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听电影学英语 在云端 11 中英双语

所属教程:听电影学英语 在云端




[00:01.84]You don't even know what you want. 你都不知道
[00:04.20]Ryan,I'm a grown-up,OK? Ryan 我是成年人 能理解你
[00:10.16]So if you would like to see me again, then then give me a call. 要是你想再见我 给我电话
[00:14.48]OK? 好吗?
[00:32.68]Ladies and gentlemen,we have a special announcement to make. 女士们 先生们 下面播放一则特别快讯
[00:35.96]Our pilot has just informed me that we are passing over the city of Dubuque, 机长告诉我 我们刚刚经过迪比克上空
[00:41.80]which might not mean much to most of you, but means a lot to one of our flyers today. 对大家可能没什么意义 但其中的一位
[00:45.88]Oh,no. - He just hit 10 million miles! - 不会吧 - 他的飞行里程刚突破了1000万英里!
[00:53.76]Congratulations. - Such an amazing accomplishment. - 恭喜 - 真了不起
[00:57.24]You must be very excited. 你肯定很激动吧
[00:59.48]Hi,Captain. - Captain. - 机长好 - 机长好
[01:03.48]That seat taken? 旁边有人坐吗?
[01:04.12]No. No. 没有
[01:14.28]You're the youngest yet to hit 10 mil. 你是最年轻做到的
[01:16.08]Don't know where you found the time. 不知道你怎么挤时间的
[01:19.40]Yeah. I don't know. 我也不知道
[01:29.40]Here you go. 给你
[01:31.92]Seventh card we've made. 第七张卡
[01:35.60]Small club. 做到的人不多
[01:39.96]We really appreciate your loyalty. 由衷感谢你的忠诚选择
[01:45.60]You know how many times I thought about this moment? 这一刻 你知道我想过多少次吗?
[01:51.52]Played out the conversation that you and I would have right here. 幻想可能的谈话内容
[01:53.64]Really? 真的吗?
[01:58.56]What did you want to say? 你想说什么?
[02:05.96]You know,I don't remember. 我不记得了
[02:10.60]That's all right. It happens to all of us. 没关系 都有过类似经历
[02:17.40]So where are you from? 你从哪来?
[02:25.88]I'm from here. 寄居云端
[02:46.60]Hello,Mr Bingham. 你好 Bingham先生
[02:49.10]This is your dedicated line. We reserve them for our most loyal and appreciated flyers. 这是你的专线 我们为顶级会员提供的
[02:49.56]How did you know it was me? 你怎么知道是我?
[02:54.48]I'd like to transfer some of my miles. Can I open up an account to Jim and Julie Miller? 我想转移一些我的里程 我可以为Jim与Julie Miller开个账户吗?
[03:02.04]Certainly. How many miles would you like to transfer? 没问题 你想转移多少?
[03:04.44]How many miles does it take to circle the globe? 环游地球需要多少?
[03:07.96]We have our round-the-world tickets. They're 500,000 miles each. 我们有环游世界套票 每张需要50万里程
[03:10.40]That'd be fine. - Got a second? - 不错 - 有时间吗?
[03:11.32]I'll call you back. 我再打给你
[03:14.44]What happened to you yesterday? I was trying to get hold of you. 昨天你去哪了? 找你都找不到
[03:16.08]I was some personal stuff. What's going on? 有些私事 什么事?
[03:19.76]Do you remember Karen Barnes, 你还记得Karen Barnes吗?
[03:23.24]part of a 30-person reduction a few weeks back in Wichita? 就是几周前威齐托裁员裁掉的
[03:27.32]Natalie fired her. - Fired dozens of people a day. I... - Natalie裁了她 - 那天裁了很多人 我...
[03:32.88]She killed herself - jumped off a bridge. 她从桥上跳下去 自杀了
[03:36.56]Fuck. 操
[03:39.64]I need to know if you remember any woman that gave you any signals, 我需要知道 有没有人给过你暗示
[03:42.24]depression... - They're all depressed. We're firing them. - 表现过消沉... - 他们都很消沉 我们可是在裁员
[03:46.12]Hey,I need to ask you this stuff,OK? - No,I don't remember anything. - 我得问清楚 请配合 - 我不记得了
[03:51.12]You never think that they're... 永远都想不到他们会...
[03:54.08]You don't remember any woman that gave you any signals? 你不记得有人给过你暗示了?
[03:58.84]Anything at all,Ryan? - No,nothing stands out. - 一点线索也行 Ryan - 没什么特别的
[04:05.56]Is Natalie all right? - Natalie quit. - Natalie还好吗? - Natalie辞职了
[04:12.28]She quit? - Text message. - 她辞职了? - 还是短信辞职
[04:14.72]Fucking nice,right? No-one's got any manners any more. 真是爽快 靠 现代人都不懂礼貌了
[04:20.76]Did she say where she was going? - No. She was a little upset. - 她有说过去哪吗? - 没有 她挺沮丧的
[04:24.60]I should give her a call. 我该给她打个电话
[04:30.84]I need you back in the air. 我需要你重操旧业
[04:35.80]Hey. Did you hear what I said? I thought you'd be thrilled about that. 没听到我说的吗? 还以为你会很兴奋呢
[04:39.84]It's fine. What about the videoconferencing? 还好 不继续视频裁人吗?
[04:43.08]CTC is going to pause the new media front. They're gonna give it some more thought. CTC叫停了 他们决定再考虑考虑
[04:49.92]We are gonna get our workhorses back in the air doing what they do best,OK? 那就这么定了 鸟儿重回天空觅食
[04:54.88]How long are you sending me out? 这次要派我出去多久?
[04:58.40]We're gonna let you sail and sail. You send us a postcard if you ever get there. 多久都行 你就尽情飞吧 记得写明信片
[05:16.56]So what happened? 发生什么了?
[05:18.10]How exactly do you mean? 你是什么意思?
[05:22.44]You graduated top of your class. 你以班上头名毕业
[05:25.84]You seemed to have your pick of employment,including here. 有自己的工作意向 这里也是其中之一
[05:27.92]Instead you went to Omaha to fire people for a living? 但却跑去了奥马哈 以解雇员工为生?
[05:34.52]It's challenging work. - I'll say! - 有挑战性嘛 - 我也会这么说
[05:37.40]I can't imagine doing that, day in,day out. 整天做这个 在这样的大环境下
[05:40.52]Not in this climate. 简直就是个噩梦
[05:43.68]I followed a boy. 我跟随男友去的
[05:48.48]I guess everybody does that at one point or another. 每个人生命中都有冲动的时刻吧
[05:59.36]This guy says I'd be lucky to have you. 这个人告诉我 能聘用你是我们的荣幸
[06:00.36]To whom it may concern. 敬启者
[06:03.64]I can't even count the number of people I've fired in my lifetime. 一生中 我解雇的人不计其数
[06:07.24]So many that I've actually forgotten what it's like to hire somebody. 以至于我都淡忘了雇人的感觉
[06:10.00]We've never met,but I know you'd be lucky to have Natalie Keener. 我们从未见面 但能聘用Natalie Keener 会是你们的荣幸
[06:15.44]My advice? Take her and don't look back. 我的建议? 毫不迟疑的聘用她
[06:18.12]She'll be the best decision you've made in a long time. 这会是你们的最好选择
[06:26.32]I sure hope he's right. 我期望他是对的
[06:39.36]Well,I don't have a lot of hope, 我没什么盼头
[06:41.40]and I really don't know when it's gonna get better. 也不知道未来会不会好转
[06:43.24]There's a lot of people unemployed. 毕竟像我这样失业的人不是少数
[06:45.16]And I really don't know when there's gonna be light at the end of the tunnel. 真不知道这样的日子 什么时候才会到头
[06:51.28]I can't find much to talk about. 我没什么好说的
[06:52.28]Talk about being proud. I'm proud of my kids. 要说有什么骄傲的 我替孩子们骄傲
[06:55.00]I think the anger comes from the fact that I just wasn't needed any more. 我觉得愤怒来源于不再被人需要
[07:00.84]I would say,you know,uh... 要我说 嗯...
[07:03.84]without my friends and my family, 如果没有家人和朋友支持
[07:06.08]I wouldn't have made it. 我很可能会熬不过来
[07:07.68]It would have been a lot tougher if I'd had to make it on my own. 要是得一个人承担 担子肯定会很重
[07:10.28]When I wake up in the morning and I look over and I see my wife, 当我每天早晨起来看到身旁的妻子
[07:15.60]that gives me the sense of purpose. 顿时 我有了生活的勇气
[07:18.60]It's not all about the money. Money can keep you warm. 并不是钱的问题 钱能让人保持温暖
[07:21.52]It pays your heating bills. It can buy you a blanket. 付暖气费 买新毛毯
[07:27.40]But it doesn't keep you as warm as when my husband holds me. 但远远不及丈夫的一个拥抱
[07:30.16]Let me get up. Let me get out. Let me find something. 我能起床 出门 四处寻活干
[07:35.64]So my kids are my purpose. My family. 都离不开孩子与家人 他们支撑我前进
[08:11.16]Tonight most people will be welcomed home by jumping dogs and squealing kids. 劳累了一天的人们回家 迎接他们的是欢欣雀跃的宠物与孩子
[08:15.80]Their spouses will ask about their day and tonight they'll sleep. 配偶们互相询问过得怎样 然后遁入梦乡
[08:20.44]The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding places. 繁星闪烁 夜晚来临
[08:27.44]And one of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, 天空中万道光芒 有一道格外闪亮
[08:29.28]will be my wing tip passing over. 那会是我的机翼划过的痕迹
[08:38.52]Translated by United CustomNl ReleaseS 未完 后面还有花絮
[10:43.56]Hi,Jason. My name is Kevin. And I recently lost my job. Jason你好 我叫Kevin 最近失业了 (Jason Reitman 本片导演)
[10:48.84]I wrote this song as sort of a statement about uncertainty 为了表达对于未来的焦虑与不确定
[10:54.80]and having a certain amount of anxiety about the future. 我写下了这首歌
[10:59.00]So maybe you can use it in your movie. 希望对你的电影有用
[11:02.88]"Up in the air" by Kevin Renick
[11:11.88]在云端 结束
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