]take it off. 脱掉它
[31:53.19]you so much as flinch, and you're dead. 不许动 否则打死你
[31:57.95]So who are you? 你到底是谁?
[31:59.30]You asked me earlier if I was a professional. 你之前问我是不是专业做这个的
[32:01.71]I am a pfessional. 是的 我是专业的
[32:03.29]I was hired to bring you to guam. 我受雇带你去关岛
[32:05.18]Who hired you? 谁雇的你?
[32:06.58]The family of peter avellino-- Peter Avellino家族
[32:08.50]the man you killed in cold blood last year on a golf course in the seychelles. 还记得去年在塞舌尔一个高尔夫球场 被你冷血杀枪杀的那个人么
[32:12.13]You're a bounty hunter? 你是赏金猎人?
[32:13.78]Doesn't matter what I am. 我是谁并不重要
[32:16.10]You're going to answer for what you've done. 你要为你所做的一切作出解释
[32:28.04]hit me in the face. 打我的脸
[32:31.30]what? 什么?
[32:32.14]Go on. You owe me one anyway, so make it a good one. 来吧 反正也是我欠你的 打重点
[32:37.00]then I want you to take these keys out of my pocket and let yourself out. 然后你可以从我身上搜出钥匙 开门出去
[32:40.22]The guard outside is phil. 外面的看守是Phil
[32:41.91]He's a dimwit, so I reckon you can get his gun before he even realizes you're out. 是个笨蛋 你可以在他意识过来前 夺下他的枪
[32:46.89]Just promise me you won't shoot him. 不过要答应我别朝他开枪
[32:49.47]I appreciate the offer, but I'm fine right here. 谢谢你的帮助 不过我在这里一切都好
[32:52.26]They're gonna kill you. They just took a vote. 他们准备处决你 刚刚投过票了
[32:55.17]Even the new mom wants you dead. 哪怕是刚刚当上妈妈的女人也希望你死
[32:56.91]I'm going to stay here, james. 我要留在这里 James
[32:59.96]This morning, you were begging me to let you go. 今天早上 你还在求我放你走
[33:01.81]- Why would you change your-- - because... - 怎么现在又... - 因为...
[33:04.48]when I woke up in the jungle and I realized I was back on this island... 当我在丛林中醒来 意识到我又回到了这个岛上时...
[33:12.10]I felt there was no purpose to it. 我不知道这到底是为什么
[33:16.29]But now I know exactly why I'm here. 不过现在我明白了
[33:18.71]To get shot? Then what? 被枪打死? 然后呢?
[33:23.67]You're out of your mind. 你疯了
[34:09.93]Why'd you come back? 你们为什么要回来?
[34:13.02]What? 什么?
[34:13.74]Sayid just filled my ear full of some crap about his damn purpose, and I wanna know... Sayid刚才跟我说了一大堆什么宿命之类的废话 我想知道...
[34:18.72]why'd y'all come back? 你们为什么又都跑回来了?
[34:22.78]why, kate? 为什么 Kate?
[34:29.02]I don't know why everyone else came back. 我不知道为什么其他人会回来
[34:31.87]I just know why I did. 只知道我自己希望回来的原因
[34:39.77]what? 什么?
[34:50.98]what the hell? 怎么回事?
[35:06.12]are you okay? 你没事吧?
[35:10.39]craig! Grab a wrench, open those valves. Get the hoses going. Craig! 去拿扳手打开这些阀门 用水龙带救火
[35:12.45]okay. 好的
[35:19.87]Erin, grab the fire gear! Bill, go help craig. Erin 去拿灭火器! Bill 去帮帮Craig
[35:26.87]What the hell happed? 怎么回事?
[35:28.13]Three years--no burning buses. Y'all are back for one day... 三年了 都没有见到过烧着的汽车 你们回来才一天...
[35:30.94]get on that hose. 去拿那条水龙带
[35:43.54]Man this hose! 用这条水龙!
[35:45.41]push it out! 拉出来!
[35:48.54]all security! All security! This is lafleur! We have a fire! 所有保安注意! 所有保安注意! 我是Lafleur! 着火了!
[35:52.00]Everyone get to building 15 now! 所有人赶快到15号楼!
[35:54.14]Roger that. I'm on my way. 收到 我就来
[36:18.34]what happened to your glasses? 你的眼镜怎么了?
[36:20.58]- My dad. - For bringing me the sandwich? - 我爸爸弄的 - 就是因为你给我送三明治?
[36:24.33]I know. 知道了
[36:25.75]My father was a hard man as well. 我父亲也是个严厉的人
[36:30.06]I really hate it here. 我真的很讨厌这里
[36:34.79]If I let you out... 如果我放你出去...
[36:38.40]will you take me with you, to your people? 你会带上我么 去你们那边?
[36:45.95]Yes, ben, I will. 好的 Ben 没问题
[36:52.18]That's why I'm here. 我来这里就是为了这个
[36:57.61]attention, passengers. 旅客们请注意
[36:58.88]Ajira airways flight 3-1-6 to honolulu and guam... Ajira航空公司飞往檀香山和关岛的316航班...
[37:08.24]are you sure we're going to guam? 我们真的要去关岛?
[37:11.34]Where else would we be going? 那你说我们该去哪儿?
[37:22.66]can I ask you a favor? 我能有个请求么?
[37:25.84]- Can we get the next plane? - Why? - 我们能坐下一班飞机么? - 为什么?
[37:28.98]I'm very superstitious when it comes to flying. 在坐飞机这件事上我很迷信
[37:31.93]I'll buy you a rabbit's foot at the gift shop. 那待会我到礼品店给你买只兔脚避避邪
[37:34.85]This is the plane we're taking. 我们就坐这班飞机
[37:48.07]Sorry about the handcuffs, but at least we're in business. 抱歉我不能松开手铐 不过好在我们已经上路了
[37:50.54]hold up! Wait, please! 等等! 请等一下!
[37:53.16]Thank you for not closing it. 谢谢你没有关门
[38:03.33]what's he doing here? No, no, he can't come! 他来这儿干什么? 不 不 他不能去!
[38:04.93]Hurley, hey, if you want to get back, this is how it's gonna have to be. Hurley 如果你想回去 就必须得这样
[38:08.87]- are you working for benjamin linus? - What? - 你是为Benjamin Linus效力的么? - 什么?
[38:11.60]- Are you working for him? - Who's benjamin linus? - 你是为他卖命的么? - 谁是Benjamin Linus?
[38:14.75]He's a liar, a manipulator... 这个人满嘴谎言 玩弄别人于股掌之间
[38:18.25]a man who allowed his own daughter to be murdered to save himself... 为了保住自己的小命 甚至放任自己的女儿被人杀死...
[38:22.68]the monster responsible r nothing short of genocide. 这种禽兽就应该被斩尽杀绝
[38:27.39]Why would I work for somebody like that? 我干吗要替这种人卖命?
[38:32.14]I did. 我就曾经做过
[39:08.65]Hide! 躲起来!
[39:38.31]jin? Jin?
[39:41.11]sayid. Sayid
[39:45.55]What are you doing here? How did you get out? 你怎么在这儿? 你是怎么跑出来的?
[39:47.96]Sawyer let me go. Sawyer放我走的
[39:49.62]- They were going to kill me. - What? - 他们要处决我 - 什么?
[39:52.58]attention. The prisoner escaped. 注意 犯人逃跑了
[39:54.51]The hostile is no longer in custody. 敌人已经逃出监管了
[39:56.62]Be on the lookout. He could be armed. 注意戒备 他可能带有武器
[39:59.71]They don't know he released me. 他们还不知道是他放了我
[40:01.18]Please, jin, I need to keep moving. 求你了 Jin 我得继续跑了
[40:04.24]Okay. Let me talk to him first. 好吧 先等我跟他确认一下
[40:11.97]Lafleur, it's jin here. Come in. Lafleur 我是Jin 请回话
[40:22.39]Where'd you learn to do that? 这招儿你是在哪儿学的?
[40:26.25]Come on. We better go. He called lafleur. 快点 我们得走了 他呼叫了Lafleur
[40:36.45]You were right about me. 你说得对
[40:38.88]What? 什么?
[40:40.91]I am a killer. 我的确是个杀手
[41:11.64]迷失 第五季 第10集 完
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