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听电影学英语 盗梦空间09

所属教程:听电影学英语 盗梦空间




[00:02.61]Ha, ha. You wait, they'll turn ugly. 哈哈 等着吧 他们会变坏的
[00:04.71]No one likes to feel someone else messing around in their mind. 没人喜欢脑子里有别人捣乱
[00:07.77]Cobb can't build anymore, can he? 柯布不能再筑梦了 是不是?
[00:11.71]I don't know if he can't, but he won't. 我不知道他还有没有这能力 但他不愿再筑梦了
[00:13.71]He thinks it's safer if he doesn't know the layouts. 他觉得他不知道迷宫的布局要更安全一些
[00:16.28]Why? 为什么
[00:17.55]He won't tell me. But I think it's Mal. 他不告诉我 但我觉得是因为玛尔
[00:20.22]His ex-wife? No, not his ex. 他前妻? 不 不是前妻
[00:22.69]They're still together? No. 他们还在一起吗? 没有
[00:27.09]No, she's dead. 她死了
[00:30.56]What you see in there is just his projection of her. 你看到的只是他对她的投射
[00:36.84]What was she like in real life? 她在现实生活中是什么样的?
[00:38.97]She was lovely. 她很可爱
[00:44.21]You are seeking a chemist? Yes. 你要找药剂师? 是的
[00:46.75]To formulate compounds for a job? 为工作而合成药物?
[00:49.55]And to go into the field with us. 再跟我们一起入梦
[00:51.59]No, I rarely go into the field, Mr. Cobb. 不 我很少出勤 柯布先生
[00:53.99]Well, we'd need you there to tailor compounds specific to our needs. 我们要你入梦 为我们的需要而特制药物
[00:57.89]Which are? Great depth. 什么需要? 足够的深度
[01:00.16]A dream within a dream? Two levels? 梦中梦? 两层梦?
[01:06.20]Three. 是三层
[01:07.40]Not possible. That many dreams within dreams is too unstable. 不可能 梦中嵌入这么多梦太不稳定
[01:11.14]It is possible. You just have to add a sedative. 是可能的 你只要加一剂镇静剂
[01:15.28]A powerful sedative. 要强效的镇静剂
[01:19.75]How many team members? Five. 有多少成员? 五个
[01:22.15]Six. 六个
[01:24.75]The only way to know you've done the job 要知道你做没做成
[01:27.60]is if I go in with you. 唯一的办法就是我跟你一起进入
[01:29.09]There's no room for tourists on a job like this, Mr. Saito. 这样的工作不能允许旁观者 齐藤先生
[01:32.23]This time, it seems there is. 这次嘛 我觉得必须有
[01:35.53]This, I think, is a good place to start. I use it every day. 我觉得 这就是个好的开始 我每天都服用
[01:39.43]What for? Here, I'll show you. 为什么? 我带你看
[01:45.87]Perhaps you will not want to see. 也许你不愿看到这景象
[01:50.54]After you. 你先请
[02:01.46]Ten. Twelve. All connected. Bloody hell. 十个 十二个 他妈的全联起来了
[02:04.63]They come every day to share the dream. 他们每天都来共享梦境
[02:09.43]You see? Very stable. 看吧 非常稳定
[02:17.71]How long do they dream for? Three, four hours, each day. 他们每天做梦多久? 三四个小时
[02:22.04]In dream time? 在梦里呢?
[02:23.24]With this compound? About 40 hours, each and every day. 用上这玩意嘛 每天大约40小时
[02:27.08]Why do they do it? Tell him, Mr. Cobb. 他们为什么这么做? 告诉他 柯布先生
[02:31.92]After a while, it becomes the only way you can dream. 一段时间过后 这就变成了入梦的唯一方法
[02:34.54]Do you still dream, Mr. Cobb? 你还做梦吗 柯布先生?
[02:37.09]They come here every day to sleep? No. 他们每天是来睡觉的? 不
[02:42.23]They come to be woken up. 他们来是为被唤醒
[02:45.93]The dream has become their reality. 梦境变成了他们的现实
[02:50.17]Who are you to say otherwise, sir? 你有能耐反驳我吗 先生?
[02:54.84]Let's see what you can do. 看看你的能耐
[03:07.45]You know how to find me. 你知道怎么找我
[03:11.66]You know what you have to do. 你知道你要做什么
[03:18.90]Sharp, no? 犀利吧?
[03:35.55]Are you all right, Mr. Cobb? 你还好吗 柯布先生?
[03:38.92]Yeah, yeah. Everything's just fine. 是的 我没事
[03:51.13]Robert Fischer, heir to the Fischer Morrow energy conglomerate. 罗伯特·费舍尔 "费舍尔翌日能源集团"的继承人
[03:55.00]What's your problem with this Mr. Fischer? 你看费舍尔先生哪儿不顺眼?
[03:57.07]That's not your concern. 跟你有什么关系
[03:59.07]Mr. Saito, this isn't your typical corporate espionage. 齐藤先生 这不是普通的商业间谍活动
[04:03.61]You asked me for inception. 你让我奠基
[04:05.38]I do hope you understand the gravity of that request. 我真心希望你明白这事的严重性
[04:08.92]Now, the seed that we plant in this man's mind will grow into an idea. 我们在他脑中植入的想法会长成信念
[04:13.05]This idea will define him. 这个信念会限制他
[04:15.09]It may come to change.... 它可能会改变...
[04:17.09]Well, it may come to change everything about him. 它可能会改变他的一切
[04:19.56]We're the last company standing between them and total energy dominance. 只有我们能阻止他们垄断整个能源行业
[04:24.06]And we can no longer compete. 我们已经丧失竞争力了
[04:26.30]Soon, they'll control the energy supply of half the world. 很快 他们将控制世界上一半的能源供给
[04:29.94]In effect, they become a new superpower. 结果是 他们会变成新的超级大国
[04:33.71]The world needs Robert Fischer to change his mind. 全世界也需要罗伯特·费舍尔改变心意
[04:37.21]That's where we come in. 这是我们的出发点
[04:38.95]How is Robert Fischer's relationship with his father? 罗伯特·费舍尔跟他父亲的关系如何?
[04:42.38]Rumor is the relationship is quite complicated. 有传言说他们的关系很复杂
[04:45.28]Well, we can't work based solely on rumor, can we? 我们不能根据传言就开工 是不是?
[04:47.96]Can you get me access to this man here? Browning. 你能接触到这个人吗? 布朗宁
[04:51.33]Fischer Senior's right-hand man. Fischer Junior's godfather. 老费舍尔的左右手 小费舍尔的教父
[04:55.66]It should be possible, if you can get the right references. 这有可能 如果你有合适的资源的话
[04:59.10]References are something of a specialty for me, Mr. Saito. 找资源可是我的强项 齐藤先生
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