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[00:02.64]Comes fully equipped. 设施齐全
[00:06.56]I'm telling you,it's a steal at $400. 跟你讲 400块让你捡大便宜了
[00:12.97]what,you gotta check with your husband? 要跟丈夫再商量一下么?
[00:14.33]It's just me. 就我一个人
[00:16.48]mommy? Can I have a quarter for the vending machine? 妈妈? 能给我枚硬币去售货机买东西么?
[00:20.04]Honey,I said wait for me by the pool. 亲爱的 我说了 去游泳池边等我
[00:23.11]I thought you said it was "just me." 不是说只有你一个人么
[00:25.06]I meant my husband's out of the picture. 我的意思是 我丈夫不来
[00:27.11]- It's just me and my son. - I don't know. - 只有我和我儿子 - 这可够呛
[00:29.54]Most of the other tenants--thedon't like noise. 大部分其他住户 他们不喜欢噪音
[00:31.39]He's very quiet. 他很安静的
[00:33.66]I'm gonna need two months up front. 先付2个月的钱
[00:37.73]Here,honey. 给你 亲爱的
[00:42.52]hey,no running. You hear me,miles? 嘿 别跑 听见了没 Miles?
[01:38.88]mom! Mommy! Help! 妈妈 妈妈! 过来!
[01:43.63]Mommy! 妈妈!
[01:46.72]Miles? Miles,what happened? Miles! Miles 怎么了?
[01:49.96]Mommy! 妈妈!
[01:53.06]Oh,god. Mr. Vonner. 天哪 Vonner先生
[01:59.46]What were you doing in here? 你进来干什么?
[02:00.80]He... he was all alone. He was scared. His chest hurt. 他 一个人孤孤单单的 他害怕 胸还疼
[02:06.41]He kept calling out for kimberly. 他一直在叫Kimberly
[02:08.33]Kimberly? That's his wife. Kimberly? 那是他老婆
[02:12.19]No,she died last year. Now how would you know that? 不 她去年死了 你怎么知道的?
[02:15.34]I heard hiM. 他说的
[02:16.41]Miles,what are you talking about? Miles 你说什么呢
[02:19.36]He's still talking right now. 他现在还在说话
[02:22.91]Honey... 亲爱的...
[02:26.05]he's dead. 他死了
[02:27.10]I told you! I can hear him! I can hear him! 我说了! 我能听到他说话! 我能听到!
[02:32.96]miles,you there? Pick up. Mile 你在么? 回话
[02:36.54]Jim,where the hell are you? Jim 你去哪儿了?
[02:38.10]I'll fill you in later. Right now I need you to take care of something. 晚点再告诉你 现在我需要你办点事
[02:40.45]Like what? 什么?
[02:41.43]The security tapes from the pylon camera feeds. 防护塔上摄像机拍的监控录像
[02:44.14]They need to accidentally get erased. 抹掉它 就当作是场意外
[02:46.58]Erased? Why? 抹掉? 为什么?
[02:47.93]I ain't got time for questions,miles. Just do it. 我没时间回答问题 Miles 照做就是
[02:50.35]Okay. Okay. Uh,which ones? 好的 好的 哪个?
[02:52.83]Look on your monitors. 看监视器
[02:58.14]You see us? 看到我们了么?
[03:01.97]Yeah. You're on number 4. Is that kate? 嗯 4号 那是Kate么?
[03:05.31]What the hell are you doing out there? 你们在那儿干嘛?
[03:06.84]Just erase number 4. 把4号删了
[03:08.35]And if anyone asks,I'm off the grid. 要是有人问起 就说我出去了
[03:09.96]I'm looking for the escaped hostile. 去找逃跑的敌人了
[03:11.64]You mean your pal sayid? 你是指你朋友Sayid?
[03:13.58]Damn it,miles! You gonna help me or not? 真该死 Miles! 你到底帮不帮忙?
[03:16.19]Yeah,yeah. I got it. 好的 好的 没问题
[03:17.58]All right. I owe you one. 好的 我欠你个情
[03:19.99]All right,I want you to go back and and find juliet, 你回去找Juliet
[03:21.78]see if anyone's noticed yet if little ben's gone missin'. 看看有没有人注意到小Ben失踪了
[03:24.25]What are you gonna do when they find out? 他们发现之后你准备怎么办?
[03:26.65]Do my best to cover it up. 尽力遮掩吧
[03:28.36]In case you haven't noticed,I'm the head of security. 要知道 我可是保安队的头儿
[03:32.82]All right,I'll see you back there. 好的 回见
[03:40.34]where's lafleur? Lafleur人呢?
[03:42.01]Uh,he's,uh,out looking for the escaped prisoner. 他 呃 出去找逃犯了
[03:45.00]I tried to get him on his walkie,but... 我试过用对讲机呼叫他 但是...
[03:47.79]uh,he must be out of range. 他肯定跑出联络范围了
[03:49.97]damn it. All right. 该死 好吧
[03:52.44]Then it's gonna have to be you. 那只能是你了
[03:54.76]Jim already knows about this,but I'm gonna bring you into the circle of trust. Jim已经知道这事了 不过现在只能信任你了
[04:00.05]Can I trust you,miles? 我可以信任你么 Miles?
[04:02.09]- Absolutely,horace. - Okay. Good. - 当然 Horace - 好的
[04:05.70]I need you to take this out to radzinsky at grid 3-3-4. 我需要你把这个送到方位编号为334的地方 交给Rdzinsky
[04:10.02]He's gonna give you something in return. 他会给你样东西
[04:12.07]I want you to bring it back to me with no questions asked. 我要你把它带回来 别问问题
[04:16.38]You understand? 听明白了?
[04:21.92]we're not supposed to in 3-3-4. 我们不能去334那儿
[04:25.32]Isn't that hostile territory? 那不是敌人的地盘么?
[04:27.69]Welcome tothe circle of trust. 欢迎进入信任圈
[04:43.46]Stop right there! 停车!
[04:46.95]miles? What are you doing out here? I was expecting lafleur. Miles? 你过来干嘛? 我在等Lafleur
[04:51.37]Lafleur's busy. Horace sent menstead. Lafleur很忙 Horace派了我来
[04:55.28]- I'm in the circle of trust. - Get out. - 我在信任圈里了 - 出来
[05:05.34]I'm supposed to give you this. 他要我给你这个
[05:07.70]And he said you had something for me. 说你也有东西给他
[05:30.39]what happened to him? 他怎么了?
[05:32.06]He had an accident. 出了点事故
[05:36.02]What kind of accident? 什么事故?
[05:37.15]He fell into a ditch. 跌进了个沟里
[05:39.23]Is that a bullet hole in his head? 他头上那个是弹孔么?
[05:42.43]The ditch had a gun? 沟里有枪?
[05:43.61]It doesn't matter what happened to him because knowing that is not your job. 别问这么多 因为这跟你的任务无关
[05:46.93]Your job is to do what I tell you to. 你的任务是照我说的去做
[06:05.40]Take him back to horace now,miles. 送他回Horace那儿 Miles
[06:32.19]okay... 好的
[06:35.65]so what really happened? 到底怎么回事?
[06:55.47]Lost Season05 Episode13 迷失 第五季 第13集
[07:00.13]I need to see her. 我要见她
[07:25.54]Ma? 妈?
[07:30.38]it's me. 是我
[07:40.22]miles. Miles
[07:42.23]I'm--I'm sorry that... 对不起 我...
[07:45.27]I couldn't make it by sooner. 我没能早点赶过来
[07:47.51]It's okay. You're here now. 没事 你这不来了么
[07:55.25]Why did you come,miles? 你来干嘛 Miles?
[07:59.84]I need you to tell me why I'm this way... 我要你告诉我 我为什么会这样...
[08:07.47]how... how I do the things I do. 为什么有这种能力
[08:14.18]And I need to know why you won't talk to me about my father. 告诉我 为什么你从不说起我爸爸
[08:19.14]Because he never cared about us... 因为他不在乎我们
[08:23.04]never cared about you. 不在乎你
[08:25.46]I need to know where he is,ma. 告诉我他在哪里 妈妈
[08:27.31]- It doesn't matter where. - It does matter. - 无所谓了 - 有所谓
[08:29.83]- Miles,please. - I have a right to know! - Miles 别这样 - 我有权利知道!
[08:31.47]He's dead. 他死了
[08:37.62]Your father... 你父亲他
[08:40.56]kied uout when you were just a baby. 在你还小的时候就把我们赶了出来
[08:45.66]He didn't want anything to do with us. 他不想和我们有牵扯
[08:49.23]So the less you knew about him,the better. 所以你知道的越少越好
[08:58.22]Why didn't you just tell me? 你为什么不早点告诉我呢?
[09:00.01]Because it was over. 因为都结束了
[09:03.07]Your dad has been dead a long time. 他去世很久了
[09:13.19]Where's his body? 他的尸体呢?
[09:17.73]Somewhere you can never go. 在你永远也去不了的地方
[09:27.69]Pierre,if it was caused by the electromagnetism,we need to know. Pierre 如果是电磁场导致的 我们需要了解
[09:31.43]You wanna see it now? Yeah,he just got back. 你现在就想看? 嗯 他刚回来
[09:34.72]I'll send him out with it right away. Okay. 我现在就送他过去 好的
[09:40.30]did you bring the package? 包裹带来了么?
[09:42.15]- "Package"? You mean the corpse? - Yeah. - "包裹"? 你是指尸体 - 对
[09:44.79]Now I need you to bring it out to dr. Chang at the orchid. 送到幽兰站的张医生那里去
[09:51.69]Listen,man. I'm security. 听我说 我是名保安
[09:54.29]If you just need somebody to drive the van,can't someone from the motor pool do it? 要是你需要人开车 为什么不叫个司机去?
[09:57.71]If I wanted someone from the motor pool,I would have asked them. 要是我想要司机 我会那么做的
[10:00.89]And since lafleur decided to disappear,you're all I've got. 既然Lafleur决定玩失踪 我只有叫你了
[10:04.62]So just bring it out to dr. Chang,and we'll all call it a day. Okay? 送到张医生那儿去 然后完事 行么?
[10:20.74]What the hell are you doing? That's my van! 你干嘛呢? 这是我的车!
[10:22.67]Nah,dude,I just signed it out. 不 伙计 我刚签了出来
[10:24.20]Doesn't matter. It's mine. 我不管 还是我的
[10:25.44]Well,where you going? 你去哪儿?
[10:27.09]- The orchid. - Me. Too. - 幽兰站 - 我也是
[10:28.55]I made lunch for the crew. Sandwiches. Want one? 我给他们做了午饭 三明治 来个?
[10:31.79]Ham and cheese,and i made my secret garlic mayo. 奶酪火腿 还有我的特制大蒜面包酱
[10:35.58]- You're waiting for the next van. - Why? We're going to the same place. - 你等下辆车吧 - 为什么? 我们同路
[10:38.01]Why don't we carpool? 搭我一程好了?
[10:39.10]It'll help with global warming,which hasn't happened yet,so maybe we can prevent it. 有助于减缓全球变暖 既然还没发生 说不定我们可以完全阻止气候变暖
[10:44.60]Wait a sec. Are you on some kind of secret mission? 等一下 你不是 在执行秘密任务什么的吧?
[10:47.52]Just get in. 上车吧
[11:00.92]How'd it go? 怎样了?
[11:02.40]We gave him to them-- to the others. 我们把他交给了他们... 其他人
[11:04.69]Anyone see you? 有人看到你们了么?
[11:06.09]I don't think so. 我觉得没有
[11:07.61]Did james help? James帮忙了么?
[11:09.15]Yes. Thank you so much for sending him. 嗯 谢谢你派他前来
[11:11.96]Of course. 不客气
[11:15.78]I got here as soon as I could. 我尽快赶来了
[11:18.55]all the vans were out,so I had to ru-- 所有的车都出去了 所以我只能跑...
[11:24.67]where's ben? Ben呢?
[11:28.67]- Did he... - no. No,roger. - 他... - 不 不 Roger
[11:31.61]- Then where is he? - Roger,I-I'm so sorry. - 那他上哪儿去了? - Roger 对不起
[11:34.09]I-I was gone for ten minutes. I-I-I don't know. 我离开了10分钟 我不知道
[11:36.51]What? You--you said was dying. 什么? 你 你说他快死了的
[11:38.55]- How could he be gone? - I don't know! - 他怎么可能消失了? - 我不知道!
[11:39.99]- I'm--roger-- - what is she telling me, - 我... Roger... - 她是指
[11:40.75]- that he just got up and walked out? - I don't know.I just got-- - 他自己爬起来走了出去? - 我不知道 我...
[11:42.79]you're his doctors! You're supposed to watch him! 你是他医生! 你应该看好他的!
[11:44.44]I know. I know.Roger,if we just calm down-- 我知道 Roger 我们冷静下...
[11:46.64]don't tell me to calm down! 别跟我说冷静!
[11:48.33]Somebody came and took my boy out of here? 有人来把我孩子带走了?
[11:50.24]- I know. I am so sorry. - I'm going to security. - 我知道 真对不起 - 我要去找保安
[12:01.01]well... 嗯...
[12:04.28]here we go. 好戏开演了
[12:20.52]how do you spell "bounty hunter"? "赏金猎人"怎么写?
[12:22.08]What are you doing, writing your memoirs? 你干嘛呢 写回忆录?
[12:24.87]It's personal. 这是秘密
[12:35.69]dude... did you just... you know? 伙计 你刚才那个什么了?
[12:40.48]- What? - You know. - 什么? - 就是...
[12:43.75]- It stinks. Did you... - no. - 很臭哎 你是不是... - 没
[12:46.52]Well,it wasn't me. 反正不是我
[12:48.83]So roll down your window. 那你自己把窗户摇下来
[12:53.92]Nah,man,there's something foul in here. 啊 怎么这么臭呢
[12:56.25]It's coming from back there. 是后面飘过来的
[12:57.50]Maybe it's your famous garlic mayo. 也许是你的招牌大蒜蛋黄酱
[12:59.24]That's not possible. 不可能
[13:02.53]Okay,maybe it is possible. Pull over. I gotta check. 哦 也许可能 停车 我检查一下
[13:05.09]Forget it. You're imagining things. 不行 你又出现幻觉了
[13:06.54]I gotta check. If those sandwiches are bad,people could get sick. 我得检查一下 要是三明治有问题 人们吃了会生病的
[13:11.29]Will you pull over? 能停一下车吗?
[13:35.42]dude,there's a body bag back here. 伙计 那有一个装尸体的袋子
[13:38.19]There's a body in it. 里面有具死尸
[13:39.39]That's traditionally what you put in a body bag. 不装尸体装什么
[13:41.65]Yeah,well,who is he? What happened? 那他是谁? 发生什么了?
[13:44.39]Don't worry about it and don't tell anybody you saw him. 别问也别跟别人说
[13:47.85]Dude,what happened to him? 伙计 他怎么死的?
[13:51.07]His name's alvarez. 他叫Alvarez
[13:52.67]He was digging a hole and thinking about some chick named andr锳. 他在挖坑 想一个叫Andrea的女人
[13:57.42]Then he felt this sharp pain in his mouth, 然后就感到嘴里一阵疼痛
[14:00.10]which turned out to be a filling from his tooth being yanked right out of its socket and... 感觉就像是把补牙材料从嘴里 生生从牙臼中拔出 再...
[14:05.62]blowing through his brain. 穿过他的脑袋
[14:08.29]Then he was dead. 然后他就死了
[14:10.62]How does a filling get blown through someone's head? 补牙材料怎么能穿过脑袋呢?
[14:13.56]Got me. Can we go now? 这可问住我了 能走了吧?
[14:16.61]How do you know all this? 你怎么知道的?
[14:18.61]Because... I know. 因为...我就知道
[14:20.79]Yeah,but how do you know what he was thinking? 但是你怎么知道他怎么想的?
[14:23.10]I just know. 我就知道
[14:25.07]You can talk to dead people. 你能跟死人说话
[14:28.97]Can we please just go? 咱们走吧?
[14:32.72]Don't worry,dude. Your secret's safe with me. 没事 伙计 我替你保密
[14:35.89]- You wanna know why? - No. - 知道为什么吗? - 不知道
[14:38.65]'Cause I can talk to 'em,too. 因为我也可以跟死人说话
[14:50.90]if you don't mind,mr. Gray,can you tell me what happened to him? 如果你不介意 Gray先生 你能告诉我他怎样死的么?
[14:56.62]Last labor day weekend,drunk driver ran the light. 上个劳动节周末 酒后司机闯红灯了
[15:03.47]That was that. 就是这样
[15:05.45]Where is your son buried? 你儿子埋在哪?
[15:07.81]We cremated him,scattered the ashes on the football field at school. 我们把他火葬了 把骨灰撒在学校橄榄球场
[15:14.03]For what I do,it's much better if there's a body. 要我做 最好是有尸体在
[15:18.40]Oh,but your ad said you could communicate with the dead anytime,anywhere. 你广告不是说你可以 和死人随时随地交流么
[15:22.85]- I-I know what my ad says,mr. Gray,but-- - please. - 我知道广告说的 Gray先生 但是... - 拜托了
[15:28.91]I just want you to ask him... 我就想让你问问他...
[15:33.59]did he know that I loved him? 他知道我爱他么?
[15:38.26]It's gonna cost extra. 这需要另外加钱
[15:41.87]Of course. 好的
[15:48.41]Thank you. 多谢
[15:58.20]okay,now... 好的 现在...
[16:00.86]please give me your hands. 请把手给我
[16:06.19]I want you to concentrate on russell. 你现在仔细想Russell
[16:07.62]Just get a picture of him in your head. 在脑子里想一个他的照片
[16:09.74]Can you do that? 能做到么?
[16:11.85]Yeah. Okay. 嗯
[16:30.06]Did it work? 起作用了么?
[16:32.91]Your son says he knew that you loved him. 你儿子说他知道你爱他
[16:36.80]He always knew. 他一直都知道
[16:41.12]thank you. 谢谢
[16:42.96]I'm sorry for your loss. 关于您儿子的死很抱歉
[16:53.26]Excuse me. 打扰了
[16:55.59]- Miles straume? - Yeah. - 你是Miles Straume? - 对
[16:58.93]My name's naomi dorrit. 我是Naomi Dorrit
[17:01.48]My employer's been following your work for some time now, 我的雇主已经观察了你一段时间了
[17:03.99]and he's interested in retaining your rather unique services. 现在他想用一下你独特的能力
[17:08.43]There's a restaurant not too far from here. 离这儿不远有家餐馆
[17:10.70]Would you like to hear what I have to say? 想听听我怎么说么?
[17:12.94]Yeah. Solutely. 好啊
[17:53.89]hi,roger. 你好 Roger
[17:58.43]You okay? 你没事吧?
[18:01.30]let me see... 我看看啊...
[18:02.82]well,my son got shot and now he's disappeared,so... 我儿子中了一枪 现在还不见了 所以...
[18:08.52]I think I'm pretty far from okay. 我觉得我现在十分不好
[18:12.34]You know,I'm sure... 我相信...
[18:15.06]things are gonna work out. 一切都会好起来的
[18:20.95]Well,thanks for the pep talk. 多谢你来安慰我
[18:25.82]I just have a feeling he's gonna be okay. 我就是有种预感会没事的
[18:31.96]What do you mean,a feeling? 你什么意思 预感?
[18:34.30]I just don't think that y should give up hope. 我认为你不能放弃希望
[18:43.92]Do you know something? 你知道什么事么?
[18:47.40]- Do you know what happened to my son? - No,I don'T. - 你知道我儿子怎么了? - 我不知道
[18:50.82]Wait a minute. 等等
[18:52.45]Why are you so interested in my kid? 你对我孩子怎么这么感兴趣?
[18:54.05]You know,I'm sorry I came over here,all right? I was just trying to help. 我就不该过来 是不? 我就想帮忙而已
[18:56.50]Oh,you're trying to help,huh? 你就想帮忙 哈?
[18:58.55]You wanna help,kate? 你想帮忙 Kate?
[19:01.08]Well,why don't you just mind your own business? 你怎么不管好你自己的事?
[19:23.22]I don't know why you just won't admit it. 我不明白你为什么不承认
[19:25.33]You can trust me. I talk to lots of dead people. 你可以相信我的 我跟很多死人说过话的
[19:27.46]So you have conversations with them,like they're your pals? 你跟他们说话 就像朋友一样?
[19:31.30]Sure,all the time. 当然 一直都是
[19:32.90]Sometimes we even play chess. 有时候我们还玩象棋呢
[19:35.28]- You actually see them? - Of course. Why wouldn't I? - 你能看见他们? - 当然 怎么能看不见?
[19:38.62]Because that's not how it works. 因为不是那样的
[19:41.38]You wouldn't know how it works unless you can do it. 哈 要不你怎么会知道不是那样的
[19:44.27]What I can do has nothing to do with chatting with ghosts,you nitwit. 我的能力与同鬼魂说话无关 你个笨蛋
[19:47.83]It's a feeling,a sense. 那是一种预感 直觉
[19:50.89]When somebody's dead,their brain stops functioning,which means there's no more talking. 人死了脑袋就不工作了 就是说不能说话了
[19:55.20]There's just who they were and whatever they knew before they died. 只能感受到他们是谁 死前都知道些什么
[19:59.33]That's how it works for me. 我就是一直那样沟通的
[20:01.19]Great. I'm happy for you. 好 我为你感到高兴
[20:02.98]You're just jealous my powers are better than yours. 你只是嫉妒我能力比你强
[20:06.53]We're here. 我们到了
[20:08.09]Now shut the hell up and deliver your damn sandwiches. 现在闭嘴 送你的三明治去
[20:33.92]what's he doing here? 他来这儿干什么?
[20:35.83]Um,he came to deliver lunch to the work crew. 他来给工作人员送午餐的
[20:39.25]Lunch? Your instructions were to come alone. 午餐? 给你的指示让你一个人来
[20:42.62]Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about the body. 没事 我不会跟别人提起死尸的
[20:48.93]- He knows? - I'm sorry,sir. - 他知道了? - 对不起
[20:50.15]He--he was rooting around in the back,and he saw it. 他一直在后面待着 看见了
[20:53.16]- Dude. I can keep a secret. - Well,you'd better... - 伙计 我能守住秘密的 - 你最好...
[20:57.64]hurley,'cause if you think working in the kitchen is bad-- Hurley 要是你觉得 在食堂工作不太适合你...
[21:00.71]I like the kitchen. 我喜欢食堂
[21:03.36]Well,how do you feel about polar bear feces? 那你觉得北极熊的粪便怎样啊?
[21:06.05]Because if you breathe one word of this, 要是你透露了一点风声
[21:07.73]I'll have you shipped to hydra island so you can weigh turds for their ridiculous experiments. 我就把你送到Hydra岛给他们 可笑的实验称粪便的重量
[21:13.30]Gross. 恶心
[21:17.06]you two! Get the package inside. 你们俩! 把包裹搬进去
[21:22.14]and you? 至于你
[21:24.14]Stay here till I get back. 等我出来
[21:25.85]- You think you can handle that? - Yes,sir. - 能做到不? - 当然
[21:41.18]dude,that guy's a total douche. 伙计 那人太混蛋了
[21:43.78]you are not qualified to be... 你没资格...
[21:45.28]that douche is my dad. 那混蛋是我老爸
[21:49.62]What are you doing? 你做什么呢?
[21:54.93]you did say you were taking me out to dinner. 你说过去吃晚餐的
[21:57.02]no,I said I was taking you to a restaurant. 没 我说带你去餐厅
[22:02.24]you wanna tell me what's back here,sweetheart? 能告诉我这是什么吗 甜心?
[22:04.45]Your audition. 你的面试
[22:10.12]Look,whatever you got going on here,this isn't really my thing. 无论你要干什么 都不是我擅长的
[22:15.02]From what I understand,miles,if the price is right,this is exactly your thing. 我理解的是 Miles 如果价钱公道 这就是你擅长的
[22:20.62]So what can you tell me about this man? 你能告诉我关于这男人的哪些消息?
[22:47.64]his name's felix. 他叫Felix
[22:52.07]He was... 他...
[22:54.22]on his way to deliver something to,uh... 在送东西的路上 嗯...
[22:59.80]a guy named... widmore. 那个人叫... Widmore
[23:02.86]Deliver what? 送什么?
[23:07.84]A bunch of papers,photos,pictures. 一堆纸 照片
[23:13.26]of... empty graves. 关于...埃及墓穴的
[23:17.70]A purchase order... 一个订购单...
[23:20.01]for an old airplane. 关于一架老飞机的
[23:31.72]so... did I pass? 嗯...我通过了么?
[23:37.65]I'm leading an expedition to an island, 我正领导一支探险队到一个岛上
[23:40.09]and on the island is a man that will be very difficult to find. 岛上有一个很难找到的人
[23:42.89]That's why I need you. 所以我需要你
[23:45.07]Need me for what? 需要我做什么?
[23:46.57]This island has a number of deceased individuals...residing on it, 岛上有一大堆死人... 居住在岛上
[23:51.22]and as this man is the one responsible for their being deceased, 这个人需要对那些死者负责
[23:53.91]we believe they can supply invaluable information as to his whereabouts. 我们认为他们会提供 有关他下落的宝贵信息
[23:59.48]As much as hunting down a mass murderer sounds really safe, 尽管听起来抓一个杀人犯很安全
[24:04.17]uh,I'm--I'm gonna pass. 我还是算了
[24:06.98]Thanks for the audition. 多谢这次面试
[24:09.83]My employer is willing to pay you $1.6 million. 我的雇主会付给你160万
[24:16.46]When do we leave? 什么时候走?
[24:27.44]- So any - I don't want to talk about it. - 那么 - 我不想谈
[24:31.02]Are you kidding me? 你开玩笑呢吧?
[24:32.59]How weird is it that your dad is that dude from all those movies? 你爸爸就是那些电影里的那人 多奇怪啊?
[24:35.85]Only back then,he w called main candle. 当然过去他叫Mavin Candle
[24:37.51]Was that,like,a stage name? 那是什么 艺名啊?
[24:38.97]What part of "I don't want to talk about it" isn't sinking in? "我不想谈" 你哪部分不懂?
[24:41.63]Well,if you didn't want to talk about it,why'd you tell me? 如果你不想谈干嘛告诉我?
[24:45.40]How long have you known he was your dad? 你什么时候知道他是你父亲的?
[24:47.92]The third day we were here,I was on line at the cafeteria,and my mother got in line behind me. 我们来这儿的第三天 我在餐厅排队 我妈就排在我后面
[24:53.11]That was my first clue. 那是我第一条线索
[24:56.02]But all those dharma dudes end up dead. 但是所有的达摩的人都死了
[24:58.53]Don't you wanna... save him? 你不想...救他么?
[25:00.54]I can't save him. 我不能救他
[25:02.11]They're gonna get killed no matter what I do,so why bother? 他们无论如何都会死的 那干嘛还要浪费感情呢?
[25:07.42]I need you to take me to radzinsky at the work site immediately. 我需要你马上带我到 Radzinsky的工作处
[25:12.09]You... hurley-- you say a word... 你...Hurley... 敢说一个字...
[25:15.09]polar bear poop. Got it. 北极熊便便 明白
[25:19.84]- What happened to the body? - What body? - 那尸体怎么了? - 什么尸体?
[25:35.23]this room is on my rounds. 这间课室由我负责
[25:36.53]What are you doing here? 你在这里干什么?
[25:37.68]I figured I'd cover for ya. 我想着帮你代班
[25:40.28]I heard what happened to your son. 听说了你儿子的遭遇
[25:42.03]Which part-- 关于...
[25:43.90]that he got shot or that someone kidnapped him from the infirmary? 他被枪击还是 他被人从医务室绑架?
[25:49.24]Then what are you doing here at work? 那你为什么还来工作?
[25:50.92]What else am I gonna do? 我还能做些什么呢?
[25:52.31]Sit around and pray that those idiots are gonna find my boy? 坐着祈祷那些笨蛋能找回我儿子?
[26:00.25]So you can get outta here. 你可以滚了
[26:15.75]you came in here a couple days ago with that woman kate,right? 你前几天是跟那个 叫Kate的女人一起来的 对吧?
[26:21.55]Yeah. 对
[26:22.13]You know her at all? 你认识她么?
[26:25.12]why? 怎么这样问?
[26:26.48]'Cause she's got some...kinda weird thing for my kid. 因为她对... 我儿子有点奇怪
[26:31.56]First,she shows up at the infirmary and gave him blood. 首先她出现在医务室 提出要献血给我儿子
[26:36.18]But then when he goes missing,she comes to me and she says, 但当他失踪后 她过来跟我说
[26:40.13]"don't worry. He's gonna be okay." "别担心 他会没事的"
[26:45.36]I'm gonna tell you somethin',man. 我得告诉你 伙计
[26:48.39]I'm beginning to think that she's got something to do with this. 我开始觉得她有点蹊跷
[26:54.41]I should go to horace,report her. 我应该向Horace告她的状
[27:02.13]What do you think? 你怎么看?
[27:05.65]I think,roger,that,uh,that you've had a hell of a day, 我认为 Roger 你今天糟透了
[27:09.52]and that'S...given you a very good excuse to go out and get drunk. 你有理由去喝个烂醉
[27:14.79]Maybe that's put some--some crazy ideas into your head. 或许也让你胡思乱想了
[27:20.42]I know that woman--kate. 我了解Kate这个女人
[27:23.31]She's my friend,and she would never do anything to hurt your son. 她是我朋友 她不会伤害你儿子
[27:28.24]Sure. 你当然这样说
[27:53.56]So I'm new here,dr. Chang. 我是新来的 Chang博士
[27:54.88]What is it exactly you do at the orchid? 你在幽兰站到底做什么工作?
[27:56.95]It's classified. 那是机密
[27:59.01]Oh,really? You can't tell anyone? 噢真的? 不能告诉任何人?
[28:00.31]Not even your wife? 甚至你的妻子?
[28:01.78]No. 对
[28:03.51]What about your kids? 那你的孩子呢?
[28:05.93]I have a 3-month-old son,so,no,I haven't told him. 我儿子3个月大 所以 我还没能告诉他
[28:09.27]3 months? Congrats. 3个月? 恭喜呀
[28:11.83]What's his name? 他叫什么?
[28:13.17]Miles. Miles
[28:15.35]Small world. 真巧啊
[28:17.76]That's your name,too. Right,miles? 跟你同名 对吧 Miles?
[28:20.73]Yeah. 嗯
[28:23.35]So are you a fan of jazz,dr. Chang? 你是爵士乐粉丝吗 Chang博士?
[28:25.96]Like miles davis? 粉Miles Davis?
[28:27.17]My wife is. 我妻子是
[28:29.10]I like country. 我爱乡村音乐
[28:32.24]So you two have been here for...three years now. 你们已经在这里...三年了
[28:35.18]Must be pretty tight,huh? 肯定很铁 对吧?
[28:40.29]Dr. Chang and I...don't exactly travel in the same circles. Chang博士和我... 并不在同一个生活圈
[28:45.27]I wasn't aware there were circles. 我还没注意有不同生活圈
[28:47.81]Great. We should all...get together for a beer sometime. 那好 我们应该...什么时候 聚在一起喝喝啤酒
[28:51.90]How awesome would that be? 不错的主意 是吧?
[28:57.06]Stop here. 停车
[29:29.55]you don't need to wait. I'll get a ride back with radzinsky. 你们不用等了 Radzinsky会载我回去的
[29:34.62]Dude,what is this place? 老兄 这是哪里?
[29:35.57]And what's up with all the secrecy? 干嘛要那么秘密?
[29:38.10]Don't know. Don't care. 不知道 也不在乎
[29:44.91]hey,glenn! 嘿 Glenn!
[29:46.83]What's the serial number that goes on the hatch lid? 舱盖的序列号是多少?
[29:51.26]4,8... 4,8...
[29:57.20]15... 15...
[30:01.48]16... 16...
[30:05.79]23... 23...
[30:09.29]hold on a minu. It's smudged. 等等 这里被弄脏了
[30:11.05]42. 42...
[30:12.57]42. 42...
[30:14.52]how the hell did you know that? 你是怎么知道的?
[30:16.72]'Cause they're building our hatch. 因为他们在建我们的舱口
[30:20.13]What hatch? 什么舱口?
[30:23.70]The one that crashed our plane. 让我们坠机的舱口
[30:27.99]thanks. 谢谢
[30:41.69]hey,miles. 嘿 Miles
[30:43.84]Do I know you? 我认识你么?
[30:54.26]miles,my name's bram. Miles 我叫Bram
[30:57.69]You owe me a fish taco. 你欠我一个鱼卷饼
[30:58.99]Sorry about that,but your apartment's being watched, 对不起 但你公寓在被监视
[31:02.00]and we had to try our best to talk you ouof working for charles widmore. 我们得尽力说服你 别帮Charles Widmore工作
[31:06.10]I have no idea who that is. 我完全不知道他是谁
[31:09.69]He's the man who chartered the boat you'll be getting on next week. 他租了你下周要上的船
[31:13.40]And,my friend,you do not want to get on that boat. 朋友 你是不会想上那船的
[31:18.42]Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue? 你知道那雕像阴影下有什么?
[31:21.69]No,can't say that I do. 不 我不能说知道
[31:24.09]Then you're not ready to go to that island. 那你还没准备好上那个岛
[31:27.12]But if you come with us-- 但要是你加入我们...
[31:28.50]all those things you've spent your life trying to find out? 那些你终极一生寻找的谜团
[31:31.95]You'll know. 会被你解开
[31:33.95]You'll know who you are,miles-- 你会知道你是谁 Miles
[31:36.89]why it is you have a gift,and most of all,you'll know about your father. 为何有那个天赋 最重要的是 你会了解到你的父亲
[31:46.95]I don't know where you've been getting your intel, 不知道这些信息你从何而来
[31:49.31]but I stopped caring about my father a long time ago. 但我很久以前已不在乎我父亲
[31:53.46]What i do care about is money. 我最在乎的是金钱
[31:56.22]So I'll tell you what. 所以让我告诉你
[31:58.69]You want me to pass on going to the island? 你想我不上那个岛屿?
[32:00.59]It's gonna cost you double what they offered--$3.2 million. 你得花他们出价的两倍 320万
[32:05.09]We're not paying you anything. 我们一个子也不会给你
[32:08.20]But all the money in the world isn't gonna fill that empty hole inside you,miles. 再多的金钱也无法 填补你内心的空洞 Miles
[32:16.92]That's sad,isn't it? 那很悲哀 不是吗?
[32:19.61]Toss him! 扔他下车!
[32:26.91]you're playing for the wrong team. 你站错队了
[32:28.83]Yeah? What team are you on? 是吗? 你站在哪一队?
[32:30.66]The one that's gonna win. 会获得胜利的那一队
[32:45.06]that hatch they're building? 他们在建造的那个舱口?
[32:46.74]There's gonna be an accident, 会发生一个意外事故
[32:47.76]then they're gonna have to build a computer with a button 而他们会接上一台带有键盘的电脑终端
[32:49.43]you have to push so the world doesn't end. 你得不断地按 来阻止世界末日
[32:54.96]so your dad...is he around...you know,when we came from? 那你父亲...他在你身边吗... 我们来这儿之前?
[33:00.60]The future? 就是未来?
[33:02.30]No. 不
[33:04.21]Well,then this is kind of awesome for you,huh? 这对你来说很棒 对吧?
[33:06.08]How is it awesome? 怎么会棒?
[33:07.17]Because you get to hang out with him,you know,get to know him better and stuff. 因为你能和他在一起 了解了解他之类的
[33:11.54]And don't bother thanking me,but he was totally down for that beer,dude. 不用谢我 但他非常乐意 和我们去喝喝啤酒 老兄
[33:15.56]You know,and maybe he'll let you hold baby you,or you can change your own diaper or-- 或许他会让你抱抱襁褓中的你 或让你换自己的尿布 或者--
[33:22.11]Listen up,'cause we're only gonna have this conversation once. 听好了 我只会说一次
[33:26.14]I don't want to hang out with my dad. 我不想和我父亲在一起
[33:28.10]I don't want to know him better and "stuff." 我不想了解他和"之类的"
[33:31.24]Why not? 为什么不?
[33:32.65]Did he beat you up when you were little or something? 你小时候他打你了?
[33:34.16]He wasn't even around when I was little,you dimwit! 我小的时候他根本 不在我身边 你这傻瓜!
[33:37.36]I never knew him until now. 我在此之前根本不认识他
[33:40.77]Why am I even telling you this? 我为啥要告诉你这些?
[33:42.25]'Cause you're in painand you need to let it out. 因为你很痛苦 得释放出来
[33:43.96]I'm not in pain. 我没有痛苦
[33:45.71]It doesn't matter. 算了算了
[33:46.70]My father is dead. He's gone. 我父亲已死 他离去了
[33:49.30]He never cared about me,and nothing I can do will ever change that. 他从不在乎我 任何事也无法改变
[33:54.40]But he's not gone. 但他没有死
[33:56.46]We just dropped him off. 我们刚刚才送他下车
[33:59.43]You want to get into my business? 你想要管我的事?
[34:01.31]- Let's get into yours! - Give that back to me. - 先让我管管你的吧! - 把它还给我
[34:02.98]- How about we read your little diary? - It's not a diary! It's personal! - 不如让我来看看你的日记? - 不是日记! 这是私人物品!
[34:05.09]- Let's see what's going on in that piece of granite you call a head. - give that-- give that back to me. - 瞅瞅你这花岗岩脑袋里到底装的是什么 - 还给我 快还给我
[34:09.45]Give it back! 还给我!
[34:10.19]"Exterior--hoth." "霍斯星球"
[34:12.45]A little spy robot thingy zips through the atmosphere 一个小型探测机器人呼啸着穿过大气层
[34:15.83]and crashes into the snowy planet below. 坠入行星表面的皑皑雪地中
[34:18.70]That's when chewbacca shows up "and blasts it away with his crossbow laser. 这时 楚巴卡出现了 他用激光十字弓一下把它打爆了
[34:23.50]He shakes his fury fist in the sky in triumph. 然后向着天空舞动着愤怒的拳头("fury fist")
[34:27.01]Chewbacca--raaar. 楚巴卡... 哇喔
[34:30.26]It's "furry. 是"毛茸茸的" ("furry")
[34:32.35]"Furry fist." "毛茸茸的拳头"
[34:34.03]I need to spell-check it. 我要检查下拼写
[34:35.47]What the hell is this? 这是什么东西?
[34:41.92]I'm writing "empire strikes back." 我在写"帝国反击战"
[34:45.02]I'm sorry. What? 抱歉 什么?
[34:46.04]It's 1977,right? 现在是1977年 对吧?
[34:48.73]So "stars wars" just came out. "星球大战" 刚刚出来
[34:50.68]And pretty soon,george lucas is gonna be looking for a sequel. 很快 乔治·卢卡斯(星战之父) 就会着手编写续集
[34:53.88]I've seen "empire," like,200 times, 我看"帝国反击战" 不下200次了
[34:55.24]so I figured I'd make life easier and send him the script...with a couple improvements. 所以觉得直接把剧本发给他可能更容易点 当中我还做了点小改动...
[35:03.05]That has gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. 这时我听过的最荒谬的事情
[35:05.73]Oh,yeah? 哦?
[35:07.54]Well,at least I'm not scared to talk to my own dad. 至少我不害怕谈论我的老爸
[35:21.13]james. You're back. James 你回来了
[35:22.61]Barely. 糟透了
[35:23.44]You ever had one of those days you feel like the little dutch boy with your finger in the... 这些天来 还从来没有哪天 像今天这样...
[35:29.94]doc. 医生
[35:33.09]What's going on? 怎么了?
[35:34.99]Ben's father thinks that kate had something to do with his son going missing. Ben的爸爸怀疑 Kate与他儿子的失踪有关
[35:39.67]Why the hell would he think that? 他怎么会这么想?
[35:41.89]Because she talked to him,tried to make him feel better. 因为她跟他谈过话 想让他感觉好点
[35:47.13]her heart was in the right place. 她的心是好的
[35:48.29]Yeah,well,where was her head? 那她的脑袋长到哪儿去了?
[35:51.60]I had a talk with roger. 我和Roger谈过
[35:52.94]I don't think he's gonna say anything to anyone for now. 觉得目前他还不会告诉其他人
[35:57.15]I just wanted you to know. 我只是来告诉你一声
[36:01.48]Thank you. 谢了
[36:04.25]Yeah? Well...thanks for filling me in,doc. 谢谢你来告诉我 医生
[36:07.27]No problem. 不客气
[36:19.85]hey,boss. 嘿 老大
[36:21.59]We got a development. 我们取得了些进展
[36:22.78]You better come to the office. 你最好去下办公室
[36:24.44]Phil,I've been running around the jungle all day, Phil 我已经在丛林里转了一整天了
[36:26.39]so whatever developments you got can wait a while. 不管取得了什么进展 能不能先放一放再说
[36:28.73]I know who took the kid. 我知道是谁带走了那个孩子
[36:33.48]Yeah? Who's that? 哦? 谁?
[36:39.69]You. 是你
[36:42.20]Got a perfectly good explanation for what you saw on that tape. 我知道你在带子上看到了什么 听着 我有完整的解释
[36:45.33]I sure as hell hope so. 但愿如此
[36:51.66]- You talk to horace yet? - No. - 告诉Horace没有? - 没有
[36:53.40]I thought that after three years of working together, 我们在一起共事三年了
[36:55.69]I'd give you the benefit of the doubt-- 我想给你个解释的机会...
[37:00.15]get some rope. 去拿绳子
[37:10.52]Mr. Gray? Gray先生
[37:12.33]I hope you don't mind. Your gate was open. 希望你不介意 你没有锁门
[37:14.29]Mr. Straume. Of course. Of course. No problem. Straume先生 当然 没问题
[37:18.09]What,uh,what brings you by? 你来有什么事么?
[37:20.67]Well,sir,uh...I'm about to go on a boat trip for a while,and... 呃... 我要坐船离开一段时间
[37:30.15]I wanted to give this back to you. 想把这个还给你
[37:38.88]I lied to you,mr. Gray. 我撒谎了 Gray先生
[37:43.06]I wasn't able to talk to your son. 我没办法跟您儿子交流
[37:49.93]Why are you telling me this? 为什么告诉我这些?
[37:52.17]You could have just let me go on believing what you said. 你可以让我一直信下去
[37:55.90]That wouldn't have been fair to your son. 可这对您儿子来说不公平
[37:58.38]I'm sorry? 什么?
[38:03.47]If you needed your son to know that you loved him, 如果需要您儿子知道您爱他
[38:06.45]you should've told him when he was still alive. 就应该在他还活着的时候告诉他
[38:39.06]sorry I said you were afraid to talk to your dad,dude. 很抱歉之前说你 害怕谈起你的老爸 老兄
[38:42.19]Don't worry about it. 没关系
[38:45.40]I used to hate my dad,too. 我之前也恨我老爸
[38:46.89]Yeah? 哦?
[38:48.06]He left when I was 10. 我10岁时 他就走了
[38:52.73]But the best thing I ever did was give him a second chance. 不过我最成功的 就是给了他第二次机会
[38:57.51]We got to be the best of friends,and although I may never see him again,I miss him. 我们成了最要好的朋友 虽然我可能再也见不到他了 但我很想念他
[39:04.35]And I know he feels the same. 而且我知道他也是这么想的
[39:06.70]My dad didn't leave when I was 10. I-I was a baby. 我老爸不是等到我10岁时才离开 我那时还只是个婴儿
[39:10.92]I never knew him. 我完全不认识他
[39:13.68]And I don't want to. 也不想认识
[39:16.10]It's not happening. 就当什么都没有发生过
[39:18.33]That was luke's attitude,too. 卢克(天行者)也是这种态度
[39:21.58]What? 什么?
[39:22.91]In "empire," luke found out vader was his father, 在帝国反击战中 卢克发现 维德竟然是他的父亲
[39:26.62]but instead of putting away his lightsaber and talking about it, 他没有收起光剑 好好跟他谈谈
[39:30.44]he overreacted and got his hand cut off. 而是反应过度 把他的手砍断了
[39:33.73]I mean,they worked it out eventually,but what cost? 他们最终还是弄清楚了 不过代价呢?
[39:37.84]Another death star was destroyed,boba fett got eaten by the sarlacc,and we got the ewoks. 悲剧再次上演 赏金猎人波巴·费特 被怪兽沙拉克吃掉 而我们碰到了艾沃克人
[39:44.37]It all could've been avoided if they'd just,you know,communicated. 可如果大家能加强沟通 这一切都是可以避免的
[39:49.65]And let's face it. 勇敢面对吧
[39:50.88]The ewoks sucked,dude. 艾沃克人很难缠的 (星战系列中矮小又毛茸茸的种族)
[40:53.56]miles? Miles?
[40:54.84]I need you. 我需要你
[40:57.50]You do? 是么?
[40:59.07]Sub's here from H.Q. 总部派潜艇来了
[41:00.46]I need your help bringing them in. 需要你帮忙接他们过来
[41:02.09]Sure. New recruits? 好的 新人?
[41:03.37]No,uh,scientists from ann arbor. 不 是安阿伯那边过来的科学家
[41:06.00]Get your van,and let's get to the dock. 去把车开过来 然后一起去港口
[41:22.49]hey,can I get a hand with this? 能帮下忙么?
[41:23.73]Yeah,yeah,sure. 好 好的
[41:35.16]Dan. Dan
[41:36.75]Hey,miles. 你好啊 Miles
[41:40.57]Long time no see. 好久不见
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