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[00:00.89]Previously on "lost"... 前情提要
[00:05.59]hello,ben. 嗨 Ben
[00:07.72]- You're alive. - Yes,I am. - 你还活着 - 是的
[00:10.25]Are you saying you know how to find them? How to find jin? 你是在说你知道如何找到他们? 知道如何找到Jin?
[00:13.19]I have some ideas. 我有办法
[00:14.44]So you knew this would happen to locke if we brought him back here? 这么说 你早就知道如果我们把Locke带到这 他就会活过来?
[00:19.31]Dead is dead. 死了就是死了
[00:22.21]You don't get to come back from that. 不可能再活过来了
[00:25.76]The dharma folks at the swan work site-- 天鹅站里那些达摩组织的人...
[00:27.87]they're gonna drill into the ground and cidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy, 他们将会向地下进行钻探 并会在无意中钻开一个巨大的能量区
[00:31.94]and that will cause your plane-- oceanic 815-- to crash on this island. 这将导致你们乘坐的大洋航空815航班 坠毁在这座岛上
[00:38.53]I think I can negate that energy. 我想我有办法抵消这股能量
[00:40.74]If I can,then that hatch will never be built, 要是我做到了 就不会有人修建那个舱口
[00:44.57]and your plane will land just like it's supposed to. 你们的飞机也就能按计划着陆
[00:47.97]And just how exactly do you plan on destroying this energy? 那你究竟打算如何抵消那股能量?
[00:51.54]I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb. 我将会引暴一枚氢弹
[00:59.34]Where's the bomb,richard? Where is it? 炸弹在哪呢 Richard? 在哪呢?
[01:01.81]The hydrogen bomb that I told your people to bury. Where is it? 就是那枚我叫你的人埋起来的氢弹 它在哪?
[01:05.91]Listen to me. Lower your gun,and we'll talk. Okay? 听我说 放下枪 咱们好好谈 好吗?
[01:08.46]Nobody has to get hurt here. Just put the gun down. 我保证没人会受到伤害 把枪放下
[01:17.10]I'm gonna give you three seconds. 我给你三秒钟
[01:20.32]- One... - don't do this. - 1... - 请别这样
[01:24.10]What's he doing down there? 他在干什么呢?
[01:25.79]- Jack,he's crazy. - Is he? - Jack 他疯了 - 是么?
[01:29.96]What if this is why we're here? 如果这就是我们来到这里的原因呢?
[01:33.84]What if this is our one chance to put things back the way they're supposed to ? 如果着这就是咱们重回正轨的唯一机会呢?
[01:42.38]- no. - What the hell do you think you're doing? - 不 - 你想干什么?
[01:44.23]- They shot him! I'm gonna go help. - Yeah,they're gonna shoot you,too. - 他们朝他开枪了! 我得去救他 - 他们也会朝你开枪的
[01:46.04]We have to go,jack. We have to go now. 咱们得赶快离开这 Jack 咱们现在就得离开
[01:54.99]- jack! - don't you move! - Jack! - 不许动!
[02:00.03]don't move. 别动
[02:13.61]just who the bloody hell might you be? 你到底是什么人?
[02:36.81]eloise! Eloise!
[02:39.47]What happened? 怎么回事?
[02:44.07]This man walked into camp and put a gun to my head,d eloise... reacted. 这家伙闯到营地里来 还用枪指着我的头 于是Elosie开枪了
[02:48.02]Where'd you find them? 这些人哪抓到的?
[02:50.03]Crouched in the bushes... like rats. 在树丛里蹲着... 跟耗子似的
[02:52.69]Did you two come here with this man? 你们俩和这家伙是一伙的吗?
[02:58.00]Yes. 是的
[03:02.08]Put them in my tent. 把他们押到我帐篷里去
[03:06.45]Would you care to tell me,eloise,why the dharma initiative seems to have declared war on us? 告诉我 Eloise 达摩组织的人为什么要向我们宣战?
[03:13.49]These people aren't from the dharma initiative,charles. 这几个人不是达摩组织的 Charles
[03:21.27]Then where the hell are they from? 那他们是从哪来的?
[03:27.71]****** 30年后
[03:54.32]richard,he's here. Richard 他来了
[04:09.84]I brought dinner. 我把晚饭带来了
[04:11.74]John? John?
[04:16.96]Hello,richard it's been a whilE. 嗨 Richard 好久不见
[04:23.38]it's--it's been,uh,three years. 已经... 三年了
[04:27.67]What happened? What--where--where were you? 发生了什么? 你去哪了?
[04:30.38]I'll explain on the way. 路上慢慢和你说
[04:33.21]- On the way where? - It's gonna be night soon. - 去哪儿? - 天就快黑了
[04:36.00]You and I have an errand to run,and we don't have a lot of time. 你我还有重要的事去做 咱们没有多少时间了
[04:43.77]What's wrong? 怎么啦?
[04:46.66]Something different about you. 你和原来有些不一样了
[04:50.70]I have a purpose now. 因为如今我有目标了
[05:00.95]What's he doing here? 他来干什么?
[05:03.23]He helped me get back. 是他帮我回来的
[05:11.42]Why did locke say these were his people? Locke之前为什么说这些人都归他管?
[05:13.75]I thought they were yours. 我一直以为他们是你的人
[05:15.40]When I left the island,john stepped in. 我离开岛后 John代替了我
[05:18.56]He's the leader now. 现在他是老大
[05:20.60]Who's that man he's talking to? 和他说话的人又是谁?
[05:22.90]His name is richard alpert. 他叫Richard alpert
[05:25.11]He's a kind of... advisor. 他是这里的... 顾问
[05:30.83]And he has had that job for a very,very long time. 他干这工作已经相当... 相当长了
[05:41.11]Sun? What are you... Sun? 你想干什么...
[05:45.41]were you here in 1977? 1977年时你在不在这?
[05:49.39]Excuse me? 什么?
[05:51.28]These people... jack shephard,kate austen,hugo reyes. 这几个人... Jack Shephard Kate Austen Hugo Reyes
[05:56.29]They were here with my husband-- jin kwon. 他们当时和我老公在一起 Jin Kwon
[06:00.66]Were you here? 你当时在不在这?
[06:03.56]Do you remember them? A-any of them? 你记不记得这些人? 任何一个?
[06:08.54]Yes,I was here 30 years ago. And I do. I remember these people. 是的 30年前我的确在这 我也的确记得这几个人
[06:12.69]I remember meeting them very clearly,because... 当时见面的情景我历历在目 因为...
[06:19.61]I watched them all die. 我亲眼目睹他们都死掉了
[06:45.14]LOST Season05 Episode15 迷失 第五季 第15集
[06:55.03]Drink of water? 喝点水吧?
[06:57.94]Do you think it's true? They're all dead? 你说这是真的吗? 他们都死了?
[07:01.71]I don't think we went through all this for nothing,sun. 我们经历了这么多 我觉得不会空手而归的 Sun
[07:04.55]I'm ready,john. 我准备好了 John
[07:09.16]You still have that compass I gave you? 我给你的那个罗盘还带着吗?
[07:16.89]A little rusty,but she can still find north. 有点生锈了 但还能用
[07:21.27]Ben,I'd appreciate it if you'd join us. Ben 能不能和我们一起走一趟?
[07:23.28]What,john,don't you trust me here with my former people? 怎么 John 你不放心我和我的老部下待在一起?
[07:27.36]Afraid I'll stage a coup? 怕我策划政变?
[07:28.81]I'm not afraid of anything you can do anymore,ben. 你再做什么我都不会怕了 Ben
[07:34.84]- Well,in that case,I'd love to come. - Good. - 要这么说 我倒愿意奉陪 - 很好
[07:39.55]Stay here. We'll be back in a couple of hours. I'll see what I can find out. 在这等着 我们过几个小时就会回来了 看看我能不能找到点什么
[07:44.04]But whatever happens,sun,you have my word-- 但不管发生什么 Sun 我向你保证...
[07:46.29]if there's a way for you and jin to be together again,if there's a way to save our people... 如果有办法让你们夫妻重聚 如果能把咱们的人救出来
[07:52.93]I'll find it. 我一定能找到
[08:06.34]take it easy on her. 别太难为她
[08:10.27]don't talk. Understand? 闭嘴 听见没?
[08:21.17]are you okay? 你没事吧?
[08:25.52]yeah. 没事
[08:32.61]you ow,before we were caught... 咱们被抓之前...
[08:36.85]you said that we needed put things back the way they were supposed to be. 你说我们要让一切重回正轨
[08:45.01]What did you mean by that? 那话是什么意思?
[08:48.54]If we can do what faraday said... 要是我们能做到Faraday所说的...
[08:51.98]r plane never crashes... 咱们那班飞机就不会坠毁...
[08:54.79]flight 815 lands in los angeles. 815航班将于洛杉机着陆
[08:57.57]And everyone we lost since we got here... 从咱们到这后失去的每一个人...
[09:04.25]they'd all be alive. 都会活下来
[09:06.82]And what about us? 那我们呢?
[09:11.03]We just...go on living our life 我们... 也会继续各自的生活
[09:15.03]because we've never met? 因为咱们根本不会相遇
[09:19.43]All the misery that we've been through... 我们所经历过的所有磨难...
[09:22.11]we'd just wipe it clean. Never happened. 都将被抺去 因为从未发生过
[09:24.73]It was not all misery. 也不全是磨难
[09:33.57]enough of it was. 那也够让人受的了
[09:44.52]The man I shot... 我打死的那个人...
[09:46.86]what did he need the bomb for? 他要那个炸弹做什么?
[09:54.58]I need you to tell me why he wanted the bomb. 告诉我 他为什么想要那个炸弹
[09:58.34]I don't think you'd believe me if I did. 我看就算我说了你也不一定信
[10:07.71]When I was 17 years old,I took a young man to the bomb. 17岁那年 我曾带一个人 去过放炸弹的地方
[10:13.09]He proceeded to tell me that if we buried it underground, 他说要是我们把炸弹埋到地下去
[10:16.29]then things would work out splendidly. 事情就会好起来
[10:18.47]When I asked him how he could be so sure... 我问他凭什么这么肯定...
[10:22.94]he said that he was from the future. 他说他来自未来
[10:28.69]And then he disappeared,right in front of my bloody eyes. 然后 他就消失了 就在我的眼前
[10:35.13]Ten minutes ago,I shot that man in the back. 10分钟前 我从那人背后给了他一枪
[10:40.63]And before he... died... 他在临死前...
[10:45.10]he told me that he... 跟我说...
[10:48.15]he said he was my son. 他是我的儿子
[10:53.34]Explain to me... 给我解释一下...
[10:56.28]and you have my word i will believe you. 我说话算话 我相信你
[11:03.73]How is this my handwriting if I don't remember writing it? 这上面为什么会有我的笔迹? 我根不不记得有写过这种东西
[11:14.10]Because you haven't written it yet. 因为你现在还没有写
[11:18.11]I know this is hard to understand,but... 我知道这很难理解 但...
[11:22.62]what you just did... 你刚才所做的...
[11:25.66]it was an accident,and I think that there's a way for you to take it all back. 纯属意外 而且我认为 你有方法能够阻止
[11:32.76]What? 什么?
[11:34.22]Your son came back here because he had figured out a way to change things. 你儿子回来这里 全因 他想出了改变那一切的方法
[11:40.28]He doesn't have to be dead. 他没有必要去死
[11:41.53]You don't have to have killed him. 你不一定要杀掉他
[11:44.30]If we do what's written in that journal... 要是我们按那本日记所说的去做...
[11:49.25]none of this will have happened. 这一切就都不会发生
[11:55.46]Does he know what he's talking about? 他知道自己在说啥么?
[11:58.56]He thinks he does. 他当然知道
[12:09.64]All right then,I'll take you to the bomb. 那样好吧 我带你们到炸弹处
[12:14.92]Just... one small issue,however. 只有 一个小问题
[12:19.84]We secured it over 20 years ago underground. 20年前我们为安全起见埋在了地下
[12:22.80]But since that time,it appears that someone's built an entire village over it. 可后来 人们在上面建起了定居点
[12:30.19]The dharma initiative? 达摩计划?
[12:33.28]However... 然而...
[12:35.14]it appears that you two have been passing yourselves off as members,so... 似乎你们有达摩成员的身份 所以...
[12:39.08]I suppose coming and going will be relatively simple. 我想进出会比较方便
[12:43.69]ah,it might be a little bit more complicated than that. 唉 情况可能有点复杂
[13:00.85]that woman-- where is she now? 那女人 现在在哪儿?
[13:06.15]Call my lawyer. 问我的律师
[13:09.21]stuart! What the hell are you doing? Stuart! 你在干什么?
[13:11.68]I'm getting answers. Where is she? 我在逼供 她在哪里?
[13:18.72]Stop! Damn it,stop. That is an order. 住手! 该死 住手 这是命令
[13:21.94]- I'm still in charge here. - No,you were in charge,horace. - 我还是这里的主管 - 不 现在不是了 Horace
[13:25.88]But if we're gonna protect our people and all the work we're doing here, 如果还想保护我们 以及这里的工程的话
[13:29.31]you don't have the stomach for what happens next. 你根本没有胆量来应付 即将发生的事情
[13:38.54]Phil. Phil
[13:49.70]okay,jim,last chance. 好 Jim 最后机会
[13:52.04]You tell me where she is... 告诉我她在哪里...
[13:58.79]or so help me god,I will kill you. 否则老天也阻止不了我杀掉你
[14:07.13]You ready to talk now? 准备开口了么?
[14:11.75]nope. 不
[14:14.78]believe me,I'm gettin' tired of this too,jim. 听我说 我已经有点烦了 Jim
[14:17.29]So why don't you tell me where your girlfriend took the boy? 那你何不告诉我你女友 把那小男孩带到哪里了?
[14:20.87]She bring him to the hostiles? 带他到敌人那里了?
[14:24.00]You know where they are? 你知道他们在哪里?
[14:30.69]Stop! Please! 住手! 求求你!
[14:33.99]You want me to stop? Then tell me what I want to know! 你想我住手? 那就回答我的问题!
[14:36.79]stuart,please. Stuart 求求你
[14:39.51]We have known each other for three years. 我们已经认识三年了
[14:43.15]We are not bad people! We are not here to hurt you! 我们不是坏人! 我们不会害你!
[14:46.88]juliet... Juliet...
[14:50.25]don'T. 别
[14:54.28]whatever you tell 'em,they ain't gonna believe you. 你跟他们说什么 他们也不会信
[14:59.04]it's only gonna get more people hurt. 只会连累到更多人
[15:03.73]What are we doing,man? 你想干什么 伙计?
[15:06.31]Beating him is pointless. Okay? 打他也没用 知道么?
[15:09.16]- He's not gonna talk. - I can make him talk. - 他是不会说的 - 我能逼他说
[15:21.24]- Son of a bitch! - easy. Easy. - 狗娘养的! - 别动 别动
[15:23.61]You're a dead man,phil. 你死定了 Phil
[15:29.57]I'm gonna kill you. 我会杀掉你的
[15:31.42]mr. Radzinsky? There's still no sign of miles or jin. Radzinsky先生? 还是找不到Miles和Jin
[15:35.17]But the recruits from last week... 但上周新招的人...
[15:37.24]I got their sub's manifest from amy. 我从Amy拿到的潜艇乘客名单
[15:39.24]There were three last-minute add-ons. 有三个人最后一刻才加上
[15:41.30]They were the two people that shot at you-- shephard and austen-- 开枪打你的两人 Shephard和Austen
[15:43.88]and one guy we can't track down. 还有一个我们找不着的人
[15:45.68]He's gotta be a part of this. 他肯定和这事情有关
[15:50.05]Who the hell is hugo reyes? Hugo Reyes是谁?
[15:52.54]He's the fat guy. 就是那个胖子
[16:31.01]- so what's the rescue plan? - Rescue plan? We're heading to the beach. - 拯救计划是什么? - 拯救计划? 我们要去海滩
[16:33.72]Why do you think we sent you for food? 要不为啥叫你拿食物?
[16:35.79]But they got sawyer and juliet. 但他们抓了Sawyer和Juliet
[16:38.73]And there are 30 of them,and they all have guns. 他们有30人 全都有枪
[16:41.17]The only people we can rescue is our ourselves,so let's go. 我们只能靠自己了 走吧
[16:43.37]We gotta do something. I mean,sawyerould never leave us behind. 我们得做点什么 要是我们被抓 Sawyer不会抛下我们不管
[16:54.03]dr. Chang? What are you doing here? 张博士? 你在这里干什么?
[16:58.55]I could ask u the same question. 我也想问你同样的问题
[17:01.40]But we asked you first. 但是我们先问的
[17:04.80]Your friend faraday said that you were from the future. 你们朋友Faraday说你们来自未来
[17:08.45]I need to know if he was telling the truth. 我想知道他说的是不是真话
[17:13.34]Dude,that's ridiculous. 老兄 那太荒唐了
[17:16.30]What year were you born? What year? 你生于哪一年? 哪一年?
[17:19.91]- 1931? - You're 46? - 1931? - 你已经46岁?
[17:23.34]Yeah. Yes,I am. 对 没错
[17:25.59]So you fought in the korean war? 那你参加过朝鲜战争?
[17:29.53]There's no such thinG. 都没有发生过
[17:33.58]Who's the president of the united states? 美国总统是谁?
[17:38.02]All right,dude,we're from the future. Sorry. 好了 伙计 我们来自未来 抱歉
[17:45.02]It's true then? 那就是真的咯?
[17:48.95]You are my son? 你是我儿子?
[17:53.88]Yeah,it's true. 对 是真的
[17:58.96]Your friend--the physicist-- he also told me to evacuate everyone I could off the island. 你朋友 那物理学家 还叫我 撤离岛上的人
[18:03.90]He said there was going to be a massive accident at the swan. Now is that true? 他说天鹅站将有严重事故 这也是真的么?
[18:11.75]He's been right about everything so far. 到目前为止他都说中了
[18:14.36]If faraday said get people off the island... 要是Faraday说要撤离...
[18:20.46]I'd do it. 我会听他的
[18:24.53]Well,then let's hope he knows what he's doing. 那只希望他知道自己在做什么
[18:35.08]tell me something. 告诉我
[18:37.50]Why is it that this man looks... 为啥那男人长得...
[18:41.32]familiar to me? 那么眼熟?
[18:43.87]Richard... you and erik are coming with me. Richard... 你和Erik跟我来
[18:48.06]Going with you where? 和你去哪里?
[18:50.11]You can untie them. And... 你可以把他们松绑 还有...
[18:52.90]would you mind giving us a moment? 我们能私下谈谈么?
[19:08.22]I'm taking them to the bomb. 我要把他们带到炸弹那里
[19:10.03]What? are you insane? 什么? 你疯了吗?
[19:15.42]I'm worried about you. Not in your condition. 我很担心你 你看上去不太好
[19:24.77]who is he? 他是谁?
[19:30.14]The man you're asking about,jack,is charles widmore. 你问的那个男人 Jack 他是Charles Widmore
[19:35.67]He and eloise are... 他和Eloise是...
[19:39.58]well,let's just say love can be complicated. 怎么说呢 爱情是种 非常复杂的关系
[19:47.93]All right. Let's move out. 好了 走吧
[19:55.44]So,john... 那么 John...
[19:57.21]you,uh,you ready to tell me where you've been the last three years? 能告诉我过去三年到哪里去了吗?
[20:02.23]You really don't know? 你真的不知道?
[20:05.19]Well,I know that on the day that ben here turned the wheel, 我知道Ben转转盘的那天
[20:08.47]that you and I were sitting on a log. 你和我一起在树林里
[20:11.16]There was a bright light. 有一道白光
[20:13.14]There was a loud noise,and then you just. You disappeared. 很大的噪音 然后你就消失了
[20:17.51]Well,richard,you're just about to see where I disappeared to. Richard 你很快就会看到 另一个我消失的地方
[20:20.97]And after we're finished with that,I'd like you to take me to see jacob. 然后 我想你带我去见Jacob
[20:26.87]That'S... not how it works,john. 你不能这么做 John
[20:30.63]Is that true,richard? Is this gonna be a problem? 是真的吗 Richard? 这样不行?
[20:34.44]You just got back,john. There's no reason to rush into-- 你刚回来 John 不用急着...
[20:36.73]I am the leader now. Right? 现在我是领导 对吧?
[20:42.28]Yes,john. That's right. 对 John 没错
[20:43.77]Good. Then I would like you to take me to jacob. Can you do that? 很好 那我要见Jacob 你能做到么?
[20:48.69]Yeah,of course. 当然可以
[20:50.19]Fantastic. Let's keep moving. We're almost to the plane. 好极了 继续走 我们快看到飞机了
[20:55.83]What plane? 什么飞机?
[21:17.05]it's a beechcraft-- used to smuggle heroin. 比奇飞机 用来偷渡海洛因
[21:19.88]Flew out of nigeria,crashed here. 从尼日利亚起飞的 坠毁在这里
[21:23.33]All right,richard,listen very carefully 好了 Richard 认真听着
[21:24.74]because you're only gonna have about three minutes to get this right. 因为我们只有三分钟时间
[21:28.32]Get what right? 要做什么?
[21:29.60]A man's about to walk out of the jungle. 有个人将会从丛林里走出来
[21:32.09]He's been shot in the leg. 他腿部中枪
[21:36.56]you'll need this to get tullet out. 你要用这个取出子弹
[21:40.93]Uh,I'm sorry,john.I'm not-- 对不起 John 我不是...
[21:42.13]now just listen. This is the important part. 听着 这很重要
[21:45.33]You're gonna need to tell him that he has to bring everyone who left back to the island. 你得告诉他 叫他必须把 所有已经离开的人带回岛上
[21:50.93]And when he asks how to do that... 当他问如何做到...
[21:54.40]you tell him he's gonna have to die. 你告诉他 你必须得死
[22:09.70]who is that man,john? 那人是谁 John?
[22:13.00]Me. 我
[22:43.72]richard? Richard?
[22:45.87]Richard... Richard...
[22:48.00]what is happening? 怎么了?
[22:49.36]What's happening is that you're bleeding to death. 你流血过多了
[22:53.46]Okay,here. 别动
[22:58.95]I need to get the bullet out. 我要把子弹取出来
[23:03.89]How did you know there was a bullet in my leg,richard? 你怎么知道我腿上中枪 Richard?
[23:06.52]Because you told me there was,john. 因为你告诉我了 John
[23:07.94]no,no.No,I didn'T. 不...我没有
[23:11.35]Well...you will. 你会的
[23:16.84]this must be quite the out-of-body experience. 长见识了
[23:20.00]Something like that. 差不多吧
[23:22.17]Your timing was impeccable,john. 时间怎么会掐的那么准 John
[23:24.67]How did you know when to be here? 你怎么知道何时来这里?
[23:28.88]The island told me. 小岛告诉我的
[23:32.08]-Didn't it ever tell you things? -No,john. - 它从没告诉过你一些事吗? - 没有 John
[23:35.10]And clearly it hasn't told you where jacob is, 而且显然它没告诉你Jacob在哪
[23:36.95]or you wouldn't need richard to show you. 或者你不需要Richard领你去
[23:38.73]You've never seen him. 你从没见过他
[23:40.52]-What? -Jacob. - 什么? - Jacob
[23:42.66]You've never seen him,have you? 你从未见过他 对吧?
[23:54.40]what just happened? 发生什么了?
[23:57.59]Where did you go? 你去哪了?
[23:58.86]To give richard his compass back. 去把Richard的指南针找回来
[24:08.38]You want the bullet? 子弹要么?
[24:10.38]Keep it. 留着吧
[24:12.74]Everything go all right? 一切可好?
[24:14.10]Well,you--you seemed pretty convinced,especially when I said you were gonna die. 你信得服服帖帖 尤其当我说你必须得死的时候
[24:18.57]I'm certainly glad that didn't have to happen. 很高兴你没死
[24:22.35]Actually,richard,it did. 其实 Richard 我死了
[24:31.76]We better get back to camp. 回营地吧
[24:43.67]You need to evacuate the island of all nonessential personnel, 疏散全岛无关人员
[24:45.98]and you need to do it... 而且要...
[24:49.70]what the hell is going on here? 这是什么意思?
[24:50.96]Aren't you supposed to be at the swan right now,chang? 你这会不是应该在天鹅站吗 Chang?
[24:52.79]We're supposed to break ground in less than 20 hours. 我们要在20小时内把地凿穿
[24:54.99]We're under imminent threat. 发生了紧急情况
[24:56.96]If we start drilling,there's a high probability of a cataclysmic accident. 如果我们开始钻凿 很有可能会出大事
[25:00.92]We are drilling and on schedule. 必须得凿 而且要一分不差
[25:04.73]Horace,you're in charge. Horace 你来指挥
[25:06.37]He's not in charge anymore. 他不再是老大
[25:09.67]This is my decision,and it's been made. 这是我的决定 我说了算
[25:13.10]-We keep working. -Put us on the sub. - 我们继续干 - 送我们上潜艇
[25:20.41]he's right.It ain't safe. 他说得对 已经不安全了
[25:24.65]Put the women and children on the sub and get 'em the hell out of here. 女人孩子都上潜艇送走
[25:33.58]And if you put me and juliet on the sub with 'em... 要是你们把我和Juliet也一起送走
[25:37.47]we'll tell you anything you wanna know. 我们什么都告诉你
[25:45.94]You okay with that,sweetheart? 同意吗 亲爱的?
[25:49.11]Absolutely. 同意
[25:50.57]You want on that sub,jim? 你想上潜艇 Jim?
[25:58.80]Draw me a map. 把地图画下来
[26:00.53]I wanna know exactly where the hostiles are. 我要知道敌人的准确位置
[26:16.37]you two know how to swim? 你们俩懂游泳吗?
[26:19.61]Why don't we just go around it? 绕过去不就得了?
[26:21.17]No,dear,we need to go in. 不 我们得下去
[26:23.51]We have to swim under the pond to get to the tunnels. 潜下去才能找到隧道
[26:27.09]I'm not going. 我不去
[26:29.68]What? 什么?
[26:30.41]I'm gonna go back and find everyone else.I... 我要回去找大家 我...
[26:33.21]I can't go any further with you,jack.Not this time. 我不能再跟你走下去了 Jack 至少这次不行
[26:35.65]Kate,you can't go back there now.They know about us.They... Kate 你不能回去 他们识穿我们了...
[26:40.15]they tried to kill us. 他们想杀我们
[26:42.23]And what are you trying to do? 那你现在是在干嘛?
[26:47.46]Bye,jack. 再见 Jack
[26:49.98]-You're not going anywhere. -No,no,you don't need to do that. - 哪也别想去 - 不...你小题大做了
[26:51.86]We're not in the habit of telling our secrets to strangers, 我们不喜欢把秘密告诉陌生人后
[26:54.62]then just letting them saunter off. 又把他们放走
[26:56.28]You know I don't care about your secrets.I just wanna leave. 我不在乎你们的秘密 我只想走
[26:59.46]-Look,just put the gun--If she wants to leave, -step away! - 把枪放下 如果她想走 - 让开
[27:01.82]-I said stop! -she can leave! - 我说了站住 - 让他走
[27:23.78]what are we doing here,eloise? 我们这是在干嘛 Eloise?
[27:25.76]That man just killed one of our own people, 他杀了我们的人
[27:27.29]and you're acting like it doesn't matter. 你表现得好像无所谓似的
[27:29.21]If these people are right about what they're about to do,richard, 如果他们要做的是正确的 Richard
[27:32.89]it won't matter. 那就的确无所谓
[27:34.11]And what are they about to do? 他们要做什么?
[27:37.20]So you're telling me you're going to erase the last three years of our lives? 你是说你要把 我们过去三年的生活抹去?
[27:40.99]We can change things,sayid. 我们可以改变事情 Sayid
[27:42.44]I don't know if you're aware of this,but I've already changed things. 我不知道你是否知情 但我已经做出行动
[27:46.55]I killed benjamin linus,and we're all still here. 我杀了Benjamin Linus 但我们还在这
[27:50.71]It's because you didn't kill him. 那是因为你没杀成
[27:53.03]Sawyer and me took him to the others so that they could save him. Sawyer和我带他去见其他人 他被救活了
[28:01.44]Why did you do that? 你为什么要这么做?
[28:02.63]Why did I do that? 为什么?
[28:05.06]Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become okay? 枪杀孩子 燃爆氢弹 已经变得稀松平常了?
[28:10.23]The three of us disappeared off that plane and ended up here,ended up now, 我们三人从飞机上消失 沦落到这里 沦落至现在
[28:13.77]because this is our chance to change things. 是因为这是我们改变局势的机会
[28:16.24]And if you're wrong,then everyone on the island dies. 但如果我们错了 岛上的人就死光了
[28:19.31]-Do you understand that? -I'm not wrong,kate. - 你明白吗 - 我错不了 Kate
[28:21.57]This is it.This is why we're here. 没错 这就是我们在这的原因
[28:28.44]this is our destiny. 这是我们的使命
[28:29.97]Do you know who you sound like? 你知道你说话听着像某个人吗?
[28:34.27]Because he was crazy,too,jack. 他也是个疯子 Jack
[28:35.67]You said so yourself. 你自己说的
[28:38.07]Well,maybe I was wrong. 也许当初我错了
[28:39.17]No,you were right. 不 你没错
[28:43.91]I'm going back to find the rest of our people, 我回去找他们
[28:45.66]because if I can't stop you,then maybe they can. 万一我阻止不了你 还有他们
[28:57.66]the submarine departs in 30 minutes. 潜艇半小时后出发
[29:00.17]All evacuees,please proceed to the dock. 全体疏散 请到码头集合
[29:06.12]come now,charlotte. 来 Charlotte
[29:08.20]Stay with me. 别乱跑
[29:12.27]this is ridiculous.I can help you. 太荒谬了 让我留下来帮你
[29:14.53]No,lara,you can'T.Just go over there. 不 Lara 不行 快走
[29:18.31]I want you to leave now! 马上走!
[29:21.21]why is he yelling at her,dude? 他干嘛冲她大喊?
[29:25.74]It's the only way he can get her to leave. 只有这样才能让她走
[29:30.82]Sorry,man. 很抱歉
[29:32.29]-We'd better get going. -Wait!Wait--wait a secd. - 赶紧走吧 - 等等
[29:36.36]It's jim and juliet. 是Jim和Juliet
[29:38.69]Why the hell are they... 他们怎么...
[29:40.67]putting them on the sub? 也上潜艇?
[29:47.45]don't worry.It's gonna be okay. 别担心 没事
[29:49.41]Sawyer always has a plan,right? Sawyer总留一手
[29:56.67]We'll buy microsoft. 我们会把微软买下
[29:58.59]Excuse me? 啥?
[30:00.71]Then we'll bet the cowboys in the '78 super bowl. 78年超级碗决赛押牛仔队赢
[30:04.29]We're gonna be rich. 我们会富得流油
[30:08.53]Look,I'm sorry. 对不起
[30:10.68]I should've listened to you when you wanted to get on this sub three years ago. 我该听你的 三年前就坐潜艇离开
[30:15.08]I'm glad you talked me out of it. 我很庆幸你说服了我
[30:24.09]Come on,lafleur.Get in. 来吧 Lafleur 上去
[30:28.92]Ladies first. 女士优先
[30:50.26]Good riddancE. 终于...
[31:09.25]if I don't see you the other side,I won't blame you. 如果待会见不着你了 我不会怪你
[31:16.79]Now take a deep breath and follow richard under. 深呼吸一口跟着Richard
[31:21.38]there's an opening in the bottom of the rocks at the far side. 底部石头中间有个入口
[32:14.98]that was a lot further than I thought it was. 比我想的远了点
[32:19.21]where are we? 我们在哪?
[32:21.47]The tunnels. 隧道
[32:25.52]You wanna tell me how we're gonna get a bomb out of here? 怎么把炸弹弄出去?
[32:28.68]The same way we brought it in. 像弄进来一样弄出去
[32:31.88]I assume you don't mean through the pool. 不会是从隧道里吧
[32:33.57]It's a 12-foot long,40,000-pound hydrogen bomb. 这是个12英尺长 40000磅重的氢弹
[32:36.62]No,not through the pool. 不是从隧道里来 不是
[33:01.04]I didn't think you'd come. 没料到你也来了
[33:03.52]Well,if this works,you might just save us all. 要是能成 你就救了所有人
[33:06.85]And if it doesn't? 如果不成
[33:08.34]At let you'll put us out of our misery. 就当是从痛苦中解脱出来吧
[33:19.81]All right. 好了
[33:21.40]Let's get started. 开始吧
[33:59.93]I'll have a tent prepared for you,john. 我给你准备了帐篷 John
[34:02.23]We'll get going first thing in the morning. 明天一早就出发
[34:04.12]I thought we could leave right now. 我想现在就走
[34:06.84]Now? 现在?
[34:08.43]I'm eageR. 迫不及待了
[34:15.66]We can do whatever you want,but maybe the two of us should go to my tent and talk about-- 我们都听你的 但咱有啥都先进帐篷商量下
[34:18.55]is this everyone? 大家都在这?
[34:21.60]Well,there's another group at the temple,but-- 神庙还有一队人马
[34:23.15]well,if you don't mind,I would like to talk to everyone here now. 如果你不介意 我想和大家说说话
[34:29.07]Of course. 当然
[34:30.52]Be my guest. 请便
[34:38.68]Hello,everyone. 大家好
[34:40.57]My name is john locke. 我是John Locke
[34:43.30]I've been told that... 我得知...
[34:45.72]for some time,you all have been accepting orders from a man named jacob. 你们有好一段时间 都听命于一个叫Jacob的人
[34:50.69]And yet,oddly enough,it seems that no one has actually seen him. 但巧的很 似乎没人见过他
[34:55.14]Now I'm sure there are very good reasons why his existence 他的存在和下落如此神秘
[34:58.52]and whereabouts are secret. 我相信总有个理由
[35:00.56]I just don't know what they are. 但我不知道是什么理由
[35:07.37]And to be honest with all of you,if there's a man telling us what to do, 坦白说 要是有个人 要向我们发号施令
[35:10.26]I want to know who he is. 我想知道他是谁
[35:13.63]This man--jacob? 这个人 Jacob
[35:16.36]Can he tell us how to bring jin and the rest of our people back here? 他能告诉我们 如何找回Jin和其他人吗?
[35:19.90]Absolutely. 当然
[35:26.33]Richard has agreed to show us where we need to go. Richard同意带我们去见他
[35:29.20]So I'm gonna go and see jacob right now. 所以我打算马上去见Jacob
[35:36.54]And I'd like all of you to come with me. 我喜欢你们都一起来
[35:50.79]I'm starting to think john locke is gonna be trouble. 我开始觉得John Locke会是个麻烦
[35:55.13]Why do you think I tried to kill him? 你以为我为什么要杀他?
[36:10.65]we're shovin' off in two minutes. 两分钟后出发
[36:12.35]Appreciate it if you didn't cause us any trouble. 感谢你们的合作
[36:15.63]Wouldn't think of it,nemo. 不客气 Nemo
[36:19.15]What are we gonna do when we get to ann arbor? 到了Ann Arbor怎么做?
[36:23.58]We ain't going to ann bor. 我们不去Ann Arbor
[36:25.30]What do you mean? 什么意思?
[36:26.34]These guys ain't cops. 他们不是警察
[36:27.58]They got no authority over us back in the real world. 他们无权把我们遣返会真实世界
[36:32.47]So once we dock wherever we dock... 所以无论到了哪儿...
[36:36.01]we're free. 我们都自由了
[36:38.21]"Real world." "真实世界"
[36:43.07]I don't even know what that means anymore. 我几乎忘了那是什么意思
[36:47.97]hey,come here. 过来
[36:56.28]Whatever happens,I got your back,remember? 无论如何 有我扛着
[37:01.72]I love you. 我爱你
[37:05.27]I love you back. 我也爱你
[37:06.54]hold on!Don't close the hatch! 等等 别关门
[37:08.69]Horace wants her off the island,too. Horace要求把她也带走
[37:10.85]We'll let ann arbor deal with them. 让Ann Arbor的人处理他们
[37:13.83]actually caught her coming back into town. 她回到营里时被抓
[37:18.09]Cuff her over there with the others. 把她和其他人铐在一起
[37:50.58]clear the bridge.All personnel,lay below on the double. 码头人员撤离 全体船员关舱门
[37:55.24]we're away. 出发
[37:56.41]Engineering,take your stations. 工程师 就位
[37:59.10]boat is clear for sea. 准备出发
[38:00.92]All hands to your stations.Prepare to dive. 所有人员就位 准备下潜
[38:05.27]clear the bridge.All hands below. 撤离码头 人员就位
[38:08.48]Stand by main vents.Diving position. 下潜就绪
[38:14.73]-stand by on ballast tanks. -Ship has been cleared for dive. - 压载箱就绪 - 允许下潜
[38:17.29]Repeat,ship has been cleared for dive.Stand by for dive. 重复 允许下潜
[38:20.11]ship to dive. 下潜
[38:21.45]Clear engines two and three.Test two and three. 二三号引擎启动 测试二三号引擎
[38:46.70]jack. Jack
[38:49.91]I'm sure it's occurred to you that this woman's motivation 我想你应该清楚
[38:52.04]in helping us detonate a hydrogen bomb 这个女人帮助我们引爆氢弹的目的
[38:54.97]is only to annihilate the dharma initiative. 就是为了摧毁达摩计划
[38:57.73]Yes,but I still trust her. 是 但我还是相信她
[39:00.22]Why? 为什么?
[39:02.32]Because 30 years from now,she's the one who's gonna tell us how to get back to the island. 因为三十年后 她会告诉我们如何会到这里
[39:06.23]And that makes you trust her? 这是你的理由?
[39:56.69]now what? 现在怎么样?
[40:35.71]Beautiful day,isn't it? 好天气 不是吗?
[40:37.67]Yes...so far. 是的...到目前为止
[40:41.27]Richard had some concerns. Richard有点担心
[40:44.40]Concerns about what? 担心什么?
[40:46.25]This pilgrimage to jacob makes him uncomfortable. 有如朝圣般去见Jacob让他很不安
[40:49.24]He's expressed... 他对于你是否知道自己在做什么
[40:51.91]reservations about whether or not you know what the hell you're doing. 有所保留
[40:58.50]I appreciate you bringing this to my attention,ben. 感谢你告诉我 Ben
[41:02.31]I know we've had our differences in the past,john, 我知道我们过去有过分歧 John
[41:05.31]but I'm here to follow you now. 但我现在紧随着你
[41:07.77]So if you need jacob to help you reunite your people,then I'll do whatever-- 所以如果你想让Jacob帮你 和朋友团聚 我会尽我所能...
[41:11.19]I'm not interested in being reunited with my people. 我不在乎什么团聚
[41:16.23]What do you mean?You told sun-- 你什么意思 你告诉Sun...
[41:17.29]I know what I told her,but that's not why we're going to jacob. 我知道我告诉他什么了 但那不是我去找Jacob的原因
[41:22.02]Then why are we going to jacob? 那你找Jacob是为了?
[41:25.19]So I can kill him. 杀了他
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