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所属教程:听电影学英语 在云端




[00:04.66]What is it that you're working on so furiously? 你这么发狠地写什么呢?
[00:06.42]I'm building a workflow of firing techniques. 解职技术的工作流程
[00:09.94]It's questions and responses, actions and reactions. 问答形式 不同情况 不同对策
[00:13.62]A script taking you through the steps of firing someone. 指导你一步步的解雇员工
[00:15.14]Who's it for? 给谁看的?
[00:18.74]you could put it in the hands of anyone and they'd be downsizing immediately. 无论给谁 只要按照流程走
[00:22.66]All you have to do is follow the steps. 想炒谁 就炒谁
[00:26.74]Natalie, what is it you think we do here? Natalie 你以为咱在干啥呢
[00:30.22]We prepare the newly-unemployed for the emotional and physical hurdles of job hunting, 我们为新离职的员工 做好找工作的身心准备
[00:34.26]while minimising legal blowback. 同时减少被起诉
[00:34.94]That's what we're selling. It's not what we're doing. 我们这么宣传 但不是做这个的
[00:36.82]OK, what are we doing? - We are here to make limbo tolerable, - 好吧 我们做什么呢? - 我们让地狱变的可以容忍
[00:43.26]to ferry wounded souls across the river of dread until the point where hope is dimly visible. 帮受伤的灵魂度过恐惧之河 让他们看到渺茫的希望
[00:53.34]Then stop the boat, shove 'em in the water and make 'em swim. 再停下船 把他们踹下去 自已游到对岸
[00:55.46]That's really impressive. Are you gonna put that in your book? 说得好 要记下这句台词吗?
[01:09.98]I gotta grab this. I'll meet you at the car rental. 我要接个电话 租车场见
[01:13.50]Hey, I was hoping I'd hear from you. 嘿 一直等你打电话来呢
[01:17.78]I'm in Hotlanta and I need a rib-joint recommend bad. 我在亚特兰大呢 快推荐家吃排骨的地方
[01:21.42]Fat Matt's. Bring a bib. Fat Matt那家 带上餐巾
[01:22.66]You never called. - I wasn't sure what was appropriate. - 你咋不打电话 - 我不知道是否合适
[01:26.02]Appropriate? I'm not some waitress you banged in a snowstorm. 合适? 我可不是你泡的女服务生
[01:29.74]That word has no place in our vocabulary. 咱俩的词典里没这词
[01:34.66]I'm the woman that you don't have to worry about. 我这种女人 你不用瞎担心
[01:39.02]Sounds like a trap. - Listen... - 听着像是陷阱 - 听我说...
[01:41.34]the next time that you're worried about manners, don't. 下次你担心是否"合适"时 免了吧
[01:43.46]If you wanna call, call. Just think of me as yourself, only with a vagina. 想来电就打 把我想成你自己 女体的你
[01:50.10]When am I gonna see you? 咱俩啥时再见面啊?
[01:51.74]Well, I'm out of Hartsfield into IAD, with a connection in ORD into SDF. 我就要从菲尔德机场飞华盛顿了 然后从芝加哥再去路易斯维尔
[01:58.94]Yeah, tell me about it. 可不是嘛
[01:59.02]Sorry. 真遗憾
[02:01.14]How long's your layover? They got multiples into SDF. Could you push? 你停留多久 去路易斯维尔的航班很多 能不能挤点时间
[02:07.34]Yeah, I can push. 可以啊
[02:21.54]All you have to do today is watch and listen. 你今天只管坐这旁听
[02:25.98]And when I talk about a strategy packet, hand them one of those. 我说宣传册时 你递给他们
[02:31.02]So although I wish I were here with better news, 虽然我也想报喜
[02:31.62]Sounds great. 好的
[02:35.58]the fact is that you and I are sitting here today because 不过今天找你 主要是为了告知...
[02:39.78]this will be your last week of employment at this company. 本周是你在公司工作的最后一周了
[02:42.06]Why me? - What am I supposed to do now? - 为啥炒我? - 我该怎么办?
[02:44.26]Am I supposed to feel better I'm not the only one losing my job? 我不是唯一被裁的 是不是该欣慰一下?
[02:48.46]This is ridiculous! I have been a fine employee for over 10 years 搞笑吧 10年来我都是优秀员工
[02:53.46]and this is the way you treat me. 你们就这么对我啊
[02:55.22]How do you sleep at night, man? How? 哥们 你晚上不会失眠吗?
[02:59.42]How's your family? They sleeping well at night? 你家人呢 也都能安然入睡吗?
[03:01.50]Electricity still on? 家里灯还开着没?
[03:04.22]Heat still on, refrigerator full of food? 供暖是否继续 冰箱里是否塞满食物?
[03:08.42]Gas tank full of gas? 煤气是否充足?
[03:10.70]Going to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend or something? 周末全家能否去查克芝士(儿童餐厅)?
[03:10.74]Not me. 不会是我
[03:13.90]No, my kids, we're not gonna do anything. 不 我的孩子们 我们不会做任何事
[03:21.46]What do you suggest I tell them? 给个建议 我怎么告诉他们?
[03:27.74]Perhaps you're underestimating the positive effect 也许你低估了你转换工作...
[03:30.22]your career transition can have on your children. 将对孩子们产生的积极影响
[03:33.38]The positive effect? 积极影响
[03:37.78]I make about 90 grand a year now. 现在我每年赚9万美元
[03:41.50]Unemployment is what - 250 bucks a week? 失业就等于 - 每周250块钱?
[03:45.26]Is that one of your positive effects? 这就是你所谓的积极影响之一?
[03:45.86]We'll get to be cosier cos I'm not gonna be able to pay my mortgage on my house. 我们会生活舒适 因为我再也付不起房子的抵押款
[03:48.58]So maybe we can move into a nice fucking one-bedroom apartment somewhere. 也许我们能搬进某套该死的一卧室公寓
[03:53.62]And I guess without benefits, 我猜如果没有了津贴...
[03:56.18]I'll be able to hold my daughter as she, you know, suffers from her asthma 我还能保住我女儿 她饱受哮喘折磨
[04:01.22]that I won't be able to afford the medication for. 我再也负担不了医疗费了
[04:04.74]Well...tests have shown that children under moderate trauma have a tendency to 嗯...很多测试表明 承受一般创伤折磨的孩子倾向于...
[04:09.42]apply themselves academically... 全心投入学习中....
[04:12.74]..as a method of coping. ..作为一种对抗痛苦的方式
[04:16.38]Go fuck yourself. 见你他妈的鬼去
[04:19.54]That's what my kids'll think. 我孩子将来就会这么想的
[04:23.06]Your children's admiration is important to you? - Yeah. - 孩子们的敬佩对你来说很重要? - 是的
[04:25.46]Yeah, it was. 是的 是这样
[04:28.10]Well, I doubt they ever admired you, Bob. 我怀疑他们是否敬佩过你 Bob
[04:30.66]Hey, asshole, aren't you supposed to be consoling me? 嘿 混蛋 你不是应该来安慰我吗?
[04:34.74]I'm not a shrink, Bob. I'm a wake-up call. 我不是心理医生 Bob 我是来给你当头一棒的
[04:37.62]You know why kids love athletes? - Cos they screw lingerie models? - 知道孩子们为何热爱运动员吗? - 因为他们和内衣模特上床?
[04:41.06]No, that's why we love athletes. Kids love athletes 不 我们喜欢运动员 孩子们喜欢运动员
[04:46.10]because they follow their dreams. 是因为他们努力追逐梦想
[04:51.10]Well, I can't dunk. - No, but you can cook. - 我可不会灌篮 - 是的 可你会烹饪
[04:52.70]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?
[04:56.54]Your r閟um?says that you minored in French culinary arts. 你的简历上说你辅修法式烹饪
[04:59.82]Most students, they work on the fryer at KFC, 大多数学生 他们在肯德基打工炸薯条
[05:02.38]but you bussed tables at Il Picador to support yourself. 可你在Il Picador打工赚取生活费
[05:07.10]Then you get out of college and then you come and work here. 你毕业后就来这里工作
[05:10.34]How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams? 最初他们付你多少钱 让你放弃梦想?
[05:12.90]27 grand a year. - And when were you going to stop - 年薪2万7千元 - 你打算什么时候结束这一切...
[05:18.46]and come back and do what makes you happy? 回头做自己真正喜欢的事情?
[05:23.10]I see guys who work at the same company for their entire lives, 我看到很多员工在这里干了一辈子...
[05:26.66]guys exactly like you. 他们和你很像
[05:28.78]They clock in, they clock out, and they never have a moment of happiness. 他们准时上班 准时下班 却从来没有快乐过
[05:37.06]You have an opportunity here, Bob. 你现在有一个机会 Bob
[05:38.54]This is a rebirth. 这是一次重生
[05:42.34]If not for you, do it for your children. 即使不为自己 也为你的孩子们考虑一下
[06:13.62]He just waltzes in and cuts in line? 难道他可以大摇大摆过来插队?
[06:16.46]We reserve priority assistance for our Hilton Honors members. 希尔顿酒店荣誉会员享受优先服务
[06:20.02]The promotions are great. You should check it out. 促销活动很棒 你可以看看
[06:30.22]Hungry much? 你很饿吗?
[06:32.18]Our business expense allots $40 each for dinner. 我们的商务开支允许花40美元吃顿晚饭
[06:34.90]I plan on grabbing as many miles as I can. 我计划尽可能多积累里程数
[06:36.94]OK, you gotta fill me in on the miles thing. What is that about? 你得告诉我关于里程数的事 到底怎么回事?
[06:42.70]Are you talking about... like frequent flyer miles? 你是不是在说...常飞客里程数?
[06:44.46]You really want to know? - I'm dying to know. - 你真想知道? - 我想知道的要死
[06:50.22]I don't spend a nickel if I can help it unless it somehow profits my mileage account. 如果可以 我一个子也不想花 除非它对我的里程帐户有益
[06:53.18]So what are you saving up for - Hawaii, South of France? 你积累那么多里程数是为什么- 去夏威夷 法国南部?
[06:55.70]It's not like that. The miles are the goal. 不是那样的 里程数就是目标
[07:02.02]That's it? 就这样?
[07:02.60]Just say I have a number in mind and I haven't hit it yet. 只能说我脑子里有个数字 我目前还没达到它
[07:03.46]You're saving just to save? 你只是为了积累里程数而积累?
[07:05.94]That's a little abstract. What's the target? 这听上去有点抽象 目标是什么?
[07:10.98]I'd rather not. - Is it a secret target? - 我宁愿没有 - 是不能说的目标吗?
[07:15.50]It's 10 million miles. 是1千万英里的里程
[07:20.26]OK. Isn't 10 million just a number? - Pi's just a number. - 1千万英里程难道不只是个数字么? - 圆周率也只是个数字
[07:21.42]Well, we all need a hobby. 我们都需要有个嗜好
[07:25.34]No, I... I don't mean to belittle your collection. I get it. It sounds cool. 不 我...我不是轻视你的努力 我明白了 听上去很酷
[07:29.10]I'd be the seventh person to do it. More people have walked on the moon. 我将成为第七个成功者 登月过的人数都比这个多
[07:34.30]Do they throw you a parade? - You get lifetime executive status, - 他们会为你举行一场庆贺游行? - 你会得到终身的最高会员待遇
[07:37.30]you get to meet the chief pilot, Maynard Finch... 你会见到首席飞行员 Maynard Finch...
[07:40.60]Men get hard-ons putting their name on stuff. You guy;s dont grow up. 男人总渴望把名字刻在什么东西上 你们就是长不大
[07:41.10]And they put your name on a plane. 会把你的名字刻在飞机上
[07:44.58]It's like you need to pee on everything. - Now who's stereotyping? - 就像你们走到哪里就在那里撒尿 (雄性动物标明领地的行为) - 到底谁是老古板啊?
[07:46.86]Fear of mortality. It's like, yeah, you're gonna die one day. 恐惧死亡 就好像 呃 人总有一天会死
[07:51.82]Why is that singular to men? 干嘛只针对男人?
[07:55.34]Probably because you can't have babies. - The baby argument. - 多半因为你们没法生育 - 孩子之争
[08:02.42]If I had that many miles... 如果我能积攒到那么多里程数...
[08:03.50]I would show up at an airport, 我会去机场
[08:06.66]look at the destination board, pick a place and go. 在目的地公告牌上寻找 挑一个地方直接飞过去
[08:31.30]Can't fall asleep. 睡不着觉
[08:37.14]Me too just laying here 我也是 无聊躺着呢
[08:41.58]You should rub one out. 你应该自己用手解决
[08:47.02]Thank you for the advice. 多谢你的建议
[08:50.26]Only fair if you do too 只有你也照办才算公平
[08:59.34]Way ahead of you. 早干过了
[09:10.62]Call me next tim so I can listen 下次再做时给我电话 我要旁听
[09:17.74]Have sweet dreams about me. 做个好梦 梦到我
[09:31.42]OK. Closer. Way closer. 好了 近一点 再近一点
[09:37.14]Still closer. 还要靠近
[09:38.22]Closer. 再近一点
[09:41.62]Er...a little left. 哦...有点偏左了
[09:42.62]Down a little. 往下一点
[09:45.42]Too far. Up. Up one more inch. 太下面了 上来一点 再向上1英寸
[09:48.86]I don't get it. Why does your sister want a fake photo? 我不懂 你妹妹干嘛要假的照片
[09:53.46]My sister is kooky. She thinks this is charming. It's like the gnome thing. 我妹妹是个怪人 她觉得这样很吸引人 就好像侏儒一样
[09:55.62]No, I mean, why would she want a fake photo in front of St Louis airport? 不 我是说 她干嘛要弄一张 站在圣路易斯机场前的假照
[09:59.82]Are you kidding - Lambert Field? The Wright brothers flew through there. 你开玩笑吗- Lambert区域? 莱特兄弟驾机飞过那里
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