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[00:08.38]I'm thrilled that everyone's back under one roof. Welcome home, boy's. 大家凑到一起不容易呀 欢迎回来
[00:12.26]There's been a lot of whispering about why we're here, so let me jump right in. 这次会议 坊间很多谣传 我就直入主题了
[00:15.46]Retailers are down 20%. 零售业萎缩了20%
[00:17.86]Auto industry is in the dump. Housing market doesn't have a heartbeat. 汽车业陷入低谷 楼市也完蛋了
[00:24.50]It is one of the worst times on record for America. 这是美国一次严重的萧条
[00:27.78]This is our moment. 而我们的商机来了
[00:32.46]Now, last summer, we received a dynamite young woman here from Cornell. 去年夏天 我们来了个康奈尔大学的高材生
[00:35.66]And she had some pretty big ideas that she challenged me with. 她谋划了个大改革举动
[00:42.34]My first reaction was, "Who does this kid think she is?" 我起初觉得 "她太狂了"
[00:42.98]But after I gave it a listen, she really knocked me out. So... 仔细听她讲解后 我被打动了
[00:45.30]With a peek into our future, Natalie Keener. 来看看我们的未来 有请Natalie Keener
[00:53.30]If there's one word I want to leave you with today, it's this. 用一个词概括我要说的 就是这个词
[00:59.50]Glocal? Glocal?
[01:01.98]Glocal. Glocal
[01:02.46]Our global must become local. 缩小世界 拉近距离
[01:07.74]This company keeps 23 people on the road at least 250 days a year. 公司的23名员工 每年都要在外出差250天以上
[01:12.30]It's expensive and it's inefficient 费用高 效率低
[01:15.54]When I came to Craig three months ago with this, 三个月前 我把这想法告诉Craig时
[01:19.70]he told me, and quite astutely, it's only a problem if you have a solution. 他立刻对我说 这问题显而易见啊
[01:24.66]Well, today I stand before you with just that. 今天 我就是来讲解决之道的
[01:28.18]You all know Ned in reception. Today I'm gonna fire Ned. 大家都认识接待处的Ned吧 今天我要炒了他
[01:31.62]Sorry, Ned. I'm sure HR will hire you back this afternoon. 不好意思 Ned 下午人事就会重新聘用你的
[01:36.94]We'll see about that. 来瞧瞧吧
[01:38.10]Ned could be any employee in any one of our clients' locations worldwide. 假装Ned是全球随便一家客户企业的员工
[01:44.38]Strategy packets will be shipped in advance. 宣传册提前寄出
[01:46.70]Ned will be given a seat and find one of our transition specialists waiting. Ned坐在屏幕前 由咱们的专家们接待
[01:50.54]Mr Laskin, Laskin先生
[01:50.90]we're having this conversation as your position is no longer available. 遗憾的告知 您被解聘了
[01:57.26]Hearing the words "You've been let go" is never easy. "你被炒了" 这话不中听
[02:00.46]Change is scary, but consider the following: 改变总是让人惊惶 不过你想想
[02:02.38]anybody who ever built an empire or changed the world sat where you are now. 那些成就事业 改变世界的人 都是坐在你那位置的
[02:08.22]And it's because they sat there that they were able to do it. 正因为坐在那 这些人才能去有所成就
[02:10.18]That's my fucking line. 这是哥的台词
[02:12.30]But what happens now? 现在怎么办呢?
[02:14.38]This is the first step of a process that ends with you in a job that fulfils you. 这只是第一步 后面将有合适的工作给你
[02:17.38]Yeah, but how does it work? 哦 那怎么找呢?
[02:17.58]Take the packet in front of you. 看看你面前的宣传册
[02:19.94]Review it - all the answers you're looking for are inside. 仔细读读 答案都在里面
[02:24.06]Fill out the necessary information and you're on the way to new opportunities. 填好必要信息 工作机会就等着你呢
[02:29.66]Ned, go back to your desk and start putting together your things. Ned 回去收拾你桌上的东西吧
[02:34.42]As a favour to me, I'd appreciate it if you didn't spread the news just yet. 帮个忙 希望你不要把消息散布出去
[02:38.46]Panic doesn't help anyone. 不要引起众人恐慌
[02:39.94]I understand. 我明白了
[02:41.50]Give it up for Ned. 掌声鼓励Ned
[02:48.70]You can start the morning in Boston, stop in Dallas over lunch, 早晨士顿 午饭时达拉斯
[02:51.86]and finish the day in San Francisco. All for the price of a T1 line. 晚上旧金山 而只需宽带的费用
[02:56.74]Our inflated travel budget is eviscerated by 85%. 庞大的差旅费可以缩减85%
[02:58.22]And more importantly, to you guys on the road, 对你们出差狂来说 最重要的是
[03:04.38]no more Christmases in a hotel in Tulsa, no more hours lost to weather delays. 不会在外过年过节 不会因天气延误
[03:07.90]You get to come home. 你们能回家了
[03:13.60]That's why I brought the entire company in from the road, 我之所以把全公司人都召回来
[03:13.66]Tell me you're not taking this seriously. 别告诉我 你是玩真的
[03:17.38]because we're not taking it seriously. 就是怕大家都不当真
[03:17.86]There is a methodology to what I do, a reason it works. 我的工作方法 是有其理由的
[03:21.86]Coke and IBM have been doing this for years. Familiar with them? 可乐和IBM都一直在革新 知道吧?
[03:24.98]Like anything else, it'll take a few months of transition and everybody will settle in. 跟其他一样 有几个月 大家就习惯了
[03:29.50]Who are you taking off the road? - How are you not getting this? - 你要取消谁出差呢? - 你怎么还么明白?
[03:33.26]You are grouned. Everybody's grounded. It's done. 所有人都网络办公 我意已决
[03:37.78]What we do here is brutal and it does leave people devastated. 咱的工作很残酷 很打击人
[03:40.26]But there is a dignity to the way I do it. 但我的方法是有尊严的
[03:44.46]By stabbing them in the chest instead of the back, right? 胸前捅一刀 好过背后算计?
[03:45.34]You wanted to see me? - Well, uhm... 你要见我?
[03:49.02]You know what? Yeah, come on in. - Great job out there. - 正好 快进来 - 讲的不错
[03:50.70]Thank you. How's everyone taking it? - Great. - 谢谢 大家怎么看 - 真赞呢
[03:55.34]Listen, I admire your...zeal. And I think you have some very good ideas. 听着 谢谢你的好意 你的主意确实不错
[04:00.54]But you know nothing about the realities of my industry. 但你对这行业 完全不了解
[04:05.10]You can set up an iChat, but you don't know how people think. 你能玩网络化 但你不知道人们的感受
[04:08.26]I minored in psychology. - Nice. - 其实 我是学心理学的 - 不错
[04:13.54]OK, kiddo, fire me. - Ryan... - 好吧 孩子 来炒我 - Ryan...
[04:15.22]If she's gonna do this regularly, don't you wanna know if she can fire people? 如果她想做这行 先看看她能不能炒人吧
[04:18.58]She's fired Ned. - My dog can fire Ned. Fire me. - 她炒了Ned啊 - 我的狗都做得到 来炒我
[04:23.10]You don't need to do this. - No, it's OK. I got this. - 没必要当真 - 没事 我要接受挑战
[04:25.86]Mr Bingham, Bingham先生
[04:27.74]I regret to inform you that your position at this company is no longer available. 很遗憾告知 您的工作职位被取消了
[04:32.98]Hm. Who the hell are you? 嗯 你丫是谁?
[04:34.42]My name is Miss Keener. I'm here today to discuss your future. 我叫Keener 我想跟你谈谈未来
[04:36.06]My future? The only one who can fire me is Craig Gregory. 我的未来? 只有Craig Gregory配炒我
[04:40.38]He hired me to handle this for him. - Handle what? Handle Me? - 他委托我来解决 - 解决 解决我啊?
[04:43.14]Mr. Gregory hired me, he's the only one who can fire me. Gregory雇的我 只有他能炒我
[04:45.58]Know what? I'm gonna go talk to him. - Mr Bingham... - 算了 我去找他 - Bingham先生...
[04:47.58]No, no. You can't follow me. You're on a computer screen, remember? 停停 你不能跟着我 你在电脑那端呢
[04:49.70]Ryan.. - Let's try this again. Fire me again. - Ryan... - 再来 再炒我啊
[04:53.18]I just did. - Actually, you didn't. Fire me. - 我刚做到了 - 才没呢 来炒我
[04:56.22]That's enough. We get it. 够了 我明白了
[04:56.94]Mr Bingham, I'm here to inform you your position is no longer available. Bingham先生 很遗憾告知 您的工作职位被取消了
[05:01.22]I'm fired? - Yes, you're fired. - 我被炒了? - 是的 没错
[05:02.78]Never say fired. - You've been let go. - 别说炒字 - 您被辞退了
[05:05.18]Why? 为啥?
[05:08.18]This is a mythical situation. How could I possibly know why? 这是模拟演练 我哪知道为啥?
[05:09.02]Why doesn't matter, you never know why. 原因不重要 通常咱是不知道原因的
[05:12.30]Don't focus on the why. Rather, spend your energy thinking about your future. 别总想原因了 应该多想想未来
[05:15.70]Well, I'm gonna spend my energy on suing you 我宁可想想怎么告你
[05:17.54]unless you give me a good reason why you're firing me. 除非你给出个好理由
[05:21.58]Mr. Bingham, the reason's not important. Bingham先生 理由并不重要
[05:22.46]You're firing me without grounds? I have a lawsuit. 无故解职啊 这下有的告了
[05:24.78]I get what you're trying to say, Ryan. - Don't take this personally, Mr. Bingham. - 我知道你的意思了 Ryan - 不是针对你 Bingham先生
[05:28.74]Personally? 针对我?
[05:31.26]This is the most personal situation you are ever gonna enter, 这事足够针对我了
[05:34.06]so before you try to revolutionise my business, 你想在我的行业玩改革
[05:36.06]I'd like to know that you actually know my business. 最好先补习一下基础知识
[05:48.02]That's a hell of a way to welcome her to the team. 这种欢迎新同事的方式 真恐怖啊
[05:53.86]Am I the only one that sees that by doing this we're making ourselves irrelevant? 那么改革会使我们边缘化的 是不是只有我发现了?
[05:56.58]No, frankly, we're making you irrelevant. 没 实话说 是你被边缘化了
[05:57.86]Nice. - Don't blame me. - 你行啊 - 别怪我
[06:02.38]Blame high fuel costs, blame insurance premiums, blame technology. 应该怪燃油费 怪保险费 怪新技术
[06:04.02]Watch it. You're a little too young to become a dinosaur. 小心点 别发展成老古董
[06:09.10]I'm not a dinosaur. - I want you to show her the ropes. - 我才不是老古董 - 教她点窍门
[06:10.90]What do I know what goes on here? Get Ferguson to do it. 这里的事我懂啥啊 让Ferguson去教
[06:16.10]I'm not talking about here. 我不是说这里
[06:19.62]You're very confident this girl doesn't know what she's doing. So... 既然你确信 这姑娘不知道自己在做什么...
[06:20.14]No. - Yeah. - 不是吧 - 是的
[06:25.30]I'm sorry. I don't think a MySpace page qualifies you to rewire a company. 不好意思哈 我只是觉得 靠开心网是玩不转公司的
[06:28.62]Here's your chance. Go out, show her the magic, take her through the paces. 给你机会嘛 带她去转转 走走各流程
[06:32.18]I'm not a fucking tour guide. 我才不当导游呢
[06:35.86]Now here we go. - Bingham, here's the boat. - 又来了 - Bingham 假设这是船
[06:41.58]And here's you., Do you want to be in the boat? 这是你 你想上船来嘛?
[06:45.10]Yeah, alone. 想 自己上
[06:48.54]We're ringing the bell, we're rounding everybody up. 我要号召上所有人了
[06:49.66]You want to stay out a bit longer, you're welcome, but you will not be alone. Ok? 你还想自己在外跑 没关系 但别自己去 好吧?
[06:52.94]You let me know. 有事找我
[07:11.86]Oh, Christ. 老天爷
[08:04.30]What? - Follow me. - 咋了? - 跟我来
[08:09.54]I really like my luggage. That's exactly what it is - luggage. - 我喜欢我的行李箱 - 这才是行李箱
[08:13.30]Know how much time you lose checking in? 知道你登记浪费了多少时间吗?
[08:15.18]I don't know. Five...10 minutes? - 35 minutes a flight. - 不知道 5分钟 还是10分钟? - 一次浪费35分钟
[08:20.38]I travel 270 days a year. That's 157 hours. 我一年270天在飞 也就是157小时
[08:24.86]That makes seven days. Willing to throw away an entire week on that? 也就是七天 你愿意浪费一周去提行李吗
[08:37.74]You don't need this. Sorry, you don't need that. 这个没用 不好意思 你用不到的
[08:41.46]You don't need that. They have neck pillows on the plane. 没用 飞机上有靠枕
[08:43.02]This - they have better ones there. I'll get rid of this. 还有这个 旅店的更好 我扔掉啦
[08:51.02]I can just meet you at security. 去安检那等我吧
[08:53.10]Thank you. 谢谢
[08:57.22]Bingo - Asians. 就他们了 跟着亚洲人
[09:00.98]You can't be serious. - Never get behind people with infants. - 你开玩笑吧 - 不要排在拖家带口的人后面
[09:04.26]I've never seen a stroller collapse in less than 20 minutes. 一个婴儿车 就够他们折腾20分钟的
[09:06.26]Old people are worse. They're littered with hidden metal 老人更糟 动作僵硬
[09:09.90]and they never appreciate how little time they have left on earth. 不懂得珍惜人生最后的时光
[09:13.02]Five words: randomly selected for additional screening. 这些人呢 随时可能会挑出来复查
[09:17.98]Asians, they pack light, travel efficiently, 亚洲人 轻装上阵 过安检最高效
[09:20.82]and they've got a thing for slip-on shoes. 他们的皮鞋都易穿易脱
[09:24.06]That's racist. - I'm like my mother, I stereotype. It's faster. - 这是种族主义 - 我跟我妈一样 按人下菜碟 这样更快
[09:44.66]What in your backpack? Ryan Bigham.
[09:56.54]Are you mad at your computer? 你跟电脑有仇吗?
[10:00.86]I type with purpose. 打字力度代表决心
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