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[00:00.35]Previously on "lost"... "迷失" 前情提要...
[00:02.10]The dharma folks at the swan worksite-- 达摩的人在天鹅站工地
[00:04.35]They're gonna drill into the ground and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy. 他们会在钻地时误触大型能量堆
[00:08.22]Andthatwill cause your plane-- oceanic 815-- to crash on this island. 那就导致你的飞机-大洋航空 815航班坠落到这个岛屿
[00:13.81]And just how exactly do you plan on destroying this energy? 你到底打算怎么耗掉这能量?
[00:17.24]I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb. 我将引爆一枚氢弹
[01:51.60]- Morning. - Mornin'. - 早 - 早
[01:54.92]- Mind if i join you? - Please. - 介意一起坐吗? - 不介意
[02:02.22]Want some fish? 要鱼么?
[02:05.28]Thank you. I just ate. 谢谢 但我吃过了
[02:09.00]I take it you're here 'cause of the ship. 我猜你是过来看船的
[02:11.11]I am. 是的
[02:16.50]How did they find the island? 他们怎么找到这岛的?
[02:18.42]You'll have to ask 'em when they get here. 等他们上岸你问咯
[02:22.40]I don't have to ask. 我不用问
[02:25.78]Youbrought them here. 是你带他们来的
[02:29.38]Still trying to prove me wrong, aren't you? 你想证明我错了 对吧?
[02:31.02]- Youarewrong. - Am i? - 你确实错了 - 真的?
[02:35.00]They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. 他们登陆 争斗 毁坏 腐化
[02:40.21]It always ends the same. 结局永远不变
[02:42.59]It only ends once. 而且只发生一次
[02:44.31]Anything that happens before that is just progress. 之前发生的所有事都只是过程
[02:59.54]Do you have any idea how badly i wanna kill you? 你知道我有多么想杀掉你么?
[03:02.94]Yes. 知道
[03:05.22]One of these days, sooner or later... 迟早总有一天...
[03:08.62]I'm going to find a loophole, my friend. 我会找到漏洞 老兄
[03:11.45]Well,when you do, i'll be right here. 到那个时候 我等着你来
[03:17.66]Always nice talking to you,jacob. 总是很喜欢和你聊天 Jacob
[03:21.80]Nice talking to you,too. 彼此彼此
[03:58.70]Lost Season05 Episode16&17 迷失 第五季 第16-17集
[04:13.74]Are you gonna do it? 你去干吗?
[04:17.17]- Youdo it. - Fine. I'll do it. - 你去 - 好吧 我去
[04:19.28]But you're gonna be lookout,okay? 但你来望风 行吗?
[04:21.66]Okay. 好
[04:29.20]The crops came in pretty good this year. 今年收成很好
[04:31.78]Hey you hear? Frank bought the old... 你听说了么? Frank买了老...
[04:34.88]Yeah,i hear he's gonna farm the land all the way out to ames road. 对 听说他要把地扩大到Ames路
[04:38.41]Yeah,i hear that,too. 我也有耳闻
[04:47.82]there's nothing he would like less. 是他最大的愿望
[04:55.32]what you kids got there? Open your bag. 孩子你们拿了什么? 打开书包
[05:05.18]- Where'd you get this? - Got it over there. - 你们在那儿拿的? - 那边
[05:07.55]I know you. You're diane austen' s girl. 我认得你 你是Diane Austen女儿
[05:11.00]- What's your name? - Katie. - 叫啥名字? - Katie
[05:12.73]Well,katie,i'm calling your mom,then the cops, Katie 我会打电话给你妈妈和警察
[05:15.03]because i don't tolerate stealing here.You understand? 偷窃是不可容忍的 明白吗?
[05:19.55]No need to do that. I'll pay for it. 没必要那样 我帮他们付款
[05:25.24]I hope this is enough. 希望这么多足够了
[05:28.75]Well,long as somebody pays for it, guess there's no harm done. 有人付钱 我想就大事化小吧
[05:34.48]But i don't wanna see you in here ever again without your parents. You understand me? 但没有父母一起 我不想再见到你 清楚了吗?
[05:42.87]- Thanks,mister. - You're welcome. - 谢谢你 先生 - 没关系
[05:48.04]You're not gonna steal anymore,are you? 你不会再偷东西了吧?
[05:56.05]Be good,katie. 做个好孩子 Katie
[06:02.18]Welcome aboard,everyone. 欢迎大家登艇
[06:04.03]We will be doing some system checks offshore here 我们会在这做离岸系统监测
[06:06.10]Before heading out into the open ocean and submerging to our operational running depth. 在驶抵公海与潜入预定深度之前
[06:11.68]You should be receiving your sedatives, and then we will escort you to your sleeping berths. 你将会拿到镇定剂 然后讲被引导到床铺
[06:15.86]Have a nice rest. See you on the other side. 好好休息 回头再见
[06:23.25]We have to get out of here. 我们得出去
[06:24.83]"out of here"? We're underwater. "出去"? 我们在海底
[06:28.27]What the hell are you doing here? How'd you get caught? 你在这里干嘛? 怎么被抓的?
[06:30.48]I came back to get you. 我回来救你
[06:32.11]- Came back to get me for what? - Where's jack? - 为啥回来救我? - Jack在哪里?
[06:34.78]Jack is on his way to blow up a hydrogen bomb. Jack正在去引爆氢弹
[06:38.93]- Why the hell would he do that? - Does i matter? - 他为啥要那么做? - 这重要吗?
[06:41.19]We have to stop him. 我们得阻止他
[06:49.46]Sorry,i'm gonna pass. 抱歉 我不去
[06:51.72]- Did you hear what i just said? - Yeah,i heard you. - 你有在听吗? - 对 我听到了
[06:54.15]You just don't get it,kate. 你还是不明白 Kate
[06:55.92]We were happy in dharmaville till y'all showed up. 我们在达摩村生活愉快 直到你们回来
[06:59.50]But now that's all over. 但那都已成为过去
[07:02.72]So we're gonna drink our o.j.and take our chances in the real world. 所以我们得喝下橙汁 然后回到现实听天由命
[07:07.80]Jack wants to blow up the island? Jack想炸掉岛屿?
[07:12.17]Good for jack. 真有他的
[07:17.20]Is there anything in there about how we're supposed to move a 10-t on bomb across the island? 这里有工具让我们移动这10吨 重的炸弹到岛的另一头么?
[07:20.91]Actually, it's 20 tons. 其实是20吨
[07:23.78]Fortunately, it seems that faraday never intended to freight the device in its entirety. 幸运的是 Faraday从没想过 要让装置整体运输
[07:27.81]What? 啥?
[07:29.60]He left detailed instructions on how to remove the plutonium core... 他留下了移除钚核的详细指引
[07:35.67]And how to detonate it. 还有引爆指南
[07:38.37]Faraday told me that we need to wipe out some kind of pocket of energy. Faraday告诉我 我们得炸掉能量堆
[07:42.68]Is only part of the bomb gonna be enough to do that? 炸弹能量的一部分就足以完成?
[07:44.63]The core itself is a thermonuclear weapon. 核本身就是热核武器
[07:47.06]It'll be more than enough. 足够有余了
[07:53.12]Wait. 等等
[07:54.98]We sealed that thing up 20 years ago, 20年前我们把它封起来
[07:56.96]And we put it underground because it was emitting radiation. 埋在地下 全因它会释放辐射
[08:00.41]Does this sound like a good idea to you,eloise? 你认为是好主意吗 Eloise?
[08:01.86]- Richard-- - you're pregnant. - Richard-- - 你怀孕了
[08:03.11]Which is exactly why we have to help them see this through. 那正是我们要帮他们的原因
[08:07.87]Once the core is removed, then what? 核被移除之后怎样?
[08:11.48]Then we have approximately two hours to take it to the swan site. 我们有约2小时运到天鹅站
[08:15.26]Two hours? 2小时?
[08:17.57]When faraday returned to the island, he was very explicit about his timetable. 当Faraday回到岛上 他明确地安排了时间表
[08:23.53]Well then... We'd better get movin'. 那好... 我们动身吧
[08:39.99]Who stopped the damn drill? 谁他妈叫停止钻洞了?
[08:42.30]I did. 我
[08:44.98]Why? 为什么?
[08:45.97]Because when we passed 70 meters, the drill temp went up 60 degrees, 因为刚过70米 钻头温度升了60度
[08:49.11]And i didn't want it to melt. 我不想钻头溶化
[08:51.39]Well,pierre,that's why we have a truck full of water. Pierre 那是我们准备一卡车水的原因
[08:53.45]So cool it down and turn it on. 用水冷却 再开动
[08:55.63]Stuart,we've just evacuated the island of all nonessential personnel. Stuart 我们刚将非核心人员撤出岛
[08:59.13]We're in the midst of a possible insurrection. 我们可能会发生暴动
[09:01.14]Do you really think this is the ideal time for your experiments? 你真的认为这是实验的理想时机?
[09:04.70]I've been working on this project for six years-- 我做这个计划6年了
[09:07.15]Designing a station that'll be able to manipulate electromagnetism in ways we only dreamed of. 建一个能控制电磁场的研究站 是我们的唯一梦想
[09:11.00]Have you thought about the consequences of drilling into that pocket? 你有想过钻穿能量堆的后果么?
[09:14.67]We have no idea what we are going to-- 我们不知道会发生什么--
[09:16.37]if edison was only worried about the consequences, 要是爱迪生只在担心后果
[09:18.24]We'd all still be sitting in the dark. 我们仍活在漆黑之中
[09:20.93]I came to this island to change the world,pierre. 我为改变世界来这个岛屿 Pierre
[09:22.71]That'sexactlywhat i intend to to. 那就是我想要实现的
[09:26.20]Let's get it started! 开工吧!
[09:42.26]****** 三十年后
[10:03.69]Take five,everybody. We still got a ways to go to get to jacob's. 大伙休息5分钟 要到Jacob那儿 还有一大段路
[10:08.92]Who's jacob? 谁是Jacob?
[10:10.74]He's in charge of this island. 他掌管着这岛屿
[10:13.53]- You said john was in charge. - No,i said he was the leader-- - 你说过John是掌门人 - 不 我说过他是头领--
[10:16.89]a title that i've discovered is incredibly temporary. 一个我发现异常短暂的衔头
[10:21.09]But everyone answers to someone, and the leader answers to jacob. 但每个人都听命于某个人 头领就受Jacob指挥
[10:25.65]What's he like? 他是个怎样的人?
[10:28.67]I don't know,sun. I've never met him. 不知道 Sun 我从未见过他
[10:43.31]You've been staring for the last ten minutes,richard. 你已经盯了我10分钟 Richard
[10:45.36]Is there something you would like to ask me? 有问题想问我么?
[10:49.46]Ben told me that... He strangled you. Ben告诉我... 他勒死了你
[10:53.14]That is my recollection, yes. 我记得是这样的
[10:56.74]He said he was sure you were dead. 他说他肯定你已死
[10:57.98]He saw your coffin loaded onto that plane that you came back on. 你被装在棺材里用飞机运回来
[11:01.65]How are you alive? 你怎么会还活着?
[11:03.44]Well,you've been on this island much longer than i have, richard. 你在岛上待的时间比我长 Richard
[11:06.35]If anyone should have an explanation, i'd think it would be you. 要是有人知道奥妙所在 想来也该是你啦
[11:11.07]Yeah,i-i have been here a long time,john, 我是待了很久 John
[11:13.40]and i've seen things on this island that i can barely describe. But... 我见过无法形容的怪事 但...
[11:17.91]I've never seen someone come back to life. 我还没见过人复活
[11:20.71]And i've never seen anyone who doesn't age. 而我没见过不变老的人
[11:23.85]It doesn't mean it can't happen. 不代表不会发生
[11:25.46]I'm this way because of jacob. 我因为Jacob而不老
[11:28.79]And if i had to guess, he's the reason you're not in that coffin anymore. 要是得猜的话 也是亏得他 你也不用再躺棺材了
[11:32.21]I agree completely, richard. That's why i'm doing this-- so i can thank him. 完全同意 Richard 所以我才去见他 好让我谢谢他
[11:39.36]And once i've done that, we're gonna need to deal with the rest of the passengers 当我们见完面 我们得安置好
[11:43.46]From the ajira flight that brought me here. 带我回来的Ajira航空的其他乘客
[11:46.74]- What do you mean,"deal with"? - You know what i mean. - 你说的"安置"是什么意思? - 你清楚我什么意思
[11:52.50]Let's go! 出发!
[12:19.95]Untie the crates. 把箱子松绑
[12:24.15]Why'd we even bring this yahoo? 我们为啥要带着这野人?
[12:26.16]- Because we might need him. - Forwhat? - 因为我们可能用得着 - 用得着干啥?
[12:29.73]He didn't know the answer to the question. 他连问题都不会答
[12:32.04]That doesn't mean he's not important. 那并不代表他不重要
[12:34.24]What,you think he's a candidate? 啥 你认为他是候选人?
[12:41.79]He's awake. 他醒了
[12:45.97]How long you been listening to us? 你偷听我们多久了?
[12:47.77]Long enough to wonder what the hell i'm a candidate for. 足够寻思着我是啥候选人
[12:56.07]Who the hell are you people? 你们是什么人?
[12:57.82]We're friends. 我们是朋友
[12:59.27]So you smack all your friends in the face with a rifle, shove 'em in a boat and kidnap 'em? 那你会用来福枪打朋友的脸 塞进小艇然后绑架他?
[13:03.18]Only the ones we like. 只有好友才有这待遇哦
[13:10.85]Let's go. 走吧
[13:18.05]What's in the box? 箱子里面是什么?
[13:24.66]Your call. 你决定
[13:30.61]Open it. 打开
[13:49.20]Terrific. 太好了
[14:40.69]Need a pen,son? 要笔么 孩子?
[14:46.26]Yeah. Thanks. 嗯 谢谢
[14:52.30]There you go. You can keep it. 给你 留着吧
[14:59.85]I'm very sorry about your mother and father,james. 你父母的事我很遗憾 James
[15:16.78]Come on,jimmy. We gotta get to the cemetery,okay? 走吧 Jimmy 咱们得去公墓
[15:22.35]- What you writin'? - Nothin'. - 你在写什么? - 没什么
[15:30.16]"dear mr. Sawyer, "亲爱的Sawyer先生:"
[15:32.97]"you don't know who i am, but i know who you are, and i know what you done." "你不认识我 但我认识你 我知道你的所作所为"
[15:45.36]Listen to me,jimmy. 听我说 Jimmy
[15:47.82]I know you're angry at the man that did this to your ma and daddy. 他那样对你父母 我知道你很生气
[15:51.64]And hell, you got every right to be. 你当然可以生气
[15:55.45]But you gotta move on,boy. 但是你要向前看 孩子
[15:57.92]They're gone, and there ain't nothin' you can do to change that. 他们去了 木已成舟
[16:04.62]What's done is done. 不可挽回
[16:11.53]Now promise me you're not gonna finish that letter. 保证 说你不会继续写完这封信
[16:16.65]I promise. 我保证
[16:19.70]Good. 很好
[16:23.32]Come on. Let's go say good-bye. 走吧 去跟你父母告别
[16:39.00]Let me get this straight. 你是这个意思
[16:40.56]Jack sets off a nuke, which somehow resets everything. Jack引爆核弹 一切重来
[16:44.32]So flight 815 never crashes. It just... 815号航班不会坠毁 而是...
[16:47.46]Lands in l.a.safe and sound, and none of this never happens. 安全降落在洛杉矶 这一切都不会发生
[16:50.90]Sawyer,if jack does this, he could kill everyone on the island. Sawyer 如果Jack真这么做了 会杀死岛上所有的人
[16:53.57]- Yeah,i heard that part. - And you're okay with that? - 我听到了 - 你无所谓?
[16:57.03]You ain't hearing me,kate. 你没用心听 Kate
[17:00.91]I made a choice, and i'm sticking to it. 我已经做出决定了 不会改变
[17:02.77]I decided to leave, and i'm leavin'. 我决定要离开 我要离开
[17:05.63]All right, here's your sedatives. 催眠药
[17:13.23]What the hell did you just do? 你干吗这是?
[17:14.81]We decided to leave this island,james. We did. 我们决定要离开小岛 是我们
[17:18.60]And now we're going back. 现在我们回去
[17:21.41]- You serious? - We can't just let those people die. - 真的假的? - 我们不能坐视他们丧命
[17:27.18]You want out? You wanna stay here and whine about it? 你不想去? 你想坐在这里抱怨?
[17:35.33]Unlock the damn cuffs. 松开手铐
[17:37.41]"galaga" to base. The system check is complete. 大蜜蜂呼叫基地 系统检查完毕
[17:39.70]We're locked on departure bearing and ready to leave the island. 已锁定路线 准备好离岛
[17:42.43]Roger that,"galaga." have a safe trip. See you on the return. 收到 大蜜蜂 祝一路平安 再见
[17:51.04]Give me your gun. 把枪交出来
[17:55.28]Appreciate that,captain. 谢谢 船长
[17:57.10]Now we need you to surface the sub. 上浮到水面
[17:58.78]What?I can't take this sub-- 什么? 我不能...
[18:01.82]- oh,i think you can. - Once we're gone,proceed on course. - 你能 - 我们走了之后 继续按原定路线航行
[18:05.07]Whatever you do, do not take those people back to the island. Understand? 随便你怎么样 但是不要送他们回岛 明白了?
[18:09.37]And what if horace tries to contact me? What am i supposed to say? 要是Horace联络我呢? 我怎么说?
[18:15.41]You ain't home. 你不在
[18:19.15]Go. 快
[18:33.83]Sayid... Is thi s big enough? Sayid... 这个够大了么?
[18:37.11]That'll do. 成
[18:42.33]- Are you done with faraday's journal? - Take it. - 你看完Faraday的日记了么? - 拿着
[19:12.08]- Can i ask you a question? - Sure. - 我能问个问题么? - 说
[19:16.30]Over,uh,20 years ago, a man named john locke... 20多年前 一个叫John Locke的人
[19:22.26]He walked right into our camp, and he told me that he was gonna be our leader. 走进我们营地 说未来他会成为我们的领袖
[19:27.62]Now i've gone off the island three times since then to visit him. 我已经离开小岛三次 去找他
[19:33.16]But he never seemed,uh, particularly special to me. 但是我看不出来他有什么 过人之处
[19:36.94]You said you had a question. 你说你有问题
[19:39.32]- You know him? - Locke? - 你认识他么? - Locke?
[19:44.69]Yeah. Yeah,i know him. 嗯 嗯 我认识他
[19:49.78]And if i were you, i wouldn't give up on him. 如果我是你 我是不会放弃他的
[20:08.65]Why haven't you told him yet? 你为什么还没告诉他?
[20:10.77]- Told who what? - Richard. - 告诉谁什么? - Richard
[20:14.04]Why haven't you told him about my plans for jacob? 你为什么还没告诉他 我计划怎么处置Jacob?
[20:17.14]If by "plans" you mean murdering him,john, i assume you'd want to keep that a secret. 如果计划是指杀了他 我觉得你会希望保密
[20:24.20]When did that ever stop you? 保不保密 几时又妨碍过你了?
[20:27.14]Well,i started thinking differently about things when my dead daughter threatened to destroy me 我那死去的女儿威胁说 如果我不听你的 她会毁了我
[20:31.68]If i didn't do everything you said. 之后我的看法就变了
[20:34.45]W-wait. Wait. 等下
[20:37.81]Where did this happen? 这是什么时候的事?
[20:39.30]In that cavern beneath the temple, when we went to see the monster. 神庙下的洞 我们去见怪物的时候
[20:46.01]So... You're willing to do whatever i say no matter what it is? 那 不管我让你做什么 你都会听?
[20:54.04]Yes. 是的
[20:57.49]Well,then... I guess i won't have to convince you after all. 那省了我说服你的事了
[21:04.93]Convince me to do what? 说服我干嘛?
[21:08.86]I'm not gonna kill jacob, ben. 我不杀Jacob Ben
[21:13.06]You are. 你来
[21:29.89]- Paris or rome? - No. - 巴黎还是罗马? - 不
[21:31.67]- Florence? - It doesn't matter,sayid... - 佛罗伦萨? - 无所谓 Sayid...
[21:33.13]- Yes,it does. - As long as we're together. - 有所谓 - 只要咱俩在一起就好
[21:34.76]It's our anniversary. We have to find the perfect place. 这是我们的周年纪念 一定要找到完美的地方
[21:36.95]I would settle for finding my sunglasses. 能找到我的太阳镜就成
[21:43.87]Excuse me,sir? Could you you help me? 打搅下 先生 能帮我一下么?
[21:46.64]I'm sorry. I think i'm lost. Are you from los angeles? 不好意思 我迷路了 你是本地人么?
[21:49.22]- What are you looking for? - I found them. - 你找什么? - 找到了
[21:56.73]Nadia? Nadia?
[22:05.75]Nadia? Nadia? Nadia? Nadia?
[22:13.64]******** 带我回家
[22:19.03]****** 带我回家
[22:51.13]Time is short. Let's go. 时间紧迫 咱走吧
[23:26.20]Mm,stand back. 往后站
[23:45.77]It's one of the dharma houses. 是达摩的房子
[23:48.33]I'll go first. 我先走
[23:49.98]Jack,don't misunderstand who's in charge here. I'llgo first. Jack 搞清楚谁是老大 我先走
[23:53.99]Because if someone at that house is a threat, you might hesitate... But i won't. 因为如果屋里面的人是个威胁 你可能会犹豫 但我不会
[23:58.27]All right. Okay,eloise,go on. After you. 好吧 Eloise 你先走
[24:01.88]Once we give you the "all clear," thenyou bring the bomb. 安全了之后 你再上来
[24:07.70]We don't want any acci--oh! 我们不希望出...
[24:09.64]What the hell are you doing? 你这是干嘛?
[24:11.99]I'm protecting our leader. Get back. 保护我们的领袖 后退
[24:16.43]She's gonna be angry when she wakes up, but that's a lot better than being dead. 她醒来之后会很愤怒 但是要比死了好的多
[24:20.49]She ordered me to help you. We helped you. Now you're on your own. 他命令我帮你 我照做了 今后你们自食其力吧
[24:24.52]And i'm taking her out the way we came in. 我们按原路返回
[24:28.86]After you. 你先走
[24:56.65]All residents, we are in a code black. 全体注意 马上撤离
[24:59.81]Report with your weapons to your security assignments immediately. 立即携带武器到指定位置报道
[25:06.35]If you come into contact with a hostile, you are authorized to use deadly force. 如果遭遇敌人 允许使用致命武力
[25:11.26]How the hell are we gonna get out of here? 咱们怎么出去?
[25:19.95]We hide in plain sight. 金蝉脱壳
[25:29.66]Set up a perimeter around the barracks first. 在营地附近设立警戒点
[25:31.78]You gonna go over there by the gate. You get two... 你去大门那边 你带两个人...
[25:40.27]So you guys go. You go to pylons. 你们去 你去防护栏
[25:42.32]We're gathering over there. 我们到那边集合
[26:02.83]You're the son of a bitch who shot m y kid. 是你丫开枪打的我孩子
[26:04.33]Don't fire that weapon! 别开枪!
[26:06.90]I'm carrying a nuclear device. 我背着核弹
[26:09.82]It's the hostile! 是敌人!
[26:51.40]Get in! 进来!
[26:55.38]Drive! 快开!
[27:15.52]From the looks of the sun, i'd say that's the north shore over there. 从太阳的位置来看 我觉得那是北岸
[27:18.93]Sun's over there. That's gotta be the west coast. 太阳在那边 那是西岸
[27:21.97]Really? What,you got a compass? 真的? 你有指南针么?
[27:24.34]No. Do you? 没有 你呢?
[27:48.32]- Thank you. - For what? - 谢谢 - 谢什么?
[27:51.13]For backing me up at the sub. 在潜艇上支持我
[27:53.98]No problem. 不客气
[27:57.68]I got no idea wh ere the hell we are. 我完全不知道我们在什么地方
[28:03.46]Vincent! Come here! Vincent! 过来!
[28:06.82]How you doing,boy? 你还好么?
[28:08.93]I haven't seen you since the flaming arrows three years ago. 三年前火箭满天飞之后我就没见过你了
[28:12.68]- How you doing? - How did he survive alone out here? - 你好么? - 他怎么活下来的?
[28:14.83]Oh,hell,no. 不是吧
[28:21.20]Bernard! Bernard!
[28:32.03]They found us. 他们找到了我们
[28:36.37]Son of a bitch. 狗娘养的
[28:44.87]Is that a bomb? 这是炸弹吗?
[28:45.65]Try not to move. I need to stop the bleeding. 别动 我要止血
[28:47.91]What's going on back there? Is sayid okay? 怎么回事? Sayid没事吧?
[28:49.43]Does he look okay? Just keep your eyes on the damn road! 你看着像么? 好好看路!
[28:54.05]********* 要我停车么?
[28:54.73]Ah,let's pull over and get shot! Just drive! 停车挨枪子吧! 好好开车!
[28:56.85]- I don't know where we're going. - The swan site. Head to the swan. - 往哪开? - 天鹅站 去天鹅站
[28:59.62]Why do you want to go there?If sayid's shot,shouldn't we-- 去那儿干嘛? 如果Sayid中枪了 我们不该...
[29:01.21]hurley,if you want to save sayid,take us to the swan. Hurley 如果你想救Sayid 带我们去天鹅站
[29:04.80]- The swan it is. - Jack,what's at the swan? - 去天鹅站 - Jack 天鹅站怎么了?
[29:06.79]I think i found a way to get you back to your wife. 我觉得我知道怎么让你们夫妻团聚了
[29:14.67]So hold on. 慢点
[29:16.59]You're telling me you've just been living out here in the jungle for the past three years, by yourselves? 你是说过去三年 你们就在丛林里相依为命的?
[29:22.59]Well,i'm sorry y'all got left behind. 真对不起 你们落下了
[29:24.30]Didn't you hear me shout out, "meet at the creek"? 你没听见我喊 "在溪边会面"?
[29:26.56]You mean with flaming arrows raing down around us, killing everyone we knew? 正当火箭满天乱飞 很多人为此丧命的时候?
[29:30.63]Oh,sure,we heard ya. 当然 我们听见了
[29:31.95]Well,we spent all sorts of time looking for ya. 我们一直在找你们
[29:34.26]I had jin out searching the island grid by grid. 我让Jin做区域搜索
[29:37.86]Yeah,we know. 我们知道
[29:40.02]You know? 你们知道?
[29:41.26]Oh,sure,you guys all joined up with the dharma initiative. 当然 你们都加入了达摩计划
[29:44.66]Well,damn,i could've brought both y'all in. 我可以让你们也加入的
[29:46.28]Why didn't you find a way to tell us you were out here? 你们怎么不想法告诉我们你们在这里?
[29:48.71]Because we're retired. 因为我们退休了
[29:57.65]So y'all been scavenging food and living out in a hut by yourselves. 看来你们一直都是 自给自足的独居在外啊
[30:00.62]People try their whole lives to get themselves a nice, 很多人都梦想自己有个漂亮
[30:02.85]Quiet place near the ocean where they can live in peace. 又安静的离海近的地方 好能安享晚年
[30:06.05]And we did it. 我们过得正是这种生活
[30:07.74]That's what we made for ourselves. 这是我们自己给自己准备的
[30:10.11]Well,i hate to rain on your parade,but... 我本不想扫你们的兴的...
[30:13.26]Your condo's about to go ka-blooey. 你们这小屋要悬
[30:15.65]Jack has a bomb. Jack有个炸弹
[30:17.12]Who cares? 管他的?
[30:18.62]Excuse me? 什么?
[30:20.14]It's always something with you people. 你们这些人总是这样
[30:22.53]Now you say jack's got a bomb. 现在你又说Jack有个炸弹
[30:25.31]And what,you guys are all gonna try to stop him,right? 还有呢 你们要去阻止他 对吧?
[30:28.26]Yeah,that's right. 对 是这样
[30:29.75]We traveled back 30 years in time, and you're still trying to find ways to shoot each other? 我们时光倒流了30年来到这儿 你们还是要打打杀杀的?
[30:36.30]Rose,we just need to know which way the dharma barracks are from here Rose 我们只是想知道达摩营地在哪儿
[30:40.68]So we can stop jack, or you're gonna be dead. 我们好阻止Jack 不然你会没命的
[30:45.45]We all will. 大家都会没命的
[30:46.84]So we die. 死就死吧
[30:48.85]We just care about being together. 我们只想在一起
[30:56.14]That's all that matters in the end. 这才是真正重要的
[31:04.75]The barracks are 5 miles that way. 沿着那个方向走五英里就到营地了
[31:12.91]- Bernard. - Sawyer. - Bernard - Sawyer
[31:14.30]Rose. Rose
[31:16.60]Thank you. 谢谢
[31:17.78]- Let's go. - Bye. - 咱们走吧 - 拜拜
[31:20.14]You sure don't want some tea? 真不想喝点茶么?
[31:26.60]Maybe another time. 下次吧
[31:42.29]I wish you'd never showed me what was in this damn box. 真后悔当时往箱子里看了
[31:45.13]What the hell you gonna do with it anyway? 你们要拿它干什么?
[31:47.03]We need to show it to somebody. 我们需要把这个给一个人看看
[31:49.01]What for? 为什么?
[31:50.62]So they'll know what they're up against. 让他们知道他们的敌人是谁
[31:52.80]What exactly are they up against? 他们的敌人是谁?
[31:54.49]Something a hell of a lot scarier than what's in this box, frank. 比这箱子里的要恐怖的多的东西 Frank
[31:57.87]Don't worry,though. 不过不用担心
[31:59.79]As long as you're with us,you're fine. 只要跟紧我们 你就不会有事儿
[32:03.34]That's be reassuring if i knew who you were,"friend." 我起码得知道你是谁才有信服力啊 "朋友"
[32:06.91]We are the good guys. 我们是好人
[32:09.68]In my experience,the people who go out of their way to tell you that the good guys are the bad guys. 个人经验 那些说自己是好人的 人一般都不是好人
[32:18.33]We're here. 我们到了
[32:32.93]Look at the ash! 快看灰!
[32:40.64]Wait here. 在这儿等着
[33:05.64]*** 感觉好些了么?
[33:08.27]**** 口渴么?
[33:11.12]** 有人来看你来了 我跟他说了你的情况..
[33:14.20]*** 但是他还是坚持要见你
[33:18.87]******* 之前从没人来看你 有人来看你是好事情
[33:36.86]** 很抱歉这么晚才来看你
[33:41.85]************ 你能来我就很开心了
[33:47.67]I'm here because i need your help. 我来是因为我需要你的帮助
[33:55.94]Can you do that? 能帮我么?
[34:01.89]Will you help me,ilana? 你能帮助我么 Ilana?
[34:05.93]Yes. 能
[35:00.97]What happened? 发生什么了?
[35:01.88]He isn't there, hasn't been in a long time. 他不在那儿 这儿已经被废弃很久了
[35:05.50]Someone else has been using it. 是其他人在使用这地方
[35:11.19]Burn it! 烧掉吧!
[35:16.79]I'm no tree hugger or anything, but that's a pretty good way to torch the whole jungle, don't you think? 我不是什么植被保护者 但你们这么干会把丛林都点了的 不是么?
[35:24.69]So what now? 现在怎么办?
[35:34.34]Well,i guess we know wherewe'regoing. 这下咱们知道该往哪儿走了
[36:26.12]oh,my god! 哦 天呐!
[36:36.98]Oh,my god! 哦 我的天哪!
[36:38.26]Call 9-1! 快打911!
[36:41.63]Is he all right? 他没事儿吧?
[36:43.68]I don't know! 不知道!
[36:53.36]Don't worry.Everything's gonna be all right. 别担心 情况会好起来的
[37:00.09]I'm sorry this happened to you. 很抱歉你出这事儿了
[37:27.99]This is our old camp. 这是咱们旧营地
[37:30.62]Home sweet home. 甜蜜的家哈
[37:34.04]All right,everyone, richard tells me we should get to where we're going by nightfall. 大家注意了 Richard说咱们必须在 黄昏之前赶到咱们的目的地
[37:37.79]So why don't you all take this opportunity to rest up and catch your breath? 大家好好利用这会儿好好休息一下吧
[37:41.68]Considering what i have planned for ya,you're gonna need it. 任务很重 这次的休息是必须的
[37:58.33]Everything all right? 你没事儿吧?
[37:59.97]Iwas enjoying some alone time. 我刚才在一个人静静
[38:05.27]You see what's behind you? 看到你背后的东西了?
[38:11.54]It's a door. 是个门
[38:12.74]How about that?It's not just a door,ben. - 那又怎样? - 不仅仅是一个门 Ben
[38:14.49]It's the door to the hatch where you and i first met. 这是咱们第一次见面的舱门
[38:21.89]- You mind if i ask you a question? - I'm a pisces. - 不介意我问你个问题吧? - 我是双鱼座的
[38:26.44]What happened that day at the cabin, when you first took me to meet jacob? 那天木屋里发生了什么 就是你第一次带我去见Jacob那天?
[38:34.94]Well,you clearly already know that i was talking to an empty chair,john... 很明显你知道我当时是在 跟一个空座位在说话 John...
[38:42.17]That i was pretending. 我当时是假装的..
[38:45.29]Which is not to say that i wasn't as surprised as you were 这并不是说我当时不像你那样吃惊
[38:48.26]When things started flying around in the room. 当各种东西在屋子里飞来飞去
[38:51.23]But why would you go to all the trouble to make something like that up? 但你为什么费那么大劲来编造呢?
[38:58.49]I was embaassed. 我觉得很丢人
[39:01.26]I didn't want you to know that i had never seen jacob. 我不想让你知道我从没见过Jacob
[39:08.28]So,yes,i lied. 所以是的 我当时骗人了
[39:12.76]That's what i do. 我这人就这样儿的
[39:21.19]All right,then. 那好吧
[39:24.28]Why do you wantme to kill jacob,john? 为什么你想让我杀Jacob John?
[39:30.92]Because... 以为...
[39:32.32]Despite your loyal service to this island, you got cancer... 尽管你尽心尽力为这小岛效力 你有癌症的...
[39:38.50]You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. 你得看你自己女儿在你面前被枪击
[39:43.36]And your reward for those sacrifices? 你付出这么多又有什么奖励?
[39:46.50]You were banished. 你被流放了
[39:49.22]And you did all this in the name of a man you'd never even met. 这些事情都是你为一个 你从未见过的人做的
[39:56.34]So the question is,ben, why the hell wouldn'tyou wanna kill jacob? 所以问题应该是 Ben 为什么你不想杀Jacob呢?
[41:07.06]** 自从咱们第一次见面
[41:13.04]*** 我就爱上了你
[41:16.85]**** 咱们一起的日子 我会一直的爱你
[41:22.88]****** 这个戒指代表我对你的承诺
[41:36.64]*** 我把我的写下来了
[41:45.06]** 我们将永不分离
[41:48.64]******** 因为如果没有你 就像大地失去了天空
[42:00.66]** 这个戒指
[42:02.91]*** 代表我对你的承诺
[42:23.47]* 姑姑
[42:25.10]** 打算什么时候要小孩儿啊?
[42:29.15]*** 可能蜜月的时候吧
[42:37.24]**** 我想祝福你俩
[42:41.33]** 你们的爱弥足珍贵
[42:45.88]******* 千万要珍惜
[42:58.17]** 他是谁?
[43:02.48]**** 不知道 但他的韩语很棒
[43:16.67]How much further? 还有多远?
[43:17.88]Uh,we're about five minutes away. 还要五分钟吧
[43:21.09]You can't stop the bleeding. 你这样止不住血的
[43:24.14]I need fresh dressings. 我需要干净的布
[43:25.53]Jack,so this bomb is supposed to what,blow us back in time? Jack 这个炸弹是怎么回事 要把咱们炸回未来?
[43:28.58]We're not going back in time. 咱们不会回到未来了
[43:30.61]Right,because that would be r idiculous. 对 因为这样的话就搞死了
[43:33.08]I need to modify the bomb. 我得更改一下炸弹
[43:35.01]I can rig it so it detonates on impact. 我可以改装 让炸弹立即引爆
[43:37.84]Jack,we need to be there at the moment of the incident. Jack 我们需要事发的时候赶到
[43:41.28]Or all of this will be for nothing. 要不的话一切都是徒劳了
[43:46.36]Why the hell are we stopping? 咱们咋停下了?
[43:48.22]That'swhy. 看前面
[44:15.08]What is it? 怎么了?
[44:17.18]Why are we stopping? 咱们怎么不走了?
[44:19.52]You'll see. 你待会儿就知道了
[44:41.82]Well,it's a wonderful foot, richard, but what does it have to do with jacob? 这脚确实不错 Richard 但它跟Jacob有什么关系?
[44:46.72]It's where he lives. 他就住在这里
[45:05.33]- What's going on,kate? - Doc,we gotta talk. - 怎么了 Kate? - 医生 咱们得谈谈
[45:11.81]You wanna talk?Then get in the van. 你想谈谈? 那到车里说
[45:13.18]- We don't have time-- i ain't gettin' in the van. - 我们没有时间了 - 我才不进去呢
[45:16.17]I need five minutes, that's all. 我只用五分钟 就五分钟
[45:17.80]I'll say what i gotta say, and then you can do whatever the hell you want to. 说完我该说的 到时候你爱干什么干什么去
[45:22.02]But you're gonna listen.You owe me that much,jack. 但你得听听 你欠我的 Jack
[45:28.60]Five minutes. 五分钟
[46:02.01]Dr. Shephard?You all right? Shephard医生? 你没事儿吧?
[46:05.12]The dural sac--i cut it. 硬脊膜囊 被我切了
[46:08.94]- Give me some suction. - Calm down.it's alrihgt - 给我吸一下 - 冷静 没事儿的
[46:11.29]The fluid's leaking everywhere. 脊液漏的到处都是了
[46:12.90]- I can't-- look at me.Give me some suction. - 看着我 - 给我抽吸
[46:14.33]- Yes,doctor. - Jack... - 好的 医生 - Jack...
[46:16.59]Lookat me. 看着我
[46:19.71]Count to five. 数五个数
[46:22.09]What are you talking about? 你说什么呢?
[46:23.21]I'm talking about you stitching up the sac so this girl isn't paralyzed for the rest of her life. 我是说 你把膜囊缝好 否则她下半辈子就瘫痪了
[46:28.45]And the only way you're gonna do that is not to be afraid. 你必须克服恐惧
[46:32.52]So close your eyes, count to five, and then fix her,jack. 闭上眼睛 数到五 缝好它 Jack
[46:41.54]Or i'll have to fix her for you. 否则我就帮你缝了
[46:52.98]One... 一
[46:54.74]Two... 二
[46:56.23]Three... 三
[46:58.09]Four... 四
[47:01.47]Five. 五
[47:06.14]Sutures. 缝合线
[47:27.72]Hey,kiddo. 小子
[47:29.79]Girl's in recovery. 女孩情况好转
[47:31.25]She's responsive to stimulus below the waist, so... 她对腰部以下刺激有反应 所以
[47:34.49]No paralysis. 不会瘫痪
[47:37.26]Good. 很好
[47:39.84]Something wrong,jack? 怎么了 Jack?
[47:43.08]You embarrassed me. 你让我难堪
[47:46.11]Did i? 是吗?
[47:48.24]You know,it's bad enough that everybody in this hospital thinks the only reason i got this residency 医院的人都认为 我在这儿实习 是因为你是我父亲
[47:52.84]Is because you're my father. 这已经够糟了
[47:54.74]But th en you... 你还...
[47:56.42]You put me in a time-out during my first major procedure, in front of my entire team. 在我第一次主刀时 当着大家的面打断我
[48:02.74]Dad,i know you don't believe in me, but i need them to. 爸 我知道你不信任我 但我需要他们的信任
[48:09.12]Are you surei'mthe one who doesn't believe in you, jack? 你确定不信任你的是我 Jack?
[48:21.95]One of these yours? 这是你的吗?
[48:27.84]Machine got stuck. 机器卡住了
[48:29.84]I guess it just need a little push. 推一推就好了
[48:50.29]Take a load off,doc. 歇会儿吧 医生
[48:52.43]No,thanks. 不用了 谢谢
[48:54.77]Sit down,jack. 坐下 Jack
[49:05.39]My folks died when i was 8 years old.I ever tell you that? 我8岁时父母双亡 告诉过你吗?
[49:10.05]No. 没有
[49:11.74]Con man took my dad for everything he had. 骗子骗走了我爸的一切
[49:14.61]He didn't handle it too we ll,so... 他没能控制住情绪
[49:18.21]He shot my mom, then he blew his own head off. 开枪打死了我妈 再嘣掉了他自己
[49:23.15]I was hiding under the bed when it happened. 那时我就躲在床底下
[49:25.53]I heard the whole thing. 我都听见了
[49:29.42]I'm sorry. 很遗憾
[49:31.16]Yeah. 是啊
[49:34.00]That was a year ago. 就是去年的事
[49:37.11]What? 什么?
[49:38.44]Right now it's july 1977, which means that happened last year. 现在是1977年七月 那事就发生在去年
[49:45.18]So i could've hopped on the sub, gone back to the states, 我本可以搭上潜艇 返回美国
[49:49.67]Walked right in my house and stopped my daddy from killing anybody. 回到家里 阻止我爸杀人
[49:55.73]Why didn't you? 为什么没有?
[49:58.08]Because,jack... 因为 Jack...
[50:01.68]What's done is done. 木已成舟
[50:07.69]It doesn't have to be that way. 不一定要那样
[50:11.56]What did you screw up so bad the first time around you're willing to blow up a damn nuke just for a second chance? 你到底搞砸了什么 值得你引爆氢弹换取第二次机会?
[50:16.98]- That's not what this is about. - Thenwhatisit about? - 那与此无关 - 那跟什么有关?
[50:24.20]Three years ago, locke told me that all this was happening for a reason, that us being here was our destiny. 三年前 Locke说所发生的一切都有原因 我们来到这里是宿命
[50:32.12]I don't speak "destiny." 我不信命
[50:35.57]What i do understand is a man does what he does 'cause he wants something for himself. 我只知道 一个人的所作所为 是因为他有所求
[50:45.93]What do you want,jack? 你求什么 Jack?
[50:56.43]I had her. 我曾拥有她
[51:00.08]I had her,and i lost her. 我曾拥有她 又失去了她
[51:05.08]Kate. Kate
[51:08.06]Well,damn,doc, she's standing right on the other side of those trees. 我靠 医生 她就在树林那边
[51:11.05]You want her back, just go and ask her. 要挽回她 去就是了
[51:13.47]Nah,it's too late for that. 不 太晚了
[51:22.68]Your five minutes is up. 五分钟到了
[51:25.92]Jack... Jack...
[51:27.37]If what you're doin' even works, you and kate will be strangers, and she'll be in damn handcuffs. 就算你所做的有用的话 你们会素不相识 而她还戴着手铐
[51:33.31]If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. 命中注定 天不由人
[51:39.68]Well,i guess there's nothing i can say that's gonna change your mind. 看来说什么你都不会改变主意了
[51:42.96]No,i guess there's not. 是的 我不会
[51:46.28]Who the hell do you think you are? 你以为你是谁?
[52:01.37]You think you can come here and do whatever the hell you want? 你以为你能跑回来为所欲为?
[52:04.60]I had alifehere! 我在这边过得好好的!
[52:13.35]Sawyer... Sawyer 听我说 你不明白...
[52:28.63]Will you stop? 你会收手吗?
[52:30.50]Will you stop? 你会收手吗?
[52:32.36]No. 不
[52:38.17]James! James
[52:40.97]Let him go. 放开他
[52:42.63]He wouldn't listen. 他不听
[52:44.07]I had to.He won't stop! 我只能这样 他不会罢休
[52:45.58]That's because he's right. 因为他是对的
[52:48.70]What? 什么?
[52:50.47]He's right,james.Wehaveto do this. 他是对的 James 我们必须这么做
[52:53.97]What are you talking about? 你说些什么?
[52:56.06]You're the one that told me to come back here and stop him! 是你叫我回来阻止他的
[52:59.33]What happened? 怎么回事?
[53:02.77]I changed my mind. 我改主意了
[53:15.88]Girls... 孩子们...
[53:17.53]Your dad and i have something we need to talk to you both about. 爸爸和我有话要告诉你们俩
[53:20.96]Are we moving again? 又要搬家了?
[53:22.98]No,stupid.They're getting a divorce. 不是 笨蛋 他们要离婚了
[53:24.92]- Rachel-- well,aren'tyou? - Rachel - 不是吗?
[53:29.69]- Yes.- But...- - 是的 - 但...
[53:30.74]We need you both to understand that your father and i... 希望你们知道 你们爸爸和我
[53:35.56]We still love each other. 仍然相爱
[53:37.94]Just because two people love each other, doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together. 但相爱并不意味着厮守
[53:42.39]But what if youare supposed to be tog ether? 要是你们本该厮守呢?
[53:45.31]We're not,honey. 我们不该 亲爱的
[53:47.16]- But how can you know for sure? - We just know. - 你怎么知道? - 我们就是知道
[53:50.84]And when you're a grown-up, you'll understand. 等你长大 就会明白
[53:57.30]I don't wanna understand! 我不想明白
[53:59.65]Juliet,wait! Juliet 别走
[54:01.36]I don't wanna understand! 我不想明白
[54:03.67]- Stop! - We gotta talk about this! 站住 我们得谈谈
[54:05.08]There's nothing to talk about,james. 没什么好谈的 James
[54:06.45]We have to let jack do what he came here to do. 我们要让Jack达成他的目标
[54:08.66]Well,maybe you shoulda told me you had a change of heart 那你应该早点告诉我你改主意了
[54:10.91]Before i brought him out in the jungle to kick his ass. 省得我把他按地上暴打一顿
[54:12.99]- Would that have stopped you? - No. - 我告诉你你就不打他了? - 打!
[54:14.05]Well,then i'm glad you finally got it out of your system. 那很高兴你发泄完了
[54:18.46]You,don't. 别
[54:20.62]I need you to tell me where all this is coming from. 我要你告诉我到底怎么回事
[54:24.15]I mean,one minute,you're leading the great sub escape, 刚才你还发起潜艇大逃亡
[54:26.62]And now you're on board with blowing up the damn island? 现在你又同意炸飞小岛?
[54:30.80]I got a right to know why you change d your mind. 我有权知道你改变主意的原因
[54:37.46]I changed my mind when i saw you look at her. 因为我发现你注视着她
[54:41.35]Don't. 别
[54:44.76]I don't care who i looked at. 不管我注视着谁
[54:47.93]I'm with you. 我只跟你在一起
[54:51.12]And you would stay with me forever if i let you, and that is why i will always love you. 只要我愿意 你就会一辈子陪着我 所以我会一直爱你
[54:57.37]- You don't-- what we had,it was ju and just because we love each other, 我们只共度了短暂的光阴 再说 我们相爱
[55:00.59]It doesn't mean that we're meant to be together. 并不一定要相守
[55:03.10]I mean,maybe we werenever supposed to be together. 或许我们从来就不该在一起
[55:05.71]So if jack can make it that-- that none of you ever come here, then he should. 如果Jack能成功 让你们从没上岛 那就让他去做
[55:13.14]Why you doing this,juliet? 你为什么这样 Juliet?
[55:21.20]I... 我...
[55:25.92]If i never meet you, then i never have to lose you. 如果没有遇见你 也就不会失去你
[55:44.37]- *** - Radzinsky! - 不该是那样 - Radzinsky
[55:47.19]What is it now? 又怎么了?
[55:48.66]The gauss readings has jumped off the charts. 磁场强度超标了
[55:51.98]Let me see. 我看看
[55:54.68]This is it! 就是这儿
[55:55.95]We're on top of the pocket! 钻到空腔上面了
[55:57.18]If we keep drilling and hit that pocket, all hell is gonna break loose! 如果钻破了空腔 会失控的
[56:00.75]Radzinsky, are you there?Over. Radzinsky 你在吗? 完毕
[56:03.51]Stuart,come in! Stuart 快接
[56:04.94]What do you want,phil? 你要干嘛 Phil?
[56:06.36]That hostile that shot the kid?He came back. 杀死小孩儿那个敌人回来了
[56:08.78]What the hell are you talking about? 你在说些什么?
[56:10.55]Here at the barracks. 在营地这儿
[56:12.10]He--he attacked us and then got rescued by some of the other recruits. 他袭击了我们 然后被几个新人救走了
[56:14.63]They stole a van and took off. 他们偷车跑了
[56:16.54]Took off where? 去哪儿了?
[56:18.22]I don't know, but roger said that one of them had a bomb. 不知道 不过Roger说他们有人带着炸弹
[56:21.28]That hostile knows about the swan! 敌人知道天鹅站的事了
[56:24.50]Get some men and some guns, and get your asses out here right now! 带上人和枪 赶紧过来
[56:28.92]If they're coming here, we're gonna be ready for 'em. 他们来了 我们要准备好
[56:33.32]Come on!Keep it on the ground! 快点
[56:35.93]Jack? Jack
[56:38.13]What happened? 发生什么了?
[56:41.86]Yeah,my talk with sawyer didn't go so good. 跟Sawyer谈得不顺
[56:45.12]- Does it hurt? - Ah,it's okay. - 疼吗? - 没事
[56:47.82]Okay. 好
[56:56.26]Do you rember when i sewed you up? 还记得我给你缝伤口吗
[56:58.30]When we first got here? 我们刚来的时候?
[56:59.96]Yeah. 记得
[57:02.31]Seems like a million years ago. 像是一万年前的事了
[57:05.16]Or 30 years from now. 或者三十年后
[57:17.46]Kate,why'd you make me promise to never ask about aaron? Kate 你为什么让我保证 永远不问Aaron的事?
[57:24.84]Because i was... 因为我...
[57:28.16]So angry with you for making me come back here. 特别怨恨你把我带回来这
[57:32.88]Is he why you came back? 你回来是为了他么?
[57:36.20]I came back so he could be where he belongs-- with his mother. 我回来 那么他有可能回到他妈妈身边
[57:41.67]If this works,claire will never come to the island, 如果这成功了 Claire永远不会来到岛上
[57:44.90]and they'll always be together,Just the way they're meant to be. 他们会永远那样在一起
[57:47.09]-She was gonna give him up for adoption,jack. -Well,you don't know what she would do. - 她准备把他送去领养 Jack - 现在什么也说不准
[57:50.35]And whatever it is,it would be her choice. 而且无论怎样 那都是她的选择
[57:54.14]If you wanna save claire?This is the only way to do it. 如果你想救Claire 这是唯一方法
[57:58.04]Nothing...Nothingin my life has ever felt so right. 我从来...从来没有如此坚定过
[58:03.22]And... 而且...
[58:06.07]I just need you to believe that. 我需要你相信我
[58:16.89]Go! 加油!
[58:18.48]Keep going! 继续!
[58:23.22]Keep the drill going! 继续钻!
[58:25.43]It's about to happen. 就要发生了
[58:32.45]Are you with me on this? 你支持我么?
[58:40.78]-Yes. -Then let's go. - 是 - 走
[58:54.71]One wallet. 一个皮夹
[58:57.79]$227 cash. 227美元 现金
[59:01.38]One ballpoint pen. 一支圆珠笔
[59:04.82]One fruit roll-up. 一个水果棒
[59:07.32]Sign here. 在这儿签名
[59:08.52]You don't understand.This is a big mistake. 你不明白 这是个错误
[59:10.74]I killed a bunch of people. 我杀了很多人
[59:13.91]You see this?This is a discharge form.You've been cleared. 看见没? 这是个获释表 你可以走了
[59:17.99]So take your stuff and go. 拿上你的东西走吧
[59:20.37]Look,dude... 听着 伙计...
[59:22.34]There are men with tranquilizer guns hunting me down like an animal. 外面有人拿着镇静剂枪 像杀动物一样追杀我
[59:26.08]They wanna bring me somewhere against my will. 他们要带我去我不愿去的地方
[59:29.21]There's a cab stand right out front. 外面有辆出租车
[59:40.42]Sorry.I didn't see it was taken,dude. 对不起 我没看见有人了
[59:42.22]Actually,i'm only going a few blocks if you wanna share. 其实我就几条街 如果你不介意的话
[59:44.49]Cool.Are you sure? 太好了 你确定?
[59:45.76]Come on in. 进来吧
[59:54.52]You want some?Cherry. 来点不? 樱桃味的
[59:57.10]No thanks. 不了 谢谢
[60:00.55]So what were you in for? 你因为什么进去的?
[60:02.39]-Excuse me? -Jail. - 什么? - 监狱
[60:05.03]I was there 'cause i killed three people. 我进去是因为我杀了三个人
[60:07.60]But i didn't really.I guess they figured it out. 但是不是我杀的 我估计他们发现了
[60:11.07]What about you? 你呢?
[60:12.60]I wasn't in jail. 我没进监狱啊
[60:15.71]Well,then what were you doing sitting outside a prison? 那你在监狱外面
[60:19.67]In a cab? 的出租车里坐着干什么?
[60:21.26]I was waitin' for you,hugo. 我在等你啊 Hugo
[60:27.03]Then you must be dead. 那你一定死了
[60:29.00]I'm definitely not dead. 我肯定没死
[60:33.46]Well,what do you want from me? 那你想要什么?
[60:36.23]I wanna know why you won't go b ack to the island. 我想知道你为什么不愿回岛
[60:45.64]'Cause i'm cursed. 因为我被诅咒了
[60:47.74]Is that so? 是那样么?
[60:51.14]That's why the plane crashed,my friends d ied-- libby,charlie. 那是飞机失事的原因 还有Libby和Charlie死的原因
[60:56.95]Now they visit me,and i can't make it stop. 现在他们来看我 我却不能阻止
[61:02.17]Well,what if you weren't cursed? 那万一你没被诅咒呢?
[61:05.09]What if you were blessed? 万一你被保佑着呢?
[61:07.14]How do you mean "blessed?" 什么"保佑"?
[61:09.31]Well,you get to talk to people you've lost... 你能跟逝去的人说话...
[61:13.17]Seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me. 在我听起来实在是不错的一件事
[61:15.82]Oh,i'm sure it's wonderful,except for the part where i'mcrazy. 当然不错了 如果我不是疯了的话
[61:19.47]I've got some news for you,hugo,and you're just gonna have to take my word on this. 我要告诉你点事情 Hugo 而且你要相信我的话
[61:23.62]You arenotcrazy. 你没疯
[61:32.11]Whoareyou,dude? 你是谁?
[61:34.10]I'm just up here on the corner. 街角停
[61:38.56]Ajira airways flight 316 out of l.a.x.leaves in 24 hours. Ajira航空公司316航班 在洛杉矶国际机场24小时后起飞
[61:42.63]All you have to do is get on that plane. 你只需要登上那趟航班
[61:45.68]It'syourchoice,hugo. 这是你的选择 Hugo
[61:48.55]You don't have to do anything you don't want to. 如果不喜欢 你什么都不用做
[61:55.41]Wait!You forgot your guitar. 等等! 你忘带你的吉他了
[61:57.78]It's not my guitar. 不是我的吉他
[62:03.77]Don't worry,dude. 别担心 伙计
[62:05.30]Everything'll be fine when jack changes the future... Jack会改变未来 会没事的...
[62:09.21]Or the past. 或者改变过去
[62:11.50]One of those. 其中之一吧
[62:13.43]I do n't think your buddy's gonna make it. 我觉得他撑不过去了
[62:16.29]He'll make it. 他会撑过去的
[62:19.17]Dude,what happened to your face? 你脸怎么了?
[62:21.70]Nothin'. 没事
[62:24.41]We were just up on a ridge where we could look down into the swan site. 我们刚才在山丘上 从那可以看见天鹅站
[62:28.88]Something just happened down there. 那边出了点问题
[62:31.17]They hit something. 他们钻到东西了
[62:33.05]It's time for me to go. 该走了
[62:34.64]It's all set to go. 都准备就绪了
[62:36.41]Remember,be careful. 记着 要小心
[62:38.90]It's rigged to explode on impact. 炸弹被改装成立即引爆了
[62:41.94]According to faraday's plan,you must get the bomb as close as you can to the source of electromagnetism. 根据Faraday的计划 你必须让炸弹离电磁源越近越好
[62:49.61]Sayid,this is gonna work. Sayid 这一定能成
[62:52.18]And it'll save ya. 这能救你
[62:55.26]Nothing can save me. 没什么能救我
[63:47.49]See ya in los angeles. 洛杉矶见
[64:20.51]Are you sure you need to do this? 你确定你要这么做么?
[64:23.54]If you waited,jacob would eventually come to you,john. 如果你等等 Jacob最终是会见你的 John
[64:26.00]I'm tired of waiting. 我不愿再等了
[64:28.79]Where is he,richard? 他在哪 Richard?
[64:38.01]What happene d to the rest of the statue? 那个雕像是怎么回事?
[64:42.86]I don't know.It was like that when i got here. 不知道 我来的时候就是那样了
[64:45.89]Do you expect me to believe that? 你指望我相信你的鬼话?
[64:50.27]Not really. 不
[64:53.37]All right,ben,le t's go. 好了 Ben 走吧
[65:06.88]W-what are you doing? 你来干嘛?
[65:10.34]John wants me to join him. John想让我一块去
[65:12.22]-You can't bring him in. -Why not? - 你不能带他进去 - 为什么不行?
[65:13.79]Because only our leader can request an audience with jacob, 因为只有领导才能见 Jacob
[65:16.33]And there can only be one leader on the island at a time,john. 而且岛上只能有一个领导 John
[65:18.53]I'm beginning to think you just make these rules up as you go along,richard. 我觉得这些规则是你定的 Richard
[65:23.23]Ben is coming in with me,and if that's a problem,i'm sure jacob and i can work it out. Ben要跟我来 如果有问题 Jacob和我会解决的
[66:00.35]Tell him i said hello. 替我向他问好
[66:36.43]Will you be able to do this,ben? 你下得了手么 Ben?
[66:40.22]I know it won't be easy,but things will change... 我知道不容易 但是一旦他死了...
[66:44.03]Once he's gone. 事情会改变的
[66:51.17]I promise. 我保证
[67:22.73]Can i ask you something,lafleur? 我能问你点事情么 Lafleur?
[67:24.68]There ain't no more lafleur,enos.Go ahead,shoot. 已经没什么Lafleur了 有什么就问吧
[67:28.50]Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually gonnacause 你们有没有想过有可能就是你们朋友
[67:31.86]the thing he says he's trying toprevent? 促成了他想要阻止的那个事故?
[67:36.71]Perhaps that little nuke isthe incident? 也许那个核弹就是那个事故?
[67:40.90]So maybe the best thing to do...Is nothing? 也许最正确的事情就是...什么都不做?
[67:48.54]I'm glad you all thought this through. 真高兴你们都想过了
[67:55.64]What's going on? 怎么回事?
[67:57.70]It's phil.That's the road to the swan. 是Phil 那是去天鹅站的路
[68:01.29]If they see jack,they're gonna kill him. 如果他们看见Jack 他们会杀了他的
[68:05.41]What do you think,blondie? 你怎么想 金发美女?
[68:10.57]Live together,die alone. 同生存 独赴死
[68:26.48]Good for you.You got here fast. 很好 你来的够快
[68:28.00]-Any sign of 'em yet? -No,not yet.You got time to set up a perimeter. - 看见他们了么? - 没 还没 你们还来得及设防线
[68:30.50]You called these men to the site? 你把这些人叫过来的?
[68:31.78]You,rear ridgeline. 你 山丘底端
[68:33.11]You,top ridgeline.We need to be getting people awayfrom here! - 你 山丘上面 - 我们得把人撤走!
[68:36.36]You,top of the scaffolding.Go now! 你 脚手架上面 去 现在!
[69:13.55]There! 那儿!
[69:25.41]Get him! 抓住他!
[69:29.65]Flank him!Get him now! 从侧翼包夹! 快抓住他!
[69:37.52]Who's this? 这是谁?
[70:17.48]Drop it,phil,or you're a dead man! 把枪扔了 Phil 要不你就死定了!
[70:19.54]Tell 'em to put their guns down. 让他们把枪放下
[70:20.50]Drop the guns!Drop the guns! 把枪放下! 把枪放下!
[70:25.56]All right,you can come out now,doc! 好了 你可以出来了 医生!
[70:35.59]Hurry up and do your business. 赶快干正事
[70:41.53]Turn that damn thing off! 关了它!
[70:49.06]What's the matter? 怎么回事?
[70:51.32]It won't shut down! 关不了!
[70:53.31]Why not? 为什么?
[70:54.51]Something's pulling the drill down. 有东西在往下吸钻头
[70:56.28]We hit the pocket! 我们挖到能量堆了!
[71:08.14]Hurry up,doc!What are you waiting for? 赶快 医生! 你等什么?
[71:09.83]Drop it! 扔下去!
[72:05.52]This don't look like l.a.x. 我们似乎去不了洛杉矶国际机场了
[72:38.34]Dad! 爸爸!
[72:46.36]Jack! Jack!
[72:57.77]Dad!Get away from here! 爸爸! 快离开!
[72:59.21]Get as far away from here as you can! 跑得越远越好!
[73:03.08]-Get in! -What the hell's going on? -上车! -怎么回事?
[73:05.50]Get out of here! 出去!
[73:07.21]Come on! 快走!
[73:12.54]Go! 快!
[73:22.21]Hey,lafleur! 嘿 Lafleur!
[73:36.00]-Help! -Juliet! - 救命! - Juliet!
[73:41.83]-Ah,come on! -Sawyer!Help! - 使劲! - Sawyer! 救命!
[73:44.01]Juliet! Juliet!
[73:47.76]Sawyer! Sawyer!
[73:59.01]Where do you think you're going,blondie? 你想跑哪儿去 美女?
[74:04.24]Kate!Help me get those chains off! Kate! 帮我把链子弄掉
[74:10.67]Hold on!You hold on! 坚持住! 坚持住!
[74:12.97]I can't.I can't get it off. 不行 我弄不掉
[74:15.01]I got you. 我抓住你了
[74:16.71]I can't... 不行
[74:24.64]-I can't reach her. -You hold on! - 我够不到她 - 坚持住!
[74:32.36]I got you. 我抓住你了
[74:35.71]Sawyer! Sawyer!
[74:42.50]Don't you leave me. 不准离开我
[74:44.89]-It's okay. -Don'tyou leave me! - 没事 - 不准离开我!
[74:48.14]-I love you. -No,you don't let go! - 我爱你 - 不 不要撒手!
[74:50.33]-I love you,james. -Don't let go. - 我爱你 James - 别撒手
[74:52.64]I love you so much. 我非常爱你
[74:54.75]No!No,don't let go! 不! 不 别撒手!
[74:57.17]Juliet!No! Juliet! 不!
[75:23.29]Water? 水?
[75:25.00]Do you have any alcohol? 你有酒没?
[75:27.98]No.Sure wish i did. 没 有就好了
[75:39.02]Don't shoot. 别开枪
[75:41.49]It's okay. 没事
[75:44.53]It's all right. 没事
[75:53.90]Which one of you is ricardus? 你们谁是Ricardus?
[76:04.26]It's richard,actually. 实际上是Richard
[76:08.36]What lies in the shadow of the statue? 雕像的阴影下是什么?
[76:15.94]Ille qui nos omnes servabit. 万物的救世主
[76:22.61]Richard...I'm ilana. Richard... 我是Ilana
[76:27.68]I have something you need to see. 你来看看这个东西
[76:30.49]Open it up. 打开
[76:32.02]It--it's okay.It's okay.Let them. 没事没事 让他们打开
[77:06.30]Where did you find him? 你在哪儿找到他的?
[77:08.01]In the cargo hold of the plane we came here on... 我们飞机的货物舱
[77:13.44]In a coffin. 一口棺材里
[77:19.40]I don't understand. 我不明白
[77:22.20]If this is locke... 如果这是Locke...
[77:25.56]Who'sin there? 谁在那里面?
[78:26.19]You like it? 你喜欢么?
[78:30.92]I did it myself. 我自己织的
[78:36.75]It takes a very long time when you're making the thread,but,uh... 纺线费了很长时间 但是...
[78:40.97]I suppose that's the point,isn't it? 目的也就在于此 对吧?
[78:45.42]Hello,jacob. 你好 Jacob
[78:51.38]Well,you found your loophole. 你发现了你的漏洞了
[78:54.79]Indeed i did. 是的
[79:02.17]And you haveno idea what i've gone through to be here. 你不会明白我吃了多少苦头才到这里
[79:12.98]Have you met before? 你们以前见过么?
[79:14.92]In a manner of speaking. 可以这么说
[79:22.47]Do what i asked you to,ben. 动手吧 Ben
[79:28.90]Benjamin... Benjamin...
[79:31.51]Whatever he's told you,i want you to understand one thing. 不管他跟你说过什么 我希望你了解
[79:38.69]You have a choice. 你有选择
[79:44.53]What "choice"? 什么选择?
[79:47.31]You can do what he asked,ed or you can go,leave us to discuss our... 你可以按他说的做 或者离开 让我们讨论我们的...
[79:55.36]Issues. 问题
[80:02.55]So now,after all this time,you've decided to stop ignoring me. 这么多年后 现在你决定不再忽略我了
[80:12.45]35 years i lived on this island,and all i ever heard was your name over and over. 我在岛上住了35年 你的名总是在耳边飘荡
[80:21.68]Richard would bring me your instructions-- all those slips of paper,all those lists-- Richard会给我你的指示 小纸条 单子
[80:29.85]And i never questioned anything. 我从未质疑过任何东西
[80:33.34]I did as i was told. 我照办
[80:38.69]But when i dared to ask to see you myself,i was told,"you have to wait. 但是我要求见你一面 却被告知 "你要耐心地等"
[80:47.08]You have to be patient." "耐心地等"
[80:51.75]But whenheasked to see you? 而他要求见你
[80:55.66]He gets marched straight up here as if was moses. 可以直接进来 就好像他是摩西一样
[81:06.57]So...Why him? 为什么是他?
[81:16.27]What was it that was so wrong with me? 我什么地方有问题?
[81:24.62]What about me? 我呢?
[81:30.05]Whataboutyou? 你怎么了?
[81:41.79]Well... 这样的话...
[81:53.58]They're coming. 他们来了
[81:56.61]What? 什么?
[81:59.68]I can't hear you. 我听不见
[82:01.34]They're coming. 他们来了
[82:27.62]Sawyer,get off of there! Sawyer 赶快起来
[82:30.37]We have to go right now.We need to go! 我们得赶快离开 没时间了!
[82:34.85]Get off. 起来
[82:36.41]It's going down!This thing is gonna go!You have to let it go. 快掉下去了 这东西快掉下去了! 快起来
[82:39.20]You have to go.This thing is going to blow at any second. 快起来 这个东西随时都可能爆炸
[82:42.78]Jack! Jack!
[82:43.85]Jack,help me get him off. Jack 帮我把他弄下来
[84:00.97]Come on! 快!
[84:03.29]Come on! 快!
[84:07.33]Come on! 快!
[84:10.08]Come on,you son of a bitch! 快啊!
[84:21.76]感谢支持 下季再见
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