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[00:00.72]Previously on "lost"... <迷失> 前情回顾...
[00:09.02]is that benjamin linus? 那是Benjamin Linus么?
[00:10.24]We need you to save his life. 我们要你救他一命
[00:11.85]If I take him, he's not ever gonna be the same again. 要是我带走他 他将永远改变
[00:15.28]He will always be one of us. 他永远都是我们一员
[00:17.62]Get your ass out here right now, or I'm gonna kill your daughter. 赶快出来 要不然我杀了你女儿
[00:21.03]I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. 她还是婴儿时 我从一个疯女人手里把她偷来
[00:23.58]She means nothing to me. 她对我来说一文不值
[00:25.43]So if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it-- 你要是想杀她 随便动...
[00:28.15]this guy is dangerous. 他很危险
[00:30.06]Sun, that boat I came here on was filled with commandos whose only missionwas to get him. Sun 我坐的那条船上 坐满了来杀他的敢死队员
[00:35.44]And how'd that work out for everyone? 结果呢?
[00:40.51]- you know him? - Yeah. - 你认识他? - 嗯
[00:45.19]He's the man who killed me. 就是他杀了我
[01:12.91]what have you done, richard? 你都干了些什么 Richard?
[01:13.91]Calm down calm down. This has nothing to do with you. 冷静 冷静 这和你没关系
[01:15.85]So it's true? You actually brought one of them to our temple? 真的么? 你把他们的人带进了神庙?
[01:18.68]He's just a boy, and he was dying. 他还是个孩子 而且快死了
[01:20.49]Then you should've let him die. 那就应该让他死
[01:22.29]Jacob wanted it done. Jacob想这么做
[01:27.37]The island chooses who the island chooses. You know that. 小岛的决定早有定数 你知道的
[01:33.60]Yes. Yes, of course. 当然
[01:37.86]What's his name? 他叫什么?
[01:59.20]Hello, benjamin. 你好 Benjamin
[02:02.28]What happened? 发生什么了?
[02:04.81]You were injured. 你受伤了
[02:08.00]How? 怎么受伤的?
[02:09.93]You don't remember? 你不记得了?
[02:12.36]Where am I? 我这是在哪儿?
[02:14.98]You're among friends. 我们是朋友
[02:17.41]We're going to take care of you. 我们会照顾你的
[02:19.33]My dad--is he here? 我爸爸 他在么?
[02:22.15]You'll be back to him soon enough. 你很快就可以回去了
[02:23.54]No. No, I don't want to go back. 不 不 我不想回去
[02:26.16]okay, easy. Easy. 好的 别紧张
[02:30.12]I don't want to go back. 我不想回去
[02:33.79]I wanna stay. 我想留下
[02:37.57]I wanna be one of you. 成为你们一员
[02:40.23]Just becau you're living with them doesn't mean you can't be one of us. 回去那边 你也可以是我们的一员
[02:45.44]You should be dead, benjamin. 你应该死了的 Benjamin
[02:47.52]But this island... 但是小岛...
[02:50.23]it saved your life. 救了你一命
[02:54.00]Who are you? 你是谁?
[02:56.59]I'm charles. Charles
[02:59.84]Charles widmore. Charles Widmore
[03:08.10]Ben. Ben
[03:18.97]Hello, ben. 你好 Ben
[03:22.34]Welcome back to the land of the living. 欢迎回到人间
[03:27.28]my god. 天哪
[03:30.61]You're alive. 你没死
[03:32.50]Yes, I aM. 是的
[03:36.51]I knew it. 我就知道
[03:38.66]I knew that this would happen. 我就知道会这样
[03:42.39]Then why are you so surprised to see me? 那为什么还这么惊讶?
[03:46.45]because it's one thing to believe it, john. 因为相信是一回事 John
[03:50.56]It's another thing to see it. 亲眼所见是另外一回事
[03:53.24]Then why were you trying to run away to the main island? 那你为什么想要跑到主岛上去?
[03:57.80]I broke the rules, john. 我破了规矩 John
[04:00.90]I came back to the island. 我回到岛上来了
[04:03.80]I was going to answer for what I'd done. 我是来承担后果的
[04:06.27]I was going back... 我是回来...
[04:09.83]to be judged. 受审的
[04:15.34]judged? 受审?
[04:20.16]by whom? 谁审你?
[04:22.62]Well, j-john, we don't even have a word for it, 那 John 它没名字
[04:28.12]but I believe you call it the monster. 你们管它叫"怪物"
[04:49.61]Lost Season05 Episode12 迷失 第五季 第12集
[04:59.73]- morning. - Hello. - 早上好 - 你好
[05:02.89]What's in the crate? 箱子里是什么?
[05:04.62]Just some stuff we need to get moved. 要搬走的东西
[05:07.22]Need a hand? 要帮忙么?
[05:08.65]Oh, thanks. We got it. 不用了 谢谢 我们能搞定
[05:12.78]Okay. Have a great day. 好的 玩得开心
[05:27.49]How you feeling, my friend? 你还好么 朋友?
[05:29.71]Like someone hit me with an oar, but I'll live. 好像有人用桨打了我 但没大事
[05:34.92]What do you make of m? 你怎么看他?
[05:36.51]I'm not sure. 不知道
[05:39.98]What has he told you? 他怎么说的?
[05:41.64]When you were out cold, he was watching over you. 你昏迷的时候 他一直看着你
[05:46.81]And he said you killed him. 他说你杀了他
[05:48.29]I killed him? 我杀了他?
[05:51.52]Really? 'Cause he looks fine to me. 真的? 我看他挺健康的
[06:00.51]you know, I don't really remember him from the plane. 我不记得他在飞机上
[06:04.34]- Do you? - No, I don'T. - 你呢? - 我也不记得
[06:10.12]What if... 要是...
[06:12.18]he was already here, before we crashed? 我们坠机前 他就已经在岛上了呢?
[06:15.69]If he thinks I killed him, then he's insane. 要是他认为我杀了他 他准疯了
[06:18.75]We may be dealing with a man who's dangerously deranged. 我们这是在面对一个危险的疯子
[06:21.56]Then the question is, what are we gonna do about it? 问题是 咱们怎么办呢?
[06:26.26]Don't worry, my friend. 别担心 朋友
[06:32.09]I have your back. 我罩着你
[06:36.28]Caesar. 我叫Caesar
[06:38.24]Pleasure to meet you, caesar. I'm ben. 很高兴认识你 我是Ben
[06:59.83]you want me to do it? 你想让我来么?
[07:04.35]I can do it if you want me to, ben. 要是你希望的话 我可以动手 Ben
[07:06.58]shut up! 闭嘴!
[07:08.70]And stay here, ethan. 别乱动 Ethan
[07:47.84]don't! Don't do it. 别! 别动!
[07:53.23]you're the one who infected us, aren't you? 是你让我们受到感染 对吧?
[08:03.18]No!No! Donnez-moi mon b閎? 不! 不! 把孩子还给我!
[08:06.10]No! Donnez-moi mon b閎? 不! 把孩子还给我!
[08:09.02]It's okay. It's okay, baby. 没事 没事
[08:16.22]please, don't take my alex! 求你了 不要带走我的Alex!
[08:20.07]Do you want your baby to live? 你想让她活下去么?
[08:21.75]Why are you taking her? 你为什么要抓她?
[08:26.44]be grateful you're still alive. 没杀你 你要知恩啊
[08:29.16]Now you listen to me. 听好了
[08:31.81]If you try to follow me or if you ever come looking for me, I'll kill you. 要是你试图跟踪我 或者来找我 我会杀了你的
[08:36.52]And if you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, you run the other way. 要是你想让孩子活命 每次听到低语就掉头跑
[09:12.76]what's that? 那是什么?
[09:17.12]Just something sentimental. 叫人感伤的东西
[09:27.69]So this is your old office, huh? 这是你以前的办公室吧
[09:32.84]I never pictured you leading your people from behind a desk. 我从没想像过你坐在办公桌指挥手下
[09:37.51]It seems a little... 有点...
[09:40.69]corporate. 企业化
[09:49.69]was there something that you needed, john? 有事么 John?
[09:51.27]Well, ben, I was hoping that you and I could talk about the elephant in the room. 我希望能谈下你避而不谈的事
[09:58.17]I assume you're referring to the fact that I killed you. 你是指我杀了你这件事吧
[10:01.01]Yeah. 嗯
[10:09.87]it was the only way to get you back to the island, 只有这样才能让你
[10:12.78]along with as many of those who left as possible. 和尽可能多的离开了的人回来
[10:15.69]You do remember, john--that's why you left in the first place, to convince 'em to come back? 你没忘吧 你一开始离开就是为了 说服他们回来
[10:21.39]But you failed. 但是你失败了
[10:23.68]And the only way to bring them together was by your death, and you understood that. 让他们回来的唯一办法 就是你死 你明白的
[10:26.62]It's why you were about to kill yourself when I stopped you.
[10:29.51]If all I had to do was die, ben, they why did you stop me? 要是我死了就成 Ben 那你为什么阻止我?
[10:32.24]You had critical information that would've died with you. 因为你知道的关键信息 不能和你一起入土了
[10:35.49]And once you'd given it to me... 一旦你给了我...
[10:42.08]well, I just didn't have time to talk you back into hanging yourself. 我没时间再说服你上 吊
[10:46.94]So I took a shortcut. 所以我走了条捷径
[10:49.40]And look at you, john. I was right. 你看 John 我是正确的
[10:52.58]You're here. You're back. So are the rest of them. 你回来了 他们也是
[10:55.05]I don't know where yet exactly, but they came. It worked. 不知道确切在哪儿 但是他们来了 奏效了
[11:04.17]And that's why I did it, because it was in the best interests of the island. 所以我才这么做 这样对岛最好
[11:11.19]I was just hoping for an apology. 我只希望你道个歉
[11:21.36]I've decided to help you, ben. 我要帮助你 Ben
[11:25.61]Help me do what? 帮我干嘛?
[11:27.26]Do what you say you are on your way to do. 帮你做你说要做的事
[11:31.32]Be judged. 受审
[11:32.58]That's not something you want to see, john. 你不会想看的 John
[11:34.08]If everything you've done has been in the best interests of the island... 如果你所做的一切 都是出于小岛的利益...
[11:41.66]then I'm sure the monster will understand. 我相信"怪物"会理解的
[11:50.67]Let's go. 走吧
[12:02.73]What are you doing? 你要干什么?
[12:04.24]We're taking a boat. 带走一条船
[12:06.10]Where? 去哪儿?
[12:07.48]Over to the main island. 主岛
[12:11.06]I don't think so, my friend. 不行 朋友
[12:13.35]Are these your boats? 这些船是你的么?
[12:14.62]Are they yours? 是你的么?
[12:17.89]Caesar, right? Caesar 是吧?
[12:19.72]I was under the impression these were found here, so I'm just gonna borrow one. 我记得船是在这发现的 我只想借用一艘
[12:22.99]I'm happy to leave the her boat for you in case you want to follow us. 如果你想跟着我们的话 其它的船留给你用
[12:26.59]"Us"? "我们"?
[12:28.83]Are you going with him? 你要和他一块去?
[12:30.17]He didn't really give me a choice. 我没选择余地
[12:37.56]I'm sorry, but I'm calling the shots here, and I say you are not taking anything. 对不起 这里我做主 你什么也带不走
[12:41.93]What you are going to do is to sit down 你给我坐下
[12:43.78]and tell us how you know so much about this island, my friend. 告诉我们你怎么这么了解岛 朋友
[12:51.62]you're in the habit of calling people "friend," but I don't think you mean it. 你总爱"朋友"挂嘴边 但我觉得你口是心非
[12:56.27]- Step away from the boat. - No. - 离船远点 - 不
[12:58.62]I'm not gonna step away from the boat. 我不会离开船
[12:59.67]I'm gonna take it, and you're gonna let me, my friend. 我要开走一艘 你得让我开走 朋友
[13:02.08]- You're not taking anything. - You looking for this? - 你什么也不准拿走 - 你找这个么?
[13:12.64]this gentleman and i are taking a boat. 我们要开走一艘船
[13:16.79]Does anyone else have a problem with that? 有人有意见么?
[13:31.00]Consider that my apology. 把这当作我的道歉
[14:01.73]home sweet home. 温暖的家啊
[14:04.96]Looks like we're not the first ones who decided to tie up here. 看起来我们不是第一个来的
[14:09.46]That would be sun and lapidus. 那应该是Sun和Lapidus
[14:12.07]I showed 'em where the boats were, and sun thanked me by smashing me on the head with a paddle. 我带他们去船那里 然后Sun用船桨朝我脑后一拍
[14:17.72]Is she the one that hurt your arm? 是她把你胳膊弄伤的么?
[14:19.94]I noticed you were favoring it on the way over. 你一路上小心翼翼的
[14:22.22]No. 不是
[14:26.43]Someone else hurt my arm. 其他人干的
[14:28.75]You just make friends everywhere you go, don't ya? 你真是四海皆"友"哈?
[14:31.87]Well, I've found sometimes that friends can be significantly more dangerous than enemies, john. 我发现有时候朋友比敌人 要危险得多 John
[14:38.77]Is that why you shot an unarmed man in the chest? 所以你就朝那人胸口开一枪?
[14:41.32]The man was unarmed because I'd stolen his gun-- the gun he was going to use to kill you. 那人准备杀了你 多亏我偷了那枪
[14:47.10]I couldn't let that happen. 我可不能让那发生
[14:48.43]No sense in me dying twice, right? 不能让我死两次啊 对不?
[14:51.21]You're welcome. 不客气
[14:54.87]We're going to your old house, aren't we? 我们去你以前的家 是不?
[14:57.37]Yes. 对
[14:58.98]It's the only place I can summon it... 我只能在那里召唤...
[15:01.91]the "monster." 那个 "怪物"
[15:04.49]Once it arrives, I'll either be forgiven... 一旦来了 我要么被饶恕...
[15:09.30]or I won'T. 要么死
[15:10.80]I think you're lying. 我觉得你在撒谎
[15:15.47]Lying about what? 撒什么谎?
[15:16.79]That you want to be judged for leaving the island and coming back because it's against the rules. "你来接受审判是 因为回岛是违反规则的"
[15:22.00]I don't think you care about rules. 我认为你根本不在乎规则
[15:23.51]Then what do I want to be judged for, john? 那我为什么要被审批 John?
[15:26.80]For killing your daughter. 为你杀你女儿
[15:50.89]well? Did you do it? 做了么?
[15:57.89]We had A... complication. 有...状况
[16:03.36]I'm sorry. Is that A... baby? 等等 那是个...孩子么?
[16:08.21]Your orders were to exterminate that woman. 你的任务是杀掉那个女人
[16:10.65]Why? She's no threat to us. She's insane, charles. 为什么? 她对我们构不成威胁 她已经疯了 Charles
[16:14.65]Besides, you didt tell me she had a child. 而且你没告诉我她还有个孩子
[16:17.79]What was it I was supposed to do? 那我该怎么办?
[16:20.67]- Kill it. - it's not an "it." This is a child. - 杀掉它 - 这不是"它" 这是个孩子
[16:31.15]You might find this difficult to understand, benjamin... 你也许觉得难以理解 Benjamin...
[16:34.31]every decision I've made has been about protecting this island. 我做的每一个决定都是保护这个岛
[16:38.01]Is killing this baby what jacob wants? 杀掉这个孩子也是Jacob的意思么?
[16:49.65]then here she is. 那给你
[16:56.14]you do it. 你来杀吧
[17:38.87]so whose idea was it to move into these houses? 是谁提出要住进这些房子里的?
[17:42.56]Excuse me? 什么?
[17:43.87]Well, your people were living in the jungle. 你们以前不是住在丛林里的么
[17:45.71]And then after you murdered the dharma folk, you relocated here. 你杀了达摩的人之后 你们搬到这里
[17:49.35]I just wondered if it was your idea. 我想问问是不是你的主意
[17:54.59]Do you disapprove, john? 你不同意么 John?
[17:56.25]It just doesn't seem like something the island would want. 这不太像岛的意愿
[17:58.72]You don't have the first idea what this island wants. 你根本不知道岛需要的是什么
[18:01.73]Are you sure about that? 你确定?
[18:11.80]That was your house, wasn't it? 那是你的房子吧?
[18:13.27]Yes, and that's alex's room. 是 那是Alex的房间
[18:17.06]Well, I suppose you better go over there and check it out. 那你最好过去看看啊
[19:08.52]sun? Sun?
[19:13.89]- What are you doing here? - This used to be my house. - 你在这儿干嘛? - 这是我的房子
[19:16.91]I saw a light turned on. What are the two of you doing in here? 我看见灯亮了 你们两个来这里干嘛?
[19:29.86]that was taken in 1977. 这是1977年拍的
[19:32.18]Are you trying to tell me that your friends were in the dharma initiative? 你是说你们的朋友是在达摩组织里?
[19:34.90]You don't know about this? 你不知道?
[19:37.85]Of course not. 当然不知道
[19:40.47]Where did you get this? Who gave this to you? 你从哪弄到的? 谁给你的?
[19:42.32]We met some crazy old man outside. 我们在外面碰到一个疯老头
[19:44.38]He said his name was christian. 他说他叫Christian
[19:47.98]He told us to come in here and wait. 他让我们进来等着
[19:49.77]Wait for what? 等什么?
[19:50.70]He said if I ever wanted to see my husband again, I had to wait here for john locke. 他说如果我想见我丈夫 我得在这儿等John Locke
[19:57.07]But considering he's dead, we ain't holding our breath. 但是他已经死了 所以也不抱希望了
[19:59.77]Well, you might want to look outside. 看看窗外
[20:24.81]What you're saying, it'S... impossible. 你所说的...不可能
[20:28.15]But here I am. 但是我在这儿啊
[20:30.30]I don't know how, I don't know why, but I'm sure there's a very good reason for it. 我不知道怎么活过来的 为什么 但是我知道肯定有原因
[20:35.36]As long as the dead guy says there's a reason, well, then I guess everything's gonna be just peachy. 连死人都说有原因了 那一切就好办了
[20:40.28]And forget about the fact that the rest of your people are supposedly 30 years ago... 别提你们其他的人去了30年前...
[20:44.46]now the only ones who are here to help us are a murderer 现在能帮我们的只有一个杀人犯
[20:47.45]and a guy who can't seem to remember how the hell he got out of a coffin. 还有一个不记得自己 怎么走出棺材的家伙
[20:50.35]Sun, please, let's just go back to the plane, see if I can fix the radio, Sun走吧 回飞机上看看 看我能不能修好无线电
[20:56.18]and maybe we can get some help. 也许能求助
[21:01.34]If you leave with him, you'll never find your husband again. 你要是跟他走 就不会再见到你丈夫了
[21:06.49]I'm all the help you need. 我是你的唯一希望
[21:08.38]Are you saying you know how to find them? 你知道怎么找到他?
[21:11.66]How to find jin? 怎么找到Jin?
[21:13.08]I have some ideas. 我自有办法
[21:15.16]I'm sorry to say, but I'm leaving with or without you. 抱歉 不管你愿不愿意 我还是得走
[21:18.76]If there's any chance of finding my husband, then I have to stay. 只要有一线希望能找到我丈夫 那我就必须留下
[21:25.45]All right. 好吧
[21:30.88]Well, for god sake, watch your back. 当心点 看在上帝的份上
[21:42.48]all right. 好吧
[21:44.37]how do we find jin? 怎样才能找到Jin?
[21:47.69]Ben has something to do first. 首先Ben有些事情要处理
[21:49.16]Isn't that right, ben? 我说的没错吧 Ben?
[21:53.05]Yes, john. That's right. 是的 John 没错
[21:54.80]Better get to it then. 那就快开始吧
[23:39.06]I'll be outside. 我马上出来
[23:47.65]Again, daddy! Again! 再来 爸爸! 再来
[23:49.20]okay. Okay. 好的 好的
[23:50.77]wow, alex! 哇 Alex!
[23:51.96]Any higher, and you're gonna fly right off the island. 再高点 你就要飞出这座小岛了
[23:59.23]the sub's about to leave. 潜艇就要出发了
[24:00.59]Higher, daddy! Higher! 再高点 爸爸! 再高点!
[24:03.46]All right. 好吧
[24:05.23]You don't have to see him off, ben. 你没必要去跟他告别 Ben
[24:07.19]Yes, richard, I do. 不 Richard 我要去
[24:09.43]Higher! Higher, daddy! 再高点! 再高点 爸爸!
[24:19.74]charles! Charles!
[24:25.73]I came to say good-bye. 我是来道别的
[24:27.76]no, you didn'T. 不 不是的
[24:29.25]You came to gloat. 你是来取笑我的
[24:30.35]No, don't act as if i wanted this. 别 我也没想到事情会成这样
[24:32.39]You brought this on yourself. 一切都是你自找的
[24:33.97]Are you quite certain you want to do this, benjamin? 这么做你真的不后悔么 Benjamin?
[24:36.12]You left the island regularly. 你定期离开这座小岛
[24:38.21]You had a daughter with an outsider. 还和外面的人生了一个女儿
[24:40.50]You broke the rules, charles. 是你破坏了规矩 Charles
[24:41.62]And what makes you think you deserve to take what's mine? 你凭什么认为自己能够 随便夺走我的东西?
[24:44.36]Because I won't be selfish. 因为我不会是一个自私的人
[24:46.43]Because I'll sacrifice anything to protect this isla. 因为我愿意牺牲一切来保护这座小岛
[24:49.26]You wouldn't sacrifice alex. 可你不会牺牲Alex
[24:51.08]You're the one who wanted her dead, charles, not the island. 希望看到她死去的人是你 Charles 不是这个小岛
[24:58.31]I hope you're right, benjamin, 希望你是对的 Benjamin
[25:00.05]because if you aren't, and it is the island that wants her dead, she'll be dead. 不过要是你搞错了 如果是这座 小岛希望她死 那她就必死无疑
[25:06.82]And one day, you'll be standing where I'm standing now. 总有一天 你会站在我现在这个位置
[25:11.60]You'll be the one being banished, 被驱逐的会变成你自己
[25:13.93]and then you'll finally realize that y cannot fight the inevitable. 而你最终必将醒悟 这一切都是不可抗拒的
[25:22.60]I'll be seeing you, boy. 我们走着瞧 孩子
[25:47.31]Where did john go? John去哪儿了?
[25:49.30]He said he had something to do. 他说有些事情要去做
[25:52.12]Did he say what it was? 他说过是什么事情么?
[25:54.49]No, I didn't ask. 没有 我没问
[26:00.03]Jack must have lied. Jack一定是撒谎了
[26:01.50]Excuse me? 什么?
[26:02.29]About locke being dead? 他说Locke死了
[26:03.75]I don't know why he would, but that's the only explanation. 我不知道他为什么要撒谎 但这是唯一的解释
[26:07.08]Jack didn't lie. John was dead. Jack没有撒谎 John的确是死过
[26:10.44]Just because he was in a coffin doesn't mean that he couldn't have faked his dea-- 让他睡在棺材里并不能说明问题 这一切都可能是装出来的...
[26:13.45]trust me. I'm sure. 相信我 我说的是实话
[26:21.31]So you knew this would happen to locke if we brought him back here? 这么说你早就知道 如果我们 把Locke带回这里 他就能复活?
[26:28.46]Sun, I had no idea it wou happen. Sun 我也不知道这会发生
[26:31.48]I've seen this island do miraculous things. 我见过这座小岛做过许多不可思议的事情
[26:33.43]I've seen it heal the sick, but never once has it done anything like this. 我见过它治好了病痛 不过这种事情以前从没见过
[26:41.73]Dead is dead. 死了就是死了
[26:44.87]***Ome backfrom that, not even here. 死而复生是不可能的 哪怕是在这里
[26:50.48]So the fact that john locke is walking around this island... 所以看到John Locke回到这座岛后 竟然又活了过来
[26:54.31]scares the living hell out of me. 也让我大吃一惊
[27:07.02]you may want to go inside. 你最好进屋里去
[27:08.92]Why? 为什么?
[27:12.25]Because what's about to come out of that jungle is something I can't control. 因为即将从丛林中出来的东西 我也无法控制
[27:24.88]any luck? 搞定了么?
[27:27.58]It hasn't shown up yet. 还没出现呢
[27:30.16]Last time we didn't have to wait this long. 上一次我们可没有等这么久
[27:32.04]It's not a train, john. It doesn't run on a schedule. 这又不是火车 它不按时间来
[27:35.66]Well, if it's not gonna come to us, then... 如果它不愿意主动现身...
[27:39.13]I suppose we'll have to go to it. 那我们就得自己去找它了
[27:41.91]It doesn't work that way. 这样不行的
[27:43.02]I only know how to summon it. 我只知道怎么召唤它
[27:44.89]I don't know where it actually is. 可并不知道它到底在哪儿
[27:48.55]I do. 可我知道
[27:59.78]It's weird for me, too. 我感觉也很奇怪
[28:03.39]Excuse me? 什么?
[28:04.64]I realize how strange this all is-- me, here. 我知道这一切看上去比较怪异 我...又活过来了
[28:12.89]But I assure you, sun, I'm the same man I've always been. 不过我向你保证 Sun 我还是原来的我
[28:20.90]Are you ready? 准备好了?
[28:22.89]Lead the way. 带路吧
[28:34.15]hello? 喂?
[28:35.18]Charles? Charles?
[28:36.82]It's benjamin. 我是Benjamin
[28:38.26]How did you get this number? 你是怎么知道这个号码的?
[28:39.71]Doesn't matter. 这不重要
[28:40.46]What matters is I'm going back to the island today. 重要的是 我今天要回小岛了
[28:44.17]The island won't let you come back, trust me. 小岛不会让你回去的 相信我
[28:46.99]I've spent almt 20 years trying to return. 过去20年来 我一直在想办法回去
[28:49.37]Well, charles, where you failed, I'm going to succeed... 那好吧 Charles 你失败了 但并不意味着我不能成功...
[28:54.21]just as soon as I do one thing. 只要我完成一件事情
[28:57.66]And what's that, benjamin? 什么事情 Benjamin?
[28:59.56]Kill your daughter. 杀了你女儿
[29:03.40]In fact, I'm looking at "our mutual friend" right now. 事实上 我正注视着 "Out Mutual Friend(我们共同的朋友)"呢
[29:07.55]I don't know what you're talking about. 不知道你在说些什么
[29:08.98]It's the name of the boat that penny's on. 那艘船的名字 Penny现在正在上面呢
[29:11.64]Don't you dare. 你敢
[29:14.18]Good-bye, charles. 再见 Charles
[29:26.13]may I ask you a question, john? 我能问你个问题么 John?
[29:28.20]Shoot. 说吧
[29:29.69]How is it that you know where you're going? 你怎么知道该怎么走的?
[29:34.80]I just know. 我就是知道
[29:36.17]I mean, how does that work, exactly? 我意思是 有什么门道么?
[29:37.59]How does what work? 什么门道?
[29:38.41]The knowing. I mean, did it come upon you gradually, 你所了解的这些 我是说 是逐渐了解的...
[29:42.01]or did you wake up one morning suddenly understanding the mysteries of the universe? 还是你某天突然醒来 然后就明白了世界的玄妙?
[29:45.27]You don't like this, do you? 你不喜欢这样 是吧?
[29:47.03]What? 什么?
[29:48.17]Having to ask questions that you don't know the answers to, 问自己不知道答案的问题
[29:51.42]blindly following someone in the hopes that they'll lead you to whatever it is you're looking for. 盲目地跟从别人 希望别人能带你去自己想去的地方
[29:59.16]No, john, I don't like it at all. 是的 John 一点都不喜欢
[30:00.82]Well, now you know what it was like to be me. 现在你知道我平时的感受了
[30:11.10]We should keep moving. 咱们得继续走了
[30:14.23]Yes, we should. 对 确实该走了
[30:20.95]I think I know where we're going now, john. 我觉得我知道咱们这是去哪儿 John
[30:23.15]Do you? 是么?
[30:24.66]It's the same place they brought me as a child. 小的时候别人领我来过这里
[30:28.76]It's where the island healed me. 就是在这儿小岛治好了我
[30:31.39]Well... 那...
[30:35.94]let's hope it's as generous this time around. 希望这次它能一样慷慨
[30:46.41]What is it? 这是什么啊?
[30:48.53]It's the wall around our temple. 是我们神庙的围墙
[30:52.74]What temple? 什么神庙?
[30:55.14]About a half mile from here. 离这儿大概半英里
[30:57.45]We built this wall to keep people like the two of you from ever seeing it. 建这座围墙是为了 不让像你俩这样的人看到它
[31:07.25]We're not going into your temple, ben. 我们是不会进去的 Ben
[31:18.86]We're going under it. 我们要到它下面去
[31:32.20]After you. 请吧
[31:40.30]I need to ask a favor of you, sun. 请你帮个忙 Sun
[31:42.88]If you can ever get off this island, find desmond hume for me. 如果你能离开小岛 替我找到Desmond Hume
[31:46.25]Tell him I said I was sorry. 跟他说 我很抱歉
[31:50.07]Sorry for what? 抱歉什么?
[31:54.17]he'll know. 他会明白的
[32:32.46]What are you doing here? 你干嘛呢?
[32:38.61]Desmond! Desmond!
[32:40.74]Desmond! Desmond!
[32:42.25]Des? Des?
[32:43.29]Don't move. 别动
[32:44.84]Not another word. 别说话
[32:49.22]Hello, penelope. 你好 Penelope
[32:50.63]My name is benjamin linus. 我叫Benjamin Linus
[32:53.04]I'm sorry that you're caught up in the middle of this thing, but your father-- 很抱歉把你扯进这事儿了 但你父亲...
[32:56.17]my father and I have absolutely no relationship whatsoever, so whatever-- 我跟我爸没有任何关系 所以不管.....
[32:58.73]your father is a really terrible human being. 你父亲心太狠了
[33:03.17]He's responsible for the killing of my daughter. 他要为我的女儿的死负责
[33:05.03]That's why I'm here. 这也正是我来这里的目的
[33:07.37]mommy! 妈咪!
[33:10.78]charlie, go back inside, babe. Charlie 快进去 宝贝儿
[33:12.86]Go back inside. 快回去
[33:15.21]Please. 求你了
[33:16.29]Please, whatever you do, don't hurt my son. 求你了 不管你干什么 别伤害我儿子
[33:17.96]Please don't hurt my son. 请别伤害我儿子
[33:20.17]Mommy? Mommy? 妈咪? 妈咪?
[33:22.84]Charlie, go inside! Charlie 快进去!
[33:54.61]Captain lapidus! Captain lapidus! Lapidus机长! Lapidus机长!
[33:58.68]You're back. Thank god. 你回来了 谢天谢地
[34:01.40]They found gunS. 他们发现了枪
[34:03.41]What are you talking about? Who found guns? 你说什么呢? 谁发现了枪?
[34:05.05]Ilana and three of the others. Ilana 还有其他三个人
[34:07.14]They said they were in charge now. 说现在他们说了算
[34:10.07]Where are they? 他们在哪儿?
[34:19.46]Ilana Ilana
[34:24.84]what's going on? 怎么了?
[34:26.25]What lies in the shadow of the statue? 雕像附近有什么?
[34:29.64]What? 什么?
[34:30.39]Answer the question! 回答问题!
[34:33.82]What lies in the shadow of the statue? 雕像附近有什么?
[34:40.62]I have no idea what the-- 我真不知道你在......
[34:46.27]get everyone else. 把大家叫来
[34:47.78]Tell them it's time. 告诉他们是时候了
[34:49.21]And tie him up. 把他绑起来
[34:52.69]He's coming with us. 他得跟咱们走
[35:28.29]You know, you were right. 你是对的
[35:31.10]About what? 什么?
[35:33.16]Why I need to be jged. 有关为什么我要接受审判
[35:36.09]When charles widmore's men came, they gave me a choice. Charles Widmore的人来的时候 他们给了我个选择
[35:41.18]Either leave the island or let my daughter die. 要么离开小岛 要么让女儿死去
[35:45.65]All I had to do was walk out of the house and go with them. 我得做的只是走出门 跟他们走
[35:52.62]But I didn't do it. 但我没有那么做
[35:55.59]So you were right. 所以你说对了
[35:57.48]John, I did kill alex. John 确实是我害死了Alex
[36:04.56]And now I have to answer for that. 现在我就得赎罪
[36:11.53]I appreciate you showing me the way, but I think I can take it from here. 谢谢你为我带路 现在我知道该怎么走了
[36:18.94]You got it. 去吧
[36:28.13]I'll meet you outside, if I live-- 外面见 如果我还活着...
[36:35.05]ben! Ben!
[36:39.99]are you all right? 你还好吗?
[36:43.84]never better. 好极了
[36:45.85]Hang on. I'll find something to get you out of there. 坚持住 我找东西把你拉上来
[36:48.99]John, wait! John 等等!
[38:29.72]you didn't tell me she had a child. 你没告诉我她生了孩子
[38:31.89]What was it I was supposed to do? 我又能做什么呢?
[38:34.95]Kill it. 杀掉它
[38:35.96]It's not an "it." This is a child. 那不是个"它" 是一个孩子
[38:37.96]higher! Again, daddy! Again! 再高点! 爸爸! 再高点!
[38:42.08]higher! Higher, daddy! 高点! 再高点! 爸爸!
[38:44.17]I hate you! 我恨你!
[38:46.33]I hate your guts! I wish you were dead. 我恨死你了! 真希望你马上死掉!
[38:50.10]These people-- you said they're dangerous. 这些人... 你说他们很危险
[38:54.49]More dangerous than you? 比你还危险吗?
[38:57.15]dad, they're serious. 爸爸 他们是来真的
[39:00.61]They killed karl and my mother. 他们杀了Karl和我妈妈
[39:03.97]Please, dad. 求求你 爸爸
[39:07.94]Help me! 帮帮我!
[39:09.96]She's not my daughter. 她不是我女儿
[39:11.69]She means nothing to me. 她对我来说不重要
[39:14.12]So if you wanna kill her, go ahead and-- 要是你想杀掉她 动手...
[39:39.27]daddy? 爸爸?
[39:43.96]Alex. Alex
[39:47.11]Hi, dad. 嗨 爸爸
[39:49.26]Ohh, alex. 噢... Alex
[39:56.40]I'm so, so sorry. 我非常非常抱歉
[40:03.51]It was all my fault. 这都是我的错
[40:08.97]I know. 我知道
[40:17.68]Listen to me, you bastard! 听我说 你这个混蛋!
[40:19.98]I know that you're already planning to kill john again, 我知道你打算再次杀掉John
[40:24.13]and I want you to know that if you so much as touch him, 我想让你知道 你敢再动他一根汗毛
[40:27.00]I will hunt you down and destroy you. 我做鬼也不放过你
[40:31.59]You will listen to every word john locke says, 你要完全听从John Locke
[40:34.72]and you will follow his every order. 听从他的每一个命令
[40:36.90]Do you understand? 明白吗?
[40:40.56]Say it! 大声说!
[40:42.04]Say you'll follow him. 说你会听命于他
[40:43.62]Yes, i will. I'll follow him. I swear. 好的 我听命于他 我发誓
[41:12.59]ben? Ben?
[41:19.12]Ben! Ben!
[41:24.08]Ben? Ben?
[41:31.77]What happened? 怎么了?
[41:39.09]It let me live. 它放了我一条生路
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