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[00:00.00]******** 迷失前情回顾
[00:02.70]Desmond? Desmond?
[00:04.29]I need you to go back to oxford university. 你要回牛津大学
[00:07.73]go back to where we met. 回到我们见面的地方
[00:08.75]I need you to go there and find my mother.Her name is-- 回去找到我母亲 她叫...
[00:13.27]what happens if I can't get them all to come back? 要是我们找不齐他们呢?
[00:16.09]Then god help us all. 那只能求上帝保佑了
[00:17.94]I'm going back to the island today... 我今天就启程回岛上去
[00:19.62]just as soon as I do one thing-- 走之前只剩最后一件事
[00:21.78]kill your daughter. 杀了你女儿
[00:23.06]What are you doing here? 你来干嘛?
[00:26.01]Desmond? Desmond?
[00:33.15]He's coding! 没心跳了!
[00:36.09]gunshot wound. He's crashing. 枪伤 他不行了
[00:37.35]- Bay 7. Now! - Is he gonna be okay? - 7号手术室 快! - 他不会有事吧?
[00:38.54]You're gonna have to wait here,ma'am. 请在这里等 夫人
[00:39.40]Wherare you--where are you taking him? What's happening? 你们 你们带他到什么地方去? 怎么了?
[00:40.65]Please,ma'am,wait here. 夫人 请在这里等
[00:42.24]We'll let you know as soon as we know anything. 一有消息 我们会马上通知你
[00:44.02]Well,what's happening? Is he gonna be okay? 怎么回事? 他不会有事吧?
[00:45.95]We're going to do everything we can. Please just wait. 我们会尽力的 请静候吧
[00:48.71]Daddy! 爸爸!
[00:50.17]he's gonna be okay. He's gonna be okay. 他不会有事的 不会有事的
[01:04.24]how old is your son? 你儿子多大了?
[01:06.55]He's 2. 两岁
[01:11.56]he has his father's hair. 头发真像他爸爸
[01:17.27]I'm sorry. Do I know you? 不好意思 我认识你吗?
[01:19.30]Uh,no,but your husband does. 不 但是你丈夫认识我
[01:22.35]I'm eloise hawking, 我叫Eloise Hawking
[01:24.11]and I believe it's my son's fault that desmond has been shot. 我相信Desmond中枪都是因为我儿子
[01:30.69]Your son is benjamin linus? 你是Benjamin Linus的母亲?
[01:33.05]good lord,no. 当然不是
[01:37.68]My son is daniel faraday. 我儿子是Daniel Faraday
[01:47.22]******* 30年前
[01:51.02]hey,can I get a hand with this? 谁来帮我一把?
[01:52.20]Yeah,yeah. 好的
[02:00.79]daN. Dan
[02:02.46]Hey,miles. 嘿 Miles
[02:04.72]Long time no see. 好久不见了
[02:06.04]all right,ladies and gentlemen,you know why you're here. 好的 女士们先生们 你们知道自己为什么而来
[02:08.77]I wish you could all get a good night's sleep,but,uh... 我希望你们能好好休息一晚 但是...
[02:10.91]what the hell are you doing back here,dan? 你回来干嘛 Dan?
[02:12.85]Once you left for ann arbor,I figured you'd gotten rich,invented the dvd or something. 你去了安娜堡 我还以为 你会发明DVD之类的 成为亿万富翁
[02:16.74]the shuttle will pick you up at the motor pool... 车站有车在等你们
[02:18.06]this is what I'm doing back here. 我回来是因为这个
[02:20.56]When did they get here? 他们什么时候到的?
[02:21.88]A few days ago. It's weird,huh? 几天之前 怪异吧?
[02:24.24]- Lafleur managed to-- - we don't have time. - Lafleur成功... - 我们没时间了
[02:25.93]I need you to take me to jack's right now,okay? 你马上带我去找Jack
[02:38.47]jack. Jack
[02:39.56]- How did you get back here? - Faraday?What the-- - 你怎么回来的? - Faraday? 怎么...
[02:40.70]how did you do it? 你怎么回来的?
[02:42.34]How did you get back to the island? 怎么回到岛上的?
[02:44.10]Where have you been? 你去哪儿了?
[02:44.86]I was--I was just at dharma headquarters in ann arbor. 我在安娜堡 达摩计划的总部
[02:47.13]I was doing some research. 做科研
[02:48.11]What's more important right now... 现在 更重要的是
[02:49.79]how did you get back here to 1977? 你怎么回到77年的?
[02:53.53]what's going on? 怎么回事?
[02:54.41]Don't look at me. I just carried his luggage. 别看我 我只是个拿行李的
[02:56.12]Jack,how? Jack 怎么回来的?
[02:58.09]we were on a plane,and then there was-- 我们坐飞机 然后...
[03:01.36]who told youto get on a plane? 谁让你们搭飞机的?
[03:03.85]As a matter of fact,dan,it was your mother. 老实说 Dan 是你母亲
[03:09.05]and how did she convince you,jack? 她怎么说服你的 Jack?
[03:11.66]Did she tell you it was your destiny? 她说这是你命中注定的?
[03:15.92]Yeah. That's exactly what she said. 她正是那么说的
[03:18.32]Well,I got some bad news for you,jack. 坏消息 Jack
[03:21.14]You don't belong here at all. 你根本不属于这里
[03:24.39]She was wrong. 她错了
[03:40.93]Lost Season05 Episode14 迷失 第五季 第14集
[04:08.40]what's wrongmom? Didn't you like it? 怎么了 妈妈? 你不喜欢?
[04:12.08]I loved it. 我很喜欢
[04:15.74]It was beautiful,daniel. 非常优美 Daniel
[04:26.06]daniel... Daniel...
[04:28.76]do you know what destiny means? 你知道命运是什么意思么?
[04:32.84]No. 不知道
[04:33.62]Destiny means that,if one has a special gift, 命运的意思是 如果你有特别的天赋
[04:39.25]then it must be nurtured. 那就必须加以培养
[04:43.59]how many beats has that metronome counted since you started playing? 节拍器数到了多少?
[04:47.07]864.  864
[04:54.83]Your gift,daniel,is your mind-- 你的天赋 Daniel 就在于你的大脑
[04:57.39]a mind that is meant for science,mathematics. 为科学 数学而生的大脑
[05:01.43]And it's my... 而我的职责是...
[05:03.35]job to keep you on your path. 让走你该走的路
[05:09.36]So... unfortunately,there's no more time... 可惜的是 没有时间...
[05:15.19]for distractions. 再做别的了
[05:16.70]But i want to keep playing the piano. 但是我想继续弹钢琴
[05:19.18]I can do both. I can make time. 我能两者兼顾的 我能抽出时间
[05:26.24]If only you could. 要是那样就好了
[05:37.10]Miles,I need you to bring me to the orchid. Miles 送我到幽兰站
[05:38.90]Can you drive me right now? Please? 现在送我去 行么?
[05:40.15]Yeah,yeah,sure. I guess. 好的 好的 没问题
[05:43.20]Come on. 走吧
[05:44.81]- Faraday! Wait up! - miles,come on. - Faraday! 等一下! - Miles 快
[05:46.13]Jack,we'll be right back. Jack 我们马上回来
[05:47.22]Hey,what did you mean,you mother was wrong? Daniel! Daniel 你说你母亲错了 什么意思?
[05:49.91]I just--I just have an errand to run. 我... 我还有事要做
[05:52.28]Be right back! 马上回来!
[06:01.67]- yeah? - Faraday's back. - 嗯? - Faraday回来了
[06:04.45]What do you mean faraday's back? Why? 什么意思 Faraday回来了? 为什么?
[06:06.66]I have no idea. 我不知道
[06:07.90]He came in on the sub,and he woke me up. 他坐潜艇来的 把我叫了起来
[06:09.84]He--he started talking nonsense,and then he took off for the orchid. 胡扯了一堆 然后去幽兰站了
[06:13.62]I'd love to trade theories about this,but I'm a little busy right now. 我是想猜猜原因 但是我现在很忙
[06:16.78]What are you busy with at 6:00 in the morning? 你早晨6点忙什么?
[06:18.88]James,tell him. James 告诉他
[06:22.43]get in here. 进来
[06:30.48]Phil-- one of my security guys-- Phil 我手下一个保安
[06:33.65]got himself a videotape of me and kate taking the kid out to the hostiles. 找到一盘录像带 上面录有我和Kate把孩子送给敌人
[06:38.03]And where's the tape? 录像带呢?
[06:39.94]- With phil. - And where is phil? - 在Phil那里 - Phil呢?
[06:45.84]phil,jack. Jack... phil. Phil 这位是Jack Jack 见过Phil
[06:59.34]are we... waiting for something? 我们在等什么?
[07:07.47]right on time. 真准时
[07:15.91]I'll be back in ten minutes. 我十分钟后回来
[07:36.49]so what do you want me to do? 你想让我怎么办?
[07:38.02]you're gonna do nothing. 什么都别做
[07:39.35]If you drill even 1 centimeter further,you risk releasing that energy. 哪怕再钻1公分 都有释放那能量的危险
[07:43.36]If that were to happen... 要是那样的话
[07:45.89]then god help us all. 只能求上帝保佑了
[07:48.42]You need a hard hat down here. 这里要带安全帽
[07:59.94]- watch yourself! - Sorry,sir. Won't happen again. - 看着点! - 对不起 不会有下次了
[08:06.17]come on. 过来
[08:07.97]I'll grab the rest of his stuff. Let's go. 带上他的东西 走
[08:16.31]did you hear that? Time travel. 你听到了么? 时间旅行
[08:19.22]How stupid does that guy think we are? 他拿我们当蠢蛋?
[08:26.09]Dr. Chang? Dr. Chang? Do you have a second,sir? 张博士? 张博士? 能跟你说句话么?
[08:30.40]I suppose. 说吧
[08:31.70]I just came in on the sub with the swan team. 我和天鹅队的人一起坐潜艇来的
[08:34.09]We actually met three years ago,I'm daniel faraday. 我们3年前见过面 我是Daniel Faraday
[08:36.21]Yes. Yes. Uh,you arrived with lafleur. I remember. 对 对 你和LaFleur一起来的 我想起来了
[08:38.61]- Right. - What can I do for you? - 对 - 有何贵干?
[08:40.27]I need you to order the evacuation of every man,woman and child on this island. 你需要撤离岛上所有男人女人孩子
[08:46.14]And why would I dohat? 这是为什么?
[08:47.55]**Is on a stretcher as a consequence of the electromagnetic activity 因为那个人命丧黄泉 是这里钻孔
[08:52.54]that your drilling unleashed down here. 所释放的电磁活动的结果
[08:57.01]which is now contained. 现在已经得到控制了
[09:02.14]It's contained down here. 这里已经控制住了
[09:04.66]But in about six hours,the same thing is gonna happen at the site for the swan station, 但6个小时之后 天鹅站也会发生相同的事
[09:09.72]only the energy there is about 30,000 times more powerful,sir. 只不过那次释放的能量会是这次的3万倍
[09:14.49]And the accident... 事故结果
[09:16.67]it's gonna be catastrophic. 会是灾难性的
[09:19.42]That is utterly absurd. 太荒谬了
[09:21.28]What could possibly qualify you to make that kind of prediction? 你有什么资历 敢做这种预测?
[09:27.83]I'm from the future. 我来自未来
[09:36.59]Dr. Chang,wait! Will you wait one second,please? 张博士 等一下! 就一会儿
[09:38.87]- Wait one--one second. - Yes,yes,you're from the future. - 请等一下 - 好的 好的 你来自未来
[09:41.80]You heard me talking about time travel. 你听到我提起时间旅行
[09:44.25]- Now you've had your fun. Good for you. - No,no. - 然后过来取笑我 好了 到此为止吧 - 不 不是
[09:46.23]Please,dr. Chang. 求你了 张博士
[09:47.94]Just look at my journal,please. Look at these equations. 看看我的日记 看看这些方程式
[09:50.93]Some of them won't be discovered for another 20 years.Dr. Chang-- 有一些成果近20年来都不可能得出 张博士...
[09:55.70]Hey,dan! Leave the man alone. Sorry,dr. Chang. 嘿 Dan! 别来烦这个人 很抱歉 张博士
[09:57.84]- I think he had too many drugs on the sub-- - dr. Chang... - 我想他是在潜艇上服用的药物太多了 - 张博士...
[10:02.03]miles is your son. Miles是您儿子
[10:07.42]- Excuse me? - Think about it. - 什么? - 想想吧
[10:09.76]A chinese man named miles-- the same name as your baby-- 一个中国人正好也叫Miles 和您儿子一样
[10:14.21]shows up with me from the future. 跟我一样来自未来
[10:16.61]You--you really think this is all coincidence? 你真的以为这一切都是巧合?
[10:24.89]Is this true? 他说的是真的么?
[10:26.61]No. 不是
[10:29.95]Please... stay away from me. 好了... 请让开
[10:33.53]Dr. Chang... dr. Chang! If you-- 张博士... 张博士! 如果你...
[10:36.89]Are you out of your mind? What are you doing? 你疯了么? 你想干嘛?
[10:38.95]I'm just making sure that your father does what he's supposed to do. 我只是想让你父亲去做该做的
[10:42.49]And what's that? 去做什么?
[10:46.61]You'll see. 你会知道的
[10:58.69]hi,mom. 嗨 妈妈
[11:00.17]I want you to meet theresa. 这位是Theresa
[11:02.43]- dan's told me so much about-- - pleased to meet you. - Dan多次向我提起过您... - 很高兴见到你
[11:04.78]Well done,daniel. 干得好 Daniel
[11:07.70]you much be so proud of him. 您肯定会为他自豪的
[11:09.01]Daniel,I thought we could celebrate your accomplishment with lunch. Daniel 我本想和你一起 在午餐的时候庆祝的
[11:13.86]There's a nice restaurant nearby. I reserved us a table. 附近有个不错的餐厅 我定了张桌子
[11:17.92]We would love to. 我们很乐意
[11:19.96]actually,I was hoping it would be just the two of us. 事实上 我是希望只有我们两个人
[11:25.07]You do understand,don't you? 你能理解 是吧?
[11:26.54]It's just that I don't get to see my son very often. 我好长时间没见我儿子了
[11:29.91]- Mother... - I understand. - 妈妈... - 我能理解
[11:31.69]It's okay,dan. Really. 没关系 Dan 真的
[11:38.75]Is there something bothering you,daniel? 你有什么心事么 Daniel?
[11:43.00]you were so rude to theresa. 你那样对待Theresa太粗鲁了
[11:45.62]was I? 是么?
[11:47.25]Theresa is my girlfriend. Theresa是我女朋友
[11:48.88]She is your research assistant. 她只是你的研究助理
[11:53.10]You should be focusing your energies on your work. 你应该集中精力干好本职工作
[11:55.66]- On my work. - YeS. - 工作 - 是的
[11:57.04]- That is what is important. - Yes. You've made it abundantly clear. - 是的 这个更重要 - 是的 你之前已经说得很清楚了
[12:01.21]Why would I waste my gift on a woman-- 我为什么就不能和女人一起...
[12:03.03]I'm sorry to tell you,daniel,but you're not going to have time for relationships. 很抱歉 Daniel 可你现在没有时间 去谈情说爱
[12:07.55]The women in your life will only be terribly hurt. 闯入你生活的女人 都将受到很深的伤害
[12:12.96]What does that mean? 什么意思?
[12:14.90]It means that your work will always comes first,that's all. 意思就是 任何时候 你都要以工作为重 就这
[12:17.72]Only because that's what you always push me to do. 因为这个是你一直以来催促我去完成的
[12:19.76]You pushed and you pushed and you pushed. 一而再 再而三地催促我
[12:22.40]And when will it be enough,mother? When? 什么时候才是个头呢 妈妈? 什么时候?
[12:24.95]I'm the youngest doctorate ever to ever graduate from oxford. 我是牛津有史以来 最年轻的博士
[12:27.38]I just got a new 1. 5 million pound research grant. 而且刚刚获得了150万英镑的科研基金
[12:31.81]What else do I have to do? 你还要我怎么样?
[12:33.89]A grant? That's wonderful! From whom? 基金? 太好了? 谁给的?
[12:38.57]I don't know. some industrialist. 不知道 一个企业家
[12:43.61]Widmore,I think. 叫Widmore 我想
[12:49.26]Charles widmore. Charles Widmore
[12:56.31]I don't want to fight with you,daniel. 我并不想和你吵架 Daniel
[12:58.40]That's not why I came. 这不是我来的本意
[13:00.44]Why did you come? 那你来干什么?
[13:09.61]To congratulate you. 来祝贺你
[13:21.72]Good luck,daniel. 祝你好运 Daniel
[13:24.25]And I do hope you know that I mean that. 希望你能体会我的苦心
[13:54.67]******* Daniel, 不管发生什么 请记住 我会永远爱你 妈妈
[14:06.95]all right,people. 好了 各位
[14:08.71]Party's over. 戏该收场了
[14:13.16]I know y'all just showed up. 我知道 你们刚来才不久
[14:15.31]The rest of us have been here for the past three years. 其他人已经在这里呆了三年
[14:18.92]This is our home. 这里就是我们的家
[14:20.81]The last thing I wanna do is leave. 我真的不想离开
[14:24.18]But we ain't got no choice. 可我们别无选择
[14:26.06]Well,that dude in the closet-- I thought he worked for you. 衣橱中的那个家伙... 我还以为会听你的话呢
[14:28.20]Can't you convince him that it was all,like,a misunderstanding? 能不能跟他谈谈 就说 这一切都是场误会?
[14:30.90]I punched the man in the damn face,hugo. 我一拳打在他的脸上 Hugo
[14:32.88]What am I supposed to say-- "my fist slipped"? 我该怎么说? 就说"我的拳头打歪了"?
[14:35.09]How much time do we have before someone realizes he's gone? 在有人发现他失踪之前 我们还有多长时间?
[14:38.68]Not enough. 不多了
[14:40.20]So where do we go? 那我们该去哪儿?
[14:44.59]we only got two options. 有两个选择
[14:46.18]We can either commandeer the sub,get the hell off this island before anyone knows we're gone, 要么在被人发现之前 登上潜艇 离开这座岛
[14:51.57]or we can head back in the jungle,start from square one. 要么回到丛林中去 一切从头开始
[14:55.69]I'm not getting on that sub if there's a chance that my wife is still on this island. 我妻子仍有可能会在这座岛上 我不会上那个潜艇的
[14:59.68]Yeah,me neither. 嗯 我也是
[15:01.00]After all we did to get back here? 我们费了那么大周折回到这里
[15:02.45]And now we're just gonna run off again? 现在却又要离开?
[15:04.97]It'd be kinda wishy-washy. 那也太摇摆不定了吧
[15:06.58]Right. That's two votes for square one. Anybody else wanna-- 好吧 两票选择从头开始 其他人的意见是...
[15:16.08]hold your horses. Be right there. 别敲了 马上就来
[15:28.98]hey,james. 嘿 James
[15:31.43]Welcome to the meeting,twitchy. 欢迎参加聚会 伙计
[15:34.26]Good to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你
[15:35.41]Pound cake's in the kitchen. Help yourself to the punch. 奶油蛋糕在厨房里 还有鸡尾酒 请随意
[15:38.55]is he still crazy? 他还是疯疯癫癫的?
[15:39.77]It's on a whole new level,man. 已经升级到新的层次了
[15:41.65]great. 太好了
[15:44.67]jack,I'm sorry I was rude before, Jack 很抱歉 我之前有点粗鲁
[15:48.85]but what I came to do is of critical importance to everyone in this room. 我准备做的事情 对这间屋里的每个人都有重大意义
[15:53.67]Does anyone know where I can find the hostiles? 谁知道哪里可以找到敌人?
[16:01.02]Why do you need to know that,daniel? 干嘛想知道这个 Daniel?
[16:06.26]because one of them is my mother. 因为其中有个人是我母亲
[16:12.32]And she is the only person on this island who can get us back to where we belong. 而她是这座岛上唯一知道 如何让我们回到正常生活的人
[16:28.18]this haunting footage comes to us from the "christiane I," 从"Christiane I"传回的影像是
[16:30.81]- a salvage vehicle in the indian ocean. - how do you want your eggs,dan? - 印度洋上的一艘搜救船 - 你的鸡蛋要怎么做 Dan?
[16:33.27]For more than two months, 已经在那至少两周了
[16:34.17]- it's been scouring the depths of the sunda trench off bali... - so what happened? They found that missing plane? - 它一直在 - 怎么了?他们找到飞机了?
[16:37.51]In search of the long-missing oceanic flight 815. 为了搜寻已经失踪很久的 海洋航班815号
[16:40.93]- Dan? - Late last night, - Dan? - 昨晚晚些时候
[16:41.59]the" christiane" deployed two remotely operated vehicles, "Christiane"号启用了 两个远程控制设备
[16:44.08]- or R.O.V.S... - dan. Why are you so upset? - 简称R.O.V.S... - Dan 你为什么这么难过?
[16:45.76]That verified what the national transportation safety board had long feared... 那验证了国家运输安全部 一直以来所担心的...
[16:48.99]I don't know. 我不知道
[16:59.33]you have a visitor,dan. 有人来看你了 Dan
[17:02.04]would you like some tea? 来点茶吗?
[17:03.34]That would be lovely. 好的
[17:06.10]Hello,daniel. 你好 Daniel
[17:12.86]I'm sorry,sir. I don'T... 我很抱歉 先生 我...
[17:16.65]d-did caroline tell you I have a condition that affects my memory? Just... Caroline有没有告诉过你 我得了个病 影响了我的记忆?
[17:21.90]don't be embarrassed. We've never met. 不用担心 我们从没见过面
[17:24.55]My name is charles widmore. 我叫Charles Widmore
[17:27.27]Charles... Charles...
[17:30.80]charles widmore from... Charles Widmore...
[17:33.57]my research grant? 我的科研基金?
[17:35.78]it's very nice to meet you,sir. Please,sit down. 很高兴见到你 先生 请坐
[17:41.48]mm,a bit of a mess. 呃 有点乱
[17:43.54]I meant to thank you before I... 我本来是要谢谢你 在我...
[17:47.81]before I left oxford. 离开牛津之前
[17:49.51]You mean,before you were dismissed. 你是说 在你被开除之前
[17:55.75]I tested it... 我...
[17:57.44]I tested it out on myself first. 我先在自己身上做了测试
[17:59.53]- It's a right,daniel. - I would never hurt theresa. - 没关系 Daniel - 我不想伤害Theresa的
[18:02.04]It's all right. 没事的
[18:04.17]That's not why I'm here. 我来这儿不是这个原因
[18:06.21]I came to offer you a new opportunity. 我来这儿 是给你提供一个新机会
[18:14.81]N-no,I... 不 我...
[18:17.17]I'm sorry. I-I can'T. I don't think I-I can... 对不起 我不能 我想我不能...
[18:26.43]did I say something to upset you? 刚才说的话让你难过了?
[18:28.57]It's this plane crash. 是飞机失事
[18:31.60]I don't know why it's bothering me so much. 我不知道为什么它让我这么不安
[18:35.29]it's just so sad. 只是很难过
[18:38.39]They're dead. 他们死了
[18:43.31]Daniel,what if I told you... Daniel 假如我告诉你...
[18:47.04]they're not dead? 他们还没死?
[18:50.89]What if I told you the plane was a fake? 假如我告诉你这架飞机是个骗局?
[18:54.80]An elaborate... expensive fake. 一个精心策划 花费昂贵的骗局
[19:01.11]how would you know that? 你怎么会知道?
[19:04.73]Because I put it there. 因为是我把它放在那的
[19:12.89]Well... why would you tell me that? 那... 你为什么要告诉我这些?
[19:18.82]Beuse come tomorrow,you won't remember I did. 因为到了明天 你就会忘记 我所说的话
[19:24.63]Daniel,the real oceanic flight 815 crashed on an island-- Daniel 真正的大洋航空815航班是 坠毁在一个岛上的...
[19:29.79]a special island with unique scientific properties. 一个拥有独特科研价值的岛
[19:36.78]I want to send you to the island. 我想把你送到这个岛上
[19:41.08]It will further your research,show you things you'd never dream of. 那会促进你的研究 让你看到从未看过的东西
[19:48.61]But more importantly it will heal you,daniel-- 但更重要的是会治好你 Daniel...
[19:54.21]your mind,your memory. 你的大脑 你的记忆
[19:59.19]H-heal me? 治好我?
[20:05.90]W-why are you doing all this for me? 为什么要为我做这些?
[20:10.80]Because you're a man of tremeous gifts,and it would be a shame to see them go to waste. 因为你天赋禀异 不应该就这么浪费掉
[20:19.97]you sound like my mother. 你跟我妈一个腔调
[20:25.18]that's because we're old friends. 我们是老朋友
[20:35.88]You're mother is an other? 你母亲也是"其他人"中的一个?
[20:38.48]You met her,actually,when the island was skipping,back in 1954. 其实你见过她 就是岛跳跃到1954年时
[20:42.95]They were calling her "ellie." 她们称呼她为"Ellie"
[20:43.97]You guys were in 1954? 你们去过1954年?
[20:46.92]Like... fonzie times? 像...Fonzie那个时代? (Fonzie是情景喜剧Happy Days中的人物 此剧在74-84年播出 讲的是50年代的事情)
[20:49.14]You still haven't told u why you need to find her. 你还没有告诉我们 你为什么要找到她
[20:51.27]I just need to talk to her. 我得跟她谈谈
[20:52.22]I thought you said we were supposed to lay low. 你不是跟我们说要低调么
[20:53.40]- "Whatever happened,happened"? - Just tell me where they are,and I'll go-- - "发生过的事情就是发生了"? - 跟我说他们在哪 我去...
[20:55.56]I'm not telling you anything,and you ain't going anywhere 我什么也不会告诉你 你哪也不准去
[20:58.54]unless you wanna share with us what the hell it is you're dng. 除非你告诉我们 你到底准备干什么
[21:00.75]Sawyer,he said he can get us back to where we belonged. Sawyer 他说他能送我们回到该去的地方
[21:04.29]Whether we go on the sub or we head back into the jungle... 我们无论是去潜艇还是回到丛林里...
[21:08.09]we don't belong here. 我们都不该在这里
[21:09.51]Well,I belonged here just fine till you came back,doc. 在你来之前我在这儿过的很好 医生
[21:18.37]You know where the hostiles are. 你知道敌人在哪里
[21:21.86]- What? - You and sawyer took ben out to them. - 什么? - 你和Sawyer把Ben给他们了
[21:24.79]Can you get us back out there? 你能把我们带过去么?
[21:26.18]Whoa,hold on a second. Don't say a word,kate. 喔 等等 什么也别说 Kate
[21:28.15]She can say what she wants to say. 她想说什么就说什么
[21:30.51]Kate... you made me promise to never ask what happened to aaron,or why you came back here. Kate... 你让我承诺永远不问Aaron的事情 还有你为何回来
[21:36.24]But I know that reason isn'T... it isn't here. 但是我知道原因... 不在这里
[21:39.41]it's not now. 不是现在
[21:41.87]Whatever her reason is,helping H.G. Wells here talk to his mommy ain't got nothing to do with it. 无论原因是什么 也于帮助H.G. Wells(科幻小说家)找他妈说话无关
[21:48.61]Come with us,freckles. 跟我们走吧 雀斑女
[21:55.98]The code for the fence is 1-4-1-7-1-7. 防护栏的密码是141717
[22:01.72]You should take daniel. 带上Daniel
[22:04.10]It's over here for us anyway. 反正我们在这里也呆不下去了
[22:10.93]Okay. 好的
[22:13.94]Let's go. 走吧
[22:15.67]great. Great. Thank you. 太好了 太好了 谢谢了
[22:18.72]Hey,miles,can you drive us? 嘿 Miles 能帮我们开车么?
[22:31.96]when you realize you've made a huge mistake... 当你意识到犯了大错...
[22:34.92]we'll be back at the beach,right where we started. 我们会在海滩上 一切开始的地方
[22:44.18]All right,the rest of us-- 好的 剩下的人
[22:45.63]pack anything you can carry,meet back here in 20 minutes. 装上你们能带走的 20分钟后在这儿见
[22:54.34]time to go. 该走了
[23:03.47]These people are not gonna be happy to see us. 那些人不愿见我们
[23:06.29]It might be a good idea to bring some guns. 最好带几把枪
[23:08.38]There's a gun safe in the motor pool,but it's locked. 车辆调配场有枪支保险箱 不过锁上了
[23:12.24]Good thing I'm a janitor then. 还好我是看门的
[23:15.40]hey,dan? 嘿 Dan?
[23:17.43]I'll meet you at the motor pool. I need just a minute. Okay? 我一会儿过去 等我一下 好吧?
[23:41.49]I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner. 晚饭前我不该吃巧克力的
[23:49.44]it's okay,sweetheart. I won't tell. 没事儿 亲爱的 我不告诉别人
[23:56.97]My name's charlotte. What's yours? 我叫Charlotte 你呢?
[24:01.85]I'm daniel. I'm new here. 我叫Daniel 新来的
[24:09.42]Listen. 听着
[24:11.67]Do you know dr. Chang? Yeah? 你认识张博士吧? 是不?
[24:16.24]Hopefully really soon, 过一会
[24:18.46]dr. Chang is gonna ask a bunch of peopl to get on the submarine and leave the island. 张博士会让一群人登上潜艇 离开小岛
[24:26.13]when he does,you anyour mommy... 如果这样
[24:29.75]you're gonna have to leave. 你和你妈妈就要离开
[24:32.54]In case what I do doesn't work,you cannot be here. 万一我没成功 你不能在这儿
[24:37.21]You have to leave. 你得走
[24:42.80]tried to avoid telling you this. 我试过不告诉你这些
[24:44.86]I didn't think I could change things. 但是我觉得我改变不了什么
[24:50.13]But maybe I can. 但是也许我可以
[25:04.85]hey,how long will it take us to get up there? 嘿 我们去那儿要多久?
[25:06.41]Uh,it depends. We can take the road until we hit the pylons, 看情况 我们可开车到防护栏那里
[25:08.98]but then once we're in their territory,we gotta go on foot. 但是到了他们的领地我们就得走路了
[25:11.25]Okay. 好的
[25:12.50]Uh,do you have something for a beginner? 有给初学者用的没?
[25:20.26]let's go. 走吧
[25:23.92]That's ready to go. 这个就行
[25:25.93]What's going on here? 你们干嘛呢?
[25:29.53]Aren't you one of the physicists off the sub? 你不是潜艇上下来的物理学家么?
[25:32.57]Yeah,that's right.Uh,we were just making sure that-- 对 是的 我来看看...
[25:34.76]you're supposed to be out at the swan site. 你该在天鹅站那边
[25:39.14]Right. Uh,there was-- there was an accident at the orchid station. 是 嗯 是这样... 幽兰站出了点事
[25:43.74]- Dr. Chang asked us to help. - he's got a gun. - 张博士让我们帮忙 - 他有枪
[25:46.34]I just left dr. Chang. He's at home with his wife and baby. You're lying. 我刚从张博士家出来 他和妻儿在家呢 你撒谎
[25:50.62]Now drop the guns and get down on the ground! 把枪扔了 趴下!
[25:54.09]Listen to me. LteN. You really do not understand what's happening here. 听我说 你不知道发生了什么
[25:57.33]You have no idea. We have no time. We have to leave. All right? 你不懂 没时间了 我们得走 知道不?
[26:01.44]So we're just gonna leave. Okay? 我们要走 知道不?
[26:03.35]Nobody's--no... 谁也... 谁...
[26:14.10]Are you okay? 你没事吧?
[26:22.75]I think we can make it to the jeeP. 我们开吉普车走吧
[26:24.95]All right. I'll cover you. Dan? You go,too,all right? 好的 我掩护 Dan? 你也去 好吧?
[26:28.58]Go,go,go! 走 走 走!
[27:02.33]sound the alarm! 拉警报!
[27:32.44]hello,daniel. 你好 Daniel
[27:34.77]Mother. 妈
[27:37.73]when did you get here? 你什么时候来的?
[27:39.47]Oh,I just arrived. I would have called you,but... 我刚来 我想打电话的 但是...
[27:43.04]I would have forgotten anyway. 反正我也会忘掉
[27:48.06]I hear you have been offered a joB. 我听说你有了个新工作
[27:52.92]How do you know that? 你怎么知道的?
[27:55.19]Well,it's my business to know. 当母亲的本分
[27:58.48]I came here,daniel,to tell you that it is very important 我来告诉你 Daniel
[28:02.86]that you say yes to mr. Widmore... 你同意Widmore先生的邀请 是很重要的...
[28:06.80]that you accept this opportunity. 抓住这个机会
[28:12.60]I can'T. 我不能
[28:16.60]He needs someone who can do really,really complex space-time calibrations 他需要人做特别特别复杂的时空校准
[28:21.50]and calculate bearings,and I just... 以及计算方位 我...
[28:25.21]I don't know how to do that anymore. 我已经不知道怎样做了
[28:27.30]Daniel... Daniel...
[28:29.36]This place he mentioned to you,this island-- 他跟你提的这个地方 这个岛...
[28:34.34]did he tell you that it could make you better? 他跟你说过那会让你情况好转么?
[28:42.66]What if it's true? 如果是真的呢?
[28:44.62]Why,then you could go on with your work. 那样你就能继续你的研究了
[28:48.06]Just think of all you could accomplish. 想想那样你能得到什么
[28:53.60]You really want me to... to go? 你真的那么... 想让我去?
[28:58.66]Yes. 是的
[29:03.64]Will... 那...
[29:05.74]will it make you proud of me? 那你会为我自豪么?
[29:12.84]yes,daniel. It will. 是的 Daniel 我会的
[29:26.67]then I'll do it. 那我去
[29:45.24]You remember the code? 你记得密码么?
[29:46.36]Yeah,I got it. 记得
[29:48.57]All right,i'm gonna take a look at that. 好的 我来看看伤的怎么样了
[29:52.34]Yeah,good. It's just a graze. 嗯 还好 只是擦伤
[29:57.40]- this is gonna sting. - Yeah. - 会有点疼 - 嗯
[30:03.26]Yeah,you're gonna be fine. 会好的
[30:05.71]I guess I'm lucky. 我很幸运
[30:08.34]what's luck have to do with it? 运气和那有什么关系?
[30:10.31]I thought you said whatever happened,happened. 你不是说发生过的事情就是发生了么?
[30:11.84]You gotta understand,jack,this is our present. 你得明白 Jack 这是我们的现在
[30:15.97]When we met,did I have a scar on my neck? 我们相见的时候 我脖子上有疤么?
[30:18.53]No. 没有
[30:20.16]'Cause I hadn't been shot yet. 因为我还没被枪打中
[30:22.45]We can't be so naive as to think nothing can happen to us. 我们不能天真的认为 什么都不会发生
[30:28.31]Any one of us can die,jack. 我们中任何一个人都有可能死去 Jack
[30:30.81]okay. It's off. 好了 关了
[30:35.93]thanks. 谢了
[30:40.76]Which way? 哪边?
[30:42.58]Just a couple miles in. 还有几英里
[30:52.58]Do you think he knows what he's doing? 你认为他知道 接下来该怎么做么?
[30:55.32]I sure hope so. 但愿吧
[30:57.92]There's no turning back now. 已经没有回头路了
[31:06.26]you called it the minute those yahoos got here. 那些野蛮人刚来你就预料到了
[31:08.93]I shoulda listened to you. 我该听你的
[31:12.27]You can say,"I told you so." 你可以说"早就告诉你了"
[31:14.03]Maybe after we get to the beach. 去了海滩那边再说吧
[31:19.10]you still got my back? 你不会离开我吧?
[31:23.75]You still got mine? 你呢?
[31:38.61]that's not good,right? 这可不是好兆头 是吧?
[31:46.33]lafleur! Lafleur!
[31:49.14]where have you been? 你去哪了?
[31:50.69]Take it easy,stu. What the hell's going on? 冷静点 Stu 怎么回事?
[31:53.00]I just got shot by a physicist,and the new recruits are helping him. 我被一个物理学家打伤了 新招来的那些人在帮他
[31:58.37]We've been infiltrated. 我们被渗透了
[31:59.62]That's ridiculous. Now just calm down for a minute. We can talk about this. 没道理 先歇口气 我们可以慢慢谈
[32:05.62]what was that? 什么声音?
[32:07.07]It sounded like it was from outside. 好像是外面的
[32:25.29]get down on the ground now. 给我跪下
[32:29.22]I said now! 快点!
[32:52.57]thank you. 谢谢
[32:55.93]You need a gun to go talk to your mother,dan? 跟你妈妈谈话还需要带抢去么 Daniel?
[33:00.69]You don't know my mother,jack. 你不了解我妈妈 Jack
[33:06.09]you ready to tell me why she was wrong? 能不能告诉我她为什么说错了?
[33:08.31]Why we don't belong here? 我们为什么不属于这里?
[33:20.15]In about four hours,the dharma folks at the swan work site-- 大概4小时后 在天鹅站的Dharma工作人员...
[33:25.25]they're gonna--gonna drill into the ground and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy. 他们会在地上钻孔 然后意外地发现 一个储存大量能量的地方
[33:31.61]The result of the release of this energy would be catastrophic. 直接释放这些能量的结果 将会是非常致命的
[33:36.34]So in order to contain it,they're gonna have to cement the entire area in,like chernobyl. 为了束缚住这些能量 他们要用水泥 封住整个区域 就像切尔诺贝利一样
[33:42.93]And this containment--the place they built over it-- 而这个束缚能量的装置
[33:46.01]I believe you called it "the hatch." 我想就是你们称之为"舱口"的东西
[33:49.38]The swan hatch? 天鹅站舱口?
[33:53.18]Because of this one accident, 由于这一次意外
[33:57.30]these people are gonna spend the next 20 years keeping that energy at bay... 这些人就必须在接下来的20年里 一直束缚住这个能量
[34:03.42]by pressing a button... 也就是不停地按按钮...
[34:06.59]a button that your friend desmond will one day fail to push, 而你们的朋友 Desmond 某一天 会忘了按那些按钮
[34:12.79]and that will cause your plane-- 其结果就是导致你们的飞机...
[34:15.34]oceanic 815-- to crash on this island. 大洋航空815航班... 坠毁到这个小岛上
[34:20.62]And because your plane crashed,a freighter will be sent to this island-- 而由于你们的飞机坠毁了 一艘货船会被派到这个岛来...
[34:23.95]a freighter I was on and charlotte was on and so forth. 而我和Charlotte会在那艘船上... 如此等等
[34:26.57]This entire chain of events-- it's gonna start happening this afternoon. 这是整个时间链的开端... 今天下午即将发生
[34:33.31]But... we can change that. 不过... 我们可以改变这一切
[34:37.17]I studied relativistic physics my entire life. 我这一生都在研究相对论物理
[34:40.54]One ing emerged er and over-- 同样的事情一次又一次发生...
[34:43.66]can't change the past. Can't do it. Whatever happened,happened. All right? 我们改变不了过去 发生过的事情就是发生了 是吧?
[34:48.75]But then I finally realized... 不过我后来终于意识到...
[34:52.69]I had been spending so much time focused on the constants,I forgot about the variables. 我把大部分时间都花在研究常量上了 可却忘记了变量的存在
[35:01.13]Do you know what the variables in these equations are,jack? 你知道这些公式中的变量是什么吗 Jack?
[35:04.85]- no. - Us. - 不知道 - 是我们
[35:07.58]We're the variables. People. 我们就是变量 人
[35:10.63]We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. 我们善于思考 寻根问底 做出选择 我们根据自己的意愿行事
[35:14.97]We can change our destiny. 我们可以改变自己的命运
[35:21.25]I think I can negate that energy under the swan. 我想我能搞定天鹅站下面的那个能量
[35:25.66]I think I can destroy it. 我能摧毁它
[35:28.06]If I can,then that hatch will never be built,and your plane... 如果我成功了 就不会建造那个舱口 你们的飞机...
[35:34.26]your plane will land,just like it's supposed to,in los angeles. 你们的飞机也会正常降落到洛杉矶
[35:45.66]And just how exactly do you plan on destroying this energy? 那你准备怎样摧毁那个能量?
[35:52.29]I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb. 去引爆一枚氢弹
[36:06.33]Satellite pharmacy... 卫星药局...
[36:08.42]daniel faraday? Daniel Faraday?
[36:10.38]Your son is daniel faraday? 您儿子是Daniel Faraday?
[36:13.85]yes. 是的
[36:15.85]That's the man who sent desmond to los angeles to find you. 就是他让Desmond去洛杉矶找你?
[36:19.50]That's right. 对
[36:21.58]I came,penelope,to apologize. 我就是来道歉的
[36:25.27]Your husband has become a casualty in a conflict that's bigger than him, 让你丈夫卷入这场不该参与的冲突之中
[36:31.54]that's bigger than any of us. 我们大家都难以承受
[36:33.07]What do you mean? Is des gonna be okay? 什么意思? 他不会有事吧?
[36:35.44]I don't know. 不知道
[36:38.25]For the first time in a long time,I don't know what's going to happen next. 这么长时间以来 我还是第一次 对接下来即将发生的事情感到迷茫
[36:45.79]- ms.Hume? - Yes? - Hume女士? - 什么事?
[36:47.90]Your husband's in the recovery room,and he's asking for you. 您丈夫已经被送到术后恢复病房了 他请求见您
[36:50.80]- The recoveryoom?Is he-- - he's doing fine. - 恢复病房? 他已经... - 他的状况很好
[36:53.18]Come with me. This nurse will watch your son. 跟我来 这位护士会看好您儿子的
[37:17.21]I thought I'd lost you. 我还以为会失去你了
[37:23.11]I promised you,penny. 我向你保证过 Penny
[37:26.39]I promised you... 向你保证过...
[37:31.41]I'd never leave you again. 再也不会丢下你了
[37:50.17]Is he all right? 他还好吧?
[37:55.72]Yes,charles. He's fine. 是的 Charles 他没事
[38:00.49]Good. 很好
[38:02.67]Your daughter's in there. 你女儿在那儿
[38:04.70]Why don't you go in and say hello? 怎么不进去打声招呼?
[38:06.91]Unfortunately,eloise,my relationship with penelope is one of the things I had to sacrifice. 很不幸 Eloise 有很多东西我是必须得牺牲的 我和Penelope之间的关系就是其中之一
[38:13.11]Sacrifice? 牺牲?
[38:15.14]Don't you talk to me about sacrifice,charles. 不要跟我讲什么牺牲 Charles
[38:18.96]I had to send my son back to the island,knowing full well that-- 我不得不把我儿子送上岛 而且知道他肯定会...
[38:22.60]he was my son,too,eloise. 他也是我的儿子 Eloise
[38:47.29]this is a mistake. 不应该是这样
[38:49.94]He's talking about erasing everything that's ever happened to us,jack. 他说要把我们身上 之前发生的一切都擦除掉 Jack
[38:53.27]It's insane. 这太疯狂了
[38:54.94]We disappeared off a plane in mid-air and ended up in 1977. 我们从一架飞机上凭空消失 然后莫名其妙就到了1977年
[38:58.68]I'm getting kinda used to insane. 我已经习惯了这种疯狂
[39:00.59]well,that should be enough. 好了 应该够了
[39:07.22]I think we need more water. 我想还需要些水
[39:19.31]wish me luck. 祝我好运吧
[39:20.74]- Wait. - No,let him go. Let him go. - 等等 - 不 让他去 让他去
[39:42.14]back up. Step away. It's okay. 退后 让开 没事的
[39:45.55]Nobody move. 都不许动
[39:47.28]I only want to speak to eloise. 我只想见Eloise
[39:51.23]Where is eloise? Come on. Where is she? Eloise在哪? 快说 她在哪?
[39:55.21]I'm sorry,but elo-- 抱歉 不过 Elo...
[39:58.80]she's not here right now. 她现在不在
[40:04.39]Do we know each other? 我们认识么?
[40:07.28]It doesn't matter. 这不要紧
[40:09.14]I need you to take me to eloise. 我要你带我去见Eloise
[40:10.93]I-I already told you she's not here. Let's just take it easy. 我已经跟你说了 她现在不在 别紧张 好吗
[40:12.88]Where's the bomb,richard? 炸弹在哪儿 Richard?
[40:15.18]The hydrogen bomb that I told you people to bury--where is it? 氢弹 我让你的人埋起来的那颗 在哪儿?
[40:19.42]Listen to me. Lower your gun,and we'll talk. Okay? 听我说 把枪放下 我们可以慢慢谈 好么?
[40:22.13]Nobody has to get hurt here. Just put the gun down. 没人会受伤 把枪放下
[40:24.47]I'm gonna give you three seconds. One... 我给你三秒钟 1...
[40:28.64]- don't do this. - TwO... - 别这样 - 2...
[40:44.41]- why did you do that? - He had a gun on you. - 干嘛要开枪? - 他用枪指着你
[40:46.27]He wasn't gonna shoot me,eloise. 他不会开枪的 Eloise
[40:51.03]eloise. Eloise
[40:57.13]you knew.******* 你知道 你总是知道的
[41:04.12]you knew this was gonna happen. 你知道会这样的
[41:06.90]You sent me here. 是你派我来的
[41:13.85]Who are you? 你是谁?
[41:17.27]I... I'm your son. 我... 我是你儿子
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