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听电影学英语 盗梦空间07

所属教程:听电影学英语 盗梦空间




[00:17.49]Why are they all looking at me? 他们怎么都盯着我?
[00:19.19]Because my subconscious feels that someone else is creating this world. 因为我的潜意识感觉到这世界是别人创造的
[00:22.86]The more you change things, 你改变得越多
[00:24.56]the quicker the projections start to converge on you. 投射人物就会越快趋近你
[00:27.33]Converge? 趋近?
[00:28.56]They sense the foreign nature of the dreamer. 他们感觉到梦主的异质性
[00:30.80]They attack, like white blood cells fighting an infection. 他们会攻击你 就像白细胞攻击感染一样
[00:33.64]What, they're gonna attack us? No, no. 什么 他们会攻击我们? 不 不
[00:37.04]Just you. 只是你
[00:42.51]This is great, but I'm telling you, 很厉害 但我告诉你
[00:44.40]if you keep changing things like this.... 如果你再这样改变事物...
[00:50.28]Jeez, mind telling your subconscious to take it easy? 天哪 让你的潜意识放松点行吗?
[00:53.42]It's my subconscious. Remember? I can't control it. 这可是我的潜意识 记得吗? 我控制不了的
[01:49.74]Very impressive. 有一手啊
[02:02.86]I know this bridge. This place is real, isn't it? 我认识这座桥 这里是真实的 对不对?
[02:06.56]Yeah, I cross it every day to get to the college. 是的 我每天经过它去上学
[02:09.06]Never re-create places from your memory. 永远不要根据记忆来重建地点
[02:11.20]Always imagine new places. 要一直想象新地点
[02:12.67]You draw from stuff you know, right? 要从熟悉的事物开始创造 不是吗?
[02:14.67]Only use details. A streetlamp or a phone booth. 只能用细节 一盏路灯或是一座电话亭
[02:17.86]Never entire areas. 不能套用整个地点
[02:19.04]Why not? Building a dream from your memory... 为什么不能? 从回忆来建造梦境
[02:21.34]is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what's real and what is a dream. 最容易让你分辨不清现实和梦境
[02:25.01]Is that what happened to you? Listen to me. 这是你的遭遇? 听我说
[02:27.25]This has nothing to do with me, understand? 这跟我无关 明白吗?
[02:29.42]That why you need me to build your dreams? 那为什么要找我来为你造梦?
[02:31.55]Hey, get off of her. Back up. Back up. 嘿 放开她 退后 退后
[02:34.26]Cobb! Cobb! Get off of her! 柯布 柯布! 放开她!
[02:36.06]Let me go! Let me go! Mal! 放开我! 放开我! 玛尔!
[02:38.49]Mal! Cobb! Wake me up! 玛尔 柯布 叫醒我!
[02:40.76]Wake me up! Wake me up! No! 叫醒我 叫醒我! 不!
[02:42.73]Mal, no! No! Wake me up! 玛尔 别 叫醒我!
[02:45.87]Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. You're okay. You're okay. 嘿 嘿 看着我 你没事了 没事了
[02:50.00]Hey. Why wouldn't I wake up? 嘿 为什么我醒不来
[02:53.54]There was still time on the clock. 预定的时间还没到
[02:55.53]You can't wake up from within the dream unless you die. 在梦里 除非你死了 否则是不能醒来的
[02:58.01]She'll need a totem. What? 她需要个图腾 什么?
[02:59.78]A totem, it's a small personal 图腾 是一个小的私人物品
[03:01.42]That's some subconscious you've got on you, Cobb! 你的潜意识还真给力呢 柯布
[03:04.12]She's a real charmer. 她真迷人
[03:06.12]I see you met Mrs. Cobb. She's his wife? 我看你是见过柯布太太了 那是他妻子?
[03:08.92]Yeah. So a totem. You need a small object, potentially heavy. 是的 图腾 就是个小物品 有点份量
[03:13.04]Something you can have on you that no one else knows. 你独有的东西 不让别人知道
[03:15.50]Like a coin? No. 比如硬币? 不
[03:16.90]It needs to be more unique than that. Like, this is a loaded die. 要比那个更独特 比如 这是注铅的骰子
[03:22.64]No, I can't let you touch it. That would defeat the purpose. 不行 我不能让你碰它 那就事与愿违了
[03:25.71]See, only I know the balance 看 只有我才知道
[03:27.28]and the weight of this particular loaded die. 这骰子的平衡点和重心在哪里
[03:30.08]That way, when you look at your totem... 这样的话 当你看着你的图腾
[03:32.08]you know beyond a doubt that you're not in someone else's dream. 你就能确定地知道你不在别人的梦里
[03:38.62]I don't know if you can't see what's going on, 我不明白 是你看不到出了什么事
[03:41.58]or if you just don't want to... 还是你不愿望去面对...
[03:43.09]but Cobb has some serious problems that he's tried to bury down there. 但柯布有些严重的问题 他试图去掩饰
[03:46.79]And I'm not about to just open my mind to someone like that. 我不打算向那样的人敞开心扉
[03:56.87]She'll be back. I've never seen anyone pick it up that quickly before. 她会回来的 我从没见过哪个人学得这么快
[04:00.74]Reality's not gonna be enough for her now, and when she comes back.... 现在对她来说 只有现实是不够的 等她回来时
[04:05.61]When she comes back, you're gonna have her building mazes. 等她回来 你要让她建迷宫
[04:08.45]Where are you gonna be? I gotta go visit Eames. 你要去哪儿? 我去看看埃姆斯
[04:11.02]Eames? No, he's in Mombasa. It's Cobol's back yard. 埃姆斯? 不行 他在蒙巴萨 那儿可是康布的地盘
[04:14.60]It's a necessary risk. 这个险必须冒
[04:16.19]Well, there's plenty of good thieves. We don't just need a thief. 厉害的贼多得是 我们要的不是贼
[04:20.56]We need a forger. 我们需要的是伪造者
[04:30.30]Rub them together all you want, they're not gonna breed. 全都下了吧 留着它们也不会繁殖
[04:33.44]You never know. 你怎么知道
[04:35.41]I'm gonna get you a drink. 请你喝一杯
[04:39.61]You're buying. 这个就是
[04:47.45]Your spelling hasn't improved. Piss off. 你的拼写还是这么烂 死一边去
[04:49.92]How's your handwriting? 你书写怎么样?
[04:52.06]It's versatile. Good. 风格多变 很好
[04:54.06]Thank you very much. 非常感谢
[04:55.96]Inception. 奠基
[04:57.56]Now, before you bother telling me it's impossible, let me 在你费心告诉我那是不可能的以前 让我来...
[05:00.57]No, it's perfectly possible. It's just bloody difficult. 不 那完全可能 只是难得要命
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