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所属教程:听电影学英语 在云端




[00:05.34]is the first of its kind, a precursor of everything from JFK to de Gaulle. 是史上第一座候机楼 是纽约JFK机场 巴黎戴高乐机场们的先驱
[00:05.38]That domed main terminal, 那个穹顶候机楼...
[00:10.14]Pretty sweet. - Just take the picture. - 很动人 - 快拍照吧
[00:16.42]Well, that's a keeper. 好了 拍好了
[00:19.74]Let me see it. 让我瞧瞧
[00:21.74]Why she wants reminders of all the places she hasn't been is beyond me. 我也不清楚 她为何想要这些 她未去之地的纪念照
[00:26.94]I'm sure she'll be crushed for having missed this airport. 我肯定如果没拍这个机场她会崩溃
[00:27.26]Before Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, he took off from that runway. 林登伯格驾机飞越大西洋前 他就是从那条跑道起飞的
[00:32.62]Wonder why they called it the Spirit of St Louis? 你是否想知道他们为什么称之为 "圣路易斯精神"?
[00:34.66]No. - Well... - 不想知道 - 好吧...
[00:44.98]Do you know how fucked this place is now? 你知道这他妈的鬼地方现在变啥样了?
[00:47.90]I am the one thing - the one thing- 我才是唯一一个 只有我
[00:51.14]preventing this place from being totally fucked in the ass. 努力阻止这公司彻底垮掉
[01:01.46]Sometimes they just need to vent. 有时他们只是需要发泄
[01:03.70]Please, for the love of God, can I fire the next one? 求你 看在上帝份上 下一次让我来解雇如何?
[01:07.82]Miss Barnes, thank you for joining us. - I'm here to be fired, right? - Barnes小姐 谢谢你来这里 - 叫我来是要裁掉我 对吗?
[01:12.58]Well, we're here to talk about your future. 我们是来讨论你的未来
[01:14.60]You don't have to sugar-coat it. I get the drill. 你没必要甜言蜜语 我清楚得很
[01:19.70]What are they offering? 他们的条件呢?
[01:21.14]Inside the packet, you'll find a clearly worked out severance package. 这套方案里 被裁员工的条件很不错
[01:22.94]Give me the bullet points. 告诉我重点
[01:28.22]three months' pay, six months' medical. 3个月的工资 6个月的医疗保费
[01:32.02]And a full year of placement services through our CTC. 一整年通过我们CTC负责就业介绍的开支
[01:35.38]Placement services. That's generous. 就业介绍 真大方
[01:40.42]Commonly it takes a month of searching for every $10,000 you expect to earn in salary. 通常来说 寻找一份年薪1万美元的工作 需要1个月
[01:45.02]So I could be looking for a while. - Not necessarily. - 这么说 我还有时间找上一阵 - 也不是一定会这样
[01:46.18]Don't even sweat it. I'm pretty confident about my plans. 别担心 我对将来早有计划
[01:51.06]Really? - Yeah. - 真的? - 是的
[01:52.62]There's this beautiful bridge by my house. 我家旁边有座很美丽的大桥
[01:58.18]I'm gonna go jump off it. 我要从上面跳下去
[02:02.22]Natalie. Natalie
[02:02.82]Hey! 嗨!
[02:05.38]Natalie! Natalie!
[02:14.10]People say these things all the time. It's part of the trade. 人们总是说那种话 这是生意的一部分
[02:19.22]They do? - Yeah. - 是吗? - 当然了
[02:20.30]They say crazy things. They get worked up. 他们总说疯话 他们太激动了
[02:27.42]She was really calm. 她真得很冷静
[02:29.38]I think that's a good sign. 我认为那是好事
[02:31.10]So they don't ever actually do it? - No. No, it's just talk. - 那么说他们不会真那么干? - 当然不会 只是说说而已
[02:34.86]How do you know? Do you follow up? - No, nothing good's gonna come of that, but.. - 你怎么知道? 你会继续关注? - 不 不会有好结果的 但是..
[02:41.06]I wouldn't worry about it. 我也不会为此担心
[02:45.54]This is what we do, Natalie. We take people at their most fragile and we set them adrift. 这就是我们的工作 Natalie 在人们最脆弱的时刻给予打击 任其随波逐流
[02:55.30]Ready to go back in? 准备好回去吗?
[02:58.42]All right, let's go. Come on. 好吧 我们走 来吧
[03:46.66]No, I'm fine. Tell me something sweet. 不 我很好 给我带点好消息
[03:51.22]I'll be back soon. I'm not sure how long this exercise is supposed to last. 很快回来 我不确定这次实习会持续多久
[03:52.60]No, I don't even think of him that way. He's old. 不 我都没把他往那方面想 他太老了
[04:36.90]I- I'm done? - I wasn't expecting this. Not at all. - 我- 我就这样完了? - 我可没期待过这个 一点都没有
[04:41.90]Just like that? 就那样?
[04:43.26]I'm disappointed that I've given so much of my life... 我太失望了 我贡献了那么多年...
[04:46.74]This is not fair. 这不公平
[04:48.30]There are people way more qualified than me now. 现在有很多人比我更胜任这份工作了
[04:49.58]I don't know what to do when I wake up tomorrow. 我不知道明早醒来后该做什么
[05:00.34]You OK? 你还好吗?
[05:05.42]Are we going? - Yeah. - 可以走了吗? - 是的
[05:23.10]This is how I start every day of my life. 我生活中的每一天都是这样开始
[05:28.94]Now, this is gonna be a little difficult, so stay with me. 现在 形势变得有点困难 别走开
[05:33.58]You have a new backpack. 你们有新的背包了
[05:35.62]Only this time, I want you to fill it with people. 但这一次 我要你们把其他人都装进去
[05:38.50]Start with casual acquaintances, friends of friends, 从一般的熟人 朋友的朋友开始
[05:41.94]folks around the office. 办公室的同事
[05:42.94]And then the people you trust with your most intimate secrets - 然后是你们信任 分享最深秘密的人
[05:47.82]your cousins, your aunts, your uncles, 你们的表兄弟 阿姨 叔叔
[05:48.90]your brothers, your sisters, your parents, 你们的兄弟 姐妹 父母
[05:55.22]and finally your husband, your wife, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. 最后是你们的丈夫 妻子 男友 女友
[05:58.58]You get them into that backpack. 把他们都装进背包里
[06:03.82]Don't worry. I'm not gonna ask you to light it on fire. 别担心 我不会要求你们放把火点燃它
[06:09.46]Feel the weight of that bag. 感受一下那背包的重量
[06:12.42]Make no mistake, your relationships are the heaviest components in your life. 毋庸置疑 你们的人际关系 是生命中最沉重的组成部分
[06:19.22]Do you feel the straps cutting into your shoulders? 你们是否感到背包带已深深勒进肩膀?
[06:22.30]All those negotiations and arguments, and secrets and compromises. 所有那些协商 争吵 那些秘密和妥协
[06:31.38]You don't need to carry all that weight. 你们没必要肩负所有的负累
[06:35.18]Why don't you set that bag down? 为什么不放下背包呢?
[06:40.82]Some animals were meant to carry each other, to live symbiotically for a lifetime - 有些动物天生喜欢背负同伴 终身共同生活
[06:46.78]star-crossed lovers, monogamous swans. We are not those animals. 命运曲折的不幸恋人 一夫一妻制的天鹅 我们不是他们
[06:54.02]The slower we move, the faster we die. 我们行动得越慢 就死得越早
[06:54.26]We are not swans. 我们不是天鹅
[06:59.42]We're sharks. 我们是鲨鱼
[07:14.38]Never? - No. -从来没有 - 是的
[07:16.38]Ever? - No. - 一次都没想过? - 没错
[07:19.14]You never want to get married? - Nope. - 你从未想过结婚? - 从未想过
[07:22.50]Ever? - Never. - 一直都没有? - 从来没有
[07:22.98]Never want kids? - Not a chance. - 从未想过生孩子? - 从未想过
[07:27.54]Is that so bizarre? - Yes. - 是不是很古怪? - 是的
[07:29.26]Yes, it is. - I just don't see the value in it. - 是的 是这样 - 我只是看不出那样做价值何在
[07:35.98]Right, sell it to me. - What? - 好吧 努力说服我 - 什么?
[07:37.82]Sell me marriage. 告诉我婚姻的重要性
[07:40.02]OK, how about love? - OK. - 好吧 出于爱情怎么样? - 好吧
[07:46.26]Stability, just somebody you can count on... - How many stable marriages do you know? - 稳定性 有人可以依靠... - 你见过多少稳定的婚姻?
[07:49.98]Somebody to talk to, someone to spend your life with. 有人可以说话 可以共度此生的人
[07:54.42]I'm surrounded by people to talk to. That won't change. 我周围都是可以说话的人 那不会改变
[07:57.10]How about just not dying alone? 不会孤零零死去的理由怎么样?
[08:01.18]Starting when I was 12, we moved each of my grandparents to a nursing facility. 打从我12岁起 我的爷爷奶奶外公外婆 就被陆续送去养老院
[08:05.62]My parents went the same way. Make no mistake, we all die alone. 我父母最后也是同样的结局 一点没错 我们最后都会孤身一人死去
[08:09.26]Now, those cult members in San Diego, with the Kool-Aid and the sneakers... 而圣迭戈那些邪教信徒 喝着Kool-Aid 穿着运动鞋
[08:13.78]they didn't die alone. 他们可没有孤零零死去
[08:16.66]I'm just saying there are options. 我只是说生活有很多选择
[08:23.38]Oh, fuck. 哦 见鬼
[08:26.34]Brian left me. Brian不要我了
[08:33.82]All right. 好了
[08:38.86]OK. Ok. All right. 好了 没事的
[08:43.30]All right. Shh, shh. 没事的
[08:59.30]Natalie, this is Alex, my friend. This is Natalie. Natalie 这是Alex 我的朋友 这是Natalie
[09:02.70]I should give you both a moment. 我该让你们单独待几分钟
[09:06.26]No. No, that's fine. I'm fine. It's a pleasure to meet you. 不不 没事 我很好 很高兴认识你
[09:10.70]Maybe we should just all go up to our rooms and freshen up. 也许我们该上楼进客房整理一下
[09:15.66]Maybe a drink? - Now you're talking. - 要不喝一杯? - 是个好主意
[09:16.54]Brian: I think it's time we C othter people <i>Brian: 我认为各寻新欢的时候到了</i>
[09:21.06]He broke up with you with a text message? 他就发了这通短信跟你分手?
[09:21.70]Kind of like firing someone over the internet. 有点像通过网络 远程裁员哦
[09:26.62]What a weaselly prick. - But what does that make me? - 真是个狡猾的混蛋 - 可这让我看起来像啥样了?
[09:32.38]Someone who falls for a prick. - We all fall for them. - 有人就喜欢混蛋 - 我们都喜欢那种人
[09:33.30]Pricks are spontaneous, unpredictable and fun. 混蛋们都热情洋溢 无法预测 妙语如珠
[09:35.90]Then we're surprised when they turn out to be pricks. 当他们最终露出混蛋真面目时 我们会非常吃惊
[09:40.34]I followed him to Omaha. - You did? - 我是跟着他去的Omaha - 真的?
[09:45.38]I had a job waiting for me in San Francisco when he got an offer from ConAgra. 我在旧金山有工作 他被ConAgra食品集团录取了
[09:48.66]He said we could start a life together. 他说我们可以共同生活
[09:52.94]So I followed him. - To Nebraska? - 所以我跟着他去了 - 去了内布拉斯加州?
[09:58.42]I thought I'd be engaged by now. 我以为我现在本该订婚了
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