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[00:00.93]Previously on "lost"... "迷失"前情提要
[00:02.73]this is your daughter. 这是你的女儿
[00:05.14]Her name'slementine. 她叫Clementine
[00:06.45]Those are fake necklaces. 这些项链都是假的
[00:08.06]I'll take the one on the end. 末尾那条我要了
[00:09.83]Why'd you help me? 为什么帮我?
[00:11.01]Just one girl watching another girl's back, I guess. 大家都是女人
[00:17.11]why are you telling me this? 为什么告诉我?
[00:18.59]Just do it, freckles. 听话 雀斑女
[00:22.75]I think we should say he's mine. 我觉得我们该说他是我的
[00:24.83]There's other ways to do this. 总有其他办法的
[00:26.75]After everyone we've lost, I can't lose him, too. 我们失去了那么多人 我不能再失去他了
[00:30.53]My client insists that we... 我的客户坚持要求...
[00:32.91]handle the exchange of custody quietly. 我们秘密移交监护权
[00:36.49]You are going to lose the boy. 这个孩子不再是你的了
[00:39.34]that's claire's mother. 是Claire的妈妈
[00:41.46]Everything that kate and i have done, it was for aaron. 我和Kate做的一切 都是为了Aaron
[00:44.50]Who'S... aon? Aaron是谁?
[00:53.12]I'm ben. 我是Ben
[00:54.31]It's nice to meet you, ben. 见到你很高兴 Ben
[00:57.95]if I let you out... 如果我放了你
[00:59.51]will you take me with you to your people? 就带我去见你的人?
[01:02.09]That's why I'm here. 这正是我的使命
[01:09.72]Jin? Jin?
[01:10.83]What are you doing here 你怎么在这里?
[01:22.43]hello, jin? Are you there? 喂 Jin? 你在吗?
[01:28.08]jin? Can you hear me? Jin? 听见了吗?
[01:31.48]hello? 喂?
[01:32.41]Jin? It's--it's phil, man. Where have you been? Jin? 我是Phil 你去哪了?
[01:35.15]The hostile escaped. We're searching the east grid. 人质逃跑了 我们在搜查东边
[01:37.84]He's headed north. 他朝北边去了
[01:40.07]How the hell do you know that? 你怎么知道?
[01:42.17]because he attacked me. 因为他袭击了我
[01:44.47]What? Where are you? 什么?你在哪里?
[01:49.53]jin? ! You still there? Jin? Jin! Jin? 还在吗? Jin? Jin!
[01:59.72]please help. 救命
[02:15.70]okay, everybody, listen up. 好了 大伙儿听着
[02:17.76]We don't know yet if another attack is coming. 不知是否会有 下一轮攻击
[02:20.82]So everybody needs to be ready for your security assignments, okay? 请大家时刻准备 认领各自的保卫工作
[02:24.44]Make sure you're in contact with your team leaders. 确保与你的队长保持联系
[02:27.70]Lafleur's got search parties out, but the hostile's got a good jump on us. Lafleur已经派人搜查 但人质巧妙脱逃
[02:32.97]We're pretty sure he used this fire as a diversion in order to escape. 我们很确定 火灾是声东击西 他借机逃跑
[02:38.40]is he talking about sayid? 他说的是Sayid吗?
[02:41.55]If he was locked up, how could he start the fire? 他被关起来了 怎么放火?
[02:45.43]Who are you? 你是谁?
[02:46.69]Jack shephard. I'M... I'm new. Jack Shephard 我新来的
[02:50.02]Ll, jack, the way he started the fire is he had help, okay? Jack 他能放火 是因为有人帮他 懂吗?
[02:53.82]Somebody torched that van, and then that somebody let him out of his cell. 有人点燃了面包车 有人救他出了牢房
[02:57.89]And since the security cameras didn't pick up any hostiles crossing the perimeter, 由于监视摄像头 没拍到有敌人穿越边界
[03:02.32]that means it was one of us. 意味着是内奸干的
[03:07.07]Baxter, I want a full report on cleanup A.S.A.P. Baxter 你立即清点人员
[03:10.37]you got it, horace. 马上办 Horace
[03:16.70]hey, you. 嘿 你
[03:19.25]Yeah, you. 对 就是你
[03:21.22]You're in the motor pool, right? 你是车辆调配组的 对吗
[03:23.52]- Uh, yeah. - Do you mind running that winch for me? - 是的 - 帮忙转绞盘好吗?
[03:28.09]You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? 你完全不懂 我在讲什么 是吧?
[03:30.87]Okay, no worries. Just throw this lever. When I tell you to stop... just pull it up. 好 别担心 扳动这根杠杆 我说停 你就拉起来
[03:35.10]- All right. - See? Simple. - 好的 - 懂了? 很简单
[03:36.41]- Don't do it till I'm ready. - Okay. - 等我口令 - 好的
[03:39.19]All right, crank her up. 好 扳下去
[03:48.46]so they just stuck you in the motor pool when you got here? 你一来 他们就分配你管车辆调配?
[03:51.01]Yeah, pretty much. 对 差不多
[03:52.50]Yeah, same thing happened to me. 我也差不多
[03:55.53]Wait, hold. Hold it there. That's good right there. That's good. 等等 停下 别动 这里很好
[03:58.01]I guess they couldn't sucker anybody into getting on that sub 如果他们直说 你们被派来做工人和看门的
[04:00.24]if they told us we were gonna be grease monkeys and janitors. 估计没人会登上那艘潜艇的
[04:02.81]- Well, you gotta start somewhere, right? - Yeah. - 但总得从底层做起 对吗? - 对
[04:06.75]- What's your name? - I'm kate. - 你叫什么名字? - 我叫Kate
[04:09.77]Welcome aboard, kate. I'm roger. Roger linus. 欢迎加入 Kate 我叫Roger...Roger Linus
[04:17.59]It's nice to meet you, roger. 见到你很高兴 Roger
[04:37.44]that's my kid. 那是我的孩子
[04:40.96]That's my kid! 那是我的孩子
[05:13.95]hi, handsome. Did you have a good sleep? 嗨 帅哥 睡得好吗?
[05:18.01]Yeah, that's my boy. 对 这才是好孩子
[05:20.29]* catch a falling star and put it in your pocket * 抓住流星 放进口袋
[05:25.08]* never let it fade away * 永远闪光
[05:29.38]* catch a falling star and put it in your pocket * 抓住流星 放进口袋
[05:35.30]* save it for a rainy day * 下雨天 再看看
[05:43.52]Oh, my god! 噢 我的天
[05:45.67]hi, caidY. 你好 Casidy
[05:46.59]Oh, my god! I saw you on the news! 我的天! 我在新闻里看见你了!
[05:48.96]I told all my friends, "i knowthat woman!" 我跟我朋友们说"我认识那女的!"
[05:52.81]- This is aaron. - Hi, aaron. - 这是Aaron - 你好 Aaron
[05:55.29]Say hi. 说"你好"
[05:56.78]You survived a plane crash. 你活过来了
[06:00.05]It's amazing. I never thought I'd see you again. What are you doing here? 太厉害了 我以为再也见不到你了 你来这里干什么?
[06:07.78]Sawyer sent me. Sawyer让我来的
[06:27.86]Lost Season05 Episode11 迷失 第五季 第11集
[06:31.55]sawyer. Sawyer
[06:33.27]So that son of a bitch is still alive? 这么说那个贱人还活着?
[06:37.52]He was when I left. 至少我走的时候还是
[06:39.34]And he asked you to come here and give me an envelope full of money? 然后他让你来给我一沓钱?
[06:43.12]Well, he--he told me where to find you, and... 他告诉我去哪找你 而且...
[06:48.03]said to take care of clementine... his daughter? 说要照顾好Clementine...他的女儿?
[06:52.12]Well, she's asleep in her crib right now. 她现在还睡着呢
[06:55.07]Want me to wake her up? 想让我叫醒她么?
[07:00.51]I, uh, shouldn't have bothered you. 哦 我不该来打扰你
[07:03.21]I could've sent it, and I probably should have. 我本可以把钱寄过来的 也许我该那么做
[07:05.31]Why did you tell me all this? 你为什么要告诉我这些?
[07:08.40]Why'd you trust me? 你为什么要相信我?
[07:11.51]Because I thought your daughter had a right to know that her father cared. 因为我认为你女儿有权知道 她父亲关心她
[07:15.24]Why didn't he come back with the rest of you? 他为什么不跟你们一起回来?
[07:18.80]The helicopter that we were on was running out of gas, 我们坐的直升机快没油了
[07:21.06]so he jumped so that we could make it to the boat. 于是他跳下去了 好让我们飞得到船上
[07:29.25]what a coward. 真是个懦夫
[07:32.11]He was trying to do the right thing. 他只是想帮我们
[07:33.96]He was trying to get away from you. 他想离开你们
[07:37.89]I told him he had a daughter. 我告诉过他 他有个女儿
[07:39.98]He never so much as lifted a finger to try to call her. 他连个电话都没打过
[07:43.35]So now I'm supposed to think he's a hero because he told you to come here and help us? 现在因为他告诉你来帮我们 我就该把他当英雄看?
[07:46.73]Hell, I bet this money's not even his, is it? 死去吧 我猜这钱都不是他的 是不是?
[07:51.94]They gave us a settlement after the crash, and I didn't need it all-- 他们给了我赔偿金 我不需要那么多...
[07:54.59]you don't have to explain it, kate. 你不用解释 Kate
[07:57.83]You got the same look on your face I did when he ditched me. 你的表情和我当初 被他抛弃时一模一样
[08:04.76]All I have for you is sympathy. 我真同情你
[08:09.00]Is it his? 是他的么?
[08:10.98]- What? - Your son. - 什么? - 你儿子
[08:14.29]Is it sawyer's? 是Sawyer的么
[08:17.44]no. No, I was... 不是 不是 我...
[08:21.02]pregnant before I met him. 在遇见他之前就怀孕了
[08:31.11]that's not your baby, is it? 那不是你孩子 是不是?
[08:36.87]Kate, you just told me that you and your friends cooked a story for the whole world Kate 你眼神告诉我你和你朋友 编了个故事...
[08:41.19]about what happened on that island. 来糊弄全世界
[08:43.96]So you tell me the truth about that? 你刚才说的是真的?
[08:47.15]Why are you lying to me about him? 你为什么要替他撒谎?
[08:53.15]Because i have to. 因为我没办法
[09:22.51]what happened? 发生了什么?
[09:24.19]What the hell are you doing here? 你在这里做什么?
[09:25.41]That was ben. That kid who was shot was ben. 是Ben 被枪击的孩子是Ben
[09:28.36]Was it sayid? Did he shoot him? 是Sayid干的么? 是他开的枪?
[09:30.49]Here's what you need to do, kate-- keep your mouth shut and stop asking questions. 听着 Kate 闭上嘴 别问问题了
[09:33.81]'Cause putting any attention on yourself is the last thing I need right now. 我可不希望你成为焦点
[09:36.69]Now scram. I don't want you around here. 走吧 你不该待在这里
[09:38.02]- I just wanna know what's going on. - Lafleur. - 我只想知道发生什么了 - Lafleur
[09:41.74]What... what, uh... what's she doing here? 怎么... 怎么她在这儿?
[09:47.38]- This is, uh... - I'm kate. - 这是... - 我叫Kate
[09:48.85]Kate. She's new over at the motor pool. Kate 她是新来的 在汽车调配场工作
[09:50.85]I was seeing if she saw anything suspicious, but she didn't, so... 我正问她看见什么可疑的没 但是她没看见 所以...
[09:54.12]you can run along, thanks. 你可以走了 谢谢
[09:59.98]Have you checked out the hostile's cell yet? 你查牢房了么?
[10:02.15]I was a little busy trying to keep the town fromurnin' down, horace. 我忙着救火去了 Horace
[10:04.82]Okay. Well, then let's do it. 那么 现在去看看吧
[10:13.39]he didn't break out. Somebody let him out. 他不是越狱 有人放走他的
[10:16.06]These are janitor's keys. 这是看门人的钥匙
[10:17.66]We've only got three janitors. 只有三个看门人
[10:19.30]There's roger, willie and,h, that new guy. 有Roger Willie 还有...那个新来的
[10:23.44]I just met him. His name's jack. 我刚见过他 他叫Jack
[10:25.43]Yeah. I just brought him in from the sub. I'll go talk to him. 对 那天是我把他从潜艇接来的 我跟他谈谈去
[10:28.42]Les, you wanna come with me? Miles 跟我一块去?
[10:29.80]Yeah, sure, boss. 没问题 老大
[10:34.26]All right, I want you to find jack and hurley and kate as quick as you can. 你马上去找Jack Hurley还有Kate
[10:37.41]Put 'em in a house and sit on 'em. 集中在一个屋里 看好他们
[10:38.89]What for? 为什么?
[10:39.86]'Cause I don't want 'em talking to anybody else. 因为我不想让他们跟其他人说话
[10:41.34]Things are starting to spin out of control here. 这儿有点乱套了
[10:43.08]- All right, I got it. - All right, go. - 好的 没问题 - 好的 去吧
[10:51.07]Who did this? Do you know who did this to my son? 谁干的? 你知道是谁伤害我儿子的么?
[10:53.27]Not yet, but we're working on it. How's he doing? 还没 我们正在查 他怎样了?
[10:55.12]I don't know. Juliet told me to wait out here. 不知道 Juliet让我在外面等
[10:58.27]Let me see if I can get an update for ya. 我去看看什么情况了
[11:00.02]Thanks, jim. 多谢 Jim
[11:02.55]- Roger? - Yeah? - Roger? - 嗯?
[11:03.68]You happen to have your keys with you? 你带着钥匙么?
[11:04.91]Yeah. Why? What do you need? 嗯 怎么了? 你要干嘛用?
[11:10.24]I must've left them at... at the house. 我肯定是忘在家里了
[11:12.87]It's all right. Don't worry about it. 没事 别多想了
[11:21.38]more gauze. 纱布
[11:23.21]- Here's some gauze. - Yeah, right hereyeah. - 给你 - 拿着
[11:26.99]If we can't stop the hemorrhaging, we're just gonna have to pack the whole tract. 要是不能阻止出血 只能先全包扎起来
[11:29.90]- Okay. - Where's the doctor? - 好 - 医生在哪?
[11:32.24]At the looking glass station till friday. 在窥镜站 周五才能回来
[11:34.83]- How is he doing? - Not well. Hook him. - 他怎么样了? - 不乐观 扶着
[11:37.85]He's still bleeding in there somewhere, and I can't fix it. 还有地方在出血 我止不住
[11:40.85]- It's all right. - No, it's not all right. - 没事 - 不 有事
[11:43.67]Someone needs to get in there who can find the damage that bullet did and fix it. 需要能找到出血点的人来修复
[11:47.39]he needs a real surgeon. 他需要一个真正的外科大夫
[11:56.77]you're telling us we're under house arrest? 你说我们被软禁了?
[11:59.38]No, you're all free to leave whenever you want... 不 你们愿去哪儿去哪儿
[12:02.06]but I'll shoot you in the leg. 但我会朝你们腿开枪
[12:06.13]and whose idea was this? 这是谁的主意?
[12:07.62]Who do you think? 你觉得呢?
[12:09.96]Sawyer's just doing his job, jack. Sawyer只不过在尽本分而已 Jack
[12:17.83]What the hell are you doing, tubby? 你这是干嘛 肥猪?
[12:19.22]Checking to see if I'm disappearing. 看我消失了没有
[12:21.74]- What? - "Back to the future," man. - 什么? - <回到未来> 看过吗?
[12:23.98]We came back in time to the island and changed stuff. 我们回到了过去 改变了过去
[12:27.42]So if little ben dies, he'll never grow up to be big ben, 如果小Ben死了 他就不会长大成大Ben
[12:30.40]who's the one who made us come back here in the first place. 是大Ben一开始把我们逼回来的
[12:32.90]Which means we can't be here. And therefore, dude? 所以我们不可能在这儿 所以 伙计
[12:35.80]We don't exist. 我们不存在
[12:38.79]You're an idiot. 你是个笨蛋
[12:41.32]- Am I? - Yeah. It doesn't work like that. - 是么? - 你是 不是那样的
[12:43.97]You can't change anything. 什么都改变不了
[12:46.09]You're maniac iraqi buddy shot linus. 那个疯伊拉克人开枪打了Linus
[12:48.40]That is what always happened. 这件事是肯定发生过的
[12:50.01]It's just... we never experienced how it all turns out. 只是我们没经历过其间的那段历史
[12:58.03]This is really confusing. 什么乱七八糟的
[12:59.46]Yeah, well, get used to it. 习惯习惯吧
[13:01.84]But the good news is that linus didn't die, so that means the kid can't either. 好消息是 Linus没死 所以那孩子也死不了
[13:07.62]He'll be fine. 他不会有事的
[13:08.95]Didn't look like he was gonna be fine. 看起来可不像那样
[13:11.08]What if you're wrong? 要是你错了呢?
[13:12.03]Well, if I'm wrong, then I guess we all stop existing, 要是我错了 估计我们就不存在了吧
[13:14.99]and none of it matters anyway then, does it? 那什么也无所谓了 对吧?
[13:21.95]doc, I need you to come with me. 医生 跟我来
[13:24.81]Come with you where? 去哪儿?
[13:25.87]Juliet said the kid's losing blood, and we ain't got none to put back in him. Juliet说孩子失血过多 我们血液储备不够
[13:28.38]So we need you to show us where he sprung a leak. 所以你要去找出血点
[13:35.97]No. 不
[13:39.26]What? 什么?
[13:40.61]No, I'm not coming with you. 不 我不跟你去
[13:43.18]If you don't come wi me, jack, that kid's gonna die. 要是你不跟我来 Jack 他会死的
[13:55.25]Then he dies. 死就死
[14:14.55]What are you doing? 你干什么?
[14:17.12]Making some sandwiches. 做三明治
[14:18.58]I figured everybody'd be getting hungry by now. 我估计大家现在都饿了吧
[14:20.29]he's just a boy, jack. You can'just let him die. 他只是个孩子 Jack 你不能见死不救
[14:25.24]You heard miles. We can't change what's already happened. Miles的话你也听见了 已经发生的事情无法改变
[14:28.32]This has nothing to do with me. 这跟我没关系
[14:29.53]Unless you're the onewho's supposed to save him. 要是本来该你去救他 这就有关系了
[14:33.26]30 years from now, that boy's gonna be a man that locks me in a cage because he needs surgery. 30年后这孩子会把我关进笼子里 就因为他需要我来做手术
[14:38.98]And then you're gonna come in and you're gonna beg me to operate on him 然后你会进来 求我给他做手术
[14:42.64]because he's threatening to murder sawyer. 因为他威胁要杀Sawyer
[14:46.01]I've already done this once. 我已经做过一次了
[14:48.26]I've already saved benjamin linus, and I did it for you, kate. 我已经救过Benjamin Linus一次 我是为你才这么做的 Kate
[14:53.98]I don't need to do it again. 我不需要再重来一遍
[14:57.77]This is our fault. 这都是我们的错
[15:00.14]We brought sayid back. We caused this. 我们把Sayid带回来的 都是我们引起的
[15:02.93]You know, when we were here before, I spent all of my time trying to fix things. 上次我们在这儿的时候 我一直在挽救
[15:07.33]But... did you ever think that maybe the island just wants to fix things itself? 但是... 你想过么 也许小岛想自己修复?
[15:13.69]And maybe I was just... gettin' in the way? 而我却... 挡了道?
[15:20.50]You know, I don't like the new you. 我不喜欢现在的你
[15:22.86]I liked the old you, who wouldn't just sit around and wait for things to happen. 我曾喜欢以前的你 不会坐视不管听天由命
[15:31.18]you didn't like the old me, kate. 你不曾喜欢过以前的我 Kate
[15:45.47]Where are you going? 你去哪儿?
[15:51.38]just relax. You're okay. 放松 你没事
[15:57.09]I'm sorry. Juliet? 打扰下 Juliet?
[15:58.85]One of the new people is here. 有个新人过来了
[16:00.73]She heard ben needed blood, says she's a universal donor. 她听说我们需要血液 说她是个万能供血者
[16:13.57]This might hurt for a second. 可能会疼一阵子
[16:17.70]Good. very brave. 好的 非常勇敢
[16:22.19]So james told me that jack wouldn't help, but he didn't say why. James告诉我 Jack不肯帮忙 但是他没说原因
[16:26.91]If i understood why jack does what he does, I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here. 要是我理解Jack为什么那么做 我就不会来了
[16:31.72]Off island, did something happen with you two? 在外边 你们俩之间发生过一些事?
[16:35.65]we were engaged. Does that count? 我们订过婚 这算么?
[16:43.47]What's going on? 怎么样了?
[16:44.49]Roger, I asked you to wait outside. Roger 我让你在外面等的
[16:45.77]No, what's going on with my kid? 不 我孩子怎么样了?
[16:47.18]Kate is giving us some fresh blood so we can transfuse ben. Kate正在献血 我们可以给Ben输血
[16:52.13]Well, I'm not waitin' outside. 我不要在外面等
[16:53.49]You know, he could stay with me, and you could check on ben, 他可以和我一起 你可以去看看Ben
[16:56.95]and--and roger here could keep me company, make sure I don't pass out. Roger可以给我作伴 确保我不会晕过去
[17:03.77]Okay. Roger, have a seat. 好吧 Roger 坐吧
[17:12.85]- Thanks. - Sure. - 谢谢 - 不客气
[17:18.70]- He stole my keys. - Sorry? - 他偷了我的钥匙 - 什么?
[17:21.56]Lafleur asked me where my keys were. Lafleur问我我的钥匙在哪儿
[17:24.45]That bastard doesn't ask any questions he doesn't know the answers to... 既然他问出口了 他就肯定知道了
[17:28.41]which means my son stole my keys so he could bust that animal out of jail. 我儿子偷了我的钥匙 放那个畜牲出去
[17:34.32]Why--why would he do that? 他... 他为什么会那么做?
[17:38.14]Because of me. 因为我
[17:44.23]You got kids? 你有孩子么?
[17:48.00]No. 没有
[17:51.72]I thought I was gonna be the greatest father ever. You know? 我还以为我会是世界上最好的父亲
[17:59.30]I guess it didn't work out that way. 事与愿违哪
[18:03.11]What about his mother? Is she still around? 他母亲呢? 还在他身边么?
[18:05.02]No, she's dead. 不 她过世了
[18:07.66]She died the day he was born. 他出生的那天死的
[18:12.13]I'm sorry. 抱歉
[18:14.79]yeah, me, too. 嗯
[18:18.97]I tried to do what I thought she'd want me to do, but... 我尽力填补母亲的空缺 不过...
[18:25.03]I guess a boy just needs his mother. 男孩子还是需要母亲
[18:35.06]- what's going on? - He's going into hypoxic shock. - 怎么了 - 他要缺氧休克了
[18:37.06]- What does that mean? What's the matter with him? - He needs more oxygen. - 什么意思? 他怎么了? - 他需要氧气
[18:38.98]- Roger, get out of here! - What? - Roger 出去! - 什么?
[18:40.65]- Get him out of here! - Wait!What--what is-- - 把他弄出去! - 等等! 什么...
[18:42.18]- Please, roger, just wait outside. - wait a minute. - 拜托 Roger 到外面等 - 等等
[18:49.33]let me get this straight. 是不是这样
[18:51.95]- All this already happened. - Yes. - 这一切都已经发生过 - 是的
[18:55.95]So this conversation we're having right now... 所以 这次谈话...
[18:59.13]- we already had it. - Yes! - 已经发生过 - 对!
[19:02.04]Then what am I gonna say next? 那接下来我要说什么?
[19:04.23]I don't know. 我不知道
[19:05.76]Then your theory is wrong! 那你的理论错了!
[19:07.76]For the thousandth time, you dingbat, the conversation already happened, 说了多少次了 你个傻蛋 这次谈话已经发生了
[19:12.48]but not for you and me. 但对你我还没
[19:13.93]For you and me, it's happening right now. 对你我 是正在发生
[19:18.29]Okay, answer me this. 你说说这个
[19:20.58]If all this already happened to me, then... 要是这已经发生过了
[19:23.94]why don't i remember any of it? 为什么我什么都不记得?
[19:25.93]Because once ben turned that wheel, 因为一旦Ben转动了那个轮子
[19:28.88]time isn't a straight line for us anymore. 时间对我们来说就不是一条直线了
[19:33.73]Our experiences in the past and the future occurred 我们过去和未来的历史
[19:38.15]before these experiences right now. 发生在现在这一刻之前
[19:45.23]Say that again. 再说一遍
[19:51.45]Shoot me. Please. Plea? 开枪打我 打我啊
[19:54.36]I can't shoot you. 我不能打你
[19:55.69]Because if you die in 1977, then you'll never come back to thesland on the freighter 30 years from now. 要是你77年就死了 就不能30年之后再坐货船回岛上了
[20:01.10]I can die because I've already come to the island on the freighter. 我可以死! 因为我已经坐货船回到岛上了
[20:05.27]Any of us can die because this is ourpresenT. 我们所有人都可以死 因为对我们来说 这才是现在
[20:09.06]But you said ben couldn't die because he still has to grow up and become the leader of the others. 但是你说Ben不能死 因为他要长大 成为其他人的领袖
[20:12.72]Because this is his past. 因为这是他的过去
[20:14.23]But when we first captured ben, and sayid, like, tortured him, 但是我们一开始抓住Ben的时候 Sayid对他严刑逼供
[20:18.72]then why wouldn't he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid? 他为什么不记得小时候被他伤过?
[20:33.38]I hadn't thought of that. 我没想到这个
[20:51.64]How is he? 他怎么样了?
[20:52.76]He's stable. 稳定下来了
[20:53.62]Is he gonna be okay? 他会好起来吗?
[20:54.60]He's got some fresh blood running through him,which is a good thing. 我们给他输了新鲜血液 对他来说是件好事
[20:57.53]Roger,I need you to go out to the medical station. Roger 拜托你去一趟医疗站
[20:59.54]There are some supplies there that we don't have here. 那里有咱们这儿没有的供给品
[21:03.59]Hey,I just wanna say,I-I... 我想说...我...
[21:05.96]I wanna say thanks. 我想说声谢谢
[21:06.77]I know that you're doing everything you can... 我知道你正尽一切所能...
[21:09.52]to save him,and... 去救他
[21:14.28]all right,I'm--I'm gonna go,okay? 好了 我得走了
[21:23.16]Is he any better? 他好点没?
[21:26.21]He is stable now. 现在是稳定了
[21:29.47]But I can't,um... 可我没法...
[21:31.56]I can't fix it. 治愈他
[21:32.90]What about the sub? 那潜水艇呢?
[21:33.95]I mean,can we takhim somewhere? 我是说 要不带他出去?
[21:35.18]No.It's gone. 不行 它离开了
[21:36.04]It won't be back for a couple of months. 2个月之内是不会回来的
[21:37.55]But he can't die,right? 可他不会死的 对吧?
[21:39.15]He is going to die. 他快死了
[21:40.91]He iin a medical situation that is not resolvable. 他的情况几乎无可逆转了
[21:44.30]Okay,well,we can't just sit here and do nothing. 那咱们总不能在这坐以待毙啊
[21:46.06]I mean,there's got to be someone who can help him. 一定有人能救他的
[21:47.96]We have entire... 我们有整个...
[21:54.83]what? 怎么了?
[22:01.88]Maybe there's something they can do. 或许他们能帮上忙
[22:04.71]"They"? "他们"?
[22:07.93]The others. 其他人
[22:23.31]you got him? 抱稳了?
[22:24.29]Yeah.Ready? 嗯 准备好了?
[22:25.72]One,two,three,go. 一二三 起
[22:37.29]okay,let's go. 好了 咱们走
[22:40.79]I'm coming wityou. 我和你一起去
[22:41.77]No,no,no,no. 不不不
[22:43.09]If something goes wrong or we get caught,it doesn't matter for me, 万一出了差错 咱们不幸被捕 对我而言是无所谓
[22:45.30]but you've got a whole life here. 但对你来说 这里是你生活的全部
[22:47.04]And besides,if sawyer knew that I got you involved in this,he'd kill me. 还有 万一Sawyer知道 我把你也牵扯进来 他会杀了我的
[22:50.63]How are you gonna manage? 你自己能办到吗?
[22:52.94]I'll manag don't worry. 我能行 别担心
[22:56.66]kate,sawyer's gonna find out ben's gone,and when he does, Kate Sawyer肯定会发现Ben不见了
[22:59.97]I have to tell him what happened. 到那时 我就得和盘托出了
[23:02.17]But I'll give you as much of a head start as I can. 但我会尽量为你多争取些时间
[23:05.88]Good luck. 祝你好运
[23:17.82]there's someone... 有个人...
[23:19.99]someone here in los angeles. 就在洛杉矶 有个人...
[23:22.18]Let me take you to them. 让我带你们去见他们
[23:23.38]Who? 谁?
[23:24.16]The same person that's gonna show us how to get back the island. 就是那个将要告诉我们回岛方法的人
[23:29.10]Is that what this is about? 原来如此啊
[23:32.22]You knew about this. 你早就知道了
[23:33.62]-No,I was o-- -and that is why you were pretending to care about aaron, - 不是 我... - 所以你假装关心Aaron
[23:36.07]to convince me to go back there? 就是为了说服我回去?
[23:37.28]I wasn't pretending anything. 我没有假装什么
[23:38.53]This is insane.You guys are crazy. 简直疯了 你们这群疯子
[23:40.23]-Kate-- -jack,don't! - Kate... - Jack 不要!
[23:52.70]Mommy,I'm thirsty. 妈妈 我渴了
[23:54.82]I need some milk. 我想喝牛奶
[24:03.08]Do you want chocolate milk oregular milk? 你想喝巧克力味的还是原味的?
[24:05.33]Juice box. 果汁
[24:08.02]You don't want milk anymore? 又不想喝牛奶了?
[24:09.50]Juice box. 果汁
[24:13.70]excuse me. 请问一下
[24:14.92]Where are you juice boxes? 果汁在哪里?
[24:16.92]Aisle 5. 5号过道
[24:17.72]Thank you very much. 非常感谢
[24:36.44]aaron? Aaron?
[24:40.97]Um,excuse me.Have you seen my son? 不好意思 你有没有看到我儿子?
[24:43.38]-I'm sorry? -A little 3-year-old blond? - 什么? - 一个三岁的金发男孩
[24:46.89]Aaron? Aaron?
[24:49.61]Aaron? Aaron?
[24:51.93]Aaron? Aaron?
[24:55.40]Aaron! Aaron!
[25:05.91]Excuse me.I've lost my son. 劳驾 我找不到我儿子了
[25:07.88]He's 3.He's a little blond boy. 男孩 三岁 留着一头金发
[25:09.00]Don't worry,ma'am.I'll make an announcement. 别着急 夫人 我去广播一下
[25:10.52]No,no,no.You have to seal off the store.You... 不不 你得封锁这个商店 你...
[25:16.15]aaron? Aaron?
[25:18.66]Hey,is this your mommy?Honey,is this your mommy? 这是你妈妈吗? 宝贝儿 这是你妈妈吗?
[25:21.53]I found him in the fruit section. 我在水果摊前看到他的
[25:23.26]I--he looked lost.I was getting ready to make an announcement. 他好像迷路了 我正想去找人广播
[25:29.90]Thank you.Thank you very much. 谢谢你 太感谢了
[25:35.91]it's okay,honey.Mommy's got you. 没事了 宝贝 妈妈来了
[25:38.50]Mommy's got you. 妈妈找到你了
[26:06.48]tell... 告诉...
[26:08.76]tell my... 告诉我...
[26:10.91]try not to talk,okay? 尽量别说话 好吗?
[26:12.57]Tell my dad I'm sorry I stole his keys. 告诉我爸爸 我很抱歉偷了他的钥匙
[26:39.97]I know you gotta stop me... 我知道你想阻止我...
[26:43.14]but I can't just let that kid die. 但我不会看着这孩子死的
[26:47.49]damn it,freckles.I ain't here to stop you. 靠 雀斑女 我不是来阻止你的
[26:52.75]I'm here to help you. 我来帮你
[27:11.93]hi,auntie kate! 嗨 Kate阿姨!
[27:13.34]Hi,clementine. 嗨 Clementine
[27:14.69]Is your mommy home? 你妈妈在家吗?
[27:15.73]Sure.I'll go get her. 当然 我去叫她
[27:18.71]they're going back? 他们要回去?
[27:20.18]To the island? 回岛上去?
[27:21.79]Why in god's name would they wanna do that? 我的天 他们干嘛要这么做?
[27:23.76]I don't know. 我不知道
[27:25.37]Jack says that we weren't supposed to leave. Jack说我们不该离开
[27:29.12]Well,jack sounds like a piece of work. Jack麻烦事儿特多
[27:32.27]You look exhausted.Drink this. 你看上去累坏了 把这个喝了
[27:34.28]Curl up on my bed.Take a nap.I'll watch your fella. 去我床上躺躺 小睡一会儿 我来照看你的小宝贝
[27:41.49]I lost him. 我把他丢了
[27:44.55]What? 什么?
[27:46.92]I don't know what happened. 我不知道是怎么了
[27:47.98]We were in the supermarket,and I turned around for one second, 我们本来在超市里 我只是把视线转开了一秒钟
[27:51.63]d he was gone. 他就不见了
[27:55.79]And,you know,the crazy thing is,is that... 还有 最荒谬的是...
[27:59.73]as scared as I was... 虽然当时我很害怕...
[28:03.91]I wasn't surprised. 但我并不感到惊讶
[28:07.29]All I could think was,it's about time. 我想到的是 是时候了
[28:14.32]Why would I feel that way? 我怎么会那么想?
[28:15.92]I mean,why would I expect him to be taken? 我怎么会等着他被带走?
[28:21.04]Because you took him,kate. 因为你带走了他 Kate
[28:26.86]No,I... 不 我...
[28:29.30]claire was gone. Claire不在了
[28:32.08]I mean,she left him. 她扔下他
[28:33.84]I had to take him.He needed me. 我必须要带上他 他需要我
[28:39.51]You needed him. 是你需要他
[28:46.74]Sawyer broke your heart. Sawyer伤了你心
[28:50.70]How else were you supposed to fix it? 孩子正好是个补偿
[29:06.53]figure out how you were gonna carry him out there by yourself? 想到如何独自扛走他了吗?
[29:09.66]Well,the line's just right over there,right? 边界就是那条了
[29:11.26]The others are on the other side. 其他人就在那边
[29:12.56]Well,they ain't right onthe her side. 他们不会总是在那边的
[29:15.90]We better get movin'. 我们快走吧
[29:18.78]Why are you doing this? 你为什么要这么做?
[29:20.45]Why are you helping me? 为什么帮我?
[29:23.67]when I found out ben was gone,and juliet told me what you were up to, 当我发现Ben走了 Juliet告诉我你的目的后
[29:27.75]I asked that exact damn question... 我问了同样的问题...
[29:30.16]why are you helping ben? 你为什么要帮Ben?
[29:34.47]and she said... 她说...
[29:36.92]no matter what he's gonna grow up to be,it's wrong to let a kid die. 无论他长大后是怎么样 我们也不能让孩子死去
[29:44.08]So... 所以...
[29:47.43]that's why I'm doing this. 我就来了
[29:52.44]I'm doing it for her. 为了她
[30:10.19]Where's jack? Jack呢?
[30:12.24]Uhhe--he's in the shower.I think. 在洗澡吧
[30:13.91]Is he in trouble? 他有麻烦了?
[30:14.93]I just need to talk to him. 只是想和他谈谈
[30:16.81]You two mind giving us some privacy? 你们方便出去一下吗?
[30:23.28]hey,ask me more questions about time travel. 继续问我关于时间穿梭的事吧
[30:35.86]I needed you. 我要你帮忙
[30:37.98]I'm sorry? 什么?
[30:39.05]That kid was bleeding out. 那孩子血流不止
[30:40.74]You're a surgeon,and I needed you. 你是外科医生 我要你帮忙
[30:43.27]-That kid is be -that's not ben yet. - 那孩子是Ben - 还没成为Ben呢
[30:45.55]He's just a kid. 他只是个孩子
[30:47.92]juliet,I'm sorry. Juliet 抱歉
[30:49.56]I can't help you. 帮不了你
[30:50.63]I'm not asking for your help,jack. 我不是来向你求助的 Jack
[30:52.42]You made it pretty clear you weren't interested. 很明显你并不在意
[30:56.19]It's up to sawyer and kate now. 那只能看Sawyer和Kate运气如何了
[30:59.07]What? 什么?
[30:59.89]She's trying to save him,and I sent james after her to help 她正在救他 我让James去帮忙了
[31:03.56]because they actually care. 因为他们真的在意
[31:06.91]I came back here because I care,juliet. 我回来是因为我在乎 Juliet
[31:08.84]I came back here because I was trying to save you. 我回来是因为我要救你
[31:10.54]We didn't need saving! 我们不需要你救!
[31:12.94]We've been fine for three years. 我们3年来生活的很好
[31:16.34]You came back here for you. 你是为了自己而回来的
[31:23.85]At least do me the courtesy of telling me why. 你起码得回答我为什么...
[31:30.39]I came back... 我回来...
[31:33.63]because I was supposed to. 是因为我本该如此
[31:37.55]Supposed to do what? 本该什么?
[31:40.61]I don't know yet. 我还不知道
[31:45.22]Well,you'd better figure it out. 最好快弄清楚
[31:59.44]you know,I can take him for a while. 我也可以抱他一下的
[32:02.72]sure you can. 当然
[32:06.91]You know,his father said that you think ben broke sayid out. 他爸爸说你认为是Ben放了Sayid
[32:11.38]kid'll do almost anything if he's pissed off enough at his folks. 孩子对亲人不满时什么事都做得出
[32:16.50]Is that why you asked me to take care of your daughter? 那就是为什么你要我照顾好你女儿?
[32:25.23]Did you? 照顾好了吗?
[32:26.72]Of course I did. 当然
[32:30.12]go ahead and tip his ad back. 把他头抬起来
[32:31.77]What's she like? 她长什么样?
[32:32.88]clementine? Clementine?
[32:34.96]Yeah. 嗯
[32:35.85]Clementine. Clementine
[32:37.29]Oh,she's beautiful. 她漂亮极了
[32:39.55]Looks just like you wh she smiles. 笑起来的时候像你
[32:42.58]She's growing up fast. 她成长的很快
[32:44.68]Already has a little attitude. 已经有点叛逆了
[32:47.85]I bet you and cassidy had a lot to talk about. 我想你和Cassidy肯定有的聊了
[32:51.05]She had an interesting theory on why you jumped off the chopper. 她对你跳下直升机的事别有见解
[32:55.03]Yeah?What's that? 什么?
[32:57.34]She thought you were worried about what would happen if you didn'T. 她认为你会担心不跳下来会发生什么
[33:07.94]you d me would've never worked out,kate. 我们俩永远没可能的 Kate
[33:14.17]I wasn't any more fit to be your boyfriend than I am to be that little girl's father. 我做不了你男友 就像我做不了那孩子她爸一样
[33:19.59]You seem to be doing all right with juliet. 你和Juliet似乎发展得不错
[33:24.85]yeah. 是
[33:26.29]I've done a lot of growing up the past three years. 过去3年来我成长不少
[33:31.02]hands up! 举起手来!
[33:34.79]do not move. 不许动
[33:37.58]I said don't move. 不许动
[33:39.15]This is a violation of the truce. 这违反了休战协定
[33:41.17]-You're over the line. -We know. - 你们过界了 - 我知道
[33:43.20]This kid's been shot. 这孩子中枪了
[33:44.69]That's both of our problems. 我们双方都有责任
[33:45.83]So unless you want to go to war,you're gonna take us to richard alpert, 你是要开战 还是带我们去找Richard Alpert
[33:51.08]and you're gonna do it now. 快决定
[34:08.72]mrs.Littleton,um,m kate austen. Littleton夫人 我是Kate Austen
[34:14.21]I know who you are. 我知道你是谁
[34:19.55]Come in. 进来吧
[34:21.96]thank you. 谢谢
[34:29.70]Your friend dr.Shephard came here last night, 你朋友Shephard医生昨晚来过
[34:32.59]going on and on about some person named aaron. 一直在说一个叫Aaron的人
[34:37.25]When I asked him who that was,he ran out of here like the room was on fire. 我问他那是谁 他发疯似的跑了出去
[34:46.16]He's your grandson. 那是你外孙
[34:52.90]And your daughter claire... 而你女儿Claire...
[34:56.06]is alive. 还活着
[35:01.04]What are you talking about? 你说什么?
[35:03.38]Claire died in the plane crash. Claire在坠机中身亡了
[35:05.09]No,she survived. 不 她活下来了
[35:07.31]When we crashed,your daughter was eight months pregnant,and... 我们坠机时 你女儿已经怀孕8个月...
[35:11.64]she's the one who gave birth on the island,not me. 在岛上生产的是她 而不是我
[35:14.92]We lied. 我们说谎了
[35:16.62]There were other survivors,too.We just left them behind. 还有其他的幸存者 我们弃他们而去
[35:20.84]Why? 为什么?
[35:22.79]Why would you leave her there? 你们为什么要抛下她?
[35:26.04]Because she disappeared,and she left the baby behind. 因为她消失了 还扔下了婴儿
[35:29.80]We looked everywhere,but... 我们到处都找过 但是...
[35:33.88]th's when I started taking care of aaron. 我从那时开始照料Aaron
[35:39.28]And when we were rescued,we didn't-- we had to decide what to do with him. 当我们被援救 我们没有... 我们得决定他的将来
[35:44.68]And I knew that she had wanted him to be adopted,but I couldn'T. 我知道她希望送他去领养 但我无法放手
[35:50.04]I had to protect him,so I said he was mine. 我得保护他 所以声称是我的孩子
[35:55.60]Why did you lie? 你为啥撒谎?
[35:58.02]Why didn't you come to me in the first place? 你为什么不早点找我?
[36:05.07]Because I needed him. 因为我需要他
[36:12.64]I'm sorry. 对不起
[36:17.74]you're gonna see that he's so sweet and kind and good. 你看看他有多么乖巧可爱
[36:28.59]Where is he? 他在哪里?
[36:31.34]Um,I checked in two doors down. 我在隔壁的隔壁开了间房
[36:33.36]He's asleep. 他在睡觉
[36:35.45]I know that this is a lot for you to handle. 我知道一时很难接受
[36:39.15]But... 但...
[36:41.86]When you're ready,he's waiting for you. 当你准备好 他在等着见你
[36:48.31]I told him that you're his grandmother, 我告诉他 你是他姥姥
[36:51.53]that you'll take care of him while I'm gone and that I'll be back soon. 我离开时你会照顾他 我很快会回来
[36:58.55]Where are you going? 你要去哪里?
[37:03.09]I'm going back to find your daughter. 我回去找你的女儿
[38:11.83]bye-bye,baby. 拜拜 宝贝
[38:32.60]Don't worry.We got 'emright where we want 'em. 别担心 他们正带我们去该去的地方
[38:35.04]Shut up and keep movin'. 闭嘴 走你的路
[38:36.77]What's it look like I'm doing? 这不是在走嘛?
[38:38.59]Hello there,james. 你好啊 James
[38:43.73]Where the hell did you come from? 你从哪冒出来的?
[38:44.88]You asked my people to bring you to me. 你叫我的人带你来见我
[38:46.53]Here I am. 我就来了
[38:49.43]Is that benjamin linus? 这就是Benjamin Linus?
[38:52.32]You two know each other? 你们互相认识?
[38:56.93]What happened to him? 他怎么了?
[38:58.06]He was shoT. 他中枪了
[39:00.20]And who might you be? 你又是谁?
[39:01.13]She's with me. 她跟我一起的
[39:04.20]And why are you here? 那你为啥在这里?
[39:05.58]'Cause we need you to save his life. 我们需要你救他一命
[39:08.22]Can you? 你可以做到吗?
[39:21.85]If I take him,he's not ever gonna be the same again. 若我带走他 他将永远改变
[39:26.18]What do you mean by that? 什么意思?
[39:27.75]What I mean is that... 我的意思是...
[39:30.09]he'll forget this ever happened,and that... 他会失忆 然后...
[39:33.91]his innocence will be gone. 他将不再单纯
[39:40.46]He will always be one of us. 他将永远成为我们一员
[39:48.11]You still want me to take him? 你还想我带走他吗?
[39:53.22]Yes. 是的
[40:00.67]richard... Richard...
[40:03.58]you shouldn't do this without asking ellie. 没问过Ellie前 你不该行动
[40:06.24]-And if charles finds out-- -let him find out. - 要是Charles得知... - 就让他知道
[40:08.34]I don't answer to either of them. 我从不听他们指挥
[40:10.66]Wh-where are you taking him? 你要把他带到哪里?
[40:16.87]come on. 走吧
[41:27.44]hello,ben. 你好 Ben
[41:32.96]Welcome back to the land of the living. 欢迎回到人间
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