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听电影学英语 盗梦空间10

所属教程:听电影学英语 盗梦空间




[00:04.20]I'm not smelling settlement here. Take them down. 我看他们不想和解 搞定他们
[00:07.31]Mr. Browning... 布朗宁先生
[00:08.58]Maurice Fischer's policy is always one of avoiding litigation. 马里斯·费舍尔的政策一直是回避官司
[00:14.98]Well, shall we voice your concerns with Maurice directly? 要把你的话直接传给马里斯吗?
[00:19.62]Not sure that's necessary. 那就不必了
[00:21.19]No, no, no. I think we should. 不不不 我觉得应该
[00:45.14]How is he? 他怎么样?
[00:47.55]I don't want to bother him unnecessarily, but 我不想太打扰他 但是...
[00:50.48]Robert, I told you keep out the damn Wait. So do it. Get 罗伯特 我让你他妈... 等等 去做吧
[00:56.22]Mr. Fischer. Put it through. 费舍尔先生 接过来
[00:59.69]Never, never. Never do the same as I asked. 永远 永远也别照我说的做
[01:04.60]Leave that. 别管了
[01:09.97]Here. 这样
[01:13.61]Must be a cherished memory of his. 这肯定是他珍视的回忆
[01:17.11]I put it beside his bed. He hasn't even noticed. 我把它放在他床边 他都没注意到
[01:21.82]Robert... 罗伯特
[01:25.85]...we need to talk about a power of attorney. 我们得谈谈请律师的事了
[01:28.42]I know this is hard, Not now, 我知道这不容易 现在不行
[01:29.74]but it's imperative that we start to... Uncle Peter. 但这是必须的 彼得叔叔
[01:35.73]The vultures are circling. 秃鹰在盘旋
[01:37.70]And the sicker Maurice fischer becomes, 马里斯·费舍尔病得越重
[01:39.61]the more powemul Peter Browning becomes. 彼得·布朗宁的权力就越大
[01:42.27]I've had ample opportunity to observe Browning... 我有足够的机会观察布朗宁
[01:45.30]and adopt his physical presence, 学习他的仪表神态
[01:47.15]study his mannerisms, and so on and so forth. 研究他的癖好 如此这般
[01:49.84]So now in the first layer of the dream, I can impersonate Browning. 所以在头层梦里 我可以模仿布朗宁
[01:53.88]And suggest concepts to Fischer's conscious mind. 对费舍尔的显意识进行暗示
[01:57.28]Then, when we take him a level deeper... 之后 我们带他到更深一层的梦中...
[01:59.29]his own projection of Browning should feed that right back to him. 他对布朗宁的投射应该马上会给他回馈
[02:02.96]So he gives himself the idea. 让他自己产生这想法
[02:05.06]Precisely. That's the only way it will stick. 不错 这是唯一行得通的办法
[02:07.95]It has to seem self-generated. 一定得是他自己想出的
[02:09.46]Eames, I am impressed. 埃姆斯 我被你震住了
[02:13.03]Your condescension, as always, is much appreciated, Arthur, thank you. 像以前一样 谢谢你的自大 亚瑟
[02:37.96]Were you going under on your own? 你要自己入梦吗?
[02:40.13]No, no, I was just, uh, running some experiments. 不 我只是 呃 做个实验
[02:43.80]I didn't realize anyone was here, so.... 我没看到别人在 所以...
[02:45.93]Yeah, I was just I was working on my totem, actually. 是的 我其实是在做我的图腾
[02:48.77]Here, let me take a look. 给我看看
[02:52.11]So you're learning, huh? 学到不少嘛 哈?
[02:53.57]An elegant solution for keeping track of reality. 以优雅的方式跟随现实
[02:57.71]Was it your idea? No, it was, uh.... 是你的主意吗? 不 其实 呃...
[03:00.35]It was Mal's, actually. This.... 是玛尔的 这...
[03:03.12]This one was hers. 这个是她的
[03:04.34]She would spin it in the dream and it would never topple. 她会在梦里转动它 而它永远不会停
[03:07.09]Just spin and spin. 一直转啊转啊
[03:11.53]Arthur told me she passed away. 亚瑟说她去世了
[03:15.36]How are the mazes coming along? 迷宫怎么样了?
[03:17.60]Each level relates to the part of the subject's subconscious... 每一级都联系着我们想进入的...
[03:20.67]...that we are trying to access. 目标的潜意识
[03:22.30]So I'm making the bottom level a hospital, 所以我把最底层做成医院
[03:25.36]so Fischer will bring his father. 让费舍尔带出他父亲
[03:28.11]You know, I Actually, I have a question about this layout. 要知道 我...其实我对这布局有个疑问
[03:31.04]No, no, no. Don't show me specifics. 不不不 别告诉我细节
[03:33.70]Only the dreamer should know the layout. 只有梦主才能知道布局
[03:35.95]Why is that so important? 这很重要吗?
[03:37.52]In case one of us brings in our projections. 以免我们有人带入了自己的投射
[03:39.45]We don't want them knowing the details of the maze. 我们不想让他们知道迷宫的细节
[03:43.19]You mean in case you bring Mal in. 你是说以免你带入了玛尔
[03:45.83]You can't keep her out, can you? 你挡不住她 是不是?
[03:49.13]Right. You can't build... 是的 你不能筑梦
[03:50.83]...because if you know the maze, then she knows it. 因为如果你知道迷宫 她也会知道
[03:54.30]Well, she'd sabotage the whole operation. 她会破坏整个行动
[03:56.67]Cobb, do the others know? No. No, they don't. 柯布 他们知道吗? 不知道
[03:59.64]You've gotta warn them if this is getting worse. 如果情况再恶化下去 你要警告他们
[04:02.04]No one said it's getting worse. 没人说会恶化下去
[04:05.18]I need to get home. That's all I care about right now. 我要回家 我现在只关心这个
[04:09.35]Why can't you go home? 你为什么不能回家?
[04:14.52]Because they think I killed her. 因为他们以为是我杀了她
[04:19.79]Thank you. For what? 谢谢 为什么?
[04:22.60]For not asking whether I did. 没问我有没有杀了她
[04:24.70]"I will split up my father's empire. " "我要摧毁我父亲的帝国"
[04:27.17]Now, this is obviously an idea that Robert himself would choose to reject 这个主意罗伯特肯定不会接受
[04:31.40]which is why we need to plant it deep in his subconscious. 所以我们要把它深深植入他的潜意识里
[04:34.37]The subconscious is motivated by emotion, right? Not reason. 潜意识是被情绪控制的 而不是理性 对吗?
[04:38.30]We need to find a way to translate this into an emotional concept. 我们要想办法把它转译成感情线索
[04:42.02]How do you translate business strategy into emotion? 要怎么把商业策略转译成感情?
[04:44.72]That's what we're here to figure out, all right? 那就是我们今天的主题
[04:46.33]Robert's relationship with his father 罗伯特跟他父亲的关系...
[04:48.39]...is stressed, to say the least. Can we run with that? 说得好听点 很紧张 能利用这一点吗?
[04:51.29]We suggest breaking up his father's company 我们暗示他把捣毁他父亲的公司
[04:53.91]as a "screw you"to the old man. 看作是对老头子的报复
[04:55.15]No, because I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. 不行 因为我认为积极的感情比消极感情更强大
[04:59.09]We all yearn for reconciliation, for catharsis. 我们都渴求和谐和宣泄
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