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听电影学英语 在云端 09 中英双语

所属教程:听电影学英语 在云端




[00:01.20]We all need a place to call our own. This is America. This is what we were promised. 我们都需要自己的家 这是美国梦的一部分
[00:06.52]It's a nice touch. - What? - 这话我认同 - 什么?
[00:11.44]Oh,thanks. 谢谢
[00:11.76]The bit at the end about the promise. I like that part. 你最后结尾的部分 我很喜欢
[00:15.92]You er...you still renting that one-bedroom? - No. I gave it up. - 你还租着那个单间吗? - 没了
[00:23.08]So you own now? - No. - 你买房子了? - 没有
[00:25.40]But you're looking? 在找吗?
[00:27.96]No,not really. 也没有
[00:30.96]So you're just good? 这样也很好?
[00:31.10]I'm good. - Well,that's good. - 对 很好 - 那就好
[00:35.92]Can you believe it's tomorrow? How are you gonna sleep? 明天就要来了 今天肯定睡不安稳吧
[00:39.72]I don't know. 我也不知道
[00:43.04]Well,do you want some Xanax? - I don't think that's for sleeping. - 你需要赞安诺吗? - 那不是治失眠的吧
[00:44.12]Yeah. No,I think I'll just have a glass of warm milk. 没事啦 我喝杯热牛奶就行了
[00:49.80]That'll do the trick. - OK. See you tomorrow. - 应该会有效 - 那明天见了
[00:55.40]There's another box inside. 里面还有一盒
[00:57.44]I'll grab it. - You sure? - 我去拿吧 - 没问题吗?
[00:58.04]Yeah,yeah,yeah. 没事
[01:08.36]Jim seems like a good guy. - Yeah,isn't he great? - Jim看起来很不错 - 对 我就说吧
[01:13.08]He's going to make a great husband. 他会是个好丈夫的
[01:18.28]You know,Julie,I was thinking, you know,with Dad not being here,erm... Julie 我在想 爸爸不在...
[01:22.24]I was wondering if you had anybody to walk you down the aisle. 有没有人陪你步入婚礼殿堂?
[01:33.40]No,Jim's uncle is gonna do it. - He's been really supportive. - Jim的叔叔已经答应了 - 他很支持
[01:37.40]He's been great. 一直对我们特别好
[01:38.32]Well,good. That's great. I just wanted to make sure that you... 那就好 我只是想确认...
[01:43.72]I wanted you to be covered,that's all. 你不会是孤单一人
[01:49.52]So,I should be there,what? 那我该什么时候到?
[01:52.92]The other guests are arriving around five and things get going at five-thirty so... 客人们会五点到 晚餐会五点半开始...
[01:56.56]around then. - OK. - 就那时候吧 - 好的
[02:02.68]Oh. Let me... I'm gonna help you with those. 我来...帮你把
[02:07.60]Got it. 好了
[02:08.16]It's OK. It's OK,it's OK. 没事的 没事的
[02:21.32]None of that was here. 这些都没见过
[02:24.40]This is all new. 应该是新建的
[02:37.52]Really? 别啊
[02:40.80]Is that all you got? - What? - 你就这点能耐? - 你还有啥招?
[02:48.28]Give me a boost. 帮我一把
[02:53.40]Watch... 注意...
[02:56.92]Hang on. 等一下
[03:05.28]I took Geography in here. 地理课就在这儿上的
[03:07.40]You ever fool around with one of your teachers? 你有没有和老师乱搞过?
[03:08.12]No. Did you? - No. Not until college. - 没 你呢? - 大学之前都没有
[03:19.56]That's me on the right. 右边那个是我
[03:23.24]It's kinda hard to tell. - You can tell by the eyebrows. - 变化挺大啊 - 眉毛没变
[03:27.36]You played basketball? - I was a point guard. Don't act so surprised. - 你打篮球? - 打控卫 别吃惊
[03:32.64]I didn't know you were such a jock. 原来你还是个运动员
[03:34.84]That's me too. 那也是我
[03:38.16]And that. 那也是
[03:40.96]My first fight. - How'd it go? - 第一次打架的地方 - 结果如何?
[03:44.60]Got my ass kicked. 被人揍了一顿
[03:45.76]This is where we used to go to make out. - Oh,yes. Yeah. This is very romantic. - 这里就是亲热的地儿 - 还挺浪漫
[04:07.16]I'm really happy I came here. - So am I. - 我很高兴我来了 - 我也是
[04:17.68]It's Kara. Kara打来的
[04:21.56]Ryan,where are you? We're having a meltdown here. Ryan 你在哪? 大事不好
[04:23.96]What's going on? What happened? 怎么了? 发生什么了?
[04:25.72]It's Jim. Can you get back here? We need your help. Jim的问题 能快点回来吗? 需要你帮忙
[04:26.16]OK. 好的
[04:29.60]We gotta go. 我们得走了
[04:34.72]I'll grab your suit. - Thanks. - 我去帮你拿西装 - 谢谢
[04:55.56]What happened? - Jim's got cold feet. - 怎么了? - Jim怯场了
[05:00.76]Today? - Yeah,that's how cold feet work. - 今天? - 对 难道还明天怯
[05:02.72]What do you want me to do? - Talk to him. - 你想让我做什么? - 和他谈谈
[05:06.20]You want me to talk to him? - Hey,it's either you or me. - 你想让我和他谈? - 不是你就是我了
[05:09.12]You know my track record. I've already struck out once. 你又不是不知道 我已经吓跑一个了
[05:10.40]I haven't been to bat. I haven't been in the dugout. 我一点经验都没有
[05:14.80]Don't you talk for a living? Motivational-type stuff? 你不是靠说话赚钱吗? 励志演讲?
[05:16.76]I tell people how to avoid commitment. - 我专门教人怎么逃脱责任 - 这什么鬼屁玩意啊
[05:18.60]It's a philosophy. - It's stupid. - 生活哲学 - 太蠢了
[05:22.80]Hey,it could have helped you. - Ryan. - 但可以帮到你啊 - Ryan
[05:26.72]You haven't been around much. Fuck - basically,you don't exist to us. 这么多年 你一直不在 操 说白了 我们没当你存在过
[05:30.16]I know you wanna be there for her. 我知道你想帮她的
[05:32.80]Well,here it is. This is your chance. 好了 机会来了
[05:57.24]Hey. What's up,Ryan? 好啊 Ryan
[06:01.00]Jim. - You ever read this before? - Jim - 你读过这个吗?
[06:06.40]Yeah,it's pretty powerful stuff. - I'll say. - 对 写得挺不错的 - 我也这么认为
[06:13.84]Er...Kara mentioned that you were having some thoughts. Kara告诉我 你有点别的想法
[06:19.92]I don't think I'm going to be able to er... to do this. 我觉得我可能会做不好
[06:25.00]Why would you say that...today? 怎么今天说这个?
[06:29.28]Well,last night I was kinda laying in bed and I couldn't get to sleep. 昨晚躺床上 我有点失眠
[06:33.88]So I started thinking about the wedding and the ceremony, 我开始胡思乱想 婚礼 仪式
[06:35.52]and about our buying a house and moving in together. 接着买房住一起
[06:40.40]And having a kid, and having another kid and then 然后生了几个孩子
[06:42.16]Christmas and Thanksgiving and spring break. 过了几个圣诞 感恩节以及春假
[06:45.76]Going to football games,and then all of a sudden they're graduating. 看了几场球场 然后孩子就毕业了
[06:48.00]They're getting jobs,getting married. And,you know,I'm a grandparent. 他们也有工作 结婚了 我成爷爷了
[06:52.48]And then I'm retired. I'm losing my hair,I'm getting fat. 接着我退休 脱发 发福
[06:57.12]And then the next thing you know I'm dead. 最后我就死了
[06:58.32]I'm just,like...I can't stop from thinking, what's the point? 我就在那里想 这么做的意义何在?
[07:05.60]I mean,what is the point? 这么做的意义何在?
[07:09.16]The point? - What am I starting here? - 意义? - 我为什么要结婚呢?
[07:14.68]Jim,it's...marriage. Jim 这是婚姻啊
[07:20.56]It's one of the most beautiful things on earth. It's what people aspire to. 人人追逐 世间最美的事
[07:23.76]You never got married. - That's true. - 你就没结婚啊 - 这是实话
[07:26.68]I mean,you never even tried. - Well,it's hard to define try. - 你都没尝试过 - 那要看你怎么定义尝试了
[07:32.24]I don't know,just you seem happier than all my married friends. 我不知道 我只知道你比我很多婚后朋友都要开心
[07:38.48]Look,Jim,I'm not going to lie to you. Marriage can be a pain in the ass. Jim 和你直说吧 婚姻是会很可怕
[07:42.08]And you're right. This all is just stuff that leads to your eventual demise. 你是对的 这些很可能都会发生
[07:46.56]Yes. - And we're all on running clocks. - 对啊 - 时间不息 生命不停
[07:49.12]And they can't be slowed down or paused. 我们的生命不会有停顿 或是休息
[07:51.40]And...we all end up in the same place. - yeah. - 最终的结局只有一个 - 对
[07:58.56]There is no point. - There is no point. That's what I'm saying. - 根本就没有意义 - 没有意义 这就是我的意思
[08:05.16]You know,er... 你知道...
[08:08.36]I'm not normally the guy you would talk to about stuff like this. 其实这些不应该找我谈
[08:16.08]If you think about it... 但你好好想想...
[08:19.44]your favourite memories,the most important moments in your life. 你最珍贵的回忆 生命中幸福的点点滴滴
[08:24.44]Were you alone? 你是孤身一人吗?
[08:28.16]No,I guess not. 不是
[08:32.36]last night,the night before your wedding when all this shit is swirling around in your head, 昨晚 婚礼前夜 当这些东西搅浑你脑子时
[08:32.88]Come to think of it, 再接着想
[08:36.56]weren't you guys in separate bedrooms? 你们应该是分开睡吧?
[08:40.64]Yeah,Julie went back to the apartment and I was just by myself in the honeymoon suite. 对 Julie回公寓了 我睡蜜月套房
[08:44.32]Kinda lonely,huh? - Yes,it was pretty lonely. - 是不是有点孤独? - 是挺孤独的
[08:48.84]Life's better with company. 看来生活还是有伴更好吧
[08:52.16]Yeah... - Everybody needs a co-pilot. - 对啊 - 需要有人一起掌舵
[08:59.60]That was a nice touch. - Thanks. - 这话我认同 - 谢谢
[09:03.04]So er... what's the mood like out there? - It's not good. - 外面的气氛怎么样? - 不太好
[09:10.80]She's pretty pissed? - Just upset. - 她生气了吗? - 就是有点伤心
[09:13.04]What should I do? 我该怎么办?
[09:17.20]Go get her. 把她娶回来
[09:33.16]I'm such a fuck-up. I love you so much. 我是个混球 我真的很爱你
[09:38.72]Will you be my co-pilot? 你愿意和我一起掌舵吗?
[09:43.60]Yes. Yes. 当然了
[09:50.40]Welcome home. 欢迎回家
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